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Moogle55's Ultra Moon Egglocke!

Started by Moogle55 December 27th, 2017 2:14 AM
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Posted January 4th, 2018
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Hello! I started an egglocke recently after wanting to do it for awhile, and I decided to post it here since people seemed interested! :D This is my first time posting something like this so it may be a bit of a mess, but I'll make sure to try cleaning it up a bit! ^^;

-All of the basic Nuzlocke rules (one Pokemon per route, Pokemon who faint are dead, nickname all Pokemon)
-All Pokemon caught must be traded for an egg, and I can't know what's in it! (Most fun part lol!)
-Not sure if there's gift Pokemon in this game, but any gifts/legends will be traded for eggs!
-Game ends when beating the E4, or when whatever story after the E4 is complete! (No spoilers please!)
I think that's it, if I forgot something I'll add it in later ^^;
-No doubles! Any doubles can be re-egged(?) even if the double is already dead.
-Dead Pokemon are going to the 'hospital' instead, so that I can take them out after the challenge is over, but only once it's over!
So I did start this thread after the challenge, so I'm currently at Hau'oli city with 4 pokemon, pokemon were from the starter, route 1, area by proffesor's house, and the trainer's school. I thought I was supposed to have one more now but I can't figure out the map to check where I would've gotten it from. :L Instead of looking for an egg every time I get to a new route I'm keeping some in a box to swap out whenever I catch a new wild pokemon. I'll be putting usernames of who gave me which Pokemon so they can check in on the eggs! (Gonna have to find the usernames from discord and I'll edit the first ones in!) :D

Currently I've just gone through the trainer's school and am in Hau'oli city, my current team is:

Blaine(M)Abra lv. 10
First hatch! Named him after David Blaine the magician!

Chene(M)Totodile lv. 10
Got one of my favorites! Named after the Chene bayou in Louisiana, my totodile in XD was named after the Teche Bayou, and both are near each other!

Nicro(M)Pinsir lv. 8
Got this name from the burrowing beetle, was on a list for being the most fatherly bug, and I just shortened the scientific name. :P

Flappy(M)Aerodactyl lv. 3
Most recent hatch! Had a friend name this one and I think it's a really cute name. :)

Someone gave me some really cool ball combos too! Chene is in a lure ball, Nicro in a sport ball, and Blaine in a level ball! Also a poke with a moon ball in an egg!

So I'm gonna go back to playing now and hopefully give another update before bed haha! Oh and I'm still in need of eggs, anything works and I love using Pokemon I've never used before! (Also, totodile's animations are absolutely adorable omfg)


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Hi and welcome :) I look forward to your adventure as I really like Egglockes (They are probably my favourite kind of Nuzlocke).

And good luck!
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Posted January 4th, 2018
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Heya! I thought I'd write a quick update on my egglocke while the thread is in moderation, so this won't be a current one haha! ^^;

I beat Illima and the first trial, Nicro’s close combat came in handy for both, although when fighting Illima I was afraid his smeargle would attack first while my defense was down. No deaths though so far! I'm currently on route 3, I accidently killed a Makuhita on route 2, but I caught Zubat in the cave by the Mantine surfing beach, Rattata in Verdant Cave, and Spearow on route 3! From those I hatched Annie the Mimikyu (named because of the Annabelle movies) and Odonta the Gible! (Another name shortened from the scientific names) And I still have an egg in my party waiting to hatch. Blaine evolved to Kadabra and Chene is about to evolve into Croconaw!

My current party is:

Chene(M)Totodile lv. 17

Nicro(M)Pinsir lv. 14

Blaine(M)Kadabra lv. 17

Annie(F)Mimikyu lv. 11

Odonta(F)Gible lv. 7

Egg(egg)Egg lv. egg

I also updated the rules with one I forgot, I'll be leaving the exp share on since I'll frequently have level 1 Pokemon in my party, also now that I know what roto boosts are I decided that I'm not going to use them.

Another quick update, sad news Odonta already died at level 14. :( She was up against a butterfree the same level as her, taken down by a silver wind that took over half her health! I did get another member though, Cestus the Zangoose hatched right before I took on the Kahuna, I was able to beat him without losing anyone with the help of Blaine! Afterwards I headed to Ten Carat Hill to get a new party member, catching Zubat to exchange for an egg! Also catching Rockruff in the farthest hollow! I also missed getting a new member in the Oricorio field, I forgot it was a new area and killed the Metapod I saw there. :(

And now currently I just arrived at Heahea, I went to route 4 ASAP to catch Mudbray and swapped it out for an egg. The egg I already had in my party hatched and was a Gible, so since it was a duplicate I put it into the hospital and grabbed another egg. The two eggs hatched to be Nigiri the Krabby (named after my favorite crab sushi) and Roteno the venipede (named after a brand of insecticide lol)! An egg also hatched earlier that I forgot to mention, Pyyrha the Growlithe (Soul Calibur name haha)! I'm about to go up to Paniola town now, and will share my team again in the next post, I have to decide who's coming with haha! ^^;

Oh, I am also out of eggs now! If anyone would be willing to help that would be awesome, doesn't need to be super awesome Pokemon either, I've gotten only really good Pokemon so far o.o What I've been doing so far is keeping multiple eggs in a box and just swapping them out when I get a new Pokemon. If you do want to help the best way to message me is on discord, I'm Moogle55 on the server! ^___^
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Hey everyone! I'm about to go into Lana's trial and I thought I'd give a quick update! First of all, the first fight with Gladion was a close call, although I managed to make it out without any casualties! Nicro was a huge help with Zorua and Type:Null, (Especially Z close combat :P) I took out Zorua with vital throw though, because I didn't want to be up against Null with lowered defense haha. xD I also took out Chene and Blaine for this route, I felt like they were getting overlevelled and didn't want them getting too ahead of my other pokemon, the gap is a bit closer now but they are still pretty far ahead. :P

I caught a Pikipek on route 5 and obtained a new egg, I hatched both that egg and the one that was already in my party and got two new party members! Gus the Shroomish ( Because fungus!), and Ayam the Torchic (Ayam in Indonesia is chicken, mmmmm :t446:)

I got someone to evolve Blaine for me also, so he's an Alakazam now! :D

So going into Lana's Trial my party is:

Gus(M)Shroomish lv. 17

Blaine(M)Alakazam lv. 23

Annie(F)Mimikyu lv. 19

Chene(M)Croconaw lv. 23

Cestus(M)Zangoose lv. 18

Nicro(M)Pinsir lv. 19

My plan for the trial is to immediately go for curse with Annie, then swap out since her disguise will keep her from being damaged, then either go with Gus or Chene, Gus would leech seed and drain punch until it's dead, or with Chene dragon dance once and wail away at it with whatever I can, and hope it doesn't do too much damage. I do also want to try Encoring with Blaise to get it stuck with aqua ring, although I'm not sure if the totem is still Wishiwashi or not, or if it'll use the first move so this may not be the most reliable strategy.

Wish me luck!
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Well that was a surprise! Neither of my strategies ended up working out, I ended up starting with Blaise to encore the expected Wishiwashi into aqua ring, but was surprised with Araquanid! He took out half of Blaise's health in one turn, and I ended up having nothing that was super effective against him thanks to the bug typing, I swapped over to Chene and dragon danced him once, crunch helped a lot but I burned through potions like crazy! Crunch with Sheer Force ended up being a lifesaver, although he regained a bunch with leech life. 0.0 I got through this without any deaths, although I do think on my next run I'll be limiting the amount of healing somehow! :P

I'm now headed up to Kiawe's trial, and have gotten 3 new party members! From Routes 5, 6 and Brooklet Hill. The new members are Scorpius the Gligar, Zara the Rhyhorn, and George the Chimchar!

For Kiawe's trial I decided to take Scorpius, Chene, Cestus, Zara, Flappy, and Blaine! Can't wait to get charizard, and in my next update I have photos to share from my island challenge! Until then! :D
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Hey there! Just cleared both Kiawe and Mallow's trials and neither of them went quite as expected. First off, Kiawe's trial was a surprise to see Marowak instead of Salazzle, so I had to swap out Blaine for Chene, who was great getting Marowak down with a Z water gun and crunch, but sadly the Salazzle that Marowak had called got him with a venoshock after being poisoned, it wasn't even the attack that killed him but the poison damage AFTER that did it. RIP Chene. :(

After his trial I decided to train up some fire type Pokemon for Mallow's trial, I evolved George into a Monferno but the training took a quite deadly turn when George got a Fletchling down to a sliver of health but was then killed with a flail attack, he was even almost at full HP! Pyrrha also got unlucky and struck with the same attack by a different Fletchling, this Fletchling was at yellow HP when it happened, but got a crit! Can you guess what my least favorite Pokemon move is now?

I had to get creative for Mallow's trial with my two fire types gone, I tried sending out Roteno first and using poison tail to get it poisoned, but he got killed with an unexpected rock type move. Flappy was up next with Z wing attack, he did great and got Lurantis down to low health, I went for another attack to try and finish it off but I got outsped and the sunny day + solar blade combo killed Flappy before he could attack. :( Flappy is definitely still the MVP of this trial! I finished it off with a psybeam from Blaine, which killed it. Blaine also quickly took down Kecleon and finished the trial.

I caught another pokemon from Lush Jungle and swapped it for an egg, which hatched to be a Corphish(name TBD) and joined the party along with Persei the Staryu, which I had hatched earlier. I'm hoping that with my current party Olivia will be a breeze, with 2 water types and a grass type, along with plenty of fighting type moves on others.

My current team is:

Gus(M)Shroomish lv. 22

Nigiri(M)Krabby lv. 14

Cestus(M)Zangoose lv. 23

Blaine(M)Alakazam lv. 29

TBD(M)Corphish lv. 1

Nicro(M)Pinsir lv. 23

I still need to move the pictures from my SD card so I'll put them in a seperate update, but I am also out of eggs now, any spare eggs would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry if some of the post isn't written out too well, I had to write it from the start a second time since I wasn't logged in or something. See you next time!
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Woo finally got those pics of my game haha!
So here's the Journey so far...

My first trip to the photo club I decided to take pictures with Cestus!

Afterwards, Chene evolved on the first Island, Miss you Chene. ;__;

Blaine did great finishing off the first Kahuna, Hala!

Chene after beating totem Araquanid, was an amazing member of my team! D:

Training up Flappy for Kiawe's trial!

Kiawe's trial, Chene did his best and almost made it out! :C

The whole battle was Nigiri's plot to get a spot on my team!

....Although Diavolo(Corphish's new name! From a sauce haha!) beat him out of his spot and trained up in diglett cave!

And last but not least, Zangoose being great in the grand trial! (Next post haha!)

I'm gonna start writing my next update right now, so that this doesn't look too messy haha!
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