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I think this is going to be quite an interesting thread!

I think throughout this whole entire speculation period we've had tons of different expectations for these games (be it good or bad), and I'd like to know how they differ (or not) from your initial impressions playing it. :o



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My expectations weren’t high based on not bothering to keep up with news on the games and seeing lots of negative perceptions from reviewers and fans in the run up to release.

However, I’m currently at Vermillion City and I’m totally hooked. It looks gorgeous, I love the visual style and I love love LOVE the way Pokémon now appear in the overworld in the wild and when they follow you around. I’ve kept a Pidgey in my team since I caught it purely because it looks so effing adorable following me around. It’s level 25 now and I’ve refused to evolve it or put it in the Box haha!
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I enjoy it. It really reminds me of the days where Pokemon was the most important thing in my life. The graphics are BEAUTIFUL. Though I'll admit I'm seriously tired of friendly rivals. This has been a problem since Gen III but I guess Gen I isn't safe from this either.

I know some of you guys aren't particularly thrilled about this game, but I'd say at least give it a chance and see what you think. It's a good way to hold us over until the Gen 8 games.


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Like I thought I am as board as I thought. In most pokemon games, even FRLG, HGSS and ORAS, I can't stop playing it. But I am already bored and I just now got to the Rock Cave.

There are too many repeats of pokemon, it is hard to train pokemon you get halfway through the game because you get so low of an xp amount and you seem to get even lower XP from catching pokemon you have already caught. And you seem to get more XP with higher leveled pokemon, so there is no point to change it.

There isn't enough verity of pokemon to use.

So nothing has changed in my opinion. It is my least liked pokemon game. I don't see myself playing it much once I beat the Champion and I don't plan to defeat Master Trainers. There isn't enough customization. There is no Night and Day, so it takes away from what we have had since Gold and Silver. The game is far to easy with all trainers usually only having 1 pokemon from what I have seen. Not enough reason to change pokemon. It isn't worth the $60 buck or in my case $100 because I got the Pokeball Plus which I enjoy more than the actual game and can't wait to use it playing Pokemon Go. So unless they announce DLC, I will probably sell the game.



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Posted June 9th, 2019
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I havent played a Pokmon game since Generation 2. I know that is a long time but eh we all have our priorities. Anyways, a friend of mine got Lets GO Pikachu and let me try it out the other day. My expectation going into it was that it was going to be a watered down version of Pokmon Yellow and it came across as exactly that. Opposing trainers hardly posed a challenge when Im doing 75% damage with x1 or normal damage attacks and Im barely getting scratches in return. Poison and Burns often did more damage than the opposing Pokmon themselves unless it was x2 or x4 if I was foolish enough to do so. Alolan variants also made this game a cakewalk, particularly Alolan Sandshrew since its part Steel Type. Steel just wrecks Kanto hardcore due to the numerous resistances, including Rock(Brock, albeit not applicable in first go around), Ice(Lorelei), Psychic(Sabrina), Grass(Erika), Flying(rival uses Mega Pidgeot) and Dragon(Lance). Tack on complete immunity to Poison(Koga) and you got a Pokmon that single handedly solos roughly half the game on its own with its complimentary Ice Typing making things that much easier. Lance in particular was a real letdown. His RBY or FRLG were harder than LGPE and frankly if youre going to give him Seadra, you might as well make it Kingdra, give him a Mega Gyarados, Mega Aerodactyl or Mega Charizard X(wherein it becomes part Dragon) to go along with his Dragonite that was lower in level than his RBY counterpart(level 62 in Yellow...).

I will say this. Its graphics are actually decent. Follow mechanic is a much needed addition and the ride mechanic is a joy to behold, even necessary to encounter Flying Pokmon(like on Onix). The music was a nostalgic jolt but I honestly wish theyd done some original content for the friendly rival(and gave Blue his traditional theme or created something entirely new for him), Green(she really deserves it after so many years) and Red(heck the GSC score at bare minimum....).

Overall, Id steer clear of this game unless youre a true hardcore fanatic or you want to play with your kids, friends or people new to the franchise. Oh and for those wondering what team I used, this one was pretty effective to say the least: My Team
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Posted July 21st, 2019
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I just beat the elite four. Not much to say other than I like the game a lot. I wasnt a fan of the rival character. I named him asshat cuz thats the impression I got from him. Asshat was a real let down compared to Gary/Blue. It also would have been nice to see Lillie as the champion of Kanto to kind of tie things together, but Im afraid that was a missed opportunity:/ But, I liked the game a lot.


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The storyline was less sugarcoated than I expected it to be.
Sure, it is much easier than the original but at least it was much more fun than I'd thought it would be.
So glad to have ordered LGE right from the start too-- Eevee is epic.
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Just got to Fachusia City and the Go Park, which is again, extremely disappointing. I understand we should have to catch pokemon, like we have in past games, but we shouldn't have to use 10 to 20 Ultra Balls to catch a pokemon we have already caught in Pokemon Go.

I think we should have to catch them, but they shouldn't move around and have a completely red ring.


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Well, based on the overall perception that I've been seeing in the run-up to release, people have been trashing this game to hell and high water. Not really sure why, but common complaints were the GO-style of catching and the fact it was Kanto again. If you don't like the game, the chances are that it's not for you (the overall audience of this is GO players, young chaps and (to a lesser extent) people who started with RBY or FRLG), but considering how vocal the haters are, it's really hard to see a positive opinion about this game.

Then I picked up my copy of Let's Go Eevee, plopped it into my Switch, and started playing it, expecting the game to be an absolute calamity. Turns out that it actually felt like a real Pokemon game, except with GO mechanics and the frustration of wasting several Pokeballs on a Pokemon. While people bash the opening act for being too easy, it was most likely done not to scare off the target audience and ensure they know how to build a team instead of just relying on their strongest "CP" mon. Even with the difficulty backpedalling for that part, I noticed that levels started to spike around the SS Anne, and they kept going at it relentlessly, so it's not all "too easy" (despite the EXP Share being added in that can't be turned off) but rather a good balance. Some of the Coach Trainers (I'm looking at YOU, Route 7!) gave me a bit of trouble as well.

All in all, it's actually quite a fun game. I even got a bit nostalgic at some parts, harking back to when I first played FireRed as a kid.

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I love riding Pokemon, all pokemon following you unlike in previous games where it was only certain Pokemon in a closed course.

I think this is closest to Mega Latios in ORAS.

I also love shinies in the overworld.

That being said I hate the fact the game is like Pokemon Go which in turn was based on the old Safari zone, where you can only throw a ball or a berry then the Pokemon can flee.
I don’t really mind the catching mechanics or the not battling wild Pokemon, but the fleeing part kills shiny hunting for me. Even the catch combo, you have to be lucky enough for a Pokemon to not flee on you after a chain of 25.

Also the overworld sprites are kind of annoying since they walk into you. When I was deciding on a fossil I had to dodge Pokemon running into me.

I wasn’t planning to get it but changed my mind at the last second plus Black Friday deals heloed.


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I wasn't expecting much outside of a cutesy game with little playability outside of catching a few Pokemon and have them follow you around but for the most part, I have been proven wrong. The game is rather difficult at times if you aren't just blindly grinding and pumping your Pokemon full of candy. The shiny mechanics in this game are also top notch and make these the first games I have fully enjoyed shiny hunting. Overall I'd say I am fairly impressed!



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Posted September 10th, 2019
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I don't have the game, but I have watched walkthroughs and it looks good. But for some reason, I feel like it lacks replayability. Almost every game I played until now, I wanted to play again, but this just seems to be a one and done kind of thing. But it looks really good. For now. If you guys had to rate it, how many stars out of 10?
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I wasn't particularly hyped up for this game, and having played the game now I still don't have a great liking of it. I do't really like the fact that you have to catch wild Pokémon to get Exp, rather than battling them, and also the fact that you usually get more Exp for catching wild Pokémon than you get from battling trainer Pokémon.

Also, I knew you wouldn't be able to evolve your starter in the game (since this game is obviously all about being cute rather than being competitive), but I was annoyed to find out that your rival gets to evolve his starter. Just seems kinda bullmuk imo.

So yeah, as I expected, this is one of my least favourite Pokémon games that I have played (possibly THE least). I probably won't be finishing this game anytime soon as I have other games, both Pokémon and non-Pokémon, that I would rather spend my time playing.


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It's better than I expected - I like that aside from the cringey Jesse & James segments it doesn't actually hold your hand nearly as much as ORAS. Caves and surf routes are less frustrating when you can see and predict the encounters, the catching is actually not terrible, and the game is well balanced for the fact that you can't grind Pokemon by making catching give you a ton of EXP, and at least some Pokemon you have to battle first (which is actually an improvement since you can just faint then catch them instead of having to get their health down as low as possible then crit and kill them accidentally). The Eevee (thank god at least I don't have to deal with Pikachu) partner nonsense is kinda minimal, though I really wish I could remove it from my party because it's more or less wasting a slot at this point.

It's an ok thing.
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Posted November 29th, 2018
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I'm only at Pewter City but I really love the presentation of the game - menus, graphics.. it looks really good. I do think battles could have been given some more dynamic options - perhaps some more movement as Pokemon anticipate opponent's moves, and particularly making use of the Switch for better move animations in certain cases, but that may be held out for the main titles next year.

I quite like the idea of encounters being less random now - and the opportunity to see the Pokemon prior. I do miss the battling aspect, though. The different sizes, weight etc is a nice addition. I would've liked the opportunity to turn off the exp share, as it already seems I'm over-leveled, but I get that this isn't in any way meant to be a challenging game.


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It's pretty much what I expected. It's RBY with a high-defniition coat of paint, but a pretty damn good one. Removal of abilities, wild battles, and all non-Gen 1 pokemon don't really helps it case either. That being said, it does get me excited about the potential of the Gen 8 games on the Switch. Graphically, it looks good, but I feel they can better. I also hope they keep pokemon being viewable on the overworld. and the creativeness of the ride pokemon (Snorlax is the best).

It's a fun nostalgia trip that probably won't be getting that many replays due to limiting factors.



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i was actually really worried about the game being too hand hold-y and having too many mandatory tutorials. i was pleasantly surprised to see that that's not the case here. they don't leave you in the dark about things, but they also don't grab your hand and explicitly show you every little detail, and i appreciate that balance! i like that i'm able to feasibly raise a lot of pokemon bc that's something i've enjoyed with pokemon as i've gotten older. it's also not insanely easy like i was expecting. it's probably because i'm raising literally everything in my box, but sometimes the trainers will be kicking my ass lmfao.

but yeah anyway i like this game way more than i expected to and it's been an absolute delight to play. my only concern is that i will get bored with it after i finish the main story and lose interest in shiny hunting. with only gen I pokemon (+ alolan forms and meltan's line), it's going to get stale after a while and i hope that there's dlc or updates to allow for later gen pokemon to be in the game. at the least, i hope they can eventually be transferred from the go app. but yeah! really love this game and it beat my expectations!
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I was surprised to find that I dont miss battling wild Pokemon like I thought I would, you still get to battle the legandarys and other storyline Mon's... maybe now I have finished the story mode and training to beat the Master trainers I may find just catching over and over a bit more of a chore but I havent yet.

Theres a lot I enjoy, to name a few:
Riding Pokemon & following
Battling Blue,Red & Green
Trading for Alolan forms
Change of outfits
(and playing on a TV!)

Overall I have really enjoyed the game, as I played these games back in 1999 I always felt I would enjoy them regardless.

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Firstly, I love the encounter feature. I LOVE being able to see Pokemon in the overworld and maneuver around them (or get chased). Every time I hit a spot of grass and mentally prepare myself I just remember that, oh yeah, I'll be able to see them coming. No more interruptions, and I can specifically look for what I want. I love that your Pokemon finally follow you around, something we've been begging for for years now. I like that we have the options to trade for the Alolan forms still (Alolan Ninetails became invaluable on my team).

Things that could have been better are just cosmetic things like the character customization. I chose my first character at the beginning under the impression I'd be able to change things later, like the hair/eye color, and even (I had hoped) the hair style. The clothing options are cute when they come at pivotal moments in the game to match the upcoming theme (i.e. the Sailor's outfit for the S.S. Anne), but are also still kind of limited in my opinion. Also having only one style of backpack. Being able to dress your partner is adorable though.

Another one is ride Pokemon. I can ride Snorlax of all things, which just looks uncomfortable, but not my Pidgeot. I caught Moltres thinking I'd be able to ride the legendary bird trio for sure, and you can't. Riding on Rapidash is 9/10 but don't tell me Rapidash couldn't just gallop over those ledges, or that Onix would even notice them, either. Also why is Blastoise not a ride option for water?

What I was straight up disappointed in and hated was the removal of HM moves and giving your partner Pokemon all the techniques. Took away a big portion of in-game team building I loved so much - building teams around HM moves. Instead now for some reason I get transported to and from places using a swing my Eevee sits in the front of.

I'm neutral about Eevee's exclusive moves because you can just ignore them entirely, but they can, again, take some real depth out of team building.

I was expecting better, but I'm fine with what I got. It's Yellow Remastered.
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Way better than I was expecting. I was looking forward to the game, but feeling a little over Kanto - however I was hooked from the moment I started it up.

Being able to see pokemon (and avoid them) in the overworld was amazing. I also loved the removal of HM's - I hate having those crappy moves in my Pokemon's movesets, so this was a positive for me.

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It is a visual beauty in terms of graphics, in spite of some recycled elements. (sprites, for instance.)

As of time of writing, I’ve just reached Rock Tunnel. I took on Lt. Surge with no Ground-types. Would have preferred if there was no roadblock in the Diglett Tunnel to backtrack to Mt. Moon to find the now hidden Moon Stone, but at least it brought forth a challenge.

That Gambler with a Fissure Diglett swept half of my team in three consecutive goes! My jolly ol’ Magikarp taught him a lesson. No busted Splashes, required.

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I say if you want a pure, good, well done Gen 1 experience.
Let's Go! is the place to go. (pardon the pun)
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