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Old April 4th, 2013 (11:43 AM).
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since she's gone. (I know, right?)

Explorers of Sky is drastically different from Explorers of Time/Darkness for some reason, but it's easy to grasp, like the other two.

Also, I'm sorry for the low amount of content, I haven't touched these things in ages, and it wasn't really even extensive as it was before I forgot what all my shorthand meant/switched stuff around/realized I made a mistake. :)

So, without further ado…

1 In-text codes

So in PMD, instead of fancy codes that require a something like \v\h01, they just use a modified form of BBCode/HTML, and as a super bonus, in plain ASCII up 'til #128. Simple, isn't it?

Here is what I could gather.


[C]	Page Feed

	[c_kind:ATTENDANT1]	Partner's Species
	[c_kind:PLAYER]	Player's Species

[CLUM_SET:value]	Column2 position
	[CLUM_SET:130]	sets two columns

[CS:c][CR] text color [CS:E][CR] Sky blue text [CS:G][CR] Sky blue text [CS:I][CR] Lavender text [CS:J][CR] Yellow text [CS:K][CR] Green text [CS:N][CR] Sky blue text [CS:X][CR] Lavender text [hero] Player's name [K] Dialogue pause [kind:] Speaker's Species (if any) [M:string] [COLOR= [M:B0] Start Button Graphic [M:B1] Select Button Graphic [M:B10] Confirm button [M:B2] A Button Graphic [M:B3] B Button Graphic [M:B4] X Button Graphic [M:B5] Y Button Graphic [M:B6] L Button Graphic [M:B7] R Button Graphic [M:B8] D-pad Button Graphic [M:I1] Orb Graphic [M:S0] Money symbol [M:S10] Heart symbol s yellow [M:S11] Heart symbol m yellow [M:S12] Heart symbol l yellow [M:S13] Heart symbol xl yellow [M:S14] Dash? [M:S15] 1/2 IQ/Power Star [M:S16] A brown egg? …………yeah [M:S17] Envelope Graphic [M:S2] Checkmark [M:S3] IQ/Power Star [M:S4] Unusable Item mark [M:S5] [M:S2]+[M:S4] [M:S6] Treasure bag symbol [M:S7] House symbol [partner] Partner's Name [team:] Team Name

Raw codes

~int	int;
0x81F4	♪
0x81xx	\xx (barely works, though)
0xE9 (È)	é

2 Scripting codes

--I'll get to work on these, once I figure something that's been bothering my computer :c

3 Image format

--If anyone has any clue to how these pictures work, pleaaaase contact me. :) I'll give you a cookie?
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5

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