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The Pokecommunity Daily wants to feature you!

As stated, the PC Daily is looking for fanart of the 8th generation starters to showcase in an article. If you would like to submit artwork. please post below with your name, the image itself, and a link to your PC thread (or dA or tumblr, wherever you host your work). Any submission is acceptable, no matter what style or medium, so feel free to get creative! Digital art, traditional art, sprites, sculptures, whatever you would like The Daily to feature!

The deadline is Friday, March 15th

If you have any questions about submissions, please feel free to post them here or direct them either to myself or bobandbill.

Thank you and have a great day! :)


This is fine.

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I am planning to have the article featuring submissions out tomorrow (some were given in the other thread too). However the article can be updated with any new entries afterward; it's just going to get less views compared to being in the article from the beginning (and you also should quote-notify me or another Daily staffer so we know to add something in!).

In other words, if you want your stuff featured in the article, anytime is fine but the sooner the better for views and attention. ;)
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