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    Hello, I am Obermarschall and since I played Pokémon Yellow (which was my first Pokémon game) I always had this idea of making my own game. Moreover as child I always tried to imagine how my world could be if there were Pokémon. This idea followed me for a long time until I found ROMhacking and much later fangames done by Pokémon Essentials.

    Well...I was basically trying to make my own ROMhacks, fangames but it never lead to anything...until a year ago I started to make a more serious project, which eventually become Pokémon Red Lion.


    In Pokémon Red Lion, you play as a soon-to-be professional Pokémon Trainer. Yes, being a Pokémon Trainer is a job and you won't start as 10-year old kid, no you will start in your mid-twenties and you live with your girlfriend. You start in the town of Esch-sur-Alzette which is in Luxembourg. You pick up your starter from the town hall and need to pass some exams at university in order to become a professional Pokémon Trainer.

    Later on you travel all across Luxembourg, to collect the gym badges. You need them to qualify for the National Pokémon League. Besides you will also fight against an extreme left-wing and right-wing group. The extreme left-wing group wants a 'trainerless' society, while the extreme right-wing wants to keep autochthonous Pokémon of Luxembourg.

    You will discover many dirty secrets behind the scenes, which I will not spoiler you of course... However, let me tell you this, you will travel in the past! Eventually after you finish your adventure in Luxembourg, you flee to Peru and hide your true identity; you will live your live as a new person. After your Peruvian adventure, you will compete in the Pokémon World Tournament and later on return to finish some business... So yes the so-called post-game will not be a post-game per se...


    The starters will be Fakémon. They are called: Acoon, Charcoal and Jackalope. You will get your startes in the town hall.


    *some Fakémon
    *some custom Delta/Alola forms
    *albino and melanite Pokémon exist too
    *HM Fly is not usable, but instead you have a new system of travelling (you can take the train/bus) for that you can buy an 2-hour, daily or monthly ticket.
    *you can skate, ride a bike or drive by car
    *deep relationships with specific people
    *banking system
    *you are able to buy houses/plots/flats/...
    *different Pokémon teams based on the region (when you flee from Luxembourg to Peru you have to start from 'zero' but later on you recover your old Pokémon of course)
    *hunger/thirst system for the player

    and much more.


    Team recruitement

    So far I made most if not almost everything alone, except for few scripts and few Fakémons. If you find some hmmm 'bad' Fakémon it is because well those artists are not cheap and I really wanted to have Fakémon. And as one Fakémon alone is expensive I started also to do my own Fakémon. I'd be glad to welcome new artists, scripters, mappers and other collaborators. Every help is appreciated just pm me.. Please also check the reddit page:


    Pokémon: Nintendo/GameFreak
    RPG Maker: Enterbrain
    Pokémon Essentials: Maruno/Poccil/Flameguru
    Ressources Gen 7 PBS:: Marin, Zeak6464, Tapu Fini, SpartaLazor, leparagon, BlackOutG5, Rune, M3rein, Rigbycwts, Rot8er_ConeX, James Davy, Luka S.J.
    Project: Generation 6: mej71, WorldSlayer, Pokemon Sprites:, /u/sicns, /u/Evolemon, Pikachumazzinga,
    karstictrainer, TheDeKay, viperk1, SunakazeKun, Radical Raptr, RPD490, Takyon!, Pokegod7020, Drakath569, Florio, MrDeepDarkMind, snooper117
    Fakémon: me, MaksimFadeev, Metehan A.
    and many more. If I forgot some please tell me so.
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    lolxdis lolxdis is offline
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      Looking forward to it :D
      Also Jackalope FTW
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      Old 2 Weeks Ago (5:50 AM).
      Obermarschall Obermarschall is offline
        Join Date: Apr 2016
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        Posts: 30
        Originally Posted by lolxdis View Post
        Looking forward to it :D
        Also Jackalope FTW
        You are welcome. I plan to have a demo ready with at least two gyms for the following days.
        Check my fangame:
        Do you wish to collaborate? Please check out this subreddit:
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          What does the name "Red Lion" have to do with the game? Or would explaining it reveal too much about the ending? I think your plot blurb was really interesting, especially the bit about fleeing to Peru and then returning for the World Tournament. I think the concept behind your game is great -- you should probably spend more time focusing on your graphics (making an overworld sprite that matches the main character rather than just using Red's, and cleaning up errors on your maps and sprites). Overall, though, this is a solid start. Good luck!
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