Making "Art" and Fakemons

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Hey there people.. I came up with the hack like a month ago and haven't done ANYTHING about it.. Well anyways I'm posting this thread to bring you details to the hack...

Basic Info
Hack Name: Pokemon Fossil (May be changed)
Rom Base: Fire Red
Hack Leader: Me

Begining StoryLine (Long)
It's midnight and your asleep in your bed, When you wake up the next morning you look out the window and notice your in a whole new region, the region of Gentai(<-Random lol) You ask your mom "Mom,when did we move here?" She looks out th window and freaks out she goes outside, looks around then screams.. really loud. Everybody in town then comes out to see whats wrong and they are shocked to see where they are! Everybody else looks around.. then a 13-year old boy comes out of nowhere and asks "Is everyone alright? I heard someone scream... loudly. Hey wait I've never seen any of you in this region" Your mom asks the boy "We don't know where we are!!" "What do you mean?" asks the boy "We somehow got sent here"Mom asks "Oh I see now you've all been sent back in time, That happ-" "WHAT!?!?!"The professor screams "As I was saying that happened to me too, it was about when I was 5 I was outside and there there was this Dark hole of some kind, so I went inside and told my mother to check it out but when we went outside everything was different, I was looking for the cause of it ever since but I gave up I knew I could never find the answer. "You can't give up!!"said the Hero (You, but for now it's Fossil)"You have to find out or we'll probably be stuck here forever" "You know what your right I have to do this.. Would you like to help me?" "Me? I want to but I don't have a Pokemon" "Can you give 1 Pokemon to him, Professor?" "I'm sorry but I'm fresh out of Pokemon" I know I'll send three Pokemon to you and tomorrow you can give.. I'm sorry what's your name kid?" "Fossil" "Professor I'll send three Pokemon to you and tomorrow you can give one to Fossil. And now your journey awaits.. off to find answers.[/SIZE]

-A whole new region, Gentai
-All new Fakemon
-8 new Gyms to beat
-A whole new Pokemon League
-New redone maps
-Tropical Envirement
-New Professor and Evil Team
-New Rival
-Some or maybe All Pokemon will be replaced with Fakemon
-And much MUCH more!!

Gym Types
1.Gem Badge (Normal)
2.Tidal Badge (Water)
3.Frost Badge (Ice)
4.Metallic Badge (Steel)
5.Storm Badge (Electric)
6.Shadow Badge (Dark)
7.Fist Badge (Fighting)
8.Fossil Badge (Dinosaur,Rock and Ground Types)

Pokemon League Types
4.Random(Making this the Best Team)
You will not be Fighting a Champion But a level 90-100 Legendary Pokemon

Current Team
Army_863(Me) - Leader,Mapper
DarkNe0s (On YouTube) - Spriter

Ok I really need help making this hack. I know I can't do it alone so I'm asking to please help me with this hack