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TotW Do you prefer physical books or ebooks?

Started by Pichu August 7th, 2019 12:25 PM
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Do you prefer physical books or ebooks?

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Even the act of simply reading a book has evolved due to advancements in technology in this digital age. Just as the title says; do you prefer holding and reading a physical book or reading on an ebook?


hymn of the fayth

the dream world
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my eyes can't really stare at a screen for too significant of a period of time, plus there's always battery issues to worry about with physical books. sometimes I worry that physical books will not.... be a thing anymore, but I feel like that's probably me being ridiculous because they've been around for like ever; they're not going to disappear due to technology.

so yeah i prefer physical books 100%


The Dragontamer

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my eyes can't really stare at a screen for too significant of a period of time
^ Same here. There's also the fact that books are this beautiful and unique piece of art that I love to admire. I can't explain it, but it's really pleasant the feeling of holding the book, flipping the pages, etc. It's another thing digital copies lack, they'll never occupy the same place in my heart than the physical ones do.
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I don't read a whole lot but... when I do, it's usually a physical copy.


Darkinium Z

Dani California
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Posted 3 Hours Ago
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I actually prefer digital. I have several physical books and they take too much space. With ebooks I have the books at my fingertips and can read them when away. Maybe it's due to me reading fanfics on my phone, but so far reading ebooks has been fine for me.

erik destler


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everything i read is either ebook or audiobook only. i haven't read an actual physical book in years, actually.
i have a libby account through my local library which allows me to check out & read ebooks; i also pay for audible and kindle unlimited.

it's just so much more convenient that way.

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Physical copy always. There's just something about holding a book, flipping through the pages and feeling them on your fingers that ebooks can replicate, you know? Plus the smell of a brand new book is so 😍amazing.
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Posted 20 Hours Ago
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Depends on the kind of book. I 100% want physical copies when it comes to art books/illustration books, there's literally no point in buying them if it was digital. I don't read many fiction books much, but when I do it's always a physical copy. Imo reading is supposed to be an activity to take a break from technology.

Textbooks, language books and most learning books though, I definitely prefer these digitally especially since my notes are written digitally on an ipad. It's easier to scroll through and make connections with my own notes, as I can easily screenshot bits of information to put in my own notebook, and scribble all over it.
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