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FireRed Pokémon FireRed: Rocket Edition Page 33

Started by colonelsalt January 2nd, 2016 1:11 PM
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Posted June 2nd, 2019
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I really love this hack.
I'm using arcanine in my team, which I just evolved from growlithe at level 29. I expected it to learn crunch at 28, but it learnt flame burst (like that too).
I really want to teach arcanine crunch. Is there any way?
Thank you.

Try breeding your Arcanine with a Houndour that knows crunch if the option to do so becomes available in the next update.
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I think we can safely say it's dead, it hasn't been updated in over a year.
Don't spread misinformation if you have no idea...

Making a quality hack takes time (yes, more than a year) and real life often comes in the way. That there hasn't been a release in the last year is very normal and is in no way 'evidence' that it has been cancelled.
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I believe i have finished playing. i got back to cinnabar island where bill , blaine, and fuji havd this hack very much. I would change a few things if it were me. but overall you exceeded expectations overall. Im not sure after all these years how you feel about this little project but rest assured mid 2019 there are people downloading and enjoying the intriguing nostalgic story youve crafted. A final version of this game to me in all honesty has a ton of value. Not only for the creative, yet crisp and close to cannon story but as a patch to the current pokemon gaming world. The miss pacman if you catch my drift. Ive always though as a kid how funny it would be to play as a rocket until i had this dynamo rocket typical lineup. Overall thank you for this and keep up the good work.

I encountered 2 glitches during the game. once while getting crushed by bill in silph. as i lose all my pokemon one by one by his dragonair if i remember correctly, my last lvl 14 pidgey whos sole purpose is to drag me around the world, suddenly goes missing no. on me as hes thrown out the pokeball. i have used him in a moderate amount of battle before so even using fly. tho i avoided doing it to certain pokemon as the notes advised. but mostly never used him again. hope the description helps.

the second glitch is when i went into the fuschia fishermans back yard. over and over it would just freeze right there. i could however hit the L and R buttons while frozen there which i found peculiar. at this point i had just spoken to koga, couldnt get inside safari. talked to warden. ran around with no clue what to do, and thats when i thought i had to get passed the fisherman thing to advance in game. i eventually found a way into safari and completed that. i turned is surf to koga. then i thought id try again. it worked and i completed vermillion fisherman quest.

a few side notes. it was extremely difficult to figure out to walk behind the warden to knock out teeth. if you could stupid proof that a little bit for future players i think that would be good. However I really enjoyed that part the most. i love how throughout the game your essentially ahead of red manipulating the circumstances of the protagonists journey.

with that in mind i loved remember where the gold teeth were found by red in the original. I really thought the junky was too much. i thought the underground tunnel hookers were a little funny, and drug smuggling for surge, eh ok its steroids. but the junkie ruined a fun moment and took something away. Keep it classy bro.

something i think might add some zen is to occationally change the dialouge after missions. i kept running back to celadon or saffron and everyones kinda still doing the same thing they were before. even though it felt like forever.

Please take it only as constructive critism. I value your talents and hope my opinions assist you.
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Posted 4 Weeks Ago
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A few things i particular liked...

How clean and crisp the game has been. no out of control battles. You didnt go crazy changing every npcs dialogue. the gameplay wasnt all over the place. Though i got confused maybe only a couple times the story and travel was fairly linear and executed more or less properly. i liked remembering where id be at in the game before red got there and realizing what it is i was suppose to do. locking up the scientists was brilliant and crisp in the design. you kept it simple and i actually felt like i was another person in the origional game living my life while red did his adventure.

Having to choose which pokemon to steal. I feel like similar to the real game you could use this as an insentive option for the game early on for getting through it easier. Kind of like the mankey near viridean for brock or the dugtrio for surge in the origional games.
I liked running into the hitmochan and hitmonlee couple too. Your game is very clean in respects to this so far and i cant wait to see the final version. would pay for a well done complete version.

Honestly, I liked having my own little buddy pal'n around with me throughout the game. I would like to see more of Ronnie. Itd be cool to actually help him rise up a little. and even battle with him. like lance and gold in gen 2.

anyway, Thanks again for this delight , god bless ya xD


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Posted June 15th, 2019
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So I recently decided to do another playhrough, and I found a bug with Substitute. It was against Mr. Psychic's Mr. Mime, iirc. it used Substitute and I switched to another Pokémon. Mr. Mime could not damage me because apparently a Substitute applied to me too, and as soon as I destroyed the foe's Substitute things went back to normal. I don't remember if it was reported already, but here 'tis anyway.

Name: Creamer
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I also would like to know when the next update is. To be honest I don't play many ROM hacks, the only ones I've played are Shockslayer's Pokemon Crystal Clear and Drayano60's Blaze Black and a few 3rd Gen hacks over a decade ago that only changed things to allow the full 386 to be obtained in game. This one has me interested, but I'll wait until it's completed before I play it since it would annoy me to get to where it is so far and then have to wait an unknown amount of time to play more, so I'd rather just wait until it's fully completed. Since I am waiting to play it until after it's completed, I am also curious to know how far from complete it is right now under the current 3.0 beta. I'll probably re-inquire about this after the next update too and keep an eye on the progression of this game until it is finally complete so I'll know when it's completed.

Oh and since I do like versions where you can obtain all the Pokemon, is the patch compatible with such hacked versions of FireRed?

I hope I'm not being too bothersome by asking all these questions. I just discovered the game today while watching Pikasprey's ROM Hack Box Episode 2 and instantly fell in love with the premise and design of the game as I saw him play thru the opening task of stealing the little girl's Pokemon at the beginning of the game. I haven't even finished watching him play thru the amount of the game he decided to play. I immediately Googled the game and read the entire first post and then proceeded to read the last page of posts to see if there were any posts regarding when the game will be next updated. Since I didn't see any posts by the creator of the game, I'm now making my own post to inquire about when the next update might be expected to come out.
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