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Ashe – House of Blue Lions

Melbourne, Australia
Seen 5 Hours Ago
Posted 1 Day Ago
18,198 posts
16.9 Years
I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you for all my life

I chuckled at the "I pictured you as a bit of a briefs guy" part.


faint attack

the dream world
Seen 38 Minutes Ago
Posted 6 Hours Ago
5,318 posts
14.5 Years
the more trailers that i see the more hyped im getting

... and the flareon's eyes are rather creepy D:


space adventure

Online now
Posted 17 Minutes Ago
33,108 posts
11.9 Years
man im so HYPED! idc what reviews are saying, I'm going to LOVE this.



Seen June 9th, 2019
Posted June 9th, 2019
3,379 posts
2.3 Years
I've been warming to this film after every trailer(not to mention Ryan Reynolds promoting it) and considering the Pokemon look way better than Sonic(yeah I said it), it might actually challenge the first Pokemon Movie back in the day for title as #1 Pokemon Movie with regards to Box Office. I have no clue what it might generate but north of $100 million is definitely possible. Globally... who knows.
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