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Guilds of Atria: Phoenix Nest an RP based on Fairy Tail

Welcome to Atria, thriving empire stretching across the continent of Sellinos, and the center of magical advancement! Magical technology, or magitech, has found its way into all parts of the average person�s daily life, but there are also those capable of using magic without the aid of technology. These people are called wizards, and they have been essential in turning Atria into what it is today despite making up only 10% of the population. Some create the magical tools that allow the rest of society to live comfortable, convenient lives. Others devote themselves to studying this mysterious power, as despite its prevalence, much remains unanswered about magic. Then there are those who put their lives on the line, using their power to serve their country in the military, law enforcement, or the Magic Council that oversees it all.

And then there are wizards who band together to form guilds. These guilds accept job requests from locals and post them on a board, at which point the guild's members are free to choose the job that fits their skillset. The one placing the request offers a reward for whoever completes the job, a portion of which goes to the guild as a fee for posting it. As guilds grow larger in members and influence, they start getting more difficult and lucrative job requests from a wider area. Lately even the Magic Council has turned to guilds with important requests that they might not have the time or resources to deal with themselves. These urgent requests give by far the greatest rewards, and can only be accepted by those recognized by the council as "S-Class" wizards. A rank above S-Class exists as well, reserved for the 10 most powerful and skilled wizards in all of Atria known as the Wizard Saints. People who defy the council and their illegal "dark guilds" aren't allowed these titles, and are instead treated as threats when they become known.

Perhaps the greatest opportunity for a guild and its members to get big is the annual Grand Magic Games, an imperially-sponsored competition between all the guilds in Atria broadcast throughout the nation. Many in the past saw guild wizards as little more than errand boys or common mercenaries, but the games have played a large part in changing this perception, with the games� biggest faces becoming celebrities. There are a variety of events with each year bringing new ones, such as races and sports with a magical twist, or other more unique games, but the main draw is always the battle tournament at the end. The last guild standing when the dust settles receives not only a grand sum of money, but also the unwavering recognition of the entire nation as Atria�s strongest guild.


Perhaps you�ve heard of Myeloch Latare, the former wizard saint responsible for some of the greatest breakthroughs in magical history, whose title was revoked when he was accused of practicing forbidden magic. Whatever this name means to you, it�s come up in a flier you�ve seen posted around seeking recruits for a newly formed guild in a village in the middle of nowhere, supposedly led by him and his daughter Lina. Or maybe the name means nothing to you, and your attention was caught merely by the thought of a brand new guild, the line on the flyer about �second chances�, or by the cute, energetic girl excitedly posting the fliers anywhere she could. Whatever the case, you�re interested, and you find yourself heading to this �Phoenix Nest� guild to see what it�s all about.

The Roleplay will contain a main story, with players being free to either participate in it or just RP freely within the world. The story will continue regardless, but the way it unfolds will depend on the players' actions and will alter the state of the world. Players can jump into the story whenever if they can find a reasonable way to drop in. I won't be strict with the timeline, so if something major happens in the story while your character is doing something else, you have the option of placing your posts canonically before that event if you don't want to deal with it, as long as you don't try to change the story events.

Much of the main story will be done through large JPs. Ideally I'll continue them whenever everyone is ready to move on, but I can move it at a set pace instead if I feel the need to. More involved players may get their own main story chapters focused on their characters, if they�d like.


Magic in Atria is defined as supernatural feats performed through the use of an energy called ether, also called �magic power�. Ether is created when ambient particles known as ethernano are absorbed and processed by a wizard�s body, meaning that only a wizard can directly perform magic. The factors that influence the strength of a wizard�s spells are called �the four pillars of magic�, being body, mind, spirit, and affinity. Theoretically a wizard could use magic to do anything with enough strength in these pillars, but few, if any, have reached this pinnacle.

Body refers to the physical limits of the caster. Wizards have a limit to how much ether they can store within themselves, and thus to how much magic they can use before they run out. The greater a spell�s influence on the world, the more ether it consumes. This limit is different for everyone, and being below it causes the body to slowly absorb ethernano to replenish its ether reserves. Attempting to cast magic beyond one�s limit is not recommended, as a wizard�s ether is also tied to their life force. A wizard who's exhausted their ether reserves will find themselves physically exhausted as well, and pushing much further could be lethal. There are rumors of ways to increase one's ether limit, but nothing has been proven.

This isn�t to say that those born with smaller pools of ether can�t be just as good as their peers. The pillar of mind is far more malleable and refers to the caster�s vision, or their ability to clearly imagine their spell and its effects on the world. Wizards accomplish this through many ways. Some closely study real objects or elements they intend to magically replicate. Others create strong associations for their spells; naming their attacks, chanting verses, drawing symbols, and making stances. A few even create oddly specific rules or side effects they apply to their spells and take to heart.

The third pillar, spirit, is the emotional state of the caster. Different emotions will influence spells in different ways. Strong emotions generally mean stronger magic, but this isn't always the case, and when it is it isn't always good. A fit of rage or fear can easily render one's magic uncontrollable, and a crippling depression could make it completely unusable. Historically, powerful wizards have been those with dreams or desires, and the resolve to reach for them without being wholly consumed by them.

The final pillar is affinity. While technically any wizard can cast any magic given enough proficiency in the other pillars, all wizards seem drawn to excel in one specific type unique to them. Wizards with great enough affinity for a certain kind of magic have even been seen casting it on instinct as children, with no prior training or study. Wizards also find an easier time learning magic similar to that of their affinity. For instance, a wizard who can turn his body into fire would have an easier time learning shapeshifting magic than one who draws out power in magical items.

Having said all this, wizards still only make up around 10% of the population. It is by other indirect methods of casting that magic became so prevalent in Atria, the most common of these being lacrima. These crystals are capable of containing, and later releasing, ether. There are two kinds: spell lacrima carefully crafted to hold an affinity for a specific spell that it can cast any time when provided enough ether, and the more easily produced energy lacrima, full of raw ether to be used as batteries to fuel spell lacrima. Both are seen everywhere in Atria, such as fire spell lacrima being implanted in stoves to cook food and lightning lacrima keeping homes lit to name a few. Some even use them in weaponry, though the difficulty of making spell lacrima and the need to supply them with enough ether for a significant effect means this isn�t too common. Why bother with a fire sword when you can stab a guy just as easily with a regular one?

Examples: While magic in Atria as a whole is a very undefined, individualistic thing, there are certain kinds of magic that have become rather widespread.

For many with elemental affinities, a simple way to apply them is through Maker Magic, which is simply using an element to create objects, and sometimes even simple creatures. The main challenge here is having enough understanding of what one is trying to make for it to be effective, as a sword made of water will just splash an enemy if the caster can�t alter its properties in some way.

A few with body alteration affinities opt for what they call Slayer Magic, taking on the power of magical beasts to imitate their traits and abilities. Being able to consume a beast�s innate type of magic power gives the wizard an overwhelming advantage against that specific beast type, and it makes becoming stronger a simple matter in the right circumstances. Of course, this magic becomes impractical if not impossible when trying to emulate incredibly rare or absurdly strong creatures like dragons.

A popular type of magic for those with affinities that allow them to enhance or grant power to items is Requip Magic, which allows a wizard to store items in a simple pocket dimension of limited size, and summon them back when needed. More advanced wizards can use this to change their armor and weapons mid-battle. Many wizards enhance this magic by focusing its scope to certain types of items.

The World of Atria:

Atrian technology is comparable to the real world late-1920's, albeit magic-powered, and culturally it isn't too far from modern society as far as things like clothing and language, at least in the capital. Both things regress proportionately to a place's distance from the capital and its wealth. Poor, distant areas more closely resemble the medieval era.

Due to Atria�s focus on magic and its applications, mechanical weapons tech is a bit behind. While more modern guns and the like exist, they are rare and very expensive. Speaking of expense, the currency in Atria is the jewel, and 100 jewel is equal to one US dollar.

Everything below is common knowledge within Atria. If you'd like more details, maybe for a character who knows more than what's written here, let me know.


Earthland: The planet all Atrians call home, even if they know little of it beyond their continent of Sellinos. Exploration efforts beyond Sellinos have all ended in failure, either finding nothing or ending prematurely because of attacks by creatures from the Mistlands.

Sellinos: The continent housing the Atrian Empire, along with the mysterious Mistlands in the north and Valbestia in the west, which remains the only sovereign nation in Sellinos besides Atria. The Collean Mountain Range stands between the Atria and Valbestia, sparing the latter from Atria�s expansionist efforts.

The Mistlands: An unexplored territory, and the northern border of the known world for the people of Sellinos. The ethernano there is so concentrated that it can be physically seen as a mist hanging over the land, hence the name. While the Mistlands themselves haven't been explored, one look at the surrounding land is quite telling of what lies inside. All supernatural creatures such as wyverns and ogres are thought to have originated from here, and random patches of nonsensical environments like boiling lakes and upside-down mountains can be seen along the border. Little can be done to explore the Mistlands, as the intense concentration of ethernano is lethal to Wizards, while normal humans are ill-equipped to deal with the monsters lurking within.

Valbestia: A small, primitive land of rolling hills and vast jungles, whose people have created a spell that allows them to tame the mystical beasts spilling out from the Mistlands. Each person forms a bond with a single beast to the point where they are almost one being, understanding each other without speech and sharing their power with one another. Strangely enough, no Valbestian has been seen using any magic other than this taming spell or whatever magic they've borrowed from their partner. While there is currently a truce between Atria and Valbestia, Atria's past attempts to annex the nation have left relations between the two strained.

Even so, Valbestia has also known constant war within its own lands. Its people are divided into tribes such as the sky tribe or the forest tribe, living in the environments most suited to their bonded beasts. Every year, representatives of each tribe come together and battle for the country's throne. The victor holds absolute power, but if they're not careful they can be deposed of their position as quickly and bloodily as they acquired it. While most revel in this sort of freedom, there are many who are against it, and have crossed the mountains into Atria instead.

The Atrian Empire: The nation occupying the majority of Sellinos� lands. Originating in the center of Sellinos along the east end of the Collean Mountains, they discovered vast deposits of lacrima and antimagic stone both that allowed them to become the superpower they are today. Early acquisitions of land were taken by force, but the more recent additions were voluntarily annexed, either in hopes of sharing in Atria�s prosperity, or in fear of their power.
  • Central Atria houses the capital, and is where the empire originated. The capital is where the imperial palace and the Magic Council headquarters are based. The capital itself is a sprawling metropolis, showing off the nation�s wealth as well as industrial ingenuity.
  • Eastern Atria consists of the land surrounding the Gulf of Sidia, formerly the nation Sidia. The jewel of Eastern Atria is the grand port city Gildas, its position making it key for shipping goods and people all throughout the empire.
  • Southern Atria is the main agricultural source of Atria, as well as being home to the Lautela Wetlands, the Fragmented Coast, and various islands. These lands were the first to fall under Atrian rule once they began their expansion.
  • Northern Atria borders the Mistlands, its high-but-not-quite-lethal concentrations of ethernano making it a favorite place for ambitious wizards to conduct their research. The natives of these lands have been altered from living so close to the Mistlands for so long, having grown things like horns and fur, or skin made of stone, and were initially thought to be demons. The current theory posits that their affinities have been kicked into overdrive, and their magic has permeated every part of their body, changing it forever. They are considered wizards and can store far more ether than most, but they struggle to shape it beyond their physical alterations, which are indeed magical in nature. These people are referred to as the "Touched". Small communities of touched are scattered throughout the area, but many congregate in Gloombridge, hoping the research-obsessed wizards that fill the city can make them normal.

Well-Known Factions:

Atrian Empire: Royals and prominent figures who serve the government. While loved by most, there are many in Atria�s acquired territories who resent them, despite the benefits being a member of the empire brings.
Emperor Arvis Atria: Current Emperor of Atria. He seems to have abandoned his predecessors� quest to conquer Valbestia and any other non-atrian lands, and has instead turned his focus toward researching the Mistlands. To this end, Wizards and magitech industries have seen much coin during his rule, and he played a major role in changing the people�s perception on guild wizards, many now being treated as celebrities.

Ennis Atria: Only daughter of the Emperor. Kind and soft-spoken, she is beloved by the people. Unfortunately, the likelihood of her ever ascending to the throne is low, as she is so frail and sickly that she can�t even walk on her own. Regular magical treatment can improve her condition, but she always relapses. As the sole child of Emperor Arvis, who has lost his queen, the people of Atria are greatly concerned.

Cignus Fair: Head of the Royal Guard and commonly referred to as the strongest man in the world. Any who would threaten the royal family of Atria are met with a giant clad in armor made entirely out of antimagic stone, and wielding a great axe of the same material. Antimagic stone is dense and so heavy that turning it into full armor is more likely to crush the wearer than protect them, yet here we are. There is a popular legend claiming that he once split a mountain in two.

Rune Knights: Military force of the Magic Council, divided into wizards with broad knowledge of magic and warriors armed with antimagic equipment. While once seen by the populace as noble heroes far above any guild wizard, Milla�s brutal methods have made many question this view.
Milla Cavan: Commander of the Rune Knights and member of the Wizard Saints. While the Magic Council had their eye on her since she was a child, the young knight only achieved worldwide renown after leading the Drachen Purge, the assault that finally destroyed the largest dark guild in history, Drachen Scale. She uses her ether displacement magic to dispel attacks and drain foes of their ether, which she then uses to fuel her body enhancement magic for devastating blows.

Winnifred Tulles: Second in command of the Rune Knights and partner to Milla Cavan. While not quite the prodigy her partner is, she has nonetheless earned much respect and admiration for working her way up to her position despite having naturally low ether reserves and showing little initial talent. She uses her lacrima formation magic to create a variety both spell and energy lacrima to embed into her massive, self-made gauntlets, allowing her to use many types of magic at once.

Phoenix Nest: A new guild in Atria, its founding by Myeloch has placed many eyes on it, particularly those of the Magic Council.
Myeloch Latare: Born nearly a century ago, Myeloch quickly achieved fame in the magical community for both his incredible power and his tireless research. The discovery of the four pillars of magic is credited to him. His healing prowess has saved countless lives deemed beyond hope by experts, and his incredible barriers have even held back invading armies. This, along with mastery of myriad magics beyond his affinity lead to an easy induction into the illustrious Wizard Saints. The details of what happened next are unknown, but he disappeared after being accused of practicing forbidden magic. Even so, many still revered him for everything he had done before then. Now, a decade since the incident, he has suddenly reappeared to create the Phoenix Nest guild.

Lina Latare: Self-proclaimed daughter of Myeloch Latare and one of the few people with him when he reappeared. Little is known about her except that she seems like a cheerful girl. She has quickly grown on the people of Shessalie, but as much as they�ve seen her running around town, nobody knows what kind of magic she uses yet.

Boriel Pelara: An enigma, and another of those with Myeloch upon his reappearance. All that is known of him is that he creates weapons, armor, and even extra limbs from shadow.

Sarah Burgess: Eldest daughter of Calvin Burgess of the Burgess and Sons Mining Company. She has basic plant manipulation magic, but otherwise has done nothing of note. She seems to be funding the new guild.

Gryphon Gale: Current strongest guild in Atria, based in the capital. The guild�s motto is �For those who seek strength above all else�, and all its members were put to the test by the master before being allowed to join.
Egan Lynch: S-class mage of Gryphon Gale. While his looks have earned him many fans, he is mostly known for the explosive fire magic he wields, and his striking figure when wearing his armor made of flame that protects him from his own explosions. He was easily the leading figure in last year's grand magic games.

Simon Jules: Up and coming newbie in Gryphon Gale who Egan seems to have taken a liking to. One of the few practitioners of Celestial Spirit magic.

Silver Chimera: A guild in Northern Atria comprised mostly of touched, intelligent magical beasts, and a small number of Valbestians. They are known for their ferocity, but see little respect beyond their territory as most only see them as monsters.
Tiran Enabosk: The loud and belligerent face of Silver Chimera, he is a Valbestian warrior bonded to a tiger made of lightning. Despite always making it far in the grand magic games, the viewers are always eager to see him lose, treating him like a villain.


  • All site rules apply.
  • I�m always open to suggestions, but as GM I have the final say in everything.
  • Be nice and respectful. If there�s a problem, come to me about it.
  • This RP is rated T, meaning no explicit sex or gore allowed.
  • No godmodding or bunnying without permission.
  • Please keep me updated as far as your activity if you�re involved in the main story.
  • The people of this universe are far sturdier than real people, so please act accordingly. Think of any typical shounen or action show to get an idea of it.

Laws of the Magic Council:
(You can break these if you want, but know that the council will take action)

  • Magic shall not be used to break any of Atria�s existing laws, including but not limited to the laws against murder, theft, assault, terrorism, and violations of human rights
  • Magic shall not be used to create sapient beings
  • Magic shall not be used to tamper directly with life and death
  • None shall challenge the word of the council outside of a legal trial

Sign-Up Sheet:

I won't be taking reservations due to the small number of players I plan to accept. On Saturday, August 4th I'll choose from what's been posted, so do your best everyone!



Race: (Wizard, Touched, or Valbestian. As always, come to me first if you have other ideas. Additional info on the races below.)
Called Atrian wizard by some, this is the most common type of magic user, which is why many use the term wizard to refer to magic users as a whole. They are the most versatile of the magic users, being able to learn magic beyond their affinity. For instance, a wizard with an affinity for fire magic might learn a bit of similarly heat-based lightning magic to give them an advantage against aquatic foes. However, the further one goes from their affinity the harder it becomes to cast a spell, so many wizards just stick to their affinity anyway. Their appearance is indistinguishable from a normal human's.

The magic users of Valbestia all use the same magic, and seem completely incapable of using any other for reasons yet undiscovered. This magic allows them to bond with a magical beast, sharing their power with each other. In this way, the Valbestians themselves are able to use any and all magic that their beast can use. Once bonded, the Valbestian and their beast can distribute their ether freely between each other, and their minds become linked to the point that they can feel what each other feels and thinks even when they�re apart. To lose one�s beast is to lose a part of oneself. Physically, most look like normal humans, but depending on their beast�s magic that can change.

Some Valbestians focus on fueling their bonded beast with their own power, granting the beast far greater strength than it could achieve alone. Others fight alongside their beasts, dividing their power evenly between themselves. A few take the beast�s power for themselves, fighting on while keeping their beast out of harm�s way.

Most Valbestians seek out a beast to bond with from a young age, and those who never find one are treated as outcasts. When asked why they chose their particular beast, most Valbestians say that "it just felt right."

Despite the current peace between the nations, their bloody history means that tensions remain high between Valbestians and Atrians, something that any Valbestians who decide to move to Atria should be aware of.


Mutants of Atria's Northern border transformed by the chaotic magics of the Mistlands from being too close for too long. They come in all shapes and sizes, their appearance reflecting their magical affinity. For instance, someone with an aquatic affinity might find themselves gaining gills, fins, or scales. Or if they're unlucky, parts of them might just become made of water. These mutations are magical in nature, and are thus quite good at conducting magics of their affinity.

No touched has learned magic outside their affinity thus far, and many even struggle to do complex magic within their affinity. On the bright side, the touched can hold far more ether than any other magic user. While they might not be able to use it for as much as a standard wizard, they have little to fear of running out. They can also use their magical mutations with little effort, such as breathing fire or flying.

While not as antagonized as the Valbestians, many still look at the touched as freaks and keep their distance.



Appearance: (Players will have the guild�s mark placed on their body upon joining. Please include what color you want this to be and where you�d like it to go.)

Magic: (What kinds of magic does your character use, and how do they use them? Please keep your character�s race, the four pillars of magic, and the Magic Council�s rules in mind when filling out this section. You'll be hard pressed to get me to allow game-breaking or lore-defying magic, like time magic or FT's iconic dragonslayer magic)

Summary: (Who is your character? How and why have they come to join Phoenix Nest? You can keep this section vague if you�d like to keep secrets from the other players, but as GM I�ll need to know the full picture)


Geras as Lina Latare
Rose Quartz as Faye Aubrey
gimmepie as Primilla Bellamy
Kitty as Blanche Laille
Sephear as Patileer and Rowan Hoskel
Turnip as Duke Ith'drell
DLMuerte as Ephraim Thorne
Godzil as Elidyr Bach


I'll put something cool here eventually.

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Faye Aubrey

Female | 19 | Wizard/Touched

Darkness maker/controlling magic


Faye is young astonishing woman that is... incredibly flat. Standing about 5'6 tall she does look like a woman her age thanks to the youthful yet adulthood look her messy silver locks and girly eyelashes give her. Hid within those messy locks on top of her head are a pair of hard white horns that she inherited from her mother who came from the mistlands. She's very careful to not show those as she's very aware of her position within Atria. She has no right no complain about the way society views their human standards, at least, that's what's she has always been told.

Her outfit consist of somehow basic brown skirt and somewhat complex jacket that's easy for her to move in. She doesn't do much about her appearance and only cares for clothing that gives her some mobility with a preference to clothing that compliment her Yellow-Green eyes. The only reason she wears her turquoise colored scarf scarf and somewhat fashionable outfit she is wearing now, is because an old friend forced it on her because it looked better than the baggy shirts and shorts she was always wearing.

The daggers she is holding contain two wind element lacrima stones. She uses these daggers most commonly to make it seem like she knows different magic other than her current one. The guild mark is on her right thigh and is white colored.


Faye is probably not the best wizard around as her magic greatly depends on her emotional status which she has an incapability in controlling. Faye is able to cover her body parts in shadow to reduce damage or completely defend against damage. She's only able to do this for small parts at this moment which is usually one arm or one leg.

Faye's magic is mostly based on creating and controlling the darkness she creates. If she gets close enough to her foe she may even control his or her shadow when touched. That is the whole initial idea she had in mind, this proves rather difficult in reality because she's emphatically a failure.

Due to her inability to control her darkness magic well enough, she also learned to fight with all kinds of weapons from her father. She learned using them from a young age but she prefers fighting with two daggers because she feels like she's faster with those two. The daggers she's holding are equipped with two Lacrima stones to deceive her friends and the people around her by making it seem like she knows wind magic as well. She knows that her inherited horns lead back to the touched and that touched beings are not well received within the Atria society.


20 years ago there was a young Atrian wizard that fell in love with a woman with silky silver hair. She had visible white, hard horns sticking out of her head that matched well with her hair colour and gray fur going down her spine. She had nails that could easily be seen as monstrous claws but not to the Atrian wizard. All he saw was beauty, which was a word that described her well. They moved together to a small town called Lautela where the wizard became a seller of Lacrima stones and the Touched woman helped him in his store. They got married and a year later, they had a little baby girl they named Faye, meaning confidence, trust and belief.

At first, Faye seemed to be a normal human child except for the shimmering, white horns that she had inherited from her mother. Both parents had shown her love and compassion and there was never a moment that Faye felt out of place even though her appearance was slightly different from the other children. That happy family picture was soon to be destroyed. Faye's mother disappeared from sight when Faye was only 5. Her father often thinks that his beloved couldn't take the harsh opinions of the other villagers anymore and that she went back to her hometown. Out utter fear of his daughter leaving him as well, the wizard decided to not tell Faye the name of her mother's home village.

Faye grew up missing her completed family and sometimes longed for her long lost mother. Her father tried to raise her the best he could with all the love in the world but even so, she developed an incapability for emotions. She didn't understand them and was not able to express them well because of that. In return she often misunderstood her father's kind intentions like training with weapons and developing her affinity. The cold look on Faye's face often made the wizard upset. He was never able to tell what his daughter had on her mind.

Faye never understood why her father tried to hid her horns so much until she went to the beach with a newly gained friend at an age of 9. The water caused her white horns to be visible. Trembling in fear her new friend ran away. Only leaving the words "You're the freak everyone has been talking about! Get away from me!" behind. Faye went home with a devastated look on her face. Walking back towards the village she noticed for the first time how distant everyone was behaving towards her. She felt out of place, like she didn't belong here even though she was born in this village.

Faye was even more quiet for weeks. Her father became aware of this difference in his daughter's behaviour even though it was just slightly. Before this escalated like it did with his beloved, he decided to move with his daughter to an area where no one knew them. Faye was actually glad they were going to a new place and helped her dear father pack the necessary things. Upon watching her pack another box, her father noticed she seemed more merry and less quiet. The wizard finally started to understand the looks on his daughters face.

Faye and her father moved to the capital of Atria where her father reopened his shop with the new name "Limerence". The word itself means "a state of being infatuated with another person" which was a word that meant a lot to the wizard as he still loved his wife more than anything but also loved his daughter very much. They both started a new life there but this time, Faye chose to hide her horns on her own by keeping her hair somewhat messy. It was still fairly hard for her to make friends due to the cold and quiet aura she always gave off but friends finally stayed longer than just a few days. She had one particular friend that she could get along very well with but she was often busy and they couldn't hang out much.

As Faye grew older over time, Faye started being content with being alone and started training to fight without the help of her father. She was often found in the woods where she could practise with her darkness magic without bothering others. In reality she just didn't want others to see her struggle with it so much. Faye never understood why she couldn't control her magic but little did she know that her emotions where all over the place and that her magic was connected with those. Even though Faye thought she was content with being alone, she felt lonely most of the time. Faye wanted to be liked but also didn't want others to find out about her touched side. She hated her touched side but also didn't want to hate it for her father's sake. Faye wanted to see her mother but couldn't help but feel resentment towards her. So many emotions that Faye couldn't keep track of or tried to suppress.

On Faye's 19th birthday, she wandered about in the city when a cute girl cheerfully gave her a flyer of a new guild that was apparently being created in a town she had never heard of. Faye had also never heard of the name Myeloch Latare. Even though the girl was really cute, Faye had little to no interest in joining the guild.

When she came home however, her father saw the flyer and spoke big words of Myeloch Latare. He was suspected of using forbidden magic and had gone missing but he has reappeared now. As her father kept rambling on about the apparently famous wizard, Faye grew more interested. Mostly because it looked like her father would be immensely happy if she joined this guild called "Phoenix Nest". Faye decided it might be good to try something new and was all about making her old man proud.

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I decided I didn't like him very much, so I changed him

Percy Mcdowell

Age: 18

Race: WIzard

sex: Male
Just imagine that his clothes are like I describe, and has a bow and a quiver strung on his back. and the sword in his side.

Appearance: He has short sandy-blonde hair, and brown eyes. He is 6'0. He has a more muscular build. He wears a brown cloak and under that he has a thick vest, thin sleeves, brownish pants and boots. His guild mark will go on his left hand. the guild mark is the color of a Phoenix red and yellow. He also has a sword that he uses for close combat.

Magic: Cloaking magic. Does anything else even need to be said? he can turn himself and objects around him invisible, but also can make his footprints not appear on the ground or in mud, when usually these things would be debilitating. While this power may be overpowered there are limits. For himself while you can't see his foot prints, you can hear him, and given how large he is, this could be bad for him. Likewise, a normal human being cannot smell him, although something with a more developed sense of smell could. With things like his arrows, eventually the cloaking will wear out. When he becomes stronger he will be able to notice things that are invisible easier than someone who cannot can.(for example if there was another invisible man his hearing is good enough to notice this person quicker than most others.)

Summary: While he has a gentle personality he also has that strong aura to him. Humor is one of those thong that he is weak against. Even a small joke basically sends him on his journey of five more years of life,.
He lived with his father and mother, in a small town on the gulf of sidia. The village was small and relatively unprotected so to protect his family he became a ranger, and, given his magic this fit him well. So during his entire childhood he shot a bow for ten hours a day, with rest breaks every two hours. However, his parents knew that eventually he might need to fight close to an enemy, so they had a sword tutor from Atria train him. He never became as good with a sword as with a bow, or even magic, but he could hold his own in a fight.

While his shooting is terrific, his Magic is neutral. The best he can cast on his arrows is invisibility granted, that is his magic. However he can make himself disappear and other objects as well.

When he became 18 years old his parents sent him on his way to Atr?a after the town leaders requested a small group of soldiers to protect them. two weeks later the attachment arrived, and seeing as his protection was no longer needed, they had him go to explore the world as he had always dreamed as a child. The path there from his home town was long and hard. there was plenty of walking involved. several times he had to fight of monsters. When he reached Atria he joined the guild Pheonix Nest for two reasons, number one he loved pheonixes, and two, no other guild would take him, the way he dressed he looked like a theif, and when he told them about his magic they immediately told him no, because he was probably a theif.


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Will have an SU up soon.


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Primilla Bellamy

Age: 17
Race: Valbestian/Touched
Sex: Female

Apperance: Primilla is small in just about every way. Standing at 5'2" and having a slight build and with a round head, large eyes with long lashes and long, straight pastel blue hair, Primilla's visage is the opposite of imposing tending much more to the cutesy side of things. This situation isn't helped at all in the slightest by the rosy glow that permanently adorns her cheeks or her perpetually wide and bright smile. That being said, first impressions can be deceiving and paying attention would make it apparent that despite her size, Primilla is highly athletic.

Taking pride in her appearance, Primilla is careful to dress in a way that suits her, preferring to only wear clothes in shades of white and blue that compliment nicely with her hair. She tends to be more well dressed, favouring button-up shirts, and mid length skirts or dresses to more practical attire. That being said, she's not totally devoid of sense and chooses boots for her footwear. Primilla is fond of feminine designs and is always seen with pale white and blue flowers displayed in her hair. After joining Phoenix Nest, Primilla sports the guild's mark in blue on her left shoulder.

Magic: Primilla's magic is by all counts, extremely limited. Seemingly, her only ability is to shift her form into that of a small bluebird. It is only after that she takes this somehow even less intimidating form that she gains access to the full extent of her magical ability... which is also not that impressive really. As her bird form, Primilla gains access to a degree of wind magic. However, its use isn't particularly varied primarily being used to enhance the speed of her flight and to apply a cutting affect to targets she flies past. The limits to Primilla's magical ability in combination with her personality are as such that in combat situations, she prefers to take the more uh... direct approach and instead simply uses her bird form to compliment her use of martial arts.

Summary: Primilla was born in the far north of Valbestia to a small, traditional tribe known for their tendency to partner with birds. It was a simple life but a happy one for Primilla, she was excited to bond with a beast of her own and complete her initiation rights in the tribe, but content to spend her days playing with the other children for the most part too. This idealistic lifestyle came crashing down at the age of seven however, when she decided to chase after a bird she felt inexplicably drawn to. Leaving the safety of where a group of the tribe's adults were watching her and several others, she ran after the bird as it flitted further and further north. She soon found it perched in a misty portion of Valbestia, right where her home ended and became part of the Mistlands. She reached out to touch the bird, knowing deep down that this would be her partnered beast, but under the influence of the Mistalnds' ether the inexplicable happened. she felt a pulling and tearing sensation, the next thing she knew she felt the bird being pulled withing her, the strange powers of the Mistlands combining them into a single entity.

Upon revealing this miraculous happening to her tribe, things changed immediately for the young Primilla. She was shunned and scorned by elders and peers alike and the decision to exile Primilla, who they deemed to be a nefarious being in Valbestian disguise, was made quickly. She was forced out of not just her tribe but out of Valbestia and made to "return" to the Mistlands, where they believed she must have originated from. She spent almost a week wandering the Mistlands, no idea where to go, struggling to find food or water and terrified of what else the ether mist might do to her. Thankfully, luck was on her side and she came across an Atrian research expedition en route back to Atria. The group rescued her and brought them back. One of the researchers had a brother who was unable to have children and was looking to adopt anyway, so he passed Primilla into the wealthy man's care.

Primilla fit into her new family dynamic well. It soon became clear that she was energetic, precocious and stubborn and that made her new family's formerly quiet home much more lively. On top of that, Primilla was introduced to a whole new world in the Atrian capital where culture and technology had progressed so much further than her homeland. She got engrossed in the trends, fashions and was extremely appreciative of the lifestyle she now had having come from her humble-turned-tragic beginnings. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though, Primilla was never able to really hide where she came from or her unusual magic and nor did she have any desire to. In such high class circles, this was bound to bring trouble.

Primilla's earnest and friendly demeanour made it easy to make friendships, but they never lasted long. Children were generally not bothered by her history, they tended to love the turning into a bird trick, but parents were another story and relationships were quickly poisoned. Primilla went through a rotating door of friends, and while a few didn't turn to animosity, her environment never let her get closer to people than as an acquaintance and many simply carried on the shunning or aggression her tribe had started. Worried for her safety, her parents enrolled Primilla under martial arts instructors, never expecting her to take to it as well as she did... which was very well.

As it turned out, Primilla has quite the knack for hitting things and is a lot stronger than she appears. She picked things up quickly and what started as self-defence training quickly turned into her biggest hobby. Over the years she went through several teachers until it got to the point that it had become exceedingly difficult to find one that could actually teach her something she didn't already know... hell she was better than a lot of her former teachers at that point. For a brief time it seemed like she'd hit the end of the road, but she had her epiphany while watching the previous Grand Magic Games. She could gain recognition and fame in the Games with her skill and finally shake off the influence of her past.

Primilla looked into a few guilds, was barred from several outright and eventually decided on joining Phoenix Nest. It was perfect for her - lead by an exciting outcast former saint, all about second chances and the flyers were being handed out by the cutest girl. Perfect.



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I'm happy to see this has already drummed up a bit of attention!

I don't really have an age gap in mind. As long as you can give me a good reason as to why your character is joining a brand new guild, they can be anything from a little kid to a grizzled old man. Though by the looks of it, most people are going for late-teens, not that that's a problem.

As for magic, it's also just anything within reason. The pillars are more like modifiers that affect the magic you cast, with affinity being the type of magic you're best at. By within reason, I mostly mean don't go too overboard with its power, and to remember that this world has laws too, so the authorities might be wary of something like mind control magic.

If you're having trouble coming up with something, you can check out the Fairy Tail wiki here. Some of these might not quite work in the world of Atria, but this should be enough to give you some ideas.

I've gotten several questions about race from you and others, so I figured I should elaborate a little. I'll also add this stuff to the OP.

Called Atrian wizard by some, this is the most common type of magic user, which is why many use the term wizard to refer to magic users as a whole. They are the most versatile of the magic users, being able to learn magic beyond their affinity. For instance, a wizard with an affinity for fire magic might learn a bit of similarly heat-based lightning magic to give them an advantage against aquatic foes. However, the further one goes from their affinity the harder it becomes to cast a spell, so many wizards just stick to their affinity anyway. Their appearance is indistinguishable from a normal human's.

The magic users of Valbestia all use the same magic, and seem completely incapable of using any other for reasons yet undiscovered. This magic allows them to bond with a magical beast, sharing their power with each other. In this way, the Valbestians themselves are able to use any and all magic that their beast can use. Once bonded, the Valbestian and their beast can distribute their ether freely between each other, and their minds become linked to the point that they can feel what each other feels and thinks even when theyre apart. To lose ones beast is to lose a part of oneself. Physically, most look like normal humans, but depending on their beasts magic that can change.

Some Valbestians focus on fueling their bonded beast with their own power, granting the beast far greater strength than it could achieve alone. Others fight alongside their beasts, dividing their power evenly between themselves. A few take the beasts power for themselves, fighting on while keeping their beast out of harms way.

Most Valbestians seek out a beast to bond with from a young age, and those who never find one are treated as outcasts. When asked why they chose their particular beast, most Valbestians say that "it just felt right."

Despite the current peace between the nations, their bloody history means that tensions remain high between Valbestians and Atrians, something that any Valbestians who decide to move to Atria should be aware of.


Mutants of Atria's Northern border transformed by the chaotic magics of the Mistlands from being too close for too long. They come in all shapes and sizes, their appearance reflecting their magical affinity. For instance, someone with an aquatic affinity might find themselves gaining gills, fins, or scales. Or if they're unlucky, parts of them might just become made of water. These mutations are magical in nature, and are thus quite good at conducting magics of their affinity.

No touched has learned magic outside their affinity thus far, and many even struggle to do complex magic within their affinity. On the bright side, the touched can hold far more ether than any other magic user. While they might not be able to use it for as much as a standard wizard, they have little to fear of running out. They can also use their magical mutations with little effort, such as breathing fire or flying.

While not as antagonized as the Valbestians, many still look at the touched as freaks and keep their distance.

I'll put something cool here eventually.


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Blanche Laille
Female | 20 | Wizard
Appearance - Image Reference

Blanche stands at a height of five feet and eight inches (five feet and six inches without her heels). To go with her naturally tan skin, she has thick, very light cream colored hair to the point where it looks white, flowing down to her waist, the sides styled in loose loops. She also accentuates her face with makeup, usually going for the orange and white tones that would compliment her blue eyes.

Her general attire consists of a short but intricate one piece light blue dress topped with a brown jacket with complex pink flower embroidery and golden trimmings. Upon joining the Phoenix Nest guild, she requested a golden version (or the closest gold version) of the guild mark on her right side chest, just below the collarbone and above the breast. She likes to pair these two up with white heeled boots so that she would look taller than she normally is.

As for her stature, shes always sure to make her posture straight, body clean, and manners up, being at the very least polite to everyone when interacting. She also tries not do anything that would be considered disgusting like acting like a savage, or a Valbestian. Even whenever she would feel unsightly emotions like anger or sadness, she would hide this in front of the crowd until when shes alone. This gives her the appearance of a higher class citizen, something that Blanche always wants everyone to see her as.

Wouldnt want to have people see her as a freak, right?

Image Credits - Design by Yeorre and Art by Minnoux
Design is currently owned by me (Churarara / Kitty), please do not steal.

Magic - Gem Make

Blanches maker magic is special. She is able to create and manipulate gemstones to her liking, be it as weaponry, shapes, or simple lifeforms like birds and the like. The ability and effect of her magic depends on the gem and its descriptions (for example, Diamond make would be the hardest form to break, while a weaker gem such as Antarcticite - Antarcticite make may be more brittle, but also easier to manipulate as a liquid than a solid), as well as her own capability and imagination on using these traits to their maximum potential.

Gem Make highly depends on the users mind to properly create what they would want to see and how they would want the gem to affect the world. This wouldnt necessarily require intense amount of concentration, however it would be easier for the caster to do magic with it in play. It is also possible to make complex creations with the right state of mind and sufficient ether. As a Gem Make user grows in their skill, they gain more knowledge of gems to have an arsenal of varying attacks and/or defenses.

Blanches own mastery of Gem Make is still in its beginning stages. As of joining the Phoenix Guild, she can summon and manipulate five kinds of gems, each with varying tolls on her person.

The first gem she learned to summon was Talc, a clay mineral at one hardness that is commonly used in baby powder. This is the easiest gem and can summon and manipulate, and while its not as harmful as it seems, it makes for a quick getaway option. The second gem was Quartz, with a maximum potential of seven hardness. As it was easy to summon and does main, Blanche uses it as her go-to gem in most scenarios, summoning an array of Quartz gems for long periods of time.

The three other gems she can manipulate are relatively special ones that take more toll on her the longer she uses it. These are Cinnabar, Magnetite, and Rutile. Each come with their own special properties that she has just recently discovered. These are Blanches situational gems, only summoning when she feels that Quartz gems arent sufficient enough for the battle.

Pillars Rating
Body - 7/10
Mind - 9/10
Spirit - 4/10


Born under a minor noble (now transitioned to be just a relatively wealthy family under the annex of the Atrian Empire) and a lovely wizard, Blanches childhood was a mixture of different cultures- one where she lived an upperclass lifestyle, and one where she got down and dirty with the magical side. Blanches magical lineage is as interesting as her fathers lineage is rich. She was born into a family of gold claimers and Gem Make wizards, each ability a child would have alternating between the two per generation.

She was often seen in her mothers workshop, where she watched her mother work and even help out to create lovely jewelry that were sold for high prices. Her mother worked the gold, while she created small baubles of gems to fit on. When she isnt doing that however, she can be seen inside being tutored on being a proper lady. Sadly, this does include certain biases towards wizards and certain... implications... towards other beings that arent humans.

Her education shaped her opinion of Valbestians and Touched so much that she wouldnt dare think of themselves as equal beings. This mentality strained some previous relationships, but it helped her stay in her upper circle of friends and acquaintances who were also taught the same way in her childhood. While she doesnt make opportunities to insult them whenever she sees one, she does look at them with disdain and not care for them as much whenever they get hurt.

While Blanche is nice in general, she does keep her own fair share of secrets. Not much of her history is known about her save for things she does decide to share to the world, like her need to improve her magical abilities and on a lighter note, her fondness for gold. So when she arrived in the doors of the Phoenix Nest guild and asked to join, people automatically went to what they know: magical improvement.

And in a way, they arent wrong.


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Patileer and Rowan Hoskel

"Listen my friend and I will tell you why
You've never heard of a kingdom in the sky
Once there was a bountiful land floating on a sea of clouds
Its people were happy, its rulers beloved
'til the country fell under a dark shroud
The destructive jealousy of a brother, far too proud
Upon his own family, this despot waged a brutal war
'fore all else was told this land was no more
And even as this story leaves my lips
from your mind my precious tale slips
your memory clear as the sky where that land did soar
All becomes just as it was before"

Age: 14 and 22, respectively.

Race: Wizard

Sex: Male

Appearance: Standing at only an even 60 inches, with a cute, boyish face and round cheeks, Patileer is rather unassuming even for a boy of his tender age. His soft skin is fair, and his azure hair frames his face well as it falls from his scalp, going all the way down to his shoulder blades in the back. His wide, expressive eyes hold larger-than-average irises which usually rest at a bright green, but can be unconsciously shifted by his magic to change colors according to his emotional state almost like mood stones.. A Roman nose sits a few inches above thin lips and an angular, but slightly rounded chin to finish off Patileer's face. The rest of his body is average size for a boy his age, and as soft as one might expect of a young teenager, though it does have a bit more muscle than an average fourteen-year-old thanks to all the work he's done.

Rowan essentially looks like an older, more developed and sculpted version of his younger brother. When he was Pats age they would have been nearly identical aside from Rowans...wellRowan colored hair - one look at his red head and its not very hard to guess how he got his name - add some years, lots of exercises, working out, add 14 inches of height and a scar or two and youve got the senior Hoskel sibling.

Both siblings dress nearly identically. Pats usual attire consists of a dark blue tunic, orangish tan pants, and dark red traveling boots. All generally underneath an oversized earthy brown cloak he took from his big brother, lovingly maintained over the years with care and a few slightly clumsy patches. The only key differences are Rowans dark red tunic, dark blue boots and his lack of a cloak. Rowan's Phoenix Nest mark is on the back of his right hand and Pat's is on the back of his left, both are the same shade of green as their eyes. Each brother also has a large unexplained mark that appears to be a rainbow-colored lion on the backs of their tunics, though Pat's is almost always covered by his cloak.

Magic: Emotion-make Magic: A very rare form of magic lost to the ages, and not even recorded in known history runs through Rowan and Patileer's blood. Emotion-make magic allows a wizard to shape the world around them based on their emotions, as well as to draw power from their feelings. Emotion-make magic scales in its power with the intensity of the emotions coursing through its users, but also comes with the downside of nearly always being in some sort of effect, and being as difficult to control as one's own feelings. As an example: if Patileer were to skip through a field of grass in utter joy, flowers could spring up unbidden at his feet. Or if he were to sit against a tree, crying in pure sorrow, the air around him could become cold, gloomy and clammy. As a consequence, the metaphysical aspects of his emotions can also spread around him, to the point where his feelings - if intense enough - can be actively felt by those around him, and even shift their own emotions in the same direction, more or less depending on how closely bonded said person is to the boy.

Patileer Roran both have an unbelievably strong sense of empathy, to the point where they can directly feel the emotions of others as if they were coming off of them in waves, from feeling blunt sensations of the broadest emotions of a stranger, to knowing exactly what a very close friend is feeling at a specific moment, short of the actual thoughts running through their head.

At greater degrees of mastery, Emotion-make magic can do things based not only on the user's emotions but also those around them, such as forcing an opponent to feel an intense fear or creating hallucinations based on their fear or anger. Patileer has much more raw power and synchronization with his magic than most wizards but very little control both from his, on the other hand,e and maturity, often being a slave to his emotions. Rowan, on the other hand, has genius level control and precision over his magic but is also weaker than Pat, naturally as well as from some numbed emotions and traumatic memories. If the boys were to be rated with the four pillars it would go something like:

Pat: 8/10. Pat has much more ether in his body than most Atrian wizards despite his young age and limited training and. With proper practice, his power can only grow.
Rowan: 7/10. Rowan is still more powerful than the average wizard, with plenty of ether and good physical fitness but his magical strength undeniably pales in comparison to his brother's.


Pat: 4/10. Pat has little in the way of proper battle training and isn't the most tactically-minded wizard at the best of times. He is by no means stupid but Mind is certainly his weakest pillar for now.
Rowan: 10/10. Rowan's quick thinking, deep understanding of his magic, grasp of tactics and years of consistent, increasingly intense training give him a genius-level control over his magic despite his relative youth.


Pat: 6/10 Pat has hopes and dreams but they are the simple, fragile aspirations of a child. He's a hard worker and has strong morals but simply lacks the maturity and experience to have found an iron will or proper ambitions yet.
Rowan: 9/10 What Pat lacks in clear goals and determination, Rowan has in spades. Once he decides what he wants almost nothing can dissuade him from getting it aside from his own morals, he's never given up on anything that was important to him.

Affinity: Emotion Maker Magic

Emotion-Make magic is powerful and versatile but also ingrained in the very beings of its users to the point where they have very little competence using any magic outside of its scope.

Summary: Rowan and Patileer were orphaned, cut off from their family and left to wander the outskirts of Atria where they were found by the wizard Boriel Pelara. They were battered, exhausted and hungry, but most of all they seemed traumatized by whatever they had been through. The man took pity on them, nursed them back to health and even ended up taking them under his wing. Though hed probably never say so himself, Boriel became the brothers adoptive father in all but title. When Boriel returned to the wizarding scene he brought Pat and Rowan with him just the same as Myeloch brought Lina.

Both of the brothers are very friendly and outgoing. Pat embraces every new person, place, and experience he can with a bottomless well of childlike enthusiasm...and really so does Rowan, he just manages to look cooler and more suave as he does it. They are also both shameless flirts. Rowan tries to sweet talk every girl he meets, always on the hunt for the missing princess of his heart or his queen. Pat does much the same but really hes just imitating his brother, he hasnt thought any further into it than that. Pat feels every emotion he experiences very intensely, often letting them flow freely through him and acting much more through his feelings than logic. Rowan is much more grounded and has a handle on his feelings and actions, though some feelings do break through the walls of maturity and make themselves known as powerfully as his little brothers.

Above all else, Pat and Rowan just want to live a happy life with their guild. They both always try their hardest to live in the present, either unwilling or unable to speak of the life they came from before meeting Boriel.

"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."



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Already some incredible SUs!

Unfortunately, I forgot to mention in the SU template that guild members can choose a color for their guild mark, so I'd appreciate it if the completed SUs could add that in. I'll put it in the template.

I'd also like to remind people that they're free to PM me if they have any questions or suggestions. I might not be able to get to it right away, but I'm happy to help.
I'll put something cool here eventually.


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Ill try making one soon~


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Name: Elidyr Bach

Age: 12

Race: Wizard

Gender: Male


Shown here interacting with the wyverns of the lower Mistlands.

Tall for his age, Elidyr stands at an even 5 foot tall, and is surprisingly muscular despite his slender frame, though he's embarrassed by this and tends to conceal it with loose clothing. His naturally bronze skin tone has been darkened by the copious amount of time he spends out in the sun, with ginger hair closer in color to orange and striking yellow eyes.

Whether it's a holdover from his athletic lifestyle or just a kid trying to look cool (though it's probably both), Elidyr's outfit prominently features wraps and athletic tape. He keeps his hands, legs, and even torso wrapped in white silk, accentuated by simple black shorts and shirts that are somehow both too big and too short at the same time. His footwear is thankfully more practical, being functional black hiking boots. Since joining the guild, he has the guild's mark tattooed in orange on his right bicep.


An example of Draco Soul magic.

Draco Soul: This magic allows Elidyr to take on traits of draconids such as wyverns, drakes, and serpents. Most commonly, this takes the form of generic draconic wings, claws, or a prehensile tail, but he once was able to breathe fire, just to see if he could, and it only gave him mild heartburn.

He possesses a good deal of ether in his body, but some transformations are more taxing than others, and cannot be held as long. His magic comes naturally, and he is quite adaptable with it, though he keeps his mind on his spells by reciting mantras and giving names to his abilities. It could be said that his spirit is the most fragile thing about him, as he's never had many aspirations of greatness or dreams for the future, and his limited interaction with other humans means he often doesn't know how to deal with new experiences.

Summary: Elidyr is a bit of a wild child, growing up in the wilderness and always on the move. He never knew his father, and his mother brought him along with her on her research expeditions ever since he was old enough to walk. She ventured into the Mistlands, studying the various draconid creatures that inhabit the area. To this end, she and her child had to keep moving, following the herds and avoiding the wild magic storms that occurred in the area.

Born with a natural curiosity, Elidyr's mother encouraged him to explore, experiment, and examine his surroundings. What she didn't expect or encourage was the child's love of conversation. With few other people to talk to, Elidyr often rambled on to his mother, asking questions about the world, telling stories of what he'd seen, or asking what she was doing and how he could help. As this distracted her from her work, she'd quickly lose patience with Elidyr and push the child away, to go off and find something else, anything else to do.

On one such occasion, he found himself encountering young draconids that, surprisingly, welcomed him to their flock. The adult, on the other hand, was less welcoming. Elidyr was six, and had no means of defending himself. Fortunately, his mother was nearby, and was able to use what magic she had to swoop in and save him. After that day, she began training Elidyr to use magic should anything similar ever happen again. It wasn't easy, but she was a scientist, and refused to let that stop her. Especially if she could integrate her child into a draconid flock to learn about them from up close...

It took her half a decade, but Elidyr's magic, once properly manifest and molded, was exactly what she needed for her research. And it made the kid happy, so there was that, too. Elidyr himself was awestruck by his magic and just happy to be spending time with his mother, oblivious to her ulterior motives. He was surprised when she apparently changed her mind and let Elidyr explore again, even encouraging him to seek out the wyverns again. He did eventually find a flock, and sure enough, the younglings welcomed him in, and his magic apparently fooled the adult into letting him stay, as there were no complications as long as he could keep up with the little ones. At his mother's suggestion, he spent less time with her and more with his new friends, so long as he checked in with her and shared anything he learned.

Things changed one day when Elidyr returned to his mother's campsite, only to find it hastily packed and her missing. He searched the area, but only found some basic supplies, a photo of his mother, and a burned note. The only legible words he could make out were "Myeloch Latare" and "Phoenix Nest". He saw only two options: return to the wyverns and live out his days alone in the Mistlands, or travel to civilization and look for answers.

His first day in a city was very confusing. It took a while to find anything, everyone wanted "jewels" in exchange for things, and no one would give him a straight answer about Myeloch or Phoenix Nest. After months of searching, moving from town to town, and taking what he needed to survive, he eventually found an energetic young girl handing out fliers. Though a little uncomfortable, he was glad she was so willing to answer his questions. In fact, she seemed just as fond of talking as Elidyr, and by the end of their conversation, he had not only found Phoenix Nest, but somehow become a member of it. To his dismay, no one knew anything about his mother, but his new friend promised they'd help him look, as long as he promised to help them with various favors.


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OOOOO EEEEEEEEE OH GOSH DANG DARN I for some reason decided to wait until I finished it to post the SU. Ah well. Never so much as seen an episode of Fairy Tail before (man jeez that show must suck they didn't even bother to spell the word tale correctly what the hecking heck???) but nonetheless, ya caught my eye! SU is below in the spoilery business.


Duke Ith'drell

Her full name is Ithdrymandrethreddirelldrell. The apostrophe is a real heavy lifter. Duke is something of a title that she arbitrarily gave herself after hearing it and thinking it sounded cool - it's her general go-to introductory name, mainly because people assume it's her first name, but people tend to switch to 'Drell' after getting to know her better.

25, though her appearance makes it hard to pin down.



Drell is, in short - and I mean 'in short' in only the figurative sense of the word, seeing as she stands just over 7 feet tall - a scaly, plate-wearing, greatsword-toting juggernaut who could probably scare the pants off of that cool uncle of yours who was totally in the military and everything.

As one of the Touched, Drell's appearance is far from that of a human. With clawed hands and feet, horns and frills in place of hair, a reptilian snout and maw and scales of warm, shimmering bronze covering her body, she would appear as something of a beast were it not for her wearing clothing and having a generally sapient demeanour. She is often mistaken for a lizardman of some kind, much to her immediate dismay, though it doesn't seem to wear on her mind; she tends to carry herself with an earnest sense of pride and adventurousness, with her head held high and eyes wide in wonder at the world around her.

More-or-less ever ready, when out and about Drell sports a backpack full of travelling supplies and a great two-handed blade in its sheath on a sling around her shoulder. She wears a modest but well-made set of plate mail, complete with boots, gauntlets and helmet in spite of her unusual proportions - evidently, made and fitted especially for her. Even when indoors (and sometimes even while sleeping) she only removes the gloves and helmet. Indeed, if the armour causes her any discomfort, she does not show it for so much as a second.

The guild's mark should probably end up on the underside of her left arm, in a colour as close to bronze as possible. Drell says that her mum told her she wasn't allowed to get any tattoos and she's kind of afraid that this might count, so best play it safe and make it inconspicuous if it has to be a permanent mark. Can't she just have a sticker to plop on her breastplate? Pretty please?

Affinity: Electricity! For the most part, at least. Drell wants to branch out real bad, but gosh it just seems so darn impossible. Final pillar first, because guidelines are for chumps.

Her Touched nature and affinity for electricity in magical form has manifested in a multitude of abilities:
  • Drell's form is just about incapable of being harmed by electricity, and she seems able to resist it at will. Her scales also act as fantastic conductors, and can store a charge quite admirably.
  • Electricity's relation to heat grants a significant measure of heat resistance.
  • Enhancing the power of her muscles when the need arises with electrical stimulation. Useful for heavy hitting, stronger jumping, or shock absorbtion.
  • Generating at will electrical charges of varying strength, the majority of which should be small, short range, or be channelled through a conductive conduit of some kind (most commonly her scales or a metal weapon). More powerful or long-range charges are ill-advised due to the difficulty in controlling them.
  • Using a fingertip like a torch to generate light. Or just going full-beans and making one's entire body glow like a lamp. Next to light, heat is also on the menu. Lighting small fires is pretty easy, as is acting like a huge, reptilian hot water bottle.
  • Transforming oneself and one's equipment into a bolt of lightning for a moment, allowing lightning-quick (heh heh) movement, making certain attacks completely useless against one's form of pure energy, and ultimately just being really cool because woah boy you just turned into lightning and flew right through that meanie face! Gets by some of the long-range problems, too, if you don't mind showing up at the end of your lightning attack's travel. Easy to control the lightning if you are the lightning! Kind of tiring. Lots of mass to convert into not-much-mass.
  • Covering oneself in electricity. A kind of half-assed version of transforming yourself into electricity, having similar offensive properties but being more of an attack deterrent than actually making you invulnerable and not really helping mobility. Still, it's a lot less tiring, and it still looks cool.
  • Drell is messing around with electromagnetism but there's not much progress.
  • One of the few creative ideas of hers that actually bore fruit: the electric fence! Drell can conjure a chained wall of electricity; generally difficult and hard to control, especially as the fence becomes larger, but technically possible. Usually, she makes it far easier on herself by nabbing some caltrops from her bag and scattering them about in order to use them as conduits for the electrical current. With the caltrops there for direction, she can funnel the electrical current between them into a wall of sorts, although it isn't really a physical wall and more sort of a scary obstacle of shocky-shocky.
  • Although indeed amplified by electrical impulses, even without them Drell is just scarily strong. With raw athleticism alone, thanks in part to the transformative energies of the Mistlands, a single swing of her great blade is sure to pack a mighty punch. Though of course, her physical ability isn't just sword-swinging; endurance and the like, yada yada. Doesn't skip leg day. Eats her veggies, drinks her milk. You get the idea.
Being Touched, Drell's ether reserves are capacious to the point where magic tends to be nigh-effortless. The Body pillar is not a problem for her by any stretch of the imagination, though she isn't exactly special in this regard by Touched standards.

Things get complicated when the Mind pillar is considered. Drell certainly isn't lacking in imagination - in fact, if anything she has too much imagination, as you might expect what with all the compulsive lying (that, er... hasn't been mentioned yet. See 'Summary'). The problem is that her imagination runs rampant - indeed, her lies are often outlandish and not particularly good ones - and so the more imaginative magic Drell thinks up tends to be completely out of the scope of possibility. As a result, her successes with magical creativity are few. To rank it out of ten, she is probably something like a 12 out of 10 that rolls back around to a 2, if that makes sense. In fact, probably something like a 52 that rolls back around to a 2 is more like it.

When Drell learned that muscles can be forcefully contracted with electricity, she figured she could use electricity magic on herself to put a little extra punch in her sword swings. But why stop with herself? Channel it through her weapon and into the opponent to give 'em a bit more of a shocking impact; even if the blade just clangs against shield or breastplate, boy are they gonna feel it. And then, by channelling the lightning into them further, she can turn them into lightning which would then be under her control, and then she can absorb them to steal their power, and then she can use the lightning which used to be a person to channel into someone else to make them two people (possibly three?) - but woah, doesn't turning people into lightning only to control and absorb them seem impossible? For her, yes, absolutely, it is. What a numpty.

Going too far with ideas to the point where they end up going nowhere is the reason that her magic tends to, for the most part, stay in the realms of simplicity. She tends to find success when clear mechanisms are put in front of her, and when she has enough time to get a grasp of herself and actually focus on what's plausible, and so her abilities tend to stick with enhancing what's already there. With existing mechanisms right there in plain view, it becomes easier to focus and keep her wandering mind under control enough to figure out reasonable and plausible techniques to perform with her magic - hence, contracting muscles and channelling electrical shocks through the blade: a-ok! Turning people into lightning and slurping them up like electro-noodles: not so much. A technique confined to dreamland, as cool (and tasty) as it sounds. She'll totally tell everyone that she can do it, though.

Being generally unflappable, Drell's performance under the Spirit pillar can be described as 'average but reliable'. No particularly great conviction drives her, but on the other hand her easy-going nature lends her a certain resistance to the messier side of emotional intensity. Rather than the raw strength of her magic, Drell tends to rely on its clever application. Or just the raw strength of the biceps swinging around her massive blade.

In spite of her insistence that her mother was a dragon and her father was a mighty bolt of lightning, the truth is that Ith'drell was, unsurprisingly, born and raised in Northern Atria. Being the daughter of a blacksmith and an enchanter led to her introduction to arms and armour at a young age. As the village in which she lived was situated quite near where paths converge for travellers from the nearest coast settlement and travellers from the central Atrian empire, her family's shop was fairly prosperous. With all the travelling customers looking to stock up on a range of weapons, armour, ammunition or supplies, Drell also received significant exposure to adventuring, guild work and wizardly research. The stories that would be told over the counter fuelled the young girl's imagination, which quickly proved itself to be something of an uncontrollable behemoth. Many long afternoons did she spend swinging a stick around outside, unleashing her irrepressible toddler fury upon thousands of hapless (but still fire-breathing) 'bibberns'. Drell's mother caught on to her child's enthusiasm; she told stories of her own mother, Ith'red, a powerful woman who once served as a renowned guild magician, a hero to all - and ample fuel for several months' worth of bed-time stories.

As an adolescent woman, over the few years in which Drell tried to get involved in the family business, it became fairly clear that her heart was in a different place. By all means, she was performing passably as a smith and was improving steadily, but the looks of longing whenever some adventurer, wizard, guild worker or some combination of the three would come and go from their shop soon became too much for her parents to bear. She has spent the past few years adventuring, seeing the world, surviving on her own terms and performing odd jobs for the populous - and not unsuccessfully, either. Unfortunately, 'not unsuccessfully' didn't seem quite adequate enough a reputation for Drell; she was and still is a terrible liar - both in the sense that she lies constantly and in the sense that her grandiose stories of ridiculous garbage aren't even in the slightest bit believable - and constantly tries to invent ludicrous tales of jeopardy and victory for the purpose of bigging herself up, failing miserably and tarnishing her image in the process. The idea that she should stop doesn't appear to have crossed her mind, though she often wonders why nobody seems to believe her when she mentions how handily she managed to defeat sixteen dragons in under a minute armed only with a small speck of dust, nor does the idea that perhaps her actual merits, that is the things that she actually has done might be admirable enough in their own right to afford a reasonable amount of positive recognition.

This has tended to be the flaw that has - for the most part, at least - kept Drell out of guild work thus far. She has been looking for guilds far and wide that will take her, and some have, but never for long. The places in which she found work were either unwilling to deal with her boisterous non-truths (or indeed a completely nonsensical Curriculum Vitae) or were simply too small-time to sate the young adventurer's ambitions. Her current focus, outside of a general thirst for adventure, is a rekindling of childhood memory. Her parents lost contact with her grandmother years ago, shortly after the old woman came to see Drell as a baby, but she must have retired somewhere in the Atrian empire; it's this thought that has continuously driven Ith'drell further South.

The self-appointed Duke's travels took her most recently to Atria proper, where reaction to her presence has been thoroughly mixed. It was in the aftermath of a completed errand - as she ignored her employer's cries of "No, you did not find and apprehend a thousand-strong army of bandits on your way to the bakery!" - that she became entranced by a flier posted on a nearby wall. The name Myeloch Latare stood out to her in a fashion she could barely remember, long-forgotten words that were part of stories she had heard as a child. A new guild? A village in the middle of nowhere? Second chances? Holy moly, all that was missing was the silver platter at the bottom! And so, we come to Drell today. Guild work should be pretty great, as long as this Myeloch fellow is as prestigious as the general populous makes him seem. And as a bonus, he may well know something about her good ol' gran-gran.

By means of summary-summary, Drell can be described as an excitable adventurer with a penchant for slightly... no, vastly exaggerating her own greatness, and perhaps the greatness of those who are unfortunate enough that she feels deserve the praise. As it turns out, she seems to be fairly earnest in most other senses besides a moderate deal of politeness and an appreciation for humour. Positive, playful, self-assured and generally unruffled, Ith'drell tends to be friendly and pretty easy to get along with - as long as her penchant for laughably outlandish yarn-spinning isn't immediately infuriating.

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ephraim thorne & the bart collection
19 & ??? / valbestian & beast / male & hive mind


Despite his odd partners, Ephraim remains a fairly normal and healthy looking young man. He has short, black, side swept hair resting over his fair complexion and oval face. Ephraim has thick eyebrows, sharp brown eyes, a slightly upturned nose, and a complete lack of facial hair or facial scarring. In fact, all he’s gained since his teenage years have been stronger cheekbones and a stronger jawline, but even those are subdued enough to give him a youthful look.

Ephraim is five foot eleven, which he describes as fantastic because it gives him convenient access to the top shelf when “arranging” his frivolous collection of Valbestian liquor. Ephraim certainly doesn’t have the musculature of a bodybuilder, but he definitely has a good deal of muscle on him; while he’s lean in the interest of speed and flexibility, he doesn’t look bad in the form-fitting clothing he tends to wear. In fact, his wardrobe as a whole is exemplary; not only is it varied and ready for any occasion, but all of Ephraim’s clothes fit to exact specifications. Typically, though, Ephraim dresses in a fairly casual and consistent manner, wearing comfortable shoes, dark jeans, a comfortable crew-neck and a comfortable jacket, along with an old necklace and a scarf.

He has his guild crest on the right side of his neck in black, even if it’s often covered by one of his many infinity scarves.


Ephraim’s beast is “formally” named Bartholomew, but this name is interchangeable with “the Bart collection” depending on whether he speaks on the horde of spiders that make up Bartholomew (the Bart collection), the hive mind itself (Bartholomew), or an individual spider (which is also a Bartholomew). While this all makes perfect sense to Ephraim, it is certainly cause for confusion with others, who expect a Valbestian to have a beast with a singular body. Unfortunately for them, Ephraim has a beast with tons of them.

All Bartholomews visibly look like tiny, black, jumping spiders, but are an abnormality in that their web-spinning capabilities are far more capable than most common spiders. They are all nearly identical and about one to two centimeters long each. While it’s hard for a bystander to tell Bartholomews apart from other spiders from looks alone, every Bart carries a small band of thick, red exoskeleton around their front right leg. Most Barts are essentially the same, but some have a few quirks, such as a missing leg, a limp, an unusual eye, et cetera. Barts can also come together to form Bigger Barts, which are exactly what they sound like-- bigger versions of the same spider. Insofar as both Ephraim and Bartholomew are aware, the change is almost entirely cosmetic: Bigger Barts pool the magic of individual Barts but can’t really use it as well. To Ephraim’s understanding, there is also a Complete Bartholomew-- which, as far as he and Bartholomew know, would just be all the Barts put together-- but it hasn’t been formed for decades, and neither the Barts nor Ephraim have any idea as to what it would look like given that Ephraim doesn’t have every Bartholomew with him and likely never will.

Barts shoot webs of different material depending on their diet, which changes the color of their webs constantly. That said, most Barts are consistent with their web thickness, and typically leave large cobwebs in which they sleep. As a result, Ephraim’s typically organized room is, to his inevitable chagrin, constantly infested by the mass of spiderwebs which lurk in corners and behind furniture.


Ephraim shares his magic with a hive mind of more tiny spiders than he could ever be wont to count. From his last guess, the beast he bonded with was made up of thousands of spiders with trace amounts of magical abilities, but it was incredibly difficult for him to be sure just how many that was. Despite this overwhelming amount, the bond that Ephraim and his hive mind share allow him to share the beast’s-- or beasts’?-- abilities in exchange for directing it and keeping its components alive.

As a Valbestian, Ephraim’s affinity is defined by the bond he has with the Bart collection, which is to say he is effectively only capable of using whatever magic Bartholomew can use. As far as spirit goes, Ephraim is emotionally stable [despite the liquor] and can keep his wits about him; his desire to adventure and make a beautiful tapestry someday propels him on to constantly achieve new heights and keep himself in check. That said, this passion can backfire as it causes him to lash out against those who put down his ambitions or his beast, and while he’ll stand for what he believes in, his inability to contain his disdain for others makes it something that he still needs to learn to control. Ephraim keeps up his training to keep getting faster and stronger, and on a physical fitness level, Ephraim is only continually getting better; that said, he has a fairly run of the mill amount of ether reserves in his body, and he already uses a good deal of it to adopt some extra strength and speed from his partner. This means that instead of using incredible, life-changing spells on his own, he looks for ways to cleverly use smaller doses of magic than continually make bigger spells when working without the Bart collection’s help. Despite this, Ephraim’s mind is surprisingly sharp, as he continues to use his magic in better ways and finds clever applications of the gifts his beast gives him. Furthermore, Ephraim’s constant studying of textiles and fabrics means that he has been able to achieve results not only with his beast, but with his livelihood.

body: 5/10
mind: 9/10
spirit: 7/10

Bartholomew is a bit more special in terms of magic. Firstly, each Bart has an affinity for Textile Magic, which is based upon using the webs they spin to create textiles and and gives them the ability to freely manipulate already existing ones; in essence, a user of Textile Magic could be called a textile-bender. That said, Barts are much better at manipulating textiles made by their own webs than clothing made from other fabrics. While they can pull in people with their clothes or tighten other fabrics and the like, their webs are high quality, mimic real textiles, and are much more familiar to the Barts [which have limited mental capabilities as it is], making it a better option to use their textiles instead. By collaborating, Barts have an incredible range of options, and can do anything from create clothes from the webs they use to manipulating scarves and blankets to defend themselves. Barts also have the slightly magical property of having their webs change physical properties depending on what they eat, but they only have limited amounts of this sort of web depending on their diet. Ephraim only found out how to manipulate this a while back, so the abilities of Barts to use this to their favor are limited in this regard. Barts typically give Ephraim the reins on what they do with their textile magic, whether its using the sleeves on his jacket to swing from a tree branch or creating a long scarf to pull someone back from their position, but it is unusual for Ephraim to be actually using the magic himself.

Furthermore, as the venomous creatures they are, each Bart is naturally capable of using somewhat corrosive Poison-based magic. The issue is that, for individual Barts, this magic is highly ineffective, given that most Barts can only use trace amounts of it; as a result, the Bart collection often gives Ephraim control over much of its poison magic, as it is pointless for a Bart to keep it and not easily usable by the whole anyway. Ephraim tends to use this magic to infuse the fibers within the textiles made by the Barts with poison (causing legitimate damage) but can also simply use a large concentration of it to surround his fists or a weapon with the poison as well. Despite the corrosive nature of the “poison” used, it does not maintain its corrosive properties with textiles made of Bartholomew’s webs given their mutual origin.

The hive mind-like properties of Bartholomew’s existence may be considered magical as well; but given that they likely exist as a result of the Mistland’s intervention, it’s unlikely that Bartholomew could ever establish any sort of additional magic around its hive mind without becoming complete first. Additionally, Barts outside of a mile radius of the horde do not cue into the hive mind and are, on this front, little more than regular spiders with some magic that they cannot comprehend how to use [although they will group up with other Barts if possible]. While there is, presumably, a central Bart that this radius revolves around, that Bart does not only remain unidentified but is also likely constantly changing between the horde Ephraim found. All that Ephraim knows is that if there is a central Bart, he likely managed to attain it when he found the main group of Barts during his move to Atria.

Bart’s four pillars beyond affinity are mixed. Bartholomew doesn’t exactly have one body, but tons of itty bitty bodies. With this in mind, however, it means that while each Bartholomew has a miniscule amount of magical ability by most standards, all Barts put together have a massive amount of magical reserves to tap into; it’s just a matter of Ephraim having all the Barts with him first. Bartholomew is, however, of an ironically poor mind; while it’s not stupid, it uses enough of its mind to collaborate and keep all the Barts on a similar wavelength, meaning that the rest of it is kind of dull and typically uses the same few defensive maneuvers and attacks when on its own. This doesn’t exclude the Bart collection from being intelligent or perceptive of other situations, but it is not used to fighting magically; the current Bart collective will likely never be quite at the level of most Atrian wizards in this pillar. Thusly, while the Bart collection remains a formidable opponent without Ephraim, it largely is due to its stamina and ether reserves, and not its nonexistent ability to mix up spells or deal with its opponent in any proper manner. That said, its spirit is certainly there and consistent; while Bartholomew doesn’t have many “proper” goals as it is largely a carefree beast when left alone, it is loyal to Ephraim and wishes to find as many of its bodies as possible. Plus, while Bartholomew goes through moments of dissonance and inner turmoil that naturally comes with being a hive mind, Bartholomew is typically fairly confident in its emotions. That said, Bart’s lack of goals or true ambitions means that while its spirit won’t cause it any problems, it currently certainly won’t be helped by it, either.

body: 1/10 [individual] :: 9/10 [collectively]
mind: 2/10
spirit: 5/10


When Ephraim first found his beast, he was loathe to believe it. Of course he knew it was true, because the feeling he got from looking at it was the same he’d always heard described to him-- a feeling that this was it. But he didn’t want that to be it. A tiny woodland spider wasn’t cool, and from the look it gave him, it didn’t find Ephraim cool either. Actually, as Ephraim toyed around with it with a stick, it didn’t seem to find anything interesting or particularly pertinent. It just seemed kind of lost, and Ephraim was quite reluctant to take it home.

Ephraim’s mother and father at the time wove tapestries, as their tribe always had. Their tribe was small, weak, not considered worth conquering and, despite sending a competitor every now and then, never considered a viable competitor for the throne. Instead, they were a more mercantile tribe; they often had traders take their high-quality textiles, clothing, and tapestries down to Gildas to be sold, and lived off of meager amounts of material wealth despite arguably remaining the “most fashionable” tribe in Valbestia. Furthermore, they were once known to stick to odd traditions no other Valbestian tribes had; that said, out of all the odd traditions they once had, the only one that still persists within each tribe member is a lifelong dedication to creating a tapestry detailing their individual lives. Despite this, Valbestian culture still permeated the area-- and strength was a great indicator of status, to the natural dismay of Ephraim’s mother (whose beast was essentially a house cat prone to growing small plants and little else), and eventually, his father as well. After the last Atrian annexation attempt, Ephraim was confused when his father returned to the four-year old without the large bear Ephraim used to fall asleep on, and while Ephraim was no stranger to learning his family’s friends had lost their beasts, it was something far different when he realized that his father had lost his. His father was forever changed and depressed, and hoped that Ephraim would find a large beast to bring pride to the family.

Instead he brought back a tiny spider. It was promising at first: the spider was capable of using trace amounts of poison, which was… promising, and, despite seeming incredibly stupid while doing so, managed to create a cobweb to stay in in the corner of Ephraim’s room. Otherwise, however, it was a complete dud. His father continually expressed doubts that evening that Ephraim had really found his beast, and had not instead thought he’d found one which had turned out to be a dud. “Seven year olds can’t be certain yet,” he expressed to his wife later that evening. Ephraim watched the spider all night anyway. Within hours he had named it Bartholomew, although he wasn’t quite excited about it yet. It wasn’t an interesting beast, or even a competent house spider. Not only that, but the connection he felt to it was kind of small? It didn’t seem to think much, or do much. It was just there. Spidering.

It was soon thereafter, however, that Ephraim began to find more, and more, and more. The horde of spiders slowly entering their house was a good deal of concern for the Thornes (who were preparing to move) but Ephraim found that each of these spiders not only seemed to follow him home, but only nest themselves in his room. Despite this, however, they still weren’t anything extraordinary; if anything, they were more of an infestation, and the once messy Ephraim found himself constantly moving things to not disturb the new cobwebs he kept finding in his home.

Ephraim and his parents soon left the tribe for the Atrian Empire’s capital after finding that their lives there were no more favorable than a life in Atria; both his parents felt that their ability to conceal their lives as a Valbestian fairly well, and all their son had were spiders that were difficult to hide anyway. At this point, however, the nine-year old Ephraim had collected many spiders, all of which they had wanted to leave behind, but all of which they felt compelled to bring with them as Ephraim slowly became more and more confident in his bond with them. They had mixed feelings, however, when Ephraim amassed a large amount of spiders from the woodlands during their travel from Valbestia to Atria-- feelings which only died down when they began to display magical capabilities.

Despite leaving the tribe, Ephraim’s parents still made tapestries, using designs passed down through generations and woven by hand “with love.” So while Ephraim’s horde of spiders was an exponentially growing issue, Ephraim found that his parents were a lot more accepting of his “beast” when it began to display the capability to assist with the family trade.

From there, Ephraim’s life became a lot less eventful. Moving to Atria remained a difficult experience because of the obvious tensions between the newly-arrived Valbestians and the settled-in families which had called Atria home for years, but concealing their origin when convenient became easy when neither of his parents had very noticeable beasts. Ephraim himself learned to pack in the Bart collection when he could, although hiding his hive-mind became a lot more difficult when people began to visit his room during the day. When his parents left for a more peaceful life away from the capital, Ephraim stayed for an apprenticeship in the city at another vendor for fabrics; on slow days, he often took naps while surrounded by spiders under his clothes and in his bag to the sound of the radio. Although he had a long and successful apprenticeship, he knew that he didn’t want to work at it forever, and became obsessed with joining a guild-- an obsession which soon turned into a legitimate dream. Despite gaining an actual job at the shop and being recognized as an important part of the vendor’s employees, Ephraim still found a yearning for adventure, and began to find new ways to use the textiles Bartholomew weaved; furthermore, he began to find ways to manipulate just how Bartholomew’s webs formed to begin with.

When the vendor’s store came under new management, Ephraim found that he had to hide his Valbestian origins. Within a year, however, Ephraim was kicked out; it didn’t take long for management to discover he was using his spiders to weave his tapestries and demanded he leave. However, Ephraim made little fuss; he’d seen a girl putting up flyers for a new guild a few weeks back, and despite knowing little at the time about it besides rumors mentioning that it was being headed by a legendary wizard he’d never bothered to hear the name of, wasn’t about to let this chance pass him by.


  • Someday, despite not being sure if he’d like to be king, Ephraim would like to be part of the battle for the Valbestian crown.
  • Ephraim doesn’t remember when he named Bart, although he supposes that the hive mind likely influenced his decision.
  • Ephraim’s alcoholism likely stems from his father’s, who first gave him a drink at the age of fourteen. However, it wasn’t until Ephraim reached the age of 18 that he began to hide liquor in odd places and drink it when he had nothing better to do.

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The time has come, and I've decided to accept Rose Quartz, Kitty, Sephear, Turnip, DLMuerte, and gimmepie. I've decided to accept a sixth to keep activity up in case of sudden hiatuses or people not wanting to participate in the main story. So to the six of you, welcome aboard!

To Groc and Calzone, I can honestly say that your SUs were both good and I appreciate the effort that went into them, but for the kind of RP I want I unfortunately can't take everyone. If people leave and slots reopen, I'll see then if you two are still interested.

I'll see if I can get the IC OP done tonight and up whenever the mods get to it.
I'll put something cool here eventually.



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I'll use this post to house additional info that's been given to to the players throughout.



Myeloch Latare:

Age: 121
Race: Wizard
Sex: Male

Appearance: "Dressed in a simple robe. His long, gray hair was silky smooth and made in a braid that draped over his shoulder, reaching down to his waist. His face was narrow, his features soft, and his expression was comforting. Together with his calm voice he gave off a motherly aura, that voice being the only thing that made it clear he was born a man."

Magic: Greatest accomplishments are in healing magic, having cured supposedly incurable diseases and restored missing body parts, and in barrier magic, supposedly being capable of encasing an entire city with an unbreakable barrier. He has also been seen casting a large variety of other magic.

Personality: Kind and gentle, but always busy. Even so, there always seems to be something going on in his mind behind his words and comforting expression. He is rather shrewd and very protective of his guild despite seeming too busy for his role as master.

History: He is credited with the discovery of the four pillars, and has helped much in advancing magitech. While he has refused to take part in Atria's wars against Valbestia, he has saved many lives in other disasters throughout the nation. He was a former wizard saint, but his title was revoked after he allegedly performed forbidden magic, after which he disappeared.

Beyond the common knowledge found in history books or told through legends, virtually nothing is known of his personal life.

Lina Latare:

Age: 16
Race: Wizard
Sex: Female

Appearance: "She was a petite girl with surprisingly bright eyes, considering their dull grey color. Her olive-colored skin was smooth, and her wavy red hair was cut just below the chin, the top tucked under a newsboy cap. She wore a button-up blouse, a skirt, and a tall pair of combat boots."

Magic: Requip magic used to switch between two swords: A greatsword named Trial of Conviction with a lacrima that makes it lighter, and a straight-backed curved sword named Rage of the heavens imbued with a lightning lacrima.

Personality: Energetic and hard-working. Every moment is spent either training, talking, working on the guild, or helping the people of Shessalie. Honest and open, for the most part at least. She is a big fan of swords, and admires strong wizards. Dreams of making Phoenix Nest the strongest guild in Atria.

History: Daughter of Myeloch Latare. Little is known about her life before Shessalie. She is well-liked in town, and played a large part in the actual building of the guild hall.

Boriel Pelara:

Age: 33
Race: Wizard
Sex: Male

Appearance: "He was easily taller than everyone in that group, packed with lean muscle and his tanned skin covered in scars. His long, messy black hair and stubble gave off a slovenly vibe for which his golden eyes seemed far too pretty. His outfit consisted of a plain shirt and pants, an open longcoat, and lots of seemingly random belts, all in black."

Magic: Darkness-make magic

Personality: Gruff and serious, but still willing to help the younger wizards improve their magic and combat skills. He can actually be quite nice, though he tries not to show it. Some find his sense of aesthetics questionable and generally being considered "edgy". Sarah often makes fun of him for this. And yet, it is more than just a quirk. When he talks about his "blades blacker than night, forged from the darkness deep within my broken soul," it makes a potent vision for powerful magic.

History: Seems to have a connection to the Hoskel boys.

Sarah Burgess:

Age: 29
Race: Wizard
Sex: Female

Appearance: "Her brown hair was tied in a ponytail, with a fringe covering one of her light-brown eyes. Her skin was pale, her dress was drab, and the rest of her was remarkably average."

Magic: Plant manipulation magic

Personality: She generally wears a bored expression, but has a healthy sense of humor and appreciates anything to break up monotony. She fills a lot of roles at the guild, but can also be rather lazy, leaving a lot of the physical work to the various plant minions she summons. They can often be seen around the guild doing things like cleaning or serving as waiters.

History: Eldest daughter of Calvin Burgess of the Burgess and Sons Mining Company. She serves as the Phoenix Nest's receptionist, chef, bartender, and essentially anything else that keeps the guild running smoothly.


Magic Council Law Enforcement:

When it comes to peacekeeping in the magical world, the empire's massive size and the council's limited resources, they highly prioritize keeping the major cities safe over any of the small villages. They have a very strong presence in the largest places like the capital and Gildas, with surveillance lacrima and rune knight patrols on just about every corner. Any who break the council's laws here are swiftly dealt with. While some see this as stifling, the vast majority say it makes them feel safe.

Smaller places that still provide a lot to the empire might not have as much council presence, but still see a lot of council support. Local law enforcement is given access to a network of surveillance lacrima to use, and a direct line to the council in case it ever needs to get involved directly.

Small towns like Shessalie only see the occasional council representative sent to conduct an investigation. If anything is found, a larger force will be sent, but ultimately that relies on the representative to consider it worth reporting.

The smallest villages far away from the capital like those on Atria's Northern border are practically ignored by the council, and until a large number of reports by citizens reach council ears they might as well not even exist.

The Atrian-Valbestian wars:

The last push by Atria to conquer Valbestia was 15 years ago, at which point the current emperor took to the throne and established the treaty. Before then it was more or less a constant war. There were brief ceasefires every now and then, but the fighting always started again. All adult Valbestians and Atrians had the war be a part of their lives in some way at some point, which is why the tensions are so high, but with how long its been there are many who are trying to deescalate things.

Valbestian Customs:

When it comes to those who've lost their beasts, customs vary by tribe, but it generally depends on how they lost their beast. Killing one's own beast is the ultimate betrayal, but losing one's beast in battle is treated far more respectfully. In situations where people can't know how someone lost their beast, they usually just assume the latter considering the war-ridden life of Valbestians, unless they're given reason to believe otherwise. A day is taken each year to honor the fallen, and for Valbestians to fight each other on that day is shameful.

I'll put something cool here eventually.

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"The secret of my strength...? I dunno, maybe it's these boots?"

Rayne Verdant / Female / 27 Years Old / Valbestian


Rayne stands at a very impressive height of 6'0". She sports a rather impressive figure that's accented with lean muscle. Her deep, midnight-blue hair is kept rather short, only reaching down to the base of her neck. Meanwhile, her bangs tend to be left a bit longer, giving the woman a side-swept appearance. Rayne's enticing eyes are oddly enough the same exact color as her hair. Rayne keeps a rather fair skin complexion despite the fact that she spends so much time outdoors. A paw print-shaped tattoo can almost always be seen on her right shoulder.

In terms of clothing, modesty is not exactly Rayne's strong suit. She tends to dress on the more revealing side, often wearing clothing that shows off her rather impressive figure. Despite this however, she does manage to pick out accessories that make her well equipped for journeying long distances, such as always wearing a pair of durable boots on her feet or a belt with many pouches to help her carry her supplies. Regardless of her clothing choices, Rayne will never be seen without her trademark green scarf. It was a gift from her father when she was just a small child and is the only memory she has left of the man or a human family in general. Since joining the guild, Rayne keeps its mark on the back of her left shoulder blade. It is black in color.


As one might expect from Rayne being a Valbestian, magic is not exactly her forte. Thanks to the bond she has forged with her Aurion, a dire wolf who is always by her side, she is able to transform herself into a wolf-like creature herself. She becomes somewhat larger, much hairier, and quite ferocious looking indeed. While transforming into this state, Aurion is prone to become much more feral looking as well. His hair grows much longer and his claws and teeth much sharper. While in this state, Rayne becomes a much more vicious fighter who seems to thirst for the thrill of combat until her opponent is no longer able to stand against her. Her tracking skills enhance quite drastically, as she is able to pick up scents of those around her and her hearing increases by a great deal as well. This transformation can be quite taxing on Rayne, as the longer she uses this transformation, the more recovery she requires upon returning to her normal form. Another side effect from this transformation is blood lust. The longer Rayne remains in this feral state, the easier it becomes for her to lose all sense of self-control. This means that she could very well become a ravenous, blood-thirsty monster if she is not brought back into some form of rational thinking or returned to her true form.


Rayne was born and raised in eastern Valbestia. There, she lived within a small tribe of sorts. A self-sufficient tribe, they prided themselves upon hunting and crafting various goods and wares from the hides of their prey. As a result, her tribe had a tendency to form their bonds with creatures that are experts at tracking, such as various winged creatures and those of more canine capacity. Within the tribe no hunter was more respected than her own father, a man who more or less served as the chief of the commune. While one might expect this to result in Rayne being spoiled in a sense, this was far from the case. Rayne was raised with the intent of becoming just as prominent of a hunter in the tribe as her father, if not more so. Some might also think that such expectations would effect the girl as she grew up, but Rayne did in fact take it in stride.

As time went on, Rayne began to truly hone her skills as a hunter. While she had yet to make a proper bond like many of the others within the tribe, she was proven to be a capable tracker, often being allowed to set out onto the outskirts of their settlement in the company of Aurion, her father's dire wolf when unaccompanied by her father or another experienced member of the tribe. Of course such a restriction would only lead the girl to become more curious about just what all was out there to be explored, especially considering at the time that Rayne was roughly seven or eight years old at the time. It was only natural that one day the child's curiosity would get the better of her, causing her to sneak out from the settlement, with Aurion right by her side.

Thankfully, this was a poor choice that would manage to benefit the girl in the end. As one might expect, the young Rayne managed to get herself lost in the woods surrounding the village during her maiden, solo exploration. Despite her budding skills, not having her father or experienced trackers to rely on made things vastly more difficult for the young girl than she initially thought they would be. Needless to say, it didn't take long before she suddenly found herself going in circles without being sure just how to return back to the settlement proper. Due to her inexperience, as well as the lack of a proper bond, Rayne wasn't even sure how to properly command Aurion to assist in leading her back home. By the time the duo finally managed to locate an exit and make their way back home, it was already nightfall.

Tired, hungry, and more than just a bit scared, Rayne was absolutely delighted when she and her father's dire wolf managed to reach home. However, it wasn't a happy welcome that awaited the duo. The settlement was in absolute shambles, with not so much as a soul of the tribe to be found. Hunts were on fire, with shattered remnants of pots and weaponry scattered about. In the middle of it all, stood a strange, crimson-cloaked figure who seemed to be absolutely beside himself at the carnage that laid out before him. Needless to say, Rayne was in complete and utter shock. Her father, her fellow tribesmen, her home... all of it was gone. Chances are that whatever fate befell them would have been her destiny as well, had it not been for Aurion's quick thinking. The dire wolf wasted no time in essentially throwing the young girl onto his back and escaping the now ruined settlement.

Time slowly passed, and Rayne found herself now being essentially raised and taken care of by her father's dire wolf. As she grew older, the bond between herself and Aurion naturally grew, until the two formed a proper bond of their own. Since then, the woman has led the life of a wanderer of sorts. She has made her living performing odd tasks and jobs, all while searching for the strange, crimson-cloaked figure who took everything from her. Eventually, Rayne came to join the guild Phoenix Nest for a few reasons. For starters, she felt like working with a guild may help in her search of the cloaked stranger. One could argue that the woman could have picked from any guild for that, especially one that most likely had much more experience. However at the same time, Rayne felt quite a bit lonely over the years with it being just herself and Aurion. She decided that joining a guild so new might just remind her of that sense of community and family that she lost so long ago.



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Every once in a while I'll write a little side thing that can't really go in the IC without looking messy with everything else, so from now on I'll put those things here. Everyone else is free to do the same if they come up with random, perhaps even non-canon stories and interactions involving their characters or the world.


The plant creature mindlessly flipped through the radio channels as Sarah rushed to finish the day's paperwork. It was late and the rest of the guild had already gone to sleep. Normally she'd be asleep as well, but she hadn't expected this work to be so much... work, and had regrettably put a lot of it off for later.

The radio was mostly background noise so she wouldn't fall asleep reviewing what felt like the hundredth stupid request. It was nice to see that so many people were coming to the guild for help already, but did they really need a wizard to help them clean their rooms or fetch their groceries? Whatever. It was her job, so she had to deal with it.

She probably shouldn't have been expending energy on a minion, but the radio was on the other side of the room and she couldn't be bothered to get up. She listened to the channels as it went through them. Too soft, it'll put me to sleep. Too jumpy, it's really distracting. Ugh, what even is this one? Eventually she gave up the search for the perfect station and settled on an inoffensive talk show, even if she didn't actually pay attention to the show itself. It was just background noise, after all.


“–halfway to the games now, and this year is looking to be the biggest one yet. I’m your host, Jim Allman, joined today by my co-host Daryl Urich and our special guest, Sorcerer Weekly’s own Joan Halls. How are you doing today, Joan?”

“GMG season is coming up soon, and I couldn’t be more excited, Jim. Everyone is looking for new members to shake things up, and there’s already a few standouts.”

“Before we get into that, we should start with the big question. Is Gryphon Gale gonna come out on top again this year? So far Egan Lynch has been absolutely unstoppable, and all the other members excel at both offense and defense, with the magic power to back it up. Four years, people. Four years! Does anyone stand a chance?

“Well Jim, at the moment all eyes are on the Chimeras after last year’s incredible finale that was Egan Lynch versus Tiran Enabosk. There’s even people saying that Tiran is stronger than Egan, if you can believe that!”

“You rooting for the Chimeras, Daryl?”

“Tiran is definitely impressive, but I can’t say the same for the others. Malk is a one-trick pony, Nilli can’t play with the team, and the others might as well not even be there. Fox is the only other Chimera worth a damn. They’ll need some new blood if they wanna take home the trophy this year. It’s not like their master is gonna work up the members they already have.”

“You say all that, but they still made it to second last year, even above the more well-rounded spirits. And in our recent interview with him, Enabosk said he’d come up with an even stronger spell than his Lightning Spear. You don’t think that’s enough?”

“Enabosk doesn’t need to be working on new spells, he needs to work on what he’s already got! Last year he only lost because he ran out of ether before Lynch, it didn’t matter that he could finally get through his armor!”

“What about Tavidell?”

“What about Tavidell? Her whole guild’s just been doing worse every year. Sure, she was impressive the first year, but I’m starting to think that was all because of Celia Burgess, not her. It’s a real shame she left.”

“I think that’s a good segue into all the newbies Joan mentioned. There’s been talk of a new member that’s gone and kicked the Sirens’ asses in gear. Natalie Oaks, right?”

“Oh yeah, I heard about that. Picked a fight with an S-Class on her first day. Heard Tavidell kicked her ass, but she didn’t make it easy. It’d be nice for Gildas to have something to cheer for, but they’ve been slacking for so long that I can’t imagine them suddenly shooting to the top after a little extra effort. Not without getting Burgess back, anyway.”

“Especially when the Gryphons have newbies of their own. Simon Jules and Harmonia. Harmonia’s only been on a couple of jobs, though, and we haven’t seen anything from Jules.”

“Jules is just a kid, he probably won’t be taking any spots on the team for a couple years, maybe. And I’ve heard that Harmonia isn’t bad, but I still don’t like her.”

“Is this about the magitech again?”

“Of course it’s about the magitech. I didn’t like it when it was just magitech weapons, and I sure as hell don’t like it when someone’s walking around in a full suit of it! I watch the games to see wizards showing off their skills, and pushing a button on a piece of magitech doesn’t exactly take skill. Unless they ban it, it’s only a matter of time before you don’t stand a chance without it.”

“But it’s not just ‘pushing a button’, is it? I think magitech is good for the health of the games. Nobody who’s at the top right now uses any magitech, do they? It’s more to help the people at the bottom be competitive sooner, so we can see more fresh faces every year.”

“Well I don’t want to see those faces if they haven’t earned their places on the team.”

“Can we get back on topic?”

“Oh, right. Newbies, yeah?”

“Let’s talk about the whole guild of newbies. What does everyone think of Phoenix Nest?”

“Well there’s not much I can say when they haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t heard of any of their members besides Myeloch Latare, and masters aren’t allowed to join the games. And Myeloch’s been gone for what, like forty years, give or take a few?”

“He’s the stuff of legends, though. Surely if it’s his guild we can expect a lot, can’t we?”

“I mean yeah, he’s the strongest wizard ever if you can believe the history books. But if you can believe the history books, he’s also a pacifist. Yvonne Avila takes on her Gryphons herself all the time for training, but something tells me Myeloch won’t be turning his members into fighting machines the same way.”

“It’s not just about fighting, though. Latare invented the pillars of magic. Maybe his guild will just end up really good at magic? You mentioned last year’s finals. It didn’t end up that way just because Lynch had a bigger ether pool. It’s because he’s more efficient. He’s better with the pillars.”

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. If they’re real contenders for the top, I’m sure we’ll here more about them soon.”
I'll put something cool here eventually.

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Writing up a second character in accordance with Geras

Liam Julius von Howell

Male | 17 | Wizard


Liam is a lean yet slightly muscular boy with an interest in attires that match his blonde, messy hair with faded out blonde tips and his yellow irises. You would not easily see him wearing other colours besides the sun bright yellow, orange, white or black and that's exactly what his favourite pair of clothing consists of. He's usually seen wearing his black jacket with golden details on his shoulders, upper arm and zipper with underneath a white blouse with yellow stripes over the button area and a black sleeveless shirt. He usually wears dark blue jeans and black sneakers to finish his outfit.

Liam listens to music often and is sometimes seen wearing his headphones with a lacrima implemented. His guild mark goes in the right side of his neck, slightly overlapping his collarbone so it isn't directly in his face, in an orange colouring


Affinity: Mimicry

Body: 7/10
Mind: 9/10
Spirit: 5/10

Liam has a special form of magic that he has been developing well in the years after his mother's death. Liam is able to copy someone's elses affinity for a few hours a day and use it his own during that time. He developed this kind of magic because he couldn't choose which affinity would cause his old man the most trouble, so he decided on all of them. The only downside he currently faces is that he can only contain one affinity currently and it will wear off the more he uses it. One powerful spell could cause the affinity to disappear within him and he can only use small spells other than the affinity that he has copied. If the affinity he uses is a body changing affinity, it will wear off quicker as well as it uses more ether and concentration from Liam. There it no limit to what kind of affinity Liam can copy, however, it's entirely possible Liam might copy an affinity he is not able to use at all due to his own incapabiity or due to the amount of ether he has already used.

Liam needs physical contact to be able to copy someone's magic. It doesn't matter if he touches someone or if he is being touched. In the first stages of his affinty, he would sometimes copy someone's affinity on accident but he has learned to only copy an affinity when he wants to. He has used almost every affinity available in Shessalie for the purpose of troublemaking but as Shessalie doesn't have many affinities available, he sometimes would go off to neighbouring towns or wizards that would stay in the inn. Yes, that means he has broken into rooms to touch people, in their sleep, for the soul purpose of copying an affinity.

Copying an affinity can tire Liam to some extend. He has been trying to deal with it and improve it as he copied a strong affinity once and was left with little energy to use it. It's currently unknown how much something like that will tire him.


Liam has lived in the town of Shessalie since the age of 12. Having lived with his caretaker in a small yet cosy house at the outer parts of town, he wasn't seen by the folks of the town often but he was infamous for the trouble he always caused. Even though Liam never left Shessalie, he knew a great deal of the outer world.

You see, Liam was born from a former noble that was unfaithful to his wife and made love to a woman from the city. It was a one-time only event, the noble couldn't contain the lust he had for her, and so he made her fall head over heels for him under a false name. They spend the night together and after the deed was done, the noble's attitude towards the woman changed significantly. The woman made many attempts to visit him at the inn he was staying at the time but was always send away because the name she was given by him, was not staying there.

They had made love only once but it was enough to make the young lady pregnant, something she only discovered weeks later. Fortunately for her, the former noble was back in the city and she ran into him while he was on his way towards important matters. He was angry, furious in fact, because this would mean she was going to deliver a child that could possibly ruin his reputation and his wife would surely leave him. That's when the young woman found out about his real identity. The noble demanded that she'd move to a small town, that she would not mention their affair to anyone and the child was not allowed to do anythin that could make people suspicious of him or have their eyes on him. If those demands were met, he would send a monthly fee to pay for their living.

That's how Liam lived his life until the age of 12, with his mother in a small town as a bastard child of a former noble. His mother never spoke ill of his father but didn't tell much about him either, leaving Liam with curiosity. When Liam's mother got terribly sick and was on the verge of leaving her son behind, she sent sir former noble a letter telling him about her health that was decreasing and begged to take good care of Liam. This letter was never answered. It was only weeks later when Liam's mother passed away. Liam left the town to meet his father that had never bathed an eye in his direction. At the von Howell manor Liam stated who he was towards one of the maids so he was let inside but left a train of confusion in the progress. Liam's father went to meet him as soon as possible but not for a proper meeting, it was to send him away as soon as possible. While being brought outside, he catched a glimpse of two of his supposed to be siblings. This was the first and last time Liam had met his father.

The next months were hard extremely for Liam as he lost his mother and was forced to move to Shessalie to live with an old lady he did not know. The old lady introduced herself as Emma, a retired maid that had served the von Howell family for a long time. She had volunteered to take care of Liam and for that he was grateful, but he was extremely angry as well. He had always wanted a father and he had rejected him, the realization of that was painful. Liam developed an "I-don't-care" attitude with a little bit or arrogance and felt nothing for the occasional letters he got from his old man to scold him. Liam realized that making trouble was the best way to annoy his dad.

And that's how Liam, as he got older, got infamous for his pranks and troublemaking throughout the town of Shessalie. His latest addition was getting cats caught up in trees.

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