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Seen July 24th, 2019
Posted July 24th, 2019
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A while back (I think within about the last year-year and a half?) there were remixes hosted on a Youtube channel associated with this community from a remixer under the screenname JoblessTuber. These remixes were of Dusk Forest and Vs. Dusknoir from PMD:Explorers. I absolutely loved these two remixes and was very sad when they mysteriously vanished from the channel, and seemingly the rest of the net. I've decided to try and hunt them down and was wondering why they were removed and if the staff behind posting them in the first place would know if there's anywhere else I could enjoy them. My friend managed to locate the Dusk Forest remix using Wayback Machine on an article posted here that featured it, but I've had no luck hunting down the Vs. Dusknoir remix which was my absolute favorite.

I appreciate any leads anyone can give me on locating this content. Thanks!


This is fine.

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I've found an old Daily article about the person's remixes: However the videos are down - we had a bunch of videos deleted from the PC YouTube channel over a year back and it's not currently being used by us regularly. I am not sure though if the PC Youtube channel had ever rehosted their remixes on the channel though (maybe I can ask someone no longer on staff who might know...)

Meanwhile JoblessTuber's own channel is deleted (url to that is at the bottom of the article). Unless one can find their current contact details or see if they made a new one... it won't be easy to find those remixes.
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