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Old February 15th, 2018 (1:36 PM). Edited February 16th, 2018 by TheNegroShoddy.
TheNegroShoddy TheNegroShoddy is offline
    Join Date: Feb 2018
    Posts: 6
    Team Name: TBD
    Team Member: (ME)
    Game Title: FALSEBOUND (Working Title)
    Current Progress Made:
    - Inventory System complete
    - Working Battle System with wild encounter a.i.
    - Random Battles
    - Tamer Battles
    - Storage Box System
    - Overworld System
    - Monster Progression
    - Naming System Complete
    Video of prototype:
    ^ Keep in mind that the graphics you see in the video/screenshots are placeholders. The video shows off tons of features including, but not limited to: capturing monsters, naming monsters, storage box management, inventory system, and leveling up monsters. Only thing I forgot to show off was tamer (trainer) battles.
    I have quite a lot already coded, but there is still so much more work to be done and things to be fixed.
    Method of contact: Youtube (Google Hangouts), via e-mail at [email protected] , or you could just PM me which I’d perfer
    Game Information:
    FALSEBOUND is an idea that I have for an original intellectual property (IP) that is the fusion of the addictive monster capturing gameplay of Pokemon and Digimon with some concepts borrowed from an old manga I read back in high school back called LegendZ. The game will be made in Game Maker Studio version 1.4 as opposed to RPG Maker XP. The game will be primarily single-player focused as I want to focus on making a game with tons of replay value and player choice.
    The region in the game will be inspired by Egypt and the player will be able to follow their own path as a tamer. These paths will include:
    - Following the standard structure of badge collecting + beat league route like Pokemon
    - Joining a criminal organization
    - Joining a task force to stop the criminal organization
    Positions recruited for:
    - U.I./HUD Designer - Helps come up with the UI/HUD for the game.
    - Overworld Designer - Helps come up with the world the player explores outside of battle
    - Concept Artists
    - Spriters / Tileset Designers
    - Secondary Project lead - This is the highest position in the project. As lead you will the power to make big decisions when it comes to many aspects of the game. For this position, I'm really looking for a solid partner. Someone who could possibly split the cost for developing this game and preferably someone who has some experience developing these style of games. In return for helping to finance the game, you will receive a share of the profit (will negotiate) upon the game's release.
    I guess this kind of goes without saying, but anyone working on the development team will get the game completely free at release.
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    Old February 18th, 2018 (3:10 AM). Edited February 28th, 2018 by Destryer.
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      Join Date: Oct 2016
      Gender: Male
      Posts: 40
      Team name: TBD
      Team Leader: me
      Team members: me and xUMG
      Game title: Pokemon Looker
      Looking for: Spriters that can make 4th gen sprites and trainer battlebacks.
      Method of contact:
      Discord, PM or email me at [email protected]
      ( discord is "Destryer#5695" )
      For more info you can check the thread and if you have any other questions just write a reply on the thread, PM or discord.
      Belgium time.
      Current BETA:
      2.5, third will come soon.
      Things that have been done:
      First region maps and some maps of the second region, events go up to the 6th city (including all the routes, caves and forests that need to be passed to arrive to the 6th town).
      NOTE: not everything that has been done has been released.
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      Old February 27th, 2018 (10:07 AM). Edited February 27th, 2018 by Bentoxx.
      Bentoxx Bentoxx is offline
        Join Date: Aug 2016
        Location: France
        Gender: Male
        Posts: 10
        Recruiting a Team Member
        Team name: Pokémon Arkhe
        Team Leader : Bentoxx
        Current Members : Me and Charenel (Artwork Fakemon)
        Current Game title : Pokémon Arkhe
        Current progress made : No release. (see the presentation)

        Positions recruited for :
        - Spriters from Artwork (pixel over)
        - Overworld of Fakemon
        - Sprites trainers (fusion or scratch)
        - Few help on tiles (optionnal)

        Preferred Method of contact : PM / Discord : Bentoxx#7383 / Deviantart (link in the topic)
        Link to your PC thread :

        Additional Info: If you need any details about recruitement you can contact me.
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        Old March 13th, 2018 (2:30 AM). Edited April 14th, 2018 by xUMG.
        xUMG's Avatar
        xUMG xUMG is online now
          Join Date: Jan 2018
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Adamant
          Posts: 13
          Hello, we are looking to recruit the following, for a game we are currently working on.

          • Someone who can edit Luka S.J.'s Ultimate Title Screen resource, the gen 1 style, so instead of the electricity moving in the background, it'll be the fire animation (We are using the offline UPS).
          • And someone who's familiar with the PItem_ItemEffects script section to define an item that can be used from the bag.
          • If you do want to help on the project by doing stuff other than that, don't hesitate to contact me!

          Team Members:
          Me (eventing) (mapping) (spriting)
          SuzuiXIi (support)
          Ampharos 2.0 (scripting) (eventing)
          Haunted Ditto (spriting)
          Lucifer Morningstar (support)

          Game Title: Pokémon Rusty

          Current progress made: We are currently on the episode "Gym Battle".

          Screenshots: While there is a thread for the game it isn't in PokéCommunity.

          Preferred method of contact:
          Either PM me on discord (xUMG#4982), or give me a PM here, tell me at what thing you could do help in, then I'll send you a discord link.

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          Old March 22nd, 2018 (3:48 AM). Edited March 22nd, 2018 by FrostToZaki.
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          FrostToZaki FrostToZaki is offline
          The Great Icicle
            Join Date: Mar 2018
            Location: Somewhere
            Gender: Male
            Nature: Quiet
            Posts: 7
            If you don't mind, I'm looking for someone who is great at spriting and is willing to for free, this will be in my fangame and I won't forget to credit! It's for my project, Pokemon Cresent, Gibbous and Half
            It's a long list so be extremely willing to do this, thanks!
            [I may not reply that quickly since yeah....but I'd appreciate your patience if you waited]
            My avatar is made by someone but he left so yeah................It's a Mega Zoroark

            LUV U!
            I LUV U ALL! MWAH!

            [Desperately needs a spriter for game]
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            Old March 22nd, 2018 (7:00 AM). Edited March 22nd, 2018 by Fairy.
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            • GT
            Join Date: May 2011
            Location: the flowers
            Posts: 5,875
            Gonna scoot this over for the Game Dev mods to check.

            Sorry if it's in the wrong section guys! xoxo

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            Old March 22nd, 2018 (7:36 AM).
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            SlashingSamurott SlashingSamurott is offline
              Join Date: Mar 2018
              Gender: Male
              Posts: 14
              I am in the same boat as you man. I am starting to learn how to sprite. I posted some of them in my forum.
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              Old March 22nd, 2018 (7:09 PM). Edited March 22nd, 2018 by Patchisou Yutohru.
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              Patchisou Yutohru Patchisou Yutohru is offline
              theme by derozio
              Join Date: Oct 2004
              Age: 26
              Nature: Hardy
              Posts: 17,320
              Hello FrostToZaki and SlashingSamurott. I moved your posts from your other thread into this existing thread. This post is to notify you of this change so you don't go looking for it in the wrong area.

              Bear in mind there are requirements for this thread and further moderator action by a more familiar moderator to game development might take place if your posts go against them.

              Originally Posted by FrostToZaki View Post
              If you don't mind, I'm looking for someone who is great at spriting and is willing to for free, this will be in my fangame and I won't forget to credit! It's for my project, Pokemon Cresent, Gibbous and Half
              It's a long list so be extremely willing to do this, thanks!
              [I may not reply that quickly since yeah....but I'd appreciate your patience if you waited]
              My avatar is made by someone but he left so yeah................It's a Mega Zoroark

              LUV U!
              Originally Posted by SlashingSamurott View Post
              I am in the same boat as you man. I am starting to learn how to sprite. I posted some of them in my forum.
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              Old March 25th, 2018 (4:32 AM).
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              Gutito Gutito is offline
                Join Date: Feb 2018
                Posts: 1
                Team Name: Team Deltium.
                Team Members: Me, Aryes_ .
                Game Title: Pokémon Delta Storm (Working title, it can change until release)
                Current Progress Made:
                Overall - 23%
                Story - 90% (Needs some touch-ups)
                Gameplay - 40% (Needs many improvements and some extra things, like ultra wormholes)
                Maps - 20% (Many maps need to be made)
                Positions being recruited for: Spriter, Scripter, Mapper and Translator (From Portuguese to English,and Spanish)
                Timezone: GMT -3 (Brasilia)
                Preferred Method of Contact: Private messages in the forum or on Discord (Username: Delink de 2018#9135, or SHINY SPEWPA at the official Discord server of the forum)
                Additional Information: Deltium is a region formed after the "destruction" of Hoenn, that originated 3 new regions: Deltium, Alphium and Omega Primoun.After That,Alphium and omega primoun enter in war, Alphium is a Empire,that is controled by Aether Foundation,or better ULTRA AETHER, Omega Primoun its a religious region,thats belive in the fact of DARKRAI be the REAL creator of humans,so after that,the darkrai cultists have been created.For more cool information about the story,call me im PM
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                Old April 6th, 2018 (11:13 AM).
                cybershaell12 cybershaell12 is offline
                  Join Date: Oct 2009
                  Posts: 10

                  Looking for talent in:
                  -making fakemon battler sprites in "reborn" style (gen 3/4/5 style,backsprites show the whole pokémon,no animations) (in and out of battle), icons
                  -making trainer sprites (both in and out of battle, gen 3/4 style)
                  -move animations for custom moves (including 7 new z-moves (for the 7 new types) NOTE: as the reborn team is in the process of animating ALL canon moves, only custom moves will need to be animated
                  -item sprites
                  -tilesets (LOW PRIORITY)
                  Team name:N/A
                  Team members:cybershaell12
                  Game title:Pokémon Sohwon
                  Current progress made:New Types have been about 90% coded with all functions (NOT SPRITED) in the game with all required items (Boosting Item, Boosting Berries, Plates, Memories,Gems, etc)EXCEPT Z-MOVES being done, moves, pokémon,formes and abilities that need to be changed to the new types done. Field effects not started yet.

                  Preferred method of contact:Discord : cybershell12#5485
                  Additional information: No need to be ultra talented to apply, just to be able to sprite/animate decently and with a reasonable output.
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                  Old April 8th, 2018 (10:57 AM).
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                  Pokémon Sardonyx: RtW dev
                    Join Date: Jul 2017
                    Gender: Female
                    Nature: Quiet
                    Posts: 8
                    Position(s) being recruited for: Music composer that can preferably mimic later-gen styles (5 and on). The style mimicry isn't actually needed, though, as long as you can make it sound like it fits.
                    Team name: Ragnarok Raven
                    Team members: Development led by Keileon and Lord X-Giga-X
                    Game title: Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win
                    Current progress made: Demo version 1.3.1 released, up to first gym city
                    Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game:Preferred method of contact:
                    • Discord: Keileon #4831 (I'm on PC Discord and have turned DMs on)
                    • Email: kudamon[at]
                    Additional information:
                    • This is not paid work, sorry. I'm willing to do art trades for each piece if you want some sort of compensation, though.
                    • We have a website if you need any more information:
                    • We use Dropbox and can grant you access if you need it.

                    steve did nothing wrong
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                    Old April 22nd, 2018 (11:36 AM). Edited 4 Weeks Ago by YveltalBlue.
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                    YveltalBlue YveltalBlue is offline
                    Game Developer
                      Join Date: Nov 2015
                      Gender: Male
                      Nature: Jolly
                      Posts: 8
                      Team name: Abundance
                      Team members:
                      - me, YveltalBlue. Working on coding, mapping, story writing and Pokemon development.
                      - Stupid Dinosaur, art and graphics.
                      Game title: Pokemon Abundance
                      Positions being recruited for:
                      Art Division:
                      -Spriters of the following fields:
                      -Pokemon spriting (4th gen+ style)
                      -overworld characters spriting
                      -Digital Artists (capable of making artworks/logos/etc.)
                      -Sprite Artists (someone who can create a unique artwork-y in-game cutscene)
                      -Custom tileset makers
                      Music division - composers
                      Current progress made: early game development. The project's progress is currently relatively slow because I want the game to have good graphics before I continue working on him.
                      Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread:
                      The preferred method of contact: Either Discord (TheHeliolisk #5190) or PM (Skype's also fine)
                      Additional information: The game's story is really developed, lots of new Pokemon are made/planned for him and the region is complete on paper. Currently, the thing the project desperately needs to continue is a strong art division to amp up the entire production quality of the game. I will be more than happy to recruit team members to help me and develop this amazing project. Previous works required. Feel free to approach me with questions about the project.
                      Yveltalblue, game developer and head of "Pokemon Abundance"
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                      Old 3 Weeks Ago (2:42 AM). Edited 3 Weeks Ago by Blake7.
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                      Blake7 Blake7 is online now
                      To Ignite all people within our nation
                        Join Date: Aug 2016
                        Gender: Male
                        Posts: 57
                        Game name: Aeon
                        Thread: Click Here
                        Current Progress: Polishing the GUI, graphics before proceeding with the plotline.

                        Looking for:

                        -Dialogue Writers
                        We really need someone who is able to give time and make dialogues for the game, this will help us to speed up the production of the game.

                        -Spriting and Revamps
                        If anyone is interested to sprite for the characters, as we don't have any sprite artist it is quite difficult to conjure up the characters without making it look very amateur.

                        PM me or join the discord server.
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                        Old 3 Weeks Ago (7:17 AM). Edited 3 Weeks Ago by Spira.
                        Spira Spira is offline
                        Programmer for Pokemon Eternity
                          Join Date: Jun 2009
                          Posts: 125
                          Game title: Pokemon Eternity

                          Currently looking for people to help push the game out of alpha into beta and finally an open release.

                          Mapper: We are looking for someone to take over the mapping for our custom region. We use our own map editor; it should feel familiar to anyone who has created maps before, but easier. We are looking for someone to increase the amount of maps we have with their creativity and designs. Someone who has experience mapping for Pokemon or 2D games specifically. Due to the lack of reliable mappers I have run into, I may be looking to commission these depending on experience and quality.

                          Quest Writers: We need someone who can help with side quests and main quests. This would include dialogue, names; the who, what, when, where, why. Someone whose main language is English. This is more of a collaboration.

                          Spriter: We currently have a spriter, but looking to help spread out the work load. We are needing someone to develop more resources for our mappers, typically things like gym tiles, doodads, and new region schemes. We already have many (farms, deserts, forests, different city architecture, etc). However, I am looking for someone to add more flair to the maps and create more varied zones and add on to what we have. In the future, we also have plans to resize Pokemon sprites to be scaled to their more correct sizes, and this will require some upscaling.

                          Logistics: This person would be responsible for helping flesh out the specifics of various systems. For example, we have a loot drop system, in this case the person would be responsible for coming up with hard numbers such as: Items that Pokemon can drop, their chance to drop, any crafting value.

                          I will entertain other positions, but these are what's most needed (in order)

                          Progress and Videos:

                          Team members: Myself, Damaris, Carel, Nerual, Sven. (More who help on a case by case basis)

                          Current progress made: Closed alpha. We have done numerous public tests players, but will need more content to open up another round of testing.

                          Preferred method of contact: Message me here or join my discord channel here: Feel free to DM the administrator (me) in the Discord channel.
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                          Old 2 Weeks Ago (1:18 PM). Edited 2 Weeks Ago by Ego13.
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                          Ego13 Ego13 is offline
                            Join Date: Jul 2017
                            Location: Larua Region
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Calm
                            Posts: 125

                            Recruiting a team member

                            • Position(s) being recruited for:
                            1. Spriter: mostly for Trainer Sprite, but also editing Pokemon Sprites
                            2. Artist
                            3. Tileset Editor: editing, improving and extending tilesets
                            4. Editor: Someone patient enough to go through pbs files and check if everything is correct
                            5. Debugger: testing all events before release, testing moves and abilities ,finding as many bugs as possible
                            6. Anything else you want to help with? Let us know!
                            • Team name: Team Hollow
                            • Team members: myself, destryer, prankster20
                            • Game title: Pokemon Hollow
                            • Current progress made:
                            - Chapter 1: released, preparing for overhaul (graphical update, setting base for future chapters, balanced out some things, etc.)
                            - Chapter 2: on hold till update of C1 is done
                            • Link to the game:
                            • Preferred method of contact: Discord, Message on
                            • Additional information:
                            1. see Pokemon Hollow on Twitter for more images and updates
                            2. for Discord use the invite code 2jrz7P9 and message Hollow_Ego
                            Looking for spriters to help with

                            Pokemon Hollow on
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                            Old 2 Weeks Ago (6:32 PM).
                            zorensosa's Avatar
                            zorensosa zorensosa is offline
                            a chilled gaming guy
                              Join Date: Jan 2018
                              Location: chicago
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Relaxed
                              Posts: 1
                              Recruiting a team member
                              Position(s) being recruited for: Spriters, (preferably someone who can sprite in HGSS/D/P/PT style) an Artist Is very very much needed!! Someone who can draw pokemon Style well. Scripter, a person who has the skills to implement idea's into the game and make them functional. Music composer, someone who enjoy's making music pieces and can do custom pieces for the game. A Mapper, someone who has a good eye for placing things and making maps that look nice.

                              Team name: Skyward Dev Team

                              Team members: Myself, TJ, Joey, Frog

                              Game title: Pokemon Ether

                              Current progress made: 5% Starter town, two routes, Male/Female protagonist sprites, Evil team sprites(grunts), Rival sprites.

                              Preferred method of contact: my personal discord: zorensosa4393 or my deviantart: zoren-sosa
                              Attached Thumbnails
                              pkscreenshot.png‎   screenshotstarter.png‎   SCRN2.png‎   SCRN3.png‎  
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                              Old 2 Weeks Ago (6:22 PM). Edited 1 Week Ago by imnonoob99.
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                              imnonoob99 imnonoob99 is offline
                                Join Date: Jan 2016
                                Location: Brooklyn
                                Gender: Male
                                Posts: 20
                                Team name: TBD

                                Team members: Currently it's just me doing everything. But after recruiting I will be mapper and scripter

                                Game title: Pokémon Soul

                                Position(s) being recruited for:
                                Spriter (able to create 4th gen styled custom trainer sprites)
                                Artist (creating custom tiles, or editing 4th gen tiles, title screen, menu screens, badges)
                                Writer (the only position I ask for you to be experienced)
                                Might need other positions as the game progresses

                                Current progress made:
                                Story: Currently have the outline of my story. Made some attempts to start the story (Have up to the first "gym" done) but I'm unhappy with them, totally open to new ideas from recruited writer.

                                Scripting: Starting on scripting once I figure out the story, and add/drop planned out features (after discussing with team)

                                Spriting: I've created my own custom trainer sprites for the boss trainers (gyms, evil team, elite 4) but they are placeholders for now until I recruit a spriter.

                                Mapping: Most progress so far, have 22 maps done (not counting the interior of city/town houses, however that's counting the different rooms/floors of caves). Finished the first 6 cities/towns, and 5 of the dungeon areas (forests, and caves), and 8 routes.However most of them need to be updated, or have few more features added.

                                Game's Post

                                Preferred method of contact: Discord, I created a server for the team. I will send the invite link to the interested people that message me about this. If you want to add me my user is Zay#0161

                                Additional information: I only have 4 extra requirements (nothing crazy). You can be inexperienced, or experienced, as long as you can take constructive criticism. Just be a cool person. Able to give updates often (whether it be you taking a break, or updates on the work you've done). Be inspired to work. I can lose inspiration working by myself, but if everyone is working off each other I hope to work on the game at least 5 days a week (as long as my weekly schedule works out). This is not a project I will abandon and I would like to work with like minded people.
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