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FireRed Pokémon FireRed: Rocket Edition Page 34

Started by colonelsalt January 2nd, 2016 1:11 PM
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Neither dead nor dying, but time between development cycles seems to fly by faster than it used to when I started the game five years ago ;)
Thrilled to see people are still excited about the final release, and will get it out for you to play as soon as I can. I've clearly not been too active posting updates here, but have dropped a few mini-updates on the Rocket Edition Discord server over the past year, which has been kept active by a group of dedicated fans for a long time (even when I've been absent).

For those waiting to play more who maybe haven't been crawling my every move since October 2017, here's a summary of updates for the final release that I've shown in one form or another since then:

Gameplay screenshots

Custom music previews - potential spoiler alert! Listen at your own risk
(all courtesy of a good composer friend of mine - @Backwaxed on the Discord server)Graphical update previews
(Admin revamps by Brolunite and Player revamps by strange_kid - both of whom have additional excellent spriting work that will be included in the final release)

As development carries on, it becomes difficult to show much of anything without spoiling key plot points to come. For the more tech-inclined, you can check out some code snippets from the final release that will reveal bits of dialogue. Anything I post won't include any significant spoilers - but nevertheless read at your own risk ;)


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Glad to see you updated. Good luck on the final release colonel
Rom hacks i support: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter, Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Firered Rocket Edition, Pokemon Orange, Pokemon Unbound, Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron Version, Pokemon Dark energy

Hacks I have beta tested: Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron.

Currently beta testing: Pokemon Saffron version. Pokemon Chroma Version

i can beta test 2 rom hacks at a time, so basically now I'm full but I could maybe beta test one more hack (plus I'm always going to read your offers if u want me to beta test and I may consider
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Hey there. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed playing your amazing rom! It has a compelling story, and it really gives you the sense of viewing the same old story from a 3rd person perspective. I admit I was heartbroken when Bill suddenly told me that here it ends xD

Spoilers for the game following. (and annoyingly long text)

I really enjoyed how back stuff like how the card key or the warden's teeth were where found where they were found because of the MC, a really nice touch. Makes the character feel more alive and affecting the storyline.
I can't say I was quite happy with how Lance was depicted, but hey it's something new. I enjoyed the more realistic and less mary-sue ish version of every character where nothing is black and white but everything is actually grey.
Getting to fight Bill, the SS Anne captain and Blue's sister was unexpected and quite an experience, thanks for that.
I really hope Daisy is okay after that Hyper Fang, and if she isn't I hope we get a chance to smoke that grass-haired punk the way he deserves.
I also enjoyed how we can help miss Hoenn escape the life she was leading and get a normal job. Real good. Quality stuff.

Following, I wrote a few suggestions that would make the game even better imho. I don't know whether you're open to suggestions or if it's too late for suggestions, or even if those suggestions are impossible to be materialized, but I still feel I should write them down :)

1) I believe the game needs extra dialogue for all trainers in case you steal their Pokémon. I saw the early trainers had extra dialogue if you stole, but in late game no one said anything different (saved and played both cases out with several trainers to test it, and they said the same thing both times), and some even implied having been robbed when the player doesn't steal anything from them.

2) A few more twerks when you take the straight path can be added, other than your bounty. Like different dialogues from some npcs other than cops, based on your bounty level.

3) Being able to return stolen Pokémon to their rightful owners also, other than the police officers alone, would be great, making those trainers forgive you or have some extra dialogue in that case too, anyway.
Though I don't know how many numerous events would have to be added to the rom's programming for this to work, like one for each trainer? Sounds a lot and impossible, but I thought of mentioning.

4) Being able to rematch some trainers (preferably the ones you haven't stolen anything from, in case you accidentally pressed the B button instead of A so you get the chance to steal from them the second time). Also because rematching trainers is always fun. And Gym Leaders (asking too much now, I know).

5) Making link trades and battles possible between two Team Rocket Roms would rock more than team Rocket itself!

6) The lack of a trainer card is mandatory due to obvious reasons, but I can't help but say that always having to go to a Mart to see how much cash I'm carrying is a bit annoying. Just saying.

7) I got angry by how we never say no to Ronnie, even when we get promoted to executives. As the MC ranks up it feels like more and more work is laid upon his shoulders and he receives even more orders (I mean he got to clear up the entire Silph Co. by himself the moment he was promoted to admin). The only thing that implies the MC has risen in rank is the clothes and the trainers he can steal from. Being able to boss grunts around some more would be extra cool.

8) Making the stolen Pokémon have a different trainer ID number than yours, and possibly making them disobey you a little, would make it a bit more realistic imo.

(Hope those suggestions help in any way :D)


The only bug I spotted was when on the Nugget bridge the rocket guy in the end leaves. He just walked through one of the trainers. Very minor bug, but I felt I should mention it.

That's pretty much it. I know I wrote a lot, but that's what happens when I love a rom too much! Can't wait to see the final version of this!

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Just started playing the romhack last night, found it via Pikasprey. The premise of playing as a Rocket Grunt in Kanto seems pretty interesting, and the implementation is pretty solid. My only gripe is the cell phone key item crashing the game, but man. I'm looking forward to the full version, even if the screenshots are a little spoilerific, I'll probably forget by the time I get to that point in the game! Might be a romhack that can be played through multiple times. Can't wait man, super stoked. 👍
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