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    Hello all! I am taking a break from the North American Regions for now and focusing on what is left in Japan.

    I have been working on these for quite some time now in preparation to write a pokemon story. These two regions are based on the Holon Region in the Pokemon TCG sets known as EX Delta Species, EX Legend Maker, EX Holon Phantoms, EX Crystal Guardians and EX Dragon Frontiers. And Sinjoh is based on the idea of their being an actual Sinjoh Region between Sinnoh and Kanto and Johto. I am putting these two together because they are official names in pokemon, but no actual maps of these regions. The stories also mingle together.

    Delta Species is a huge part of these stories and there will be at least 30 Delta species from every region except Alola. I am aware that Pokemon Insurgence exists and I tried to avoid using same type combos from that game, however some pokemon I loved too much to avoid. The ones that I know are from Pokemon Insurgence, fan made game, I have all taken a few from the TCG to include in the regions, but with some changes to better fit with games or story over TCG. Please forgive me if some Delta Pokemon come up that may be from the fan made game. I have looked over the list multiple times, but I may have still used some from the game that I am unaware of as I think the list may be a little outdated.

    Because I am not making Delta Species of the Eeveelutions, mainly because it wouldn't make sense since they can adapt, I am including the final three Eeveelutions that I have not yeah done a fakemon for in my other regions. Ghost, Fighting and Ground. More details be listed at a later time.

    One final note, the Sinjoh Region is inspired by real world Tohoku Region and parts of the Chubu Region in Japan. Holon is modeled after the Chugoku and Shikoku Regions in Japan.

    Sinjoh Region: Region of the Golden Students

    Quick Locations:

    A. Goldleaf City
    B. Silverbranch City
    C. Tinravine Town
    D. Mithrilridge Town
    E. Adamantport Town
    F Copper Isle Town
    G. Thorium Isle Town
    H. ZIncpier Town
    I. Ironvale Village
    J Coalfall Village
    K. Nicklecrag Town
    L. Cobalthallow Town
    M. Titaniumgorge City
    N. Platinumsteppes City

    O. Mt. Gold
    P. Mt. Mistshroud
    Q. Coalcrag Mountains
    R. Serpent's Chain Mountains
    S. Sinjoh Ruins/Mountain
    T. Seabask Shrine
    U. Seabask Forest
    V. Cherryglade Forest
    W. Coalbed Lake
    X. Titaniumbed Lake
    Y. Cherryglade Lake
    Z. Goldleaf Lake
    AA. Goldleaf Academy

    Routes 49 - 62

    The Sinjoh Region is home to the prestigious Goldleaf Academy, where some of the most powerful trainers in all the world have come to study. The region is mostly known for its mountainous lands and rich in different types of ore. Sinjoh Region does not have much history on its own, but it was established by ancient humans from Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh and Hoenn, but mostly those from Sinnoh and Johto.

    Mt. Mistshroud is one fo the most dangerous mountains in the region, which splits the north and south parts of the region. There is almost always near zero visibility on the mountains and even less in winter.

    However, in the last few years, people have reported seeing oddly typed pokemon, as well as pokemon than seem purely evil and has unimaginable power. Some say delta pokemon are spreading. Some believe that shadow pokemon are returning and a very few believe an evil team had risen from the shadows and plans to use shadow pokemon once again.

    Most of the customs of Sinjoh are the same as those from Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh. There are gyms, but you cannot simply challenge the gym itself, you must have attended Goldleaf Academy for at least two years, or are currently enlisted, regardless of year.

    Some gyms are a straight forward battles with the gym leader. A number of gym, you have to defeat a series of trainers before taking on the gym leader. And for others, you must compete in a tournament with other students to see who is allowed to battle the gym leader. 50% of the gyms require you to use a specific type of pokemon. Other gyms will require you to have a specific grade in the Goldleaf Academy.

    Once you have earned a 8 badges, you may then enter the Goldleaf League and battle other trainers who have earned the right. Depending on where you finish in this tournament, will usually depend on what you do for the rest of your life in Sinjoh.

    Trains are a huge part of the culture in Sinjoh because all the mountains make it hard to travel by foot. Because of this, trainers tend to take the train to ever town and spend however much time they want in that town before moving on to the next.

    Goldleaf Academy:
    At the Goldleaf Academy, students and professors live together. Students are between the ages of 10 and 20. Students are chosen by their Dorm Professor depending on grades, likability, and potential. Because of this, many students fail to even get sorted if all professors find them unworthy. This can be drastically different from professor to professor. To many professors, there is no room for weakness, failures or fairness.

    On the campus, there are 50 dorm buildings. 10 buildings in which contain classrooms. 10 Battlefield Stadiums and a center building which contains the school gathering room, sport gyms, gardens and other facilities students may need during there time at the Academy.

    Each dorm building has their own gathering halls, dinning rooms, kitchens, and other things need for living which are mainly on the ground floor other than the Professor's room, which is on the ground floor. They also can spend funds raised by their dorms on new buildings. Each dorm is ran by a single professor. No more than 30 students stay at a single dorm at a given time, unless it is under special circumstances. The student rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Each student is given a dorm room of their own.

    Each dorm room has a queen size bed, a 42" TV, a desk, chair, a computer, shelves, and chests. All rooms have at least one window. Each dorm has three stories.

    Each professor teaches at least one class.

    Holon Region: Region of the Deltas

    Quick Locations:
    Towns and Outposts:
    1. Holon City
    2. Outpost Alpha
    3. Outpost Beta
    4. Outpost Gamma
    5. Outpost Epsilon
    6. Outpost Zeta
    7. Outpost Delta
    8. Ruins of Outpost Omikron (New area not on map. It is in the Dragon Frontiers)

    Mirage Forest
    Holonian Marshlands
    Holon Mountains
    Holon Jungle
    Holonian Swamps
    Holonian Desert
    Holonian Frostflame Forest
    Holonian Grasslands
    Holon Lake
    Crystalsand Island (Formerly known as Mysterious Island)
    Dragon Frontiers

    Notable Features:
    A. Desert Pyramid Ruins
    B. Forest Shrine Ruins
    C. Frostfire Temple Ruins
    D. Jungle Pyramid Ruins
    E. Crystalsand Island
    F. Swamp Shrine Ruins
    G. Delta Stonehenge
    H. Misted Ruins
    I. Dragon Frontiers

    Note: First part is mainly from the known descriptions that Bulbapedia has listed from the manuals and official prints.

    The region is west of Johto and east of the northern parts of Hoenn. The region was inhabited by humans who wished to search for the elusive Mirage Pokmon Mew. Establishing a city (also called Holon), scientists utilized the unique magnetic properties of the area to produce waves of electromagnetic energy via a large tower in the city center to track the location of Mew. The resulting electromagnetic waves caused the local Pokmon to mutate into abnormal types inconsistent with their genes from outside the region. The north part of the region is largely forested with a large lake and marshlands to the south. The lake is also bordered by a massive mountain range. The south part of Holon nothing, but jungle and swamplands other than two area of mountains in the east and west of the southern part of Holon. Off the southern coast, there is an island bearing unique crystals some distance from the main land. Far away from Hoenn and Holon, there is an Island chain known as the Dragon Frontier which is home to some of the most powerful Delta Pokemon, including legendaries.

    Because of how dangerous the region can be, the desert, jungle, swamp, ice forest, and Crystalsand Island are off limits to trainers who have not gotten permission from the Research Outposts scattered through Holon. Furthermore, the Dragon Frontiers are off limits to anyone who has not received special permission from a Regional Champion and Head Researcher. Those who ignore these requirements are usually found dead or never heard from again. The Marshes, Mirage Forest, and Grasslands are available to any trainer who has come to Holon unless otherwise stated.

    Even though the region only has one main city, outposts are scattered around the region that have been established as bases for researchers and archaeologists. Ruins liter the region as if it was once a massive civilization. It is said that no one will ever know the true origins of the Holon Region unless they have a heart of gold and a soul of silver.

    There are no known customs in this region as all of the people here are either researchers studying Delta Pokemon or trainers who wish to catch these pokemon. There are a few families, scholars, writers, and photographers in the main city, but they don't do anything special that sets them apart from other regions. The most notable people actually come from north western Johto and those people use Swinub or Piloswine to locate hot springs.

    However, there is a rumor that a tribe of ancients humans who may still yet live in the Holon Jungle, but remain hidden and watch from afar. No contact with these humans has ever been proven.

    Important Posts:
    Delta Species: Explanation and Holon/Sinjoh Professors
    Delta Species: Kanto/Johto and Final Eeveelutions
    Delta Species: Hoenn and Sinnoh
    Delta Species: Unova and Kalos
    Main Students
    Teachers and Team Shadow members:
    Mega Evolutuons, Primal Reversions, and Fusion
    Team Shadow and the Order of Dawn
    Sundering of the World: Ancient Holon and Formation of Sinjoh

    To view my other regions, please click these:
    Unova Reloaded
    The Mouroa Region: The Region of a Million Berries.
    The Kryona Region: Region of the Icey North.
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      Delta Species: Explanation

      Delta Pokemon are a very strange and partial man made phenomenon that can't be fully explained. Most believe it is the radio wave in the region. Other believe it is a mythical power that covered the land in ancient times. Only a number of years ago, most Delta species seems to be partially Steel type pokemon, but after a while, that steel typing faded for many and transformed into another type. Delta Species are extremely rare outside of Holon Region, but recent a number Delta Species have been discovered across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and especially Sinjoh.

      For the most part, Delta Species keep that stats of their normal counterpart. They only thing that really changes are their typing. Rarely a color change and even far rarer, a mutation of a completely transformation where they almost don't seem like the same pokemon. However, this has only been seen a few times in the last 20 years.

      What makes Delta Species so much more dangerous is the fact that their typings are not completely known. Out of known Delta Species, only about a fourth of them have known typings. Not only that, but also because some pokemon that are usually calm and docile become far more aggressive. Some believe that the Red Gyarados of Lake of Rage in Johto was in the process of turning into a true delta species, but was stopped before it could fully change.

      In Sinjoh and other regions, not many are seen. And when they are, they are normally first stage pokemon that have been abandoned or intentionally released into the wild.

      In Holon, they become far more common. Usually a combination between basic and second stage pokemon in the northern parts of Holon. This is mainly true for the south part as well, but there have been far more sightings of fully evolved pokemon in South Holon, than north.

      On Crystalsand Island, Delta species are normally calm and have a variety of stages. They also live with normal pokemon in harmony. The main reason this area is off limits is because of the crystals that cover the island.

      Dragon Frontiers - These islands are full of fully evolved pokemon and sometimes even Legendary Pokemon. This pokemon seem to be the most aggressive and are constantly battling for territory. This is the reason why Dragon Frontiers is off limits unless you have a Regional Champion's permission.

      Holon Professors -
      In Holon, there is at least one Professor that specializes in each type of pokemon. These researchers are also very capable battlers. Each outpost has a set of Professors, one in which is the head of the outpost that will grant you access to parts of the Region.

      Professors and Typings: (M) = Male and (F) = Female
      Prof. Artemis (F) = Dragon
      Prof. Apollo (M) = Dragon
      Prof. Hades (M) = Fire
      Prof. Kharon (M) = Fire
      Prof. Hermes (M) = Normal
      Prof. Poseidon (M) = Water
      Prof. Zeus (M) = Electric
      Prof. Morpheus (M) = Dark
      Prof. Selene (F) = Fairy
      Prof. Athena (F) = Fighting
      Prof. Ares (M) = Fighting
      Prof. Persephone(F) = Grass
      Prof. Demeter (F) = Grass
      Prof. Hecate(F) = Ghost
      Prof. Cybele (F) = Rock
      Prof. Helios (M) = Fly
      Prof. Deimos (M) = Psychic
      Prof. Hephaestus (M) = Steel
      Prof. Khione (F) = Ice
      Prof. Maia (F) - Bug
      Prof. Gaia (F) = Ground
      Prof. Achlys (F) = Poison

      Professor Locations:
      Holon - Zeus and Hermes
      Alpha - Gaia, Helios, Athena, and Ares
      Beta - Persephone, Demeter, and Maia
      Gamma - Hades, Kharon, and Khione
      Epsilon - Achlys, Hecate, and Deimos
      Zeta - Selene and Poseidon,
      Delta - Hephaestus, Cybele, and Morpheus
      Omikron - Atemis and Apollo relocated to Zeta.

      Outpost Leaders:
      Athena is the Alpha Lead.
      Apollo is Omikron Lead.
      Persephone is Beta Lead.
      Khione is Gamma Lead.
      Deimos is Epsilon Lead.
      Poseidon is Zeta Lead.
      Cybele is Delta Lead.
      Zeus is Head Researcher and Leader of Holon.

      Sinjoh Professors:
      Sinjoh only has one real pokemon professor and is the head of Goldleaf Academy. However, there are 50 other professors in which teach classes and run dorms.

      Main Professors:
      Prof. Bonsai - Is the current head of Goldleaf Academy and believe in fairness for all students.

      Prof. Baobab - The previous head of Goldleaf Academy and only believed that the most successful and richest students should be allowed to continue going to Goldleaf. He was later overthrown by Prof. Bonsai and the staff that no longer believed he could run the Academy.

      Prof. Hazel - Main character's professor and Head of Tranquil Dorm.
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        Sorry it has been so long guys! Posts coming up soon.

        Before I get to the Delta Species, let's finish up Eeveelutions shall we? Because there is so many fan arts of these Eeveelutions, I will not describe it because there is no need, especially when most people want it to work a certain way, and with these eeveelutions, there is only so many ways they can look.

        Last Three Eeveelutions:
        Wispeon (Ghost)
        Hp - 60
        A - 65
        D - 65
        Sp. A - 130
        Sp. D - 110
        Speed - 95
        Evolution Method-
        When there is a Ghost type pokemon in your party and Eevee knows Shadow Ball, level Eevee in a Graveyard between Midnight and 6am.

        Quakeon (Ground)
        Hp - 65
        A - 95
        D - 130
        Sp. A - 65
        Sp. D - 110
        Speed - 60
        Evolution Method-
        During a Sandstorm and Eevee knows Dig, level Eevee up in a desert.

        Meleeon (Fight)
        Hp - 65
        A - 130
        D - 110
        Sp. A - 60
        Sp. D - 65
        Speed - 95
        Evolution Method-
        When there is a Fighting type pokemon in your party and Eevee knows Detect, level Eevee up from Noon to 6pm.

        Now on to the Delta Species! Currently they are labled by region, I hope soon I can orginize them to get them all in a single line so that lines like Elekid and Magby aren't broken up.

        Kanto Delta Species:

        Bulbasaur - Ground
        Ivysaur - Ground
        Venusaur - Ground/Dragon

        Charmander - Ice
        Charmeleon - Ice
        Charizard - Ice/Fairy

        Squirtle - Electric
        Wartortle - Electric
        Blastoise - Electric/Fighting

        Pidegy - Fairy/Steel
        Pidgeotto - Fairy/Steel
        Pidgeot - Fairy/Steel

        Manky - Dark
        Primeape - Dark

        Eakans - Ground
        Arbok - Ground

        Pikachu - Grass
        Raichu - Grass

        Koffing - Flying/Electric
        Weezeing - Flying/Electric

        Shellder - Steel
        Cloyster - Steel

        Chansey - Fighting
        Mr. Mime - Electric
        Jynx - Fire/Ghost
        Magnemite - Flying/Bug
        Magneton - Flying/Bug

        Magikarp - Steel
        Gyarados - Steel/Dragon

        Snorlax - Ghost/Fighting
        Nidoran(M) - Dragon
        Nidorino - Dragon/Ghost
        Nidoking - Dragon/Ghost
        Nidoran (F) - Dragon
        Nidorina - Dragon/Fighting
        Nidoqueen - Dragon/Fighting

        Onix - Ice
        Rhyhorn - Dragon
        Rhydon - Dragon

        Scyther - Ice/Figthing
        Seel - Dark
        Dewgong - Dark/Fire

        Growlithe - Water
        Arcanine - Water
        Vulpix - Water
        Ninetails - Water

        Ponyta - Flying/Ice
        Rapidash - Flying/Ice

        Lapras - Fire/Dragon
        Magmar - Ice/Dark
        Electabuzz - Fighting/Dark
        Kabuto - Electric
        Kabutops - Electric/Fighting

        Omanyte - Grass
        Omastar - Grass/Psychic

        Aerodactyl - Fire/Dragon
        Dratini - Electric/Ghost
        Dragonair - Electric/Ghost
        Dragonite - Electric/Ghost

        Dratini - Psychic/Rock
        Dragonair - Psychic/Rock
        Dragonite - Psychic/Rock

        Zapdos - Ice/Steel
        Articuno - Fire/Steel
        Moltres - Electric/Steel
        Mew - Fairy
        Mewtwo - Dragon/Ghost

        Johto Delta Species:
        Steelix - Ice/Dragon
        Pichu - Grass
        Magby - Ice
        Elekid - Fighting
        Sudowoodo - Poison/Normal
        Heracross - Steel/Poison
        Mareep - Normal
        Flaffy - Normal
        Ampharos - Normal

        Larvitar - Dragon/Water
        Tyranitar - Dragon/Water
        Pupitar - Dragon/Water

        Larvitar - Bug/Electric
        Pupitar - Bug/Electric
        Tyranitar - Bug/Electric

        Gerafirif - Dark/Ghost
        Hoothoot - Ghost
        Noctowl - Ghost/Dark
        Stantler - Ghost/Psychic

        Wobbufett - Steel/Ghost
        Wooper - Grass
        Quagsire - Grass

        Smoochum - Fire/Ghost
        Blissey - Fighting
        Scizor - Ice/Fighting
        Gligar - Fairy
        Swinub - Fire
        Piloswine - Fire

        Teddiursa - Psychic/Fighting
        Ursaring - Psychic/Fighting

        Delibird - Ghost/Dark
        Delibird - Fairy/Fighting
        Delibird - Normal/Ground
        Mantine - Fire/Rock
        Shuckle - Poison/Dark
        Slugma - Water/Ice
        Magcargo - Water/Ice

        Dunsparce - Ice/Ground
        Aipom - Electric/Ghost
        Pineco - Rock
        Forretress - Flying/Rock

        Misdreavus - Ice/Fairy
        Murkrow - Ghost/Poison
        Suicune - Grass
        Entie - Water
        Raikou - Ground
        Celebi - Poison/Fire
        Chikorita - Psychic
        Bayleef - Psychic
        Maganium - Psychic

        Cyndaquil - Poison
        Quilava - Poison
        Typhlosion - Poison

        Totodile - Fairy
        Croconaw - Fairy
        Feraligatr - Fairy

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          Hoenn Delta Species:

          Wynaut - Ghost
          Tropius - Dragon/Electric
          Anorith - Steel
          Armaldo - Steel

          Lileep - Poison
          Cradily - Poison

          Swablu - Electric
          Altaria - Elecrtric

          Zigzagoon - Poison
          Linoone - Poison

          Corphish - Ground
          Crawdaunt - Ground/Dragon

          Poocheyena - Electric/Poison
          Mightyena - Electric/Poison

          Trapinch - Fairy
          Vimbrava - Fairy/Ice
          Flygon - Fairy/Ice

          Trapinch - Bug
          Vimbrava - Bug/Poison
          Flygon - Bug/Poison

          Beldum - Ground/Grass
          Metang - Ground/Grass
          Metagross - Ground/Grass

          Beldum - Ghost
          Metang - Ghost
          Metagross - Ghost

          Bagon - Grass/Rock
          Shelgon - Grass/Rock
          Salamence - Grass/Flying

          Bagon - Ice/Dark
          Shelgon - Ice/Dark
          Salamence - Ice/Dark

          Absol - Fairy
          Ralts - Ice/Electric
          Kirlia - Ice/Electric
          Gardevoir - Ice/Electric

          Aron - Fire
          Lairon - Fire/Poison
          Aggron - Fire/Poison
          Roselia - Fire/Fighting
          Relicanth - Fire/Electric

          Spoink - Poison
          Grumpig - Poison/Ice

          Seviper - Ice
          Zangoose - Fairy
          Whismur - Psychic
          Loudred - Psychic
          Exploud - Psychic

          Feebas - Ice
          Milotic - Ice/Dragon

          Latios - Ghost/Fairy
          Latias - Ghost/Fairy
          Regice - Ghost/Ice

          Regice - Water/Ground
          Regirock - Fighting/Rock
          Regirock - Grass/Ground
          Registeel - Poison/Steel
          Registeel - Fire/Ground
          Deoxys - Steel/Ghost
          Treecko - Dark/Fighting
          Grovyle - Dark/Fighting
          Sceptile - Dark/Fighting

          Torchic - Steel/Flying
          Combusken - Steel/Flying
          Blaziken - Steel/Flying

          Mudkip - Ghost/Normal
          Marshtomp - Ghost/Normal
          Swampert - Ghost/Normal

          Sinnoh Delta Species:

          Magmortar - Ice/Dark
          Electivire - Fighting/Dark
          Munchlax - Ghost
          Bonsly - Poison/Normal
          Buneary - Ice
          Lopunny - Ice

          Gliscor - Fairy
          Mamoswine - Fire
          Ampipom - Electric/Ghost
          Budew - Fire
          Roserade - Fire/Fighting

          Riolu - Normal/Flying
          Lucario - Normal/Flying

          Buizel - Fighting/Ground
          Floatzel - Fighting/Ground

          Gallade - Ice/Electric
          Shinx - Ground
          Luxio - Ground
          Luxray - Ground

          Mime Jr. - Electric
          Mantyke - Fire/Rock
          Happiny - FIghting
          Starly - Rock
          Staravia - Rock
          Staraptor - Rock/Dragon

          Cranidos - Electric/Dragon
          Rampardos - Electric/Dragon

          Shieldon - Water/Dark
          Bastiodon - Water/Dark

          Gible - Fire/Steel
          Gabite - Fire/Steel
          Garchomp - Fire/Steel

          Gible - Electric
          Gabite - Electric
          Garchomp - Electric

          Magnezone - Flying/Bug
          Mismagius - Ice/Fairy
          Honchkrow - Ghost/Poison
          Rhyperior - Dragon/Steel
          Azelf - Bug
          Mesprit - Bug
          Uxie - Bug

          Heatran - Water/Ice
          Regigigas - Water/Steel

          Turtwig - Ice/Water
          Grotle - Ice/Water
          Torterra - Ice/Water

          Chimchar - Dark/Grass
          Monferno - Dark/Grass
          Infernape - Dark/Grass

          Piplup - Rock/Fire
          Prinplup - Rock/Fire
          Empoleon - Rock/Fire

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            Unova Delta Species:
            Snivy - Ice
            Servine - Ice
            Serperior - Ice/Ground

            Tepig - Electric
            Pignite - Electric
            Emboar - Electric/Psychic

            Oshawott - Rock
            Dewott - Rock
            Samurott - Rock/Steel
            Lillipup - Rock/Ground
            Herdier - Rock/Ground
            Stoutland - Rock/Ground

            Lillipup - Ice
            Herdier - Ice
            Stoutland - Ice
            Zoruoa - Ice/Rock
            Zoroark - Ice/Rock
            Minccino - Ice
            Cinccino - Ice
            Durant - Ice/Flying

            Heatmor - Grass
            Sigilyph - Dark/Grass
            Dwebble - Grass/Psychic
            Crustle - Grass/Psychic
            Golett - Grass/Electric
            Golurk - Grass/Electric

            Axew - Electric/Steel
            Fraxure - Electric/Steel
            Haxorus - Electric/Steel

            Gothita - Normal/Fire
            Gothirita - Normal/Fire
            Gothitelle - Normal/Fire
            Solosis - Normal/Water
            Duosion - Normal/Water
            Reuniclus - Normal/Water

            Tirtouga - Steel
            Carracoasta - Steel/Ice

            Archen - Fairy
            Archeops - Fairy/Normal
            Mienfoo - Fairy
            Mienshao - Fairy

            Dieno - Poison/Psychic
            Zwellos - Poison/Psychic
            Hydreigon - Poison/Psychic

            Dieno - Steel/Ice
            Zwellos - Steel/Ice
            Hydreigon - Steel/Ice

            Shelmet - Ghost/Poison
            Accelgore - Ghost/Poison

            Karrablast - Dark/Ground
            Escavalier - Dark/Ground

            Tynamo - Ground/Water
            Eelektrik - Ground/Water
            Eelektross - Ground/Water

            Roggenrola - Water
            Boldore - Water
            Gigilath - Water

            Pawniard - Flying/Fighting
            Bisharp - Flying/Fighting
            Patrat - Flying
            Watchog - Flying

            Frillish - Fire/Dark
            Jellicent - Fire/Dark
            Sandile - Fire/Ghost
            Krookorok - Fire/Ghost
            Krookodile - Fire/Ghost

            Cobalion - Dragon/Dark
            Virizion - Dragon/Ice
            Terrakion - Dragon/Steel
            Keldeo - Dragon/Rock

            Victini - Fairy/Water
            Meloetta - Fairy/Steel

            Kalos Delta Species:
            Chespin - Steel
            Quilladin - Steel
            Chesnaught - Steel

            Fennekin - Ghost
            Braxien - Ghost
            Delphox - Ghost

            Froakie - Fighting
            Frogadier - Fighting
            Greninja - Fighting

            Fletchling - Electric
            Flechinder - Electric/Steel
            Talonflame - Electric/Steel

            Litleo - Grass/Psychic
            Pyroar - Grass/Psychic

            Espurr - Normal/Ice
            Meowstic - Normal/Ice

            Espurr - Ghost
            Meowstic - Ghost

            Honedge - Fighting/Rock
            Duoblade - Fighting/Rock
            Aegislash - Fighting/Rock

            Furfrou - Fire
            Inkay - Fairy
            Malamar - Fairy/Fight

            Carbink - Ice/Psychic
            Bergmite - Ground
            Avalungg - Ground/Dragon

            Clauncher - Grass/Bug
            Clawitzer - Grass/Bug

            Skrelp - Fire/Rock
            Dragalge - Fire/Rock

            Noibat - Ice/Ghost
            Noivern - Ice/Ghost

            Noibat - Steel/Poison
            Noivern - Steel/Poison

            Pumpkiboo - Grass/Fire
            Gourgeist - Grass/Fire

            Phantump - Dark/Grass
            Trevenant - Dark/Grass

            Amaura - Fairy
            Aurorus - Fairy/Fire

            Tyrunt - Steel
            Tyrantrum - Steel/Ground

            Goomy - Water/Bug
            Sliggoo - Water/Bug
            Goodra - Water/Bug

            Goomy - Ground
            Sliggoo - Ground
            Goodra - Ground

            Diancie - Ice/Psychic
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              Main Students:

              Yuki Matsu -Is the main female character of the story. She is 15 and is from the Orre Region. Without her phone or parents, she is hopelessly lost. Her parents had worked so hard for her to finally save enough money to send her to Goldleaf Academy, her dream school, in hopes that she could live a better life than they did and achieve her dream of becoming an Actress in the Unova. Even though it had been over 50 years since the Shadow Pokemon Crisis ended, Orre still struggled to prosper. It was no longer rough as it once was, but it was still hard to raise a family, let alone send your children to one of the most prestigious academy in the world.

              Yuki also had a special ability, allowing her to sense dark energy from pokemon. She once said that she had met a pokemon of silver, but she was unaware at what it was. She doesn't have a specialty in a certain pokemon type. However, this is may change as the hand of fate descends.

              William Grimes - Is the main male character of the story. He is 15 and is from the Unova Region. Inspired by the legends of Unova, he has always wanted to become a Dragon Tamer. However, he also really enjoys flying pokemon due to growing up near an airport and his mother being a Sky Trainer. As well as fighting type pokemon like his father. He loves all three types of pokemon and would love to master all three, but if he had to choose, he will choose dragons.

              William also has a special ability, when pokemon become aggressive in the city or pokemon just don't get along, with a simple touch, he seems to sooth the pokemon instantly, no matter how aggressive they may be. The problem is, getting close enough.

              Addison Grimes - She is another main female of the story and is the little sister of William Grimes. She is 10 years old. Because their parents travel so much, she was given a choice to attend Goldleaf Academy with her brother or travel with her parents. Because their close bond, she chose to stay with her brother. She was accepted into the same dorm as her brother and her acceptance letter informed her that she was one of the highest ranks that her age could get while attending Goldleaf.

              She enjoys all types of pokemon and has of dream of writing and directing movies. When she finds a mythical egg, she doesn't realize how much of a driving force her involvement is going to be.

              Ayame Ando - She is a support character and is 16. She is from Hoenn. She is a very adventurous trainer and loves to travel. She also really loves to eat and try new foods, but because of how active she is, she hardly gains weight from what she eats. Her dream is to travel all around the world and to become a world renowned food critic and photographer. Her specialty in pokemon tends to be Fairy and Poison.

              Chloe and Clovis Dax - Support characters. They are both from Kalos and are 16 years old. These two trainers are twin brother and sister. They embrace being twins and do everything together. Much like Ayame, they love to travel, but unlike her, they want to learn all they can about history of the pokemon world and become Tag Team Masters. Chloe's specialty is Water and Rock type pokemon. Clovis' specialty is Steel and Ice type pokemon.

              Kemali Alana - Is a support character. She is 14 years old and is from Alola. She is usually very quiet, but is extremely nice. Her dream is to become a Pokemon Coordinator and win as many different ribbons as possible. She also really loves designing outfits and moves, as well as painting. Her specialty is Bug and Electric type pokemon.

              Olivia Fraiser - Is a support character. She is 15 and is from Unova. She loves history. She also loves everything about books, computers and anything else that requires mystery solving. Her dream is to become a Pokemon Professor as well as an actress much like Yuki. But her biggest dream is to discover a new pokemon. She also loves writing stories and imagines herself being around during ancient times. Her specialty is Fire ad Ghost type pokemon.

              Iwao Wada - Is a support character. He is 15 and is from Sinnoh. He loves the mountains and wants to become a Pokemon Ranger. However, he doesn't want to be a normal one. He wants to catch pokemon and help anyone in need of aid, especially when it comes to natural disasters. He specializes in Grass and Ground type pokemon, but he will catch any pokemon that he thinks may be of use to his goal.

              Takeshi Nakano - Is a support character and is from Kanto. He is 16 and his dream is to become one of the best Dragon Tamers in the world, but also he wants to become an International Police Officer and take down all types of crime and make the world a better place. However, he sometimes looks down on others and can be arrogant. He specialize in Dark and Dragon Pokemon.

              Moriko Chisaka - Is a support character. She is 15 and is from Johto. Growing up near dance theaters, she has always wanted to become a great dancer and singer just like her mother. She also wants to become an expert in playing the flute. She also wishes to find her father who went missing many years ago. She does not special in a certain type of pokemon, but she does tend to favor humanoid like pokemon.

              Haku Kahele - Support character . He is 14 and is from Alola. His dream is to become one of the greatest pokemon sports experts to ever come. He also wishes to surf on every beach in the world. He specializes in water pokemon, as well as any pokemon that may be from the sea.

              Lumi Mori - A support character. She is 15 and is from the Sinnoh Region. Her dream is to become a great skier, snowboarder, and ice skater. She also wishes to one day become an Ice-Type Gym Leader. She loves all Ice type pokemon and wants to eventually snowboard down some of the tallest mountains in the world. Even though she specializes Ice-Type pokemon, she has a Chimchar that her father gave her.
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                Teachers and Adults:

                Hazel Sato - She is the Dorm Leader of the Tranquil Leaf Dorm, also known as the Tranquility Dorm, She is one of the younger teachers, 27 years old, at the school. She loves making jokes, some times if offensive jokes, but is a great teacher and will do anything for her students. She carries a camera around almost constantly to take pictures of battles and trainers having fun. She usually has a very active role when it comes to planning school events. Unlike other teachers, she waits for her students and greets them without them knowing she is the student's dorm leader. She gives out packages to her students to help them be as best as they can. Her father is Sataoshi Sato who is the owner of all the trains that run in Sinjoh. She dreams to one day create a Battle Subway similar to the one in Unova, but make it more adventurous. Much like her father, she tends to specialize in steel and electric type pokemon.

                Satoshi Sato - Satoshi Sato is a 58 year old business man and the father of Hazel Sato. He is the owner of all the trains in Sinjoh and makes a ton of money. He dreams to one day make a train large and fast enough to travel across and under oceans to other regions. He specializes in Steel and Electric type pokemon.

                Reo Bonsai - Is the current Dean of Goldleaf Academy and believes that all trainers should have a chance to prove themselves in his Academy. Even though he is only a Dean, he battles on the level of champions. When he isn't busy working, he will go out among the students in disguise and battle trainers he sees promise in. He is a huge fan of Battle Royales and will hold tournaments every season, and some times on holidays with special themes.

                Yashu Baobab - Leader of Team Shadow was once the Dean of Goldleaf Academy, but was overthrown when the staff no longer believes he was fit to lead. He thought that only the strong should go to his school, but many disagreed. He was once friends with Reo Bonsai, but after the death of their close friend, Ayuki, he turned on Reo Bonsai and blamed if for her death in which they both loved. Because of this tragic event, he no longer believe the weak should be allowed to battle and became as powerful as a champion, only to be overthrown by his best friend who clashed with his ideas. He moved to Orre for some time and learned about the Shadow pokemon and set out to make the strongest pokemon to Sinjoh to its knees and to reclaim his rightful spot as Dean and rebuild the Academy in his image.

                Seppen - She is one of the three admins of Team Shadow. She was said to have come from a different dimension where humans had the abilities of pokemon thanks to experiments. She specializes in Ice and Dark Pokemon.

                Raiden - He is one of the three admins of Team Shadow. Much like Akumu, he was said to have come from a different dimension where humans had abilities of pokemon. He specializes in Electric and Steel pokemon.

                Katsu- He is one of the three admins of Team Shadow. Much like the other two, he came from a different dimension where humans had pokemon abilities. He specializes in Fire and Fighting pokemon.

                Bernard Duval - Bernard is 31 years old and is from the Kalos Region. He is the leader of the Mountain Leaf Dorm, also known as, Mountain Dorm. He can be very nervous and can get flustered quickly if over whelmed. He believes in the current ways of how the Goldleaf Academy is ran by. Because of his nervousness, students will sometimes takes advantage of his weakness of being almost constantly nervous. However, this nervousness completely vanishes when he talks about Fossils and pokemon from Prehistoric times. He will also use his fossil pokemon to intimidate the students when he cannot. He does not have any real ambitions other than to be the best teacher he can.

                Julie Summers- Julie is a 28 year old teacher and is the head of Bright Leaf Dorm, or also known as Bright Dorms,. She is from the Unova Region. She is very cheerful, but also very determined. She is best friends with Hazel. She is also the one who told Hazel about the Battle Subway in the Unova Region when they were younger. Her dream is to create an island that has a lot of different colosseums and have different trophies where people could compete as much as they wanted to. Her dream is to make it very much like the movie known as Poketopia which had two movies before it known as Stadium and Stadium 2. She doesn't have a specific specialty when it comes to pokemon types, but she has of habit of being attracted by Electric Pokemon.

                Zahkilano Loamauna - Zahkilano is the most feared teachers at the Academy. He is head of Tungsten Leaf Dorm, also known as Power Dorm, he will fail anyone and everyone who makes some of the simplest mistakes. He believes that the Academy should be cleansed of all weakness and rarely agrees with the Dean. It is said that he owns a Legendary Pokemon, but no one has ever seen it. He specializes in Steel, Psychic, Dragon, and Ghost type pokemon. He is the strongest teacher aside from the Dean at Goldleaf Academy. Because of his long name, people usually call him The Volcano to match his personality.

                Naomi - Is said to be a fourth admin of Team Shadow, however, there are not enough reports to confirm her existence. Those who have seen her, have reported her appearing from no where. All reports have said that she was the most beautiful woman to have ever seen. Her voice almost like a poison which attracted both man and woman, regardless of their relationship preference. Reports indicate that she may be like the other three admins. The have given her the name, Naomi.
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                  I said that I would only include a few primals, but I have added some additional pokemon that I think are important to the story of these two regions. To make these as powerful as my image, they will require some odd ideas that I am not sure would ever work in the games. It will also require some explaining. Be warned, some include some insane numbers, but this is because it may require more than a single pokemon. And shows just how powerful these pokemon were.

                  Universal Deoxys: Psychic
                  Description: It looks like all forms combined into one.

                  Universal Deoxys is a type Primal Reversion. It is unknown exactly how these came to be as it has only ever been express by ancient scripts. From what people know, in order for this to ever occur, 4 Deoxys must become one. You must have a Normal, Speed, Attack, and Defense forms and journey to Crystalsand Island in the Holon Region.

                  HP - 100
                  Attack - 200
                  Defense - 200
                  Sp. A - 200
                  Sp. D - 200
                  Speed - 200
                  Total: 1100

                  Primal Regigigas: Normal
                  Description: Its body turns into a mixture of Lava, Ice and Rock.

                  In order to cause this to happen, trainers must bring the Regis from Unova and Hoenn together at the standing stones in the middle of the lake in the Holon Region. When the Regi are close, they will transform into 6 orbs which then combine to create the Continental Orb. This orb can then be used to induce Primal Reversion for Regigigas.

                  HP - 110
                  Att - 110
                  Def - 150
                  Sp. A - 200
                  Sp. D - 110
                  Speed - 90
                  Total - 770

                  Mega Ho-oH: Fire/Psychic
                  Description: It's body turns into a nothing, but fire of different colors, as well as gains additional flame feathers and a aura of gold that surrounds the rainbow.

                  In order for Ho-oH to mega evolve, a trainer must have a pure heart and have complete trust with each other. Ho-oH must also know Sacred Flames. The trainer must also hold the Rainbow Wing.

                  HP - 120
                  Att - 120
                  Def - 125
                  Sp. A - 145
                  Sp. D - 145
                  Speed - 145
                  Total - 800

                  Mega Lugia: Water/Psychic
                  Description: Its body turns completely to a liquid substance that is grey, black and dark blue. A silver aura also surrounds the pokemon body. It becomes more feathery, but not nearly as much as Ho-oH.

                  In order for Lugia to mega evolve, a trainer must have a pure soul and have complete trust with each other. Lugia must also know Aeroblast. The trainer must also hold the Silver Wing.

                  HP - 120
                  Att - 145
                  Def - 145
                  Sp. A - 120
                  Sp. D - 125
                  Speed - 145
                  Total - 800

                  Lati: Dragon/Psychic
                  Description: The pokemon is a light purple color, but also has a mix of peach and turquoise color. This pokemon looks very much like Latios and Latias, but with a greater size.

                  This pokemon is special and can only be achieved when 2 humans and both Latis' hearts are connected and all four have complete trust of one another. They must touch the Soul Dew in the presence of Mew and Latios and Latias will fuse into one single pokemon.

                  HP - 200
                  Att - 200
                  Def - 200
                  Sp. A - 200
                  Sp. D - 200
                  Speed - 250
                  Total - 1250
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                    Team Shadow:
                    Team Shadow is an organization that has been formed by Yashu Baobab in hopes of reclaiming his rightful spot as Dean of Goldleaf Academy. When he was exiled from Goldleaf, he left and visited a far away region known as the Orre Region. While he was there, he learned of the Shadow Pokemon incident 50 years ago.

                    With this knowledge, he had studied some of the darkest empires and secretes of the pokemon world. In his quest to find more, he journeyed to Pewter City in the Kanto Region, to learn more about an ancient civilization known as Pokelantis who once tried to use Ho-oH to rule the world.

                    He found a stone pokeball that he thought would lead him to catching Ho-oH and close of its heart, but instead, it closed his own heart. The team that had been helping him Explore Pokelantis, reported that a dark entity took possession of Yashu Baobab. From that point own, he was driven to the brink of insanity. He then journeyed to an area known as Oldale Ruins in Hoenn. This was said to have sent him back to ancient times, but no one knew exactly what had happened. However, when he emerged, he could never put a bottle he had found down.

                    Not long after this, three people joined him, two males and a female and together they formed Team Shadow. For the most part they seemed like normal people, but people had reported that they had pokemon abilities, as well as the ability to use pokemon moves. These three people were named Seppen, Raiden, and Katsu and they became the admins of Team Shadow. He was said that there was a fourth, but the fourth had never shown up in person and thus was impossible to say who it was. But for those who have seen the fourth, they describe her as one of the most beautiful woman they have ever seen with long flowing hair. When they had seen her, she had appeared out of no where and seemed to have poisoned people with her looks. similar to a siren, but unlike a siren, it seemed to have an effect on every single woman regardless of their view on relationships. Some even said she had the ability to control people and force them to join Team Shadow, making her the most dangerous of them all.

                    Yashu Baobab didn't stop. His next move, he was said to have journeyed to Holon and caught large sums of Delta Pokemon, closed their hearts and released them into the wild in Sinjoh and other regions. Because they were Delta Pokemon, it made them a lot harder to deal with due to very few people knowing about the Delta Pokemon, let alone their types.

                    Order of Dawn:
                    The Order of Dawn was said to have been an ancient organization of trainers who vowed to protect the world from shadows and the darkness of the universe. When the world was in turmoil, it was said that 18 trainers stood side by side with pokemon to stop an unstoppable foe from beyond. During the battle, it was said that only two of these trainers had survived and put a stop to all the chaos when their hearts connected to one another, as well as the Legendary Pokemon Latios and Latias, unleashing a powerful Eon pokemon who worked with Regigigas to end to chaos out once and for all.

                    Wes, a trainer from the Orre Region, was the first to face off against the Shadow Pokemon with his friend Rui. A tale in his family had told him about the ancient times and when he saw the shadows rising, he took it upon himself to delay disaster as long as possible. When he finally was able to stop the first Shadow Incident, he and Rui journeyed the world in an attempt to re-establish the Warriors of the Dawn. Without a trace, they vanished and haven't been heard from again. No one knows what happened to them, or if they were able to establish the Order of Dawn again. However, some reports said they were last seen in the Sinjoh Region.
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                      I think this is the final post for these two Regions. Sorry it took so long, but I did really enjoy them.

                      Before I get to the final part, I did add a new female name Lumi Mori who is form the Sinnoh Region and is an Ice type specialist. i wanted a trainer to embody the frozen part of Sinnoh, even though the last region I had was nothing, but Ice pokemon.

                      Also, I will be returning to Unova Reloaded. I just want to do some editing to it and get the map back that I had for it, but lost it. While I am on the subject, my next region will likely be based on a combination of the Grand Canyon and the Great Lakes in the USA. I originally was going to do a Florida/Gulf of Mexico based region next, but I have decided to hold off after recent events with Hurricane Michael. This next region will also be more normal with the first 6 generations.

                      Ok, so let's finish this up!

                      Sundering of the World: Ancient Holon and the Formation of Sinjoh

                      Long ago after the creation pokemon had crafted the world. Arceus created Mew so that it could aid the humans in time of need. After the creation of Mew, Arceus retreated to the heavens and slumbered. Legendary pokemon began to shape the world below.

                      Many years passed with very few conflicts, but all that changed when a powerful pokemon appeared, using its rings to bring an alien pokemon to the world. The two pokemon started to cause trouble, provoking the other powerful pokemon. Necrozma saw what was coming and before anything could happen to its home, it enlisted the aid of Regigigas and together the two pokemon moved parts of the land away from the main continent at the time and assigned five pokemon to become the guardian of these islands, but one refused to sit back and allow the world to be destroyed. For this, Necrozma punished the pokemon, banishing it from the region and shattered its island into nothing. Necrozma then split into three pokemon to allow the light to shine at all times in what is now known as Alola. The three pokemon retreated into their own worm holes, leaving the world.

                      Not long after, the War of Legends began. It shattered the land, breaking the world apart and the balance was broken. The dragon of black and white, didn't wish to take part and a senseless battle and retreated, to parts of the land. The legend of black and white, asking Regigigas for aid, moved the large land mass away from the cataclysmic battle. Part of that landmass is home to present day Unova. The legend of black and white would day away form conflict until war itself came to its own land many years later.

                      The exiled island guardian, banished from Alola for wanting to help the world, desperately started to search for Mew, but was unable to find it. It instead found two pokemon on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean. These two pokemon wished the same thing and all three now tried to find mew. They allied with the humans in hopes that soon they would find mew.

                      Lugia and Ho-oH did not care for the fighting, but they were unable to do much about it. Instead of fighting they asked for the aid of humans. Together Lugia, Ho-oH and the ancient humans went on a quest to save has many people and pokemon as they possibly could. Ho-oH resurrected the ones that he could and Lugia called on the power of the sea currents to keep the sever sunlight, rain and wind at bay so that the humans could travel as safely as possible.

                      Zygarde emerged from deep within the earth and transformed into a god like state to bring balance to the land, but he was only able to manage to quell Xerneas and Yveltal. When he joined in the fight against the space pokemon, he was quickly defeated by the combined might of the two pokemon, and was forever changed, making it hard to achieve his god like state.

                      The pokemon with rings summoned a massive meteor which broke the remaining land apart when it crashed. At this point, the ancient humans still caught among the battle called out for help, causing the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza to transformed allowing it to quell Kyogre and Groundon. When Rayquaza joined the fight against the tyrants, he was defeated much like Zygarde. The world's last hope was now in the hands of Latios, Latias, and the banished Tapu to find Mew. But a new threat had been born in the fighting.

                      Regigigas became enraged by the fact the land was suffering, and with its own godly power, it created the Regis in order to stop the tyrant known as Hoopa and the space pokemon, Deoxys. For months it stood its ground at the western end of the land mass in which contained Kanto, Johto, Sinjoh, and Holon. The battle caused massive destruction in the region of Holon, which at the time was the heart of human civilization. But its long battle caused its power to diminish.

                      As Regigigas was about to fall, the banished Island Guardian and the two Latis finally arrived with Mew. Seeing that the world was suffering, Mew transformed into Arceus for only a few seconds so that it could locate the plates needed to construct a bottle to trap the pokemon Hoopa. Mew was able to locate them. It wasn't just the pokemon, two humans stood side by side with the banished Tapu, the Eon Pokemon and Mew. Mew created the Soul Dew and together, the two humans and the Eon pokemon touched the Soul Dew and the two pokemon fused creating Lantis or Lati, one was the fastest pokemon ever.

                      The two humans hoped on the back of the new pokemon and quickly flew at a great speed to the Splash, Flame and Earth Plates and returned. Together the banished Tapu, the two humans, and the Eon Pokemon worked as one and created the Prison Bottle. The lightest of the two humans jumped on the back to the Eon Pokemon and charged at Hoopa while the other one fought with the tapu. The bottle caused a cyclone and sucked away Hoopa's power. Regigigas used an attack and easily knocked out Hoopa once its power diminished, but shattered a mountain to pieces in the process. Deoxys looked upon the end of the battle and retreated into space, but with one last move, Regigigas launched one final attack, nearly obliterating Deoxys, sending only parts of a gem into space, while shards of what remained of its gym, crash landed on an island.

                      Regigigas fell into the already destroyed land of Holon. Its power disappeared and it changed. The War of Legends had come to an end. The humans of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Holon, and Sinnoh worked together to seal away Regigigas afraid of its power, but hoped one day the power could be controlled. The Eon pokemon split back into two and returned home and the banished Tapu traveled around the world, helping where it could. With ancient Holon in ruins, now split into two sections by the crater that Regigigas left when it fell, the ancient humans left the region to develop other regions. Some established a new regions, naming it after the land in which the two humans were from that stood with Mew and the other pokemon to save the world. Mew disappeared once again.

                      Because of the destruction caused by Hoopa, Regigigas, and Deoxys, it changed the land that Ancient Holon once stood, causing unique magnetic properties to bathe the region which would eventually be used by humans to create Mew.
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