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Sappy Mega Ultra List of instruments

Started by SlowbroMusicyo June 28th, 2018 1:14 PM
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Hello, over the last 2 days, I've been compiling a list of instrument addresses and values to make one big list so that it is much easier insert songs

To do this, you must open up either FRLG or Emerald (some instruments don't exist in Ruby and Sapphire, but you can use most of the instruments that are in here) amd go to edit Voice table
Here's a run through of the values and what they mean

ex: FRLG drums/ Drum: Drum is the output device used for drumsets and 0x0676148 is the address the drum set is found in written in hexadecimal

ex: Xylophone/ Direct Instrument (DI) 0x073E2A4 Attack(A) 255 Decrease(D)235 Sustain(S)0 Release(R)204
Direct Instrument is the output device that (tries) to sound like real instruments by using samples which are the hex value 0x073E2A4. The Attack, Decrease and etc. tell the game how the instrument is going to sound like (when there is a higher sustain value, then the sound is going to resonate for example)

ex. Piano/ Multi sample Address 1(A1): 0x0676A90 Address 2(A2):0x06B4698
Multi Sample is an output device that uses (as it says) multiple samples of 1 instrument which gives the instrument multiple samples to use. Address 1(A1) is the hex address of all the samples and A2 gives the range of those samples

ex. Square wave1 (S1) =25%: A:0 D:1 S:9 R:1

Square waves are the remenants of the GBsynth from the GB and GBC, the percentage changes the wave modulation There is also Square wave 2 which is slightly higher pitched but is used for bass in FRLG

last example. Wave: 0x06B4850 A;0 D:7 S:15 R:2
The address recalls a wave which is a;so GB synth, and you can check out the wave itself by clicking on
edit wave and by entering a random address you can make your own custom waves too by clicking edit wave

Finally, on to the list


So the numbers I'm using corresponds to the midi numbers except you have to add 1 if you are using sappy or subtract 1 if you're using midi editing software like Anvil Studio
for example Trumpets in sappy and in the voice table is 56, while in Anvil studio, it is 57

Ok, now since that is out of the way, on to the list
(I'm using the numbers from the voicetables)
0. DRUMS(FRLG)=0x0676148
1.Piano=Multi: A1 0x0676A90 A2 0x06B4698
3.Honky Tonk(LightKoto)=DI: 0x0701A10 A:255 D:0 S:206 R:242 (CANNOT BE USED IN RUBY OR SAPPHIRE)
4: Electric Piano 1=DI: 0x071CBCC A:64 D:249 S:0 R:188
5:Electric Piano 2=DI: 0x071F234 A:51 D:249 S:0 R:165
6:Harpsichord wave=S2: 75%: A:0 D:1 S:7 R:1
7:Clav wave=S1: 75%: A:0 D:1 S:7 R:1

Ok im just going to stop writing adsr since you should know by now because it takes too much time

8: Empty
9: Glockenspiel=0x06B5D04: 255,165,72,249
10: Music Box(Battle palace)=0x0710AB8: 255,188,139,239 (CANNOT BE USED IN RUBY AND SAPPHIRE)

I'm going to finish this list later, but I hope what I've got for now is helpful



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Hey, I'm back so now I'll get as far as I can into this list but some names might be confusing so I'll explain them.

I will use names like Tubular Bell(RSE) and Tubular Bell(FRLG) to indicate which one is used the most in each game. but they will have the same Instrument address but different ADSR(Attack, Decrease, Sustain, Release) values so you can use both "RSE" and "FRLG" Instruments in each game. Another I will do mostly for Percussive Organ is give it nicknames like Creepy Organ for the ASDR values in Lavender Town and Percussive Organ for relatively normal sounding Organ in RSE for example BUT Church Organ and Reed Organ are completely different instruments that can only be used In Emerald since it used in the Rayquaza event. So now that I told you this, it can explain why there will be several (Same)s in some instuments values since the only change is the ASDR value. (Also almost all of these are Direct Instruments, so I'll only point out Multi Instruments)
11. Empty
13.Xylophone=0x074E2A4: 255,235,0,204
14.Tubular Bell(FRLG)=0x0736C74: 255,165,97,236
15.Tubular Bell(RSE)=Same: 255,216,90,242
16.Creepy Organ=0x06B63A8:37,165,103,127
17.Percussive Organ(FRLG)=Same: 255,76,133,137
18.Rock Organ(Perc. Organ)=Same: 255,0,255,210
19.Church Organ=0x0715038: 255,76,154,188 (EMERALD ONLY)
20.Reed Organ=0x0717980: 255,76,154,188 (EMERALD ONLY)
21. Accordian(RSE)=0x07410E0: 255,0,255,165
22. Accordian(FRLG)=Same: 64,188,108,165
24.Nylon guitar (FRLG)= 0x08D8418: 128,249,25,127
25.Steel guitar (Pallet town)= Same: 85,249,25,127
26.Nylon guitar (RSE)=Same: 255,249,25,76
27. Distortion Guitar(Emerald)=0x070AE74: 255,0,255,195
28. Overdrive guitar(FRLG)=0x0709004: ,0,255,195 (ALL OF THESE UP TO 33 ARE NOT IN RS)
29.Overdrive Guitar(Emerald)=Same: 255,0,255,226
30.Distortion Guitar(FRLG)=0x070AE74: 255,0,255,127
31.Guitar Harmonics=0x08DA388: 255,0,255,165
33.Electric Bass(crisp)=0x06FFDC0: 255,253,0,216
34.Electric Bass(light)=Same: 255,253,0,149
35. Fretless Bass=0x06B6BA0: 255,253,0,188
36.Slap Bass=0x06B776C: 255,235,128,99 (SURPRISINGLY ONLY IN RSE)
38.Synth Bass(light)=0x06B86A4: 128,252,0,115 (NOT IN FRLG)
39.Synth Bass(attack)=Same: 255,252,0,115
40.Orchestral Strings(RSE)=0x073D874: 255,242,51,242
41.Timpani(RSE)=0x06B9318: 255,246,0,226
43.Timpani(FRLG)=Same: 255,0,193,127
45. Pizzicato Strings=0x0726EF0: 255,216,0,165
46.Orchestral Strings(FRLG)=0x073D874: 255,246,0,235
47.Timpani(Battle Pyramid)=0x06B9318: 255,0,180,246
48.String Ensemble(Multi)=A1: 0x0676AC0 A2: 0x06B46E0
49.Oriental Drumset(Battle Arena)= Drums: 0x0676658
53.Voice Oohs(Deoxys battle)=0x06BA7E8: 85,0,154,165
54.Voice Hoohs(Battle Pike)=0x07190E0: 128,165,128,204
56.Trumpet(Multi)=A1: 0x0676AE4 A:2: 0x06B4728
57. Ship horn=0x08D6978: 255,0,206,204
58. Tuba(multi)= A:1 0x0677108 A:2 0x06B477C
59. Empty
60.French Horn(Multi)= A:1 0x0677120 A:2 0x06B47C4
61. empty
62. Heavy Guitar=0x070DE64: 255,0,236,188

That's it for today, but there is till much more instruments to be listed so I'll finish this later but I hope what I got Is still pretty helpful
staying up till' 4:00 was my pastime

(btw a new fl remix dump (they're sf2 things and short, Imma learn to loop later)
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