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The Augment Academy


The Cirzarian Empire colonized many star systems. Planets and moons graced with sprawling cities, settlements amidst meteor belts, even colossal stations in orbit around gas giants. One hundred years ago, however, in attempt to expand even further, an alien threat was discovered. An infestation, or rather a corruption, taking ahold of the settlers, twisting their ships, blighting the planet. The Coagulate, as they’re now known, grew to encompass more and more of the Cirzarian empire, even corrupting their homeworld. The Cirzarian’s took to more desperate measures. Genetic experiments, cybernetic enhancements, occult augmentations. Those changed by these experiments are known as Augments, and they are the empire’s last hope.

The Academy

The Augments Academy is the biggest combat academy in the galaxy, and placed in deep orbit around a dwarf star. Housing one million students and filling an entire city with staff makes the satellite not just a school, but a metropolis. It’s many steel halls and spartan dorms are constantly bustling with life. At the heart of the academy, though, is the battle.

The training process is threefold. Students will take classes to improve their general combat abilities, train their mental faculties, and hone their personalized skills. The combat classes train them in the use of a variety of weapons. Hardlight guns - blasters shooting energy blasts -, cyberswords, or more typical military weaponry. The personalized skills are divided up per classification. Those with movement abilities are trained to maximize their usage together, as are the tacticians and the frontliners. The rest of the curriculum is to educating students in all other fields. History, biology, mathematics. Augmentation sciences.

Students get accepted at age twelve, either already Augments, or willing to undergo the dangerous processes to become one. They train for six years, until they join the military at age eighteen. Most students will join the armed forces, but some are specifically trained to take up the higher positions. Depending on their results and abilities, these students typically get selected around the age of 15.

The Roleplay

Players will play as students at the Augments Academy. At first the roleplay will more heavily focus on the school elements, as students interact with each other and train within the school environment. As the RP goes on, the focus will shift from the school setting to a more overarching plot.

The characters can be from any year, and of any classification. The roleplay requires connections, though. After a character is made, players need to create at least one notable connection to another player’s character. This is to prevent isolation. Not just so the characters don’t have their own adventure, but so that they can be drawn into the events. Every character has their own sphere and adventure, their own storylines, but in the end, the roleplay’s goal is to create one fun story involving every character. Only one connection is needed, but more are encouraged. These connections are a post-SU thing, so make a sign up without worrying about it, and then make connections when other characters catch your eye.

The RP will not have a mission system. To find action and adventure, just discuss. There’s a variety of things to do, and without the mission system these can be made to be a lot more relevant. Be it as a character moment, a plot moment, or creating something symbolic. This removes the presence of vapid actions. Ping me in the OOC, or discuss with other players what you’re going to do and what you want to happen. Or just start writing and see what you can create! All these methods are encouraged.


Augments come in three types. Those with genetic and biological modifications, those with cybernetic and technological modifications and those with occult and thaumaturgical modifications. These three core divisions are the first part of every Augment’s classification. The second part is the use of the augmentation made.

These classifications come with some limits. A power has to be justifiable through their classification. A biogenetic augment will not be able to fly like Superman, but will need wings, or another reasonable justification. Doesn’t have to be realistic, just reasonable within the narrative. None of these powersets allow for a character than can do everything.

Augments with biogenetic mutations often sacrifice the immaculacy of their human forms. In return they get enhanced abilities, often showing themselves in physical manners. Natural camouflage, limb regeneration, giantism. These powers are rarely metaphysical, instead taking root in the biological world. Copying abilities from animals and exceeding the originators, or other bio-organisms.

Biogenetic augmentations destroy one’s connection with the thaumaturgical plane, and is incredibly difficult for cybernetic augmentations to interface with.

Augments with cybernetic enhancements often sacrifice entire parts of their human forms, but the biggest toll tends to be mental. Rarely does a Cybernetic Augment truly become robotic, but it is clear that the parts and the robotics do affect the mind. Cybernetic enhancements are physical, but affect both external and internal processes. The quality of the build can also hide or obfuscate the cybernetics. Abilities granted by cybernetic augmentation can range from propulsion, flight, technomancy, mental enhancements, visual enhancement. These powers function on both a corporeal level as one more mental.

Cybernetic augmentations can only function on human DNA with a certain purity, to correctly interface. Any thaumaturgical energies can also make the systems erroneous, permanently harming the host.

Augments with thaumaturgical altercations often sacrifice metaphysical parts of themselves, as the energies affect one’s soul, mind and aura. These ailments rarely are complete bastardizations or corruptions, but they are present. Thaumaturgical augmentations are often ethereal, and not visible. Magical energies get adhered to the soul, although sometimes more physical means are taken. The abilities gained from thaumaturgy are often less concrete. Shaping of energy, creation of matter, physical puppetry. These powers often come from the mental faculties and are less physically concrete.

Thaumaturgical augmentations often agitate cybernetic enhancements. The thaumaturgical connection is also an inherently purely human one.

Combat classifications
These combat classifications denote one’s greatest function. Some augments will possess more than one, but for sake of combat utility will still receive a single main combat classification.

Shield: A shield is one with abilities that don’t just protect themselves, but their team. In a combat situation, their goal is to protect.

Mover: A mover is one with abilities that allow for either quick personal movement or quick group movement.

Ranger: A ranger is one with abilities oriented towards attacking from a distance.

Frontliner: A frontliner is one with abilities that allow them to attack from up-close.

Tactician: A tactician is often not one placed in the lines of combat. Their ability is either tactical or enhances the tactical abilities of a team.

Controller: A controller is about distracting and affecting the enemy as much as possible. Not with damaging attacks per se, but with other means of changing the course of the fight.

The Coagulate

Not the first alien lifeform the Cirzadians encountered, although the most atrocious. The Coagulate was a seemingly dormant lifeform with extraordinary abilities. A small, veiny, red ooze upon discovery, the Coagulate quickly bonded with a human host body. Like an infection, it spread throughout the colony, and slowly the empire. Those infected became feral, as the ooze slowly started covering and morphing their bodies. Wings, claws, another set of arms, the Coagulate can create all kinds of mutations. The only mutation constant in all infected is their ability to survive without food, water and oxygen. The Coagulate seems to thrive on a so far unknown food source and is seemingly without physical needs.

At the core of the Coagulate lifeforms is the desire to procreate and make new spawn. Prolonged exposure to the ooze, or other creatures infected by it, will result in infection. A cure has been heavily researched for a century now but is yet to be found.

The Coagulate is no hivemind. Their name stems from another ability they possess, however. As more creatures, and sometimes even things, get infected, they assimilate abilities and share them within their species. The Coagulate originally managed to leave their home planet by infecting the colonization ship the Cirzadians had arrived with. It is unknown how the Coagulate incorporates these unliving elements into its biology.

As the Coagulate incorporated more ships and more living members, the creatures became less and less recognizable. The Coagulate became more mobile. Interplanetary, even interstellar distances, became easy to traverse. It was through that development that the Coagulate became humanity's biggest threat.


The RP is rated M
Expected posting schedule is one’s a week, but things pop-up. Hit me up if it’s not going to work.
Not posting for 2 weeks, without notification, will free up your spot.
No character can have mind-controlling, mind-reading or chronomanic abilities.
Communicate. Not sure if something fits within the lore, or if it will affect another character? Ask!



Age and year: (Typically, age 12 is year 1 and age 18 is year 6)


Place of Origin: (Space is super multi-cultural. Feel free to make up a planet, or even a star system.)

History: (Where they augmented before arriving at the academy? How did they end up getting accepted? And anything else you wanna say.)

Personality: (Cursory. Bullet points allowed)

Augmentation & other skills: (Classification first)

(Then explanation)

Player List

Ice as Arthur Wordsworth
Adventure as ???
Pikamander7 as ???
Foxrally as ???
Junier as ???


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I will join this. Just let me work up an SU!
Frodo: I can't do this, Sam.
Sam: I know. It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy. How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something.
Frodo: What are we holding on to, Sam?
Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.
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Have some questions to aid my character creation:
  • Can augments have multiple classifications? In what respects are augments limited in how they function and how they manifest?
  • What kinds of "higher positions" exist in the military as alluded to?
  • What year is it? Is it safe to assume our history/current events as we know it have happened?
  • How are kids selected for augmentation? For an example, can people willingly opt their children in for the "greater good"?
  • How is life for the everyman, would you imagine? And what social classes exist, how are they distinguished? Like, what occupations or roles make up the higher and lower classes?


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Have some questions to aid my character creation:
  • Can augments have multiple classifications? In what respects are augments limited in how they function and how they manifest?
  • What kinds of "higher positions" exist in the military as alluded to?
  • What year is it? Is it safe to assume our history/current events as we know it have happened?
  • How are kids selected for augmentation? For an example, can people willingly opt their children in for the "greater good"?
  • How is life for the everyman, would you imagine? And what social classes exist, how are they distinguished? Like, what occupations or roles make up the higher and lower classes?
An Augment is always just part of a singular classification. A thaumaturg can't be a mutant or a cyborg, or vices and versas. The classifications of shield, mover, etc. are also singular, but there is a lot more room for overlap. A thaumaturg might leave shielding behind where he runs, being both a shielder and a mover, but a singular primary classification will be used depending on main combat use.
Multiple officer positions; those in charge of space flights, planet-side aircrafts, naval warfare. Those are posts of field leadership. Higher ups can be fleet commanders, planetary commanders, or even star system commander, commanding armies of enormous sizes. Other specialist functions can be tacticians, those in charge of augment units that are specialized in maximizing ability use, formatters, those who create the generally consistency of augments and coordinate the movements of, and create, specialized units.
Earth-history has transpired, but is more of a cursory class, nowadays. The year is 4000, meaning a lot of time has passed, and a lot of new, more interstellar history has been created. But all of modern history is still very well preserved indeed.
Kids can voluntarily test themselves to see if they're suitable for any form of augmentation. The academy accepts all suitable applicants, because the possibility to augment is more valuable than any other skill at that age. Kids can't be applied to the academy without their own consent though, and relocation often happens when parental goals and a child's personal conviction don't allign. The young age creates a dangerous dichotomy, where new troops and augments need to be trained young, but stability for youth is also seen as important.
The empire is spread incredibly wildly and the main coalition within the empire is military and economic. It's not a cultural entity much, because it is difficult to adhere a single culture within a galactic empire. Each planet tends to have several, so social class can be wildly distinct. Although the star systems around the Central Seat, the heart of the empire, is more homogeneous. Society is very economically driven still, and near the Central Seat there is a lot of focus on being able to retrace your heritage to earth. Everyone is from earth, ya know, but family histories weren't as well kept. But a Bush or a Xi family still reigns highly and close to the seat.


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Arthur Wordsworth
Thaumaturgical Mover

Age and year: 17; year 5

Appearance: Arthur keeps his silver-blonde, almost white hair extremely short, to the point where he might as well be bald. Because of that, most attention is drawn to his large, hooked nose. Thin lips and eyes adorned by bags make him look closer to retirement than graduation. Counteracting the facial features of a dentures-user is his trained physicality and his perfect posture. Arthur’s military parents have informed a sense of decency in him that he tries to reflect outwards. A sense of arrogance is even imbued in this posture, as Arthur often holds his head high, preferring direct eye-contact to coincide with him looking down. His great length of only 1.90 helps him accomplish this.

Place of Origin: Lyeron is the moon of a gas giant and houses a lot of synthetic cities and very military culture.

History: A military academy is at the heart of the city of Mession, capital of Lyeron. It is one of the many places where unaugmented soldiers are trained. The city surrounding it feeds of this academy, like an economic parasite.

Arthur’s father was once a student at this academy, graduating top of the class, before a failed attempt at augmentation at a later age scared him for life. His mother is a teacher at the same academy. One which students strongly dislike.

Separating professional and personal business was not something the Wordsworths were very capable of, raising their only son more as a cadet than as a kid. Teenage rebellion was roughly surpressed, and respect and ritual was highly valued.

When Arthur was eleven, the notion of moving away seemed incredibly compelling. Augmentation, however, was something that scared Arthur, but signing up for a regular military school - as anything non-military was unacceptable - wouldn’t create enough distance. It was a talk that incited reactions adverse to Arthur’s expectations. The fears he himself had were once he thought his father would share, but both of his parents were encouraging, as far as they could be, at least.

Arthur proved a star student. Experiences from his home life could perfectly be applied to some classes, and the motivation was never lacking. Clear differences existed between him and his classmates. As the years went by, it became clear to Arthur that he simple stood above most other augments.

  • Arrogant
  • Dismissive
  • Passionate
  • Focused
  • Capable
  • Emotionally closed

Augmentation & other skills: The thaumaturgical energies rooted within Arthur give him the ability to create thin light constructs. Their look is almost like a mandala, filled with colours blending and bleeding in through each other. It resembles vaguely the visage of oil on water.

Arthur is able to slightly manipulate these constructs, mainly using them to launch himself, enemies or other objects. Arthur himself is able to dispel these shields, but not break them, nor are they able to remotely damage him. Enough force from another source can definitely shatter them, though.

The constructs can vary in size, with the smallest being the size of Arthur’s hand, the biggest being his height. The sturdiness and weight they can carry doesn’t change, although their strength does seem to be relative.

The barriers can not be used to cut or break. Trying to summon it when it would pierce something makes it impossible to do. Walls, people, even a bug or a notable dust cloud can disrupt the ability to summon one.

The ability is also limited by numbers. No matter the size, more than three constructs seems to be Arthur’s limit at the moment.


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...... ......


I see ronnie everywhere I go

......The terrestrial planet, Tlaloc — about half Earth’s circumference, while near-identical in regards to rotation, it is a dime a dozen among the habitable planets within the A___ star system. A___ans as a whole have grown to develop, ironically, a culture divergent of Earth’s, exemplified by a separate calendar and an isolation from the military culture gradually overtaking compatriot galaxies with the expansion of the Cirzarian Empire.

......The sheer span of the Empire’s growth quashed all hopes of Earth returning to its glory days as the intergalactic juggernaut it had been. With resources overextended from colonization efforts throughout the known universe and overpopulation at home, the A___an Colonization Effort became half-hearted, and before settlers on the farther-off Tlaloc had realized, was swiftly junked and abandoned, leaving them stranded out in space for that next thousand or so years. Life went on regardless, without modernized technology, without a pipeline into the wider world; sovereignty from the Cirzarian Empire was not an ideal.

......Tlaloc and the few other unfortunate, smaller “non-Earths” were never considered ideal themselves as to be worth acquiring. Primarily, this was because they were impoverished, lacking unique exports that didn’t already overlap with the plethora of A_____an Earth clones — when these planets were believed to be the only options, they had been prioritized.
......Tlaloc as well suffered another issue: a revolution path so wide, so slow, it would collide with a supermassive black hole at A___’s center before completing its first round about the Sun in approximately a millennium. There was nothing to gain from a doomed planet.

......But that doomed planet had people on it nonetheless, and it vied to interact economically with the Cirzarians alongside its A____an neighbors. However, Tlaloc proved so technologically incompetent, it did not have spacecraft advanced enough to participate in the lightspeed exchange that allowed economic exchange between planetary systems to even exist. The Tlalocians had to launch everything at a specific time in hopes it and the returning goods would arrive within the same year, and even then, there remained massive room for error. Tlalocian economy saw huge spikes in instances of success undermined by botched exchanges, failed coordination, and the prevailing inadequacy of the planet and its products.

......Ttaloc could only remain relevant by turning away from humanity’s greatest empire and embracing the illegal trade it sought to cease. This was the highly-legal sell and redistribution of augmentation technology, mainly of cybernetics, which saw entry into susceptible planets like Tlaloc even after the black market was seemingly purged of the practice by Cirzarian authorities. Beyond the route of lightspeed exchange, however, pirates achieved "warp-speed" with stolen models to access the destitute reaches of systems like A____.
......With its hands on augmentation, Tlaloc saw to the cybernetic empowerment of a young militia separate of the A____an Council and found patrons in other nearby planets looking to do the same. The efforts were embraced by the Tlalocian monarchy with King Primavera himself opting to augment his three children.

......With representatives across the galaxy, the A____an Council was far less accommodating of Tlaloc’s outlandish approach to economic reform and threatened to place total embargo on the planet if Primavera continued to participate in what they considered “child-trafficking;” near-isolation from the Cirzarians had provided no entry point for augmentation in public acceptance. It also meant the A____an military at large was unequipped for augmented soldiers.
......Tlaloc lead a siege on its compatriots to overthrow the council, lasting the next few years. It would have prompted a new era of Tlalocian prosperity, provided it did not disrupt economic allies of the Cirzarian Empire, thereby placing Tlaloc in the Empire’s sights. ......In occupying the source of the upheaval, it was ended instantaneously — King Primavera and his queen were killed; all unreasonable augments were skilled; and all augments otherwise thought non-threatening or inexperienced were abducted to join the Augments Academy to make productive use of them. The majority of the militia, it was discovered, had cybernetics employed shoddily, sometimes to the detriment of the child. In a sense, then, the takeover was for the Andromedians’ own good.

......The recency of the Tlalocian Revolution proves it difficult to predict how the A____an System will recuperate, but the Planet Tlaloc has been properly enfeebled and is no longer represented within the A____an Council.
......With the muck the Tlalocians had made of cybernetic augmentation, it was discovered some of the viable children were susceptible to thaumaturgical altercation, and the same technology was incompetently administered to apply this classification, like mixing oil and water. It came at the expense of thirty young lives. Miraculously, Ronnie Primavera, daughter of the Tlalocian king, was one of the few who survived in the surgical removal of cybernetic brain modifiers, allowing her thaumaturgical abilities to surface. Initially, they were thought underwhelming. A two-week development process showed Ronnie was only capable of creating indistinct entoptic entities visible only to herself. Often taking the form of events she had not yet seen, such as deceased family members despite being comatose at their times of death, they proved strenuous on her mental wellbeing. It was planned that Ronnie’s older sibling, Alber Primavera, would join Augment Academy while she remained on Tlaloc.
......Ronnie proved extraordinary, yet again, in a week’s time developing a useful application of her powerset in the materialization of a sour smell in an experimenter’s consciousness, alerting them and others to a fuel leak in the holding ship. It is likely posttraumatic growth was and continues to be at play in Ronnie’s status as a star student and tactician at the Academy. Miss Primavera possesses a rapt avidity for participation in school events and is particularly invested in developing her capabilities even further, working with a personal thaumatologist to push them to their limits. Now entering her fourth year at Augments Academy, Ronnie aims for the very top, pursuing not only head of her class but also a role as Chief of Specialized Units in her future serving the Cirzarian military.
She's entoptic, eyes of mercury
......Ronnie was born into a happy family of four, not including herself — a father, mother, older and younger brother. Technically, too, she was born into royalty, though it never felt that way. People would get mad at Dad sometimes, the Double-A other times. Otherwise, childhood was as idyllic as a child would certainly view it, a verdant paradise interspersed with arcade cabinets, Gameboys, and square TVs with folded antennae. And starlight. The sky in Tͦͣͩ̂͒̒͏͏̴l̶̶͆̀̄̈́͘a̢̅͆̀̚͠l͆͗͒ͤ͑͆͌ơ̧̢̑ͧ̽ͮ̈̄͊̚c̶ͪͫ̃̒̐͑ blushed with stars and violet nebulae.
......That’s all she can remember about it.
......Mom and Dad are an incomplete memory, but she knows Perry is dead. She’s glad she can’t remember the way he looked or smelled, because sometimes her mother’s smile and cupped-hand wave, the twinkle of faux diamond choking her neck, and the bounce of tight, auburn curls, they all come back in a freezing inundation.
......Ronnie wakes up with wet, red eyes. Her head is pounding. The dorm is dark, the floor smooth, synthetic, and cold. She strides across it to the bathroom and locks herself in. Dark, claustrophobic, closet-sized. She burrows in the warmth of her hands. Soft whimpering, like an animal.
......She thinks two things: that she looks stupid, that this is stupid, but also that she looks like her mother. Her curls bounce the same; they drift around her in a sovereign mass at their own calm volition. She wonders if Mom was as tall as she is, and if her eyes were blue, or if that came from Dad. She has no diamonds, faux or otherwise, but Ronnie recalls being told that she glows.
......In an effort to salvage that radiance, Ronnie risks a look at her smeared face in the mirror. She risks grimacing at her pig-nose and too-fat cheeks to smile. It droops like mud, collapses. She tries again. And then she tries the wave. She sobs.

I can't find her, I can't ease my soul
She's a mystery, so unnatural

Ronnie’s augmentation manifests through two distinctions:

★ A kind person, not an honest person, who believes unconditionally that ends justify means. In the end, the will always service the “greater good.”

★ A social butterfly with a lax, genial disposition. She is greatly stimulated by interaction and discourse. One of her greatest passions is meeting new people.

★ Embraces leadership, though she is far more aloof than argumentative. She seems to misunderstand what would make for a “heavy” topic of conversation. And her opinions can be stated with steadfastness while being subject to capricious change. A girl of whimsy, she lacks self-awareness and can exhibit hypocrisy.

★ She isn’t stupid. Philosophically, she can be pinned down as an optimistic nihilist and pseudo-hedonist, as she believes there is nothing complex or meaningful about human existence, but the sheer miracle that is living is in itself worth protecting and enjoying to its fullest. Ronnie thinks everyone is special and important, including herself, and that every man, woman, or otherwise is inherently good — people just make misguided decisions. Her goal is to become the greatest with what she has been given to protect everyone.

★ Her central hobby is photography. Her photos exhibit hyperfocus on the mundane, closeups of utensils, wires, potted plastic plants. She seems unnerved by modern technology.

......Entoptic — Ronnie can project onto chosen subject(s) anything within her range of perception, specifically including sensory information, mental thought process — a telepathy — and literal beings or objects. In the case of the latter, Ronnie decides a focal point, whether it be an object or living being, and can then project roughly thirty meters out from that point. Ronnie, therefore, does not have to physically see what lies around a focal point, as long as it falls into that range, though this in-turn means she cannot be selective in what she allows her subject(s) to see or perceive. This is the only instance where Ronnie does not hold complete election over what is projected onto her subject(s).
......Single projected entities will manifest for subject(s) on top of their personal range of perception as relative to Ronnie’s own. (This can create the illusion of persons walking on thin air or through walls.) Projected environments, or parts of environments, will blend with that of the subject(s).
......Projections will appear more or less life-like in accordance to the stability of Ronnie’s mental and emotional health. In worst case scenarios, they have manifested as blots, horrific mutations of what was first intended, or ugly smears.
......Ronnie can also hone in on only one focal point at a time.
......The limit of subject(s) also relies on Ronnie’s stability, as well as how willing said subject(s) are to compromise, making an exact number hard to approximate. Those who display extreme mental fortitude and/or mulish refusal can reject Ronnie’s projections, either causing them to disappear or reducing them to a less life-like state (as mentioned above; blots, smears, Eldritch terrors, etc.). If Ronnie resists in-turn, she can acquire a headache disorder that will take her out of action.

......Solioptic — Ronnie decides herself the focal point and thus manipulates her own perceptibility. When activated, she becomes intangible, undetectable through any non-thaumaturgical means. With no physical qualities, she can move through solid surfaces, though so far this has proven possible solely on a vertical plane. Motion by itself requires concentration, and may prove impossible if Ronnie’s ‘entoptic’ abilities are also in use. Ronnie may only access her ‘entoptic’ abilities prior to entering this state.
......She has not made further developments in this realm of her augmentation; this is a relatively new breakthrough.

......Ronnie has proven to be industrious in her training and, in spite of the deviant circumstances in which she was augmented, has and will continue to stretch the limitations of her powers.

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light a path for me shining like a million pearls.

original artwork of "Gina" by Junseok Kwon // link to first post

Sorry about the floating "Personality" box, I thought I fixed that, lol. But let me know if I need to make any edits to that background.

Edit: Replaced mentions of Andromeda with a made-up star system. Don't have a name yet.


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wip in progress

Name: Euga Lasaros [yu-guh]

Sex: Female.

Gender: Demiboy, but she doesn't care to explain it unless somebody actually asks, so she just uses female pronouns.

Age and year: 15, year 3

Appearance: A humanoid with insectous, black exoskeleton that shimmers in green. She has slightly longer and thinner limbs than the average human (and practically no butt or noticeable hip-shapes) but mostly she is built like a human. She has a fairly normal face, her skull being covered in exoskeleton plates but having black "human" hair growing from it, and her face having plates on the forehead, eyebrows, nose and cheekbones but being more rubbery skinlike otherwise. Her eyes are mostly human, although with larger-than-usual shimmering irises that seem to never want to settle between a red and green flavor. Instead of ears though, she has two antennas protruding from the sides of her head, thin, durable but sensitive, bent at one single site.

Place of Origin: Herodidim, the second moon around the gas giant Spectacorocor in the centermost ringzone of the Milky Way galaxy. While the first moon Foropratem is too hot and full of hard industry, and the third moon Kandadulem is too cold and full of "artists", the second moon is the perfect middle between the two and keeps both industry workers and artists at a comfortable level for the general population to feel satisfied. Herodidim's specialty is to be Just Right between extremes, and many come for vacation to this perfectly average moon to escape the edgy absolutes of their own worlds.

History: (Where they augmented before arriving at the academy? How did they end up getting accepted? And anything else you wanna say.)

Personality: (Cursory. Bullet points allowed)

Augmentation: Biogenetic Controller

Euga is enhanced with insect-like genetics. This changes her in several fundamental ways. She doesn't have human skin, instead a black chitin exoskeleton with tough rubbery tissue connecting various parts and plates, but she also retains a human skeleton and flesh within. Her circulatory system has changed too, and she doesn't need oxygen intake at all as frequently as pure humans do. Her eyes are built differently, and have a denser outer lens.

These features combined makes it possible for her to be out in cold space vacuum for circa twenty standard minutes without a space suit on. Longer than that, and she starts to rapidly feel weak due to lack of oxygen in her system. If she hasn't passed out before circa thirty minutes has passed, her exoskeleton and outer tissues will no longer fully keep her from the fateful risk of rupturing in the absence of air pressure.

Her more effective biology also makes her muscles more explosive, and she can accelerate quickly when running and leap great lengths or heights compared to normal humans. On top of this, she doesn't have human ears, but instead antennas with which she senses airwaves more carefully than normal humans are able to.

While her insect genes and essentially double skeleton make her sturdier, more agile, and gives her better reflexes than the average human being, she isn't mainly classified as a Frontliner or Mover. Instead, it's her other skills that make her a Controller first and foremost. She can release spores from glands in her outer tissues, that can make enemies get drowsy (and doze off if high enough concentration or long exposure time) or irritate their eyes and skin if she adjusts the constituents of the spores slightly. She can also spit a very useful sticky fluid that effectively acts as a glue for whatever need she may have.

Other skills: She complements her natural abilities with a synthetic net launcher gun. She also carries a more standard issue gun, with "stun" and "harmful" settings. The latter setting should more accurately be "lethal" since it can kill, but that sounded so grave that they changed it.

On her battle suit, she has attached several small retractable "scythes" on the outer sides of her lower arms, because it seemed like a simple addition for nice benefit if she ended up in close combat. But mostly she is the one to prime the battle with spores, and then make life hard for the enemies by spitting her glue at them from the backline.



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Name: Diamond

Age and year: 13, Year 2

Appearance: a1077573-3acd-464a-951c-eaf4661e5e1a.png
Blue mostly all around, wears a sweatshirt, has blue eyes, hair covers one eye.

Place of Origin: Little Planet, you know, that place from Sonic CD?

History: Diamond was currently minding his own business, relaxing in the Past of Palmtree Panic. when a note gently floated onto his face. Diamond tear up the letter in haste to figure out that he have been accepted to The Augment Academy! Diamond was so excited he immediately went through the Future SIgn to go to the present and find the nearest station to the academy.

Personality: • Extremally Shy
• Usually likes to work alone
• Rarely talks to other people in a shy voice.

Augmentation & other skills: (Biogenetic, Tactician)

Can transform into a selection of different pokemon at will, but usually for a hour at a time.
These selections include Greninja, Typhlosion, Ivysaur, Flareon, and Froakie.


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I'm certainly considering joining this.

I will join this. Just let me work up an SU!
Are you three still working on SUs? I'd like to start this RP next weekend or so


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In the meantime, we might be able to start discussing those "meaningful character relationships." Or at least consider how students might interact with each other. That could aid those works in-progress too, especially if we're generally stuck on things like the character part of character-building.


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Oh you gone make me start, GM.

I set up Ronnie as sort of an overachiever in her sign-up, at least for the time being, and either way, in her aspiration of being top of her class, she'd likely know a lot of kids between the third and forth grades especially Character-wise, she's a social butterfly who's at her best when surrounded by other people to bounce off of. So overall Ronnie's in a good position to at least know a lot of people.

For genuine relationships, I don't see her as the type to have "types"; she doesn't sort people between "good traits" or "bad traits" since her ideal is for everyone to like and respect her 100% of the time, or act like they do whenever she's around. That might mean she lacks meaningful relationships in the first place -- you can get to know someone without either of you holding a mutual bond.


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Mind if I throw my hat into the ring? Get in there, hat!

Name: Mehen Karif

Age and year: 16, Year 5

Appearance: Large for his age, though perhaps aided by his augments, Mehen stands tall at 6' 8" (2.03 m). His skin is dark brown, his black hair is short and curly, and his right eye is jade green. His size doesn't lend itself to good posture, so he tends to slouch or lean on things. His left eye, left arm (and shoulder, and part of his torso), and both legs from the knee down are robotic. The eye glows a soft, solid blue, looking sleek and elegant, while the other parts appear bulky and clumsy.

Place of Origin: The "junk planet" Tymanther, a dwarf planet in the southern Shakhta region of the galaxy. With dozens of mining planets relatively nearby, Tymanther serves as a scrap and salvage yard, where ships and other machinery is repaired, canabalised for parts, or processed as scrap to be reforged. With its many forges, junkyards, and ports, the planet experiences phenomena such as acid rains, rust clouds, and caustic fog, driving its inhabitants to live in massive caverns underground or in fortified towns like its capitol, the citadel city of Usk Hurthi.

History: Mehen was born into the lower class, his father a forge worker, his mother a cook. Born with a crooked back, he was forced to wear braces on his legs and spine, as his family couldn't afford more effective treatments. He was otherwise a normal, healthy child, with an interest in technological mechanisms and trinkets. His parents were encouraging, as repairing machinery would put him in a higher social class than melting it down would.

As he grew, he learned he had a knack not just for fixing things, but building them as well. Children in Tymantheran society were put to work sooner than on some other planets, so Mehen was already an apprentice at a salvage operation when he was 10. Unfortunately, his curiosity and habit of fiddling with things led to an accident with an engine that mangled his left hand. The doctor did what he could, but the damage was irreversible without extensive and expensive augmentation. Seeing only one option, Mr. and Mrs. Karif encouraged him to apply for the Augments Academy. Mehen wasn't keen on joining the military, but without the augments his body would never get much better. He relented, joking that he was already part machine, so at least he could be a better one if he went.

At the Academy itself, Mehen was a capable student, not only willing to be augmented, but eager. Though his first augment was obviously a replacement hand, he soon lobbied for a fix for his spine as well. From there, he replaced his legs, the rest of his arm, parts of his torso, and even an entire eye, complete with neural enhancement. He pushed his body and mind in school, and was determined to see how far he could push himself, even at the expense of his own humanity.

  • Curious. Mehen just loves tinkering with things. Picking up random stuff and playing with it, taking things apart to look at them, or just asking questions. Doesn't work as well with his big arm, though.
  • Excitable. If something new is happening, you can expect Mehen to get hyped about it. This usually leads to him running off ahead of everyone else.
  • Reluctant to fight. Despite his size and augments, Mehen isn't much of a fighter. Even if it's just an argument or a heated discussion, he tends to back off first, usually calming himself down by tinkering.
  • Calculating. Always planning, always thinking of something, Mehen's mind is rarely idle. He's annoyed more than one classmate by rattling off precise change at a cash register.
  • Self-sacrificing. Perhaps it's because of his hate of fighting, or maybe he just sees it as an excuse to get a new prosthetic, but he'll always put himself in to take a hit before anyone else. Unless it's at lunch. Yes, he is going to eat that, but since you bring it up, do you want your garlic bread? He'll take it if you don't...

Augmentation & other skills: Cybernetic Frontliner

Mehen's augments are obviously and visually his cybernetic parts, though there is more to him than meets the eye.

In addition to his replacement parts, he has a layer of subdermal armor to protect him from external injury, as well as brace himself when applying his enhanced strength, letting him lift and carry great weight without damaging his bones or innards. While this makes him highly resilient, his nerves are still intact, letting him feel every impact and sensation as a normal human would (except for his artificial arm/legs/etc.).

His robotic legs offer enhanced leg strength, letting him run faster, jump higher, and kick stronger than before. They also have internal shock absorbers, negating damage from long falls. However, they are basically just metal boots on his legs, making him kind of clumsy if he's not paying attention.

While originally just a prosthetic hand, Mehen removed his entire left arm, including the shoulder, for his replacement one. The arm can be removed entirely for maintenance, modification, or perhaps just switching to a new model some day. Though much less dexterous than his human arm, the metal arm is much stronger, and possesses a 30-foot-long grappling hook, a retractable energy shield, and a mini USB plug.

While his neural implants are mainly to allow him better control over his limbs and various upgrades, his eye also affords him a miniature heads-up display, and a motion-activated proximity detector. It's also useful for keeping track of notes in the corner of his eye, or hooking up to the Wi-Fi and browsing the internet.

Mehen fixed his crooked spine with his augments, but his metal replacement also helps support the weight of his upgrades, and his modified torso not only fits his human organs, but also an internal power source to power his mechanical half. Of course, he needs to consume a lot more calories per day now to keep it fueled.


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Activity check
can you confirm Augments' status as a act of respect to the people who put time into it, and what would be your take on its "assets" being recycled for other projects?

(as a disclaimer: I couldn't "revive" Augments myself, at least not immediately [i'm a little busy.])

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