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Pokémon X & Y: A Different Story

Started by CatBountieHunter September 22nd, 2015 6:35 PM
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Posted June 25th, 2019
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Hello everyone; this is my first story that I have posted in a form, I hope you all like it.

It is based off the anime but with some changes, such as an addition of my own character that I have created, and modified so that she has an original physique. And oh man is this character unique. Also the characters are older, such as Ash, Serena, and Clemont. I feel, it would just be a bit more interesting if people were in their teens or late teens, and actually growing up; instead of stuck in this time loop the anime has got going. Again I hope you all like my version of the anime.

But again this story is going to fallow the anime, with an addition a few extra adventures and mixing things up; hopefully for the better. I had a blast writing it so I hope you have a blast reading it. PM me with feedback please, and let me know what you think please. I love the feed back and advice from all of you! And if there is somethings that would would like to see come out of it, let me know as well; it might make it into my story!

I have been going back and fixing the errors, that I saw when I read back through it, so sorry for that. I have read it about four times now; and I continually go back and read through it and fix it, so I think I got them all. If you see any please tell me so I can fix them.


Seen September 18th, 2019
Posted June 25th, 2019
80 posts
4.2 Years
Episode 1 – An Old New Friend.

A beautiful day it is, as Ash and the gang are getting ready to leave Coumarine City and head for Lumiose City; where Ash will battle Clemont for the Voltage badge. Though before they leave they decide to have breakfast in the park.

“Hey Clemont is it ready yet?” Ash complained.

“Pika,” Pikachu groaned.

“Yeah I am hungry,” Bonnie agreed.

“Well I am almost done, just a few more minutes,” Clemont answered.

“AAAWWWW you said that a few minutes ago,” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Well just be patient, here you can take one of these as something to hold you off ‘til food is
ready,” Serena held out a basket of macaroons; which is two small cakes stuck together by a different flavored creamy frosting.

Bonnie smiled and grabbed some, “YAY,” she shouted, popping them into her mouth.

“Now hold on a second, you are going to ruin your appetite,” Clemont said looking at Bonnie.

Ash grabbed one, “Oh come on Clemont one isn’t going to hurt,” he said and began to eat it.

Pikachu reached in the basket, but stopped as his cheeks sparked. “Pika?”

Ash looked down at him, “What is it Pikachu?”

“I think there is a lot of electricity in the air,” Clemont said looking around. “But why?”

“Who knows,” Ash answered.

Just then Pikachu’s cheeks sparked again along with Dedenne’s.

“Eh?” Dedenne sounded confused.

They both looked up; there was a large bolt of lightning shooting into the sky.

“Pika,” Pikachu pointed and then began to run toward the area where the lightning had come from; with Dedenne following close behind.

“Hey where are you going?” Ash shouted and began to run after him.

“Dedenne!” Bonnie said, running too.

“Ash,” Serena followed.

Clemont looked at the pan and stove then after the others, “Guys come back the food is done!” He shouted, “Ugh,” He turned off the stove. “Well there goes breakfast.”

Ash followed Pikachu a few blocks away, ‘til they came to a large gathering of people. There were police cars and an ambulance, with the lights flashing, and you could see officers asking people to move along.

Pikachu began squeezing through the crowd of people with Dedenne still close behind.

“Pikachu get back here!” Ash called out as he started to shove through the crowd.

“Hey watch it!” People from the crowd groaned and shouted.

When Pikachu and Dedenne got through the crowd they stopped to observe the situation; while Ash burst through and tripped over them, causing a Growlithe to begin growling and barking in his face.

“Ahh!” He jumped up and scooted back. “What’s going on?”

“You need to get back,” Officer Jennie said in a commanding voice.

Ash stood and looked out toward the center of the gathering, there was a large Jolteon standing over someone in a defensive stance. Sparks flew from it, in a threating gesture, as people approached. A Growlithe walked up and barked at it, the Jolteon growled back; and attacked with at Thunder attack; which caused the Growlithe to drop to the ground and faint.

“Ugh, that Jolteon is strong,” Officer Jennie said.

Ash walked up to her, “What’s wrong with that Jolteon?” He asked.

Officer Jennie turned to him, “He is standing over that injured girl, at least she looks injured, but he won’t let us close enough to help; and she’s unconscious so she can’t call him off or put him in a Pokeball.” She explained.

“Why don’t you just battle it?” Ash asked.

“We tried, but it won’t budge and we don’t want to hurt that girl anymore then she already is,” Officer Jennie said.

Bonnie and Serena got to the inside of the gathering and saw the same situation.

“What is going on?” Serena asked looking around.

“Dedenne what are you doing?” Bonnie said then picked up Dedenne, she looked up and saw the girl under Jolteon, “Hey, is she ok?”

“We don’t know.” Officer Jennie answered.

“Huh, what is that Pokémon,” Bonnie then asked pointing to the Jolteon.

“I don’t know,” Serena said pulling out her PokeDex. “Jolteon, the Lightning Pokémon, and an
evolved form of Eevee. When angered or frightened, the hairs on Jolteon's body become like needles and get charged with electricity that are fired at its opponents. It absorbs negative ions in the atmosphere and can produce 10,000-volt lightning strikes.”

“We need to tell that Jolteon that we are trying to help,” Ash said walking toward it.

The Jolteon let out another strong Thunder attack hitting the ground in front of Ash.

“Hey! We are trying to help,” He yelled.

Jolteon looked like it was breathing heavy and running out of energy. It kept growling and holding its stance though.

“Hey look it seems to be running out of energy,” Serena said. “Maybe now you could get it.”

“Hang on, we don’t want to hurt the girl,” Officer Jennie said.

Pikachu walked toward Jolteon and began to talk to it.

“Pikachu hang on,” Ash said trying to stop him.

Jolteon hit Pikachu with a shock of electricity, it wasn’t doing damage, because it was meant for communication to Pikachu. Pikachu looked up in shock and turned to Ash. “Pikachu!” He said running to him.

“Huh, what is it Pikachu?” Ash crouched down to Pikachu.

Pikachu began to talk really fast pointed between Jolteon and towards the city.

“Are you saying she needs to go to the hospital?” Officer Jennie asked.

Pikachu shook his head and kept talking and pointing, trying to communicate with Ash.

“Hang on, slow down. Does she need to see a doctor?” Ash guessed.

Pikachu nodded.

“Then she needs to go to the hospital,” Officer Jennie said.

Pikachu shook his head fiercely. “Pika!”

“The only other place would be a Pokémon Center though, but people normally don’t go there; Pokémon do,” Officer Jennie tried to explain.

Pikachu nodded.

“Well I guess, does it matter what doctor she goes too? As long as she gets help right?” Ash asked.

“I guess so,” Officer Jennie accepted. “Let’s get her in the ambulance and get going, the sooner we get her there the better,” She motioned for a paramedic to come over, “get her on a stretcher we are going to take her to the Pokémon Center.”

“On it,” The paramedic confirmed. He tried to get close and put the girl on the stretcher, “Alright buddy, it’s gonna be ok, we are going to take her to the Pokémon Center, OK?”

Jolteon got more defensive the closer the Paramedic got.

“Don’t worry,” He tried to comfort and get closer.

Jolteon let out a Thunder attack, striking the ground close to the Paramedic.

“AAhh,” He yelled backing off, “he still won’t let me get close.”

Ash groaned, then he started to walk up to the Jolteon.

“Ash what are you doing?” Serena said grabbing his arm.

“We need to get him to understand that we are trying to help,” Ash said then pulled his arm away and kept walking up to the Jolteon.

The Jolteon growled and began to spark.

“Hey, just calm down, we are trying to help your friend,” Ash said looking down at the girl.

She was laying on her stomach with her face turned to the side, it was hard to see her face because her thick brown hair was covering most of it.

Ash looked at Jolteon, “Hey I’ll tell you what, I will take her there myself; I give you my word.”

Pikachu smiled and agreed, telling a confirmation to Jolteon.

Jolteon relaxed a little and took a step back, “Jol,” he kept his head close to her.

Ash carefully started to grab her by her arms, and pull her up. As he did her hair fell out of her face; and then he caught a glimpse of her as he adjusted to put her on his back and stopped to take an extra look. He thought she looked familiar, but he could not tell from where. Then he looked at Jolteon and smiled, “You two must be close huh?” he asked.

Jolteon nodded.

Ash took her pack off and held it out, “Hey can someone get this?” He asked.

Serena grabbed the pack, “I got it Ash, let’s go.”

Ash then pulled her up on his back and stood, “OK off to the Pokémon Center,” Ash started to jog quickly with Pikachu in front and Jolteon on his heels.

Officer Jennie got on her bike, “Thank you, just fallow me,” she said going slow on her bike next to the sidewalk.

Clemont walked up to Bonnie and Serena; he was holding Serena and Ash’s bags, “So what did I miss?”

Bonnie looked up at him, “Gosh big brother you are so slow,”

“Well I had to clean up breakfast and then grab all your guys stuff.” He explained.

Serena grabbed her backpack, “Sorry, I just had to see what all the fuss was about.”

“Come on,” Bonnie began to run off, “Ash is heading to the Pokémon Center without us.”

“Why is Ash going there?” Clemont asked.

“We’ll explain it on the way, come on,” Serena said as she began to explain what just happened.

Right as Ash walked in the doors to the Pokémon Center the Jolteon sprinted to the counter, put his front paws on it and started barking at Nurse Joy.

“Oh my,” She said startled, “What seems to be the problem?”

Jolteon turned to Ash as he came up to the counter.

“Nurse Joy; I know you are a Pokémon doctor, but this Jolteon insisted that we take her here,” Ash explained turning to show Nurse Joy the girl. “Can you help her?”

Nurse Joy looked at the girl on Ash’s back, “Of course I will help her, Wigglytuff please bring over a gurney,” She asked.

Wigglytuff pushed over a gurney for Ash to put the girl on. After Ash laid the girl down on the bed he turned to get a better look at her; she had an oval shaped face with a slightly fair skin ton. Her features were slightly defined, her eyebrows were thick and dark, with eyes that were set evenly apart and divided by a small nose, and lips that had a defined shape and color, but slightly agape.

Where do I know her from?’ Ash thought.

Wigglytuff began to push her toward the back, Ash stepped toward the bed; he felt like he wasn’t done looking.

“It’s ok we will have your friend better in no time,” Nurse Joy said to Ash then began to fallow Wigglytuff.

“Uh huh, she’s not…” He didn’t even bother finishing that thought. He looked down at Jolteon, he didn’t look familiar, so why did she?

“Pika?” Pikachu climbed up on Ash’s shoulder and tapped his face.

“Uhm sorry Pikachu, I just swear I know her from somewhere,” Ash said turning to leave.

Just as he started to leave Serena and Bonnie came through the door with Clemont close behind.

Clemont looked totally out of breath though. “Man can we take a break from running for now,” Clemont said sitting down on a bench close by.

“Clemont you need to get in better shape,” Bonnie said puffing her out her chest.

Ash walked up to them, “Hey guys.”

“Hey Ash how is she doing?” Serena asked.

Ash shrugged, “They just took her back, it will be a while before she comes out,” He explained.

“Well then do we want to wait to make sure she’s ok?” Bonnie asked.

“Well why not, I mean we still have breakfast to eat,” Clemont said. “Let’s go over to one of those tables and eat while we wait.”

“Alright!” Bonnie said excitedly.

Serena looked at Ash, he had a concerned look on his face. “Ash, it’ll be ok,” she said trying to be comforting. She handed him the girls backpack.

Ash looked at her and took it, “Yeah, I am sure you are right,” He smiled looking at the bag. It was old and well used, the pack was brown with lots of little pockets that had yellow buttons, zippers and black straps.

They walked to the table and sat down together, and started to set the table to eat. Ash still felt strange as he was still trying to figure out where he knew that girl from.

After a long while it was already starting to go on to lunch time. Serena was in the kitchen with her Fennekin and Bonnie. While Ash and Clemont where outside training; or at least trying to train, Ash was having a hard time staying focused. All he could think about was that girl and how he knew her.

“Hey Ash, what’s wrong you don’t seem to be on your best game today,” Clemont said.

Ash shook his head. “Well, that girl, I think I know her from somewhere,” Ash began to explain.

“Really? From where?” Clemont questioned intently.

“That’s just it, I don’t know. She just seems so familiar to me,” Ash explained.

Clemont thought for a moment, “Well then, this calls for help in the name of science!” He sounded excited.

Pikachu looked confused.

“Um ok,” Ash said, “how is science going to help me remember where I know her from?”

“Just watch; the future is now thanks to scie-” Clemont got cut off by the Pokémon Center bells ding.

“She’s being released!” Ash said then ran around the Center to the front doors.

“But!” Clemont tried, “oh well.” He began to pout and fallow Ash.

Ash rushed in and started going up to the counter, but came to a sudden stop when he saw the girl standing there. Her hair was fixed up in a long thick ponytail, she seemed to be taller but that was possibly because she was wearing a higher heel combat boot.

“Thank you so much Nurse Joy,” The girl said gratefully. Her voice was soft and so familiar to Ash, like a memory that was covered by a blanket; he knew her voice but couldn’t remember from where.

“Oh it wasn’t just me, that boy is the one who fallowed your Jolteon and brought you here,” Nurse Joy said pointing to Ash.

The girl turned around and saw Ash, “Huh?” She studied him for a second intently with her large hazel eyes. She then began to walk up to him, she had total confidence in her walk.

Ash was positive now that he knew her from somewhere, he just couldn’t remember where.

Her hair swayed back and forth behind her as she walked and her large round bangs bounced with every step, they were shaped like a ball of fire laid sideways. “You? You helped me out?” She asked.

Ash nodded, “Yeah,” Her voice rang deep in his head. ‘Where do I know her from?’ He thought to himself.

The girl gave him a studying look, “You know, you look so familiar,” She said pointing at him. “Do I know you?”

Ash looked surprised. “So you recognize me too?!”

She then looked startled, “Huh?”

“You see, I swear I know you from somewhere,” Ash said.

Pikachu looked at Jolteon confused and Jolteon returned his stare, looking just as confused.

Clemont came in the door and saw Ash and the girl talking. “Hey, you look right as rain,” He stated.

The girl stared at him, “Do I know you?”

“Oh this is my friend Clemont,” Ash introduced, “and this is Pikachu my partner.”

Serena, Fennekin, and Bonnie came out of the kitchen and over to them holding baskets of sacks and treats.

“And these are my other friends Bonnie, Serena and her partner Fennekin.” Ash kept going.

“Dennene Denne!” Dedenne chirped.

“And this is Dedenne!” Bonnie exclaimed. Holding him up.

The girl smile, “Oh wow, you have a bunch of friends, don’t you?”

Ash Nodded, “Yeah.”

“So you haven’t told me your name yet, Hero,” The girl said with a wink.

Ash smiled awkwardly, “Uh well I am Ash, and I am no hero.”

The girl got a surprised look on her face, “You said your name was Ash?”

“Yeah, I am Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town,” Ash clarified.

The girl got an excited look on her face, “Ash Ketchum! No way!” She said excitedly, “I do know you.”

“Huh? From where?” Ash questioned.

The girl looked hurt, “Ouch, you mean you don’t remember me?”

“Well not fully, you just seem really familiar,” Ash answer.

“Let me give you a hint,” She started. “I am a cousin of a rival of yours.”

Ash got a thoughtful look on his face, “A cousin of a rival of mine,” He repeated.

“Why don’t you just tell him?” Serena asked.

“Because it would just mean more to me if he remembered, instead of me trying to get him to remember, ya see?” The girl answered. “I want to know exactly how much our relationship meant to him.”

Serena got nervous, “Relationship?”

The girl nodded. Then looked at Ash who was deep in thought.

Ash was digging around in his mind, he then looked up at the girl and stared. Her eye gazing back; she gave a small smile with a giggle. Then, like that, a picture of a memory popped into his head, like that moment when you bite into a really good sandwich and the flavor burst into you mouth, all at once he remembered. “Chelsea?! Gary Oaks cousin?” He blurted out.

The girl gave an uneasy smile, “Wow that took you a minuet.”

“I am sorry,” Ash said, “I don’t know how I forgot, I mean we hung out together like every day as kids.”

“I would say so, we played together in professor Oaks garden all the time,” Chelsea said.

Clemont leaned in, “So how do you two know each other exactly?” He asked.

Ash turned to the rest of the group, “We grew up together,” He answered.

Chelsea put an arm around Ash, “We were like the closest friends,” She said excitedly, “We did everything together!” She got more flamboyant in her movements. “We would play at Professor Oak’s lab all the time, going into the garden and playing with the Pokémon.”

Ash felt a ting of excitement, “Remember when we ran into that swarm of Beedrill and they chased us around the garden?” He laughed.

Chelsea looked at him with a frightened look, “That was all your fault, you were the one who threw the rock.”

Ash looked embarrassed. “Yeah well…”

“You threw a rock at a Beedrill swarm?” Serena gasped.

“Hey we were playing hide and seek and I was seeking,” Ash elaborated the situation.

“That doesn’t sound any better,” Clemont chuckled.

Chelsea laughed, “Yeah he always was losing so he was trying to flush me by throwing a rock.”

“Was not!” Ash said, “I swear you were cheating.”

Chelsea smile, “I can’t believe I finally found you though,” She said.

“What do you mean, you finally found me?” Ash asked.

“I have been searching for you since you left,” Chelsea explained. “I mean I thought we were going to travel together?”

Ash gave her a sorry look. “Oh yeah I remember,” He said remembering everything, “I am really sorry.”

Chelsea smiled, “It’s alright Ash,” she gently touched his shoulder, “We are together now.” She said then gave him a hug.

Ash hugged her back, “Yeah this will be great.”

Chelsea pulled away from Ash, “So what are you doing now, gathering gym badges I hope.”

“Of course I am, you know that I want to be the world’s greatest Pokémon master,” He excitedly replied. “What are you doing?”

“I am gathering gym badges also,” Chelsea said with a smile. “I am so glad we’ll be traveling together.”

Serena got even more nervous, she wasn’t sure if she like the relationship that Chelsea and Ash had. She felt happy that they were friends that found each other, but the hug looked way to affectionate for just friends.

“YAY more friends!” Bonnie cheered.

“Hold on a second, we don’t have enough room in our tent for another girl,” Serena said trying to quickly think a way for her not to come.

Chelsea looked at Serena, “It’s alright I like to sleep outside under the stars anyway,” she explained.

Serena was a taken aback, “What if it rains?”

Ash looked at Chelsea, “We can get a bigger tent.” Ash resolved.

Chelsea looked at Serena, she began to study her. “You know what,” She looked at Ash, “Um, never mind. I know when I am unwanted.” She said looking back at Serena.

Serena felt like a pane of glass that Chelsea could just see through. “What? I didn’t say anything of the sort.”

Chelsea tilted her head a bit, “I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but what happened to your hair?” Chelsea gave a concerned look, changing the subject.

Serena felt her hair, “Huh what do you mean? Is there something in it?” She panicked.

Chelsea gave a surprised look, “Oh is it supposed to look like a Scizor had its way with it?” She looked Serena up and down. “Though that looks like your style.”

Serena got flustered, “What do you mean? I am in on the top fashion styles,” She pulled out a magazine, “I read the most up to date fashion magazines.”

Chelsea took a step back, “So what you are saying is, you are into those fashion show things?”

Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie were looking back and forth between them. “Oh boy,” Clemont groaned.

“They are called Pokémon Show Cases,” Serena corrected, she started to get all worked up.

Ash stepped between them, “Hold on guys, calm down.”

Chelsea stepped back, “I am calm, Ash.”

“Ok then, come on Serena lets chill out for a sec.” Ash turned to Serena.

“I am fine, I mean at least I don’t look like Dedenne used nuzzle on my hair,” Serena looked at her outfit, “And at least my outfit is tasteful, I mean come on a fur lined vest that is way out of season.”

Chelsea’s eye’s got wide, her vest had cream colored short fur in it and the outside was a light brown suede material with a large cream colored fur collar around the neck, “Excuse me?”

Ash was still facing Serena, “Oh come on,” He turned to Chelsea, “Sorry this is way out of character, she didn’t mean it.”

“Actually I did, and she started it!” Serena snapped.

Chelsea put up her hands in defense and started to walk away, “Its fine Ash I get it, she doesn’t want me around and she was with you first,” She started to walk out of the Pokémon Center. “I will see you later Ash, if you want to hang and train I will be in the park.” She said walking out of the Center.

Jolteon jumped up and followed her.

“Hey, hang on, wait a sec,” Ash tried to stop her, but she just kept walking.

Chelsea looked down at Jolteon, as she walked out of the Pokémon Center, ‘I guess he has changed a lot since the last time we saw each other,’ Chelsea thought feeling really disappointed. ‘And not for the better.’

Jolteon rubbed her leg in a comforting way, and whimpered.

Ash turned to Serena, “Serena, what on Earth was that all about?” He scolded.

“Me? What on Earth are you talking about?” Serena snapped, “She started it.”

“She was my best friend when I was a kid, I made a promise and broke it,” Ash said feeling frustrated. “I need to go find her.” He said running out of the Pokémon Center.

Pikachu jumped on his shoulder as he ran, “Pi!”

“Ash!” Serena called, but he was already gone.

“I think Ash wanted Chelsea to come with us,” Clemont said, stating the obvious.

“I know I did, it’s more fun to travel with friends,” Bonnie said, with disappointment.

“I hope you guys are not thinking this is my fault, she is the one who started it,” Serena growled.

“MMMmm,” Clemont started toward the door, “Let’s go look for him.”

“I guess,” Serena grumbled.

And they all walked out the door.

It was a long while that Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie were looking for Ash; they decided to split up and look around the city. Clemont and Bonnie went to the gym to see if Ash went there, they were also asking around if anyone has seen him; which so far everyone has said they haven’t. Serena remembered, Chelsea saying that she would be in the park training her Pokémon.

I know, I will head to the park, Ash had to have went there to see her,’ Serena thought to herself, “Come on Fennekin, I think I know where he went,” She said and began to head to the park.

Fennekin chirped and ran after her.

It was not too far from the Pokémon Center, so it didn’t take her long to get there. She started walking around the park looking for Chelsea. It took a while, but she finally heard a commotion of Pokémon, and attacks coming from a corner of the park. She began to head toward the direction of the commotion.

When she got there she saw that Chelsea was training, but the training that Chelsea was doing was didn’t look like the same kind of battle training Ash does; it was more of the stuff that she does. Chelsea was practicing for a performance. This got on Serena’s nerves, because Chelsea couldn’t even remember the name of Pokémon Show Cases. Serena began to walk up to her, she wanted to know if Chelsea would tell her if she has seen Ash. As she got closer she noticed that Chelsea was holding a book, it was a Pokémon Show Case how-to book.

“So, what exactly are you doing?” Serena asked confrontationally.

Fennekin barked with her.

Chelsea looked up and put the book behind her back, “What are you doing here?” She asked. “I don’t remember inviting you to this training session.”

“Actually I am looking for Ash, he ran after you when you left,” Serena said.

Chelsea looked surprised, “What? He came after me?”

“I am guessing you haven’t seen him then,” Serena said looking around at Chelsea’s Pokémon. There was an Espeon and an Umbreon standing over in the grass, “Who are those Pokémon?” Serena asked then pulled out her PokeDex and pointed it at Espeon. “Espeon, the Sun Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Its fur is so sensitive, it can feel minute shifts in the air and predict the weather and its foes' thoughts, causing the tip of its forked tail quiver when it is predicting its opponent's next move.” Then she pointed it at Umbreon. “Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. The light of the moon changed Eevee's genetic structure causing it to evolve. It lurks in darkness for prey. When exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and it's filled with a mysterious power.”

Serena looked up, “They are also evolved forms of Eevee?” She asked.

“Yup I love Eevee so much, I became an Eevee breeder,” Chelsea explained. “Anyway, not to be rude or anything; but you are interrupting our training time. Could you go look for Ash somewhere else? I will let him know you guys are looking for him. Where do you want me to tell him to meet you?”

“Yeah you can tell him to meet us at the check point to leave town like we planned this morning.” Serena said beginning to leave, “Sorry for interrupting your Show Case training.”

Chelsea tensed up, “I am not Fashion Show training.”

Serena shrugged, “Whatever you say, I know show training when I see it.”

Chelsea growled and watched her walk away, “Whatever,” She looked over to her Pokémon. She thought about Ash, ‘Where could he be? And why would he run away?’ She thought. She closed her eyes and focused; she knew Ash couldn’t be too far away.

Then all at once everything went still and silent, no leaf moved, the air was still. Chelsea started looking for Ash, she was trying to sense him; feel his energy. Off in the trees, in the opposite direction Serena came from she felt him, he seemed to be still though. She could also feel Pikachu with him. Then just as fast as everything stopped everything started back up again, there was a small breeze causing the leaves to shiver.

Chelsea began to walk to him, she wanted to make sure that he was ok. “Espeon, Umbreon return please,” She said as she walked by them, “You coming Jolteon?”

“Jolt!” He said jumping up and catching up to her.

Ash and Pikachu were sitting on a large rock tossing small pebbles into a small pond in front of them. “I thought she was going to be in the park,” Ash said to Pikachu.

“Pika,” Pikachu looked up at Ash.

Ash sighed, “She normally likes hanging out in areas like this,” Ash said looking around.

“Chu?” Pikachu looked around.

It was a really pretty area, there was a pond that had rocks around the edge, and a small waterfall, that came from a small stream, that flowed from deep in the trees. The grass was thick and green, and there were random flowers scattered about.

It didn’t take long for Chelsea to get to Ash. “Ash what are you doing? Your friends are looking for you and are getting ready to leave,” She said walking up to him.

Ash looked over at her and jumped up. “I was coming to look for you, I want you to come with us. I feel bad that you have been looking for me all this time, and I haven’t even thought about the promise we made,” He met her by the waterfall, “I am so sorry Chelsea.”

Chelsea blushed, “Really?”

Ash nodded, “Of course, I never brake my promises,” He said whole heartedly. “Please come with us.”

Chelsea smiled, “Well, why would I not, I did want to train a bit though,” She looked up at the sky, “It’s getting late, so I don’t see why your friends want to leave right now anyway.”

“It’s mainly me, I want to get my gym badges and Serena wants to make it in time for her next Show Case,” Ash shrugged. “You are right though, the sun is going to be going down soon.”

“Also, I really wanted to do some catching up with you,” Chelsea said, then she peeked down at Pikachu, “Like how did you come across your Pikachu, and why it never is in its Pokeball?

Ash smile and grabbed a Pokeball, “Well we can to that, just hang on a sec,” He said then threw the Pokeball in the air, “Fletchinder go,” Ash called, and a fire type bird Pokémon came flying out and landed on Ash’s arm. “Do you have a piece of paper?” He asked Chelsea.

She laughed, “Sure I do,” She reached in her bag and pulled out a pad of paper and a pen and handed it to him, “What do you need it for?” She held out her arm, so Fletchinder could come to her; while Ash wrote.

Ash scribbled something on one of the papers, and handed it to Fletchinder, “Can you deliver this to Serena and the others?” He asked.

“Fletchinder,” It cried stretching its wings out wide, and took the note in its talon.

“And then come back here for some training,” Ash said then looked at Chelsea, “But make sure you are not fallowed. Chelsea and I have some catching up to do.”

Chelsea blushed and smiled, “Alright.”

Fletchinder nodded and then took off into the sky.

Chelsea watched it fly away till she couldn’t see it anymore, then she looked at Ash, “What other Pokémon do you have? And how about that Squirtle?”

Ash looked confused, “Squirtle? I don’t have one anymore, and how did you know I had one in the first place?”

Chelsea looked shocked, “Well you said that was your first pick, so I assumed you got it, and what happened to it,” Her look of shock turned worry.

“Well actually, I was late getting to Professor Oak’s lab, so I didn’t get Squirtle or any of the others. So I got Pikachu instead,” Ash explained.

Pikachu jumped on his shoulder and cheered, “Pikachu!”

Chelsea petted Pikachu, “Well how cool is that? And you have been together ever since?” She said happily.

“Yup we are the best of buds,” Ash said and then looked at Pikachu, then to Chelsea. She had a smile and she looked so happy, but her eyes always gave away how she really felt. There was something wrong, he could tell. “Chelsea are you ok?”

She snapped up like she was just spacing out, “Yeah, I was just thinking.”

“Oh? About what?” He asked.

She laughed, “Well to be honest, I was thinking about when we were younger, and we talked about traveling together, and becoming the best Pokémon trainers ever. Then you said you would be a Pokémon master and I would be your sidekick, remember that time? That is when we decided that I would get Bulbasuar and you a Squirtle. We would be the most unstoppable team.” She sounded so excited reminiscing, she was throwing her arms around and dancing about.

Ash couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at her, he could also remember when they made those plans. They promised each other that no matter what, they would wait for each other and leave on their journey at the same time so they could travel together. He looked at Chelsea, she was still reminiscing and dancing around; mimicking what they would do as kids, and saying what they would do on their adventures. Then he remembered, that he did wait, she just never showed up, but he didn’t wait very long ether. “Chelsea, why did you never show up?”

Chelsea stopped and looked at him, “What do you mean?”

“I did wait for you, but you never showed, so what happened?” He questioned curiously.

She went into deep thought. “Remember when I wasn’t feeling good the day before?” She started, “I still wasn’t feeling good the next day, and my mom wouldn’t let me go. Not till I felt better. I actually didn’t feel good till the next day.”

“Oh wow,” Ash said. “So you ended up being a whole day behind me.”

“Pikaah.” Pikachu said agreeing with Ash.

Chelsea nodded, “I felt so bad, and I really hoped you weren’t waiting for me.” She said, “I knew I could catch up, but along the way I kept getting sick, so I had to stop. Which caused me to keep getting further and further behind, I looked for you at every league, and I couldn’t run into you no matter how hard I tried. I finally got to the point where I wanted to catch up so bad that I kept going even if I got sick; and sometimes I had moments like earlier today, were I just collapsed.”

Ash walked up to her, “I am sorry, that it has been so long, but we are together now so please, if you are not feeling good, please let me know, and we can take a break,” He said. “I don’t want you to push yourself too hard.”

Chelsea nodded, “Alright.”

“Now, how about some training time?” Ash said in a psyched tone. Trying to lighten the mood.

Serena was standing at the beginning of the trail, heading out of town. “Gosh where is everyone?” She moaned. The sun was setting and Ash was still nowhere to be found. “If they don’t show up here soon then I will go the Pokémon Center to find them, I swear that we agreed to meet here though.” Serena said to herself, then sighed.

“Fletchinder!” She heard a call from the sky.

“Is that Ash’s Fletchinder?” She looked up in question.

Fletchinder dove down and dropped the note from its talon to Serena.

“What’s this?” She caught it in her hand and opened it. “Ash?”

Hey guys let’s stay in town another night, and leave right away in the morning. We will meet you at the Pokémon Center later tonight. I am going to be doing some training with Chelsea so don’t wait up for us. From Ash

“What?!” Serena felt petrified and dropped the note.

Which Fletchinder picked up, and took off flying again, going to deliver the note to Clemont and Bonnie.

Serena stood there, she wasn’t sure how to feel. She was upset about Chelsea coming out of nowhere into Ash’s life, and is taking all his attention, and then she was also upset about Chelsea lying to her about doing Show Cases. Then she was very upset that Ash was going to be up all night with Chelsea, and they were all by themselves somewhere.

Serena thought, ‘The Park,’ Serena then began to run back to the park.

Clemont and Bonnie were walking down a street, heading to the trail head, to meet the rest of their party; and hoping to find Ash waiting there too.

“Geez, I hope Ash is ok,” Clemont said, looking down at the sidewalk.

“Yeah, Chelsea would have been a good friend to have around; it is sad that Serena and her don’t get along,” Bonnie agreed. She was looking up at the sky, as she was looking she noticed that something was coming toward them. “Hey look, I think that is Ash’s Fletchinder; and it is holding something,” she said then held up her hands and waved, “Fletchinder!”

Clemont started to look up, but when he did Fletchinder was right in his face. This gave him a good scare causing him to fall over, Fletchinder dropped the note on his face and then landed on him.

Bonnie grabbed the note, “Clemont don’t be such a scaredy Meowth,” She said as she opened the note.

“What’s that Bonnie?” Clemont asked, he started to get up, and as he did Fletchinder flew off and into the distance.

“It’s a note from Ash, saying that he wants to stay another night, to be with Chelsea,” Bonnie said as she looked at the note. “He wants us to go to the Pokémon Center, for the night and “Not wait up for him”?” She looked up at Clemont, “Do you think Chelsea is actually going to start traveling with us after all?”

Clemont dusted himself off and took the note to read it, “Well, it says they are just training, so maybe they are just training for the night; and we are going to leave in the morning.”

“Maybe, I hope she comes with though. Ash seemed super excited for her to come.” Bonnie said and began walking to the Pokémon Center.

“I guess that we will just have to wait and see,” Clemont said fallowing Bonnie. And off they went, to the Pokémon Center.

Ash and Chelsea were standing on opposite sides of the grassy area next to the pond, Ash had his Frogadier out and Chelsea had her Umbreon. They were both out of breath, but looking fierce.

“Frogadier use Water Pulse!” Ash called.

Frogadier built up a small ball of water in its hands and lunched it toward Umbreon, it was a powerful attack.

“Umbreon counter that with Shadow Ball!” Chelsea tried, but Umbreon was just a bit too slow, in the middle of its charge, Water Pulse hit like a ton of bricks.

“Direct hit!” Ash cheered.

“Pi Pikachu!” Pikachu was on the side lines with a small bowl of food in front of it.

“Oh no,” Chelsea cried. “Umbreon.”

Umbreon dropped to the ground in a heap in front of Chelsea.

“Umbreon?” She ran to it, and bent down, “Are you ok?”

Umbreon moaned and lifted its head and looked up at her, “Umbre.”

“Oh good,” she sighed. “Come on let’s get you on the side line to rest,” She picked it up and started to walk to the side. “Just give me a sec, and we can go again, ok?”

Ash looked at Frogadier then walked up to Chelsea, “Hey it’s ok, let’s just take break for a bit.” He said and then sat down in the grass. “You train hard.”

“I try really hard, some of my Pokémon like to train. Like Umbreon, she is a really big fighter, and hates when I don’t use her in a gym battle,” Chelsea said while laying Umbreon next to Pikachu. She opened her backpack and pulled out a potion, “This should hold you off till we get back to the Pokémon Center, alright?” She told Umbreon.

“Umbre,” It chirped.

“That’s cool!” Ash said, “She is very strong.” He saw a badge case fall out of her bag. “Hey how many badges do you have?”

“Oops,” She said as she picked it up, “I have three so far, I was planning on getting my fourth today; but you see how that turned out. So I am aiming to get my fourth badge tomorrow,” She said thoughtfully.

“Well I could help you if you want?” Ash said, he watched her put the case back in her bag, and saw a large ring in her bag, a key ring, and Ash thought he saw a key on it, but he wasn’t sure.

“That would be great,” Chelsea said, then sat next to Ash. “What other Pokémon do you have?” She asked nudging him.

Ash grabbed his last Pokeball, “Hawlucha come on out.” He called throwing his Pokeball in the air and out came Hawlucha.

Hawlucha made a dramatic pose, “Hawlucha!” It called.

Chelsea stared at him with bewildered look. “Well, he is very interesting,” She said trying not to giggle.

Hawlucha looked at her then crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Haw-lucha.”

“He’s cute,” she laughed and clapped her hands together.

Ash looked at her, “Huh?”

Hawlucha blushed.

“I have never seen a Pokémon with such spontaneity, is all,” She was still giggling.

Ash looked at Hawlucha, “Well, I guess.”

Hawlucha went and sat on a rock next to the water.

“So what other Pokémon do you have?” Ash asked looking at Chelsea.

Chelsea smiled, “I hope you like them, I worked really hard to get all of them. Come on out guys!” She said and threw a handful of Pokeballs into the air. Causing a shower of Pokémon to come out of their balls.

One by one they sat scattered around Ash and Chelsea. Espeon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and an Eevee.

Ash looked around, “Wow,” he said, “You almost have a complete set of the Eevee evolutions,” He said, with some confusion.

“Thanks I am -,” Chelsea paused and thought, “Wait almost a complete set?” She asked confused. “I have a complete set…”

Ash shook his head, “You don’t have a Sylveon, that is a Fairy type evolution of Eevee,” He explained.

Chelsea’s jaw hung open, “I feel so stupid!” She shouted and fell backward. All her Pokémon looked at her in worry. “How could I not know that there’s more evolutions of Eevee? Ahhhgg,” She was flailing on the ground.

Ash looked at her, “You are not stupid, I mean I didn’t know till I got here to the Kalos region, ether,” he laughed. “But I have a question.”

Chelsea quit flailing and sat back up, “What is it?”

“Well,” He started, “you carry more than the regulation six Pokémon, how are able to carry that many and not get in trouble for braking regulation rules?”

Chelsea grimaced. “Well there are a couple reasons, but the main reason is I only have these guys. So I don’t see a point in putting only two in storage.”

“What, you only have eight Pokémon?” Ash sounded shocked.

“Well yeah, I found out right away that the, what I call, Eevee team is what I wanted to focus on. So I didn’t really pursue catching any other Pokémon unless it was to help someone else, and the other Pokémon I had I gave them away or brought them back home to where I got them,” She said then looked away. “Another reason why I was having a hard time catching up.”

“But why?” Ash felt even more confused.

She looked back at him, “Because I felt horrible knowing that they were never going to get used, and just sit in storage, I mean wouldn’t you feel bad if someone just stored you away? So I just decided to do what I did. I know I wouldn’t like sitting in a garden doing nothing all day, every day,” She tried to explain.

Ash nodded, “I get it; that does make sense.”

“I love my Pokémon, I really do, and I just wanted them to be happy,” She said and pulled out some pictures. “See, here are some of them.”

Ash leaned over and looked at the pictures. “Wow.”

Chelsea had so many Pokémon, but there is one that he didn’t see; that got him thinking. “Where’s your Bulbasuar?” He had to ask.

Chelsea looked down and got a frown on her face. “Well you know when I finally got better, Professor Oak still didn’t have a Bulbasuar for me to have. I told him that I wanted to leave as soon as I could, to catch up to you and so,” She looked at Jolteon, “so he gave me Eevee.”

Ash looked at Jolteon, he was curled up next to Flareon in the tall grass. “Wow that is really cool of the Professor,” He said. “How long did it take you to evolve it?”

Chelsea laughed, “It didn’t take that long actually. We, well he, found a Thunder Stone and got so excited that he tried to bring it to me. Which ended up turning him into a Jolteon.” She looked at Ash and they both laughed. “Who knew we would both end up with electric Pokémon as starter buddies?” She said then laid back in the grass.

Ash laid down too, but he moved so that his head was right next to hers. The tops of their heads were closest to each other’s shoulders and their ears where right next to each other. They were looking up at a sky full of stars, along with a bright three quarter moon hanging over head.

“Remember doing this when we were younger?” Ash asked.

“Well of course I do,” She said then she pointed. “Remember when we tried to find as many pictures as we could in the nebulas?”

Ash nodded, “Yeah I remember.”

Pikachu came over and laid down next to Ash’s head. “Pikachu,” it said pointing around at the sky.

“To bad that the city is so bright, that it is hard to see them,” Chelsea said.

Serena was walking around in the park, she had her Fennekin walking next to her. “I hope that we find them,” Serena said to Fennekin.

“Fenn,” Fennekin looked around, “Fennekin,” it said as its ears twitched.

“What is it Fennekin?” Serena asked looking down at it.

Fennekin trotted over toward one of the edges of the clearing in the park.

“Do you hear something Fennekin?” Serena said, walking after Fennekin.

“Fen,” it said as it stopped and nodded.

“Well, let’s go then,” Serena said nudging Fennekin to go.

“Fennekin,” Fennekin barked then began to run.

As Ash and Chelsea laid in the grass looking at the stars and talking about old times, something caught Chelsea’s attention. She paused and like before everything just stopped, Chelsea took a deep breath and focused. She could see someone walking toward the trees and there was a small Pokémon with them. Chelsea then began to listen, she could hear the voice of a Fennekin barking and a girl talking; it sounded like Serena. Chelsea had a feeling that she was going to try to come and find them.

“Chelsea?” Ash said braking her out of her focus.

Everything went back to normal, as Chelsea turned her head to look at Ash, “How long did you want to hang out here? Alone I mean.” She asked trying to be casual.

Ash looked back at her confused, “What do you mean? No one should be coming here,” Ash said.

Chelsea stared at him, “You mean you want to be alone here till we go to bed tonight?” She asked feeling nervous.

“Well yeah, you wanted to catch up right?” Ash said with a grin.

Chelsea blushed, “We yeah.” She said then closed her eyes and took a breath, everything stopped and when she looked for Serena she was way closer than before, she could almost hear her with no focus. This took Chelsea by surprise causing her to gasp, braking her out of focus, again.

“What is it?” Ash looked concerned.

“Shhh,” Chelsea hushed. She sat part way up and looked into the trees.

Chelsea’s Espeon sat up too and started to flick its tail back and forth. All of Chelsea’s other Pokémon perked their heads up, and stared into the same direction as Chelsea.

“Pika?” Pikachu was also very confused.

“Esps,” Espeon hissed for him to be quiet.

Chelsea began to focus again, but on something different.

“Chelsea, what is it?” Ash asked again propping himself up to her level.

She put her fingers on his mouth in a gentle way, to try to keep him hushed.

She could feel Serena getting closer, so she put all her focus in and took a breath. She envisioned a barrier, something that you could see through, but you couldn’t see what was in it. A barrier that would turn them invisible.

Ash watched her intently. ‘What is going on?’ He thought. He looked around at the Pokémon, Ash’s Pokémon looked just as confused as he was; though Chelsea Pokémon looked calm and stayed perfectly still. He took a breath, to help himself calm down.

Serena stepped into the clearing and looked around. The clearing was empty, Fennekin looked around confused. “What is it Fennekin?”

Fennekin looked up at her with a bewildered look.

Chelsea sat and watched them intently, she could see their energy through the barrier.

Ash could see someone walking in the grass, but he couldn’t see anyone or anything.

Serena groaned, “Well I don’t see anyone,” She said turning around.

Ash gasped, he could hear her voice. “Ser –.”

Chelsea quickly covered his mouth.

Serena stopped and turned back around, “Ash?”

“Fennekin?” Serena’s Fennekin looked at her.

Serena stopped and waited for a second, “Oh, I guess it was nothing, come on let’s go,” She again turned around and walked back into the trees.

Ash looked at Chelsea, she was quiet and content.

After a few minutes Chelsea let out a sign of relief. “Oh wow.”

Ash stared at her with the utmost confusion. “What just happened? I swore I just heard Serena.”

Chelsea looked back at him she gave a concerned look, “I didn’t hear anything,” Her look then turned to worry. “Do you want to go to the Pokémon Center, to be with your friends?” She asked. She knew what just happened, but she didn’t think Ash would understand.

Ash looked in her eyes, he knew she wasn’t telling the truth; but he wasn’t going to push it. She would tell him when she was ready, she normally did. He smiled, “No, its ok, I was just hearing things I guess,” He said then he laid back down in the grass.

Chelsea laid down next to him. “Ok,” She said, but kept herself propped up on one elbow so she was looking down at him.

“So are you doing gyms and Pokémon Show Cases?” Ash asked looking up at her, “I saw your key ring, did you win one?” Ash said looking up at her with an excited smile.

Chelsea’s eyes got wide. “Huh? Pokémon Show Cases?” She sat up and faced away from him, she was blushing bright red. “I don’t have a key ring, I would never enter one of those girly competitions,” She said fiercely.

Ash sat up and turned to her, “Hey, I was just saying I saw a keyring in your bag,” He said trying not to upset her even more. “What’s wrong with Show Cases?”

Chelsea looked at him over her shoulder ,then took a deep breath and let out a loud sigh, “Nothing is wrong with Pokémon Show Cases,” She said then turned to face Ash. “I just don’t get along with the girls that compete, they just seem so catty some times.”

“Catty?” Ash wasn’t sure what she meant by that.

“Catty, I mean just rude and unhelpful,” She tried to explain.

“So are you saying that you did try and you lost, because people were being rude?” Ash tried to clarify, he really wanted to know if she performed or not.

“I…” She paused.

“What is it?” Ash scooted closer, “Are you embarrassed about performing?” He asked.

Chelsea looked at him and turned as red as a strawberry. “Huh?” She gasped. “Well, I don’t know.” She looked back down in her lap where her hands were folded together. “I like the thought of performing, and when I did try I did well, in fact I did win. I just don’t think I should have won…” She said then reached into her pack and pulled out a keyring with a golden key, that had a large square ruby in the handle and tiny red bow at the base of the handle hanging from it. “This is the Lagoon Town Show Case key.”

Ash looked surprised at her, “I saw that show,” He said. “There was a Pancham that interrupted the show,” He then smiled, “Serena ended up catching it, because it was really into performing like she is.”

Chelsea had wide eyes, “You saw the show? How much of it did you see?” She asked nervously.

“Well, we were with a friend that also performs, that we were meeting there. She and Serena wanted to see the show, so we went and watched.” He looked around at her Pokémon, Espeon was snoozing next to Pikachu; her fur was so shinny in the moon light. “Did you use your Espeon?”

Chelsea nodded, “Yeah, she was the actual reason why I started, she was one of my contest stars, and when we saw a poster of the Show Case in Lagoon Town; Espeon was ecstatic and wanted to try. So I tried just for her sake, to be honest, I didn’t think we were going to win; because we had no idea what we were doing and we ended up making a ton of it up last minute. Though by some miracle Espeon pulled us through,” Chelsea explained. “I really did no work.”

“I am sure you both looked great, and you put in a lot of work,” Ash said looking at her. “but you said contest star, does that mean you did contests also?”

Chelsea nodded, “Yup that was Flareon to start, then I got Espeon and she was in it full force,” She said with a smile. “Those I enjoyed, because I wasn’t the focus,” She blushed. “I never really liked being the center of attention, but I do what makes my Pokémon happy.”

Ash smile, “Well that is great, how many ribbons did you get it?” Ash got excited.

“Well I got all the ribbons I needed in the Hoen region, but I didn’t get past the third round; you see Espeon isn’t my best battler, but she is one of my best contest Pokémon. Then when it came to Sinnoh I got those ribbons to, but for some dumb reason I choked in the first round,” Chelsea explained.

“Well I am sorry you lost, but that is so strange that we never bumped into each other; when we should have been doing the same things, at the same times,” Ash said.

“I know,” Chelsea said sounding bummed. But she perked up, “So do you plan on getting all the way through the league, this time?”

Ash got pumped, “I am going all the way to the top!” He stood and yelled making a dramatic pose.
Chelsea started to laugh.

“Huh?” Ash got confused, “What are you laughing at?”

Chelsea stood up and smiled. “You just haven’t changed,” She said with a giggle and then she wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her body close to him. She rubbed her cheek against his, “You are the bestest best friend a girl could have!”

Ash put his arms around her waist and blushed, “Umm thanks, you’re awesome too,” He said nervously. He got a tight feeling in his gut, and his heart pounded fiercely like he just got out of tough Pokémon battle, ‘What the heck?’ He thought to himself.

Chelsea pulled away from Ash a little, she turned bright red, “Umm uhh,” She stepped back. “Did you want to see what I got so far for my performance in my next Pokémon Show Case?”

Ash still had his arms around her, “Sure that sounds great,” He said.

“Yay,” She said then hopped away. “Now don’t make fun of me, if I look silly, ok?”

Ash scratched his head, “Why would I do that?”

“Because I am not good at it, you know I was never for this kind of stuff,” She said reminding him of one of her childhood quarks.

Ash gave her an odd look, he remembered seeing her dancing in Professor Oak’s lab garden with the Pokémon and remember her being really good. Though she would stop when she thought anyone was watching.

Chelsea stood out in the grassy area with her Espeon and Umbreon, “OK ready?”

Ash nodded, he was sitting on a rock along the pond with the other Pokémon.

“OK, one, two, three!” She said, then she began her routine.

Espeon was standing in front, with Umbreon in second, then Chelsea was behind her in third. Umbreon used Moonlight, which caused the moon to shine bright in the sky, this caused the yellow rings on Umbreon’s body to make a huge flash behind Espeon to emphasize her shape. Following that, Umbreon jumped high in the air and used a Shadow Ball at Espeon. Espeon used Physic, and tore Umbreon’s Shadow Ball apart causing it to rain black purple specks all around, and while Umbreon was still glowing brightly the black and purple rain made it a large contrast; she landed next to Espeon in a flashy pose. Chelsea then jumped through the glow and rain to the front with a fancy tumble which she stood right up out of with her back to the audience. Her hair was now down and bouncing with curls, she had her hands on her hips with one hip out to one side; all of a sudden she began to levitate and Espeon and Umbreon walked under her and to the front. Umbreon jumped and used Bite on Chelsea, causing Chelsea to swing around; and in one motion Umbreon and Chelsea turned around with Umbreon coming to land in the front, it was almost in slow motion Chelsea looked so calm. As Umbreon came around Chelsea leaned back, kicking one leg up and spun around on one foot; her arms were also hanging down. When Umbreon let go, Chelsea was unfazed. Her hair swung, in the air throwing the dark flecks that landed in it, Chelsea’s hazel eyes stood out like stars, against the lights and different contrasts in colors. Espeon then used Psybeam, and Umbreon used another Shadow Ball, on it causing it to explode, and a rain of sparkles showering down on them. Espeon’s fur shined along with the ruby on her head, and Umbreon still glowed from the Moonlight to close.

“TA DA!” Chelsea said finishing it.

Ash stared with his mouth agape, he doesn’t remember ever seeing her perform before, unless he snuck up on her. He thought she looked great, but he wasn’t sure what to do; the other Pokémon started to clap and cheer.

Chelsea smiled, “Thank you,” She looked at Ash, he was still just staring at her. “Is everything ok?” She took a step back and turned away, she was super embarrassed and begun to feel really stupid. “Never mind,” She said shaking her head, “it was a really dumb routine anyway.”

Ash snapped out it. “No, wait, it wasn’t bad at all!” He said then jumped up. “You all looked great, it was an amazing routine.”

Chelsea peeked back at Ash, “Really?” She said then looked at Espeon and Umbreon. “Yeah, they were really great.” Chelsea still felt really stupid, she wasn’t a very confident person. She acted confident in front of people, but really underneath it all, she was a very subconscious about herself.

“Chelsea?” Ash said trying to get her attention. He had a tight knot in his gut, like he was minutes from battling a gym leader. He had no idea why they felt like this.

She looked back at him, “Yeah?” She answered.

His brain went all fuzzy, “You did great, I think you should do that routine in the next show,” He suggested.

Chelsea smiled, “Really?” She asked with an excited tone.

Ash nodded, “Yeah.”

Chelsea’s smile got bigger, “OK I will,” She cheered, then she let out a big yawn. “Oops, I guess I’m really tired.”

Ash chuckled then also yawned, “Ahh, yeah me too. How about we call it a day?”

Chelsea reached around and grabbed her pokeballs, “Ok guys, it’s time for bed,” she said calling all her Pokémon back.

Ash held out his pokeballs, “You too guys,” They all returned to their pokeballs and Pikachu went up on Ash’s shoulder.

Jolteon went to Chelsea’s side and Chelsea walked up to Ash, “I have to get my gym badge tomorrow, so you don’t have to wait for me if you don’t want to,” She said as they both turned to walk to the Pokémon Center.

“Why would I miss your battle?” Ash said, “I really want to see how you do.”

Chelsea walked closer to him, “Ok if you want.”

“Well of course I want to, you are my friend and I wanna see how you do,” He was trying to be encouraging. He looked over at her, she was looking ahead and had her arms folded in front of her like she was in deep thought. “It seems like it has been forever hasn’t it?” He finally said.

Chelsea nodded. “Yeah,” She agreed, but it was in a small voice.

“Is something wrong?” Ash didn’t remember her being this shy and quiet before.

Chelsea looked at Ash, “Do you want to travel with me from now on?” She felt awkward asking, because he already had traveling companions.

“I thought that we already sorted this out?” Ash asked.

Chelsea looked away, “Are you sure?” She looked up and saw Fletchinder. “Hey, there is your last troop,” She pointed.

Ash held up a pokeball, “Oh thanks, Fletchinder now return,” He said. And then Fletchinder got wrapped up in a red glow and disappeared into its pokeball. “Thanks again, and yeah I am sure; you are one of my oldest friends. Why wouldn’t I want to travel together?”

Chelsea felt so embarrassed, “Well because of…umm…Serena,” She said in a small voice. This surprised her that he was jumping so fast into traveling with her, but it made her feel special; because Ash still valued their friendship.

“Huh? What about her?” He asked ,then he thought, “Oh yeah, you and her don’t get along do you?”

Chelsea looked at him feeling dumbfounded. ‘Are you like stupid?’ She thought to herself, ‘Serena obviously likes you.’ “Well obviously no we don’t, but aren’t you and Serena like a…ya know?” She said stopping and shrugged, looking to one side, she looked at him out the corner of her eye.

Ash was so confused. “Chelsea, what are you talking about?”

She faced him and she also was super confused. “You two aren’t dating? Ya know, boyfriend and girlfriend?” She said with a grimace, like the sentence itself was a slap in the face. She has always had strong feelings for Ash, even when they were younger, she always got jealous when other girls talked to him. Then Ash would treat them so sweetly, how could he not have a girlfriend already? Unless…. She gave him a suspicious look.

“Serena my girlfriend? Are you kidding?” He was surprised. “Why would you think that?”

Chelsea tilted her head to the side. “Ash,” She started, “Have you heard of the Pidgey and the Beedrill?”

Ash looked confused, “Umm yes I have heard of Pidgey and Beedrill.” He answered.

She then rolled her eyes, “No I mean THE Pidgey and the Beedrill, you know like the talk?”

Ash stared at her, “I don’t get it, aren’t we talking about them right now?”

Chelsea smacked herself in the face. “Oh boy, we so need to talk,” she said then put her hand on his shoulder, “You see when a guy and a girl love each other very much—” She said then began walking to the Pokémon Center with him explaining everything.

They finally arrived at the Pokémon Center, after what felt like walking along time. Well they kinda did, because Chelsea was taking the longest rout so that she could explain everything, in detail. They stopped outside the Center to talk just a bit more before going in. Ash’s face was as red as Pikachu’s cheeks and Pikachu had its ears flat, and he carried a grimaced look on his face. Jolteon was the only one that looked unfazed, Chelsea felt slightly embarrassed, but only because she had to be the one to explain everything. She just felt that he should have found out already, because of everything he has told her; all that experience should have taught him something.

“Ok, so does that makes sense?” Chelsea asked, hoping to not have to explain it again.

Ash slowly looked at her, just like every time he looked at her during this walk he felt his face become red hot. “Is that really what happens?”

Chelsea nodded, “I can’t believe no one has told you this?”

“Why would anyone tell me this?” He was surprised, “I mean come on, when and how do you bring this up in normal conversation?”

“Well I just thought with that friend that liked girls a lot, you know the one you told me about.” She said curiously.

Ash nodded. “Yeah I remember, but he never told me anything about this.”

“I am sorry,” Chelsea said with red cheeks. “I just thought you might understand what I was explaining before. You know, about you and –“

“Yeah I get it,” He interrupted her. “And no I don’t feel that way about Serena.”

Chelsea felt relieved, she wasn’t too big of a fan of Serena; but it made her feel better that Ash and her were not dating. “OK.”

Ash sighed, “I am not sure why you would think that though.”

“Well, just the way she talks about you and how protective of you she is,” Chelsea explained and took a step toward the Pokémon Center.

“What? I don’t get it though,” Ash said. “You have always been protective of me, but you don’t have romantic mushy feelings for me.”

Chelsea kept walking, but began to blush horribly. “I guess, how about we get to bed.” She said trying to change the topic.

Ash watched her walking away, then he shrugged and looked at Pikachu. Then he looked back to Chelsea, “She doesn’t have feelings for me right?” He whispered to Pikachu.

“Pika,” Pikachu said, like he had no idea.

“Right, well let’s get to bed,” Ash said then began to walk after Chelsea, “All that info Chelsea told us was really crazy,” He looked up at Chelsea.

She was walking up to the door, he watched and thought about what she told him. Then he began to inspect her, not on purpose, it just happened. She had a sway to her walk, her hips went from side to side, which accentuated her waist and hips. He couldn’t tell if he liked it or not, it made him feel really funny though. He shook his head trying to snap himself out of it. When he looked up again, she was at the door holding it open. Her pony tail was flowing in the breeze and the light coming from the Pokémon Center was causing her to show a curvy silhouette. And Ash couldn’t tell if the burgundy red shirt she was wearing under her vest was making her lips redder, or they were just always that red. Then as Ash got closer he could see more of her features, they were more amplified; her skin looked way shinier, and her eyes were sparkling.

He froze, trying to figure out what was going on with himself. “Hey Pikachu, could you give me a zap,” He said turning his face to Pikachu though he couldn’t take his eyes off of Chelsea.

“Pika, Pikachuuuoooo!” Pikachu said shocking Ash with a hard Thunderbolt.

Chelsea looked surprised, “Ash are you ok?” She walked over, “What on Earth was that for?”

Ash staggered around and began to walk forward. “I just needed to wake up a bit, that’s all,” He said then walked toward the Pokémon Center. He tried everything he could not to look directly at her. ‘Wow what is going on with me,’ He thought trying to figure it out.

“Ash I think it is time for you to get to bed,” Chelsea said again and opened the door for him.

Serena was walking around in the Pokémon Center, it was very late and she was thinking about where Ash was; Fennekin was walking around with her. “Gosh where is he?” She said as she walked into the lobby.

“Fenne,” Fennekin was looking at the front door.

“What is it Fennekin?” She said then looked at the door.

It was Chelsea and Ash walking in. Ash was looking down ward, Serena couldn’t see his face because his hat was in the way. Chelsea folded her hands together in front of her, and said something to Ash, then laughed. Ash looked up at her with a red face, he had an awkward smile.

Serena quickly walked up to him, “There you are,” She said in an accusatory tone.

Ash looked at her, she was in her pajamas, “Serena, I thought I sent you guys a note?” He stated.

Pikachu gave her an odd stare.

Chelsea stood and looked Serena up and down. “What are you doing up?” She asked, “I thought Ash said not to wait up.”

Serena looked over at her and put her hands on her hips, “Well if you didn’t keep him out so late, I wouldn’t have to wait up for him,” She scolded.

Chelsea scoffed, at this point she felt safe to argue and poke at her without Ash getting mad, “What are you his mom? I mean, so far you don’t seem to be that nice,” She shook her head. “Last time I checked, he is old enough to do what he wants.”

Ash stood between them and watched as they argued, after Chelsea explained everything it all started to make sense. Does this mean that they both like him? Ash wasn’t sure what to think about that. He cared about them both, but thinking of ether of them more then friends was something that he couldn’t wrap his head around.

Serena growled, she tightened her shoulders and clenched her fists. “I know I am not his mom, but I am his friend and I like to make sure that he is safe,” She snapped.

Fennekin fiercely barked at Chelsea.

Jolteon looked down at Fennekin and growled causing Fennekin to jump behind Serena.

“Watch your Jolteon!” Serena snapped.

“Excuse me, your Fennekin needs to learn when to step in. He was just defending me from a flank attack, ya know,” She defended. “Anyway, you haven’t been with Ash his whole journey, have you?” Chelsea couldn’t help but ask.

Serena shook her head, “Um well no,” She was taken off guard by the question.

“So then you can see that Ash doesn’t need you around, he is just a nice guy that likes to have friends to walk around with. Trust me I know what it is like to travel alone,” Chelsea said then crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Serena scowled at her, “Well whatever, now we can go to bed and then leave in the morning,” She said then grabbed Ash’s arm and started to drag him away. “Come on let’s go to bed.” She really didn’t like Chelsea hanging around, and she wanted to hopefully leave without her.

“Ah hey,” Ash said.

Pikachu jumped off his shoulder and walked behind them slowly.

Fennekin then trotted behind them.

Chelsea looked surprised as she watched Serena drag away Ash. She couldn’t believe that Ash would let someone do that to him, she liked to keep Ash safe. But she would never constrict, him from doing something he wanted to do. Her heart sunk all the way to the floor, though if that is how Ash rolls now then she will just go with it. She thought about how it would be if they traveled together, just the two of them. This would never happen; she would never drag Ash around or make him do something he didn’t want to do. And maybe Ash could win a league if he could stay focused. She sighed and began walking to the counter to give Nurse Joy her Pokémon.

Jolteon fallowed her.

Ash looked at her, she held a sorry look on her face. He felt a twinge in his heart like a small string was being pulled and going to snap. He stood up right and stopped Serena, “Hang on a sec,” He pulled his arm away from Serena. “I promised Chelsea, I would watch her gym battle tomorrow. We will leave right after that.”

“Huh?” Serena almost fell over in shock. “But what about your next gym battle? I thought you wanted to get there sooner than later, and then my next Show Case. I don’t want to be late for that!”

Ash looked at Pikachu, “Well I promised, and you know me I never brake my promises,” He said then looked at Chelsea.

She was looking back at him; she didn’t know what to think. There was so many feelings and emotions happening that she felt like passing out.

Ash walked up to her, “Come on, let’s get to bed, and then leave early to get to your gym match.” He said with a huge smile. “Then we can leave, and get to our next gym battle.”

Chelsea had an over whelming amount of happiness fill her up. “OK, Yeah!” She said happily.

Jolteon and Pikachu barked then got big smiles on their face.

“Yeah! Let’s get to bed, I am so excited and it isn’t even my match,” He cheered. He took her hand and pulled her toward the rooms.

Chelsea smiled, she hadn’t felt like this since she was a kid. She actually never let anyone drag her around, unless it was Ash.

Serena stood and watched as Ash pulled Chelsea along to the rooms, her mouth was agape she couldn’t believe it. “Did that just happen?” She asked aloud.

“Fenn?” Fennekin said, just as confused.

So an old-new friend comes back into Ash’s life. There’s some good points; one being that Ash is happy that he has reunited with his friend but also some bad points; such as Serena and her don’t not get along. So what is going to happen after Chelsea’s gym battle? Or what is going to happen with Chelsea’s gym battle? Is Chelsea going to travel with the group? Or are they going to go their separate ways once again? I guess you will have to wait till the next episode to find out!


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Episode 2 – Gentle but Fierce!

This morning Ash’s old-new friend, Chelsea, is getting ready to head to her fourth gym battle; to earn her fourth gym badge. She was up earlier then everyone else, getting ready for her battle.

“Alright, so guys this is going to be a tough match,” Chelsea said, talking to her Pokémon. “Ok so Flareon you’re, for sure, battling with us.” Then she looked at the others. “Um maybe Glaceon and…” She sat and stared at all her Pokémon. She was unsure of who else to use, “Well how about Leafeon?” She said finally.

Flareon, Glaceon, and Leafeon stepped forward, smiled and barked. While Umbreon grumbled in annoyance.

“Now now Umbreon, don’t get upset, Leafeon hasn’t battled very much, and I feel she should have a chance. And Flareon and Glaceon have a huge type advantage, OK?” She said petting Umbreon on the head.

Umbreon still grumbled.

Chelsea stood and put her hands on her hips, “Alrighty, I think we are ready to go then,” She said then returned her Pokémon to their balls.

Ash rolled over in his bed then opened his eyes, he saw that Chelsea wasn’t there in her bed and jumped. “Ahh," He yelped startling Pikachu awake, "I hope she didn’t leave without me!” He shouted as he got up, and started putting clothes on.
Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie looked over with sleepy eyes, and began to sit up and yawn.
“Why are you up so early?” Bonnie whined.

“Because, I am going to go watch Chelsea get her next gym badge,” He said, struggling to put his shirt on.

Clemont sat up and swung his legs off his bed, then stood. “But Ash, I thought we had to get going to the next town for your next gym battle,” He said with a stretch.

Ash put his hat on and grabbed his bag. “I know, but I made a promise, I will see you guys at the gym,” He said, then ran as fast as he could out to the door. “Come on Pikachu!” He yelled.

“Pika!” Pikachu said, then ran after him.

Clemont and Bonnie looked at each other with confusion, “Well I guess, then we will be watching another match,” Clemont said with a tired chuckle.

Serena groaned, “I want to get to my Show Case,” She whined.

“I am sure that we will be leaving right after this,” Clemont comforted. “I guess let’s get going then,” He said, and started to get dressed.

Serena groaned and rolled over, “I guess.”

Ash ran down the hall, “Hurry Pikachu, we are going to be late!” He yelled as he ran to the front door.

Chelsea was walking to the door, with an ice cream in her hand.

Ash slid to a stop, “Chelsea, oh man I am glad I caught you,” He was breathing hard.

Chelsea stared at him and swallowed a bite of her ice cream, “What are you talking about? I was going to wait for you,” She said with a smile.

Ash grinned, “Great, now we can go then.”

“Alright, let’s go then.” Chelsea said and began to walk out the door.

Ash fallowed her with Pikachu on his shoulder, and off they went back to the Coumarine Gym.

When they arrived at the gym, Chelsea stared at the huge mass off the tree that it was made from.

While Ash and Pikachu started to walk up the path; going up the tree.

Chelsea stared with a mouth open wide enough to catch a Ladyba in. “Ash this is a tree,” Chelsea said pointing up.

“I know, the battle field is at the top, but just so you know we might end up doing some gardening,” Ash said with a chuckle.

Chelsea tilted her head to the side, “Gardening?” She questioned, then fallowed him up the tree.

It was just a couple minutes to get up the tree, but when they got to the top there was a huge battle field. Surrounded by a little white picket fence and a beautiful garden around it. There where branches coming out of the tree that were as big as trees themselves.

Chelsea looked around, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Wow this is beautiful,” She said walking out to the battle field.

“This is your kind of field, isn’t it Chelsea?” Ash asked fallowing her. He knew she loved nature, and to be in huge tree like this is something he knew she would love.

She turned to look at Ash, “How am I supposed to use a fire type here?” She asked with worry, “My Flareon will destroy the tree.”

“Oh no, don’t worry young lady, the battle field is reinforced to withstand that kind of power,” An old man said, coming out of the bushes.

“Hey Ramos,” Ash said.

“Oh hello Ash, what are you doing back?” Ramos asked.

“Well, my friend Chelsea wants to challenge you,” Ash said looking over at Chelsea. She was looking all around, spinning and smelling the flowers.

“This garden is so beautiful,” Chelsea said, gently touching a flower over the fence.

“Thank you very much,” Ramos said walking up to her. “I can see, that I don’t have to have you tend my garden, you already know what I would like to teach you.”

Chelsea looked over at him, “Well, then if I already got your lesson on beauty and tranquility how about we get to the reason I came here. Is that alright?” She said with a smile.

Ramos nodded. “Of course, let’s get started.”

Chelsea smiled, “Great.”

Ash’s jaw dropped, “What? You had me pickin weeds and drink tea, but you just let her walk in and battle?!” Ash said fiercely.

Chelsea looked at Ash then to Ramos. “Tea?” She questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh do you want some tea?” Ramos asked.

Chelsea smiled, “I love tea, of course I would like some before our match,”

Ash groaned, “Huh? Chelsea I though you wanted a match?”

Chelsea was walking after Ramos, “Well of course I do, but who can say no to a cup of tea,” She said with a huge grin on her face.

“Awww,” Ash grumbled then began to fallow.

After they drank their tea Chelsea and Ramos went out to the battle field. “Only three Pokémon each will be used,” The referee said in a commanding voice. “The challenger will be the first to move, and only the challenger can substitute Pokémon.”

Chelsea nodded, “Let’s do this!” She yelled. She looked like a totally different person then when she got here.

Ash sat on the side lines with Pikachu and Jolteon. “I am so excited aren’t you?” He asked them.

Pikachu and Jolteon cheered.

“Alright, it looks like you are ready to go, so,” Ramos threw a Pokeball in the air. “Weepinbell go!” He yelled.

And with that a bell flower Pokémon appeared on the field. “Bell bell.”

Chelsea nodded grabbing a Pokeball and threw it. “Glaceon, let’s get this done!” She shouted.

Then Glaceon appeared and growled fiercely, “Glaceon!”

“Oh wow, she is using an ice type Pokémon,” Clemont said, standing next to Ash.

“Wow she is so pretty,” Bonnie cheered.

“Hey guys, glad you could make it,” Ash said.

“Yeah it looks like we were just in time too,” Clemont said with a bit of excitement.

“Alright Glaceon lets make this quick, Blizzard!” Chelsea commanded.

Then Glaceon spit out a harsh cold that had large snowflakes flying about. “Glaceon!” Then there was now a huge Blizzard flying around the field.

Weepinbell curled its leaves in and begun to shiver.

“Well then, Weepinbell use Poison Powder,” Ramos said.

Chelsea rolled her eyes, “Of course. Glaceon use Ice Beam on the Blizzard you made, and make this a hail storm!” She shouted.

Glaceon then did just that, it pointed its Ice Beam into the sky causing all the snowflakes to turn in to small chunks of hail.

“Woohho” Clemont said amazed, “That is incredible.”

Bonnie rubbed her arms and shivered. “It’s too cold!”

Ash watched, he was also impressed, he hadn’t seen attacks used like that in a while. But then he remembered that she was also in contests, so this maybe was one of the combinations she used and made it affective in battles as well.

Weepinbell’s Poison Powder hit its mark, causing Glaceon to be poisoned.

“Oh no!” Bonnie cried. “This is not good.”

Chelsea looked over then shook her head, “Don’t worry Little Bonnie, Glaceon is gonna be just fine, right Glaceon,” She shouted.

“You have quite a bit of confidence, just like your friend,” Ramos said.

Chelsea chuckled, “Yeah, but unlike him; I don’t let it get to my head,” She said then winked at Ash.

Ash grumbled, he knew she was teasing though.

Weepinbell was getting beat up by the hail, though Glaceon was benefiting dew to her ability Snow Cloak.

Bonnie covered her head, “How is Glaceon not feeling this?” She shouted.

Clemont shivered a bit, “Well Glaceon has an ability called Snow Cloak, but that only protects her from the hail storms. I am not sure how Glaceon is going to benefit from that other than a speed boost,” He explained.

“Glaceon use Icy Wind!” Chelsea called.

“Weepinbell use slam!” Ramos called.

As Glaceon began to use Icy Wind, Weepinbell jumped high in the air and swung by a vine.

“What?” Chelsea was takin off guard by this.

Glaceon watched at Weepinbell swung by and picked her up, then slammed her into the ground.

“Glaceon!” Chelsea called.

Glaceon stood, but she was wobbly. Though she recovered quickly, and then looked to gain energy back.

“Huh?” Ash looked surprised, “What is that?”

“I got it now,” Clemont said, “Glaceon also has a hidden ability called Ice Body, and this, in a hail storm, helps your Pokémon heal. Now I see why she was so quickly to get this storm going,” He explained.

“Can you keep going?” Chelsea yelled.

Glaceon looked back at her with a grin, but then the poison affect caused damage also.

“So are you saying, that she is gaining damage then loosing damage?” Bonnie clarified.

“Yes, but I think Chelsea did that on purpose to help Glaceon last longer,” Clemont finished.

Chelsea looked at Weepinbell, it was still shivering from the cold, “Alright Glaceon, I need you to use Ice Beam on Weepinbell!”

Glaceon did what Chelsea commanded, she started to charge an Ice Beam and send it toward Weepinbell.

“Weepinbell doge that!” Ramos said, but it was too slow.

Weepinbell got hit hard by the Ice Beam, and got sent flying. It landed on the ground and slid in the dirty snow to a stop. It got back up, and puffed out some poison dust.

Chelsea groaned, “Geez, I really wanted to make quick work of this,” She sighed. “Come on Glaceon, give it an Icy Wind!”

Glaceon took a breath and charged up an Icy Wind.

“Weepinbell, use Vine Whip!” Ramos said.

Then quickly two vines came from the sides of Weepinbell, and flew towards Glaceon and smacked her before she could finish her Icy Wind. ;

“Ah,” Chelsea sounded worried.

Glaceon landed in front of Chelsea and weakly got up, “Glace,” She whimpered.

“Glaceon, are you going to be OK?” Chelsea asked.

Though Glaceon looked over at Weepinbell, who was breathing hard and getting slammed with hail. She was effected with poison again then laid on the ground.

“Glaceon, is unable to battle,” The referee said.

“Oh no,” Chelsea ran up to her. “Dang it, the poison just got to ya, didn’t it?” She asked rhetorically.

Just then Weepinbell fell next to her with a thud. He was fainted too.

“Weepinbell, is unable to battle,” The referee said, “This battle is a draw.”

Ramos looked at Weepinbell in surprise.

“That hail is doing wonders,” Clemont said.

“Why would someone use this in a battle?” Bonnie asked she was still shivering.

“Well I think Chelsea was depending on Glaceon’s Ice Body to keep it up till the end, but that poison was just too much,” Clemont explained. “Though it did do the job of taking Weepinbell out, like Chelsea wanted.”

“Chelsea had a good strategy going there,” Ash said.

“Yeah,” Clemont agreed.

Chelsea called Glaceon back, “Alright then, Leafeon come on out please!” She said then threw another Pokeball. In a ball of light Leafeon formed, and then landed on the snowy field.

The hail storm was beating down on Leafeon hard. Leafeon tucked its head and whimpered.

“Huh? Why is she calling a grass type Pokémon, in a horrible storm like this?” Bonnie said.

“I don’t know,” Clemont said.

Ash watched intently, he was trying to figure out what she was doing.

Ramos called back his Weepinbell, “Well, this is a bit of a different pace,” He said, then threw another Pokeball, “Go Jumpluff.”

Chelsea smiled, “I knew it,” She said, “Leafeon hang in there a bit longer, use Giga Drain!”

Leafeon began to absorb energy from Jumpluff.

“Jumpluff get rid of this storm and use Sunny Day,” Ramos called.

Jumpluff’s body began to shine and the storm began to clear, and the snow to melt. The sun shined bright which also caused Jumpluff’s ability Chlorophyll to begin use.

“Oh no, now her speed is going to go up,” Bonnie said.

Leafeon then began to shine also, “Leafeon!” It shouted.

“Thanks Ramos, we needed that speed,” Chelsea said.

“Huh?” Bonnie was confused, “What does she mean by that?”

“It looks like Leafeon also has the ability of Chlorophyll,” Clemont explained.

Ramos smiled, “You have a beautiful, Leafeon,” He complimented.

Chelsea giggled, “Thanks, but I am gonna say she is a tough little flower,” She pointed to Jumpluff. “Leafeon, use Razor Leaf!”

Leafeon ran at Jumpluff and whipped her leaf like tail around, causing leaves to come flying out. The leaves flew, like little ninja stars through the air.

“Jumpluff use Cotton Guard,” Ramos commanded.

Then Jumpluff shook its body, and the cotton off its tuffs, then it glowed and surrounded itself with the cotton.

The leaves from Leafeon’s Razor Leaf then bounced off the cotton, like leaves on a pillow.

“You are going to have to do better than that,” Ramos said.

Chelsea thought, “Ok let’s try going in with a Leaf Blade!” She called out.

Leafeon ran at Jumpluff and her tail began to glow. She jumped in to the air and started to come down fast.

“Jumpluff use Cotton Guard,” Ramos said.

Then more cotton flew into the air, surrounding Jumpluff.

“Use that as a spring board and jump!” Chelsea said.

Leafeon landed on the wall of cotton and jumped off getting way more height.

“Alright, now use Magical Leaf!” Chelsea said. “We need to get past that Cotton Guard.”

Leafeon sent out a mass hoard of glowing leaved, they raced at Jumpluff leaving no time to run.
They hit Jumpluff knocking the little floating body into the air.

“Alright now finish it with Leaf Blade!” Chelsea yelled.

Leafeon didn’t hesitate, she pointed her body downward to gain speed as her leaf tail began to glow. Then she did a front flip and came down on Jumpluff.

“Jumpluff doge that with Acrobatics!” Ramos said, but it was just too late.

Leafeon came down on Jumpluff hard, she pushed her into the ground. Causing there to be more power behind her move, this slammed Jumpluff into the ground causing dust to fly up and blow around. Leafeon landed outside the cloud of dirt. Then when the dirt cleared Jumpluff was fainted.

“Jumpluff is unable to battle, Leafeon is the winner!” The referee called.

Chelsea jumped and cheered, “Yay, you did so good Leafeon!” She bent down as Leafeon ran and jumped into Chelsea’s arms.

“Eon!” Leafeon cheered as well.

Ash, Pikachu, Jolteon, Celmont, and Bonnie cheered.

“That was a good one,” Clemont said.

“Yeah, that leaves one on two now,” Bonnie said cheerfully.

“Yeah, Chelsea is making quick work of this,” Clemont complemented.

Ash watched Chelsea battle, this was nothing like her last night. What happen? She didn’t go easy on him did she?

“OK, now time to give someone else a turn,” Chelsea said pulling out a Pokeball and calling back Leafeon.

“OK, my last Pokémon,” Ramos threw one last Pokeball. “Go Gogoat!” and out of the Pokeball it came in a flash of light. It drug its front hove in the dirt a couple times, then gave a hard breath out its nose.

Chelsea gabbed a Pokeball, “Okey dokey,” She threw up the ball, “Come on out please, Flareon!” She called. Flareon came out and landed on the battle field, the fur around her neck and tail looked so fluffy and soft.

“Oh my gosh she is so pretty!” Bonnie said.

“Ah I should have known,” Ramos said.

Chelsea smiled, “Oh what gave me away?”

Ramos chuckled, “Well the other two actually, you don’t see many people with that many Eevee evolution’s now,” He said.

Chelsea shrugged, “I love them, what can I say,” She said then pointed to Gogoat, “Flareon use Fire Blast!” She called a hard command, the more this battle went on the fiercer Chelsea got.

Flareon puffed its chest out and breathed out a huge Fire Blast, “Flare!”

Gogoat jumped out of the way.

“Alright now use Leach Seed,” Ramos said.

And Gogoat threw a seed into the ground next to Flareon, vines came flying out of the ground wrapping Flareon on up. It began to drain her energy.

Flareon struggled, “Flare!” She screamed.

“Agh, Flareon use Flame Blitz!” Chelsea yelled.

Flareon’s body turned red hot and burst into flames, this burned the roots that were holding her in place.

“Good job!” Chelsea cheered. “Now use that Flame Blitz on Gogoat!”

Flareon sprinted at Gogoat, the flames surrounding Flareon grew huge. She slammed into Gogoat causing it to go crashing backwards.

“Alright Gogoat, use Razor Leaf!” Ramos said.

Gogoat, summoned up a storm of leaves and they all went after Flareon.

Chelsea grimaced, “Flareon use Fire Spin!”

Flareon breathed out a curling rope of fire. It burnt all the leaves causing them be small falling embers.

“Alright, Gogoat use Razor Leaf again and surround her,” Ramos said.

Gogoat used another Razor Leaf, but this one was spinning around Flareon in a storm. There were random bursts of leaves coming and hitting her from all sides.

“Ah, I see,” Chelsea observed what was happening. She was studying the storm of leaves and how they were hitting Flareon.

Flareon looked around in a panic, “Flareon!” She called.

“Hang in there Flareon!” Chelsea called back. She needed to find a way out of this.

Gogoat was running around the outside of the leaf storm, firing leaves to the inside.

“Ok got it,” Chelsea growled, “Flareon use Firespin again on the ring!” She called.

Flareon did just that, she exhaled a large amount of fire causing the ring to become fire. Flareon took a breath and begun to relax.

“What is going on?” Bonnie asked feeling scared. “Why did Chelsea do that? Flareon is going to get hurt.”

Clemont looked at Flareon and began to study what was going on. “I got it! Chelsea is doing this on purpose to activate Flareon’s ability Flash Fire.”

Ash looked at him, “What is that?”

“Flash Fire, is an ability that causes a Pokémon’s fire moves to go up in attack power if they block another fire move. So if Chelsea turns that ring on fire on Flareon her fire attacks will increase!” Clemont explained. “This is fascinating.”

“But won’t Flareon get hurt?” Bonnie asked.

“Maybe, but I don’t think so, Flash Fire also protects from fire.” Clemont reassured her.

Flareon got back battle ready, “Flare!” She barked.

“Ok, Flareon when I say go use Overheat right at me, ok?” Chelsea called.

Ramos got a confused look on his face.

“Huh? What is she thinking?” Ash’s yelled.

Gogoat was running around the fire ring looking for a way in.

“Looks like we are going to have to use Leech Seed again,” Ramos said.

Gogoat stopped right in front of Chelsea and started to use Leech Seed.

“Oh I don’t think so! Now Flareon Overheat!” She shouted loudly.

Flareon took a deep breath and puffed up, then on the exhale a huge blast of fire came flying out. It broke the fire ring and hit Gogoat right in the face, Chelsea took a step to the side as Gogoat flew past and slammed into a tree. When the smoke cleared Gogoat was on the ground and fainted.

“Gogoat is unable to battle, Flareon is the winner. And the victor goes to the challenger Chelsea,” The referee called.

“YES!” Chelsea cheered running up to Flareon, “You are amazing!” She said picking her up and cradled her. “Thank you!”

Flareon had a huge smile on her face and licked her cheek. “Flareon!”

“Wow Chelsea and her Pokémon are so in sync,” Clemont said excitedly.

Ash watched impressed, “Her Flareon is very powerful,” He complimented.

Bonnie jumped and cheered, “YAY she won!”

Jolteon started to walk up to Chelsea, Pikachu jumped on his back for a ride.

Ramos called back Gogoat and then walked up to Chelsea, “You did very well young lady,” Ramos complimented.

Chelsea gave Ramos a huge smile, “Thank you very much,” She said.

Ramos held out his hand with the Leaf Badge, “Here this belongs to you,” Ramos said.

Chelsea took it, “Thank you so much,” She said, then showed it to Flareon, “You did so great.”

Ash came over with Clemont and Bonnie. “Chelsea, you did great!” Ash praised.

“Yeah, those attack combinations were insane with your Glaceon,” Clemont said.

Chelsea smiled. “Thanks guys,” She said then put down Flareon.

Jolteon nuzzled against Flareon, “Jolt,” He barked.

Flareon blushed.

“Pika Pikachu!” Pikachu complemented.

Bonnie petted Flareon, “She is so soft,” She wrapped her arms around her neck and squeezed, then rubbed her face in her fur collar. “AAHhh, I love it!!!”

“Bonnie be careful,” Clemont warned.

Bonnie kept petting her, “She is so pretty.”

“Thanks,” Chelsea said. “We can go now Ash,” She said and called back Flareon into her ball.

“Alright, let’s get going,” Ash said.

Chelsea turned to Ramos, “Thanks again,” She said to him.

Ramos smiled, “Good luck, on the rest of your journey.”

“Thank you, you have a great rest of your day!” She called back as they ran down the path to head for Lumiose City.

When they got to the bottom of the tree Chelsea looked around and realized, “So, where’s Serena?”

Ash looked over, “Oh yeah, where is she?”

“She said she was going to catch some extra sleep, and then meet up with us at the trail head leaving town,” Clemont explained.

“Well then, I got to hit up the Pokémon Center before we leave, is that ok?” Chelsea asked.

“Of course maybe we will run into Serena there,” Ash said.

“Chelsea are you going to travel with us?” Bonnie asked excitedly.

Chelsea looked at Ash, “If that ok with everyone?” She said.

Bonnie looked back at Ash and Clemont then back to Chelsea, “Who cares what the boys think, just come with us it will be fun!” She laughed, “Right Dedenne?”

“Dennee,” Dedenne chirped in agreement.

Chelsea smiled, “Ok, sounds like fun,” She said, and they began to walk to the Pokémon Center. “So where are you guys headed to next?”

Ash stepped up to walk next to her. “Well we are going to head to Lumiose City to get my next badge,” He said.

Clemont walked up to the other side of Chelsea, “Yeah, and I am the gym leader there, so it is going to be a battle between him and I,” Clemont said, puffing out his chest with pride.

Chelsea giggle, “That sounds fun, but why are you not at your gym anyway?” She asked. She was giving him a studying look.

“Well ya see, I am traveling, because of Ash,” Clemont started to explain.

Chelsea looked at him thoughtfully.

“Well, before, I used to have this fear of trying new things. And after I started traveling with Ash, I have come to find a bit of confidence in him that I want to see in me,” He continued.

“That’s great!” Chelsea encouraged.

Ash waved his hand to catch Chelsea attention, “I can’t wait for our battle. I am glad you are going to be there to watch,” He said with excitement.

Bonnie was walking in the front looking around. “Ash don’t get too excited, you aren’t going to beat my big brother,” She said putting her hands on her hips and puffing out her chest.

Chelsea giggled, again hiding her face. “You guys are funny, traveling with you guys is going to be fun.”

As they were walking to the Pokémon Center, Ash and Clemont were telling Chelsea about all the adventures in the Kalos Region they have had so far. Chelsea was very entertained; she couldn’t believe how much they have gone through.

“Wow you guys have gone through a lot; I mean geez Ash jumping off of buildings to save Pokémon. That’s incredible,” She nudged him. “You are a hero, Hero,” She said with a wink.

Ash scratched the back of his head embarrassedly, “Hero, no…” He said then thought about it as they walked. “Well actually, I do like the sound of that,” He said then gave a chuckle.

“Oh geez look what you did,” Bonnie said, with a little eye roll. “You are going to make a monster.”

Clemont laughed, “Oh yeah you are.”

Ash looked around and grumbled, “Hey!”

They all laughed as they came around the corner, and saw the Pokémon Center.

“Ok guys let me go inside real quick, and give Nurse Joy my Pokémon, and I will come back out and we can leave,” Chelsea said excitedly, she jumped and then began to run into the Pokémon Center.

As she approached the Center Serena began to come out. Serena saw Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie standing down the steps of the Pokémon Center; then Chelsea zipped by her.

“Excuse me,” Chelsea said, as she zipped past.

Serena stepped out of the way, and watched her run by. She then looked at Ash and walked down the steps to him. “So are we ready to head out?” Serena asked, she has a bit of annoyance in her voice.

“Well we are going to wait for Chelsea then we can get going,” Ash said.

Serena looked uneasy. “You mean she’s coming with us?” She asked nervously.

“Yeah, she is heading in the same direction as us, and we had a great time talking on our way here,” Clemont said.

“She is super funny!” Bonnie agreed.

Dedenne chirped with a laugh.

“Oh, so is she going to just be with us till we get to Lumios City?” She asked trying to figure this out.

“Well she is getting gym badges,” Ash said. “Is there a reason you don’t want Chelsea to come with us?” He asked.

Pikachu gave the same curious look.

Serena groaned, “I didn’t say I didn’t want her coming with us.”

“Well that’s good, because I was thinking this was going to be a permanent thing,” A voice from behind her asked.

Serena jumped and turned around, it was Chelsea. She was standing there with her hands on her hips and Jolteon was sitting next to her, his head was tilted to the side, and he had a suspecting look on his face.

“Permanent?” Serena reiterated.

Chelsea nodded, “Yup, traveling alone is not nearly as fun as traveling with friends,” She walked up to Ash and brushed up against him gently. “Especially if it is with Ash, my oldest and bestest friend,” She said, then looked back at Serena, she leaning against Ash. She flashed a huge grin at Serena, at the moment she knew this bugged the heck out of her, Chelsea loved it though.

Serena gritted her teeth, in her mouth. She looked at Chelsea with a harsh glare.

Ash smiled, “You all ready to go?”

Chelsea nodded, “Yup, let’s get going,” she said, and began to skip away.

Bonnie skipped after her, “Yay!”

Clemont and Ash walked after them, Pikachu was on Ash’s shoulder and Jolteon walked in front of them; then Serena walked after them with a grumpy look on her face.

After a while of walking Ash looked over his shoulder, he saw Serena moping behind them. “Hey Serena come on, aren’t you excited for your next Show Case?” Ash asked with excitement in his voice.

Serena looked up at him, and then she smiled. “Well of course I am,” She said then caught up to him, she walked with her hands folded behind her back. “How about you? Are you excited about your next gym badge?” She asked and leaned toward him.

Ash leaned away, “Of course I am,” He said. “I can’t wait to battle Clemont.”

Serena straightened up, “That’s great,” She said then looked at Clemont. “You excited about battling Ash?” She asked.

“Yeah, I can’t wait either, and don’t worry Ash I am going to give you a good match,” Clemont said with a chuckle.

They looked up ahead and saw Chelsea and Bonnie jumping and dancing around. They looked like they were having a blast, they were talking about Pokémon and how Bonnie got her Dedenne.

Ash and Clemont laughed. “Those two really hit it off, didn’t they?” Clemont asked.

“Yeah, that’s really great,” Ash said, “This is going to be fun,” He continued.

They kept walking until the sun started to touch the tops of the trees on the horizon, at this point Chelsea and Bonnie were beginning to wear themselves out. So they slowed down and walked with the rest of the group. Chelsea walked next to Clemont on the outside.

“So Clemont I got to say, that is the weirdest backpack I have ever seen,” She said and pointed to the round ball on Clemont’s bag.

Bonnie jumped and started to walk by Chelsea’s other side. “That is my big brother’s Clemonatic Gear, he invented it himself,” She explained.

Chelsea got wide eyes, “Well aren’t you the smart one, huh?” She said and looked back at the backpack. “So how does it work? I mean what all does it do?”

“Well,” Clemont started. “This is one of my most successful inventions, and like Bonnie said this is called my Clemonatic Gear. I use this as a tool to help me make other inventions.” He explained. He got super into it.

“Yeah it is super cool!” Ash said in total bliss. “Science is so amazing!”

Chelsea laughed and looked up, the sky becoming so colorful from the sunset; with pinks and purples the clouds looked like paint brush strokes brushing the sky. She then looked back over to the others, “So when do you guys normally have dinner and set up camp?” She asked.

“Well it kinda depends,” Serena said.

Chelsea looked confused, “On?”

Then there was a funny sounding growl. Serena and Chelsea looked in the direction the noise came from, Chelsea had a confused look on her face while Serena gave a look of surprise.

Ash and Pikachu were standing there holding their stomachs, Ash had a guilty grin on his face along with Pikachu. They both gave a small chuckle.

“Well that,” Clemont laughed. “I agree though, it is getting late. Let’s set up camp around here somewhere and get dinner cooking.”

Chelsea smiled and looked at the sunset. “Can we find a spot where that is easy to see?” She asked pointing.

Ash looked over, “Of course,” He said then started looking around.

“There looks to be a small clearing over there,” Bonnie pointed then ran in that direction.

“Hang on Bonnie!” Clemont yelled then ran after her.

Chelsea, Serena, and Ash with their Pokémon jogged after them.

Bonnie entered the clearing then came to a sudden stop. “Wow,” She said with a bit of amazement in her voice.

Clemont came up, behind her, and almost ran her over. “Woohh Bonnie,” He said then looked up at the clearing. “Wow.”

When Chelsea, Serena, and Ash got to the clearing; they got the same reaction, the look of amazement. Chelsea got a huge smile on her face. There was a smaller clearing, but that sat on top of a small hill that over looked a larger clearing. Across the clearing to the right; a little, was where the sun was setting, the sun was touching the tops of the trees. And in the larger clearing were mass amounts of Pokémon.

“Wow this looks so beautiful,” Serena said walking to the edge of the hill.

Chelsea smiled and looked around, “This is perfect!” She said, then walked over to the edge of the hill then sat down and started to dig into her backpack.

Bonnie walked up next to her and crouched down to look over her shoulder. “What are you doing?” She asked.

Chelsea pulled out a small digital camera, it was blue with a small screen on the back along and had a bunch of different settings on it, “I love taking pictures,” She began, “I also love nature, and this is one of the best ways to capture it, I also like taking pictures and getting all my memories caught on some type of camera.”

Bonnie watched her set up a small tripod and start taking pictures, “That’s so cool, what do you take pictures of?”

Chelsea looked up at her and smiled, “Everything,” She said, and looked over to the sunset and kept taking pictures.

Ash, Serena, and Clemont watched them for a minute then Ash’s stomach growled again.

“Heh heh, so when is dinner going to be ready?” He asked, looking over at Clemont.

Clemont laughed, “Well how about I get started setting things up, and you guys can get the firewood so I can start cooking,” He said putting down his backpack.

Serena perked up, “Come on Ash lets go get firewood and water,” She said then grabbed him and scooted off.

Chelsea turned her camera toward the field of Pokémon, she then focused the camera. She looked over her shoulder and saw Ash being dragged into the woods by Serena. She shrugged then looked back through the camera, she thought, if Ash was really going to let her drag him around like that, just to get his attention she wasn’t going to even bother with it; even though it killed her to do so. So she started to take pictures, she had her camera focused on a group of Deerling; they were in their spring seasoned look.

Bonnie was hovering over her shoulder, she was being really quiet and still. Though it killed her to not be able to see what she was taking pictures of. “What are you taking pictures of?” Bonnie asked, it was tickling her not to know.

Chelsea pointed at the Deerling, “Those Deerling, you see in the center right?” She said then leaned back and looked at Bonnie. “I am trying to get them in the same shot as the sunset, but the sun dips too far behind the trees to get the shot I want,” She explained while pointing around.

Bonnie perked up and looked over, “Yeah I see them,” She said then pointed. “Can I look through your camera?”

Chelsea scooted away from her camera, “Sure you can, just be careful not to knock it over,” She said then stood.

Bonnie sat behind the camera and looked through, she scanned the field of Pokémon. There were Deerling, Sawsbuck, Blitzle, and Zebstrika, along with a smaller heard of Nidoran. “Wow there are so many Pokémon down there.” She said pulling her face away from the camera.

Chelsea left her backpack next to her camera, and started to walk over to Clemont, “You can keep looking if you want. I am going to if Clemont needs help,” She said then tapped Clemont’s shoulder, he was pulling out a bunch of stuff from his backpack. “Hey, do you need help setting up?”

Cleomont looked over his shoulder at her, then felt hot as steamed rocks. Chelsea’s hair was blowing slightly with the breeze, and the sunset caused her to glow. “Um huh?” He stuttered.

“Can I help?” She said, standing up and started unfolding the table.

Clemont stared at her in aw, “Um yeah.”

Dedenne looked over, then tapped Bonnie’s cheek and squeaked.

Then Bonnie looked over, and saw Clemont and Chelsea, she was helping Clemont set up a table and chairs to get ready for dinner. Bonnie got a huge smile on her face, then looked at Dedenne, “Do you think she’s a keeper?” She whispered.

Dedenne chirped and gave a huge smile.

Serena was walking around picking up sticks and setting them in Ash’s arms. She was smiling, and looking around humming a tune. Her Fennekin was walking around eating little twigs, while Pikachu was helping Ash pick up sticks.

“Do you think this is enough?” Serena asked, putting another large stick on the pile.

Ash wasn’t paying attention; he was staring off into space.

“Ash?” Serena said, waving her hands in front of his face. “Hey!”

Pikachu looked up at him, “Pika?”

Fennekin kept chewing on her twig.

Serena put her hands on her hips in a huff, “ASH!!”

Ash snapped out of it, “Huh, what?”

“Is this a good amount of sticks do you think?” Serena repeated.

He looked at all the sticks in his arms, “Well yeah, I think so,” He said, slightly distracted.

She smiled, “Ok let’s get heading back to camp,” She said, walking back to camp.

Ash began to fallow her; he was still distracted. He was thinking about training; he hasn’t trained since the night he was out with Chelsea. She is a really good training companion; she knew how to bring in the best out of his fighting. That night the fight felt like it went on forever, he wasn’t sure if her Umbreon was going to go down. Her Umbreon was so tough and determined, she was hardy, and he liked that she pushed herself the way he did. Though he knows all her Pokémon have their own special traits also. He also knew that they were only that way; because Chelsea is a hard trainer, he saw that growing up with her. He wanted to go train with Chelsea, so that he knew his Pokémon were being pushed to their full potential.

He looked down at Pikachu, “You wanna train when we get back to camp?” He asked.

Serena looked over her shoulder.

Pikachu looked up at him and cheered.

“I will train with you Ash,” Serena said, answering his question.

He looked up at her, “Oh ok, I was thinking you would want to do some of your show training though.”

She shrugged, “I can still help you,” She said, then smiled at him.

He looked down, and Pikachu with a nervous smile.

Pikachu returned the same look then laughed.

Fennekin looked over at them, she was chewing on another stick. She jumped up, and ran to catch up to them.

Chelsea and Clemont were finished setting up camp, they had everything set up including the tents. Bonnie was still looking down into the field with Chelsea camera, she was sneaking some picture taking while she was watching.

Clemont was getting a spot ready for the fire. “You know this is a whole lot easier when people actually help with the whole thing of setting up,” He said. “Now where is Ash and Serena with the firewood?”

Chelsea looked into the trees, “They have been gone a while,” She said, then looked at the bushes right by their camp. There were a couple handfuls of sticks scattered about. “Well there are sticks right here,” She said then filled her hands up with sticks and threw them in the fire pit, that Clemont just made. “There, now let’s get dinner cookin,” She said, then began to set up a fire.

Clemont watched for a second, it didn’t take long for her to get a fire going. He was slightly amazed, so far she has helped more than any of the others in just one afternoon. He couldn’t help, but watch her.

She looked back at him. “Ok so do need water?” She asked grabbing the pot from Clemont.

Clemont couldn’t help, but let her take it, “Um, I don’t know, if we have water,” He stuttered.

Chelsea shrugged, “That’s fine,” She looked down in the field, there was a small stream flowing through it. “I will just go down, there and fill the pot,” She said standing up, and started to walk to the stream. “Oh while I am at it I will fill our water bottles too. Don’t let that fire die,” She said quickly grabbing water bottles, then she walked down the hill.

Jolteon trotted next to her.

Clemont just stared at her, she had a sway in her walk, and her brown wavy hair flowed down her back in a long thick pony tail. It had a slight bounced with every step that she took, her walk had energy to it; the way she swung the pot while she walked just screamed fun.

As Chelsea walked down the hill Bonnie looked at her through the camera, she saw the same beauty that Clemont saw. “Wow she is a keeper!” She said, still looking through the camera. “What do you think Dedenne?” She asked moving to the side to let Dedenne look.

Dedenne looked and then gave an excited chirp. “Dedenenee.”

Then Ash, Pikachu, Serena, and Fennekin walked back into camp, they saw that camp was totally set up; the tents were up, along with the table and stools, and also Clemont was already started on dinner. Plus, there was already a fire going, it was small, but it was a fire still. Ash and Serena both looked surprised, they actually were not gone that long ether.

“Wow, you guys set up camp fast,” Ash said, looking around as he walked up to the fire.

Pikachu put the couple of twigs, by the fire and looked around, “Pika pi.”

Serena looked at the fire and jumped, “I thought that you needed firewood?” She said annoyed.

Clemont looked up from his cooking, “Well Chelsea was getting impatient so she went and grabbed some sticks, and started a small fire so that all we would need is to make it bigger,” He explained as he was stirring stuff up in a bowl.

Serena grumbled and looked around, Chelsea was nowhere to be seen, “Where did she go anyway?”

“Oh Chelsea went to get water,” Clemont pointed down the hill. “She is filling the pan and water bottles.”

Chelsea was by the stream crouched down, Jolteon was sitting beside her; they looked like they were talking.

Ash dropped the firewood and began to run down the hill, “I am going to go help her, then we can go train,” He said excitedly.

Pikachu ran after him.

Serena watched as he went from zero energy to full of energy. She felt a mixture of hurt and frustration, she hasn’t seen him like this before; never so moody. She looked down at the firewood they gathered, now that it was scattered on the ground. “I guess I will pick this up,” She said stacking it up and putting a few pieces in the fire.

Ash was running down the hill with Pikachu. “Come on Pikachu,” He said, and began to run faster.

Pikachu was right on his heels, “Pikachu!”

Though while running down the hill Ash tripped, and started to roll down in summer salts. Pikachu fallowed Ash, trying to stay close, but not trip.

Chelsea was filling a water bottle when her ear perked up, she heard shouting that was getting closer.

Jolteon looked over, and got a surprised look on his face then barked.

“What is it Jolteon,” She said, then looked over her shoulder. She saw Ash tumbling toward her very fast. “WOoh!” She said and went to move, but she was just a second too late.

Ash slammed into her and Chelsea fell in the stream, while Ash landed right on the edge. All the Pokémon grazing or drinking scattered about.

Ash sat up, “Oh man,” He was rocking back and forth all dizzy.

Pikachu and Jolteon stood at the edge of the water. They looked at each other and back to the water, Jolteon looked worried, along with Pikachu.

Ash looked over at them. “Sorry Jolteon,” He said, then at the water, “Ah Chelsea!” He said seeing her.

She was just sitting up out of the water, her hair was wetted down and looked like a mess in her face. Her vest was soaked, the fur caller was wet and matted looking, and falling off one of her shoulders. She was soaked, her shirt was sagging and her boots where full of water.

“AW, Chelsea, I am so sorry!” He said jumping up and holding out his hand to help her up.

She looked up at him slightly, peeking through her wet matted bangs, that where covering her face. She stood up on her own still standing in the stream, she pulled her shirt up and tried to fix her vest, but it fell off one of her shoulders from the weight of the water.

Ash winced, he knew she hated getting wet. Though when Ash looked at her closer, he really like the way she looked; he almost liked her messy look. “Chelsea I am so sorry,” Ash said looking at her intently.

She stepped out of the stream slowly with a squish from her heavy wet boots. Chelsea stood there for a second, then took a couple more steps toward him.

“Chelsea?” He was getting more and more concerned, the more she stayed quiet and came closer to him.

Chelsea got really close to him, she gave him a hard glare.

“I’m sorry,” He said nervously.

Then in a second she threw her arms around him and squeezed him tight. This was causing Chelsea soaked clothes to soak Ash’s, she began to giggle.

Ash tried to push her away, “Hey! You are getting me wet!” He said struggling.

Chelsea wrapped one of her legs around him too. “This is payback!” She said then leaned back. They began to fall back into the water, with a large splash.

“Ahhg,” Ash yelled as they fell.

Chelsea sat up and looked over at him, “Take that,” She said in a huff, she splashed him then started to get out of the water.

Ash propped himself up and watched her get up.

She was grabbing a water bottle and started to fill it, she looked up at him; her hair was still a mess. “You need to be careful,” She said, putting the cap back on the bottle.

He grabbed another bottle and started to fill it, “I am really sorry,” He grumbled, “but did you need to pull me in too? Now I have to dry my clothes.”

Chelsea gave a mischievous smile. “I know, but so do I,” She said then gave a little wink.

Ash looked confused, ‘What did she mean by that?’ He thought.

Chelsea began to pick up the full water bottles, and the pot then started her way back up the hill.

Ash put the cap on the water bottle he was filling, and watched her walk away, even though her squishy sounding shoes were funny. She still had that walk, he couldn’t figure out what it was about it, but it gave Ash a tight gut feeling. “Hey Chelsea, let me get the pot for you,” He said, running up to her and reaching out.

Chelsea looked at him, “It’s alright, I got it,” She said going up the hill. “But you can take a water bottle or two,” She offered.

“Ok,” He grabbed a water bottle off her shoulder and one out from under her arm. “Let’s get back to camp and get ready for dinner, we need to get out of these wet clothes,” He chuckled.

Chelsea smiled and laughed, “Yeah, I am getting cold.” She said.

Jolteon looked up at them, and began to fallow, along with Pikachu.

Chelsea looked over her shoulder at them, “Maybe they should take a dip?” She said then smiled.

Pikachu stopped, “Pika?” He didn’t like the sound of that.’’

Jolteon gave Chelsea an annoyed look.

Serena looked down the hill and saw Ash and Chelsea, walking up toward them. They looked soakin wet, when they got close enough, Serena went up to them, “What happened? You guys are soaked,” She questioned.

Chelsea looked up at her, “Well someone wasn’t watching, where he was going?” She said, and looked over at Ash.

He looked at her and grinned, “Hey, I tripped,” He said, trying to defend his action.

Serena looked over at him, “So you both fell in the stream?”

Chelsea laughed, “Of course not, I pulled him in, after he pushed me in,” She said, then walked by her and handed the pot of water to Clemont. “Here ya go?”

Serena looked after her then back to Ash, “So you pushed her into the stream? That wasn’t very nice?” She said, crossing her arms in front of her.

Ash flinched, “It was an accident,” He said, then went to place the water bottles on the table. “We filled up your water bottles too.”

Chelsea looked over at him, “I filled them, thank you very much,” She said in a huff.

Ash looked at her with a flustered look, “I filled up one,” He said.

“Well at least they are filled,” Clemont said, while he set the pot on the fire and filled it with ingredients.

Bonnie turned the camera toward camp and started taking pictures. “This is so much fun,” She said then looked at Dedenne.

It chirped and then looked through the camera, he pushed the button and snapped another picture.

Chelsea looked down at her clothes, “I am going to go change,” She said and started to dig in her bag. “I can’t handle being in wet clothes,” She went behind a tree to change.

Ash began to dig through his bag, “Yeah, I am at least going to change shirts,” He said then took off his shirt right there, and put on a dry one.

Serena blushed hard as she watched.

Bonnie walked over with Chelsea’s camera, and was taking pictures of everything now. “Clemont look I am a photographer!” She said excitedly, taking pictures and spinning around and dancing with the camera.

Clemont dropped the spoon in the pot. “Agh! Bonnie put that down!” He shouted, “That isn’t yours, and I don’t want to be responsible if you brake it.”

Bonnie stuck her tongue out at him, “Chelsea said, I could look through it,” She said then put it in front of her face and started taking pictures.

“Well yes I did say that, but I didn’t say that you could pick it up and play with it,” Chelsea said coming back around the tree. She wore sandals with yellow flowy short shorts and a small orange crop tee; she had one hand on her hip, then her old wet clothes were in the other. “Come on Bonnie put the camera down,” She said, in a stern voice.

Bonnie looked at the camera, it was still on the tripod that Chelsea attached it too, she couldn’t get it off. “Ok,” She said, she began to spread the legs out and set tripod down; she seemed to be having a bit of a struggle.

“Thank you,” Chelsea said, then started to hang her wet clothes, on a low hanging branch.

Ash looked at her she looked a lot more muscular, with less clothes on. He then tried to hang his wet shirt on another tree branch; he kept massing the branch, because he was looking at Chelsea, “Alright, so how is dinner coming along?” He said to Clemont.

Clemont looked over at him, “Almost done just a few more minutes,” He said stirring the pot.

“Great I am starved!” Ash said, finally getting his shirt on the branch.

“There,” Bonnie finished putting the tripod up. She let it go and started to walk to the table, “Does the table need to be set?” She said, then began to skip

Just as she walked away one of the tripod, legs began to collapse, and the whole thing started to tip over and lean toward the slanted side of the hill.

“Ahh Bonnie!” Clemont shouted pointing at the tripod.

Bonnie turned to look, and saw the tripod, “OH NO!” She shouted.

Chelsea looked over, and saw Bonnie running to the camera to catch it. “Ah my camera!” She said frozen.

Ash ran over to catch it too, but he also was just a second too late. The tripod fell over and started to roll down the hill.

Chelsea grabbed her hair, “No!” She shrieked, and sprinted after the now rolling tripod.

“I got it!” Ash ran after it too.

Bonnie, Ash, and Chelsea were now running down the hill to catch the tripod, it was rolling right toward the stream.

“Don’t let it fall in the water,” She said running toward it.

“I got it!” Ash yelled.
Ash’s shirt get’s wet again
Pikachu ran past them and tried to slow down the tripod by standing in front of it, it just bounced off his fuzzy yellow body and kept rolling. “Pika!” He yelped, and fell over.

“AHH NO!” Chelsea ran as fast as she could, trying to catch it.

Ash was right there, he reached out and jumped right as it got to the edge of the water. “I got it!” He yelled. Though it bounced off his fingers and down towards the water.

Chelsea went into a tizzy and tripped. “Ahg No!” She rolled on the ground a bit then sat on the ground. “My camera!” She shouted, “Jolteon!” She screamed.

Just as she screamed a yellow blur flew past her, and to the stream. It went so fast as it passed Pikachu it caused him to spin and get dizzy.

Ash felt something touch his back, and fly over his head. He looked up and saw the yellow blur, it was Jolteon.

Jolteon leaped into the air and threw it back legs over its head and caught the tripod in its mouth. He landed on the other side of the stream with ease, but the landing cause the small metal piece that the camera screwed on to the tripod snap. Then the camera fell into the water with a plop.

Chelsea froze as she watched her camera fall into the water.

Ash reached into the water, and picked out the camera, he looked at it then turned to Chelsea. “Um, well, here it is,” He said and held it out to her.

Jolteon jumped back over the stream and walked up to Chelsea and set the tripod in her lap. His ears were laid flat, as he looked upset, “Jolteon,” He said in a sad tone.

Chelsea was petrified sitting there, her mouth was agape as she stared at the dripping camera in Ash’s hand.

Clemont and Serena came down the hill and stopped, “Did you catch it?” Serena asked with a worried tone.

Ash looked up at them and shook his head, “It fell into the water,” He said, disappointed.

“Bonnie!” Clemont scolded, “Look what you did, this is why you don’t play with things that aren’t yours.”

Chelsea took the camera and stared at it, she shook it a bit; you could hear water swoosh around inside. Then she tried to turn it on, but the light only just blinked, and the small screened flashed. Tears filled her eyes, as she struggled to make it work.

Bonnie walked up to Chelsea and bent down, “Chelsea, I am so sorry,” She said, she was very upset.

Ash looked at it, “Maybe we can fix it.”

Chelsea shook her head, and clutched the camera in her fist, “No forget it, it’s fine,” She said then stood and grabbed her tripod. She started back up the hill, she was grumbling to herself.

Jolteon walked after her being careful, not to get smacked by the swinging tripod.

Ash stood and looked up after her, “Geez, I hope she isn’t too upset,” He looked down at Bonnie.

“Bonnie how could you? Now we are going to replace it?” Clemont said angrily

Her eyes were full of tears, “I’m sorry,” She looked up at Ash. “Will she forgive me?”

He smiled, “I am sure she will, she doesn’t like to get worked up over stuff that was just and accident,” He explain. “Just give her a bit, then talk to her again.”

After they all got to the top of the hill, where camp was, they looked over and saw Chelsea sitting at the table messing with something.

Ash walked up next to her, “What are you doing?” He asked looking over her shoulder.

She had a small bag of rice and was shaking her camera in it. “I am hoping that it is not working just because there is a bit water in it,” She answered.

Serena looked, “So you are putting it in rice?” She looked confused.

“I get it, the rice will pull out the water and dry out the camera,” Clemont explained.

Chelsea nodded her head, and closed the bag. She then put the bag in her backpack and sat back at the table, she looked so depressed.

Ash sat next to her, “It will be OK,” He comforted. “If that doesn’t fix your camera, then we can get you a new one.”

She winced and grimaced, “I don’t care about the camera!” She snapped at him. She put her hands in her lap and moaned. “It’s the pictures that I am worried about,” She looked at Ash. Her eyes looked like there was so much pain inside, “I am sorry I snapped. It’s just that camera is older, so the memory chip is built in you see.” She explained, “So I have to put the pictures on external chips, but I can’t do that till I get to a computer.”

Ash nodded, “I see,” He said.

Serena sat across from her, “It will be OK.” She reassured. “I am sure that they will be fine.”

Bonnie sat in the seat on the far corner away from Chelsea. She had her head down, and her hands folded in her lap.

Clemont looked at Bonnie then to Chelsea, “We can try to recover them when we get to the next Pokémon Center, but until then how about we eat,” Clemont said, placing plates and cups around on the table. “Here guys,” He started to fill the dishes he placed.

“AH yes I am starved,” Ash said, pulling over the first filled plate.

Serena grabbed another plate, “Thanks Clemont.”

Ash placed another plate in front of Chelsea, “Here eat, Clemont is a great chef,” Ash said.

Chelsea looked at the food, then stood up, “Hang on, I need to feed my Pokémon,” She said solemnly.

Ash jumped, “Aw yeah!” He said, then tossed his Pokeballs into the air, “Come on out guys, it is dinner time.”

Chelsea called out her Pokémon, and laid out bowls.

Jolteon came over and nuzzled Flareon. While the others gathered around their bowls and ate up.

“There you guys go,” She said then stood, “Now I am going to go eat.” She went and sat at the table.

Her Pokémon looked up at her and gave a worried look. Flareon gave Jolteon a quiet bark, Jolteon explained what happened.

Serena looked at all of Chelsea’s Pokémon, “Wow, so are all of them Eevee evolutions?” She asked, she pulled out her PokeDex and pointed it at Chelsea’s Pokémon:

Flareon, the Flame Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. It has a flame sac in its body. Its body temperature tops 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit before battle. After inhaling deeply, it blows out flames of nearly 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. It prefers beautiful shores and has evolved to be suitable for an aquatic life. Vaporeon is made up of molecules similar to water, which allows it to melt away and vanish.
Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokémon and the evolved form of Eevee. It lowers its body heat to freeze its fur. Then hairs become like needles it can fire. By controlling its body heat, it can freeze the atmosphere around it to make a diamond-dust flurry.
Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. When you see Leafeon asleep in a patch of sunshine, because its cells are just like a plant it uses photosynthesis to produce clean air. Because of this Leafeon is always surrounded with fresh clean air.
Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. A rare Pokémon that has an unstable genetic makeup, and thanks to this it can adapt to harsh environments by taking on different evolutionary forms.

She then looked up at Eevee, “Oh wow it is soo cute!” She said, going up to it. “How did you get them all?” She said then hugged Eevee tightly. “I want one!”

Chelsea looked over her shoulder, “A lot of time, I bred them all,” She answered then looked into her food and started to stir it around. “That Eevee it actually just hatched, before I ran into you guys,” She said, then took a bite of her food.

Eevee struggled in Serena’s arms, “Eveee ewa,” It whined struggling.

Serena loosened her grip, “Oh sorry.”

Flareon walked up to her, “Flare,” She barked.

Chelsea looked, over her shoulder again, “It would be a smart idea, for you to let her go, just so you know,” She warned casually.

Serena looked up at Chelsea then to Flareon, she had a fierce look. “Oh ok, sorry,” She said then looked at Chelsea’s other Pokémon, “Well you guys are going to meet my Pokémon,” She said then tossed her Pokeballs into the air. “Come on out, dinner time.”

Her Pancham came out of his Pokeball, and looked around, he saw Chelsea’s Pokémon. Fennekin looked at Jolteon, then looked away in a huff.

Jolteon looked over and gave a hard stare.

Pancham looked around, “Pamcham?” It looked at Serena in question.

“Look at all the new friends we have,” Serena said, motioning to Chelsea’s team.

Pancham smiled, “Pan!” He looked over and saw Umbreon, he got all googley eyed at her.

“Um?” Umbreon gave a confused look. Then she bounced and sat next to Espeon, and buried her face in the food bowl.

Panchum trotted over and started talking to Umbreon, when she looked up from her food at him, she gave him a strange look. The kind you give when you can’t believe someone is talking to you. Pancham was still talking, but then he started to get shoved out of the way by Glaceon and Leafeon. They sat right in front of him blocking Umbreon. Pancham looked up at them in anger, Glaceon gave him a disgusted look then turned away.

Serena watched, “Hey you guys, be nice!”

Chelsea gave a small giggle, “Well, I could have told you that was going to happen,” She said.

Serena looked at her, “What does that mean?” She stood and put her hands on her hips. “Well, glad you raise a bunch of brats.”

Chelsea choked a bit on her food, “Brats?” She shook her head. “No, they have a bit of higher expectations then that. You can’t just walk in, and act like you are going to take one of them on a date, for real,” She leaned back in her chair and looked at her Pokémon, They were all eating out of the same three bowls. “You have to earn it, especially Umbreon, she is not easy; by any means.”

Serena growled and looked at them, Pancham was standing there with a frustrated look. Serena set a bowl of food in front of him. “There ya go, it will be alright,” She said, and petted him on the head.

Clemont tossed his Pokeballs up and called them out too. “Yeah guys, let’s eat,” He said, then began to set bowls down on the ground.

His Pokémon came out, Bunnelby, Chespin, and Luxio poped out of their Pokeballs; and went up to their food dishes. When Chespin looked over at Chelsea’s Pokémon.

“Chespin?” He said, looking at Clemont then pointed at them.

“Oh yeah, guys these are our new friends,” Clemont said, and started introducing them.

Chelsea watched, “You guys have a large verity of Pokémon don’t you?” She said in monotone.

Ash looked at her, she just got zapped of her energy. He went and sat next to her, “Hey, it will be OK; we will get your pictures restored and safe,” He said trying to comfort her.

Chelsea took a large bite of her food so she wouldn’t have to talk.

Serena sat down in front of her and began to eat. “I am sorry, about your pictures,” She said apologetically.

Clemont sat on the other side of Ash, which he made him in front of Bonnie, and looked over to Chelsea. “When we get to the next Pokémon Center, we will look to see if they can be recovered.”

Chelsea nodded, that was all she could do, and she knew it. She wasn’t mad at Bonnie, she was just a bit frustrated at what happened. She looked over at Bonnie, she looked very upset. “Bonnie?” Chelsea said trying to catch her attention.

Bonnie looked up at her with a nervous look.

“I just wanted to let you know, that I really am not mad at you,” Chelsea explained. “It will be ok.” She tried to reassure her.

Bonnie gave a little smile, “Are you sure?” She said nervously.

Chelsea nodded, “It was just an accident, I mean I should have reset the tripod myself, and not expected you to know how,” She said and looked down at her food. She was still frustrated about the pictures, but she didn’t want Bonnie to be upset too.

Bonnie saw that Chelsea was still upset, but she felt a little bit better that she knew that Chelsea wasn’t blaming her. She looked over at Chelsea’s Pokémon then back to Chelsea, “Can I go play with your Pokémon Chelsea?” Bonnie asked.

She looked over at them, they were still eating. “How about we wait till they are done eating, ok?” Chelsea said looking back over at her.

“Ok,” Bonnie said, then looked up, “I’m hungry,” She said then began to eat

Eevee came and jumped up in Chelsea’s lap. “Ewee,” It chirped then began to snuggle against her.

“So are you going to evolve that Eevee into a Sylveon?” Clemont asked, “I couldn’t help but notice, that you have all the other evolutions.”

“Well I guess so,” Chelsea shrugged, and looked down at Eevee. “What do you think?”

Eevee chirped with excitement.

“That’s that,” Chelsea smiled, “So what do you need, in order to evolve into one?” She asked then reached over into Ash’s pocket.

Serena gave a surprised look. “You know you could have just asked,” She barked.

Chelsea looked up at her then back at Ash, he was stuffing his face. “I honestly think he doesn’t really care,” She said then started to look through it.

“Where’s your PokeDex?” Clemont asked. “Don’t you have one?”

She nodded, while she was still looking at the PokeDex, “It is just in my backpack, and I am too lazy to go get it myself.” She said. “AH here she is. It says that Eevee needs to know a fairy type move?” She said confused. “Then she also needs to be super happy and friendly towards the trainer to evolve,” She looked down at Eevee. “Well, I think you are happy.”

Eevee smiled and barked in agreeance.

“But I don’t know if you have a fairy type move,” She said, looking at Eevee with a studying look.

Eevee chirped then jumped out of Chelsea’s lap, and ran over to her other Pokémon, she tackled Vaporeon playfully. “Ehvee!” She chirped and ran around.

“It looks like she really wants to evolve,” Clemont said.

“Yeah,” Ash said and stood, “Let’s train a bit before we go to bed then, and help Eevee evolve!” He said excitedly.

Chelsea looked up at him and yawned, “Ok, but only for a bit though,” She said. “Who’s ready to train today?” She asked her Pokémon as she stood up from the table.

Umbreon and Eevee jumped up and barked in excitement. Vaporeon stood and smiled and with a small yip, confirmed that she wanted to train as well.

“Awesome!” Ash said, and looked at his Pokemon, “OK who’s first?” He asked.

Pancham jumped up, “Pancham am,” It said strongly.

Ash looked over at him, “Hey um, you are not one of my Pokemon,” Ash said confused.

Serena looked up confused, “Panchum, you want to battle Chelsea?” She stood and walked over to him.

Pancham pointed at Glaceon, “Panch pancham pan,” He said, with a growl.

Glaceon looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “Glace,” She scoffed.

“Pancham!” He barked, he was getting really angry.

Chelsea chuckled, “Well if he really wants to, then I don’t see why not,” Chelsea said. “Glaceon you up for it?”

Glaceon smirked, “Glace,” She said with confidence.

“Be careful Pancham, that Glaceon is very strong,” Bonnie said.

Serena got a worried look on her face, “Pancham, are you sure you want to battle her?” She asked then looked at Glaceon.

Pancham hit his chest, “Pancham pan pan!” He confirmed.

“Well then I guess he wants to battle,” Serena said, looking up at Chelsea.

Chelsea looked at Ash, “Are you OK if her and I battle first?” She asked.

Ash nodded, “Yeah sure, I wanna see that!” He said pumped up.

Serena felt very nervous, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to battle.

Chelsea started to walk down the hill, Glaceon fallowed, “Let’s go down here and battle, the area is much larger,” She said getting to the bottom, she looked up the hill. “Coming?”

Pancham ran down the hill and stood in front of her, “Pancham!” He yelled fiercely.

Glaceon was sitting in front of her, she rolled her eyes. “Glaceon.”

This just taunted Pancham, causing him to get angrier.

Serena got down the hill, she was still very hesitant. “Pancham you are sure, that you want to do this?” She said, hoping that he would change his mind.

Clemont stood at the bottom of the hill, “I think Pancham is trying to show how good he actually is,” He deducted.

Ash stood next to him, “I am sure.”

“I am worried though, Glaceon is strong,” Bonnie had a worried tone in her voice. She squeezed Dedenne against her chest.

After they got into position Clemont stepped forward, “I will be the referee,” He said. “This will be a one on one battle alright?”

Chelsea nodded, “You ready Serena?” She yelled across the field.

Serena stood there, she wasn’t ready, she didn’t want to battle. She looked at Pancham he was standing in front of her, he looked pumped. “Well I guess?” She said uneasily.

“Alright then,” Chelsea huffed, “Glaceon lets make this quick.”

Glaceon looked back at her and barked.

“Alright if everyone is ready,” Clemont said, then put his hands up. “Ready,” Then he threw his hands down. “Begin!”

“Glaceon use Ice Beam!” Chelsea yelled, and pointed at Pancham.

Glaceon charged up and fired Ice Beam at Pancham.

Serena panicked, “Oh no Pancham!” She cried.

“You need to have him dodge that Serena!” Ash yelled, he was sitting on the side next to Bonnie and the other Pokemon.

Pancham dodged by jumping out of the way, it rolled and then came back up standing. “Pancham pan!” It yelled.

Chelsea glared at Ash, the fact that he just helped Serena just made her even angrier. “Alright fine then, if you are going to get help, then I will not act lightly,” She said with a fierce tone.

Ash looked over at her, “I was just giving advice,” He said quietly.

Bonnie looked at him, “She is scary, when she is mad,” She said.

Ash cringed, “This isn’t even her when she is mad,” He corrected. “Unless she has mellowed out since we were kids.”

Bonnie jumped in surprised, “What?” She said, then looked back at the battle.

Glaceon held its head down close to the ground and growled.

“Glaceon use Blizzard!” Chelsea called.

“Do you think that she is going to use the same strategy, here as she did against Ramos?” Bonnie asked.

“She might, I mean Serena wasn’t at Chelsea’s gym battle. So Chelsea may take advantage of that,” Clemont explained.

A Blizzard surrounded the field causing Pancham to shiver, it got slammed with the snow from the storm.

“Ah no Pancham,” She said. “Pancham dodge!”

Pancham looked around confused.

“Good luck trying to dodge Blizzard this storm is only gonna get worse!” Chelsea yelled, she was clenched a fist and punched out. “Glaceon get up close and personal, and use Ice Beam!”

Glaceon charged at Pancham.

Again Serena panicked, she looked at Ash. “What do I do?” She cried.

Ash looked at her, “You need to have him attack!”

“Oh got it!” She said then looked back.

Glaceon was already right in Pancham’s face and charging an Ice Beam.

“Pancham use Arm Thrust!” Serena shrieked.

Pancham acted quickly, he used Arm Thrust and hit Glaceon right under the chin. “Pan-cham.”

Glaceon flew back and landing on its back in front of Chelsea.

Chelsea growled and slowly looked over at Ash, “Will you SHUT UP!” She screamed! “If she is too stupid to help her Pokemon battle on her own, then she should have just stayed sat down!” She yelled then turned back to the battle. “That’s it!” Her face was turning blood red. “Glaceon use Ice Beam and make this a hail storm!”

Glaceon looked up and launched an Ice Beam, into the sky. Causing the same effect as it did in the gym battle. Though the storm was much more fierce, and no one could see what was happening in the battle. This storm took up the whole field causing any other Pokemon to flee.

“Ah how is that possible,” Serena held her hat and dress down, as the wind whipped around. “I can’t see,” She said, trying to look up. She could barely see Pancham.

Bonnie shivered, “This storm is stronger than the last one,” She cried.

Ash looked at Chelsea, she was hot with anger. He didn’t think she would act like this just because he was helping a friend.

“Glaceon! Use Ice Shard!” She shouted.

All they could see was the flash of Ice Shard through the storm, then there was silhouettes of Glaceon and Pancham. Pancham was struggling to stand it was wobbling and staggering around; getting beat and walloped by the storm.

Serena looked up, she could hardly see anything. “The storm is so thick; how can you see?” She asked Chelsea still in a panic.

“I don’t have to,” Chelsea growled.

Serena tried to focus, she was looking for Pancham, “Pancham where are you?” She called into the storm.

Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie were frozen on the sidelines.

Chelsea stood there and stared into the storm, she took a breath and focused. In an instant everything was still, as if time stopped; the storm was frozen in place. She looked for Pancham, she could see Glaceon standing a few feet in front of her and just a little in front of her was a small block of ice. Then Chelsea took a breath and tried to calm down, then everything went back to real time.

“Pancham!” Serena called into the storm.

Chelsea stood there and watched, “It’s useless.”

Serena gritted her teeth, “Hey, you don’t know that!” She shouted frustrated.

The storm started to slow.

Clemont looked intently into the storm. While Ash and Bonnie looked back and forth between Chelsea and Serena, though you could barely see ether of them through the storm. What you could see was Serena looking franticly for Pancham, while Chelsea stood calmly; while the storm whipped around.

After a while the storm finally ceased and began to clear.

As it cleared you could see Glaceon standing in front of Chelsea, then a block of ice in the field, it was Pancham; he was frozen solid.

“Oh no Pancham!” Serena said, then ran up to him.

“Pancham is no longer able to battle, Glaceon is the winner,” Clemont announced then ran out to the frozen Pancham. “He is frozen solid!” Clemont said. “We need to thaw him out quick.”

Serena looked at Chelsea with an angry face, “What was that for?” She accused angrily.

Chelsea shrugged, “What do you mean? Pancham challenged me, so I battled,” She said then looked up the hill. “Honestly I think it is your fault,” She said motioning one of her Pokemon to come down the hill.

Flareon started to jump down the hill.

“My fault!” Serena gasped, “I didn’t do anything!”

Chelsea looked back at her with an intense stare, “Exactly, because you didn’t do anything your Pokemon suffered,” She began to scold. “I can’t believe how brainless you are when it comes to battling, you have no instinct for it what-so-ever. I mean, I really thought that something in your head would have kicked in somewhere in that battle, but no you just stood there letting your Pancham get beat like a punching bag,” She looked at Flareon when it got next to her and pointed to the frozen Pancham. “Can you thaw him out?” She asked.

Flareon looked at him and took a deep breath.

“NO!” Serena yelped, she wrapped her arms around the ice ball. “I am not going to let you do any more to my Pokemon.”

Chelsea looked at her dumbfounded. “Are you serious?”

“Serena, Pancham needs help,” Clemont pushed.

Serena looked at Fennekin, “You use Ember to help Pancham,” She said.

Fennekin then used Ember on Pancham, though it did just about nothing.

Serena gasped, “Why didn’t it work?”

“Maybe it is because of how long that storm lasted, it just packed the ice around him,” Clemont said staring at the Ice.

Chelsea stood and watched with her arms folded. She had Flareon next to her, at the ready, for when she decided to ask for help.

Ash ran over with Bonnie, “Hang on let see if Fletchinder can thaw him out,” He suggested.

Serena looked up at him with tears in her eyes, “Oh thank you, Ash,” She scooted back so Fletchinder could get a clear shot.

Chelsea scoffed and started back up the hill, “I hope he doesn’t unthaw,” She grumbled. She couldn’t believe how stubborn Serena was, her Pokemon was in danger and she was being picky about who helped her. That made Chelsea feel like Serena didn’t actually care about her Pokemon, this was all just a show to get attention.

So Chelsea is going to travel with the gang, even though there is quarreling between her and Serena. Is the gang going to tolerate that? Are they going to have to learn to deal with each other? Or are they going to end up splitting up? You will have to wait and see.


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Episode 3 – An Oasis of Hope.

When we left last time, Chelsea and Serena just got done with a huge battle, leaving Pancham in a block of ice. Everyone was trying to figure out a way to help thaw out Pancham, so far no fire attacks where working; and the last bit of sun was falling behind the trees. They brought the block of ice up to camp, and placed it close to the fire hopping over time the ice would melt.

Chelsea was sitting with her Pokémon at the edge of the hill, she was very agitated of how Serena was acting. She knew that Flareon could melt that ice, but because of Serena’s stubbornness poor Pancham was frozen still.

Ash had Fletchinder sit next to Pancham, it was using Flame Body to warm the ice. Though it still wasn’t doing very much, very fast.

“Poor Pancham,” Bonnie said, with a worried voice.

“It will be OK Bonnie, he will be thawed out soon,” Clemont said.

They all looked over, Serena was watching Pancham intently. She was so upset that he wasn’t just unmalting, she was getting worried though; he had been frozen for a while now.

Fennekin sat next to Serena, and watched with a worried look on her face.

Ash sat at the table with Clemont, Bonnie, and Pikachu. “Man that ice is solid,” He said impressed. He then looked over at Chelsea.

She was peeking at him over her shoulder, but quickly looked away when he looked over at her.

He could tell she was very upset, but he didn’t understand why; he was just trying to help Serena. He stood and walked over to Chelsea then sat next to her, Pikachu jumped into his lap. “Hey look-” Ash started, but got interrupted when Chelsea snapped.

“No! You just shut up!” She snapped.

Ash cringed. While her Pokémon jumped, they looked at her surprised.

“I don’t want to hear any stupid defensive case, that you have come up with,” She looked back out over the field, the stars were coming out one by one. She looked up, “You helped her, and that is that,” She was jealous, to her Serena was totally useless. While she, herself, worked hard to keep up with Ash. “I can’t believe how she is treating her Pokémon, so selfishly,” She had a harsh tone in her voice.

Ash sat there, he wasn’t sure what to say.

Pikachu looked up at him, then he looked at Chelsea, he also looked worried.

Jolteon was lying on the other side of Chelsea, with her Flareon lying behind her right against her back, and the others laid close to her cuddling together.

Chelsea looked back at him, “Is she really like, this all the time?” She asked.

“Well no, she is very caring about her Pokémon,” He said calmly trying to explain. “To be honest, this is not normal for her.”

Chelsea rolled her eyes, “Well she needs to grow up, and get over it,” She said. “Her behavior is so uncalled for, I mean, I feel like she is only doing this because she lost,” She looked over her shoulder at Serena.

Serena was looking back at them, then she quickly looked back at Pancham.

“Putting her own stubbornness before her Pokémon, is going to end poorly one of these days,” Chelsea said and then looked away.

Ash looked at Serena then to Chelsea, “Look, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you, I mean I was only trying to give advice to help her out,” He tried to explain. “Will you help her out?” He asked.

Chelsea looked at him angrily, “Are you kidding me?” She said, she could feel the frustration building up. “I tried, but she was stubborn and didn’t want my help. And I quote “I am not going to let you do any more to my Pokémon.” Is what she said to me, so I didn’t do anything,” Chelsea said. “So she can just learn the hard way that her Pancham is not going to thaw,” She said folding her arms in front her chest.

Ash looked back at Pancham, the ice wasn’t melting; and he did notice that the block hadn’t gotten any smaller since they placed it by the fire. He looked at Chelsea, “Hey, could you please just help her out, I know she didn’t want you too; but I will appreciate it if you did,” He said calmly. He knew Chelsea since they were kids, so he knew a lot about her; and if he knew anything, he knew Chelsea would do just about anything for him.

Chelsea looked at him, he had a sincere look in his eyes. She looked away and stared at the sky, she felt Beautifly in her stomach and was feeling them fly up her throat; this was making her cheeks turn a light shade of red. She knew what he was doing, she sighed.

“Please,” He said trying harder, he put his hand on hers.

Serena looked over just as Ash put his hand on Chelsea’s, she felt a sting of hurt in her heart.

Chelsea’s stomach did backflips, she did have strong feelings for Ash, but her head kept telling her to not too. It has been forever since they have seen each other, he might not be the same person as he was as a kid. She looked at him, he had a pleading look in his eyes. She hated it when he did this, she knew he knew that she would do anything for him, no matter what it was. She let out a heavy sigh, she looked at Flareon, “Use Fire Spin on that Pancham,” She said quietly.

Flareon nodded then stood and walked over to the frozen Pancham and Serena.

Serena looked at her as she approached then scowled, “What do you want?” She snapped.

Flareon puffed out her chest and let out a hard Fire Spin, it surrounded the block of ice.

“Ah,” Serena gasped, “No stop, what are you doing?” She reached her hand in trying to stop her.

Flareon just kept going, causing Serena’s hand to get burnt.

“Ah!” She yelped, and pulled her hand back.

Ash and Chelsea looked over, Ash looked worried while Chelsea just stared at her. Chelsea turned back to looking at the sky, and Ash got up and ran over to Serena with Pikachu. Clemont and Bonnie jumped up and rushed over as well, they watched what happened so they grabbed a first aid kit and came over.

“Serena are you ok?” Clemont asked trying to look at her hand.

Serena opened her hand up, it was severely burnt, “Flareon used Fire Spin, and burnt my hand,” She said angrily.

Flareon stopped using Fire Spin, she melted the ice which left Pancham laying on the ground soaked. She then walked back to Chelsea and laid down, she let out a sigh and tucked her head next to Jolteon’s.

“Look Pancham is finally thawed out!” Bonnie said, she walked over to him and tried to sit him up.

“Uh,” Serena crawled up to him and picked him up, “Oh Pancham are you OK?” She asked desperately.

“Hang on, let me get a potion,” Clemont said, reaching into his bag.

Ash crouched down next to her, “Hey, Serena, how is he doing?” He asked.

Pikachu went up to Pancham, “Pika?”

“Panchum,” Pancham said weakly.

Serena looked at him, “I think he’ll be ok,” She held out her hand, “But look at what Flareon did,” She said showing him her hand.

Ash looked at her, “Serena it was just an accident, I saw you try to protect Pancham,” He grabbed a bandage and started wrapping her hand.

Serena gasped, “What do you mean?” She asked, letting him wrap her hand.

Ash tied a knot so the bandage wouldn’t come undone. “Chelsea was just trying to help, Flareon didn’t burn you on purpose. She was just trying to thaw out Pancham, Chelsea knows a lot about Pokémon; personally, I would trust her with any of my Pokémon,” Ash explained.

Serena looked away in a huff, “Whatever.”

Ash gave her a surprised look, “Why are you mad at Chelsea, really?” He asked.

Serena looked at him with wide eyes, “Huh, well um,” She couldn’t figure out how to tell him, she was jealous of Chelsea getting all of his attention.

Ash stared at her waiting intently for an answer.

“Well,” She tried to say, she looked down at the ground.

He tilted his head and gave a look of disappointment, he hated that they didn’t get along. “Well I guess you two can figure it out, but I really want you two to stop fighting. This isn’t how friends should act,” He said looking over at Chelsea.

Chelsea was cuddling with her Pokémon, she wasn’t looking over; she didn’t even look like she was paying attention. She had her head on her Flareon like a pillow, with Jolteon leaning against her back, then with Vaporeon, Eevee, and Leafeon they cuddled her front. While Espeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon laid across her.

Pikachu ran over to her and jumped in, and began to cuddle in with Vaporeon. “Pika!”

Vaporeon gave him a surprised look, and when she looked at Pikachu he chirped and gave her a huge smile then buried his face in her body. She blushed and giggled then tucked her head in and started to sleep.

He looked back at Serena, “I am going to go sit with Chelsea,” Ash said then started to walk back over to her.

Serena looked at him and watched him walk away, she wanted to sit with Ash while Clemont took care of her Pokémon. Not let him sit with Chelsea to watch the stars, Serena wanted to sit next to him.

Ash walked up to Chelsea and sat on the other side of Flareon, “Hey can I get cozy too?” He asked petting Flareon.

Serena’s jaw dropped, “Get cozy too?” She repeated in her head. “Why is he doing this?” She wondered in desperation, could he really be that upset, that she is not getting along with Chelsea?

Flareon looked at Ash and smiled. “Areon,” She said, swinging her tail around him.

Ash laid his head on her and looked up towards the sky. “Wow you are soft just like a pillow,” He said then petted her.

Flareon cooed and then Espeon and Leafeon came over and laid with him. They looked super happy and comfy, the laid their heads on his chest and stomach and cuddled close to his body.

“You guys are so warm,” He said, and petted them.

They began to coo and make purring sounds.

“Well, it looks like it is bed time,” Clemont said, watching them.

Bonnie jumped up and ran over, “I wanna cuddle too!” She said. “Please let me cuddle too,” She crawled over and laid her head on Espeon.

Espeon looked at her in confusion. “Esp?”

Chelsea looked over, “It’s OK Espeon, she won’t hurt ya none,” She said, in a tired muffled voice.

Clemont looked at Pancham. “He will be fine, I am not sure how but he, himself, didn’t freeze.”

Serena looked at him, “How is that possible?”

Clemont shrugged, “I don’t know,” He said, touching his glasses, “I will have to look into this more,” He looked up at her, “Just let him rest until morning.”

Serena looked up at Clemont, and then back to Pancham, “Alright,” She said in a quiet voice.

“Bonnie it’s time for bed,” Clemont said, calling Bonnie.

Bonnie sat up, “I don’t want to go to bed! I want to stay and cuddle,” She yelled swinging her arms in rebellion.

Espeon got a worried look, “Esp!” She yelped.

Chelsea looked up, “It’s OK Espeon, don’t worry,” She said calmly.

Then Bonnie began to glow, “Huh?” She looked surprised then laid down and fell asleep.

“Bonnie what happened?” Clemont said then ran over. He lifted her up.

Ash sat up and looked, “Is she ok?” He also was worried.

“She is just sleeping, don’t worry,” Chelsea comforted.

Clemont looked at her then looked back at Bonnie, “Wow, does that mean Espeon used Hypnosis on Bonnie?” He asked.

Chelsea shrugged, “Sure,” She said then cuddled back down. “Now if you guys don’t mind I really would like to go to sleep, please,” She requested, trying not to get snippy, from being tired.

Clemont picked up Bonnie, “Sure Chelsea, thank you,” He said then took Bonnie to the tent.

Serena looked over at them, Ash and Chelsea were laying down using Flareon as a pillow. “Well I guess that we are going to bed,” She said then picked Pancham up and walked over to her tent and crawled in, followed by Fennekin. She wished that this wasn’t happening.

Chelsea turned her head, and looked at Ash, “Sorry we didn’t do any training today,” She said quietly.

Ash shrugged and looked back at her, “It’s alright, I guess, there is always tomorrow,” He said then looked back up at the sky, “So are you going to perform in the next show case?”

She got a nervous look on her face. “Hey Ash,” Chelsea said, looking back at the sky. “Could we not mention that I do Pokémon Performances, please,” She asked quietly.

He looked at her, “Why not?”

She sighed, “Because, I am just not ready for certain people to know just yet,” She said then looked at the tent Serena was sleeping in. “I really just don’t want to talk, or even think, about it right now.”

Ash sat up and leaned over her, “Chelsea what’s up?” He said concerned, “You sound like you don’t want to perform?”

She looked up at him, she got all fuzzy feeling. “I am just nervous, that’s all; I mean just thinking about it makes my stomach churn,” She said, squeezing her eyes shut. “I am so nervous, and I don’t want to mess up.”

“You’ll be fine,” Ash said with a chuckle. “I wouldn’t worry, I mean you are a great performer and I know it. You also have a great performance already set up I don’t see why you wouldn’t win.”

Chelsea looked up at him, “You think I could win?” She asked, she was so shy when it came to performing. She had no idea why he had so much confidence in her, when she wasn’t even that good.

Ash smiled, “I know you will win,” He said then yawned. “Aw, I am tired,” He put his head back down on Flareon. “Is it ok if I stay here tonight,” He said, in a tired voice.

Chelsea moaned and nodded, “Night,” She gave her body a small stretch then snuggled down in her spot with her Pokémon.

Ash mumbled something in reply, but he was too tired to actually get words out.

Then they both fell asleep under the stars with Chelsea’s Pokémon.

The next morning; they got an early move on. Serena was still angry with Chelsea for the incidences that happened the night before, while Chelsea can’t get over the fact that Serena is so stubborn. Throughout the morning they were trying to avoid each other, just because Ash asked them not to fight, and neither of them wanted to make him upset. But when they did run into each other. it really, wasn’t a pretty picture.

“Are you serious?” Chelsea said, holding up her vest, it had a burn hole in the side. “How did this happen?” She gave a hard look at Flareon, “Please, say this wasn’t you.”

Flareon shook her head vigorously with a look of disbelief on her face, “Flareon!” She barked back, she couldn’t believe Chelsea would blame her, for something so irresponsible.

Chelsea looked around, “OK then, that means it was ether Fletchender OR Fennekin,” She said turning to them.

Ash shrugged, “It couldn’t have been Fletchinder, he has been in his ball all morning; and I don’t remember him using any fire attacks yesterday, that could have burned your vest,” He defended.

Chelsea nodded, “Right,” She then looked at Serena and Fennekin. “So, care to explain?” She said and held out her vest.

Fennekin got wide eyed and tried to hide her face.

Serena stepped up, “Are you saying, my little Fennekin did that?!” She snapped.

“Well who else could it have been?” Chelsea swung her vest around, “There is no one around, at least no Pokémon with a fire type move, and so far Fennekin is the only one without an alibi,” She pointed to Fennekin, who was hiding behind Serena’s legs.

“Well it wasn’t Fennekin, you should just keep a better eye on your things,” Serena turned in a huff.

Chelsea gritted her teeth, “Ugh.”

“Maybe it was just a rip, did you check that?” Clemont said, taking and inspecting the vest.

“I looked, it is a burn hole. To be honest I wouldn’t even bother with it if it wasn’t for the fact that the rest of my clothes from last night are still damp,” Chelsea said loudly. “Along with the vest,” She glared at Serena.

Serena was putting on her backpack, though she gave a little jump; when Chelsea said that.

Fennekin was still hiding.

Serena looked at her, “Well Fennekin didn’t do it,” She shouted. “Maybe your Flareon is lying to you,” She accused.

Flareon looked shocked.

“Excuse me?” Chelsea’s eyes widened. “Unlike you and your Pokémon, I have been together with mine for a long time. I know them inside and out, how dare you accuse my Flareon,” She shouted.

Serena lifted her head and looked away, “Well like I said, Fennekin didn’t do it.”

Ash stood in front of Chelsea, “Come on, it is just a vest. We will get you a new one,” He said trying to calm her down. “There really is no reason to argue over something like clothes.”

She looked Ash in the eye, Chelsea fists were white from clenching them so tight. “Fine, I guess that Flareon didn’t do this ether,” She pointed at Serena, “Flareon use Fire Blast!”

Without question Flareon stepped forward, and puffed her chest and then let out a huge mass of fire.

Serena looked back, “Ahhh!” She shrieked, and tried to duck. Though it took her hat right off her head and set it ablaze. “Oh no, my hat!”

Ash grabbed a Pokeball, “Go Frogadier, put out Serena’s hat!” He shouted as he threw up the ball.

Frogadier jumped out of the ball and used Water Pulse, a large ball of water formed in his hands. When it was fully formed, he threw it at the burning hat on the ground.

It landed on the hat in a big splash, putting out the fire, but also soaking the hat.

Chelsea watched and returned her Flareon to her Pokeball.

Serena picked up her hat, it was charred around the edges and the black ribbon was ruined. She couldn’t believe it, tears of frustration filled her eyes; she looked at Chelsea.

Chelsea stared back with a hard gaze, she wasn’t going to let up.

“It was just a stupid vest!” Serena yelled, she stood and gripped her hat. “You had no reason to do that!”

Chelsea crossed her arms in front of her chest, “And it was just a stupid hat, and you didn’t need to let Fennekin’s Flamethrower hit my stuff,” She said annoyed. “And lie about it,” Chelsea took a deep breath and cringed, her neck like she would have wanted to pop it.

“Lie? Now you are calling me a liar?” Serena said.

Ash stood there looking back and forth between them, along with Bonnie and Clemont.

Bonnie whined, “Come on guys quit fighting!”

Chelsea let out her breath slowly, and looked back at her, “Serena, please don’t make this worse,” She said with a groan. “I know you are lying.”

Serena looked at her in disbelief, “Are you kidding me?”

Chelsea shook her head, “Last night, when you were trying to thaw out Pancham,” She began, “you were having Fennekin franticly use Flamethrower and with your carelessness you neglected to see that embers were flying everywhere,” She explained. “So now I can assume one of those embers landed on my vest, and burnt it.”

Everyone looked at her with a surprised look on their face.

“If you saw it, then why didn’t you save your dumb vest?” Serena snapped.

“I didn’t,” Chelsea said.

“But why didn’t you do anything?” Bonnie asked.

“I don’t know, maybe it is, because I didn’t think that Fennekin’s Flamethrower would burn my stuff,” Chelsea said, then looked around. “You owe me a new vest,” She took her bag and started to walk to the trees.

Ash grabbed her arm, “Wait, please don’t go,” He said.

Chelsea looked at him over her shoulder, “Well I surely, am not going to let you watch me change pants.”

“Oh,” Ash said letting her go. “Sorry.”

Chelsea walked behind a tree, “Give me a sec, and we can leave.”

Serena could do nothing, but stare, she looked at Fennekin. “Is that true?” She asked her bending down.

Fennekin looked at the ground and whimpered.

Serena picked her up, “It was just an accident, it will be ok,” She said gently.

Fennekin looked up and gave a weak chirp.

Bonnie looked up at Fennekin, “It’s ok Fennekin, if it was just an accident Chelsea will forgive you,” She said trying to cheer her up.

Fennekin gave a week smile, “Fen?”

“Yeah!” Bonnie smiled.

Chelsea came back out from behind the tree, and put her backpack on, she was wearing a long sleeved light green crop tee; it looked very lightweight, then she had her boots on with over the knee cream colored socks, then some denim shorts. “I guess this will have to do,” She said, her wet clothes were hanging off her belt loops and backpack to dry.

“Where’s your vest?” Clemont asked.

“I put it in my bag,” She said, with slight frustration in her voice. “There is no way I am wearing, it with a huge hole in it,” She said, then looked at Serena and Fennekin.

Fennekin tucked it head into Serena’s arm, and whimpered.

“Hey, quit it!” Serena said.

“What do you mean, I didn’t do anything,” Chelsea defended.

Clemont stepped in, “Come on you two, that’s enough,” He said. “We need to get going.”

Chelsea took a breath, “We need to get to town so I can get my vest fixed,” She said.

Ash scratched his head, “Yeah you are right, let’s get going,” He agreed.

Chelsea started walking, “Yup let’s get going,” She said.

Jolteon walked next to her and Bonnie walked with Ash and Clemont, while Serena walked behind holding her Fennekin.

After walking a while they began to notice that the trees where thinning and they began to enter a desert, it was huge and had massive rocks coming out of the ground. They walked a long while, it was hot and dry, and Chelsea was still in the front of the group. Everyone was starting to get hot, and tired.

“Wow, with no trees for shade, it is really hot out,” Clemont said wiping his forehead.

Bonnie was leaning forward and dragging her feet, “It is sooo hot!” She whined.

Ash looked at her and Clemont. “I am feeling pretty hot myself, why don’t we take a water brake,” He suggested.

“Yeah,” Serena nodded in agreement. “I am pretty thirsty.”

Ash looked after Chelsea, she had stopped to look back at them. “We are thinking about taking a water brake,” He said, walking up to her.

Chelsea shrugged, “Alright, that is fine with me,” She said, then walked over to a rock and sat down. She poured water into the lid of her water bottle then gave it to Jolteon, “Here ya go.”

Jolteon barked a thank you, and then drank up the water.

And everyone sat around her, and begun their water brake.

Ash poured water into his lid, “Here ya go Pikachu,” He handed the lid to him.

Pikachu cheered, and started to drink the water.

Serena and Bonnie were looking around at the land scape of the desert.

“That bare ground, goes on and on forever,” Bonnie said, then drank more.

Serena was standing next to her, “Yeah, the landscape doesn’t change at all,” She said, she felt a little better about what happened this morning. Chelsea wasn’t bringing it up, so she didn’t feel like she was going to have to worry about it, she hoped that Bonnie was right; that Chelsea forgave them, because it was an accident.

Bonnie looked at the land with wide eyes and a questioning look on her face. “Yeah, how boring can you get?” She asked, rhetorically.

Chelsea looked up, “Well, it’s a desert, what do you expect?” She asked quietly, “Lush green trees, that bear fruit scattered all over the place, I mean come on there is no water anywhere,” She grumbled. She was still sour about her vest being burn, she was fine that it was just an accident; she just wanted Serena to replace it.

Goomy began making a funny coughing sound, Chelsea looked over; and studied him intently. While Bonnie ran over worried.

“Goomy are you feeling OK, you sounded like you coughed,” She bent down, and asked.

“He’s fine,” Chelsea said.

“Yeah, actually I think that Goomy may be learning a new move,” Clemont said, deductively and stood.

Ash ran over, “That would be so awesome!” He said, looking at Goomy

Chelsea chuckled and rolled her eyes, as Goomy gurgled cheerfully.

“Wow, that’s really cool,” Bonnie said.

Serena walked over, “I wonder what it is?”

Chelsea stood and walked over next to Ash, “Well, there’s only one way to find out,” She said then nudged him.

Ash looked at her then down to Goomy, “Yeah! Alright Goomy let’s do some special training,” He said feeling pumped.

“Hey do you think that he can train with my Eevee? I mean, she still wants to evolve,” Chelsea said, pulling out a Pokeball.

“Sure!” Ash said, “What do you think Goomy?”

Goomy cheered in agreeance.

“Come on, let’s go over here,” He ran over to a large flat area.

Chelsea called out her little Eevee, when they were to an area that was flatter; they got all set up and ready for battle training.

“Alright you two,” Ash addressed.

Eevee looked over at him to listen, while Goomy looked over at her with an eager look on his face.

“If you two want to get stronger, you two are going to have to train a lot more and harder, OK?” Ash said.

Eevee nodded, “Eewee,” She agreed.

“Ooomy,” Goomy gurgled.

Chelsea was standing next to Eevee; she was glad they were finally getting some training in.

Bonnie, Clemont, Serena, and Pikachu all stood off to the side and watched.

“Alright, Goomy use rain dance,” Ash guided.

Goomy closed its eyes and focused.

Then a little rain cloud appeared over Eevee, Eevee looked up in confusion; it started to rain. “Eeeveahh,” She cried, and ran around trying to get out from under it.

“Oh Eevee, its ok,” Chelsea said, trying to calm her down.

The rain stopped and Eevee started to shake to get the water off, because it was so hot her drying off, wasn’t that big of a problem.

“Alright, Eevee use Sand Attack,” Chelsea said strongly.

Eevee then turned and started kicking sand at Goomy, as the sand hit it, he shook his head and turned away.

“Ooommy,” It cried.

“It’s alright Goomy, stay strong, this how Pokémon get stronger. By taking attacks, and staying with it,” Ash said confidently.

Eevee listened to him with her full attention.

“Alright, now use Bide,” Ash commanded.

Goomy got a faint glow around him, he started to hum as he focused his Bide.

“Eevee use Tail Whip!” Chelsea then commanded.

Eevee stretched her arms out on the ground and stuck her tail in the air and wagged back and forth.

“Ohh, that’s so cute!” Bonnie cried.

“Well, that is kinda the point,” Clemont said, then begun to explain. “You see, Tail Whip is a move that lowers the opponent’s defense; by trying to act cute,” He elaborated.

“Well, she sure is doing a good job,” Bonnie laughed.

Serena watched, “I wonder if Eevee is Chelsea’s weakest Pokémon,” She thought to herself.

Ash groaned, “Come on, attack already!” He said.

Eevee then looked at Ash with large eyes, she looked hurt, she felt like she was doing her best.

“Hey, this is her first battle so chill,” Chelsea said, in defense.

Ash was taken aback, “Oh really?”

Chelsea nodded, “Yeah, I said she hatched not to long before I ran into you guys. So let’s not be so hasty. I don’t even know what moves she has,” Chelsea explained.

Ash looked down at Eevee, she was staring back with big pleading eyes. “Oh hey, don’t look at me like that, I am sorry,” He started to feel bad. “It’s just that, if you don’t attack; you won’t get stronger, it’s all part of the process you see,” He said gently, then crouched down.

Eevee then jumped, at him with a Tackle.

“Ah!” Ash yelped.

“Hey!” Bonnie and Clemont cried.

“That wasn’t very nice,” Serena said.

Chelsea looked surprised, “Eevee, Serena is right,” She said, walking over.

Goomy crawled over, and sat next to Ash. Eevee was sitting on his chest, and looking proud.

Chelsea picked Eevee up, “You don’t do that, he is trying to help you,” She lightly scolded.

Eevee looked up at Chelsea, and gave her the same look.

As Chelsea stared she then began to feel bad; she held Eevee out and looked away. “Oh no you don’t!”

“Pika pi?” Pikachu patted Ash’s face with concern.

Ash sat up, “It’s alight Pikachu, it really didn’t hurt. It was more of a play tackle,” He said, then stood. “But that was really weird, just out of the blue I felt sorry for her.”

Chelsea pushed Eevee up on her shoulder, holding her like a baby. “She does that all the time,” Chelsea said frustrated. “It’s kinda like Charm, but different,” She explained.

Clemont began to think.

“What is it Clemont?” Bonnie asked.

“Well that is an attack, I am just trying to think of it,” He explained.

Serena looked over curiously, “An attack? What kind of attack is that?” She asked.

“Well some attacks are to lower a Pokémon’s defense, while others lower attack,” Chelsea explained, while Clemont thought. “Like Tail Whip, it lowers a Pokémon’s defense. This thing that she does, is the same thing.”

“But different,” Ash finished.

Chelsea nodded.

Just then, a Spoink came out of nowhere, bouncing toward them.

Ash watched it, “What the?”

The Spoink cried, and bounced as quickly as it could toward them, “Spoink!” It said, as it fell at Ash’s feet.

Chelsea looked down at it, “Oh my gosh,” She said, worried and bent down. “Are you ok?”

The Spoink let out a weak sound.

“That’s a Spoink,” Ash said, and began to pick it up.

Bonnie looked over Ash’s shoulder, “Clemont, its hurt look!” She cried.

Clemont grabbed his bag, and came over, “On it,” He said, then began to look in his bag for a potion. “What could have happened?”

“Who knows, but this is no place for a little Spoink,” Chelsea said, she was still holding Eevee.

“Let’s get that forehead treated, then we will figure it out,” Clemont said. He pulled out a first aid kit and a sleeping bag, “Here, lay it on this.”

Ash nodded, and put Spoink on the sleeping bag; then Clemont began treatment.

Everyone sat around and waited for Spoink to wake up, it was a little while; but when it finally woke up everyone was relieved.

“Look, Spoink woke up,” Bonnie said excitedly.

The little Spoink sat up, and looked around at everyone, “Spoink!” It said thankfully. It bounced, showing everyone that it was feeling good as new.

Chelsea gave a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness,” She said.

Dedenne, Pikachu, and Goomy all cheered for joy.

“I think that Spoink feels fine now,” Clemont said, happily.

“Yay!” Bonnie cheered.

Serena pulled out her Pokedex, “Spoink, the Bounce Pokémon. Spoink moves around by bouncing on its tail. Its psychic powers are made stronger by the pearl on its head.”

“Aw it’s cute,” Serena complimented.

“So what happened? How did you get hurt?” Ash asked.

With that the Spoink began to talk fiercely and bounce around.

“Hang on, hang on, what happened?” Chelsea said, trying to calm it down.

It grabbed Ash by the hand, and began to pull him.

“Hey! Hang on a second calm down!” Ash said, fallowing the Spoink a few steps. “Do you want us to come with you?” He asked.

The Spoink pointed in the distance, and talked quickly and urgently again.

“Something is wrong,” Chelsea said standing up.

Serena looked at her map, “Well there looks to be an oasis not too far from here; in the direction Spoink is pointing,” She said then closed it.

“Well then, let’s go check it out,” Clemont said.

“Yeah,” Ash agreed, “Let’s go check out that oasis; and make sure everything is OK.”

Chelsea nodded, “Right,”

They all agreed and started to walk to the oasis.

After a bit of walking, it wasn’t that far actually, they came across a group of lush trees that were surrounding a small body of water. As they got closer and started to walk in they could see different flowers and berries all about.

“Well I almost feel stupid,” Chelsea grumbled.

Ash looked at her and chuckled.

“Wow this place is amazing!” Bonnie said.

“All this green in the middle of the bad lands,” Serena stated.

Chelsea was in the back looking around, all the flowers were just captivating; she went to reach into her bag to dig out her camera.

Ash and the group stopped and looked back, “Chelsea what are you doing?” Ash asked.

Chelsea pulled out the bag of rice. “Seeing if my camera works,” She said hopefully.

“Right now?” Serena questioned. “I mean we are trying to help Spoink, ya know,” She pointed out.

Chelsea nodded, “I know, just keep going I will catch up,” She said then started to pull the pieces of her camera out of the rice and shaking them out.

“Alright,” Ash said then began to keep walking.

“What a silly time to need your camera,” Serena said.

Bonnie saw bubbles come up from the water of a small pond they were walking by, “Hey look,” She said running up to it. She always had a bit of energy to her voice. “The water is bubbling up,” She said pointing to the spot in the water.

“Oh wow look at that,” Serena said walking up behind her.

Clemont and Ash kept walking.

“It is a spring,” Serena said and then quickly walked after Ash and Clemont to catch up.

Bonnie looked back and saw Chelsea fidgeting with her camera; her heart sank just a little as she remembered that she was the reason Chelsea’s camera wasn’t working. She stepped away from the water and caught up to Clemont.

“That’s why it is so green here,” Clemont said.

“Well that makes sense,” Ash said fallowing Spoink.

They were all looking around at the beauty of the oasis, when they got to the other side of the pond. Spoink started to get agitated and point up ahead.

“What is it?” Ash asked.

Spoink put its little hand to its face in to signal to stay hushed, and quietly bounced up to some nearby bushes.

They all crouched and walked up to the bushes and looked, there was a small lake that had bunch of Spoink bouncing around with food in their little hands. From where Ash was he could see across the lake a large Grumpig sitting on a rock eating. It was being fanned by Spoink, while other Spoink where in a small line with food in their arms; they were stacking it around Grumpig. None of the Spoink looked happy.

Just as the Spoinks were lining up, one of then tripped. Causing the others to fall down in front one by one like dominos, until the last few dropped their food; which ended up hitting Grumpig. This angered Grumpig and he started to yell at the small Spoink, the Spoink began to beg for forgiveness and bow before the Grumpig.

Though the Grumpig didn’t care, it just threw a temper tantrum and started using Shadow Ball on all the little Spoink; sending them flying in all kinds of different directions.

The group watch this happen, with the little Spoink; who had an angry look on his face.

“This is awful,” Serena said with a helpless sound in her voice.

“Those poor little Spoink,” Bonnie commented.

“That’s a Grumpig, he looks like the boss around here,” Cleomnt said quietly.

Serena pulled out her Pokedex and pointed it at Grumpig. “Grumpig, the Manipulate Pokémon, and the evolved form of Spoink. Grumpig can control opponents by using its three black pearls to magnify its psychic powers.”

The Grumpig was fiercely yelling at all the little Spoink while they cowered in fear.

The little Spoink that was with Ash got angry and started to explain that the Grumpig is the reason why he had an injury on his head.

“Right so that Grumpig was the one that hurt you?” Ash assumed questionably.

The Spoink agreed.

Clemont looked up at the Grumpig.

It looked pleased as it held a berry and a drink. The Spoink around him went back to gathering food and fanning him.

“It looks like that he is taking all the food for himself,” Clemont said.

“Well that is not right!” Ash said.

Goomy looked angry as it remembered what happened to it in its home, and all its friends. That other Pokémon took over violently and hurt all his friends. He growled trying to think of what to do to help.

“Ash we need to do something,” Serena said.

“Yeah we need to come up with a plan,” Clemont suggested.

Ash nodded, “Right, let’s figure out something to do,” He said, “Alright Spoink you leave this to us, we will take care of it.”

The Spoink cheered, and thanked them.

“I really hope this works,” Chelsea said putting the pieces of her camera together. She looked at a flower that was right in front of her, it had fuchsia petals and a yellow center. There was a bunch of four all naturally sitting together, and Chelsea wanted to take a picture.

She tried turning on her camera, nothing. “Oh no,” She sighed then dug in her bag. “Maybe it is just the battery,” She said.

Jolteon was watching her, “Jolteon,” He said trying to give her hope. “All we can do is hope right?”

Eevee looked up at her while she messed with her camera.

Chelsea nodded, she pulled out another battery from her bag and put it in her camera. “OK here goes,” She said timidly and then pushed the power button.

The screen flashed for a second then came on.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” She cheered. She tried to look at the pictures immediately, the first file was a video not a picture. “What the?” She said then tried to play it.

But then the screen flashed and said not enough battery life, but some of the letters where missing; then it turned off. She tried to power it up again, but when she did the screen was all the wrong colors and you couldn’t see anything right.

“Oh no,” She said then tried to take a picture.

The camera make a snapping sound like it took a picture, but Chelsea couldn’t look at it. This made her feel better though, knowing that her pictures are safe.

She powered off the camera and looked at Jolteon, “Well I guess we won’t be taking any pictures,” She said then shrugged.

“Yeah, but at least your pictures are safe,” Jolton pointed out the positive. “I mean you can always get a new camera,” He stood up. “And to be honest, I really think you are due for a new one anyway.”

Chelsea stood, “Yeah I guess so,” She said then put her camera back in the rice then in her bag, and pick up Eevee. “Come on we need to go find Ash and the others,” She said then ran off.

“Right,” Jolteon agreed then ran after her.

Ash and the others walked around the lake and approached Grumpig.

“Hey Grumpig,” Ash confronted.

The Grumpig looked over at him.

“You are causing trouble for the Spoink,” He accused.

The little Spoink with them jumped around and yelled.

Though the Grumpig looked unamused and unthreatened by his approach.

“Why do you have to be so mean to them?” Ash asked.

Pikachu yelled at him too.

This caused Grumpig to get up, the pearls on its head began to glow a purple color. He started to use his power on the Spoink. The Spoink started to surround Ash and the others.

“What are they doing?” Serena asked nervously.

Clemont was at her back, “It looks like Grumpig is using his psychic powers to control them.”

The little Spoinks eye were lit up in a weird color. They started to attack, when the Spoink that was with Ash jumped around trying to snap his friends out of their trance.

The Grumpig laughed. It made the Spoink attack the group once more.

Pikachu jumped off Ash’s shoulder and got ready to defend. His cheeks sparked threateningly and he growled at the Spoink.

“Hold on Pikachu,” Ash said stopping him.

Pikachu looked over his shoulder at Ash.

“You can’t attack them, they don’t know what they are doing,” Ash explained.

Pikachu gave an uneasy look back at him, he wasn’t sure what to do then. “Pika?”

Grumpig jumped off the rock it was sitting on and laughed.

“Let’s withdraw till we figure this out!” Clemont said.

Ash looked at him, “Right, let’s go,” He said then started to run.

As they all started to get going the Spoink started to fire attacks after them.

Pikachu picked up Goomy and ran off after them, almost getting struck by a shadow ball.

As they ran way they saw a cave, “Hurry in there!” Clemont shouted.

“Right,” Serena agreed.

And the all ran into the cave, when they went in Ash almost ran into the back wall. “Ah no it is a dead end,” He said.

“Oh no way!” Serena said in disbelief.

Just then a gate came crashing down, locking them in the cave.

“Huh, what’s that?” Bonnie, Serena, and Clemont said together.

“What’s going on?” Ash demanded grabbing the bars and shaking them as hard as he could.

Grumpig stood at the opening of the cave with a nasty grin on his face. He began to laugh with an army of Spoink standing behind him.

“What have you done?” Serena yelled.

While Grumpig stood there with his arms crossed, two people jumped out of nowhere and stood by his side. They both gave a chuckle with success.

“We’ve done what any evil doer would do,” The female said, she had long red-purple hair and high black boots on, with a short skirt on and long black gloves; there was a red R on her cropped shirt.

“We have built up a wall between us and you,” Said the male in a poetic tone. He wore black boots with gloves to match, then he had white pants and shirt with a black under shirt; he also had a large red R on his shirt.

“To protect the world from devastation,” The female started.

“To unite all people within our nation,” The male continued.

“To denounce the world of free will thinkers,” The female kept going.

“To extend our reach to jailing twerpish stinkers,” The male followed.


“And James,”

“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light,”

“Surrender now or pre pair for a Grumpig fight,”

Then a Meowth jumped out of nowhere too and talked, saying. “Meowth, that’s right.”

A Wubbuffet fallowed suit, “Wobbuffet!”

They alternated saying different phrases until the end, they danced and posed around trying to make themselves as flashy as possible.

Just over in the bushes Chelsea could see everything, “What in the world? Who are they?” She asked dumbfounded.

Eevee and Jolteon shrugged.

“Beats me?” Jolteon said. “We need to get them out of there though, those guys look like they are up to no good.”

Chelsea nodded, “Right, do we want to come up with a plan,” She said then looked at him.

Jolteon nodded, “That is probably the best idea,” He sounded like he was trying to be logical.

“Alright,” Chelsea said then put down Eevee, “Ok first off you need to go into your Pokeball,” She said then pulled it out.

Eevee vigorously shook her head, “I don’t wanna,” She said squeekally.

Chelsea moped, “Oh come on, I don’t want you getting in the way.”

She shook her head, “No!” She snipped.

Chelsea looked at Jolteon frustratedly, “She gets this from you, ya know,” She groaned.

“Hey let us out of here!” Ash demanded.

“Now why would we do that?” Jesse said, she stood next to Grumpig with a hand on her hip. She then looked in closer, “Huh? Hey Twerpette, a haircut?”

“Perhaps nursing a broken heart?” James commented.

“That is none of your business!” Serena shouted.

Chelsea looked over, “Ah so she did get a bad haircut,” Her ears perked in curiosity, “But to mend what broken heart?” She slumped to the side, “Oh please tell me she didn’t do that for Ash,” She said feeling embarrassed for her, “Even I would never stoop to that low, and I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff for that kid.”

“She kinda seems like the type though,” Jolteon said deductively.

Chelsea nodded, “Yeah, but I had hopes that she wasn’t a total dope. I mean she is obviously obsessive, but come on.”

“Fine we might as well spill the beans, so lend me your twerpish ears and I’ll spin you a yarn and fan your twerpish fears,” Jesse started. “We were flying over the Lumios Badlands when we spotted and oasis, with water, but wait there’s more; lush vegetation galore.”

Meowth then continued, “Along with a slew of Spoink who were living the high life.”

“And that is when we came across a famished Grumpig in search for a meal.” James said sadly.

“So we made it a deal! We showed Grumpig to the oasis for a feast and in turn it took care of the Spoink for us.”

They all cheered for their plan.

Chelsea stared from the bushes, “Well that is a somewhat of a clever plan,” She commented. “But why didn’t they just steel it themselves, and what is with the poetic stuff?”

“And that is how we got our hands on ample food and water, genius eh?” Jesse said finishing her story.

“Wuubbuh!” It said agreeing.

“And if we weren’t lucky enough you twerps just happened along the way.” She then added.

“And with Pikachu of course making all of our dreams come true.” James pointed out.

“Can’t be much fun being you?” Meowth said sinisterly.

“Wuuuuuubbuffet.” Wubbuffet saluted.

Ash growled.

Jesse looked closely at the cage, she looked like she was counting.

“What is it Jess?” James said looking at her.

Meowth looked up at her too, “You look like your head is being worked over time,” He said in his catty voice.

“I thought you said there was a new twerpette?” She looked at James in question. “You said she had a Jolteon and Eevee.”

Then Ash, Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena all looked at each other.

“Oh-” Serena started then Clemont covered her mouth.

“Shhh,” He said.

James looked in, “There was another one,” He stated then began counting, “Where is she?”

The gang looked at them and shrugged, “I have no idea what you are talking about,” Ash said dumbly.

“Yeah it is just been us this whole time,” Clemont agreed.

Chelsea did a small fist pump, “Thank you for playing stupid,” She whispered.

“Well then never mind, James you must have been seeing things, now give up Pikachu, do the right thing.” Jesse demanded.

James looked at Meowth, “I wasn’t seeing things, there was another twerp, ask Meowth.”

Meowth looked up at him, “Yeah he pointed her right out to me,” He agreed.

Jesse looked at them both, “The heat must be getting to your head. Now come on give use Pikachu,” She turned her attention toward Ash.

Ash clutched the bars, “You can forget it!” He yelled. “No way.”

“Ok then Grumpig Phywave,” Jesse said menacingly.

Grumpig jumped for joy and then turned and used Phywave on the hypnotized Spoink.

The Spoink flew as the Psywave hit them, they cried out loudly in pain.

“Wooh, excuse me?” Chelsea growled. “Demanding Pikachu then attacking helpless Pokémon, oh they are up to no good, for real,” She said starting to fill with anger.

Ash gripped the bars tightly, “What are you doing!?”

Pikachu and Spoink both cried out.

“It’s obvious,” Jesse said pointing, “If you don’t hand over Pikachu the Spoink will pay the piper.”

Ash gritted the bars tighter.

“That’s so cruel,” Serena moaned.

“You cowards!” Ash accused.

Jesse laughed, “Being called a coward is an honor when you run in or circles.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest. “So honor us all you want.”

Bonnie looked up at Clemont, “We need to get Chelsea to help us quick,” She said quietly.

Clemont nodded, “I know.”

Chelsea’s ears perked, “They need us, they must be trapped in there or something,” She said, she looked at Jolteon. “How about when they are distracted?”

Jolteon nodded.

“K,” Chelsea nodded.

The group growled

“Now deal or no deal?” Meow gave them a sinister look.

“I said no deal,” Ash said angrily.

James shrugged, “Final answer?” He said, “Shadow Ball.”

Grumpig then built a dark ball of energy in his hand and fired it at another group of hypnotized Spoink, and again they all went flying. Landing like little lumps scattered all over the ground.

The Spoink trapped in the cage began to cry.

Chelsea gritted her teeth, “Now please,” She asked.

Jolteon stood, “Just hang on.”

Eevee looked under a bush and watched.

The Grumpig lunched another Psywave at another group of helpless Spoink. Everyone watched as Grumpig let loose on the Spoink, finally Ash couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fine I will do it!” He yelled, “Just stop!”

Pikachu growled, and then looked up at him. He wasn’t sure what he was hearing.

“Pikachu we got to do what they say right now, but don’t worry,” Ash said calmly. “I will get you out of this, I promise.”

“Quietly,” James said as he opened a little tiny door at the bottom of the cage.

Pikachu went through the door with an angry look.

“Now come to Jesse,” She said and bent down to open a small cage.

All of a sudden a ball of light came out of Clemont’s poket. “Chespin pi pin!” It cheered.

“Chespin, I told you not to do that,” Clemont said frustrated.

Chespin looked back at him and gave a smile and a wink, saying don’t worry.

Clemont looked confused.

Chespin entered the cage with Pikachu, Pikachu also looked at him confused.

“Looks like Chespin wants to share the rent,” Meowth said.

Jesse smiled, “That’s a good little twerp.”

As Jesse and James locked the doors and set down the keys Chelsea got positioned to jump, “You get Grumpig, I got the others,” She whispered.

Jolteon grunted in agreement.

Jesse and James turned and started to walk away, “All your Grumpi-” Jesse went to say but got interrupted.

Chelsea tackled Jesse, kicked James, then tripped Meowth, and gave Wubbuffet a hard stare freezing him. Jolteon used Thunder Fang on Grumpig and threw him a few feet away.

“Look its Chelsea!” Bonnie cheered.

Ash and Clemont perked up, “Alright!” Ash said.

“I knew she would come!” Clemont shouted.

Jesse sat up and looked, “What are earth was that!?” She shrieked. She looked over and saw Chelsea standing with her Jolteon, Eevee ran up next to her other side.

She had a determinedly fierce look in her eyes.

“I thought you said you were seeing thing when you said there was another twerp?” She growled then looked at James.

James sat there holding his face, “No you said that I was seeing things,” He groaned.

Meowth looked over, “Who the heck are you?”

“My name is Chelsea,” She said and clenched a fist, “Now give me the key to the cage,” She demanded.

Jesse stood and gave her a harsh look, “Hey no one gives me commands, Grumpig use Psybeam!”

Chelsea turned and Grumpig was already up and charging a Phybeam.

“Nice try, Jolteon use Thunder!” Chelsea said pointing to Grumpig.

Jolteon wasted no time, he launched a hard Thunder attack to deflect the Psybeam.

“Watch my back,” Chelsea said to him.

“Jolt!” Jolteon barked back.

Eevee stepped forward to Team Rocket, “Eeweeh!” She yipped.

“Alright then,” Chelsea smirked.

Jesse growled, “You think you are so clever,” She reached behind her back. “Try this on for size!” She said and threw a small cube at her.

“Watch out!” Everyone yelled.

Chelsea watched confused as the cube flew at her and hit her in the chest. In seconds a glowing beam came around her, this surprised her causing her to trip and land on Jolteon; which caused the little mechanism to catch them both.

“Well that turned out nicely,” James said with a laugh.

“Well this turned out horribly,” Chelsea looked at Jolteon.

Eevee looked at her, “Eehe,” Eevee looked back at Team Rocket scared.

“What is this!?” Chelsea yelled, she and Jolteon where struggling to get free.

“Well well, I guess we can get an Eevee while we are at it,” Meowth sneered.

Chelsea gawked at them, “No Eevee run!” She yelled.

Eevee turned and ran toward the cave, but Grumpig was still sitting there. He was huge compared to her, she stared up at him giving huge baby eyes.

Grumpig looked down at her, he got a soft look.

“What are ya doing Grumpig, get her!” Meowth yelled at him.

“Eevee use Tackle!” Ash shouted out of the cave.

Eevee then jumped at Grumpig tackling him to the ground. She then ran to the cage that Ash was in and squeezed through the bars and hid behind Ash.

He looked down at her, “Well that wasn’t what I expected,” He said with some disappointment.

They all looked out, Chelsea and Jolteon where still struggling to get free.

“Oh knock it off you two are useless,” Jesse laughed.

Chelsea growled, “Oh yeah, Jolteon let them have it with a Thunder!” She shouted.

Jolteon began to spark, “Jol!”

“Is she nuts? He will shock her too,” Serena panicked.

“She must have a plan,” Clemont mentioned.

Jolteon let off a strong Thunder in the direction of Team Rocket.

“Ahh what the!” James and Meowth said together.

They got hit but it didn’t do much, because the trap absorbed most of the voltage. They fell to the ground sparking with left over static.

“Oh that is annoying!” Jesse said sitting up.

“But that twerp got a huge taste of her own medicine,” Meowth said with a sneer.

They looked over and Chelsea was looking at them with an angry look, she looked unfazed.

“Huh? What the?” They all said at once.

“She looks fine,” Bonnie said.

Eevee cheered from behind Ash.

“I guess that we will have to give this a bit more reinforcement,” Meowth said then threw a net over her and Jolteon.

Jolteon started to spark when they net laid over them, but when he used Thunder nothing happened.

“What the heck?” Chelsea shouted.

Meowth and Wubbuffet drug her and Jolteon in to the cave and threw them against the bars, “Now stay there like good little twerps,” Meowth said.

Ash bent down next to her, “You ok?” He asked.

“My name is Chelsea!” She shouted then kicked Meowth in the face.

Meowth staggered back, “Oh you wanna fight?” He growled as his face began to swell. “Take this,” He said then scratched her face.

Chelsea glared at him with the scratches on her face.

Her stare made him very uneasy. “Umm, what?”

James grabbed him. Oh come on Meowth, let’s leave these twerps,” He said then pulled him away.

Meowth couldn’t look away though, Chelsea’s eyes locked him in; and all of a sudden he started feeling his worst fears. “What the heck is wrong with you?” He said franticly.

Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena looked at her strangely. They all noticed the look she was giving him.

Her eyes were narrowed and she had a scowl on her face.

Ash had seen that look before, and every time, when she was looking at a person with that look they would always freak out.

Meowth walked away with James and when they got to Jesse they all started to walk away.

“All yours Grumpig,” Jesse said waving as they walked away.

“You are our night watch Pokémon,” James finished.

Grumpig turned to the Chelsea, Ash and the others and laughed.

Chelsea struggled a bit more then stopped to take a breath. “Hey guys sorry about that,” She said feeling humiliated.

Bonnie patted her head. “It’s OK you two gave it your best shot,” She said.

“Yeah,” Ash said.

Chelsea groaned. “This is not how I planned it though,” She said flustered.

Grumpig let out a yawn and laid down, he fell asleep.

Then Chespin began to use vine whip on the lock, almost like he was trying to use his vines to pick the lock.

Goomy and Dedenne stuck their heads through the bars.

“Hey you too can fit through the bars,” Ash said quietly.

Dedenne cheered the walked through.

“Yeah you guys get the key,” Serena said.

Bonnie bent down and petted Dedenne, “You can do it Dedenne,” She whispered.

Chelsea watched as Dedenee and Goomy ran over to the key, “Hey who are those guys anyway?” She growled.

“Their Pokémon thieves,” Serena said.

Chelsea jumped in surprise, “What?” She had a scared look on her face. “Who do they work for?”

Ash looked at her, “Um Team Rocket?”

“Yeah, why?” Bonnie asked.

Chelsea shook her head. “Oh no reason,” She said then looked at Dedenne and Goomy.

They were at the key and went to pick it up.

“Dedenne!” Dedenne began squeaked franticly as Grumpig picked it up.

“Oh no let Dedenne go!” Chelsea said kicking around.

Grumpig threw Dedenne away.

“Ah Dedenee!” Bonnie said worriedly.

Dedenne sat up and growled.

“Quick Dedenne use Nuzzle!” Bonnie yelled.

Dedenne rubbed his cheeks and started to spark. “Dene neene,” It squeaked as it jumped at Grumpig and shocked it.

Grumpig cringed at the hit. “Gru!” It growled the swatted Dedenne away like a fly.

“Oh no Dedenne!” Bonnie cried.

Grumpig used Shadow Ball on it as it laid on the ground.

“No Dedenne,” Bonnie cried.

Clemont was messing with the wall behind Chelsea.

“Clemont[Ma1] what are you doing?” Ash asked.

Clemont looked over his shoulder. “Trying to find a week spot in the wall while Goomy and Dedenne distract Grumpig.”

“Hey, then we can get out of here,” Ash said catching on to Clemont’s idea.

“Dedenne use Thunder Shock,” Bonnie said focused on the battle. “You can do it!”

Dedenne used Thunder Shock and stunned Grumpig for a second.

“Um I see a flaw in that plan,” Chelsea said looking at them.

Clemont looked at her, “What?” He said confused.

Chelsea was looking at him from the other side of the bars. “I am out here and if the cage falls, Jolteon and I will get squished,” She said looking up and down at the bars. “Now if you just busted a hole in the wall and came through that way, I don’t see a problem with that.”

Clemont thought for a moment. “Your right, and we don’t want you getting hurt,” He looked at the wall. “Ash if we hit right here then the wall will crumble and we should be able to get through,” He said pointing to a spot on the wall where the wall and cage didn’t meet.

“Alright I see it,” Ash said pulling out a Pokeball, “Come on out Frogadier,” He shouted and tossed it into the air.

When Frogadier appeared Ash pointed to the spot on the wall, “OK Frogadier I need you to use Water Pulse on this spot on the wall,” He explained. “We need to break through and get around these bars.”

Frogadier nodded, “Dier,” It said then started to fire at the wall with charges of Water Pulse.

Grumpig then hit Dedenne with a Psybeam, blasting it too the wall. When Dedenne hit the floor it was fainted and unable to battle anymore.

“Dedenne,” Bonnie cried.

“Oh no!” Chelsea growled.

Grumpid chuckled.

Goomy shivered in fear as it saw Grumpig attack Dedenne, but then it thought about getting stronger. With those thoughts it gained confidence and gurgled fiercely at Grumpig.

“Goomy wants to defend Dedenne,” Chelsea said.

“Yeah, he looks like he wants to battle,” Clemont agreed.

“Alright Goomy, you can do it!” Ash cheered.

Goomy jumped up and bit down on Grumpig’s ear, Grumpig got angry and shook off Goomy; then began attacked Goomy with a plethora of attacks.

“Goomy use Bind!” Ash commanded from behind the bars.

Frogadier kept using Water Pulse on the rock, it was knocking off large chunks and making a hole.

Chelsea and Jolteon started wiggling the bars, trying to move them away from the wall.

Grumpig kept firing attacks at Goomy.

“Goomy keep using Bind!” Ash commanded, he too was trying to move the bars.

Goomy kept using Bind and firing back. Then when Goomy actually made a strong hit Grumpig got angry its tail lit up as it got ready to use an Iron Tail.

“Ash look!” Chelsea said as she wrapped her legs around a bar and pulled, there was just a large enough space for him to get through.

“I am coming Goomy,” Ash said as he squeezed through.

Grumpig began to charge at Goomy, it jumped up ready to come down and hit him. But Ash jumped in the way just in time.

“Oh no Ash!” Serena cried.

Bonnie was next trying to squeeze through the hole.

Ash sat up and looked up at Grumpig as it towered over them, he held his arm out in front of Goomy, “I will protect you Goomy, you don’t need to worry,” He then looked Grumpig in the eye. “If you want a battle you got one!” He said strongly.

Chelsea looked over at him, “Ash be careful!” She cried.

Goomy then closed his eye tightly and started to gurgle fiercely, it remembered what happened to him and his friends and tough about getting stronger. Then it began to glow, the glowing got brighter and brighter until it consumed its whole body.

“What’s this?” Clemont said.

“Goomy is shining,” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Goomy is evolving!” Ash said, he smiled happily.

When the glowing stopped Goomy looked different; it had a longer neck and two small arms then it’s back looked like the shape of a snail shell, it growled fiercely as it looked confidently at Grumpig.

“Goomy evolved!” Bonnie cheered.

“Come on guys,” Chelsea said still holding the bars.

Bonnie crawled through then Serena and Clemont with Frogadier close behind.

“This is great,” Ash said pulling out his PokeDex, he pointed it at the new evolved Goomy. “Sliggoo, the Soft Tissue Pokémon. Its four horns function as a highly sensitive radar system, picking up many different scents and noises,” Ash smiled, “Great you are a Sliggoo now.”

Bonnie ran up to Dedenne and pick it up. “Dedenne are you ok?” She asked.

Dedenne weakly squeaked reassuringly.

She then ran back over the Clemont.

Clemont uncovered Chelsea and got her released from the cube trap. “There you go,” He said.

Chelsea smiled and rubbed her arms, “Thanks,” She said then looked at Sliggoo. “Nice job,” She congratulated.

Grumpig stomped around angrily, “Grumpig!” It growled.

Ash stood with Sliggoo ready to battle.

Grumpig attacked first with a Psybeam.

“Sliggoo, dodge that!” Ash ordered.

Sliggoo jumped and stuck to the ceiling of the cave and began to charge up.

“Huh, what is that?” Ash asked.

Clemont helped Chelsea up and looked over, “That is Sliggoo’s Dragon Breath,” He answered.

“That’s great, you learned a new move!” Ash said.

Eevee jumped into Chelsea’s arms and cried.

“It’s ok you are safe now,” Chelsea reassured.

Pikachu and Chespin were still unlocking their cage, but they still cheered on their friends.

Sliggoo dropped to the floor and kept charging its Dragon Breath.

“Use Dragon Breath,” Ash commanded pointing at Grumpig.

Sliggoo then fired a strong Dragon Breath at Grumpig, sending it flying into the distance.

When Grumpig was gone the hypnotized Spoink went back to normal, they all started to look around confused.

The little Spoink that was with Ash bounced over and explained everything that had happened, this made all the Spoink cheer.

Chespin finally picked the lock and opened the cage.

Pikachu and Chespin ran toward their trainers cheering.

“You did great Chespin,” Clemont complimented.

Ash turned to them, “We need to go find Team Rocket,” He said.

The others nodded and they all began to run to look for Team Rocket. They just ran in the direction that they saw them go, when they left them in the cave.

“They’ve got to be around here somewhere,” Clemont said.

Then there was a loud squealing cry.

“That way!” Chelsea pointed and they fallowed the sound.

It was Grumpig crying at the feet of Jesse from Team Rocket.

“Hey Team Rocket!” Ash yelled as they approached.

They looked over in confusion, “Now how did those tricky twerps escape anyway?” James asked.

Jesse stuttered.

“And their twerpy Pokémon too?” Meowth questioned.

“And their Goomy evolved into a Sliggoo too,” James stated.

They all got glum looks.

“Well we all make mistakes,” Jesse said in an annoyed tone. Then she grabbed a Pokeball, “Pumpkaboo clean up this mess.”

And a medium sized orange Pokémon came out, of the ball and floated in the air.

“With Inkay!” James threw a Pokeball too, releasing a floating squid looking Pokémon.

“Pumpkaboo use Dark Pulse!” Jesse commanded.

“And you Inkay use Psybeam!” James called.

Their Pokémon charged forward and fired their attacks at Sliggoo.

“Oh nope, Jolteon get in there and block that with Thunder!” Chelsea commanded.

Jolteon jumped in front of Sliggoo and used a Thunder attack, the attack intercepted the Shadow Ball and Psybeam causing an explosion.

When the smoke cleared Ash pointed to Pumpkaboo and Inkay, “Sliggoo use Dragon Breath!” He yelled.

Goomy started to glow as he charged to use Dragon Breath.

“Use Dark Pulse again!” Jesse called.

“Deflect it back!” James said quickly.

And again Pumpkaboo and Inkay used Dark Pulse and Psybeam, blocking Sliggoo’s Dragon Braeth.

“Now Pikachu, use Thunder Bolt!” Ash said holding out his arm.

Pikachu ran up and jumped high into the air, his cheeks sparked as they filled with electricity. “Pi-ka-CHU!” He yelled as he unleashed a harsh Thunder Bolt.

It hit Team Rocket causing another massive explosion, and lunching Team Rocket into the air. “We’re blasting off again!” They yelled.




Then they were gone.

Chelsea stared off after them as their hot air balloon deflated. “Did that really just happen?” She asked in disbelief.

The Spoink cheered as they celebrated getting all their food back, knowing that once again peace was among them.

“You did great,” Ash said to Sliggoo. His Pokémon cheered in agreement.

Grumpig looked around, it saw all the Spoink standing there staring at him angry. They all began to growl at him.

Grumpig then began to apologize heavily for its actions, the Spoink where still not convinced. So he started gathering the food Team Rocket had stolen and gave it to them in piles, still begging for forgiveness.

“Looks like Grumpig is sorry,” Ash pointed out.

“Forgive and forget,” Clemont said trying to calm the Spoink.

“Stop, stealing. You promise?” Bonnie said.

Grumpig started to nod his head and agreed.

Chelsea folded her arms around Eevee, “Well I am sure that Grumpig learned his lesson,” She said with a smile.

Then the little Spoink that was traveling with Ash and the others tapped Grumpig on the shoulder and handed him an apple.

Grumpig got all teary eyed and began to cry gratefully for the forgiveness of the Spoink.

“I can’t think of any other reason to celebrate,” Clemont said.

“Yeah, all Pokémon should be good buddies,” Ash stated.

“That’s right,” Serena agreed.

Pikachu and the Pokémon also agreed.

Chelsea smiled. “I am glad that Grumpig is here and not wondering the desert by himself,” She said hugging Eevee.

Ash nodded, “Yeah.”

“Yeah, now he will have lots of friends,” Bonnie said cheerfully.

Ash looked at Sliggoo, “Sliggoo, we’ll work hard and you will get stronger,” He said confidently.

Sliggoo nodded, “Sligooo.”

Eevee’s eyes teared up, “Eweee,” She whimpered then began to cry.

“What’s wrong with Eevee?” Clemont asked with some surprise.

Chelsea looked down and smiled. “Oh Eevee, you will evolve some someday,” She comforted softly.

Eevee stopped crying but still had tears in her eyes, “Eeve?”

“Of course you will,” Ash said, “Just like Sliggoo, we will all work hard and you will become a Sylveon someday.”

Eevee cheered and wiped her tears on Chelsea’s shirt.

“Alright let’s go everyone,” Ash said.

“Right,” The others said as they set off. The Spoink and Grumpig all waved goodbye to them as they left, they waved back.

A day of chaos and trouble brings fourth good tidings, Goomy has evolved into Sliggoo and a lonely Grumpig gets a home and new friends. Also Chelsea still has her pictures, though Eevee hasn’t evolved yet they will be working hard to help her. Along with helping Sliggoo to grow and get stronger.


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Episode 4 – From Dry To Wet…Very Wet…

“It’s hot!” Bonnie said, she was hunched over wiping sweat off her forehead.

“It is,” Serena agreed, she also wiped sweat from her face.

“Well since there is not any trees here there is no shade,” Clemont said looking around, “So there really isn’t any place that would be cool.”

Chelsea looked down at Bonnie then up at the sky, there were no clouds anywhere to be seen. She then pulled her backpack down in front of her as they walked and started to dig through it.

“Chelsea what are you doing?” Clemont asked walking next to her.

Ash stopped and looked back, “Do we need to take a break?” He asked.

Chelsea shook her head. “No no, I am just getting something for Bonnie,” She said then crouched down and kept digging in her bag.

“For me?” Bonnie said curiously, she peeked over Chelsea’s shoulder.

“Yeah, it might help keep you cooler,” Chelsea said then pulled out a small teal colored cylinder. “Here it is,” She said then put her back pack on and stood.

“What is it?” Serena said getting a closer look.

Chelsea pulled the cap off and the held down a button, and in a few seconds a teal umbrella with a silver stem popped out. “There,” She said then handed it to Bonnie. “This should keep you from getting to hot.”

Bonnie looked at it confused.

“That’s a great idea Chelsea,” Clemont said. “It won’t be direct sunlight so it won’t be as hot,” He explained.

Bonnie looked up at the umbrella as she took it, “Ah it already feels good,” She said.

Chelsea nodded, “You are welcome.”

“Thank you,” Bonnie cheered.

“Denen ne ne,” Dedenne cheered then climbed on top of Bonnie’s head.

Pikachu slumped over Ash’s shoulder, “Pika!” He moaned.

“Well we have been walking for a while now, how about we just take a water brake,” Ash said petting Pikachu.

Clemont nodded. “Good idea, I think we are all getting thirsty anyway,” He said looking at everyone.

The others nodded in agreement.

“Yeah I am liking that idea,” Chelsea said then sat down on the ground where she once stood.

Serena looked around, and saw some rocks not too far away. “Hey how about we go over there and sit on those rocks,” She suggested.

“Yeah I like that idea,” Bonnie said. Then she and Serena started walking to the rocks.

Ash walked after them.

Chelsea sighed, “I was fine her on the ground,” She grumbled then went to stand.

Clemont held out his hand to help her up, “Let me help you,” He offered.

Chelsea took it and smiled. “Thank you,” She said and then they walked after the others.

As they began their water brake Chelsea let out her Eevee and let her run around and play with Jolteon. While Ash let out Sliggoo and began training with him and Pikachu. There were tall rocks surrounding them along with sky scrapper sized rocks scattered about. The sun was going down from noon, but still it was hot, you could see the heat rising from the ground.

“I hope it cools down soon,” Serena said fanning herself with her hat.

Bonnie smiled, “I feel good thanks to this umbrella,” She said then drank some water.

Clemont looked around, “We need to use our water sparingly, the last water source that we have seen was at that oasis,” He said.

Serena looked at her map, “Well it doesn’t say there is any water anywhere near by ether,” She said then looked at Clemont.

Chelsea was giving water to Jolteon and Eevee. Then her ear perked, “Wait what?” She said looking up at Serena.

Serena looked back at her. “On my map it doesn’t show any water near by other than that oasis we pasted,” She explained.

Chelsea ran up and took the map and began to scroll around.

“Hey,” Serena said. “Do you not believe me?”

Chelsea shook her head, “No, no I don’t.” She handed it back then looked at Eevee and Jolteon. She could smell water though why wasn’t it showing on the map.

Eevee was drinking water and Jolteon was looking back at her.

“We need to find water,” Chelsea said then looked at Clemont, she leaned in close to him. “I just gave the last of my water to them,” She whispered motioning to her Pokémon.

Clemont got wide eyed, “Oh um,” He took his water bottle and shook it, it was less than half full.

Ash walked over with Pikachu on his shoulder and Sliggoo walking next to him. “Hey what is going on?” He asked, he noticed that all of them started to look concerned.

“How much water do you have?” Clemont asked.

Ash went and picked up his water bottle, “Um,” He said then shook it, there was only a few drops left.

Serena looked at him in worry then shook her water bottle, she then turned it over, not a single drop fell from her bottle. “I guess I have no water ether,” She said shyly.

Bonnie jumped up in panic, “We just left the oasis; how can we already be out of water?” She shouted.

Jolteon’s ears perked up and he got a worried look on his face, Eevee was looking lapping up the last bit of water in the bowl. She sat up and yipped happily. Jolteon looked down at her worried, then looked back at Chelsea.

Chelsea looked at him, then at Clemont and Ash. “We need to find water,” She said hastily.

“Alright, where should we go?” Ash asked.

Chelsea turned to the tall stone pillars, “I think we may find water in there,” She said pointing.

They all looked over in the direction she pointed. The stone towers were close together, so close that it was very dark down at the bases of them.

“In there?” Serena said with a scared look on her face.

Chelsea nodded, “It’s our best shot, it’s shady and realistically I could see rain water not drying up down there,” She hypothesized. She looked at Clemont and Ash, “What do you think?”

“Well I don’t see a problem in looking,” Clemont said. “I mean we do need water.”

Ash looked at Chelsea, he could see the worry in her face. “Right you know what, I think that we should go look at least,” He said then looked at Pikachu, “Ready to go?”

Pikachu chirped in agreement.

Serena looked at him fearfully, “Well ok.”

Chelsea glanced at Serena, she could see that Serena didn’t want to go; but she didn’t have water ether. She then looked at Ash, he was looking back at her.

“Ready?” He asked.

She nodded, “Yeah let’s get going,” Chelsea said then picked up Eevee. “Come on Jolteon.” She began to walk to the stone towers.

Jolteon stood up and fallowed her.

Ash walked up next to her while Clemont and Bonnie walked behind them. Serena really didn’t want to go, but she didn’t want to be left behind ether; so she ran up and walked right close to Ash.

When they started walking between the pillars they started to look around, the pillars were closer together then they appeared to be from far away. It was almost claustrophobic, with the height of the rocks mixed with how little walking space there was.

They walked a long while, zig zagging through the towering rocks. Finally they came to an intersection of paths between the rocks, the direction that would be straight ahead looked to be coming out on the other side of the wall of towering stones. To the left was a path that kept going into the rocks, though the rocks looked like they did get shorter. Then to the right the rocks started to merge together and they made a cave like structure.

Chelsea took a couple steps toward the cave, “I bet there is water in there,” She said pointing toward the cave.

“Well hang on a second we don’t know that,” Clemont said stopping her.

She looked at him, “But look that the walls,” She pointed to a low spot on the pillars.

Everyone bent down and looked closely at the wall.

“You can see that the wall is rubbed smooth,” She said touching the wall, “Water does this.”

Clemont studied the other walls, “You are right about that,” he said studying higher on the walls. “But if you look closely you will that higher on the wall it is like that too, but it is like this on all the walls,” He explained. “So you can’t be certain that the cave will have water, because the water flowed in all directions.”

Chelsea looked at the ground, she rubbed the dirt with her foot. Underneath the first couple layers she noticed that the dirt was moist. She looked at the cave and took a deep breath through her noise like she would be smelling a delicious dinner, she could smell moister in the air. “I do think that there is water in there,” She said confidently.

“Well how about we split up,” Serena suggested. “There is enough of us that we could each go a different direction a little to see what is down there, then come back and meet here,” She explained.

Ash nodded, “That would work,” He said.

Chelsea looked at Serena, “Sure great idea,” She said sarcastically. “I am going this way, come on Jolteon,” She said then started walking toward the cave giving no one else time to join her.

Jolteon walked up to her side and walked with her.

Ash looked after her, “OK, I think I will go straight, come on Pikachu,” He said then ran down the straight path that looked to open up.

Serena ran after him, “Hey wait for me,” She said.

Clemont looked after Chelsea, he was worried that something might happen; but then he thought she had been traveling alone this whole time she could take care of herself. “Come on Bonnie,” He said then started to go right.

She was watching Chelsea walk into the cave, she had Jolteon on one side and Eevee on her shoulder and a Pokeball in her hand.

“Umbreon I need a guide,” She said holding the ball out to her side.

In a small flash of light Umbreon formed, “Umbre,” She barked, the rings on her body began to glow as they walked into the cave.

“OK,” Bonnie said then fallowed Clemont.

Everyone was now walking in the three different directions in search for water.

Ash and Serena quickly got to the end of the pillar path, it opened up to very small oasis; or maybe tiny should have been the word used. It was a trickling stream that had tiny plants along it, the stream went to a small puddle that was as big as a large dinner serving plate. And slightly beyond that was a couple houses sitting close together.

“Well I guess we found water,” Ash said looking down at the puddle.

“Yeah, but that won’t fill a water bottle even a little bit,” Serena said crossing her arms. She looked up at the houses, “Why don’t we go ask them for water?”

“That’s a good idea,” Ash agreed.

They both began to walk toward the town. As they approached they saw a lady crouched down on the ground, she looked like she was tending a garden. There were little tiny plants and a flowers that were poking up out of the ground.

“Excuse me?” Serena called.

The lady looked up at her with a surprised look, “Oh my, what are you kids doing out in this heat?” She asked worriedly. She stood and turned to them, she had a basket in her arms and a large sunhat on her head.

“We are looking for water with our friends,” Ash explained, he looked at her basket.

There was little pieces of food in it, such as small berries and carrots. “I am sorry there is not much water around here, especially when the river to the oasis quit running,” The lady explained.

“There used to be an oasis here?” Serena asked looking around.

The lady nodded, “Oh yes, it was beautiful,” She said then looked around at the little town. “But for some reason the water quit flowing a while ago, and slowly the water began to dry up. Till there was just what you see here.”

Ash and Serena looked around the ground was cracked and dry, and there was remains of dried up plants scattered around. And the trees that were left were very dry and wilted, and had few leaves.

A man came around the house and over to the lady, “Rebecca, how is everything?” He asked her.

She smiled at him, “Well there still is some food left,” She said then held out the basket.

The man looked inside and frowned. “We need water,” He said.

Rebecca got a sad look on her face, “I know.”

Ash looked and them and then to Pikachu, “We need to help them,” He whispered. “Where did the water that was flowing into the oasis come from?” He asked.

The man pointed to back toward the rocks that Ash and Serena came from. “There was a huge stream that flowed from that mountain, it wasn’t a strong stream,” He explained. “But it flowed steady then heavier in the rainy seasons.”

Ash looked up at the rocks, “Well we need to go back up there and find out why the water isn’t flowing,” He said.

Rebecca looked at them, “Oh no please, it is dangerous,” She said worriedly. “It would be amazing, but you don’t need to put yourselves in harm’s way for us,” She said then looked up at the man.

He was looking at Ash, “It is dangerous in those rocks, we have had people go and look, but they come back injured; if they come back,” He explained.

Serena tightened up, “If they come back?” She repeated.

Ash looked back up to the rocks, “Well Chelsea, Clemont, and Bonnie are in there and we can’t just leave them,” He said then looked up at the man, “We will go find why the water quit flowing.”

Serena looked at him scared, “We will?”

Ash nodded, “Yup.”

Pikachu cheered.

Rebecca gave a small smile, “Oh please take my husband with you, “She said then touched the man’s arm. “Carter will help you.”

Carter looked down at her, “Of course, I will even show you where the water used to flow from, maybe there we will find some answers,” He said.

Ash smiled, “Of course, let’s go.”

Carter and Ash started off, while Serena watched.

“Wait what?” She stuttered.

“Won’t it be amazing if the water started to flow again?” Rebecca asked.

Serena looked at her, “Huh?”

“Not only will we be able to grow food again, but the Pokémon that used to live her may come back,” She looked almost to be talking to herself.

Serena looked at her confused, “What Pokémon lived here?’

“It was a beautiful Pokémon, and she helped our gardens look amazing and our fruit grow plentifully,” Rebecca then looked sad. “Although when the water went way she took a bunch of Pokémon and left.”

Serena looked sorry, “Oh no.”

“Oh be careful, and thank you,” Rebecca said to Serena.

Serena looked after Ash and Carter and started to run after them.

Going the other direction Clemont and Bonnie were going down a steep incline. The path wasn’t getting any darker or that the pillars were getting shorter; it was just the path was heading downward.

“Be careful not to slip,” Clemont said to Bonnie, he was noticing that on some parts of the path were slick.

“Alright,” Bonnie said cautiously, she held up her bag to keep Dedenne from hitting the ground. “Why is it so wet here?” Bonnie asked. “It is so hot.”

“I think it is because of all the shade that is around here,” Clemont guessed. “I think the sun doesn’t shine down here for very long during the heat of the day. So the water doesn’t have time to evaporate,” He explained.

They kept going down the hill slowly, the path curved around a single pillar so that it ended up going down into the ground.

“Um Clemont should we keep going?” Bonnie asked.

Clemont stopped for a second. “Well, we could go back, this path get wetter and wetter the more we go down. So there must be water in down there somewhere,” He said. “Do you want to go back?”

Bonnie looked down the path and puffed out her chest, “Let’s go down till we find water,” She said bravely.

“Alright,” Clemont said then started back down the hill.

“It’s dark,” Eevee whimpered. She crawled into Chelsea’s arms.

“It will be OK,” Chelsea comforted. “I can smell water, we have to be close to something,” She said looking around.

They were walking very slowly so that they didn’t slip.

“Well it is cooler in here then it is outside,” Jolteon said he was walking next to Chelsea.

The path sloped downward and then began to curve and go the other direction.

“Where in the world are we going exactly,” Umbreon asked, she had a firm voice. The rings on her body where glowing bright enough to illuminate the tunnel.

“Well we ran out of water,” Chelsea explained. “And I came this way because I smelt water, but no one else came with.”

Umbreon stopped and looked over her shoulder, “Wait. Did you tell them?”

“Well yeah I said that I think water is this way, but no one wanted to come,” Chelsea said.

Umbreon shook her head, “No did you tell them about-“

Chelsea shook her head cutting her off, “No of course not, I would never tell them that,” Chelsea said. “We can’t be too much farther away from water.”

Just then Jolteon slipped, “Woohh!” He said and slipped in to Chelsea causing her to fall.

“Jolteon!” Chelsea shouted as she slipped also, she began to slide down the hill; she hung on tight Eevee. Then she slid down into Umbreon.

Umbreon fell onto Chelsea, “What the?” She yelled and the all began to slide down the tunnel deeper into the ground.

“This path is turning into a tunnel,” Bonnie said looking ahead.

“It is,” Clemont stopped again, “Do you want to keep going?”

Bonnie thought for a moment, she then thought about Chelsea going the other way. She looked at Clemont with a cheesy grin “Well we could go find Chelsea,” She said.

Clemont looked at her and blinked. “What does that mean?” He felt so confused.

“Oh come on I see the way you look at her,” Bonnie prodded. “You like her.”

“What?” Clemont said blushing. “You can’t be serious?”

Bonnie folded her arms, “I know she isn’t what I thought would be your type, but I know she will take good care of you,” She said confidently.

Dedenne cheered.

Clemont just started at her blankly, “Um, I don’t think so,” He said then thought about Chelsea. He knew she was pretty, and she was very smart; he like that she was also interested in his inventions. He started to blush thinking about her in that way.

“You do like her don’t you?” Bonnie said looking up at him.

Clemont snapped out of his thoughts, “No, don’t be silly,” He said shaking his head. “Let’s get going,” He said then stepped up the hill. He stepped on a slick spot and begun to slide. “Wooh,” He yelped then he slid down the hill.

Bonnie watched him slide, “Oh no Clemont!” She yelled as she watched him slide away from her.

“Go find Ash!” He yelled as he disappeared into the depth of the tunnel.

Bonnie started to run back up the hill, “Ash!” She shouted.

Ash, Carter, and Serena were walking up to the rocks, they were fallowing a tiny trickling stream. When they finally made it back up to the rocks, where the water was trickling out; they saw there was of a wall of rocks.

“What happened here?” Serena asked looking at the mound of rocks.

“It looks like there was supposed to be a tunnel here,” Ash suggested.

“There was a tunnel here,” Carter confirmed, he walked up to the wall and looked around. “This wasn’t like this a couple days ago.”

Serena looked back down the hill, “So this is where the river flowed out of the mountain?”

“Yeah,” Carter said. “But these rocks have just recently fallen here.”

Ash nodded, “We need to move these rocks.”

Carter nodded in agreeance. “Yes we do.”

Ash pulled out two of his Pokeballs and threw them into the air. “Go Frogadier and Hawulcha,” He called causing them to flow out in a bright light.

“Wooohhh!” Chelsea yelled as she slid down the muddy slide of the tunnel. She still had Eevee in one arm and Umbreon now in the other.

Jolteon was under her head, they were all sliding down the slope gaining speed.

“Can we stop now?!” Umbreon cried.

“Alright!” Chelsea shouted, she then dug her heels into the ground and kept her legs in a wide stance. “Hang on!” She said.

They slowed just a small bit but then both of Chelsea’s feet caught a lip of a rock as the got to the end of the slide, causing them to flip forward on to a rock floor. “Ah!” She yelled when she landed on Eevee and Umbreon. She quick went up on her hands and knees. “Are you OK, I am so sorry.”

Umbreon stood and looked around, “Yeah, wooh what a ride.”

Eevee was holding her nose, “Owwy!”

Chelsea picked her up, “Here let me see,” She said then moved Eevee’s paws.

Her nose was a little red but nothing bad.

“You will be fine,” Chelsea said kissing her nose. She put Eevee in her lap and looked around. “Well at least we know there is water.”

There was a large underground lake, where Chelsea was kneeling there was also a couple inches of water. The water in the cave glowed from the reflection of Umbreon’s rings, it seemed to be quiet; not a Pokémon in sight.

Chelsea pulled out her water bottle and began to fill it up, “Drink up!” She cheered, her voice echoed around the cave.

Eevee jumped out of Chelsea’s lap and began to play in the water, “Yeah hoo!” She cheered as she splashed around, she began to run around the cave.

“Please be careful,” Chelsea shouted after her, she stood and began to walk around and check out the cave.

Eevee ran toward the middle of the lake, “We, look at me!” She cried. Then as she ran all of a sudden the ground was not there anymore and Eevee began to fall. She struggled to swim and cried n panic.

Chelsea, Jolteon and Umbreon looked over, they just saw splashing and heard screaming.

“Oh no!” Chelsea shouted she then began to run over. “Vaporeon go get Eevee!” She said throwing a Pokeball.

Vaporeon popped out of her ball and ran toward the splashing, “Oh geez!” She grumbled then jumped into the deep water and grabbed Eevee. She swam back to the edge and set Eevee back up on the ledge. “Where are we?” She asked looking around.

“Ash! Where are you?” Bonnie was still looking for him, she was just making it to the intersection where they all split up. “Ash!” She called. She looked up and down the paths that the others went down. “Ash and Serena went this way,” She said looking at Dedenne. She started to run down the same way Ash and Serena went. “Ash!” She called out.

Her voice echoed down the paths and down the cave.

“Ok so now that you found water, how do you plan on getting out?” Vaporeon asked confused. She looked around at the cave.

Chelsea shrugged, “Well I didn’t think of that,” She said looking down into the deep water, she couldn’t see very far down, the water was so deep. Chelsea looked at her feet the water felt like it was getting deeper. “Hang on a second,” Chelsea said looking around the cave. “You guys here that right?” She asked.

Jolteon looked around, “You mean that sound like running water?”

Chelsea nodded slowly, “Yeah.”

Umbreon motioned to a very dark corner of the cave. “Check it out!”

There was water coming in from a hole in the wall, it wasn’t a strong flow but it was steady enough to keep the lake full.

“Is it just me or has the water gotten deeper since we have been in here?” Jolteon said pick up a paw out of the water and setting it back down.

“Yeah I was thinking that too,” Chelsea agreed looking down at the water.

“Ahh,” Clemont was yelling, as he slid down the tunnel. He was gaining speed as the tunnel sloped down, the path was muddy and was getting worse as he went down. “Oh please stop!” He shouted.

As he slid down the path he saw other tunnels going into different directions from the tunnel he was in, a few in particular had water flowing from them. Causing the tunnel to fill with water and become a water slide.

Clemont struggle to catch hold of something, he was feeling for anything. When he opened his eyes he could see a faint light, he hoped that he was almost to the end of the tunnel and that this would end. Just another few second and he exited the tunnel, he fell down in to a deep pool of water. He tried to get footing but there was no ground under his feet, he began to panic.

He flailed about trying to swim up, once he got his head above water and yelped; trying to take a breath. He reached up and when he threw his arms back down he felt something by his body, it was slowly swimming around and he tried to grab it. “Help,” He gulped. He said then got a firm hold on what was swimming around him and held on tight. He was trying to get air and see what was pulling him, but he couldn’t.

After a small while something grabbed him by the collar of his suit and pulled him up. “Hang on Clemont,” It was a female voice. She rolled him on his back and shook him a little, “Clemont wake up,” She commanded, her voice was firm and gentle at the same time.

Clemont opened his eyes a little bit, he swallowed a lot of water and got some in his lungs; he was having a hard time breathing. His sight was a little blurry, but he saw someone leaning over him. Her hair was tickling his forehead when it fell off her shoulder.

“Clemont!” She shouted, “Make a sound any sound, let me know you are going to be ok,” She said shaking him.

Clemont moaned then felt water flowing into his mouth, he started to choke and get light headed. Then everything turned black.

“Ah, great,” Chelsea said then sat him up, “The water is getting higher,” She said then picked him up. “We need to get him out of here.”

“Hang on a second,” Jolteon barked, he used Pin Missal on the ceiling causing rocks to fall.

“Great idea Jolteon,” She said then put Clemont’s limp body on a rock and climbed on it. “Eevee come here,” She said then put Eevee up on the rock.

Everyone was soaked and looking for a way out. “Why is the water coming in so fast all of a sudden?” Umbreon said standing up on a rock, “I hate getting wet!”

Vaporeon came up to her and solidified. “I cannot see any way out,” She said.

Chelsea looked around, “The water has to be going somewhere,” She grumbled.

Jolteon began to run around the wall of the cave. “I’ll see if I can find an exit,” He said.

“Come on Hawulcha use Karata Chop on the rocks, and you Frogadier use Water Pulse,” Ash called.

“Go Pancham, use Arm Thrust,” Serena said throwing a Pokeball.

Their Pokémon started to use their attacks on the wall knocking rocks away.

“ASH!!” They heard a scream coming from the path they came from before.

“What was that?” Carter asked looking over.

It was Bonnie running franticly toward them, “Ash, its Clemont,” She said breathing hard.

Ash ran over, “What happened to Clemont?” He asked worried.

“Clemont fell down into a tunnel and he can’t get back out,” Bonnie said then motioned him to fallow her, “Come on!” She said then began to run.

“What? Bonnie hang on,” Ash said then began to fallow her, “Serena stay here and try to unblock this cave.”

Serena nodded, “OK,” She yelled after them.

Pikachu chased after Ash as he fallowed Bonnie back up the path.

Chelsea was looking up the tunnel that she slid down earlier, “Help! Someone!” She looked back at the rock that Clemont was on. She was getting worried, “Ugh come on,” She ran back to the rock and looked at Vaporeon. “Can you get up that tunnel?”

“I can try,” She said then started to swim up to the tunnel. It was steep and she was going slow but she continued to go up.

The water was getting deeper as they stood there, the water came up to Chelsea’s knees and it was getting deeper.

“I see a small light coming from down that tunnel,” Jolteon said running back to Chelsea. “But there is a wall blocking the way.”

Chelsea looked at him, “Oh thank goodness,” She said then pulled out a couple Pokeballs. “Leafeon, Glaceon, and Espeon quick we need your help,” She said throwing them.

Then they came out and landed in the water, “EEppp!” Espeon squealed then jumped on a rock, “How could you throw me out in water?” She hissed.

Chelsea rolled her eyes, “Oh why are you two so whinny!” She moaned.

“Am not whinny!” Umbreon growled.

“Then get in the dang water and help us out,” Chelsea barked. She then looked at Glaceon, “I need you to freeze up that tunnel the water is coming out of,” She pointed to corner.

“Got it!” Glaceon said then splashed her way through the water. When she got close enough, she used Ice Beam at the water fall and froze it up along with the opening to the tunnel.

Chelsea looked at Leafeon and Umbreon, “I need you two to go along with Glaceon to fallow Jolteon to the end of that tunnel over there,” She said. “Go and see if you guys together can break down the wall,”

Leafeon and Glaceon nodded, “Alright,” They said.

Umbreon sat on the rock, “Can’t I just sit here?” She asked, “I mean you do need a light,” She said smug.

Chelsea pulled a flashlight out of her bag, “I did need something to see in the dark before I had you missy,” She said then smirked. “They will need you more then I will anyway.”

Umbreon looked hurt, “Ugh, fine,” She grumbled, then jumped back into the water. “This is got to be my worst nightmare,” She said then looked started to walk up to Jolteon.

Jolteon turned and started to run, “I will make this your worst nightmare if you keep this attitude up,” He growled.

“Yes dad,” Umbreon growled.

With that they all went down the tunnel.

“Chelsea,” Eevee cried. “He’s not breathing.”

Chelsea ran over, “Espeon hold this,” She held out the flash light.

Espeon used her psychic powers to hold up the flashlight.

Chelsea climbed up on the rock and looked to Clemont. “Clemont!” She shouted then shook him again.

There was no response.

“Clemont!” She put her cheek to his mouth. She couldn’t feel anything, “Oh come on, you need to battle Ash!” She screamed then shook him some more. “And take care of Bonnie, AND FEED ME!!!”

Ash and Bonnie got to the intersection, “Come on this way!” She said pulling Ash.

“Alright,” Ash said fallowing.

“Pika?” Pikachu jumped off his shoulder and listened.

Ash stopped, “Hang on Bonnie,” He turned to Pikachu. “What is it buddy?”

“Pikachu,” He said then pointed to the cave that Chelsea went into.

“What?” Ash looked at the cave. “Is there something in there?”

He walked up to the cave and looked it, “Chelsea?” He called.

“Vaporeon!” He heard call back.

“Ah, it’s Vaporeon!” He said then took a couple steps into the cave. “Wow the floor is slippery,” He said slipping around.

“Watch out that is what happened to Clemont,” Bonnie yelled.

Ash looked back at her, “Right, thanks.”

Bonnie then felt a small drip hit her on the nose, “Huh?” She looked up.

The sky was beginning to turn gray with thick rain clouds, and out of nowhere a lightning bolt struck one of the sky scrapping rocks.

“Ah,” Bonnie yelped then ran into the cave.

Serena looked up, “Oh no,” She said as rocks began to tumble down. “Everyone get out of the way!” She yelled.

They all jumped out of the way, and more rocks fell. Some blocked up what they already broke up while others kept rolling down the hill.

“Well, now we know why this way is blocked up,” Serena said fearfully, then she felt a drip hit the edge of her hat. “Huh,” She said then looked up.

She saw the same thick rain clouds closing in on the area.

“Clemont,” Chelsea tried to sit him up, but he was limp as a boneless fish. She stared at him, he wasn’t breathing or making any kind of communication toward her. She took a deep breath, “Welp, that means I have no choice,” She said then laid Clemont more flat. She unzipped his suit exposing his chest.

“What are you doing?” Eevee asked.

“I need space, I am going to give him CPR,” She said adjusting Clemont’s head.

“Bonnie be careful,” Ash said as he turned to her.

She then slipped on the ground and knocked Ash over and they began to slide.

“AHhh!” She screamed.

Pikachu ran after them and slipped after them.

“Woohh,” Ash said.

And they both slid down the slippery wet tunnel.

Chelsea tilted Clemont’s head up, “OK,” She said and took a deep breath, she bent over and plugged his nose and gently exhaled two breaths into his mouth. She put her cheek to his mouth to see if he would start breathing.


She then got up on her knees and placed the heels of her hands on his chest and started doing compressions. “Come on Clemont,” She started to beg, she did compressions for a couple seconds then gave him a couple breaths again, she held her cheek to his mouth to see any response.


“Oh Clemont please!” She said and started again.

Serena had out her Fennekin, who was working with Hawlucha, Frogadier, and Pancham to knock away the rocks.

“We are almost there,” She said.

There was a small hole made and sparks came out.

“What?” Serena said, “Guys hang on a sec,” She ran up to the wall and looked in the hole, “Hello?”

“Jolt!” Jolteon barked.

“Huh? Jolteon?” Serena said, “What are you doing in there?”

Jolteon gave a series of barks trying to explain, he sounded worked up and worried.

“Is this one of your friends?” Carter asked.

Serena nodded and looked over at the other Pokémon, “We need to get them out of there!” She said in a panic.

Jolteon, Leafeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon were standing on ice so they could attack the wall. The water had gotten so deep that they would be swimming.

Ash and Bonnie were screaming and yelling as the slid down the slide.

“Pika!” Pikachu yelled.

“Hang on Pikachu!” Ash said then dug his heels in the ground, he started to slow down a bit. Though no to long after he started to slow he hit something causing it to land on his lap. “What the?” He yelled.

“Va?” She cried, it was Vaporeon.

“Oh no, sorry,” He said then they started to gain speed again.

“Ahhh!” They all screamed.

Chelsea sat up breathing hard, “Come on Clemont,” She whimpered. She went back in to another series of compressions. “Please.”

Eevee sat and watched with a worried look on her face, along with Espeon.

Chelsea went to give him to deep breaths, on the second breath Clemont started coughing. He sat up a bit and turned to the side and coughed up a bunch of water.

“Oh thank goodness,” Chelsea said and pulled him up. “Please breathe.”

“I am trying,” Clemont said between coughs. He looked up at Chelsea, “Oh man, what happened?”

“You almost drowned,” She said.

Clemont held his chest, “I feel like I am bruised,” He said, he noticed his chest exposed. “Ah! I am sorry, I am indecent!” He said zipping up is suit.

“Oh Clemont,” Chelsea said, “I am sorry, I didn’t know you were so self-conscious about it, but I had to, to give you CPR.”

Clemont blushed, “What?” He winced in pain. “Ah I feel like I got punched in the chest.”

“Be careful,” Chelsea said catching him to lay him back down. Her ear perked up as she heard screaming coming from the tunnel she slid down before.

She looked over and watched Ash, Pikachu, and Bonnie drop into the water with a big splash. They sat up and looked around confused, they saw Chelsea looking at them from a rock that was sitting not too far from where they were sitting. Chelsea was holding Clemont, he looked over his shoulder at them; he looked like he was in pain.

Bonnie got a huge smile on her face.

Ash stood up out of the water, he ran over to them and hoisted himself up on the rock. And sat down next to Espeon. “Hey you guys alright?” He asked. “Clemont, Bonnie said that you needed help, so we came looking for you.”

Bonnie climbed on to the rock and sat next to Chelsea, “Are you ok big brother?” She asked looking at him.

Chelsea looked at Ash, “I am fine, but poor Clemont almost drown,” She said then looked back down at Clemont.

He gave a painful smile, “Yeah I will be ok,” He said trying to sit up again, he winced in pain causing him to fall back.

“You stay put Mr.” Chelsea said laying him back down. She then looked up at Ash, “Where is Serena?”

“Oh yeah, she is outside with Hawlucha and Frogadier and a guy named Carter trying to break a hole in the wall,” He started. “There is a small town that needs water, and I guess a while ago there was a river that flowed out of this mountain; but then all of a sudden it quit flowing.”

Chelsea looked around, “I wonder if this is where the water came from,” She guessed.

“Maybe,” Ash agreed.

Then Chelsea turned to the tunnel that her Pokémon went down. “Oh no, my Jolteon and the others went down that tunnel,” She said then pointed.

Ash looked over, the water was rising fast and the water went more than half way to the top of the tunnel. “We need to fallow them and get them out,” He said then jumped off the rock.

“Wait!” Chelsea said then grabbed his shirt. The water was up to his chest, which put it almost to the edge of the rock; with another foot of water the rock would be submerged. “I won’t let you go by yourself,” She said then put her legs in the water. “Bonnie sit here with Clemont, Ash and I are going in the tunnel,” She said then slid into the water. It was cold and gave her goosebumps.

“Wait don’t leave me alone,” Bonnie said scared.

Chelsea looked back at her while Ash started to walk to the tunnel. “It’s ok Espeon will be with you,” She looked at Espeon. “And she will protect you no matter what!” She gave a hard stare at Espeon.

Espeon looked at her then frowned, “Esp.”

“I don’t care how wet you get, you will keep her safe,” Chelsea scolded.

Espeon nodded with frustration.

Chelsea then turned and went after Ash down the tunnel.

Serena holding her burnt hat above her head as the rain came pouring down, “Come on guys you can do it!” She cheered.

Hawlucha, Frogadier, and Pancham were hammering at the wall of rocks with attacks. It was hard for them to stand because the rain was causing the ground to get slick, the ground was not absorbing the rain water fast enough. Causing the water to gathering up and flow down the river toward the town, it looked to be filling the area were they saw the puddle earlier. Now it was slowly becoming a small pond.

“This is the rain we need,” Carter cheered.

The hole that they made was a bit bigger, but there was a lot of water flowing out of it. Serena could hear Jolteon and the others barking and throwing out attacks franticly, she started to get scared.

“Guys we need to work faster,” She said.

Then Hawlucha, Frogadier, and Pancham started to use stronger attacks faster. They started to hit the hole and knock rocks away.

Ash and Chelsea were wading through the water, trying to go as fast as they could. The water was almost up to their necks and the roof of the tunnel was not too far from their heads, and it seemed to be getting lower.

Ash had Pikachu on his shoulder, “It is so dark,” He said, he had a hand on the wall trying to not trip.

Chelsea was listing for her Pokémon, “How long is this tunnel?” She asked. She was starting to get nervous about her Pokémon until she finally heard something. It sounded like a series of attacks, rocks falling, and a lot of splashing. “Ash do you hear that?”

“Yeah,” He said then tried to run. “We need to hurry.”

Chelsea started to rush after him.

It didn’t take them long to get to Jolteon and her other Pokémon. The water was so high that they were swimming, at this point the ceiling was right at the tops of Ash and Chelsea’s head. Pikachu was crouched down on Ash’s shoulder, there was no way not to get wet now; the water was too high.

Umbreon, Jolteon, Glaceon, and Leafeon were struggling to attack; they had to keep their head above the water. Jolteon was trying to use Pin Missel on the wall, but he had to keep going under water to hold on to the bottom of the tunnel; or he would launch himself backward.

Ash could see light coming from a hole in the wall that they were attacking, it was totally submerged in water. “Chelsea look, there is a hole,” He said pointing.

“Yeah, that must lead outside,” She agreed. She went up to the wall, “Guys you are doing great,” She told them and held up Umbreon and Glaceon. Leafeon hung onto her back, they were breathing heavily with exhaustion.

Ash took a breath and dove down and looked through the hole, he couldn’t see very well though. He stuck his arm out trying to move the rocks; then someone grabbed his hand.

Serena was standing back watching Hawlucha, Frogadier, and Pancham attack the pile of rocks. The rocks were packed tight, other than the hole that was lead into the tunnel that was being blocked. As she stood there watching the Pokémon attack the wall she saw something poke out of the hole, it looked like Ash’s arm.

She ran up to the hole, “Hold on guys!” She yelled.

The Pokémon stopped attacking, they saw Ash’s arm. Hawlucha and Frogadier ran over and started yelling at his arm.

“Ash!” Serena yelled franticly, “Are you ok?” She grabbed his arm and held his hand.

He pulled his arm away and started grabbing at the rocks, he looked like he was trying to move them.

Serena got a scared look on her face, “He is trapped we need to get him out!” She looked at Hawlucha.

Hawlucha grabbed Ash’s arm and started to yell.

Then quickly his arm got pulled back into the hole and water came flowing out, it was coming out in a hard stream. It looked like when you put your figure on the end of a hose.

Serena could see that the pressure was building, “No Ash!” She cried as the water sprayed her in the face. She tried to reach into the hole but the water pressure was too strong.

Hawlucha and Frogadier started to pull on the rocks.

Ash took a deep breath when he got yanked up to the surface. He looked around, Chelsea was holding the collar of his shirt with Pikachu on her shoulder and Jolteon was holding himself up on her other shoulder. Her other Pokémon were trying to attack the wall again.

“Are you OK?” Chelsea asked.

The water was up to their chins, they were on their toes to keep their heads above the water.

Ash took her hand off his collar, “Yeah I am fine, are you ok?”

Chelsea had a huge fear of water, she hated not being able to see into dark water. “I guess,” She said trembling. She looked over to her Pokémon, they were really struggling. “Ok guys that is enough, come back,” She said then returned Umbreon, Glaceon, and Leafeon. She looked at Jolteon, “Please, I don’t want anything to happen to you,” She said sincerely.

Jolteon shook his head then barked.

Vaporeon popped up out of the water and chirped.

Chelsea looked at them both. “Ok, but be careful,” She said then looked at Ash.

He was staring at her with an odd look, “You can understand them?”

Chelsea put Pikachu on Vaporeon, “Take them to Clemont and Bonnie. Try to get somewhere higher, ok?” She said disregarding what Ash said.

Vaporeon started to swim away with Pikachu on her back and Jolteon holding on to her side.

“Hey where is Pikachu going?” Ash said then went to fallow.

Chelsea put her hands on his chest to stop him, “OK Ash, we need to get this tunnel unblocked, but they can’t help us anymore. You can go back, but I am going to stay and try to break the wall,” She said looking over his shoulder at the wall.

They could hear the Pokémon on the outside trying to bring the wall down.

Ash looked at the wall, he couldn’t leave Chelsea here by herself. The water was getting higher, what if she drowned? He looked at her and saw a scared look on her face, she wasn’t a good swimmer so getting out of here for her would be hard without her Vaporeon. “I will stay and help you.”

Chelsea smiled at him, “Oh thank you,” She said then looked at the wall.

Ash turned to the wall, “Alright let’s get this wall out of the way,” He said then went to the wall and started to pull on the rocks.

Chelsea also went up to the wall and both pushed and pulled at the rocks around the hole, she was looking for a weak spot.

They both found weak spots on the wall and were pulling away the loose rocks that they could, the only problem was that the water was getting higher. Also it was so dark, the only light was coming from the hole in the wall that led outside. And with it being cloudy outside there really wasn’t that much light actually coming through, it still was very dark.

The flashlight flickered and started to dim, Espeon, Eevee, and Bonnie looked over at it.

Eevee whimpered.

“Oh no, I don’t want to sit here in the dark,” Bonnie whimpered, she was sitting next to Clemont on the rock.

Eevee crawled into her lap and gave a whimper.

The water was slowly covering the rock, it was already an inch submerged under the water. Espeon was lifting her feet out of the water and whining, she hated getting wet.

Bonnie looked at Clemont, “Are you going to be ok?” She asked, “Do you have a flashlight or some batteries in your bag?”

Clemont nodded his head and sat up, “I will be ok,” He answered. “I need to look in my bag though,” He said and reached for his bag.

There was a small spark that hit the flashlight causing it to brighten up again. Then huge rocks began to fall from the ceiling, they were larger so they stuck out of the water further.

“Look it is Pikachu,” She said then stood.

Jolteon climbed onto the rock and shook the water off his firm yellow coat, Pikachu jumped off of Vaporeon and on to the rock next to Jolteon.

Espeon jumped onto one of the higher rocks with the flashlight and shook her paws off, one at a time. She looked back a Bonnie and chirped, then motioned for her to come up after her.

Bonnie looked at Clemont, “Can you get up?” She asked holding her hand out to help him up.

Clemont took her hand and tried to stand, he felt a sharp pain in his ribs causing him to recoil into a ball. “Ahhg,” He yelped.

“Clemont!” Bonnie said worriedly. “We need to get you out of the water.”

Jolteon grabbed Clemont by his collar and began to pull him up on the taller rock. Vaporeon jumped up on the rock and grabbed Clemont’s back pack, she then jumped up on the higher rock and set his bag down.

Clemont groaned and winced as Jolteon drug him. “Jolteon this is painful.”

Jolteon still pulled on him until he was up on the rock. When Jolteon let go of him, Vaporeon went over and laid down behind Clemont; so he could lay his head on her.

Bonnie looked at Pikachu, “Where is Ash and Chelsea?” She asked.

Pikachu gave a sad look on his face, “Pika,” He said sadly then looked at the tunnel.

The water going into the tunnel was getting very close to the ceiling. Clemont and Bonnie looked at each other with worried looks, they got a tight feeling in their guts thinking about Chelsea and Ash. They hoped that they were ok and were able to get back.

Chelsea and Ash were still pulling and pushing on rocks, some rocks were coming off the wall. Though there were most rocks that were set solidly in the wall.

Chelsea looked up at Ash, he gritted his teeth as he pushed against the wall. He then looked back at her, and then pushed off the floor to get to the surface to get air. Though when he got to the surface he hit his head on the ceiling, there was now no space between the water and the ceiling for him to catch a breath of air. He craned his head back and tried to breath, Chelsea watched him and realized that he couldn’t get a breath.

She panicked and then grabbed him and pulled him down the tunnel, she pushed him to the ceiling to get air. She then went up to try to get air herself, and there was no space; the water had finally reached the ceiling. Panic filled her, Ash needed air; she looked at him and saw him trying to swim back to the wall to brake it. She couldn’t believe it, but then she could; Ash has always been the guy to put others before himself. She knew that, but she couldn’t believe that he would just put himself in such a life threating situation, when there was another way.

Ash began to push against the wall, he was getting desperate; his air supply was depleting. He could feel himself getting lightheaded and getting weaker, his muscles started to give as his oxygen supply finally ran short. He began to sink down to the floor as he tried to push against the wall, he began to close his eyes. He didn’t want to give up, but his body couldn’t fight anymore. When he tried to open his eyes again there was a bright light.

“The water is getting higher,” Bonnie said worriedly.

The water again was high enough to get onto the rock they were sitting on, Espeon was holding her paws out of the water and whimpering. She stepped on Clemont and started to sit on him and cry.

“Ah,” Clemont groaned, “No please you are hurting me,” He said painfully.

Vaporeon barked at Espeon.

Espeon whined back at her.

Vaporeon gave her back a hard stare.

The water was getting higher at a fast rate, Bonnie looked at the tunnel; the water now exceeded to height of the top of the tunnel. “Ash and Chelsea should have been back by now,” She said worriedly, “And now the tunnel is full of water.”

Clemont lifted his head and looked over at the tunnel, he too got worried when he saw the tunnel. “Vaporeon maybe you should go get them,” He said trying to look up at her.

Vaporeon looked at him then to Jolteon.

Jolteon was already looking at the tunnel, he had a stoic look on his face.

Pikachu hopped up on Vaporeon and looked at her with a pleading look, he wanted her to go get Ash to make sure he was ok.

Then there was a cracking sound and they looked to the other side of the cave, the ice block that Glaceon set before to block the water from coming in looked smaller. Everyone looked over at it, the ice then burst and water began to gush out; this was causing the water to flow in faster than ever.

“Oh no!” Bonnie yelled.

Clemont looked over, “We need to get out of here,” He said then tried to sit up. He winced as he felt a pain in his chest, it was like he got tackled by a Rihorn.

Bonnie grabbed his arm, “Clemont be careful,” She said scared.

The water was now starting to cover Clemonts body, Bonnie stood and the water was past her knees. Espeon squealed with panic, Jolteon growled and looked were the tunnel was.

All of a sudden there was a loud bang, and the water began to bobble up by the tunnel entrance.

Serena was pulling on the rocks with the Pokémon, she wanted to get to Ash and make sure he was safe. “Ash!” She cried hopping he would answer. She heard a loud slam and then the rocks felt loose, she looked around at the wall and saw that all the rocks were shifting and in different spots water began to spray out. Serena stepped back along with the Pokémon.

Frogadier and Hawlucha looked up at the wall of rocks, there was a creaking sound coming from the wall.

The creaking stopped as the rocks settled again, they all went to walk back up to the wall to move rocks again. Then there was another loud slam and the wall burst into pieces, sending rocks flying. Water burst out of the wall and in a huge flood went flowing down the riverbed.

“Run!” Serena yelled as she ran out of the way.

Frogadier, Hawlucha, and Pancham ran in different directions to get out of the way.

There was another bang and then the room started to rubble, “What was that?” Bonnie asked. She looked around scared.

“I don’t know Bonnie,” Clemont answered, he propped himself up and looked around.

Pikachu looked very worried and walked over to the edge of the rock that was closest to the tunnel. “Pika!” He called out.

There was another loud bang, and then there was a rushing sound and the water stopped rising. The water slowly started to go down, and the water started to flow fiercely down the tunnel.

Bonnie and Clemont looked at each other then back to the tunnel.

“They must have done it!” Bonnie cheered.

“Yeah let’s get out of here,” Clemont said trying to get up. “Ahg,” He winced.

“Clemont,” Bonnie said holding him, “How do we get you out of here?”

Vaporeon hopped in the water then chirped back at them.

Clemont looked at her, “Yeah that’s a great idea, I can ride Vaporeon with the current,” He said trying to crawl to her.

Vaporeon smiled and turned her back toward him.

Chelsea held Ash tight against her as they flowed with the powerful water down the river; she made sure that Ash didn’t hit any rocks by keeping her back to the river bed. It wasn’t long until they got to the lake, they flew into the lake like they were coming out of a steep water slide; when they landed it was muddy.

Chelsea sat up and looked around, it was lightly raining; and there was lightning and thunder. She looked down in her lap, Ash was laying there unconscious. “Oh no you don’t,” She said getting out from under him, she rolled him on his side and hit his back. “You weren’t under that long!” She yelled at him angrily. Though inside she felt terrified that he wasn’t going to wake up. She hit him harder on his back, “Wake up!”

When she did Ash started to cough, he then jerked up and coughed up water.

“Ash!” Chelsea said then laid back in the mud with feeling relieved. “Thank goodness.”

“Uh?” Ash said looking around, he saw the water filling up the lake around them. “What?” He asked looking at Chelsea, she was laying in the mud with her eyes close. He looked up at the rocks were the river was coming from, he could see a huge hole in the rock with water gushing out. “How?”

Chelsea just laid there.

“Ok let’s go,” Clemont said as he hung on to Vaporeon. “Let’s take it slow.”

Bonnie hopped into the water along with Jolteon and Pikachu. They all began to swim toward the tunnel, but the current started to get faster and pull them toward the tunnel.

“Um Clemont,” Bonnie stuttered, she was hanging on to Jolteon.

The tunnel had only a tiny bit of room from the ceiling.

“Yeah?” Clemont said.

The both stared at the tunnel.

“Maybe we should have waited,” She said questioningly.

Clemont nodded, “Probably.”

The pull from the water was strong and it was sucking them into the tunnel.

“Oh no!” Bonnie yelled as they got pulled into the tunnel.

“Bonnie!” Clemont yelled as he too got sucked in.

They got tossed around as the current pulled them through the tunnel, Bonnie and Pikachu hung on to Jolteon. He tried to swim straight but the current was too strong, he just kept their heads above the water the best he could. Clemont and Espeon hung on to Vaporeon, she kept steady due to her being a strong swimmer.


He looked in the direction of where the voice came from.

It was Serena, she was running at him with his Pokémon close behind. “Are you OK?” She stopped at the edge of the lake and called.

His Pokémon jumped in the lake and ran over to him.

“I am fine,” He said then smiled. He looked down at Chelsea, “Are you OK?”

Chelsea nodded, “Yeah,” She said as she sat up.

They were both covered in mud and the water was slowly rising.

“Let’s get out of here,” She stood with a slight wobble.

Ash stood and caught her, “You sure you’re ok?”

Chelsea looked at the river, “Yeah,” She said.

Then they heard screaming, and they all looked up at the river. Bonnie, Clemont, and the Pokémon were coming down the river at a high speed.

“Oh no Bonnie!” Serena called.

Chelsea heard her Pokémon screaming and calling out. She ran over to the mouth of the river and Ash fallowed, Serena ran over to the side of the river and tried to grab Bonnie.

Chelsea opened her arms and braced herself, Bonnie Jolteon and Pikachu came flying out. When she caught them the momentum caused her to fly back a couple feet, she looked at them and studied them; making sure that they were not hurt.

Ash then stood there and braced himself to catch Clemont. “I gotcha!” He yelled, Hawlucha and Frogadier stood behind him to steady him.

When Clemont came flying out with Vaporeon and Espeon they slammed into Ash causing them all to fly back into the mud.

“Woho!” Ash yelled, “You all ok?” He asked.

Vaporeon shook off and stood, she chirped to confirm she was alright.

Espeon stood and looked around, “EEeekkkk!” She squealed in terror she ran to the edge of the lake and jumped up, she shook off and started to try to clean herself. She looked at Chelsea and began to bark fiercely.

Chelsea looked back at her, “You are fine,” She said with a smile. She was happy that all her Pokémon were alright.

“Agh!” Clemont yelped.

“Clemont!” Chelsea said crawling over to him, Bonnie was close behind her.

Clemont was holding his chest.

“Oh no, really?” Chelsea groaned, “Clemont I am so sorry.”

“What happened?” Ash asked.

“We need a doctor,” Chelsea said looking around.

An odd couple was standing at the edge of the lake, they were looking at them worried.

“Please! We need a doctor!” Chelsea shouted.

The women nodded and ran back to the town while the man came running over to them. Carter came up to Clemont, “Are you ok?”

“What happened?” Ash asked.

Chelsea shook her head, “I had to give him CPR and I must have done my compressions to hard,” She said.

“What does that mean?” Bonnie asked.

The man knelt down next to them, “It means that he may have some broken ribs,” He said then picked up Clemont.

“Agh,” Clemont groaned painfully. He curled up holding his chest.

“Let’s get him to the doctor,” The man said walking away with him.

Chelsea ran next to him and fallowed, she turned to the side and caught Eevee as she jumped into her arms. Her Jolteon and Vaporeon fallowed with Bonnie close behind.

Ash picked up Pikachu and went after them, “Come on Serena,” He yelled.

Serena looked at the lake, right now the water was really deep and murky. She looked at Pancham, “Let’s go around,” She said starting to run.

Pancham looked after Ash and the others and shrugged. He jumped into the water, it wasn’t that deep so he ran after them.

“Oh Pancham!” Serena said. She didn’t want to get dirty, she looked around; the lake wasn’t that big so she just started to run.

The man walked up to a small cottage looking house and walked in.

Carter walked down the hall, “Carl where are ya man we need your help,” He shouted.

Chelsea fallowed him in, she looked around and saw a young lady at a desk stand up; she had green hair.

“Oh my gosh, what happened?” She asked, she ran out from behind the desk and down the hall, “In here.”

The man holding Clemont went into the room that the girl opened and laid him on the bed, “Broken ribs,” He said. “We just need to brace them, then let him rest.”

The girl nodded, “Let me go get Dr. Francis,” She said then ran walked out.

Bonnie and Chelsea walked in, Ash stood by the door with the Pokémon peeking in.

Bonnie stood by up by Clemont’s head, “Are you going to be OK?” She asked in a whisper.

Chelsea walked up to her and rubbed her back, “Don’t worry he will be fine,” She said trying to reassure her.

Clemont looked up at them, “Yeah Bonnie, I will be fine,” He said with a weak smile.

“Is there anything that we can do?” Ash asked looking in from then door.

Another man came and peeked in the room, he had red hair with green eye and pale, freckly skin. “He just needs some rest with this brace, he will be fine though,” He smiled. “If you don’t mind could you excuse me, this is not a large room.”

Chelsea touched Bonnie’s shoulder, “Come on Bonnie, let’s go sit out in the lobby,” She said guiding her out.

“Ok, Clemont be brave,” Bonnie said looking back at him over her shoulder.

“He will be ok,” The doctor said.

Bonnie and Ash started to walk down the hall, but Chelsea touched the doctor’s arm.

He looked at her, “Yes?”

“Please let us know as soon as we can see him,” Chelsea said, “The little gal is his sister, she is extremely worried.”

Eevee looked at Clemont over her shoulder, she then looked up at Chelsea and whimpered.

The doctor petted Eevee, “Don’t worry, I will,” He said the continued into the room, he shut the door behind them.

Ash and Bonnie were standing in the lobby, Pikachu was on Ash’s shoulder and Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Espeon were standing around him. Espeon looked very unhappy, her fur was all muddy; in fact all of them were muddy.

Bonnie looked up at them, “What should we do now?” She asked.

Chelsea looked at herself, “Well it would be great to find somewhere we could wash up,” She suggested.

Ash looked at Pikachu, “Yeah that is a good idea,” He looked at the desk over by the door, the green haired young lady was sitting there looking down at her work. Ash walked up to the desk, “Excuse me ma’am,” He said getting her attention.

She looked up at him and gave a smile, “Yes?” She had large forest green eyes, and her face was heart shaped with a little nose.

Ash smile, “I was just wondering if there was a place around here, that me and my friends could stay the night and wash up.”

“Oh of course,” She said, then stood and walked around her desk to the door. “There is an inn down the way a little,” The young lady pointed down the street.

There was a dark brown two story building down the street, it had large windows; it looked worn and old.

“It’s not the nicest thing, but it is our little inn,” The lady said.

Chelsea walked outside, it was still raining, “It looks charming,” She said. “Come on Bonnie, let’s go and get washed up and then we can come back and check up on Clemont,” She held out her hand to Bonnie.

Bonnie took her hand, “OK,” She looked worried.

“He will be OK,” Chelsea said comfortingly.

Ash looked at the lady, “Thanks,” He said then walked up to Bonnie and Chelsea.

“No problem,” She smiled. “I can come over later and update you on how your friend is doing,” She suggested.

“Sure,” Ash agreed.

“There you guys are,” Serena yelled.

Ash, Chelsea, and Bonnie all looked over along with their Pokémon. Pancham ran up to her and cheered holding his hands up for her to pick him up. H was covered in mud.

Serena picked him up, but held him out, “You are filthy,” She said then put him back down, she walked up to the others. “I have been looking for you guys,” She complained, she looked wet from the rain. “Where have you been?” She said walking up to Ash.

“We are going to go to the inn to and get cleaned up while we wait for Clemont,” Chelsea explained stepping up next to him, she gave Serena a hard stare. “Where did you go?”

Serena looked at Chelsea, “I have been looking for you.”

“Why didn’t you just come after us,” Ash asked.

Serena looked at him up and down, he was filthy, “Um well,” She stuttered.

Chelsea put her arm on Ash shoulder, “She didn’t want to get dirty,” She whispered loudly. “Come on lets go wash up,” She said touching his arm. “Come on guys,” She turned to her Pokémon.

Eevee was sitting in a mud puddle splashing around and cheering, Espeon looked miserable, while Vaporeon and Jolteon sat there watching Eevee. She was completely covered in mud, but she looked as happy as a Shelder.

“Oh really Eevee?” Chelsea said then picked her up, “You are filthy,” She held her out and sighed, “Well we all needed a bath anyways,” She said then started to walk to the inn.

“Can I help you give her a bath?” Bonnie said excitedly.

“Of course,” Chelsea smiled. “But I will warn you, she doesn’t like them very much.”

Ash fallowed along with Serena.

When they got to the inn Ash, Bonnie, and Chelsea all took showers; when Chelsea stepped out of the bathroom her hair was all up in a towel. They got a room with two sets of bunk beds for them to sleep, there was a couple chairs and a small table with a kitchenette; which Serena was messing around in.

Bonnie jumped up excitedly from her chair. “Are we going to wash the Pokémon now?” She asked running up to her.

Chelsea laughed and nodded, “Yup, but be prepared; once Eevee realizes what is happening she is going to freak out,” She said walking back into the bathroom leaving the door open. “Come on guys,” She called.

Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, and Pikachu ran into the bathroom with Eevee running close behind. There was a large tub was full of water and bubbles; Espeon jumped in right away and cheered as she began to relax in the tub. Pikachu jumped in and splashed around, causing Espeon to groan in annoyance. Vaporeon then climbed in and started to try and clean herself, while Jolteon and Eevee sat on the outside of the tub and waited for their turn.

“So here is a cloth for Vaporeon, she isn’t too picky on how you clean her,” Chelsea explained. “All you do is gently scrub her body, let me know when you get to her fin,” Chelsea said and grabbed another cloth and began to clean Espeon.

“Alright!” Bonnie cheered. “Just let me know if I am doing something wrong, OK Vaporeon?” She said and began to rub the cloth around on Vaporeon’s blue fur.

Vaporeon smiled and cooed.

Everything was going well with the baths, until they got to Eevee; Chelsea picked her up and set her in the bathtub. Once Eevee touched the water she began to cry and struggle, she was causing such a mess. Bonnie watched as Chelsea held Eevee in the water and poured more water on her.

“Oh please Eevee it really isn’t that bad, come on,” Chelsea pleaded.

Bonnie tried not to giggle, “How can you not like baths?” She asked then grabbed a towel. There was water going everywhere.

Chelsea rubbed a wash cloth on Eevee’s little body, “To be honest I don’t know,” She said right as Eevee splashed her face. “Please Eevee if you just quit struggling this would go so much faster.”

Bonnie thought for a second, “Hang on I have an idea,” She said then ran out of the bathroom.

Chelsea looked over her shoulder, “K?”

It wasn’t very long till she came back, she was holding a small rubber Psyduck. “Here,” Bonnie said and held it out to Eevee and squeaked it.

Eevee stopped crying and flailing and looked at the toy, Bonnie shook it around and squeezed it again causing it to squeak.

“Ehhwee!” Eevee chirped and reached out for the toy, she had a smile on her face.

“There you go,” Bonnie handed her the toy.

Eevee splashed it in the water and squeezed it, it squeaked and Eevee laughed.

Chelsea watched, “Wow, I have never seen her laugh while she was in the bath,” She said then tried to wash her again, Eevee was just sitting there playing with the Psyduck. “This is perfect, why didn’t I think of this.”

Bonnie smiled, “I like having toys in the bath, it just seems boring without them,” She explained.

“Well I will remember that,” Chelsea smiled as she finished washing Eevee.

After Bonnie and Chelsea were done bathing the Pokémon, Chelsea put Vaporeon, Espeon, and Eevee back in their Pokeballs.

Chelsea fixed her hair up in to its full looking pony tail with her fluffy bangs and small fly-a-ways hanging by her face and walked out of the bathroom. “Do you want to go see Clemont now?” Chelsea asked Bonnie.

“Yeah,” Bonnie said as she fixed her hair, she grabbed her little yellow bag. “Ok let’s go.”

“OK,” Chelsea said and turned to Ash and Serena. “We will be right back,” She said as she walked out the door.

Ash looked out the window, “I wish it would stop raining so that we could train,” He whined.

“It’s ok, you can taste test my treats,” Serena said happily, she was excited about being alone with Ash.

“Ok we will let you know how he is when we get back,” Chelsea said closing the door.

It wasn’t long for them to get to the doctor, it was raining so they ran most of the way to avoid getting wet. When they walked in the green haired lady was cleaning up the lobby, she then looked up at them.

“Oh hi,” She greeted, “Your friend is doing great, he is resting now.”

Chelsea nodded, “Can we see him?”

“Please,” Bonnie asked.

The lady nodded, “Yeah,” She motioned for them to fallow her. “Come on he hasn’t moved rooms.”

When she opened the door to his room they saw Clemont was lying in a bed, he turned and looked at them. “Hey guys how’s it going?” He asked, he looked like he was in a lot of pain.

Chelsea walked in and sat on a chair next to his bed, “We are fine,” She said then started digging in a sack that she brought. “How are you feeling?” She asked, she was genuinely concerned; she knew she was the reason that his ribs were broken.

“I feel fine,” Clemont said then winced. “A little sore, but I am fine.”

Bonnie climbed up on the bed, “I helped Chelsea wash her Pokémon,” She said excitedly.

“That’s awesome,” Clemont replied, he then looked at Chelsea. “Thank you for taking care of Bonnie.” He said gratefully.

“No problem,” Chelsea said.

“Yeah, she made some dinner for everyone too; it was delicious,” Bonnie cheered. “Chelsea is a great cook.”

“Oh thank you,” Chelsea laughed.

“Chelsea is great,” Bonnie said. “I think she is a keeper!” She started jumping on the bed. “Chelsea will you take care of my brother!?” She asked jumping in Chelsea’s lap.

Chelsea looked confused, “Huh?”

Clemont pulled his hair, “Bonnie no!” He shouted. “Please stop.”

“Why? You need someone to take care of you,” Bonnie said.

Chelsea looked back and forth between the two.

“No Bonnie!”

“What are you talking about?” Chelsea asked, she was so confused.

Bonnie looked at her, “I am not going to be able to be with Clemont all the time, so I need someone to talk care of him,” She explained.

“Bonnie stop!” Clemont groaned, when he leaned to grab her to stop her, she jumped off the bed and ran on the other side of Chelsea.

“And you take such good care of him now, I thought you would be perfect to take care of him forever,” She finished then looked up at Chelsea.

Chelsea looked back at Bonnie then to Clemont, her face started to turn bright pink.

Clemont looked back at her, his face was so red it looked like he ate a Tomato berry. “Ugh, Bonnie, why?” He said painfully as he buried his face into the blanket in embarrassment. “I am so sorry Chelsea really I am.”

Chelsea looked back at Bonnie, she had a pleading look in her eyes. “Please,” She said in a small voice.

“I uh,” Chelsea stuttered. She wasn’t sure what to do, she didn’t like Clemont at all like in a romantic sense. She thought he was a great kid, but she couldn’t be anymore then friends with him. She stared into Bonnie’s eyes, “I, Bonnie,” She stuttered again. She couldn’t do it, she got up and ran out of the room and down the hall. How do you say no to a pleading girl who just is looking out for her brother?

“No come back!” Clemont called then winced, he leaned back into the bed then looked at Bonnie. “See what you did Bonnie?” He said sadly.

Bonnie puffed out her cheeks frusteratedly. “Don’t blame me, I know you like her I just thought I would help you out!”

“I don’t need any help!” He yelled. “I can get a girlfriend on my own, how many times do I have to tell you this?” He rubbed his face vigorously. “Ugh.”

The green hair lady came in, “Is everything OK?” She asked worried.

Clemont looked up, “No, I am sorry everything is fine.” He said and looked past her, he hoped that Chelsea would come back.

She nodded, “OK let me know if you need anything,” She said then left.

He looked at Bonnie, “You need to go tell Chelsea that you didn’t mean that OK,” He said.

“What? Why? I meant what I said!” Bonnie walked up to the bed. “She likes you Clemont, and I know she will take good care of you,” She said confidently. “We just have to convince her that’s all.”

Clemont looked shocked, “No, you are going to go and apologize for embarrassing her like that; then you are going to leave her alone about this,” He said in a commanding tone.

“You aren’t the boss of me!” She yelped. “I know she likes you Clemont.”

He gave her a hard stare, “How? Did she tell you?”

Bonnie looked down and fiddled with her fingers, “Well no,” She looked back up at him. “But who would just start taking care of someone else so nicely with no questions asked?” She started. “I mean come on, she is so nice to you and she saved you in the cave, helped you cook and clean; and on top of all of that,” She leaned into him and gave him a sly look. “Who really has genuinely cares when you go on one of your science sepals?”

Clemont sat and stared back, she was right; no one has ever listen to him go on and on about science and really cared like Chelsea did. She always seemed so fascinated with his inventions and just about anything he has to say about science. Maybe she did like him?

“See?” Bonnie smirked. “I bet she likes you,” She said then turned around to walk out. “I will go talk to her!”

“No wait!” He stopped her. “Please Bonnie, I don’t want to scare her away if she really does like me,” He said then he turned red. “Can we just wait a bit to see, I mean we really don’t know her that well and maybe she is just a nice person?”

Bonnie scowled and puffed out her cheeks again. “Fine,” She grumbled.

“Now you go back to the inn and get to bed, it is late and we need to get up early tomorrow,” Clemont said laying back in his bed.

“Are you sure you will be able to go tomorrow?” Bonnie looked worried.

Clemont nodded, “Of course I will,” He smiled. “Now get to bed.”

“Alright, good night,” She said and left.

Clemont turned to the ceiling, his mind was spinning, what if Chelsea liked him and that is why she is being so nice. That is what you do when you like someone right, you be nice. He thought, but what if she didn’t and she was just a nice person? Bonnie really likes Chelsea too, maybe that is why she asked her. He looked at the door, “I guess only time will tell,” He mumbled as he started to get sleepy.

A little while later, Chelsea peeked back into the room, it was dark and Clemont was laying down in the bed sleeping. She took a deep breath, she had a container in her hand as she walked into the room and set in on the table next to the bed. “There you go, this is for if you get hungry,” She said quietly and petted him on the head. She paused for a second and thought about what she was doing, she cared about Clemont but not the way Bonnie wanted her too. She stood up and started to walk out of the room, she looked back over her shoulder. One of her heart strings got a little tug and she groaned and walked out.


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Episode 5 - The Feature Is Now Thanks To Determination.

The next morning arrived and there was not a cloud in the sky. Letting the morning sun shine through a gap in the curtains right onto Ash’s face. He rolled over and groaned, as he opened his eyes a bit he noticed Chelsea wasn’t in the bed next to his; Jolteon was also missing. He sat up a bit and looked around, Bonnie and Serena were still in their beds sound asleep.

Pikachu sat up and looked at him, “Pika?” He asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“Shhh,” Ash hushed him as he got up out of bed, he was trying to be quiet as he got dressed. He walked out of the bedroom and slowly closed the door, he thought about getting some quick training in before they had to leave. As he walked into the living room he saw that Chelsea was in the kitchenette and Jolteon was sitting on a chair watching her; she was wearing her little shorts and a loose flowy tee shirt; her and Jolteon looked like they were talking, and she looked like she was cooking. Ash felt confused, “Chelsea, are you cooking?”

Chelsea jumped and turned around, she was wearing a little apron: it was red on the top and white on the bottom and the center had a circle on it to make it look like a Pokeball. “Oh Ash, you are awake. I am sorry if I woke you,” She said then leaned against the counter. She looked at the stove and poked at the food that was in the pans; there were omelets and bacon cooking. “Yeah I was thinking you guys would want breakfast before we go get Clemont and head out.”

“You didn’t wake us,” Ash said then looked out the window, the sun was shining bright. “The sun did,” He laughed then looked back at her, she was still looking at the pan poking and flipping the omelets. “I didn’t know you could cook,” He said

“Huh?” Chelsea looked confused, “What, I have cooked for you before,” She said looking back and forth between him and the pan.

Ash scratched his head as he thought, “Really? I don’t remember,” He thought back, he couldn’t remember her cooking for him unless it was a sandwich, and she made some pretty good sandwiches.

“I made dinner last night,” She grumbled, Chelsea then thought to herself then froze up a bit in mid-thought, she shook the thought away and then looked at Ash up and down, “Are you going somewhere?” She asked changing the subject.

He nodded, “Yeah I am just going to go on a little jog with Pikachu,” He said walking to the door and started putting on his shoes. “I will go see how Clemont is doing too.”

Pikachu jumped on his shoulder, “Pika!” He cheered.

“Wait don’t you want breakfast?” Chelsea got a sad look on her face.

Ash looked back at her and nodded vigorously, “Of course, the one thing I love as much as I love Pokémon, is food,” He cheered, then flashed her a huge smile. “I can’t wait to come back and eat,” He finished and closed the door behind him.

Chelsea watched the door for a second then looked at Jolteon.

He was giving her that “really?” look.

“What?” She turned and started flipping the omelets.

“You know exactly what,” He said then jumped on the counter and leaned close to her.

“Hey get off the counter,” She shooed him with the spatula.

He went back to the chair and touched her arm with his paw, he was a large Jolteon; his paw was as wide as her arm. “I think we should go back to traveling on our own, I mean you are not good at keeping secrets. No offence.”

She looked at him frustratedly, “I have kept it a secret this long, I think I can do it,” She turned back to the food with an angry look on her face.

“Hey Chelsea, I didn’t want to make you upset,” He leaned over to see her face. “You have just been acting very different since we started traveling with these guys, and I am unsure why.”

Chelsea looked back at him, “Sorry, I know I have been acting different. I just…” She gave a heavy sigh. “Ash.” She said going back to poke the bacon around in the pan.

Jolteon’s ears laid back and he got a sorry look on his face. “Really?”

“Yeah, really?” Her voice got really small.

“That is why you were so determined to find this kid?” Jolteon looked baffled.

She nodded, “Well yeah, he means a lot to me,” She looked at him, “I shared everything with you remember?”

Jolteon nodded, “I can’t forget.”

“But that Serena, if she wasn’t around I would keep my distance; but she is around. And you and I both know that she can’t…ya know?” Chelsea was flipping the bacon, her jaw was clenched like she was holding back.

Jolteon whimpered.

Chelsea heard the bedroom door open, causing her to look over her shoulder.

It was Serena looking back at her; she was still wearing her pink track suit like pajamas.

Chelsea gave her a hard look, she looked deep into Serena’s eyes.

Serena looked back at her, she felt like Chelsea was digging deep inside her head. “You are up early,” She managed to stutter out.

“Yeah, I don’t sleep well,” Chelsea said looking back at the food.

Serena looked out the window, “Well it is great that it isn’t raining,” She said then turned to Chelsea, she looked like she was in deep thought. “Where’s Ash?”

“He went to check on Clemont, and maybe do some training,” Chelsea replied, she was taking the omelets out of the pans and dishing everything up, “I am hoping he will be back soon.”

“I can go get him,” Serena said then ran back into the bedroom to get dressed.

Chelsea let her head hang back, “Serena he will be back,” She said loudly then set a full plate of food on the counter. “Just come eat breakfast.”

“Breakfast yummy!” Bonnie skipped out and cheered, “What’s for breakfast?” She was in her Pokemon pajamas.

“Omelets and bacon,” Chelsea said and handed her a plate of food.

Bonnie sat at the table, “Yay!”

Ash and Pikachu were jogging toward the hospital, the sun was beating down on them; it was already extremely hot outside. Ash turned to the hospital, “Come on Pikachu, let’s check on Clemont.”

Pikachu jumped on his shoulder, “Pika pi.”

They walked into the building, it was much cooler in the hospital. At the desk in the lobby was the same greened haired girl from yesterday. She was leafing through a stack of papers.

“Hey,” Ash said as he walked up to the desk.

The lady looked up, “Oh good morning, you are up early,” She said, she gave a huge smile. “You here to see your friend?”

Ash nodded, “Yeah, we wanted to see if he was good enough to travel.”

“Of course, I think he is going to be ok to travel,” She said as she stood, she then started to walk down the hall. “Let’s go have a look.”

Ash fallowed, with Pikachu on his shoulder.

The lady knocked on a door then opened it. “Clemont, your friend is here.” She said gently. “How are you doing?” She then asked.

Clemont was sitting up reading a book, he pushed his glasses more up on his nose as he looked over. “I am doing great Ann, thank you,” He said then looked at Ash. “Hey guys how are you doing?”

Ash stepped in the room, “We are doing great, we were just coming to see if you are ready to get going.”

Pikachu jumped off his shoulder on to the bed, “Pika!” He cheered.

“Well I am a bit sore, but if the doctor says I am good; we can leave,” He said then closed his book. “Ann is the doctor busy?” He asked.

The green haired lady, Ann, looked down the hall. “I will check and have him here in a jiffy,” She said then walked further down the hall.

Ash sat in the chair next to Clemont’s bed, “Man it is already really hot out,” He said looking out the window.

“Really?” Clemont said fallowing his gaze. “Gosh,” He thought for a second. “Hey where is Bonnie?” He asked curiously.

“Oh she is at the inn with Chelsea and Serena,” Ash replied, “When I left Chelsea was making breakfast while Bonnie and Serena were still asleep.”

“Really? Why are you not there eating then?”

“Well I wanted to get some training in, and see if you wanted to come back and eat,” Ash shrugged, “But the thing is I don’t know how good it will be, I mean I didn’t know Chelsea could cook.”

Clemont looked over at the now empty container of food. “Well didn’t she make dinner last night? That is what Bonnie said,” He looked back at Ash confused.

Ash looked at the container, it was one of Chelsea’s, he tensed up. “That is probably why she got frustrated when I complimented Serena on the food,” He slapped himself in the face, “Agh dang it.”

Clemont stared at him, then looked at the door as it opened.

Ann poked her head in, “The Doctor said he will be in in just a second,” She said then left again.

“Thank you Ann,” Clemont called, he looked back at Ash. “Didn’t you two grow up together though?” He asked, “I mean at one point I thought she would have cooked for you.”

Ash shrugged, “I don’t remember her ever cooking for me, it was always my mom,” Ash then thought for a second. “The only thing I can think of her making me was sandwich’s, and really how hard is it to make one of those.”

“I guess you are right,” Clemont thought, “It must have been a skill she gained while she was traveling.”

Ash nodded. “Probably.”

Clemont looked at the book and thought, “Chelsea is really knowledgeable about Pokemon,” He finally said.

Ash looked at him, “I know, she stayed at Professor Oak’s lab all the time; she was always helping him too,” He explained.

“Oh right,” Clemont expressed, he couldn’t stop thinking about her since Bonnie told him last night that Chelsea might like him.

Ash watched Clemont’s expressions as he thought. “Are you ok?” He asked.

Clemont jerked out of his thoughts, “Oh yeah, I am fine,” He said then laughed.

Pikachu looked between them confused.

It wasn’t too long till the doctor got there, “Well how are those ribs?” He said putting on a pair of gloves.

“I hope they are fine,” Clemont commented opening up his shirt. His chest was very bruised; it was a mixture of green and purple blotched on him.

The doctor gently touched around on Clemont’s ribs causing him to wince in pain. “Yeah, those are broken for sure,” The doctor said straitening up.

“Is he going to be able to travel with us doctor?” Ash asked worriedly.

“Of course, broken ribs are nothing to serious, he just can’t carry a heavy backpack or do anything strenuous,” The doctor explained, “I will get you a list of things that he can and can’t do and a rib brace,” He was writing notes down on a pad and started to walk out. “I will have Ann come check you out, but other than that you are free to go Clemont.”

“Alright, Clemont let’s go!” Ash said excitedly.

“Alright alright just give me a second to get that brace and we can leave,” Clemont said hanging his legs off the bed.

Bonnie was happily eating her breakfast, Dedenne was cheerfully picking the greens off her plate.

Chelsea set the last plate of food on the small table and sighed, “Serena food is ready and dished,” there were four plates sitting on the table, she was hoping that Ash and Clemont would be back soon.

Serena came out of the room as she was fixing her hair. “I am going to go get Ash, OK?” She said with a smile.

Chelsea looked at her annoyed. “Why? They will be her any minute,” She said sharply. “Just come and eat, I don’t want it to get cold.”

Serena looked back, “Geez, no need to have an attitude about it,” She said putting her hands on her hips. She walked toward the door, “I will be right back with Ash and Clemont,” She said then walked out.

Chelsea skin felt like it was on fire, “OOoohhhh I really really don’t like her,” He growled as she gripped the spatula with her hands and began to bend it.

“Why?” Bonnie asked innocently, she was looking up at her from the table.

Chelsea quickly looked over her shoulder, she totally forgot about Bonnie. “Oh, sorry Bonnie, just forget it,” She said then began to clean up.

Bonnie looked at Dedenne then back the Chelsea. “Serena is really nice though, and she is trying to be nice by going and getting Ash and my brother. Why would you not like someone because of that?”

Chelsea took a deep breath, “Look Bonnie, I don’t think you understand-“

Bonnie smiled and interrupted, “Oh I bet I do!” She held her fork up to the ceiling.

“What?” Chelsea looked back at her confused.

Bonnie dramatically pointed the fork at Chelsea, standing up in a pose. “It is because you like my brother and you don’t want Serena getting in the way of that, isn’t it?” She said deductively.

They both stood there in silence for a couple minuets, Chelsea was trying to process what Bonnie had just said. Jolteon looked at Chelsea then Bonnie then back to Chelsea again, she returned his gaze. The both of them tried to hold back laughter.

“Hey! What’s so funny?” Bonnie demanded.

Chelsea and Jolteon then burst out laughing.

Bonnie looked confused, she looked down at Dedenne who shrugged back.

After a few breathes Chelsea finally spoke, “OK, first of all: I am soo sorry about this. Second, you saying that in those pajamas is beyond to cute; and I can’t tell if you are being serious. And third, no offence Bonnie; if you are being serious, I would not date your brother.” Chelsea calmed down and rubbed her face. “He is a great guy and all, but he is just not my type.”

Bonnie slowly put her fork down, “You don’t like my brother?”

“I like him, just nothing more than friends ok?” Chelsea smiled. “And when it comes to Serena, I wouldn’t worry about her and Clemont, he is WAY out of her league.”

Bonnie gave her a dumb look, “He is out of Serena’s league?”

Chelsea nodded, “Yup,” She started washing the pans.

Bonnie ran up and jumped on the counter next to the little sink, and leaned in to Chelsea giving her a sly look. “So if it isn’t Clemont, then it’s Ash isn’t it?”

Chelsea shook her head, “Just go finish your omelet,” She said still chuckling.

“I knew it!” She said hoping off the counter and walking toward her food confidently.

Chelsea looked after her then to Jolteon, he was giving her a “you’re stupid” look. Chelsea widened her eyes at him holding out her arms with an exaggerated shrug. She looked back at Bonnie, who was sitting at the table watching them. Chelsea shrugged and bent over laying her head on the counter, she felt like an idiot.

“Now Ash on the other hand you have some competition with,” Bonnie said with a mouth full of omelet.

Chelsea whipped herself back up and stared at Bonnie. “OK Look,” She pointed a pan at Bonnie. “I do not have feelings for Ash ether, I do not have feelings for anyone. You little miss, you just need to –“

“To what?” Bonnie still had a sly look on her face, she looked like she knew more than she was letting on.

Chelsea paused for a second and began to study Bonnie intently. She looked deep in her eyes searching to see what Bonnie was trying to get at. “You know something you shouldn’t, don’t you?” Chelsea concluded.

Bonnie smiled, “You talk in your sleep, when you do sleep. And I saw what you did to the –“

“Shut it!” Chelsea cut her off, causing Bonnie to jump. Chelsea looked over her shoulder at the door, the knob began to turn with a creek. “We will talk later,” She groaned as Ash and Clemont came in the door.

“Hey guys, food smells great,” Ash cheered taking off his shoes.

Pikachu ran over to the table and started eating out of one of the bowls.

“Hey Clemont, how are you?” Chelsea asked, she could feel Bonnie’s stare burning her back.

“I am alright, the doctor said I just have to take it easy for a while,” Clemont replied and made his way toward the table. “This smells delicious.”

Chelsea smiled, “Thanks.”

Ash was already digging in his food, scarfing it down like he has never eaten before. “Yeah this is great,” he tried to say, he was muffled by the food going into his mouth.

Chelsea touch Clemont’s shoulders, “And it will be alright Clemont, you will heal in no time. You will be well taken care of till then.”

Clemont blushed, “UH Thanks,” He said embarrassedly.

Ash looked at them out the corner of his eye, he got a weird feeling about him; he wasn’t sure what it was but he didn’t like it. And he didn’t like that Chelsea was cozying up to Clemont like that, he knew she was nice; but she never touched or was gentle like that with anyone at all, even him.

Bonnie looked around, “Hey where’s Serena?”

Then Ash and Clemont looked around.

“I don’t know she was sleeping when I left,” Ash said.

“I haven’t seen her since yesterday,” Said Clemont.

Chelsea patted Clemont’s head, “It’s ok,” She smiled sitting next to him, she was between him and Ash. “I am sure she will be back, she went out to get you two and I told her you guys would be back; but she didn’t listen,” She said then started to eat.

“Can I have hers if she doesn’t want it?” Ash asked. “This food is delicious,” He held out his empty plate.

Chelsea looked at him, “Only if she doesn’t want it, but here,” She pushed her plate toward him, there was only a couple bites taken out of it. “You can have mine if you are still hungry,” She then stood.

Ash looked up at her, “No, you were still eating that.”

Chelsea shrugged, “I should have made you more; it’s ok, honest, I will just make some more,” She said heating up the stove.

Ash looked at the plate then to Chelsea; she had her back to him and was mixing more eggs. “Thanks,” He said then took the plate.

“Geez Ash why do you have to be so hungry!” Bonnie said.

“Bonnie be nice, some people just have big appetites,” Clemont replied.

They began to squabble, while Ash fell deep into thought staring at the plate. He remembered when they were kids Chelsea would always give him her food if he was still hungry, she did it all the time being more than happy to do it. He remembered when his mom would make them food he would always finish first and be asking for more; Chelsea then would give him her plate and wait for more food to be ready.

“Ash is everything ok?”

Her voice made him jump out of his thoughts. Ash looked up at her, she was bent down slightly and looking between him and the food.

“I know it is different, but I am not a huge fan of olives and peppers, sorry,” She stood back up and walked back to the stove and poured the mixed eggs into a pan, “I will have another ready here in just a minute.”

Ash watched her then pulled the plate toward him and began to eat. He never quite understood why she would always take care of him when they were together, but she did; she has done it for as long as he could remember. He started eating the food and began thinking about the past again, it was hard to think that they have been apart for so long. It was just the other day that they reunited and she treated him the same way she always had; he kept watching Chelsea studying her as she cooked. And she was a really good cook, she must have cooked a lot when she was on her own.

Bonnie looked at Ash and then to Chelsea and back to Ash. “Maybe we should go look for Serena?” She suggested, trying to brake Ash out of his thoughts.

Chelsea looked over, “I have no idea, but I guess one of us could go look for her,” She said looking back at Bonnie. She looked out the window, it was blue skies and you could see the heat rising from the ground. “It is going to be really hot today; we should have left way earlier.”

“I am sorry,” Clemont said, he looked down at his food and stirred it around.

“Sorry for what?” Chelsea looked over. “It isn’t your fault.”

Clemont looked back at her, “What do you mean?”

Chelsea sighed. “Really it is my fault,” She started.

The others looked at her with a bit of confusion.

“Remember yesterday when we were in that cave,”

Ash looked at her then to Clemont then back to her, he could not remember everything that happened in the cave; so much was going on.

Clemont nodded.

“Well, you know when I said I performed CPR on you. I may have done it too hard, you see,” Chelsea said then looked in the pan. “Here you go Ash,” She flipped the omelet on to his plate.

Ash looked at the omelet that Chelsea just put on his plate, he was kinda full but wasn’t sure to say.

“What do you mean you did it too hard?” Bonnie asked. “Are you saying you broke his ribs?”

Chelsea felt embarrassed and nodded, “Um well…yeah,” She looked down and grumbled.

“Well that wasn’t very nice!” Bonnie yelled.

Chelsea looked at her, “Well it was an accident, it was either that or he was gonna drown!” Chelsea argued back.

“Hey hey, it’s ok, I am fine now,” Clemont said waving his hands to calm them down.

Chelsea looked at Clemont, “I am sorry.”

“It’s ok Chelsea, honest I am fine,” Clemont insisted.

Chelsea let out a sigh, “Ok, if you are sure.” She turned and started to clean the dishes again.

Ash looked up at her, he got a weird feeling in his gut but he wasn’t sure why he was having it. He then stood, took his plate, and walked up behind her and touched her arm, “Hey.”

Chelsea turned and looked at him then to the plate, “What is it? Oh geez I didn’t under cook it, did I?” She said worriedly.

Ash shook his head, “Oh no of course not, I am just not that hungry anymore; so I want you to have it,” He held out the plate to her.

She took it, then looked at the sink, “Oh thanks but-“

“No buts,” Ash said, he took her arms and pulled her away from the kitchen and too the table. “I will do the dishes this time, you eat,” He smiled then walked to the sink again. “Pikachu wanna help?”

Pikachu cheered and jumped up on the counter next to the sink.

Chelsea stood at the table and looked over at him, Well that is a first, she thought to herself.

“Come on Chelsea sit down and relax for a bit, you have been working hard all morning,” Clemont said, “After all you have been cooking and haven’t eaten yet.”

Chelsea smiled then sat down, “Ok if you guys are sure,” She sat down and started to eat. “Thank you Ash.” She said and gave him a huge smile.

Ash looked at her then back to the dishes with a smile, it gave him a good feeling; a feeling that he hasn’t felt before, not that he can remember anyway.

“Hey, we still need to go get Serena!” Bonnie shouted.

Just then the door opened.

“Huh?” They all looked at the door, except Ash he was still paying attention to the dishes and the feelings he was experiencing.

It was Serena, she was sweaty and looked miserable; her hair was flat and dried out, and her clothes hung all damp looking. She looked at Clemont then Ash and scowled, “When did you guys get back!” She yelped.

Her Fennekin was laying on the floor exhausted from the heat it was just in.

“Um well,” Clemont began.

Serena put her hands on her hips and kept her stare toward Ash. “I thought you were going to be training?” She scolded.

Ash just then, noticed she was talking to him then looked back at her, “Huh?” He was totally oblivious to what was just happening.

“You said you were going to be training,” Serena repeated.

“Yeah, but then I went to see Clemont; you were in bed when I left,” Ash said dumbly.

“Serena,” Chelsea said catching her attention.

Serena turned around.

Chelsea was bent down by Fennekin, “She is dehydrated, how long did you have her out?”

Serena looked down at Chelsea and her Fennekin, “Since I left,” She said.

Chelsea picked up Fennekin and sat at the table, “Here drink some water, you will feel better,” She said holding a cup of water.

Fennekin started lapping up water out of the cup.

Serena walked over and took Fennekin, “I am sorry Fennekin,” She said and began to pet her gently.

Fennekin panted a bit then gave a tired whimper.

Chelsea stood and looked outside. “If a fire pokemon has a problem being outside then I know for a fact that we shouldn’t be out there ether,” She said. “It would be best if we traveled at night when it is cooler.”

Ash looked at her, “But I want to get to my gym battle!” He complained.

Chelsea turned to him and tilted her head. “Ash,” She then pointed to Clemont. “The person you are battling is right here, your battle isn’t going anywhere. You will be fine,” She explained. “I am sorry, I would rather have you wait for a battle then risk everyone getting a heat stroke,” She waved her arms around as she explained. She was very animated when she talked.

Ash looked over Chelsea’s shoulder to Clemont. “You’re right, I guess.”

She then nodded, “I am glad you agree, I know you don’t like it; but that is the way it has to be,” Chelsea said then looked around.

Ash leaned against the counter, “I just wish I could train at least, I am going to go insane if I just sit here all day.”

“Pika,” Pikachu agreed, he sat on the counter drooping his ears.

Chelsea thought, “Hang on a second,” She said walking over to her bag, she rummaged through it a bit and pulled out a pamphlet and began to look through it. “Here we go,” She turned to Ash. “There is a small area in this inn that is air conditioned, so you can train,” She held the pamphlet out to him. “Let’s go do this, so you don’t get bored.”

Ash took the paper and ran, “YES!” He cheered as he opened the door, “Come on Pikachu!” He said.

Pikachu quickly ran after him out the door and it closed behind them.

Bonnie, Chelsea, Clemont, and Serena stared at the door.

“Well,” Chelsea began.

“I am going to go work on my performance!” Serena cheered running out the door.

Bonnie jumped up and ran after her, “I wanna go to!”

The door slammed one more time leaving Chelsea and Clemont alone in the room.

Chelsea looked at Clemont and he looked back at her.

She let out a sigh, “Well,” She stepped up to the counter. “I should’ve gave that to him after he finished the dishes.”

Clemont chuckled, “Yeah, probably.”

Jolteon jumped up on to a seat next to Chelsea as she started to do the dishes.

Ash, Pikachu, Serena, and Bonnie were running down the stairs and came out to the lobby; Ash looked around and saw the stewardess behind that desk.

“Hey,” He said then ran over to the counter.

The stewardess looked up at him, “Yes?”

Ash held out the piece of paper he took from Chelsea, “I was wondering where your guy’s gym was, I am looking for somewhere to train my Pokemon.”

“Yes alright, let me show you were it is,” She said then grabbed a small ring of keys, then walked out from behind the desk and around the corner, she went down a hall, toward a double door and started to unlock it. “I am sorry we have to keep it locked, because the door knob is broken and the wind is always blowing it open and banging it around,” She said then pushed the door open. The room was more open with large glass windows and doors, the floor needed to be swept but other than that it was a large room. “Will this dew?”

Ash looked around, “Yeah this will be great, thank you.”

“No problem just let me know when you are done,” The stewardess said then left.

She was right, the door wouldn’t stay shut and kept swinging open and closed with the small breeze.

“Hey let’s just use this chair to hold the door open,” Bonnie said dragging a chair over to the door and propping it open.

“Right, I will find a broom to sweep up this sand,” Serena said looking around.

Ash stood there, “Why do we need to sweep? I am just training,” He said confused.

Serena looked back at him. “I don’t want to get sand in everything,” She said and continued looking for a broom.

Ash looked down at Pikachu and shrugged, “Come one Pikachu let’s train.”

Chelsea was doing the dishes while Jolteon was talking to her, he almost sounded like he was scolding her.

Clemont watched her, he could tell that Jolteon was irritated. “Is everything ok?” He decided to ask.

Chelsea looked over her shoulder, “Yeah everything is fine, are you ok?”

Clemont nodded, “Yeah,” He pulled something out of his backpack to tinker with.

“Chelsea focus!” Jolteon barked.

Chelsea jumped and looked at Jolteon. “What?” She snapped quietly.

Jolteon rolled his eyes, “That little girl, she might know. You have to find out and do something!”

Chelsea flung her arms around, throwing suds everywhere, “What do you suppose I do? Smother her in her sleep? There is no way I can do anything to her while she is awake! I mean she also has a brother that would freak out if she disappeared, so that isn’t an option.”

Clemont looked up from his project, he watched as Chelsea and her Jolteon squabbled. “What is going on?” He asked feeling worried, “What are you talking about?”

Chelsea and Jolteon stopped and looked at Clemont, which made Clemont very uneasy.

“Um what?” He stuttered.

Chelsea looked out the corner of her eye to Jolteon and then back to Clemont, “What?”

“What do you mean what?” Clemont asked. “You two sounded like you guys were talking about my sister, Bonnie. I mean, from what I heard, I hope you guys aren’t talking about her.” He sounded uneasy.

Chelsea gave a heavy sigh, “Oh boy,” She rubbed the side of her face and looked at Jolteon. “This is why we don’t talk about things in front of others,” She said with a tired voice and began to walk up to Clemont. “I am sorry.”

“About what?” Clemont felt more uneasy now, and that feeling grew as she approached. He looked past her to Jolteon, Jolteon was giving him a hard stare; almost like his was staring him down or something. He then looked back up at Chelsea, “What are you doing?”

Chelsea leaned against the table close to him, “Nothing,” She said calmly. “Just relax.”

Clemont didn’t believe her, his stomach churched too much.

“Alright Sliggoo use Bide,” Ash called.

The little blobby purple Pokemon started to use Bide.

“Ok Pikachu use Iron Tail,” He then called.

Pikachu then ran at Sliggoo and his tail began to glow, he jumped high in the air to gain momentum and then he came down on to Sliggoo.

There was a cloud of sand that flew about.

“Ah Ash!” Serena yelped, she was trying to sweep the room up.

When the sand settled Ash looked over to Sliggoo and Pikachu, poor Sliggoo was fainted on the ground and Pikachu was standing next to it. “Ah man,” Ash groaned rubbing the back of his head. “I am sorry Sliggoo,” He ran up to them.

Pikachu’s ears were laid back, “Pika,” He said sadly.

“It’s not your fault, I told you to do it,” Ash said, “Now you need rest Sliggoo,” He picked up Sliggoo and put him in his Pokeball.

Chelsea walked into the room, “Well that sounded like some good training,” She complimented.

Ash looked up at her and stood, “Yeah thanks, I kinda over did it though with Sliggoo,” He said looking down at Pikachu.

Chelsea shrugged and smiled, “Well it happens, I mean some times while training you get carried away,” She looked down at Jolteon. “Right bud?”

Jolteon nodded in agreeance.

Ash looked back at her and smiled. “You gonna train too?” He asked.

Chelsea nodded, “Well yeah, I was hoping you were still in the mood for training, so I could work with Eevee and you,” She said holding out a Pokeball.

The ball opened and Eevee popped out, “OWI!” It cheered and began to run around.

Ash laughed, “I am always up for some training,” He said eagerly.

Serena looked over at them from across the room, “I thought she was upstairs with Clemont.”

Bonnie scowled then looked at Serena and smiled, “She probably got nervous, I mean; she does like my brother and all,” Bonnie said loudly with a big smile.

“What really?” Serena looked at Bonnie surprised. “I thought by the way she treated Ash she like him?” She said then started to think.

Chelsea’s ear perked and she looked over at Bonnie and Serena.

“What is it?” Ash asked, he too also looked over.

“Nothing,” Chelsea said, her gut began to churn up. “Ok I need you to go easy on my little Eevee, ok?” She said walking to one end of the room, closest to a window.

Ash nodded as he went to the other side, it was closest to where Serena and Bonnie were. “No problem,” He said grabbing a Pokeball. “Alright come on out Fletchinder,” He shouted as he threw the ball into the air.

At the peak of the throw the ball opened and Fletchinder came out and flew over the small battle field.

Chelsea stood there, “Oh boy,” She said then looked down at Eevee.

Eevee was looking up watching Fletchinder fly around, “Oui?” She looked confused, and looked over her shoulder at Chelsea with a worried look.

Chelsea smiled, “Don’t worry Eevee you will be fine, use tail whip!”

Eevee got down in a playful stance and wagged its tail back and forth, “Oooooui,” She chirped.

Ash smiled at Eevee, “I am sorry I don’t think that is going to work very well, but you are doing good,” He looked up at Fletchinder, “Alright, let’s use a peck!”

Chelsea cringed a bit, “Eevee run!” She called.

Eevee turned and started to run away.

Fletchinder chased Eevee around the field, trying to hit her with peck.

Ash scratched his head, “Chelsea you can’t win or learn anything like that,” He said.

“Well you would like to think that huh?” Chelsea said with a grin, “Eevee stop and duck!”

“Huh?” Ash felt lost.

Eevee ducked down, sliding to a stop. Causing Fletchinder to zip over her and kick up dust.

“Alright Eevee now use tackle,” Chelsea called.

“Fletchinder fly high so Eevee can’t reach you!” Ash yelled.

Serena and Bonnie watched them battle, “Well I was hoping to practice my performance, but if they keep kicking up dust; it is going to be impossible to clean,” Serena grumbled. She looked at the broom then back to the battle.

“I guess you will have to take turns,” Bonnie said watching the battle.

“Yeah I guess,” Serena said disappointedly.

Eevee was already tuckered out, while Fletchinder was standing there on the ground next to it.

“Is Eevee alright to keep going?” Ash asked.

Chelsea looked down at Eevee, “What do you say Eevee?”

“Oui,” She squeaked, then looking up at Fletchinder she gave it a large eyed look.

“Alright Fletchinder use peck again,” Ash said trying to go easy on Eevee.

Though Fletchinder just stood there, it had a sorry look in its eyes.

“Fletchinder?” Ash didn’t know what was going on.

“Huh?” Chelsea looked just as confused.

Eevee stood up and pounced on Fletchinder with a tackle, “Oui,” She cheered proudly, but then fell over on the ground with a thud.

Fletchinder stood and looked down, “Fle?”

“Use peck!” Ash called again.

With that Fletchinder began to peck at Eevee, which was a direct hit. Sand and dust started to fly around everywhere.

“Oh Eevee!” Chelsea cried, “Use tackle!”

Eevee jumped out of the dust and tackled Fletchinder once more.

“You need to keep it on the ground!” Chelsea guided.

“Get out of there!” Ash yelled.

Fletchinder went to take off, but got yanked back by a wing. Fletchinder looked down and kept trying to get away; but would only go a small distance across the ground. It looked like it had a lame wing.

“Come on Fletchinder, what are ya doin?” Ash was getting frustrated.

Chelsea looked and also felt some confusion, “Eevee?” She called.

The dust was getting worst from Fletchinder flapping around.

“Eevee, tackle again!” Chelsea called.

The dust was now covering Fletchinder, but when Chelsea made the call you could see Fletchinder fly out of the side of the dust cloud. It was tripping over itself as it tried to stand.

“What in the world?” Ash said, “Alright Fletchinder, use Steel Wing!”

“Eevee!” Chelsea felt a bit of panic rise inside her chest. She didn’t feel that Eevee was ready for a big attack like that.

Fletchinder dove back into the dust using Steel Wing, but would get knocked out; it happened once, then a second time. The third time Fletchinder got hit it landed at Ash’s feet.

“Alright then, Fletchinder use Razor Wind to get rid of the dust and sand!” Ash called and pointed to the cloud.

Fletchinder got a fierce look in his eye and flew up and started to use Razor Wind, the attack was powerful and was throwing sand right in Chelsea’s direction.

“Eevee!” She yelped. “Watch out!”

It was too late, Eevee got hit multiple times with Razor Wind and could not get out of the way fast enough. When the dust was off the battle area, Eevee was laying on the ground in a small brown lump.

“Eevee?” Chelsea yelped and ran over, “I asked if you wanted to take a break,” She said and pick up Eevee, cradling her in her arms.

Ash walked over and petted Fletchinder, “Thanks buddy, you can take a brake now,” He said then put Fletchinder back in his Pokeball. He looked over at Chelsea, “Is Eevee ok?”

Chelsea looked back at him, “Yeah, she just gets carried away some times,” She said then looked down at Eevee; she was out like a light. “Goodness gracious Eevee.”

“I wanna know what that move is that froze up Fletchinder,” Ash said putting his hands on his hips and began to think.

“Yeah me too,” Chelsea agreed.

Serena sighed, “Are you sure Bonnie?” She said watching Ash and Chelsea. The way Chelsea looked at him was not a look you would normally give to a friend, she really cared about Ash. Though that wasn’t what bothered her, it was the way Ash looked back at Chelsea; he almost looked at Chelsea the same way she looked at him.

“I am positive, she told me herself,” Bonnie lied, she knew Serena liked Ash and that Chelsea liked Ash too. Although she wanted Chelsea to like her brother Clemont, she wanted her to take care of him.

Serena looked at Bonnie, “Really?”


Chelsea’s ear perked again, she gave a heavy sigh.

Ash gave her a concerned look, “What is it Chelsea, is something bothering you?”

She glanced at Ash then looked around the whole room, giving Serena and Bonnie a longer look. “I am going to go for a small walk ok?” She said almost tired like; she looking back at Ash, her eyes looked like she had a thought but she didn’t want to talk about it now.

Ash scratched his head, “Well I was hoping you would be able to help me with some stuff you know, give me a challenge,” He said looking at her eyes, he could see something was bothering her.

Chelsea began to walk away, “I will be back in a couple minutes, I promise,” She said looking over her shoulder as she walked out of the battle area.

Ash watched her leave, he didn’t like the feeling that he got from her walking away like that; he knew something was wrong, but he didn’t know how to fix it. He looked at Pikachu who was looking back at him with a sad look, he looked back at the door and began to run after Chelsea.

“Huh?” Serena saw Ash run out the door, “Where is Ash going?” She asked.

Bonnie shrugged, “Who knows? Let’s work on your performance!” She said excitedly.

Serena looked at Bonnie with a smile, “Right,” She said then pulled out her Pokeballs, “Pancham, Fennekin come on out.”

And with that her Pokemon came out of their balls and appeared in a ball of light on the ground.

“Ready for some training guys?” She asked.

Thy both cheered excitedly.

“Alright let’s get to it then,” Serena cheered.

Ash was running down the hall back to the lobby.

Pikachu ran with him, “Pika Pikachu?” He said and jumped on to Ash’s shoulder.

“I am sorry, I am just making sure Chelsea is alright,” He said slowing down and looking at Pikachu.

Pikachu’s ears laid back, “Pika?” He asked.

Ash walked around the corner, “Well yeah, I care about her; I mean we have been friends since before I met you,” He explained. “She was always so nice to me when we were kids,” He stopped when he saw her sitting by the window in a corner lounge area.

She was looking in her lap at something small, Jolteon sat on the floor in front of her, looking up at her. The sunlight from the window made her skin almost glow, and her hair turned slightly auburn; she took a heavy sigh as she looked into her lap then lifted her head to look out the window.

“Pika,” Pikachu said looking between her and Ash.

Ash got a small smile on his face, “She was always trying to avoid fights and tried to make everyone happy, even when she wasn’t,” He said then continues to walk up to her.

Chelsea’s ear perked as she heard him come close, causing her to look up at him. “Ash? I thought you were going to train?” She asked tucking the little object she had in her lap away.

“I am,” He said sitting next to her. “I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

Pikachu jumped into her lap and looked up at her, “Pika!” He cheered with a smile.

Chelsea petted him, “Thanks Pikachu,” She then looked at Ash, “I really didn’t want to disrupt your training; I am sorry,” She said sincerely.

Ash shrugged, “Naw don’t worry about it,” He looked around her at her lap, “What were you looking at?” He asked curiously.

Chelsea returned his gaze confused, “What? I was just thinking,” She said then looked back out the window.

“Well then what were you thinking about?” He asked focusing on her face.

She was still staring out the window trying not to make eye contact; she hating when she hid stuff from him. Though there were things he just couldn’t know, not yet. “Oh I was just thinking about the next show case, Serena’s going to be in it,” She said looking back down, it wasn’t what was truly on her mind, but she felt like she had to come up with something..

Ash nodded, “I know isn’t it exciting, you two performing and competing against each other,” He said excitedly, “It is going to be awesome.”

Chelsea sighed, “Yeah, I guess,” She was straining herself not to tell him how she really felt. Because in the end who would he even vote for?

Ash felt confused, “Are you not excited?” He asked, “I thought you like performing, I mean you are good at it.”

“You haven’t even seen me perform,” She looked at him with slight frustration, “At least not on stage.” Chelsea couldn’t help but look at him longingly, it has been so long since they were together and nothing between them has changed it seems.

“Chelsea, you showed me your routine though,” He said comfortingly, “You looked great,” He really wanted her to feel better, he just wished she had more confidence in herself.

“That’s different, that is in front of just you; on a stage there are at least a couple hundred people in there. How am I supposed to keep my cool with that pressure?” She spouted.

Ash smiled, “How did you get that first key?”

Chelsea looked at Jolteon, “That was all Espeon’s doing, I almost lost it; she is just so calm and confident. She can capture a crowd in seconds of being on stage,” She swooned, “Plus she is so pretty and so graceful,” She looked at Ash, “She is just about everything I am not.”

“Huh?” Ash raised an eye brow, “You are those things, but what stops you is your lack of confidence.”

Chelsea began to shake her head. Ash immediately straddled the bench and grabbed her shoulders, turning her toward him. Chelsea was taken aback, Ash never just grabbed her.

“Stop it,” He said frustrated, “You were on that stage with Espeon, so you can’t say you didn’t do anything; you are calm, also you do have grace in everything you do. And…” He paused for a second, his face felt warm. “You capture anyone’s eye no matter where you are,” He said.

Chelsea stared at him blankly. “Really?”

He let his grip on her arms go slightly, “Well yeah,” His whole body started to get hot, a bead of sweat ran down the side of his head, “Um, geez, the sun coming through that window is hot,” He said wiping his head.

Chelsea blushed, “Yeah, it is,” She looked away with a smile.

Ash and Chelsea both stared out the window, they slowly would peek out at each other through the corner of their eye. Jolteon and Pikachu stared at them, Pikachu looked confused. While Jolteon rolled his eyes and grumbled something under his breath.

Chelsea looked at Jolteon and blushed, “You hush!” She snapped.

Jolteon gave a chuckle.

Ash looked at her, “Chelsea,” He got that feeling in his gut that he got before when he saw her the other night.

She looked back at him, “Yeah?” She felt her body temperature go up a hundred degrees.

He all of a sudden forgot what he was going to say, his brain just turned in to a Muk, “Um,” He manage to get out as he tried to gather his thoughts.

Chelsea just stared back at him.

After a second he didn’t feel like he could say anything, so he just spat out the first thing that came to his mouth. “You will be great in the Pokemon Show Case,” He stuttered.

Chelsea tried not to giggle at him stuttering, “Thanks Ash, I can’t wait to see you and Clemont battle.”

“Hey let’s go train,” Ash jumped up excitedly.

Chelsea looked from him to the floor, Pikachu was still on her lap; but she looked past him. “In a minute please,” Her voice just shrank.

Ash wasn’t sure what happened, he thought she felt better. “Chelsea,” He said sitting back down, he scooted closer to her and leaned forward to see her face. “Come on, this is so unlike you. Tell me what is wrong, I am your best friend,” He didn’t like seeing Chelsea this upset about whatever it was.

She sighed, “It’s complicated,” Chelsea groaned and stood holding Pikachu. “I will come train, ok?” She said then started to walk back to the gym.

Ash grabbed her arm to stop her, she would do this all the time; not talk or avoid the situation, and do whatever it took to get him to forget that she was upset. “No, I want you to tell me what’s wrong,” He urged. “Come on.”

Chelsea took a deep breath, she couldn’t tell him. Her heart just melted into a puddle, she sighed and turned to him giving him a hug; a very tight hug. “Thank you Ash, but I am just not ready to talk about it yet,” She mumbled into his shoulder.

Poor Pikachu was squished between them.

Ash hugged her back. “Ok,” He felt bad that he couldn’t make her feel any better.

She back out of the hug and smiled, “Thank you.”

Ash smiled back, then looked at Pikachu. “Oh, hey sorry buddy,” He said petting him.

Pikachu rubbed his little nose, “Pika,” He said muffled by his paws.

“Come on, you want to train,” Chelsea held Pikachu and started to walk back to the gym.

Ash caught up next to her and walked closely by her side, they were almost touching shoulders.

Jolteon walked on the other side of Chelsea and shook his head.

Clemont sat up on the couch, he was rubbing his head. “Wooh what happed?” When he didn’t hear a response he looked around and saw no one was in the room. “Hello?” He asked, it was already getting dusky outside. “What? Did I sleep all day?”

“Vvvaaa,” A purr like sound came around the couch.

“Hello?” He said again.

Chelsea’s Vaporeon came around the couch, she sat on the floor by his feet and look up at him; tilting her head.

“Vaporeon, what are you doing here?” Clemont asked.

“Vaporeeon,” She said then got up and started walking toward the door.

“Hey where are you going?” Clemont said then started to fallow her.

They went down to the lobby and down a hall, you could hear attacks being fired and orders being called.

“Is everyone training?” Clemont asked Vaporeon.

She just kept walking.

When they entered the room Chelsea and Ash were battling, it was Leafeon against Frogadier. The battle looked like it was a fierce one; Chelsea and Ash were really into it. Clemont looked around and saw Bonnie and Serena sitting on the side lines; Serena’s Pokemon were sitting with them, Clemont walked over to them.

“Hey Serena, Bonnie how is everything?” Clemont asked as he walked over.

Bonnie looked up at him with a bored look, and Serena had a disappointed look on her face.

“What is it?” He asked again.

“Well they have been battling for the past couple hours,” Bonnie complained.

Serena pressed her hands into her lap, “I wanna practice my routine, but I can’t because of them,” Serena pointed.

Clemont looked over at the battle.

“Leafeon now show him a Leaf Blade!” Chelsea called.

“Frogadier use cut!” Ash countered.

Leafeon and Frogadier sprinted at each other; Leafeon’s tail was glowing and Frogadier’s claw turned sharp. They slammed into each other full force swirling the dust and sand all around the room.

Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena covered their faces to keep the sand out of their eyes.

“Wow, they are really going at it,” Clemont called out.

When the sand cleared Bonnie replied, “Yeah it has been like this the past couple hours.”

The dust was slightly swirling along the floor, Leafeon and Frogadier were both still going strong.

“Leafeon!” Leafeon called out as she pumped herself up.

“Wow Chelsea, Leafeon is tough,” Ash complimented.

Chelsea scratched her head, “Thanks, I actually have never seen her have this much drive like this before,” She said surprised.

Ash pumped a fist in the air, “Maybe it was that last gym battle you had, that was amazing!”

Chelsea laughed, “Thanks, but I have done better,” She informed him.

“Well then let’s see it,” Ash taunted, he felt pumped, “Now Frogadier, Aerial Ace!”

“Just wait,” Chelsea called to Leafeon.

Frogadier ran at Leafeon and jumped to gain as much speed as possible, while Leafeon stood there and watched; waiting for Chelsea’s command. Frogadier got closer and closer, but Leafeon didn’t move; Frogadier was coming in fast.

“Alright, now Leafeon, Magical Leaf!” Chelsea finally called.

“Ah!” Ash was taken by surprise that she waiting this long.

Leafeon fired a Magical Leaf hitting Frogadier at close range, slowing down the attack; but not totally stopping it. Frogadier still made contact.

“We still hit!” Ash cheered.

Pikachu was cheering along with him.

“I would hold on just a second before celebrating,” Chelsea warned.

Ash looked at her confused. “What?”

Chelsea straitened up, “Alright Leafeon use Giga Drain!”

When the sand cleared again, Leafeon was standing over Frogadier; draining his energy.

“Oh no!” Ash yelled. “Frogadier get out of there!”

Frogadier tried to move, but was too weak from Leafeon’s hit and now she was draining even more energy.

After a couple seconds Chelsea waved her arms, “That’s enough, I think this match is over!” She called.

Leafeon stopped Giga Drain and back off of Frogadier coming around to his front, “Leafeon?” She chirped.

Frogadier lifted his head and gave a weak smile, “Froga,” He croaked.

Ash ran up to him, “Frogadier, how are you doing?”

Chelsea jogged up too.

“Froga-dier,” He said then gave a thumbs up.

Chelsea smiled, “I think he will be ok, I have some potions upstairs,” She offered.

Ash put Frogadier in his Pokeball and stood up, “That was a good match Chelsea,” He complimented.

Chelsea looked down at Leafeon, “Thanks, I am glad I actually won this time,” She chuckled and looked back at him.

They both laughed.

“That was some great training,” Ash said feeling pumped up.

“Pi-ka-chu!” Pikachu was also pumped.

Chelsea shook her head, “I am glad, but now I am-” There was a small growl that interrupted her.

Ash and Chelsea both held their stomachs.

“Do we need to say more?” Ash said with a huge grin.

Chelsea shook her head, “Nope.

“Vaporeon!” Chelsea’s Vaporeon trotted over and nuzzled her leg, walking behind Chelsea and peeking around to Pikachu.

Pikachu waved.

She tucked her head into the back of Chelsea’s knees.

“What is it Vaporeon?” Chelsea looked down. “Wait,” She thought for a moment then looked around; she saw Clemont standing next to Bonnie and Serena. “Hey Clemont, you are finally awake,” She said cheerfully.

Ash looked over to Clemont then back to Chelsea then to Clemont again.

Clemont started to walk over rubbing his head. “Yeah, I didn’t realize how tiered I was.”

“How is your rib?” She asked walking over.

Ash watched her, she was in a totally different mood then before; like Clemont made her super cheery.

“It feels fine, it probably was good that I got some rest,” Clemont said.

“Yeah, rest is always good when you are hurtin,” Chelsea said, she looked back at Ash then saw out the window. “Oh wow, what time is it?” She gasped.

Ash looked out the window too, “Well that is probably why our stomachs are growling, it must be dinner time,” He said then laughed.

Chelsea laughed with him, “Well then, let’s head back upstairs and get some food in us; then we can decide if we want to leave tonight or bright and early tomorrow.

“Right, that is a great idea,” Clemont agreed.

He and Chelsea started to walk out of the gym area with Ash close behind.

“Hey Bonnie you coming?” Clemont asked.

Bonnie jumped up and nodded, “Yeah, if Chelsea is cooking I’m in!” She said then ran out.

Chelsea laughed and then fallowed.

Serena then got up and looked at her Fennekin and Pancham, “Well guys I guess we aren’t getting any practice in today, sorry,” She told her Pokemon as she took out their balls.

They both looked disappointed as they went back into their Pokeballs.

Serena then fallowed after the others.

So they all went back upstairs, to rest and get something to eat; before they would head back out on their adventure. Whether that be tonight or tomorrow, we will just have to wait and see.


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Episode 6 – The Future Is Now Thanks To Determination.

There was a unanimous decision to leave early the next morning, so the gang decided to jump into bed and rest up for the long journey, to Lumiose City. That morning, Ash was up and ready to go, pushing for everyone to get ready; he was excited for his gym battle and his fifth gym badge. They said good bye to all the folks in the village and set off. Finishing their trek through the Lumiose Bad Lands.

“Once we get through this area, we will be close to Lumiose City,” Serena said pointing to her map.

Chelsea shook her head and giggle.

Jolteon looked up at her and gave her a nudge to get her attention.

“Oh I was thinking ‘duh’ that’s all,” She whispered.

Serena looked over to her, “What was that?”

Chelsea perked up, “Nothing, don’t worry your pretty little hat over it,” She said with a snarky voice.

Ash looked over his shoulder and stopped.

Clemont was falling behind, he gave a huff.

Chelsea whipped around and started to walk back to him. “Are you ok?” She asked looking at him worriedly. “Do we need to take a break; it is getting hot out here.”

Clemont put his hands on his knees and took a breath, “Yeah, sorry to keep you all waiting,” He said.

“No prob,” Ash said, “You sure you’re ok Clemont?” Ash urged, he wanted to make sure that Clemont was going to be ready for their battle. His rib was probably still bothering him.

“Pika-chu,” Pikachu urged.

Luxio looked up at Clemont.

Clemont thought back to when they stayed at his house, the night before they first set out on their journey.

He remembered that he was one the floor and Ash was using the couch to sleep on, “Hey Ash, are you sorry you weren’t able to challenge the Lumiose Gym?” He remembers asking.

“Yeah, but back then you decided that challengers should be strong enough to have earned four gym badges. Right?” Ash answered, he still had his eye’s closed as he prepared to sleep, with Pikachu laying on him.

“Huh? Well yeah,” Clemont felt some confusion and looked at Ash, up on the couch.

“Since that’s what you wanted, I will just come back when I have gotten four of ‘em,” Ash replied.

“Pika,” Pikachu agreed tiredly.

Clemont turned back and looked at the ceiling, “If that’s what you want.”

“One thing.”

Clemont looked back over. “Huh?”

Ash looked back at him, he had a challengers look on his face, “I want the battle to be against you, instead of Clembot,” He said.

Clemont laid there with a bit of surprised look on his face, “Deal,” He said then got excited. “I’ll make sure I get stronger, so I can give you a gym battle you will never forget for the rest of your life,” He promised and sat up.

Ash sat up and held up a fist, feeling pumped just talking about it. “That sounds good to me!”

“Great that’s what we’ll do,” Clemont agreed.

“When we get to Lumiose City let’s have our battle right way,” Ash encouraged.

Pulling Clemont out of his memory, “Sure, you’ve got it,” He said feeling on fire about this battle.

“Wow, I can’t wait to see this battle,” Chelsea said breathlessly, “I am super excited for the both of you,” She leaned back and looked Clemont up and down; she was glad he was feeling better, he just needed a bit of a “pick-me-up” to get going again.

“Thanks,” Clemont said.

“I can’t wait,” Ash also chimed in.

They went to keep going toward Lumiose City, but then there was a growl.

Chelsea looked at Ash and laughed.

Causing Ash to blush embaressedly.

“I guess we should stop and take a break then,” She said then looked at Bonnie and Serena. “Hungry?”

Bonnie nodded eagerly, “Yeah, I am!” She cheered.

Clemont laughed, “Alright, let’s eat.”

So they set up the table, chairs, and camp stove; Clemont started to cook.

“I can get it,” Chelsea said, gently nudging Clemont to go sit down.

Clemont looked back at her, “Oh no that’s ok, I can cook this time,” He reassured her.

Chelsea nodded, “Ok if you need help let me know,” She said then walked to the table to sit down. She looked over at Luxio, he was staring up at Clemont as he prepared the food. “Wow, you have a loyal Pokémon there,” She complimented.

Clemont looked at her, “Huh?” Then he looked down at Luxio, “Oh yeah, thanks.” He said then petted Luxio.

Serena was whipping the table off, while Ash and Chelsea sat next to each other on the opposite side of the table. Pikachu was sitting on the table next to Ash and in front of Chelsea, while Jolteon laid down on the blanket where they were keeping the backpacks.

“I’m really hungry,” Bonnie whined, she was standing at one end of the table with Dedenne.

Clemont looked over his shoulder at her, “It’s almost ready Bonnie,” He said reassuringly.

“There all clean,” Serena said looking at the table.

“Make sure you eat a lot buddy,” Ash urged to Pikachu.

Pikachu lifted his paw in the air and cheered, “Pi-ka!”

Ash looked at Chelsea, “You know what they say?”

Chelsea put an elbow on the table and rested her head in her hand, looking back at him with a raised eyebrow. “What?”

“You can’t battle on an empty stomach,” Ash finished.

Chelsea chuckled and put her face in her hand, “Oh boy.”

“What?” Ash said looking around.

Chelsea just shook her head and laughed. “I think that is what you say,” She joked.

Clemont looked at them over his shoulder and then began to think. Of course Ash remembers the deal we made, he thought to himself.

He started to think about all the past things that Ash had done, while they were together. Such as when Ash found Frokie and saved him…

“Frokie you gotta hang in there,” Ash said to Frokie while carrying him threw the city.

“Frrookiie,” Frokie was exhausted from the battle with Team Rocket.

Ever since I ran into Ash, I have learned so much from him. He thought some more.

He remembers when Ash was on Lumiose Tower trying to help Garchomp get that control collar off, and get him back to Professor Sycamore’s lab.

Is it enough if I simply have a battle with him as a gym leader?

He thought about Ash diving off the tower to catch Pikachu.

Am I good enough to have a meaningful battle?

He thought about when they were in the bamboo forest saving the Pamchams and Pangro, then when Ash was having a battle against a trainer’s Fletchling. When Ash said “If one hit isn’t enough, then we will just have to hit it a bunch of times.”

Then when Ash Climbed the rock wall that was at the Cyllage City Gym, his determination shinned. Then when Ash ran at Team Rockets large vacuum machine to save Pikachu, he said “You can’t stop me.” And he used his own body to plug up the vacuum hose.

Then when Ash jumped across the Driftloom to save Bonnie, and at the Shalour City Gym; against Korrina. Ash was bound and determined to win that badge, even though it was against the Mega Evolved Pokémon Lucario.

If only I could give something back to Ash as a gym leader.

He stared off into space thinking about everything Ash had done, and what he could possibly give Ash from the battle they were going to have. Ash already had amazing courage and determination; he was a great battler, and you couldn’t bring down is spirit. His love for Pokémon, and his want to help them was nothing he had ever seen before.

Luxio stared at him.

All of a sudden there was a burnt smell in the air.

Bonnie and Chelsea looked over.

“AH! Clemont it’s burning!” Bonnie yelled.

She scared Clemont out of his thoughts, causing him to trip over himself. Chelsea jumped up and caught the pan and food that flew out of it.

“I said say something if you needed my help,” Chelsea urged.

Clemont stood there and stared at the ground as Chelsea tried to fix it.

She started to put some stuff in the pan and flip everything around. “It’s ok I think I can salvage them,” Chelsea reassure everyone.

Clemont sat down at the table across from Ash, and let out a heavy sigh.

When Chelsea dished everyone’s plates and sat down Bonnie poked hers a bit. “Hard as a rock type,” She complained.

Dedenne looked sadly at the burnt pancakes.

“Sorry about that everybody,” Clemont said embarrassedly.

“That isn’t like you at all,” Serena said looking worriedly over at him. “Are you alright?”

Clemont sighed, “I got lost in my thoughts.”

Chelsea shrugged and gave him a smile. “I think I have got dinner then,” She laughed.

Bonnie looked over at her, “Yeah, I don’t want lost thoughts messing up my dinner too,” She groaned.

Clemont looked down at the food. “Sorry.”

Chelsea put her hand on his, “It’s ok Clemont, it is still eatable,” She said then took a bite.

Bonnie looked up at her and groaned, “Glad you like it,” She grumbled.

Chelsea chuckled and kept eating.

After lunch they headed out, it was high noon and getting hotter. The bright sun was beating down on them and getting into Ash’s eyes, “Ah,” He said covering his face.

Chelsea looked over to him, she had on a pair of sunglasses; they were white with a silver etched pattern on the side. They were a large square shape, covering a lot of her face.

“Huh?” Ash then looked ahead and saw a large building.

Everyone else stooped and looked too; Serena, Ash, Pikachu and Chelsea all looked confused as to what it was, and why it was out here. While Bonnie and Clemont saw and knew what it was exactly.

“What’s that?” Ash asked looking out to it.

“A power plant?” Chelsea guessed, her body was tingle as she felt electricity flowing through the air.

“That’s right Chelsea, that’s the Kalos Power Plant,” Clemont answered.

“A power plant?” Ash echoed, and looked back at him.

Bonnie held her arms out to her brother to show him off. “My big brother designed that power plant,” She said cheerfully.

Ash, Serena, Pikachu, Chelsea, and Jolteon all looked back at him with a surprised gasp.

“Oh wow,” Chelsea was very impressed.

“Not exactly,” Clemont corrected. “I just helped with the programing.

“Still,” Chelsea urged.

“I think that is so awesome,” Ash complimented.

“The Kalos Power Plant collects the suns energy directly from space, and transmits it down to our planets surface as microwaves. It’s stored in a super conductor energy storage ring then distributed to Lumiose City,” Clemont explained confidently.

Ash got a look of confidence too. “Yup that makes sense.”

Chelsea looked at him dumbfounded.

Serena and Bonnie both gave a surprised look. “Wow Ash, you got that?” Serena asked.

“Yeah, science is so amazing, which is why it makes so much sense,” Ash’s answer was still full with confidence.

Chelsea put her hand to her face in a facepalm, while everyone else looked down and sighed with a bit of a chuckle.

Serena then perked up. “I know; why don’t we go check out the power plant up close?” She asked looked around at everyone.

Ash got excited, “Good idea; then maybe we will come across some rare electric types,” He exclaimed.

Clemont shrugged, “It’s possible.”

Chelsea looked down at Jolteon and smiled, “Sounds like fun.”

Bonnie looked up at her, “Yeah! Let’s go!” She cheered.

Then they all ran toward the plant, while Chelsea stood there.

“Oh come on, why?” She moaned and began to run after them.

Luxio and Jolteon looked at each other and ran after everyone else.

When they got to the plant there were huge iron doors and a tall wire fence around it. The building was tall and had many coils, both large and larger sized ones, there were also spires that went up and tilted in toward the center. Along with a center spire that went straight up, it had various different antenna and satellite dishes pointing up at the sky on different levels of the structure.

“It looks like a secret base,” Ash said as they all looked at it from a far off ledge.

Chelsea looked around and nodded, but then she noticed that an antenna was pointing downward. “Hey Clemont,” She said pointing to the structure, “Why would a receiving antenna dish be pointing at the ground?”

Clemont touched his glasses as he gave a closer look. “That’s strange,” He started, “That antenna should be pointed to the sky, good observation Chelsea.”

Bonnie looked up at Serena, “Maybe antenna feel sad sometimes too?” She questioned.

“Maybe something happened,” Serena said looking back at her. “I don’t think antenna get sad though, sorry Bonnie.”

“Yeah could be,” Clemont said looking at them.

“Maybe we should go check it out,” Ash said.

Clemont nodded his head, “Right.”

And him, Ash, Serena, Bonnie, and Pikachu, and Luxio all jumped down the ledge. While Chelsea and Jolteon stood there and watched.

Chelsea looked down at Jolteon then over to the left, “I don’t see why we have to run down this cliff when we can just walk around, I mean, the pant isn’t going anywhere,” She said and began to walk. She watched the others run up to the plant.

Pikachu’s cheeks started to spark, he stopped and held his head; like if he were having a head ach. “Pika, pika,” He said painfully.

Ash stopped and looked down at him with surprise. “Huh? Something wrong?” He asked.

Then Dedenne’s antenna started to spark and he to cried in pain.

“Dedenne is acting strange too,” Bonnie voiced loudly.

Chelsea ran over to catch up, Jolteon slowed down to a stop, “Jolt!” He barked; his body was letting off large amounts of electricity.

Chelsea looked back at him, “Jolteon?” She said then held her head, “What the heck?” She had a piecing head ach come on all of a sudden. “Guys, what’s going on?” She sounded pained.

Clemont looked back at her and to Jolteon, “I have no idea, but we need to get to the bottom of this,” He said looking at the electric Pokémon concerned.

Then Luxio started to also let off electricity, again he also looked like he was in pain.

“Luxio?” Clemont looked sorry.

Chelsea held her head, “Ah, guys!” She cried.

Jolteon, Luxio, Dedenne, and Pikachu all looked like they were in pain, fighting something.

Chelsea shook off the head ach a bit and bent down to hold Jolteon, “What is it?” She begged.

They all looked up and froze for a second.

“Jolteon?” Chelsea stared at him concerned

Then Jolteon began to walk toward the power plant, along with Pikachu, Dedenne, and Luxio.

“Hey Jolteon, where are you going?” Chelsea said and stood. “You come back here right now!” She yelled with a squeaky voice; this has never happened to her before.

“Dedenee?” Bonnie called.

“Luxio?” Clemont said trying to get his attention.

Ash stepped after Pikachu, “Hey Pikachu, where are ya going?” He asked.

They all stopped and turned around, it was in a split second that they all unleashed a Thunder attack on them. Ash, Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena went and jumped out of the way. While Chelsea stood in shock as the attacks came at her, Jolteon never just out right attacked her before.

“Chelsea!” Ash yelled, he got up to go after her; but Clemont ran first.

He grabbed Chelsea threw them both out of harm’s way, landing in the dirt behind a large rock.

When the Pokémon were done attacking they all turned and ran to the Power Plant.

“Dedenne!” Bonnie cried.

Clemont looked up after the Pokémon.

Serena looked at the others, “What happened? What’s gotten into them?” She asked rhetorically, she knew no one would have the answer.

Ash sat up, “Let’s go after them,” He stated.

“K,” Chelsea groaned, she was laying on her back rubbing the sides of her head; she still had an intense head ach.

Clemont looked down, he was sitting on top of her. “Oh geez I am sorry,” He said quickly standing up.

Chelsea laid there, “It’s fine, please just go on without me,” She moaned.

Clemont and Ash exchanged gazes. Chelsea looked like she was in a lot of pain.

“Come on guys, we need to go get them!” Bonnie urged.

“Hang on Bonnie,” Clemont said, he looked down at Chelsea and held out his hand. “Come on, we can just leave you out here,” He said.

Chelsea shook her head. “I can’t.”

Ash looked at Clemont then took off his bag, “Here, I got her,” He said then handed Clemont his bag.

Clemont took it, then watched Ash grab Chelsea by the arm and pull her up.

“Come on now,” Ash said throwing her on his back, Chelsea was not helping very much; she was moaning and burying her face in his back. Ash looked at the others, “Let’s go after them,” He said then turned and started to run after the Pokémon.

“Right,” Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena said as the fallowed.

They fallowed the Pokémon all the way up to the door, they tucked themselves behind a rock so they would not be seen or attacked again.

“What?” Ash said leaning against the rock, Chelsea was still on his back.

Serena leaned around the rock to get a better look, “Look at all of them,” She exclaimed.

“And their all electric types,” Clemont pointed out.

“Dedenne,” Bonnie moaned.

Chelsea looked over Ash’s shoulder, “They are being controlled,” She croaked, her head was now pounding and surging.

Ash and Clemont looked at her, “What?” They all asked confused.

Jolteon, Luxio, Dedenne, and Pikachu were all sitting by the door waiting for it to be opened; along with a plethora of other Pokémon. They all stood there like little tin soldiers.

Clemont started to think, “Electric type Pokémon, and they are all gathering at the Power Plant?” He thought aloud.

Suddenly the doors started to open and all the Pokémon began to move inside, including their Pokémon.

“Pikachu!” Ash yelled and started to run after them.

Bonnie fallowed right behind, “Dedenne!”

“Guys wait!” Clemont said being the last one to move out.

They all ran up to the door, but got then just a bit too late before it fully close. Ash rammed his shoulder into the door; as the others caught up.

“What do we do now?” Serena asked.

Chelsea looked at her weakly, “We have to get in somehow.”

“Maybe the power plant has something to do with their strange behavior?” Clemont said looking around through the fence. “It all happened so quickly.”

“Chelsea’s right, we gotta get in and help the others,” Ash said then turned to look at Clemont, “Clemont got any ideas?”

“Yeah, Clemont didn’t you help design this place?” Chelsea groaned, her face was buried into Ash neck.

“I didn’t help design it, I just helped with the programing. Although I do remember seeing the blueprints, even though it was only once,” Clemont said then began to think.

Serena looked over to Ash, then over his shoulder to Chelsea. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

Chelsea mumbled something, but no one could hear it; because her face was sill buried.

“What?” Serena got closer, there was no point in Ash carrying her if she was fine.

Chelsea turned her head a bit, “I said, I have a head ach so bad that I can’t see,” She tried to say loudly.

Ash looked over his shoulder to her, “What?”

Bonnie came over too, “But what happened? Why does your head hurt?”

Chelsea shrugged, “Probably the same reason the Pokémon are being controlled. This Power Plant is controlling them; they are going to the super conductor.” She said, her eyes were open but they were all fogged over.

“Controlling them?” Bonnie said in a scared tone. “Guys, what do we do?”

Serena looked at Chelsea closer, “How do you know that?”

“Just trust me,” She groaned and held her head, then buried her face into Ash again.

“Come on Clemont, how do we get in?” Ash pushed.

Clemont looked up, “There are huge air vents that go into the Power Plant,” He said, “Maybe we can get in through one of those.”

“Alright, show us were,” Ash said.

“Alright, this way,” Clemont said then turned to lead them to a vent.

They went down under the bridge that connected the entrance to the land, down under it were two large vents; one being an intake and the other going out. They were sticking out of the ground and both had large fans spinning inside of them.

“Here they are,” Clemont said.

“Alright,” Ash said then started to put Chelsea down, “Serena hold her for a second,” He said then grabbed a Pokeball.

Serena put one of Chelsea’s arms over her head and tried to hold her up, she was a lot heavier then she looked. It was almost strenuous to hold her, “Bonnie, a hand please,” Serena groaned.

Bonnie ran over to the other side and held her up.

“You are heavy,” Serena said strained.

Chelsea smirked, “That’s what happened when you work out and are all muscle.”

“Come on Frogadier,” Ash called throwing the Pokeball.

Frogadier came out and looked up at Ash, ready for his command, “Fro-ga,” He croaked.

“You see those vents?” Ash said pointing to the intake, “I need you to stop their fans.”

Frogadier put a hand up to his head in a salute and then jumped into the air. “Fro!” When he hit the peak of his jump he grabbed some of his frubbles, which was the fluffy color around his neck, and started to throw them at the vents fans. He threw so much that it started to get sticky and slow the fan down to a stop.

Clemont stepped into the vent first, “Alright, careful and watch your head,” He said as he walked in.

Bonnie walked in after him, making sure to stick close behind.

Ash returned Frogadier to his Pokeball and then picked up Chelsea, “Thanks Serena,” He said as he started to walk into the vent.

Serena nodded and walked in behind him, staying close.

As they got closer toward the Power Plant the vents got smaller, and they had to start crawling. Clemont kept the lead with Ash close behind, he set Chelsea down on the floor and looked at her, “Can you crawl at least?” Ash asked.

Chelsea held her head and nodded, “I think so,” She moaned.

“Alright just let me know if you need to crawl on my back, ok?” He reassured her that he wasn’t going to leave her behind.

Chelsea nodded, “Got it.”

Then Ash went in after Clemont, Chelsea fallowed, then Bonnie with Serena bringing up the rear. They crawled through the vents quite a while till they finally saw a light.

“These vents connect the whole plant,” Clemont whispered as they moved.

Ash would occasionally look over his shoulder to make sure that everyone was keeping up, especially Chelsea. Her head was hanging down and she had a hand on his leg to tell when he stopped or to let him know she was falling behind.

Though the further into the plant they went the worse her head ach got, it was almost to the point she wanted to start crying from the pain.

They kept going to the source of the light, and Clemont looked down through the vent cover. “Somebody’s down there,” Clemont whispered to the others as he looked down into the room. “Oh no they’ve been tied up!”

There were three men in Power Plant uniforms tied together leaning against a wall. They all looked up when they heard Clemont exclaim from the vent what he saw. “Is somebody up there?” One of them asked.

There was no reply for a second, but then as everyone started to crowed the vent cover; it gave way, causing them to fall down into the room. They all landed in a pile on the floor, with a groan they looked up at the tied up workers.

“Who are you kids?” The man who called up into the vent asked. “Are you one of them?” He was a bit bigger of a man, he had brown hair and his cap was on backwards.

The other two were leaner, one had blonde hair while the other had dark hair and a mustache. All three of them had on green uniforms with blue accents and a tag that said they worked for Kalos Power Plant.

Ash looked up from the pile, “One of who?” He asked.

“Untie us and I will explain,” the bigger man said.

Clemont and Serena went over and started untying them, while Ash looked down at Chelsea.

“Hey I am sorry I landed on you,” He said sitting her up.

Chelsea wobbled with dizziness, “I just wanna know how I ended up on the bottom of all that,” She said dizzily.

Bonnie held her head still, “Good question.”

The workers stood up when they were freed from their ties.

Ash looked over and then back to Chelsea, “Just sit here, k?” He said.

Chelsea just nodded in agreement and curled up holding her head.

“This plant is under siege,” The bigger worker explained as he massaged his wrists.

“Wait, someone took control over it?” Ash asked baffled.

“Yeah, you got that right,” The bigger worker replied.

The others stared at amazement too.

“Who would want to take over a Power Plant?” Chelsea asked looking up.

“We don’t know,” The blonde haired skinny worker replied. “But it was a trio of hijackers, consisting of a man, a woman, and a Meowth-,”

“Not only that,” The bigger worker exclaimed, “The Meowth can talk.”

Ash, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont all looked at each other worriedly.

“A talking Meowth huh,” Ash said knowing who they were referring too.

“Yeah, we let them in thinking that they were in need,” The bigger worker continued to explain what happened.

The three men were sitting in chairs working, when on one of the security camera three people were standing at the large iron door in ragged clothing.

“Help us out, please,” The man said, he was leaning against a tall stick. He wore a raggedy vest and pants, along with a straw hat that was old and fraying.

“We’re lost, alone and we’re scared,” The Meowth said laying on the ground. He wore an oversized jacket and small hat; his shoes were full of holes and his clothes were all torn up.

“If we don’t get some water soon we’ll shrivel up,” The women whined, she too was also leaning against a stick. She had a cloth wrapped around her head to keep the sun off, her clothes were dull and torn on the cuffs; there were bags under her eyes and she wobbled around like she couldn’t stand.

The men looked at each other and decided to help them out, they fed them and gave them water. The poor folks started scarfing down the food, like they have never eaten before.

“Feeling better now?” The man with the mustache asked?

“You guys are life savers,” The Meowth said catty like.

“You’ve allowed us to get back to work,” The man said as he stood.

The women then stood up. “Alright, shall we begin?” She said with a sneery look on her face as she held out a rope taught.

The beggars jumped the workers, and started to tie them up. There was a lot of struggling, but the bandits tied up the workers anyway. The bandits changed uniforms, showing that they were Team Rocket.

The workers struggled against their ties. “Augh, what do you think you are doing?” The man in the mustache said.

“Well,” The Meowth started, “We’ll alter your programing an convert microwaves into Pokémon control waves, dig?

James was sitting at the computer, typing away at the keys. “Simply pointing your antenna towards the ground, and broadcasting those Pokémon control waves; we’ll be able to catch a substantial number of electric type Pokémon, at once,” James explained and kept going at the key board.

While Jesse was looking over his shoulder leaning against the chair.

“Clear and to the point,” Meowth said.

The worker with the mustache growled, “You can’t, you have no idea what that will do to the Pokémon. So stop it!” He ordered.

“Quiet please,” James said still typing. “Now Inkay, be a dear and shut their loud mouths,” He said throwing a Pokeball behind him.

When the Pokeball opened and released the little light, out came a squid looking Pokémon, “Inkay,” It said then spayed ink at the workers causing them to go to sleep.

“And when we woke up, we found ourselves locked up in here,” The worker with the mustache finished the story.

“This is got to be Team Rocket,” Ash guessed.

Chelsea looked up at them and tried to stand, she caught herself on some boxes.

“Hey be careful,” Bonnie said holding out her hands.

“Are you saying that it is that stupid team that locked you guys in that cave?” She groaned angrily.

“Yeah,” Ash said then took her arm.

Serena stepped in front of them all, “That’s why Pikachu and the others are acting so strangely,” She said.

Clemont looked back at her, “It’s because of the Pokémon control waves,” He said then looked back at Chelsea, “How did you know?”

Chelsea looked back up at him, then to the others; they were all giving her the same questioning look. She shook her head, “Just trust me when I say I know something please,” She said tiredly.

Ash looked at her then sat her on a box, “I am actually curious myself,” He said.

Clemont then turned to the workers, “So do you know where they are now?” He asked eagerly.

“They must be in the Power Plants control room,” The worker with the mustache answered.

The bigger worker chimed in, “You see the control room is next to the super conductor ring, and I am pretty sure that they’re still there.”

“Can you tell us how to get to them?” Ash asked, he wanted to get Pikachu as soon as possible. If Team Rocket is here, they are going to be trying to get Pikachu for sure.”

The workers walked up to a map and pointed out the route, “The route isn’t hard, but they have locked every door getting there,” The blonde haired worker said.

“But maybe we can open them from the sub control room,” The bigger worker exclaimed.

The mustache worker looked back at them, “You just leave unlocking those doors to us,” He said confidently.

“That would be great thank you,” Ash said.

Clemont then pointed to the door that was closed to the room that they were currently locked in, “So we first need to go through that one,” He exclaimed.

“Hang on a second,” One of the workers said.

Ash and the others looked at him.

“What is your plan after you get in there?” He asked.

“Well…” Ash said looking at Clemont.

Clemont shrugged.

“We didn’t have a detailed plan,” Chelsea groaned, she was holding her head. “All we had was get in and get the Pokémon out.”

They we all looking at her, Clemont started to think; while Ash, Serena, and Bonnie looked at each other unknowingly.

“Well that’s not a good plan,” The worker commented.

“Well we didn’t plan that far,” Ash said looking back at Chelsea.

A worker looked at Clemont, “How about we reverse the current?”

Ash, Bonnie, and Serena all looked at him in shock, “You want to reverse the current?” They said simultaneously.

Chelsea just started at the worker with a very confused look, “You can do that?”

The blonde worker nodded, “Yes, but it will take some time.”

Chelsea put her head back in her hands. “Well you learn something new every day.”

“Reversing the current will overload the entire system, and stop the Pokémon control waves for a sort while,” The worker continued to explain.

“That would be great!” Chelsea cheered, “Ah!” She cried putting her head in her hands.

Ash and Clemont both looked back at her, “Don’t push yourself,” They said simultaneously, then they looked at each other.

Another worker stepped in, “It’s designed so that we’re able to reverse it remotely, like the locks,” He explained.

“But still it’s going to take us a while to do it,” The last worker started to explain. “Wait until the Super Conductor energy ring in the center of the area turns red, that’s the sign it’s ready to be reversed.”

“And Clemont, when that happens-,” The other worker started.

“Right I will reverse the current, which will overload the system,” Clemont finished.

The last worker nodded, “Good, that is really the only thing we ca do.”

“Alright then, let’s go!” Ash then grabbed a Pokeball.

“But how are we getting that door open?” Serena asked.

Chelsea groaned, she really wanted to make a witty comment; but her head ach wouldn’t let her.

“So we’ll force it open!” He yelled as he threw the ball.

Clemont then threw a Pokeball, “Alright Bunnelby, let’s go!”

“You too Pancham,” Serena said throwing out a Pokémon.

Ash’s Hawlucha was first up, “Hawlucha, use Karata Chop!”

“And Bunnelby, use Double Slap,” Clemont ordered.

Serena addressed her Pancham, “Pancham, use Arm Thrust.”

With all three of those Pokémon attacking at once the door flew off, and went down the hall.

“Alright!” Bonnie cheered.

“Let’s go!” Clemont and Serena both said and the ran out of the room.

Ash went to fallow, but stopped. He looked back at Chelsea, she was still sitting on the boxes; it looked like she was slowly scooting off and trying to fallow. “Chelsea, just stay here,” He said walking up to her.

Chelsea looked up, she wasn’t looking at him, but she was looking in his direction; she still couldn’t see very well. “No, I am going to give Team Rocket a piece of my mind,” She growled then held her head and groaned. “No one takes my Pokémon and gets away with it.”

Ash touched her shoulders, “Don’t worry, I will get Jolteon back, I promise, just stay here,” He said then ran out of the room. “Let’s go save those Pokémon!” He cheered.

Chelsea looked after him and growled.

There were all kinds of electric type Pokémon sitting in the super conductor room, they were all facing the conductor and had it surrounded. Their eyes were glowing red, from the Pokémon Control waves that Team Rocket had created.

“This is keen, what a seen,” Meowth said happily. “It’s like a whole universe of electric types,” He was sitting in a large chair looking up at a screen, that showed all the electric Pokémon. Jesse and James were standing on both sides of the chair. Then when the screen changed he saw Pikachu and jumped, “Huh?” This surprised him. “There’s a Pikachu,” He said pointing at the screen. “You don’t think that’s the twerps, do ya?”

Jesse and James looked closely at the screen, Pikachu, Dedenne, Jolteon, and Luxio were all on screen.

“Well you don’t see a Jolteon wandering around every day; so then, if it in fact is, then that means one thing,” James said, as he leaned away from the screen and looked at the others.

Jesse clenched her fists. “Those twerps are a hop skip and a jump from here!” She growled.

Ash and the others were running down the different halls of the plant, trying to get to the Super Conductor room. Every time they got to a locked door they had to wait for the workers to unlock it.

There was a speaker next to the last door, “Please stand by, we are unlocking the door now. We don’t know what happening inside so please be careful,” One of the workers said through the speaker.

Ash walked up to the speaker, “We will,” He promised.

“Good luck to you,” The worker replied, then the door started to open.

Ash, Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena hid against the edges of the door; and peered into the room. They saw all the Pokémon sitting there by the conductor, staring at it like mindless zombies. Ash ran in and hid behind the closest pillar, he was trying to get a closer look; trying to find Pikachu in amongst all the different electric Pokémon. Bonnie fallowed close behind him, then Clemont and Serena.

They all looked around the sides of the large pillar looking for their Pokémon, “Do you see them?” Clemont whispered.

“No,” Bonnie replied.

Ash focused really hard on the group of Pokémon, how hard could it be to find a Pikachu or an oversized Jolteon? “Ah!” He gasped as he finally saw Pikachu, Luxio, Dedenne, and Jolteon. “There they are,” He whispered. “Pikachu,” He called quietly, “Hey Pikachu!” He was trying to get his attention.

Clemont looked over, “Luxio?” He also called quietly.

Neither of them moved an inch, they just stared at the Super Conductor.

“No use,” He said, “Their not reacting to our voices at all,” Clemont pointed out.

Bonnie looked up at him, “What do we do?” She asked.

“Hang on let me think of something,” Clemont replied.

“Well well well, there they are, twerp time,” Meowth announced. They were all still standing around the hovering screen, watching everything that was going on in the room.

Jesse growled, “I demand you twerps but out!” She screamed in anger.

Then James pushed a button and started talking into a mic. “You may think that you are hiding, but you’re as obvious as your dumbness,” He announced.

Ash and the others looked around; trying to see how Team Rocket could see them.

“Where are they?” Serena asked.

“How can they see us?” Bonnie asked wondered.

James continued on the loud speaker, “And its game, set, and match for the team in the driver’s seat!”

“And we got a mountain of electric types and that’s pretty neat!” Meowth chimed in.

Jesse pushed her way in, “So get used to the taste of defeat.”

Ash pulled out a Pokeball, “Not for long!” He threatened.

“I would rethink that if I were you,” James said with a mocking tone. “From this moment forward the Kalos Power Plant is under our control, of course that means one thing, we’re controlling Lumiose City as well,” James said with laughter, as he taunted the group.

“And if you try to get in our way, we will totally turn the City into Panic Ville,” Jesse then said and looked down at Meowth with a sly smile.

Meowth then started pounding at the keyboard. “Get a load of this,”

A holographic screen popped up and showed Lumiose City, along with a couple meters next to it; that showed how charged the cities power was. There were two full bars, one of them then started to drop; showing that no power was going to that portion of the city.

“No, stop, don’t do that!” Clemont yelled fearfully.

Once all the power was drained out of the city the group began to worry.

“Now there’s no power in the city,” Serena said as they looked at the screen.

Surveillance of the city was playing, showing elevators that quit working right in the middle of taking people to different floors. Also all the stop lights quit working so cars were getting into accidents, no one knew who would go first; causing people to get angry and frustrated on the streets. Then there was a shot at a hospital, the power went off and it got dark all of a sudden, children were getting scared and nurses were running around trying to help people. The whole city started to panic, without power Lumiose City could not function.

Bonnie looked from the screen to Clemont, “What are we gonna do?” She asked, her voice shook with worry.

“Alright,” Ash started as he put his Pokeball away grudgingly. “We’ll do as you say,” He put his hands up in surrender.

The others looked at him fearfully, “What?”

“Good choice,” Meowth said with his arms crossed. “You’re not so dumb.”

James looked at the floating screen closely, “With Lumiose City being held hostage all you can do is keep being twerps,” He taunted.

Serena leaned into Ash and whispered, “Ash, what are we going to do now?” She asked, she was looking around the room at all the Pokémon.

Ash looked over his shoulder at Clemont, “Hey is it ready yet?” He whispered.

Clemont leaned into him, “Almost.” He said looking up at the conductor, he was waiting for the ring to change red.

Jesse leaned up against the glass, of the bubble room that they were in, she looked out over the Super Conductor room. She focused on Ash and the others, “Don’t let your guard down,” She said then looked back at James and Meowth, “Let’s be certain that they can’t pull any fast ones.”

James and Meowth both stared at her with some confusion. “How?” James asked.

“What’s goin on in that head of yours?” Meowth wondered.

Jesse looked back out the window then peeked back at them through the corner of her eye, “We simply force all those electric type Pokémon to attack the twerps,” She sneered wickedly.

James and Meowth grinned. “Command Waves,” Meowth growled. “So let’s give it the gas,” He pushed a button, causing panels in the wall to slide down and reveal more antenna.

They were all pointed at the center of the room, they started to hum as Control Waves started projecting from them. All the Pokémon turned and looked at Ash and the group, including their Pokémon; Luxio, Pikachu, Dedenne, and Jolteon.

“Pikachu?” Ash said looking at them.

The Pokémon growled as they stood there, prepared for attack.

“Agh!” Chelsea was on the ground curled up holding her head.

The workers stared at her in confusion, “Are you alright Miss?”

Chelsea shook her head, “I need to get to that control room,” She growled sitting up. “Team Rocket needs to stop this,” She started to crawl out of the room slowly. “They are hurting all those Pokémon.”

The workers watched her crawl out, they barely moved their positions; from the computer. One stuck his head out the door and watched her crawl away. “Should we do something?” He turned to the others and asked.

They shrugged, “Like what?” One of them said.

“I think the best thing we could do is let her go,” The other sitting at the computer said. “It is not a good idea, to stop a woman from achieving her goal.”

The other two looked at each other then back to him.

“Especially one with that kind of drive, you’ll just get yourself killed,” He advised.

They all started to spark as they filled themselves with energy, getting ready to attack.

“Alright, I got this,” Ash said waving the others to get down.

“Fallow me quick,” Clemont said guiding them to a pillar to hid behind.

“Ash?” Serena said.

Bonnie pulled her arm, “Come on!” She said and drug her behind the large pillar.

Pikachu then jumped into the air and charged up, “Pika!” It growled as it let out a vicious Thunder Bolt, “Cu!”

It struck Ash hard, “Ah!” He yelled, feeling all that electricity hit him at one.

Pikachu kept attacking, till he was just holding a Thunder Bolt attack.

“Ah!” Ash stood there taking the attack. “Pikachu.”

Clemont and the others watched from behind a pillar, “It’s too dangerous Ash!” Clemont yelled, “You have to get out of there.”

Ash looked up at the Pokémon, Pikachu was still unleashing his Thunder Bolt and not letting up, “There’s no way I am letting Team Rocket use these Pokémon,” He groaned, he then shook off the pain he was feeling from the attack, he felt a push to get to Pikachu; maybe wake him up out of this controlled state. “There’s no way!” He yelled then started to walk toward Pikachu. His body was slowly going numb, but he had to get to Pikachu.

Pikachu kept up the attack, unleashing pulses of more power every step Ash took.

“Pikachu,” Ash said as he got closer. He slowly got down on one knee; he muscles were spasming from all the electricity. “I’m going to get you out of here,” He leaned down and was touch Pikachu’s cheek with his fingers.

“Pika!” Pikachu said alert, he then started to fight the controlling waves.

“And I’m not gonna stop till I do!” He shouted and he got closer to Pikachu, His hand started to go around Pikachu. He thought if he grabbed him he could get him out of here.

“No, no, no!” Jesse yelled pointing at the screen, it was showing Ash and Pikachu. “Don’t let him get close to Pikachu, that is just asking for trouble!” She yelled angrily.

Meowth then started pushing buttons, “I’ll make it double!” He said as he turned up the power of the control waves. He also put in specific commands for Pokémon to attack.

Again the antenna started to buzz with the command waves flowing from them.

Luxio reacted to the waves, he ran and tackled Ash sending him flying away from Pikachu.

Ash laid on the floor and slowly tried to get up, his muscles were still spasming, “Ah!” He groaned.

“Stop it!” Clemont yelled, he ran out from behind the pillar to Luxio.

“Clemont!” Bonnie and Serena yelled as he ran.

Luxio lunched out, ready to use a Thunder Fang; but Clemont stepped in the way. Luxio latched on to Clemont’s shoulder hard.

“Ghh,” Clemont grit his teeth and took it, his whole body lit up with electricity, as Luxio went in to a Discharge Attack.

“Clemont no!” Ash said as he watched Clemont fall to the ground.

Clemont held on to Luxio the best he could, he felt his muscles spasm, but he wanted Luxio to be safe. “Oh Luxio,” He said trying to stay calm, “Luxio, it’s me.”

Luxio looked at Clemont, “Lux?”

James tightened a fist, “Don’t be a hero!” He yelled.

Jesse leaned into Meowth, “Turn it up to eleven,” She growled.

“Or even twelve!” Meowth called as he began to press buttons on the keyboard quickly.

Waves started to come stronger now.

Luxio shook his head as the waves entered his mind and took control again, he shook his head to fight it; but it was too much. He cried out in pain, trying to fight. “Luxi!”

“Luxio?” Clemont looked at him confused.

“YO!” Luxio roared biting down onto Clemont shoulder harder, letting out more electricity; as was commanded of him.

Clemont cried out in pain from the shock, “AH!”

“AHG!” Chelsea held her head and laid on the floor, “Stop it, stop it, stop it!” She screamed, she started to drag herself across the floor. “When I get to you Team Rocket, you are gonna pay,” She growled to the empty halls. Her brain felt like it was been thrown in a blender. Every wave and pulse just caused more pain, she could hear voices in her head; they were all screaming out.

“Clemont!” Bonnie cried.

“Excellent!” Team Rocket cheered, “Keep it up!”

“We’ll get you out of there,” Ash groaned as he stood.

Bonnie and Serena came running up behind Ash; Serena bent down, “Are you ok?” She asked gently touching his arm.

“Yeah,” Ash said looking over his shoulder at her.

“Luxio,” Clemont said with sorrow in his voice.

Ash, Bonnie, and Serena looked over to Clemont.

“I’m sorry, it’s painful isn’t it? It hurts doesn’t it?” He said holding Luxio. His heart just began to fill up, this Pokémon that means so much to him was in pain. He wished he could make it stop, right then and there. Clemont thought about how Ash was so companionate toward Pikachu, and how he was bound and determined to save him. “I am here,” He then said, “And I won’t quit till you are safe and sound.”

Luxio let go of Clemont and looked at him, “Luxio?” He said, he could hear Clemont; but trying to fight the waves was so hard. He couldn’t do it.

All of a sudden the Super Conductor ring turned red, all the electricity running through it was glowing like the last seconds of a setting sun.

“What’s with the red?” Meowth said in a panic.

James studied the screen, the ring from the Super Conductor was shown. “It’s pretty, but strange.”

“Look!” Serena pointed to the ring. “The Super Conductors rings color!”

“It turned red, just like they said it would” Bonnie finished.

Clemont looked up at the ring. Come on Luxio, we can get through this together, he thought to himself. “Clemontic gear on!” He yelled, then a three fingered hand came from his backpack and grabbed the ground. “Just hang on, I’ll act as a ground,” He guided Luxio.

Bonnie, Ash, and Serena all watched in shock, they were scared as to what he was about to do.

“Clemont!” Bonnie cried out for her brother, she wanted him to be ok.

“Alright, I want you to keep using Discharge!” He told Luxio, he was still hanging on to him tightly.

It took a minute, but Luxio heard him. “Lux-io!” He cried out at he let off a mighty Discharge.

Clemont shook in pain as the electricity from the attack grew stronger. His muscles contracted and spasmed, he couldn’t feel his legs very much anymore. He cried out in pain from it all.

The electricity from Luxio’s Discharge flew around the room, totally over loading the system and shutting off the power. Causing it to get really dark, and the waves to stop.

“Hey what’s going on?” Meowth said looking around, the holographic keyboard was gone and now they couldn’t see anything, they had to work manually.

Jesse looked over to James, “Get busy on getting the power back, stat!” She ordered angrily.

“I’m working as fast as I can,” James said as he rapidly started to type on the physical keypad.

The Pokémon started to wake up from their controlled state, looking around confused as to where they were.

Pikachu shook his head, “Pika?” He said then looked around.

“Dene?” Dedenne chirped looking around also.

Bonnie ran and scooped up Dedenne, “Dedenne, you’re alright!” She cheered as she hugged the tiny Pokémon.

Dedenne cheered too.

Ash walked up to Pikachu, “Hey buddy,” He said and opened his arms.

Pikachu jumped to him, “Pika-pi!” He cheered.

Jolteon looked around, “Jol?” He said and began to walk around looking for Chelsea.

Ash held out his hand to him, “Come on, Chelsea is waiting for you, she is safe,” He reassured.

Jolteon looked at him suspiciously, then looked past him.

Chelsea was running down the hall, at a brake neck speed. “They did it, good job guys,” Her head was feeling better and was clear. “Jolteon, I am coming!” She shouted as she ran down the hall.

Jolteon’s ears perked, “Jolt!” He said then walked past Ash.

“Hey it’s ok, she’s safe,” Ash tried again.

But Jolteon just kept walking.

Clemont looked at everyone with a smile and stood; but his legs were so tired, along with the rest of his body, that he collapsed.

Luxio stepped forward and caught him, “Luxio?”

“Oh no, Clemont!” Bonnie ran up next to him, “Are you ok?”

Ash looked over worried, “Clemont?”

Clemont lifted his head and smiled. “Luxio, I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done,” He praised, as he petted Luxio.

Luxio licked his hand, “Lux-luxio,” He said.

Clemont chuckled.

Just then, Luxio began to glow.

“Huh?” Clemont said sill laying across him.

The lights came back on, and the Super Conductors energy began to flow and serge once again.

“We have ignition,” James said confidently.

Jesse cheered, “So back to those command waves.

Meowth slapped a couple button, “With pleasure.”

The microwaves started to be moved around again, creating the waves that were controlling the Pokémon once again.

Luxio began to grow and change.

Jolteon ran up to the door and looked out, “Jolteon?” He looked worried.

With a quick flash he then got plowed over, “Jolteon!” Chelsea cheered. They were both sitting on the ground, Chelsea was squeezing Jolteon tightly, “Oh thank goodness you are safe!” She then looked over at the now glowing Luxio. “Luxio’s evolving?” She said then stood.

Luxio grew taller, his tail lengthened, and the spikes on his head grew larger.

“AH!” Clemont said as he began to rise as Luxio grew.

“What’s going on?” Serena asked, she held a hand to her cheek.

“Is that what I think it is?” Ash asked rhetorically.

Chelsea walked up next to Ash, “Evolution is beautiful, no?” She asked, causing Ash to jump.

“Chelsea!” He said excitedly, “Your head?” He then sounded concerned.

Chelsea looked at him, “I’ll be fine,” She said then looked down at Jolteon.

When Luxio quit glowing it roared, “Luxray!” His eyes were large and colored red and yellow, his body was black with small parts of blue; such as his legs, face and stomach. He had yellow stripes on the back of his front legs and a large yellow star on the tip of his tail, all his features were more defined. And his spines were fiercer looking.

“It evolved!” Bonnie said amazed.

Dedenne perked up, “De-nene,” It too sounded astounded.

Clemont slid off Luxray’s back, and chuckled.

Luxray then charged up a released a powerful attack. “Luxray!” The whole room light up as he used his attack, his electricity attached itself to the whole room.

“Look at that, Luxio evolved and learned how to use Electric Terrain!” Clemont said excitedly.

The electricity filled up the whole room, it was so much that all the antenna got fried and exploded.

Chelsea looked around and smiled, “Impressive,” She looked at Jolteon, “How’s that for a move?”

Jolteon shrugged, almost unimpressed.

Team Rocket almost pushed their faces against the screen, “Is that allowed!” Jesse said.

“Ioy, I don’t feel good,” Meowth said pained.

Ash cheered, “Wow.”

Serena pulled out her PokeDex and held it up. It opened and Luxray popped up on the screen.

“Luxray, the gleam eyes Pokémon, and the evolved form of Luxio. Using the power to see through walls Luxray can track down hidden opponents and even locate lost children,” The PokeDex said.

“Good, alright time for out counter attack!” Clemont called, “When electric terrane is effect electric type attacks get a power boost.”

Ash ran up next to Clemont with Pikachu.

Chelsea stood on the other side, “I hope Team Rocket has a parachute, because they are about to take launch, and coming down isn’t going to be a soft landing,” She looked at Jolteon. “Ready?”

Jolteon stood and took a fighting stance, sparks flew between his spiked fur. “Jol!”

“Everyone let’s go!” Ash called out, he pointed up at Team Rocket, “Use your attacks up there!”

Team Rocket watched as all the Pokémon got charged up, “Umm, you don’t want to do that!” Jesse said in a panic.

“And even if you do, don’t!” James yelled through the glass.

The Pokémon unleashed their thunder attacks all at once, causing the room to get a blinding amount of light in it. The shock was focused at Team Rocket, when the electricity hit them it caused a mass explosion and sent them flying.

“Team Rockets blasting off again!” They all said simultaneously as they flew off.

Everyone cheered as they watched Team Rocket disappear, even the wild Pokémon.

It was getting about evening time; the sun was setting causing the sky to turn orange.

“I’m truly sorry that some sections of the Plant were damaged,” Clemont apologized sincerely.

The larger worker smiled, “Not a problem.”

“Because of you, Lumiose City safe; We’re the ones who should apologize,” The worker with a mustache said.

The blonde haired worker pulled up a tablet and poked around on its screen, “We’re using the subsystem to supply power to the city, so everything is fine.”

“That’s great,” Ash said happily.

Clemont looked at him, “And I learned something else from you Ash,” He said.

Ash shook his head, “Naw, I didn’t do anything; we were able to get all the Pokémon out of there thanks to you,” He praised.

Chelsea nudged him, “Yeah Clemont, you and Luxray were amazing.”

“He’s right, you were great,” Serena chimed in.

Bonnie looked up at him, “Yup, you were so great.”

Clemont blushed, he wasn’t sure how he felt with this much praise. “Uh, well thank you all,” He said excepting the praise, “It’s nice to know you feel that way.”

Chelsea rubbed his back, “We truly do.”

Clemont smiled back at her.

One of the workers then started to headed toward helicopter, “I have to go,” He said as it fired up.

“Huh?” Ash looked over, “Were are you going?”

“I’m heading to the main offices in Lumiose city to brief them on what happened today,” He explained as he jumped into the copter.

Clemont looked over and thought.

Chelsea looked over at him, “Clemont?”

He walked up to the helicopter silently, “Would it be possible if I came along with you, to Lumiose City?” He asked over the noise.

Ash and the others looked surprised, Chelsea almost hurt. “Huh, wha?”

“Sure,” The worker said. “If ya want.”

Then Clemont made a motion to Luxray; and Luxray walked up and jumped in the copter.

“Clemont?” Ash said getting his attention, “What are you doing?” He asked.

Clemont turned before he got into the copter, and looked at Ash, “I think it’s time I head back to Lumiose City,” He said.

“Then we’ll go along,” Ash offered.

“No,” Clemont stopped him.

Chelsea looked baffled, “Why?”

“Because,” He began to explain, “I’m just not satisfied with where I am right now, I wanna go home and work hard and train,” He said then looked at Ash and Chelsea. “Before you come to the Lumiose City Gym.”

Chelsea looked confused.

Ash looked back at him with a thoughtful look.

“By the time you challenge the Lumiose gym, I be ready to give you a battle you’d expect from a gym leader,” Clemont finished.

Ash smiled, “I see,” He got an eager look in his eyes, “But still, I’m not going to lose no matter what,” He said then held out his hand.

Clemont took it and they shook on it.

Chelsea walked up to him and hugged him, “See you soon ok, take it easy on that rib,” She looked at his face, “You pushed it really hard today.”

Clemont blushed and looked back at her, “I will, thank you,” He then looked over her shoulder. “Serena, will you look after Bonnie?”

Serena smiled, “You bet.”

“I’m not a little kid,” Bonnie said with tears in her eyes, she was trying really hard not to cry. “I’ll be fine.”

Clemont smiled then turned and got into the helicopter. He looked out as it took off, Luxray was standing next to him. “I’ll be waiting at the Lumiose Gym!” He shouted.

Ash shouted back, “See you soon, don’t forget; I’m going to beat you and win my fifth badge for sure!”

“We’ll see!” Clemont challenged.

Serena and Bonnie were waving goodbye.

Chelsea gave a little wave, “I hope he saves some of that fierce attitude for me,” She said with a chuckle.

Ash looked at her, “I am sure he will.”

They watched the helicopter fly off into the distance and toward the sunset.


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Episode 7 – An All In One Day.

“Serena, how long till we get out of this ridiculous desert?” Chelsea pouted, “I am hot, sweaty, tired…” She went on and on complaining.

Ash, walking next to her, looked over at her questioningly; raising an eyebrow. While Serena looked at her little map, Bonnie was also gazing up at Chelsea.

“Geez Chelsea, I don’t remember you this whinny?” Ash said trying not to laugh.

Pikachu jumped over to her shoulder and started patting her head, “Pika-pi,” He said comfortingly.

Chelsea looked over at Ash, “Well I feel whinny today, so hush,” She huffed.

“How do you feel whinny?” Bonnie asked confused, she was walking behind Ash next to Serena.

Chelsea rubbed her face hard, “You will understand when you are older,” She said with her whinny voice. “I’m hungry!” She shouted.

Jolteon kept walking as if it wasn’t happening.

“We are almost to some trees, if that helps?” Serena said looking up from her map. “Just a couple more miles.”

Chelsea looked forward, “I don’t see trees!” She cried.

Ash looked at her then Serena concerned. “Maybe we should just take a break,” He suggested.

“But we just took a break,” Serena stated. “Come on Chelsea you will be fine,” She said then patted her shoulder.

Chelsea was on the edge of tears, for really no reason; besides it was hot, dry, she felt sticky, and tired. Among other things, she just felt emotionally unstable at the moment. She looked over and saw a shady spot that a rock was making. “I wanna nap,” She mumbled, she mindlessly started to walk toward the shade.

Ash stopped and watched her, “Hey, where you going?” He shouted after her.

Jolteon rolled his eyes and trotted in front of her; then began to push her back the direction they were supposed to be walking.

Chelsea cooperated with a stumble, “But I am hot and tired, I need a nap,” She cried.

“You got that right,” Bonnie spouted, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The girl she thought was perfect for her brother, acting like a baby. Maybe she was wrong about this one.

After Jolteon got Chelsea back on track, walking next to Ash they started moving forward again, Pikachu was still on her shoulder petting her head.

It wasn’t five minutes later and Chelsea just stopped.

Serena, looking down at her map, almost bumped into her, “Why’d we stop?” She asked looking around Chelsea, there was nothing blocking the way. “Chelsea?” Serena stepped in front and looked at her.

She was looking down at the ground.

“Come on, you need to get over this lump,” She scolded.

Ash scratched his head, “If she’s tired, let’s just take a couple minute break,” He suggested again.

Serena looked at him angrily. “Why? She is just being a baby,” Serena looked at her. “Come on, you are better than this; let’s go,” She said frusteratedly and stomped her foot.

Chelsea put her hands on her face and began to tremble.

Serena crossed her arms across her chest, and stared at her. While Bonnie and Ash stood behind her and watched. And Jolteon shook his head and began to walk, he went and stood behind Ash; causing him to look down at with curiosity.

“What is it?” He asked.

Jolteon looked up at him then to Chelsea.

She shivered a bit then sniffed; when she looked up her eyes were full of tears, and they began to stream down her face as she started to sob. “I am so uncomfortable!” She sobbed.

Everyone jumped in surprise.

Ash walked up to her, he had never seen her act this way before. “Hey, hey calm down,” He said not sure what else to say, he was lost for words.

Chelsea rubbed her face against her sleeves, whipping away the tears and snot away.

Serena and Bonnie both had wide eyes as they exchanged glances, then looked back at Chelsea and Ash.

“Well, this escalated quickly,” Bonnie mumbled.

Serena nodded in agreement.

Pikachu looked at her and tried to comfort her. “Pika.”

Ash looked back at Serena with a desperate look on his face, “What do I do?” He mouthed.

Serena shrugged, she had no idea what to do.

Ash looked back at Chelsea, “We are going to go take a break, ok?” He hoped that would help her feel better.

She just stood there and cried.

“Chelsea,” Ash began to sound worried.

Chelsea took a few deep breaths, then looked up at him and smiled. “I feel better now.” She looked at Ash, her eyes were clear and bright now.

Ash, Serena, and Bonnie all stared at her baffled, as to what they just saw.

Chelsea looked at them, “We can go now, sorry about that,” She said with a happy tone in her voice.

Ash just stared at her. “Yeah, I guess,” He said shocked.

Chelsea smiled and started to walk on ahead.

Pikachu looked back at them confused, he was still atop Chelsea’s shoulder.

The group just stared after her then looked at each other.

“What?” Bonnie asked, she wasn’t sure what she was asking; but she had no idea what else to say.

They all started to fallow her, “I hope that doesn’t happen again,” Ash whispered fearfully.

Jolteon shook his head and walked after all of them.

It wasn’t too much longer and they started to see trees, just a couple here and there; they weren’t tall or very green ether. They were very sad, dry, and scraggly looking trees. The heat still rose from the ground, from the scorching sun beating on it all day. They continued to walk through the sad, dry trees; as they looked ahead it was hard to see anything from the bright sun in their eyes. Although as they continued to walk they saw that the trees got thicker, taller, and greener. And the air became fresher and not as dry, it was really refreshing after being out in that hot desert so long. There was a gentle breeze that touched their cheeks as they walked, and the leaves on the trees sang out their rustly song.

“Well this is nice,” Serena said looking around at the thickening trees.

Bonnie nodded, “Yeah.”

Ash looked back at them, “Yeah, so much cooler, it is nice to have some shade,” He exclaimed stretching his arms out.

Pikachu sighed a relief, he was happy to get out of that hot sun too.

“How are you doing Chelsea?” Ash asked.

Chelsea looked over her shoulder and smiled, “I am grand, the air is sweet, the breeze is cool, and it’s green; I like green,” She said happily.

Ash looked over at Serena, “So Serena,” He said getting her attention.

Serena looked back at him, “Yes Ash,” She replied sweetly. She filled up with Vivillon’s when he talked to her.

He moved closer to her, as they walked. He then leaned into her, “So, do you know why Chelsea got upset?” He whispered to her.

Her heart sank, “Um, no I don’t,” She stuttered. Why couldn’t he just ask her? She thought, it was frustrating that he was giving her all this attention.

Ash looked from her to Chelsea, “Alright,” He said in a hushed tone.

As they entered the forest the canopy got thicker, over the path and even more so as you looked off the path into the forest.

Jolteon looked back at him, then raised an eyebrow.

After a long while of walking, Serena ran her figures through her hair as the breeze pushed it into her face, she groaned a bit as she felt her hat still wasn’t on her head; it was still singed in her pack. She looked over to Chelsea who was on her left, walking between herself and Ash. She tried to carefully look around to see how close she was actually walking next to Ash.

Chelsea looked over at Ash, Pikachu was on his shoulder, “Pikachu?”

Pikachu and Ash looked over, “Huh?” They both said simultaneously.

She laughed, “Is your name Pikachu?” Chelsea asked looking at Ash, she had a giggle in her voice.

“Uh?” Ash looked back at Pikachu, “No.”

Chelsea pulled out a box of apple juice, “Do you like apple juice?” She said shaking the box.

Pikachu’s face lit up with a huge smile, “Pi-ka!” He cheered as he climbed over Ash’s head and jumped into Chelsea’s arms. He grabbed the box and began to suck on the straw, “KA!” He said letting out a refreshing breath.

Chelsea laughed, “You’re too cute,” She cooed.

Ash laughed, “He like ketchup too,” He mentioned.

They both started laughing as Bonnie bounced over, “Hey can I have some?” She asked walking backwards in front of Chelsea.

“Of course,” She said and reached around her back, into one of her side pockets; then pulled out another apple juice.

Bonnie took it and cheered, “YAY!” She said then skipped on ahead.

“Hey Bonnie don’t go too far,” Serena called after her.

Chelsea giggled, she had Pikachu in her arms as she looked down at Jolteon, “Remember when you were this small?”

Jolteon looked up at her then shook his head and looked away.

“Oh yes you do,” She said then gave Pikachu a hug.

Pikachu cheered and smiled.

Bonnie sucked on her juice box. “I hope Clemont will be ok by himself,” She said with the straw still in her mouth.

Serena looked over at her, “Don’t worry about him,” She comforted, “I bet he is getting ready for Ash’s gym battle.”

Chelsea looked over at her, she was still holding Pikachu, “I am so stoked to see it, you two seemed so pumped,” She said looking back at Ash.

Ash nodded, “Yeah, it’s going to be epic.”

Chelsea laughed, “I am excited for my battle too,” She said then looked up in thought, “It is going to be interesting.”

“Yeah,” Ash looked at Pikachu, he was drinking the apple juice. “We should find some time and train today,” He then suggested and looked at Chelsea. “What do ya say?”

“Of course, no problem,” She replied.

Then out of nowhere a large dark energy ball came flying and landed in front of them, throwing up dust.

“What they heck?” Chelsea yelled as she shielded her face and hugged Pikachu tight.

“Where’d that come from?” Bonnie cried.

Ash looked up in the direction that the energy ball had come from; there was a Meowth shaped hot air balloon. Ash gritted his teeth. “Team Rocket!” He shouted and pointed up at them.

“Todays the day we catch Pikachu for sure!” James yelled down at them.

Chelsea looked up at them confused, “I don’t think today is the day, I mean you tried yesterday and you didn’t even come close,” She said shaking her head.

“Shut your mouth!” Jesse yelled shaking her fist.

Meowth jumped on the edge of the balloon’s basket. “Yeah, you haven’t even seen what we got yet!”

Chelsea shrugged, “Sorry, I just have zero confidence in you, that’s all.”

They all gritted their teeth and growled.

“You don’t even know us!” James yelled.

Ash, Serena, and Bonnie looked back and forth between Chelsea and Team Rocket.

“Well,” Chelsea started, “You tired a couple days ago also, and you had a Grumpig; and to be honest, you had a good thing going that day. You just for some reason choked,” She shrugged and looked at Ash. “So I feel it is safe to assume you guys are just no good at what you do, I mean if a couple of kids can out smart you; what does that say about you exactly.”

Jesse’s face turned red with anger, her eyes lit up on fire.

James and Meowth both were hiding off the other side of the balloon basket, “What is she doing?” Meowth cried.

“We’ll show you!” Jesse screamed frustratedly.

“Suit yourself,” Chelsea looked down at Jolteon.

“Jol!” He barked and jumped forward in to a fighting stance.

Pikachu jumped out of Chelsea’s arms next to him, “Pika!”

“Jolteon send them off with a Thunder Shock!” She called.

Ash pointed at the balloon, “Pikachu, use Thunder Bolt!”

Both Pokémon lit up in a frenzy of sparks, Pikachu jumped in the air letting off his attack; while Jolteon stayed on the ground and unleashed his furious electric attack.

“What?” Team Rocket yelled as they watched the focused electricity fly toward them.

The electricity hit the basket lighting up the balloon, over charging the engines they had on the sides of the basket; causing them to explode. The heat from the explosion also causing the balloon to fill to quickly with hot air, causing it too to explode. The series of explosions sent Team Rocket flying off.

“Already!” They cried as they blasted off into the distance.

The group watched them fly away.

Chelsea then scoffed, “Geez, why are they always fallowing you guys; I mean I understand third times the charm, but this is ridiculous.”

Ash looked over at her, “They have been chasing me and Pikachu since a couple days after I started my journey,” Ash explained as they started walking again.

“What?” Chelsea looked at him with huge eyes, “Geez, and they still are bugging you?” She said then looked over her shoulder in the direction that they flew.

“Yeah,” Ash then laughed, “It doesn’t bother us that much, it is good exercise.”

“It’s annoying if you ask me,” Bonnie groaned.

Serena nodded, “Yeah, I just wish they would get caught; no good Pokémon thieves.”

Chelsea looked around, “Hey, how about we take a break now,” She suggested.

Ash smiled, “I agree, I am starving!”


Serena pointed in a direction, “Look over there, a perfect spot!” She said then ran up ahead, “Come on!”

Ash, Bonnie, and Pikachu ran after her; while Chelsea walked shaking her head.

“Why all the running?” She said looking at Jolteon.

Jolteon shrugged.

They laid out a blanket for the Pokémon then set up a table and sat down, getting ready to eat. It was beautiful out, the sun was shining down through the canopy of the trees; casting a pale green glow throughout the area. They sat on the edge of a large field under the cover of some shady trees. Then there was a small breeze that cooled the air slightly, making the tree leaves rustle. It was almost a musical sound as the group sat and began to eat the sandwiches that Chelsea made.

“Man, Chelsea, you make the best sandwiches!” Ash cheered, as he took another huge bite of his sandwich.

Chelsea smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Bonnie nodded and swallowed her bite, “Yeah, this is way better than Clemont’s; it has just the right amount of everything on it!”

“Pi-ka-chu!” Pikachu cheered nibbling on his sandwich.

Dedenne lifted his head up, “Dede nne!” It garbled through a mouth full.

Bonnie looked down at him, “Hey, it is rude to talk with your mouth full,” She told him.

Dedenne smiled and continued to eat.

Chelsea and Ash laughed.

Serena was holding her sandwich, looking down at it; she would occasionally look back up at Chelsea and Ash. Chelsea was casually leaning against him, laughing along with him; how could she just do that? I mean sit next to him, be leaning against him; and not get nervous, her confidence was overwhelming. Serena wanted to be like that, leaning against Ash, smiling and laughing. She just thought that it would be too much, what if Ash looked at her funny? What if he totally rejected her? She looked back down at her sandwich, Chelsea was nice; when she wanted to be. Although she could also be really mean at the same time, how could Ash like someone like that? And what if he does like her, like that? Where does that put me? She thought, her mind was racing, she really wanted Chelsea to go away; she wanted Ash’s attention and it was hard enough to get when Chelsea wasn’t around, now it seems almost impossible.

Chelsea peeked over at Serena and then quickly grabbed a napkin and leaned to her, “Woop!” She chirped. She had to lean over Ash’s lap to catch a glop of mayonnaise dripping out of Serena’s sandwich.

Serena jumped out of her thoughts as she saw Chelsea’s hand. “Huh?” She looked up at her. She saw Chelsea leaning across Ash holding her arm out toward her.

Chelsea laid the napkin on Serena’s lap, “Sorry, too many condiments on yours I guess,” She said then sat back up and looked at Ash, “Sorry about that.”

Ash smiled at her, “No problem, it was nice of you to save her dress,” He complimented.

Chelsea smiled.

Serena looked back at her sandwich.

“Is it ok?” Chelsea asked, when she looked at Serena, she was blankly staring at her sandwich.

Serena looked up, “Oh yeah, sorry.” She said then took a bite of her sandwich. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” Chelsea smiled, she looked down at Jolteon, Eevee, Pikachu, and Dedenne. “How are you guys doing?”

Jolteon was taking the last couple bites of his food then looked up at her and smiled.

“Ouwy!” Eevee chirped, then hopped into Chelsea’s lap, and reached for her sandwich.

Pikachu and Dedenne had food in their paws and cheered.

“Good,” She smiled. “Eevee, you can’t have my sandwich,” She laughed then looked down, “Where’s yours?” There was a small dish on the ground that had a big mess in it that was probably once Eevee’s sandwich. “Oh, Eevee.” Chelsea looked down at her then kissed the top of her head.

Eevee smiled, “Weee ouy!” She cheered.

Chelsea shook her head, “OK, here.” She said, giving her a bite.

Ash looked over at her. “You sure take great care of Eevee,” He said.

Chelsea nodded. “Thanks,” She was still looking at Eevee. “She is such a baby; gets me every time.”

Serena looked over, “What do you mean?”

Chelsea blushed, “Well, I kinda have this teeny, tiny, weak spot for babies.” She said embarrassedly. “I always give in to them.”

Ash rubbed her shoulder, “Well hey, that shows that you will be a great mom, someday.” He said with a grin.

Bonnie smiled, “Yeah, you will be the best mom!”

Chelsea looked down, “Thanks,” She said, still embarrassed. That would be great. If I could even have kids. She thought to herself.

After Bonnie took the last bite of her sandwich, she let out a long hard breath; like she had been holding it for a long minute. “Wow, I couldn’t eat another bite!” She said cheerfully.

Serena perked up and smiled, “But we have macarons to eat also,” She explained pulling a small basket out of her backpack.

Ash and Bonnie stared into the basket happily, they loved the taste of the small cake like pastry. While Chelsea just stared at the basket with a puzzle look.

“Yes!” Ash cheered.

“And Pokepuffs, for Pikachu and the others,” She continued and set down a small bowl in front of Pikachu and Fennekin.

They both cheered.

Chelsea looked into the bowl and saw round ball like pastries sitting there, covered in frosting and sprinkles. “What is that?”

“They are called Pokepuffs,” Serena explained then put some in a separate bowl. “Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you,” Serena said setting a bowl in front of Jolteon, it had pink Pokepuffs inside.

Jolteon looked at the bowl and sat up, “Jol?” He bent down and smelt them then backed away shaking his head.

“Huh?” Serena looked confused, “You didn’t even try one.”

Chelsea petted his head, “Oh don’t take offence, he is picky,” She explained. “Come on buddy they can’t be that bad,” She said then reached down and picked one up. “See,” She then bit into it. Immediately she shook her head with a sour look on her face. “Woohh!”

Serena laughed, “They are for Pokémon, people aren’t supposed to eat them.”

Chelsea stood, she was still shaking her head and covering her mouth. “Well I feel if I can’t eat it, my Pokémon shouldn’t,” She forced herself to swallow it, then took a breath. She still had a grotesque look on her face when she turned around, she looked back up, Serena looked almost hurt.

Pikachu, Fennekin, and Eevee where chowing down on the Pokepuffs in the bowl on the table, while Ash and Bonnie ate the macarons.

“Ok, look Serena, I can see how they can be popular; but man,” Chelsea walked back to the table and slugged down her water. She put the water on the table again, and looked at Serena, “they are way too sweet.”

Serena looked at Fennekin and Pikachu, “But they seem to like them so much, even Eevee likes them.” She felt confused.

Chelsea nodded, “Well if they like sweet, of course,” She pointed out. “But if you are like me, I don’t like sweet all that much; to be honest, I have to be craving it. Though that doesn’t mean the rest of my Pokémon won’t like them,” She explained.

Serena put her hand on her hip, “Well like I said, they are for Pokémon.”

Ash laughed, “Yeah I made that mistake before too.”

Chelsea sighed, “I bet you would have,” She looked back at Serena. “Do you make other flavors?”

Serena walked back over to her bag, “Let me check.”

Chelsea sat down and started to drink more water, “Geez those are so sweet,” She grumbled.

“She could have given me diabetes,” Jolteon mumbled pushing the bowl away, with his paw.

Chelsea spat water up and started to laugh, choking on her water.

Ash and Bonnie looked over at her confused.

“What’s so funny?” Bonnie asked.

Chelsea shook her head catching her breath and waved at them with a limp wrist. “Nothing,” She choked.

Ash patted her back, “You ok?”

Chelsea nodded as she coughed, then looked down at Jolteon, “Not cool man,” She groaned then dumped water on to him.

Jolteon jumped away and shook the water off, “Jolt!” He barked.

“What do you mean!” Chelsea shouted after him and stood, “You made me choke on my water!” She said then ran after him with her water bottle.

Jolteon started to run away from her, “Jolteon!” He barked loudly.

Ash and Bonnie, along with their Pokémon watched as they chased each other; laughing at them.

Serena set different colored Pokepuffs on the table and looked over at them, “Well, guess they don’t want these,” She grumbled.

Chelsea took the lid off her bottle and threw the water at Jolteon, the water flew through the air toward the table; Jolteon ducked as the water flew past him. The water hit Pikachu, and splashed all over the table, getting everything wet.

Serena froze as she looked at the, now wet, Pokepuffs on the table. She glared over at Chelsea, who was laying on the ground laughing with Jolteon. “What’s so funny?” She snapped.

Chelsea looked over and saw the damage, “oops,” She said then stood.

Pikachu, Fennekin, and Eevee were sitting there wet, along with Ash.

Chelsea smirked, “Sorry,” She was trying hard not to laugh.

“Do you think this is funny?” Serena yelled, “You ruined my Pokepuffs!”

“Come on, we were just messing around,” Chelsea said trying to calm her down, “You can’t tell me you don’t have anymore.”

“Ouy!” Eevee chirped, then continued to eat the now soggy puffs.

“See, Eevee still likes them,” Chelsea pointed.

Serena stomped her foot, “That’s not the point! You asked for different Pokepuffs and I brought you some, then you throw water at us, ruining them!” She said angrily.

Ash looked up at her and stood, “Hey Serena, they were just playing around. I don’t think they even saw you bring out more,” He explained shaking out his hat.

Pikachu shook off, “Pii-ka.”

Fennekin just sat there with an angry look.

Serena then picked up the macarons basket, “How? How did you get water everywhere?” She screamed.

Chelsea looked down at Jolteon then back to Serena, she was biting the insides of her cheeks trying not to laugh. “Serena, it’s just food.”

Serena glared at her again, “Food that I made!” She shouted.

“Ok, missy,” Chelsea pointed, “You need to calm down, I don’t care who made the food; it is just food,” She said, shaking her head, “Chill.”

“Chill!” Serena scoffed, “You want me to chill?” She clutched the basket in her hands, “You need to stop acting like a child!” She snapped.

Chelsea looked taken aback, “Excuse me? Maybe you need to have some fun,” She folded her arms. “If you are going to act like a brat, then go ahead, I am going to go play some more,” She said then grabbed a Pokeball from her hip and tossed it into the air and ran after it. “Come on Jolteon, I’m not going to let her ruin my day,” She called back.

Flareon came bursting out of the ball, she jumped, and began to play with her not missing a beat.

Jolteon ran after them; with Eevee right behind.

Pikachu looked after Chelsea then up to Ash, “Pika?”

Ash smiled, “Sure bud, let’s go play,” He said then ran off after Chelsea.

“Pika!” Pikachu cheered and ran after him.

Bonnie smiled and looked around, “Dedenne, let’s go play!” She cheered, but then paused. Dedenne didn’t respond to her call. “Where’s Dedenne?” She then asked.

Serena looked around, “Oh, I don’t know,” She replied.

Bonnie began to look around, in her bag and under the table; until she heard a loud cry.


Chelsea looked over in the direction the cried had come from, “What the?”

“Dedenne!” Bonnie called out as she ran after the cry. “Oh no!”

Chelsea and Jolteon jetted after her, with Serena, Fennekin, Ash, Pikachu, Flareon, and Eevee close behind. They ran through a line of trees and saw Dedenne, laying in a cage.

“Dedenne!” Bonnie cried worriedly.

Dedenne looked weak laying in the cage, “Dedenne,” It moaned.

“Fennekin, scratch,” Serena ordered.

Fennekin jumped at the cage and with long glowing claws and swiped at the cage, cutting the bars into pieces.

Bonnie ran and picked up Dedenne, “Oh no,” She turned and looked at the others, “Dedenne’s hurt, what do we do?” She asked.

“Serena is there a Pokémon center nearby?” Ash asked eagerly.

Serena pulled out her map and began to look, “No, I don’t see anything.”

Chelsea bent down by Bonnie, “Let me see him,” She said.

Bonnie held out Dedenne, “Do you know what’s wrong?”

Chelsea touched his antenna on his cheeks, there was an immediate heavy spark; causing Bonnie to jump a bit.

“Hey?” She cried fearfully, “What’s wrong?”

“He has a super charge of electricity,” Chelsea said.

Ash and Serena looked over at her, “What?” Bonnie asked.

Chelsea grimaced, “He has extra electricity built up inside of him that needs to be released; it happens sometimes in electric Pokémon,” She explained.

Bonnie looked back at Dedenne, “What do we do?”

Chelsea looked up at Serena, “We need to find a device that will suck up electricity,” She said then stood, “Serena is there any place around here that would have something like that?”

Serena kept scrolling on her map, “Here, there’s a clinic not too far from here,” She said pointing.

“Alright then, lead the way,” Chelsea motioned her to go.

Serena nodded and ran back in the direction of their stuff. Ash, Pikachu, and Fennekin fallowed; with Bonnie close behind holding Dedenne.

Chelsea looked at the cage, Jolteon was sniffing it, “Poacher?” Chelsea asked.

Jolteon looked up at her and nodded, “Yeah, and he knows what he’s doing,” He said, looking down at the broken trap.

Chelsea nodded and looked around, “They normally do, stay close, OK?” She told him then turned to go after the others. “Flareon return, and Eevee.”

They went back into her Pokeball with a flash.

Jolteon chuckled, “You stay close,” He said and started to run after them.

They grabbed their stuff and started to run back down the path, they headed in the direction the map showed the clinic was in.

“If we just keep going this way then we should end up there,” Serena said putting her map in her pocket.

“Great,” Chelsea said then stopped and scooped up Bonnie setting her on Jolteon.

“Wooh,” Bonnie yelped.

Chelsea took one of Bonnies hands and showed her where to hold on to, “Hang on tight, he moves fast,” She explained quickly. “Jolteon go!” She then ordered.

“Wha-” She looked up at Chelsea, but before she could finish Jolteon jetted off.

“Where is he going?” Serena said in a panic.

Chelsea looked at her and ran, “He can get there ten times faster than we can,” She yelled.

Ash looked at Serena, “If it’s faster,” He said then sprinted after her.

Serena ran after him, looking ahead Jolteon was already a small yellow dot on the path, Chelsea was also way ahead. Serena caught up to Ash, “For someone who doesn’t like to run, she sure is fast,” She said breathing heavily.

Ash nodded and started to pick up the pace.

“Hey!” She called after him as she tried to keep up.

Jolteon and Bonnie began to see a house in the distance.

“I bet that’s it,” Bonnie said hanging on.

Jolteon gave a last sprint toward the clinic.

There was a brown haired, tall man walking up toward the building; fallowed by a red headed woman. They looked over as they saw the speeding Pokémon coming toward them, “Wooh,” The man said.

Jolteon stopped just a few feet in front of him, he looked back at Bonnie. “Jolt?”

“Thank you,” Bonnie said sliding off of him. She looked at the tall man; he had a stethoscope around his neck and a medium sized hand bag. “Doctor please help, something happened to Dedenne and he’s in trouble”

The red headed women flinched when she saw Bonnie, A twerp! She thought to herself.

The doctor bent down to look at Dedenne, “Yes, of course, please come inside,” He said then began to walk toward the house.

Jolteon fallowed closely after her, he looked up at the red headed women with a scornful look.

The women flinched as she looked back, she looked away and hid her face.

The doctor had Dedenne laying on a table, checking him with his stethoscope.

“Dennee,” Dedenne said weakly.

“My friend said that he is over charged,” Bonnie explained to the Doctor.

He nodded, “Yes that is exactly it,” He looked over at her, “Where are your friend now?” He asked then started to turn a crank on a machine.

Bonnie looked down at Jolteon, “She put me on her Jolteon and set us here, I am hoping they are not far behind,” She explained.

“Well what a good friend, she must know that it can get pretty dangerous sometimes when this happens,” He said then pushed a couple buttons on his machine.

Jolteon looked at the door, “Jolt!” He barked.

Bonnie and the doctor looked at the door, “I bet that’s them,” He said, and sure enough there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” The women said walking up to the door, when she opened it Chelsea was standing there.

“Excuse me miss,” She began, “Is there a Jolteon with a small blonde haired girl here?” She asked. Then gave a suspicious look to the women.

More twerps, the women thought to herself and quietly groaned, she looked away quickly. She stepped to the side so Chelsea could see in.

Chelsea watched her as she walked in, then looked and saw Jolteon, “Thank goodness you made it.”

Ash and Serena came up behind her, they were breathing hard and looking out of breath.

Serena looked at Chelsea, she looked unfazed by the sprint she just performed; while Ash and herself were gasping for air.

Chelsea bent down and petted and hugged Jolteon, “Great job buddy,” She praised.

Bonnie looked at Serena and Ash, “You two look like Clemont.”

Chelsea chuckled, “They were trying to keep up with me,” She said then looked at the doctor, “How’s it going doc?” She asked casually.

The doctor had to small rods in his hands, “Going great,” He said, “I am just about to drain the extra electricity from Dedenne here.”

Chelsea looked at Dedenne with a smile, “Great.”

Ash took a deep breath and stood up. “I think it shocked itself when it got trapped inside a strange cage,” He mentioned looking down at Dedenne.

“Sounds like the work of that Pokémon Hunter,” The Doctor explained.

“A Pokémon Hunter?” Ash, Bonnie, and Serena said simultaneously.

Chelsea scowled and looked down at Jolteon, “That’s what we thought.”

“He’s a bad guy who finds rare Pokémon and sells them to make a profit,” The Doctor said angrily.

The Doctor put the rods to Dedenne’s cheeks, they began to glow as the electricity began to flow through them. It didn’t take too long, because Dedenne was such a small Pokémon, there wasn’t that much electricity to pull.

After he removed the rods Dedenne’s eyes opened wide as he sat up. “Denene?” He looked around confused.

“There Dedenne’s fine,” The doctor announced.

“YAY!” Bonnie cheered as Dedenne jumped into her arms, he cheered to.

“That’s great,” Serena said, “Thank you,” She looked back at the Doctor.

“It’s a pleasure,” He said coiling up the cords in his hand. “We can give him Orin Berries to help him get his strength back.”

The women turned to run out, “I can get them, from the garden,” She said happily.

The group fallowed her out to the garden, “Wow,” They all gasps.

“There are so many berries here,” Bonnie said looking at the berry bushes.

The women picked an Orin Berry and handed it to Bonnie, “There you go,” She said sweetly. “Though the doctor says he still doesn’t have enough; he really wants to grow every verity that there is,” She explained looking out over the berry garden.

Then a family of Wobbuffet walked around the corner of the building; which included two Wobbuffet and three Wynaut.

Ash looked over, “Hey, there’s something about that Wobbuffet,” He said.

The women tensed up along with one of the Wobbuffet. “Well, uh,” She groaned.

Chelsea looked down at Jolteon then gave a small smile, Jolteon returned the look and took a step forward.

“I’ve never seen them before as a family,” Ash exclaimed.

The women let out a relaxed breath, along with the Wobbuffet.

Bonnie looked up at the clothes line, “Look over there,” she motioned.

Then the women freaked out again, and went to run to the clothes line, but Jolteon walked casually in front of her; causing her to trip. “Waahh!” She yelped and landed face first into the ground.

Jolteon looked down at her, and then sat down next to her.

“Jolteon,” Serena scolded, “That wasn’t very nice.”

Chelsea nudged Serena and pointed, “Before you start scolding my Pokémon, how about you open your eyes.”

“Huh?” They all looked at the women who what now on the ground.

Here hair popped out of its bun and bounced back to its original style, exposing the women as Jesse; a member of Team Rocket.

“Ah” Bonnie, Ash, and Serena gasped. “It’s you!”

Chelsea smacked her face in embarrassment. How dumb can you get? She thought to herself.

Jesse stood up and started to hush them, “Shhh, shhh my name is Jessalia,” She whispered.

“So that Wobbuffet is…?” Serena started, but Jesse interrupted her.

Jesse was bent down just about on her knees, “Please I’m begging you,” She pleaded, “Please don’t breathe a word that I’m a member of Team Rocket, I’m groveling.”

Chelsea looked down at Jolteon, suddenly confused, “But why?” She asked.

The others looked at her then back to Jesse, “Yeah, why?” The asked.

Jesse got a sorrowful look on her face, “I decided I am quitting Team Rocket, so that I can live my life with Dr. White forever,” She explained quietly.

The whole group was taken by surprise; “Huh?”

Chelsea leaned in, “Seriously?”

“Yes,” Jesse answered.

“But how did you end up here? And where are the others?” Serena asked.

“Well I was attacked by a wild Gloom, and Dr. White saved me; I don’t know where James and Meowth are, but I am sure they are OK,” She explained.

“So you really want to stay here?” Chelsea asked, still dumbfounded.

Jesse nodded. “Mmhm.”

“So, does that mean you and the Doctor are going to get married?” Bonnie asked curiously.

“Umm!” Jesse grumbled.

“Get married?” Ash sounded surprised.

Chelsea looked at Jesse, she still was trying to wrap her head around what was happening. She just didn’t see Jesse; a woman who was feisty and had anger problems, hard headed, an emotional roller costar, constantly a mess inside, to get married to a doctor, especially a doctor who was as sweet and kind as Dr. White. Then she would have to keep a secret about Team Rocket their whole marriage? That isn’t healthy, but then she looked at Ash; then thought deeper. Was she just now looking in a mirror? This seemed so familiar; Chelsea could connect with Jesse on a deeper level, she maybe hard headed but there was a heart of gold in there; somewhere. Chelsea could see and feel that, but what she didn’t like about it was the sad fact that it was relating to close to her own situation.

Serena walked up to Jesse, “Well that’s what two people do, when they decide that they want to be together,” She said sweetly and happily.

Jesse felt the little girl Christmas tingles, “Yeah!” She exclaimed, “That’s really what it means!” She couldn’t stop smiling and giggling AH! I think I’m going to get married! She thought to herself.

Serena smiled, and pumped her fists, “Yeah, I’m going to give it everything I got!” She cheered.

Chelsea looked over at her, “What?”

She looked at Chelsea then back to Jesse, “I’ll show you how to tell the Doctor, everything you’re feeling,” She explained.

“HA!” Chelsea burst out, then covered her mouth. She started to turn red from holding in laughter.

They all looked at her, Jesse looked back at Serena, “Well, that’s so uncharacteristically like you twerpette.”

Chelsea turned around, trying to hold back her laughter, letting out bits of it in puff and sneers.

They all looked at her again.

Serena put her hands on her hips, “You think this is funny, this is serious!” She scolded.

Then she broke, she burst out laughing so hard and so loud; she was having trouble standing, and breathing.

They were baffled by what they were seeing; this was a totally one-eighty from this morning.

Serena was getting frustrated by her now, “Why is so funny? This is just rude.”

Finally, she blurted out, “The irony!” She collapsed on the ground kicking and clapping like an idiot.

Serena blushed so hard her face burned. “What?”

Jesse looked back and forth between them, “Irony?”

Serena looked at her then down at Chelsea. “It’s nothing, anyway,” She turned back, “Just ignore her.”

That was hard to do, Chelsea looked totally ridiculous laying there laughing on the ground. “Serena,” She gasped, “How can you teach something you can’t even do yourself!” She said then threw her head back in laughter.

Serena froze up.

“She’s got a point,” Bonnie agreed.

“Bonnie!” Serena snapped.

“What is she talking about?” Ash asked, looking at Serena questioningly, he was so lost and out of the loop.

Serena jumped and looked down at her, “Seriously just ignore her, she is speaking a bunch of nonsense now,” Serena said trying to keep her cool.

“Yeah right!” Chelsea shouted.

Serena clutched her fists then glared back at her, “Fine!” She shouted, “You do it then! Since you know soooo much about tell people how you feel about them!” She said then crossed her arms.

Chelsea stood up totally composed. “Sure no problem.”

They all looked at her confused.

“Is she always like this?” Jesse whispered to Bonnie.

Bonnie shook her head, “Not since I’ve known her.”

Chelsea looked at Serena, “Take notes,” She then looked at Jesse.

Serena clenched her fists.

“OK Jesse, here’s what you gotta do,” She said then walked up to Ash, she took his hand and held it close to her chest. “You gotta look deep into their eyes, make it intimate,” She said looking at Jesse while holding Ash’s hand against her chest.

Jesse nodded her head, “Why are you holding his hand like that?” She asked curiously.

Serena’s mouth was agape, along with Bonnie’s; was she going to really use Ash as a test dummy here. Serena’s heart was going a million miles a second, she couldn’t believe how bold Chelsea was being.

Chelsea looked down at Ash’s hand. “Oh yeah, I will explain that in a minute.”

Jesse nodded in understanding.

“OK, when you look into his eyes you get kinda close,” She said taking a step closer to Ash, she was still facing Jesse.

Ash wasn’t sure how to feel here, Pikachu looked at him, he looked back; he felt a bit of confusion. Almost overwhelming, it was the weird feeling he got before. “Um,” He mumbled quietly.

Chelsea was just a couple inches away from his face, “You want to stay close, it gives it a more intimate feel; and that’s what you want. Plus, if he kisses you in acceptance then you don’t want him to have to work too hard for it; I mean you are grasping all the courage you have just to do this for crying out loud.”

“OK, so when I look at him, what do I say,” Jesse asked eagerly, she was holding her hands tight to her shoulder waiting for more instructions.

Chelsea nodded, “Yeah, when you look at him you’re gonna want to say what is on your mind at that moment, like this,” She then turned to Ash, she forgot how close they were; her breath got caught in her throat, she froze up. Her brain went up in smoke; like a fuse that just broke and no lights or machines worked anymore. “Um,” was all she could manage to get out.

Ash just stared back, he had a large amount of things he wanted to say; but for some reason his mouth wouldn’t move.

Jolteon looked up at them, he never saw her begin to lose her cool like this before. He walked up and leaned on her leg, giving her a small static shock.

Pikachu patted Ash’s head, he too gave a small static bolt.

Chelsea jumped, causing her to step forward into Ash a bit more.

Ash didn’t bat an eye.

Jolteon flattened his ears, that’s not exactly what he was going for.

“Ash,” Chelsea said all jittered.

Ash nodded.

Chelsea took a breath, Why am I freaking out? This isn’t the real thing; this is only pretend; come on Chelsea say something! Serena won’t let you live this down if you don’t. “Ash, there is something important that I want to tell you,” She still had a shaky voice, but she was talking and that’s all she cared about.

“What?” Ash responded.

Her heart skipped a beat, “Um, well,” She couldn’t help but look down; she could feel her cheeks burn, she peeked back at him through her bangs.

Ash raised an eye brow.

“Ash, I-”

“Doctor! Doctor!” A man was yelling down the road just a bit.

Serena, Bonnie, and Jesse looked over; Ash looked over Chelsea’s head toward the shouting. Chelsea hung her head taking a breath, almost relieved.

“Is there a Doctor in the house?” The man yelled.

Jesse fixed her hair, “Yes, coming,” She called as she went around the house.

Ash and the others went to fallow, but then saw the bushes rustling.

“Huh?” Chelsea looked over.

A man came stumbling out of the bushes, he had blue hair and was in a Team Rocket uniform. It was James, his uniform was battered and torn, and he was scratched and bruised.

Serena gasped, “What happened?”

“You’re a mess!” Bonnie exclaimed.

He leaned against one of the posts holding up the awning. “Sorry, but would you mind helping me out?” He groaned and held his arm against him.

Ash pulled his hand from Chelsea’s and stepped toward him, “What happened?”

“Meowth and all of our Pokémon were stolen,” He explained.

Chelsea opened her mouth to make a snarky comment, but changed her mind as the others gasped in surprise.

“We were attacked, by a whilly Pokémon hunter,” He continued weakly.

Ash looked at the others, but trying not to make eye contact with Chelsea. “Pokémon hunter? Dr. White was telling us about him,” He mentioned.

The others nodded, Chelsea looked down then slowly gazed back at James.

James looked over at them, “Just for today, I want to rescue Meowth; without asking for help from Jesse.”

“That must me you already-” Serena started.

“Yes,” James interrupted. “I know I am asking a lot from you,” He hung his head solemnly. “but please, help me.” He pleaded.

Ash looked back at him with a stern look. “If that guys a Pokémon hunter, then we can’t just do nothing,” He said with the same stern tone as his look.

Chelsea looked at him wide eyed, Wow, we are helping the enemy now? She thought to herself. He has grown up so much. She swooned.

“Thanks a lot,” James said, he was still holding his arm.

“Where is he?” Ash asked.

James pointed, “At the foot of the mountain, I’ll take you,” He said then started to quickly walk in the direction of the mountain.

They all fallowed him, quickly and quietly walking away.

When they got to the base of the mountain, they began to search around for the Pokémon hunter.

“Where did you say he was?” Chelsea asked.

James looked around, “I thought he was somewhere around here,” He explained. “I hope they haven’t gotten too far.”

They started to hear screaming and yelling not too far off in the distance, along with crashing and metal clanking.

James looked over, “That has to be them!” He said as he began to run.

The others quietly fallowed close behind, they looked through a line of trees and saw a small green pickup truck with two cages in side; Pumpkaboo and Inkay were in them. Then there was a large man that walked over to the truck with another cage in his hands; he tossed it in the bed of the truck.

“Hey! Take it easy pal!” Meowth yowled as he shook the bars. “We’re Team Rocket, ya dig?”

The man bent down to get a better look at Meowth, “That big mouth of yours is quite a catch,” He said. He had a low gravelly voice and evil look in his eye.

As they spied on the Hunter James looked back at them, “Alright here’s the plan,” He started, “You guys distract him, while I go free Meowth and the others, “OK?”

Ash nodded, “Right you can count on us,” He confirmed.

Then they split up, Ash and the others went right to the path, and James ran toward the truck.

They heard the man continue talking to Meowth, “You are going to make me a fortune,” He grinned.

Ash was the first out to the path, “Hold on!” He shouted.

Serena called out her Fennekin, as they ran out.

“Who are you?” They Hunter asked annoyed.

Ash stepped forward, “You’re a Pokémon Hunter, and you gotta stop!” He told him.

“Now, release the Pokémon you’ve stolen,” Serena ordered.

Bonnie clenched a fist in a threating gesture, “We’re not kidding!” She shouted.

“So what are you twerps doing out here?” Meowth yelped confused.

Then Hunter stepped in the way of the truck, “There just a bunch of foolish kids,” He said annoyed, he looked at the group of them.

Chelsea caught his gaze, “I suggest you listen to them,” She said stepping farther in front. She had a weird tone to her voice, it was stern; but not her normal stern voice, like this was a different person or something.

The Hunter glared at her, “Or you’ll do what?” He challenged.

Jolteon stepped forward and growled.

“Don’t listen, and you’ll find out,” Chelsea gave a little grin.

The Hunter growled and reached behind him, pulling out a Pokeball. “Let’s go Rhyperior!” He called as he threw the ball in the air.

The ball burst open; and a large rocky looking Pokémon came out with a loud roar, it was brick colored with large orange rocks placed on various locations of his body. There were two drill like horns coming from his forehead and nose, it stood on two legs and had two white claws on each foot, and three dull claws on each hand. Its tail was long and had a bolder looking end on it, it was like a mace with no spikes on it.

Ash, Bonnie, Serena, Pikachu, and Fennekin all flinched at the large Pokémon’s roar. Chelsea and Jolteon looked unfazed, the look on her face was anger; she looked down at Jolteon then back up to the Rhyperior.

Serena reached in her pocket, “What’s that Pokémon?” She asked holding up her PokeDex.

“Rhyperior, the Drill Pokémon. Rhyperior launches rocks or Geodude from holes in its palms. Its shell-like covering can withstand a volcano's eruptions,” The PokeDex said robotically.

Ash pointed at Rhyperior, “Pikachu, Quick Attack!” He ordered.

Pikachu then ran at Rhyperior at a brake neck speed, “Pika!”

“Rhyperior, use Rock Wrecker!” The Hunter countered.

Then his Pokémon responded quickly with the attack, launching a huge rock out of its palm at Pikachu.

This hit Pikachu directly sending him flying backward.

“Fennekin, use Flamethrower!” She called.

Fennekin ran at Rhyperior and jumped super high into the air, “Fen!” It cried as it launched a fiery attack upon him.

The Hunter pointed at Fennekin, “Use Rock Wrecker again!” He ordered.

The Rhyperior then jumped and threw another rock out of its palm, sending it through Fennekin’s Flamethrower and hitting her directly. Sending her falling back to the ground, hitting it hard.

“Who’s next?” The Hunter said then laughed. He looked at Chelsea and then to Jolteon, “Well, what a mighty fine specimen,” He sneered, “That Jolteon is a beautiful creature, very unique to its standard size I must say.”

Chelsea scoffed, “Get over yourself,” She said then looked at Ash; he was holding Pikachu. “Ash.”

He looked up at her, “Huh?”

“I thought you were smarter than that,” She said annoyed.

“What?” He sounded shocked.

“Rhyperior, get that Jolteon!” The Hunter yelled.

The Rhyperior then began to, quickly, lumber over to them.

Chelsea glared back at him, “Bad idea!” She shouted, “Jolteon, Pin Missile now!” She pointed at the Hunters Pokémon.

Jolteon lowered his head to the ground and launched a massive amount of electric filled spikes at him.

The Rhyperior slowed down taking the hit, but quickly shook it off and roared; charging at them again.

Chelsea pulled out a Pokeball and threw it, “Vaporeon!” She summoned.

The Pokeball popped open and Vaporeon came out in a shower of sparkles. Her blue fur glowed against the setting sun light, she landed on the ground like she was weightless; but immediately took a fighting stance when realizing the danger.

The Hunter got wide eye, “What?”

“Use Hydro Pump!” Chelsea commanded powerfully.

Vaporeon took a deep breath and let out a powerful attack, Rhyperior took the hit directly; pushing him back.

“No!” The Hunter shouted. “Rhyperior, use Earthquake now!”

Rhyperior jumped in the air, fallowing orders it slammed into the ground; shattering it. Rocks then flew up all around; changing the terrain.

Vaporeon tried to jump out of the way, but was caught off guard by a large rock and got struck. “Vaporeon!” She cried out landing in front of Chelsea.

The Hunter sneered, “Use Rock Wrecker!”

“Watch out!” Chelsea called a rock came flying over.

Vaporeon stood and used another Hydro Pump. Jolteon jumped; flying off toward the oncoming rock. His mouth lit up, as he charged a Thunder Fang; he opened his mouth wide sending sparks everywhere as he crunched down on the stone, causing it to split into pieces.

“Wow,” Serena watched. “I didn’t know an electric Pokémon could do that,” She said then looked to Ash.

“This is not your everyday electric type Pokémon,” Chelsea said keeping her eyes on the Hunter, there was an intensity to her voice.

“Hey two on one isn’t far!” The Hunter accused.

“Says the man who cages Pokémon and sells them for profit!” Chelsea yelled back. “I have no tolerance for people like you,” She said angrily then looked at Vaporeon and Jolteon. “Let’s get rid of this scum bag!” Chelsea shouted.

“Use Earthquake!” The Hunter shouted as he threw another Pokeball into the air.

Chelsea gritted her teeth, “Don’t wait!” She commanded, “Jolteon use Pin Missile, Vaporeon use Echoed Voice!”

Jolteon took his stance and fired off another Pin Missile attack; while Vaporeon took another breath; when she exhaled this time though, no water came. Instead a harsh sounding tone came from her, it sounded like an echoing Siren that you would hear out in the ocean. Though out here in the forest it gave off a different kind of tone, even still; it hit Rhyperior hard, stopping another earthquake attack.

It put its hand on its head and cried out in pain.

“What is that?” Bonnie asked.

“I don’t know?” Serena answered.

They both looked at Ash, he shrugged not knowing the answer.

Chelsea looked over her shoulder at them, “Echoed Voice is an attack that has a power that is doubled every turn,” She explained then turned her attention back toward the battle.

When the Hunter’s second Pokeball opened another large Pokémon came out, it was tall and had four long arms that each had four long claws; each hand an eye on it, giving it a large range in sight. It had a rock looking section of its body that the arms attached to and its legs were attached to another rock looking section; with a skinny shaft connecting them together. Its head looked like it had a hand curled around it, till you realized that it’s head was a hand. When this Pokémon came flashing out of its ball it did not look happy.

“Barbaracle! Use Stone Edge!” He called.

The broken rocks that were all around began to lift out of the ground slowly.

“Rhyperior, use Rock Wrecker! And get rid of her!” The Hunter roared with anger.

Chelsea gritted her teeth.

The rocks them came flying at them, along with more rocks that Rhyperior was now shooting out. They were coming in fast.

“Watch out!” Ash yelled.

Chelsea didn’t flinch, “Jolteon, use Thunder! Vaporeon, use Hydro Pump!” She pointed at the rocks and guided, “Put those rocks down!”

Jolteon and Vaporeon launched their attacks at the rock, causing them to fall; stacking them in front and making a wall.

There was a large amount of dust that stirred up, causing everyone to cover their faces and eyes.

When the Hunter looked up he grinned, “Good, that will take care of them,” He said then turned around, he saw James picking the lock to Pumpkaboos cage and opening it. “Don’t think you are going anywhere,” He growled, startling them.

James and Meowth turned and looked at him surprised.

“You’re not going anywhere talking Meowth,” He told them, then proceeded to crack his neck and knuckles. “I think I need to teach you a lesson, so that you don’t try to escape again.”

They looked at him fearfully.

Just then a stick came flying out of nowhere and hit the Hunter on the back of the head. “Now what?” He growled turning around.

“Now prepare for trouble and that will be that,” A voice came out of the trees. “And make it double or I’ll knock you flat!”

James looked around, “I know that voice!”

“And how!” Meowth agreed.

When Ash and the others looked around for the voice, they saw a shadowy figure jump up on the pile of rocks in front of them.

“Jesse!” Everyone exclaimed together.

She stood there on the rocks looking down at the Hunter. “To protect the world from devastation,” She continued.

You could hear James yelling, “Don’t do it!”

“To unit all people within our nation!” She pointed to the sky.

“But I thought you were going to give up evil doin’ for love?” Meowth asked.

Jesse turned her hand into a fist and held it close to her chest, “To denounce the evils of truth and love,” She said fiercely.

James and Meowth embraced each other and began to cry with happiness, that their friend Jesse was back to help them; and rejoin the team.

“Your turn!” She shouted pointing at James.

Meowth and James looked at each other than back up to Jesse, “Right!” They cheered.

James jumped up and ran to Jesse and looked back down at the Hunter, “To extend our reach to the stars above!” He continued the motto.

The introduced themselves. “Jesse,” She smirked.

“And its James,” He said confidently.

“Team Rocket blasts off together at the speed of light!”

“Surrender now or prepare for a unified fight!”

Meowth jumped with a twirl and a flip and landed at his feet, “Meowth that’s right!”

Then their other Pokémon, Inkay and Pumpkaboo came to their sides, “Inkay, Inkay!” “Pempa,” They said simultaneously.

James then realize someone was missing and looked around confused, “Hey, where’s Wobbuffet?”

Jesse looked off into the distance, dramatically, and thought about her dear Wobbuffet, “Back there, a loving home life is what he seems to prefers now,” She then looked back at James with a determined look. “So why don’t we blast off at the speed of light?”

James looked back at her, “Right, and that is why they call us…”

“Team Rocket!” Meowth finished.

They all dove at the Pokémon Hunter, preparing for a fight.

“Alright,” The Hunter growled, he then pointed up at them. “Rhyperior, use Horn Drill!”

Rhyperior roared fiercely and charged at them, while the horn on its nose spun like a drill; it hit them hard and slammed them into the pile of rocks they once stood on. Pushing through it he kept drilling and obliterated the pile of stone.

Team Rocket sat on the ground their Pokémon laid behind them, Jesse and James looked at the Hunter with a fierce look in their eyes.

Ash and the others covered their head while rocks flew everywhere, dust stirred up, loud crashing from the rocks continued. Once they finally settled they looked over to Team Rocket, who was not far from them now.

“Are you alright?” Ash asked.

Jesse looked at them then back to the Hunter with a hard glare.

Chelsea, James, Meowth, and Ash all mimicked her glare as they all looked over to the Hunter.

The Hunter laughed, “Rhyperior use Rock Wrecker! Barbaracle, use Stone Edge!” He commanded.

Both his Pokémon responded happily as they set up their attacks simultaneously, they growled and fired.

Bonnie and Serena got fearful looks on their faces while the others still held their hard stares, Chelsea stood straight ready to have her Pokémon launch another attack. Though once the words hit her lips a new Pokémon stood in front of her with a glowing shield around its body.

“Waaabbaaa,” It groaned as it stopped the attacks.

“Wobbuffet!” Jesse said concerned.

Wobbuffet held the attacks a bit longer then launched them back, Rhyperior and Barbaracle looked stunned as they saw their attacks coming back toward them.

When their attacks hit they both staggered backwards and looked up, dumbfounded.

The Hunter looked at them then to Wobbuffet and growled.

“Wobbuffet, you were so happy back there; so why did you come back here?” Jesse said pained, “Go back now!”

Wobbuffet looked back at her with a smile, “Waa wwoobbuu wa,” He said then looked to Meowth for to translate.

“You left them for us?” Meowth said with an amazed look on his face, “You’re the best pally there ever was.”

Jesse had tears in her eye, “You’re a fool,” She said, “a fool.”

“Ok, Fiery Attack Rhyperior,” The Hunter called, “Barbaracle, use Razor Shell!”

His Pokémon once again came charging at them, together combining their attacks.

Jesse stood up, “Alright let’s go!” She said.

Ash looked at his friends, “Us too!”

“Right!” They agreed.

When the Hunters Pokémon got close Wobbuffet stepped up again and used Counter, causing Barbaracle and Rhyperior to go flying back and take damage. They both stood there trying to get in control of what had just happened.

With that each of them called out a move for their Pokémon.

“Alright!” Jesse started, “Now Pumpkaboo use Dark Pulse!”

“OK Inkay, use Psybeam!” James said pointing to the now weakened enemy Pokémon.

Ash looked at Pikachu and then to the Hunter. “Pikachu Thunder Bolt!”

Chelsea waved her hand in front of her, “Jolteon Thunder, Vaporeon Hydro Pump!” She guided.

“Fennekin Flamethrower,” Serena commanded throwing out a fist.

Their Pokémon all fallowed their trainers’ commands, as the attacked in unison. Pumpkaboo launched an array of dark rings making her Dark Pulse, Inkay fired a rainbow looking beam being a Psybeam, Fennekin jumped in the air and opened her mouth releasing a hot fire attack. Pikachu jumped in the air and charged up, unleashing a powerful Thunder Bolt. Jolteon stood his ground with his fur sparking he charged his Thunder attack, followed by Vaporeon who took a breath and exhaled a powerful blast of water.

As their attacks flew at the Hunter they combined and made one large attack, it hit Rhyperior and Barbaracle hard; they tried to take the hit, protecting their trainer. Though it was too much for them and it sent them flying back into the truck. Their weight slamming down on the truck broke the axle causing the truck to hit the ground.

“Uhgh,” The Pokémon Hunter groaned.

Chelsea walked up to the truck and looked in at him, “Had enough?”

The hunter turned his head to her and growled, but then went limp as he passed out.

“Thought so,” She smirked. She looked back to the others, “Got rope?”

Ash, Bonnie, Chelsea, and Serena were all standing guard over the hunter as Doctor White and Beatrice ran over.

“You all really stopped the Pokémon Hunter?” He asked.

“It was all thanks to Jessalia,” Ash explained.

“I am sure Officer Jenny will be by soon,” Serena said reassuringly.

Bonnie held up a small bouquet of wild flowers, “These are for you, they are from Jessalia,” She told him.

“Why they are beautiful,” Beatrice complimented.

“They are,” The Doctor agreed.

Ash and the others started to walk away waving good bye to the Doctor.

Chelsea was walking ahead of them with Jolteon by her side. She was looking down as she walked.

Ash and the others all stared after her.

“She is so…odd,” Serena said after a while. She tried hard to be nice, but after today she seemed to like her even less.

Ash looked back at her, “She is a really great person,” He tried. “But you are right, today she was acting very strange.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes and skipped up to Chelsea.

She had a hand on her cheek, she looked like she was also in deep thought as she let out a heavy sigh.

“Something wrong?” Bonnie asked.

Chelsea looked over at her, “Naw, I was just reflecting on the day.”

Bonnie shrugged, “Yeah you were acting pretty weird,” She said in a blunt tone.

“Uhhgg,” She groaned, “I just get, in a mood I guess, or whatever…” She went back into thought.

Bonnie stared up at her with curiously, then looked over her shoulder at Ash and Serena; they were walking and talking behind them.

“Does she have like a personality disorder or something?” Serena asked.

Ash shook his head, “No,” He said then thought for a second. “She just has her way of doing things, and is very set in her ways,” He explained. “Like I remember when we were growing up she would always be with Gary, and if she couldn’t be with him she was always hanging out with me.” He continued. “It never bothered me, we always would have fun.”

Serena tilted her head, “It didn’t bother you that she fallowed you around all the time?”

He shook his head, “Nope, actually we fallowed each other; when one of us didn’t know what to do the other normally could take the lead.”

Serena looked from him to Chelsea, her dark hair swayed in the wind as she walked toward the moon. Wow, that’s amazing. She thought. “So you two kinda took care of each other.”

“Yup,” Ash smiled. “When we paired up it was hard to stop us.”

Serena nodded, “Wow. You two were really good friends back then huh?”

Ash looked up to Chelsea with a smile. “We still are really good friends, put us in any situation and we can figure it out.” He said confidently.

Serena looked down and began to think, “hummm.”

Chelsea looked down at Bonnie, “So I am debating not watching Ash’s battle, is that bad of me?” She asked.

“Huh? Why not?” Bonnie asked, “It is going to be the best battle ever! You won’t want to miss it.”

“I am sure I don’t” Chelsea agreed, “But the big problem is that I don’t want to watch Clemont fight then have an advantage, ya know?” She looked up at the moon, then pulled out a Pokeball.

It opened in her hand lighting up her face, Umbreon jumped out “Um!” She barked.

Bonnie looked over at her, “Cool, but I wouldn’t worry about that, Clemont has seen you battle. He is really good at reading how people battle,” She explained. “He is really smart, he made a robot!”

Chelsea looked down at her, “A robot that’s neat.”

Bonnie then went on and on about Clemont and Clembot, she waved her arms in excitement and enthusiasm. Ash and Serena still walked behind and laughed as Bonnie hooped around with excitement, as they walked into the moon light.


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Episode 8 – Kidnapping By Fire!

After a long while of walking Ash and Serena suggested that they stop for the night. Bonnie was still raving about Clemont, and all the things he has made. Ash started setting up a camp fire, while Serena sat next to him, and handed him rocks; while Chelsea walked around picking up small branches and sticks, Bonnie fallowed her skipping and talking more about Clemont. Jolteon and Umbreon were watching them, then exchanged glances.

Serena was also watching her, and laughed. “She really likes Chelsea, doesn’t she?” She said looking to Ash. “I think she wants her to like her brother.”

Ash quickly looked up at Bonnie, fallowing Chelsea, “What are you talking about?” He asked.

Serena giggled, “You know, like dating and being boyfriend and girlfriend,” She said bating her eyes at him. And giving him a small nudge, she hoped that he wouldn’t mind; like when Chelsea would lean against him.

“I guess so,” He stuttered, then looked at Serena, “You think so?”

“Yeah,” Serena started, “and to be honest Chelsea would be good for Clemont, I mean she is smart, and can cook. Other than her being moody and such, I think they would be a cute couple,” Serena suggested and leaned against him.

Ash straightened up and stared at her.

She looked back at him, then leaned away, “What?” She sounded nervous.

“But, what can Clemont do for her?” He asked flatly.

Pikachu was looking at them from across the fire ring, that Ash was working on, “Pi-ka,” He chirped.

Serena sat there, and thought for a moment, “Umm, well,” She tried thinking of something. “He’s smart?”

Ash shook his head, “You have to be more then smart, to take care of her,” He said, then looked over to Bonnie and Chelsea.

She had an arm load of sticks and was still walking around, she looked like she was thinking, and quit listening to Bonnie; who was still raving about Clemont.

“You should have been there; the time that Clemont invented the Pokémon Electricity Genera- oh wait that blew up,” Bonnie stopped, and thought a moment. “Oh wait there was the Pokémon Translator! Wait,” She stopped, and thought again, “that blew up too. Well there was the Pokémon Shooter!”

Chelsea stopped snapping out of her thoughts at that combination of words “Pokémon Shooter”; and looked over her shoulder at her, “What?” She said baffled.

“It was a robot, that had a camera one it, we used it to help Serena make her PokeVision video.” She explained, with a large smile.

“Oh,” Chelsea sighed, “OK, I thought you meant something else; Serena made a PokeVision video?”

“Yeah, she looked so beautiful!” Bonnie went on, “Her Fennekin was in it, and then Pikachu was in it!”

“Wow, did Ash make one?” She asked indirectly, she wondered if he was in Serena’s video too.

Bonnie shrugged, “No, he was being a party pooper, and decided to train instead.”

Chelsea nodded, “Well that’s good, he needs to do some training.” She started walking back to the fire ring.

“I am sure there is a ton of things Clemont can do,” Serena stated. “I mean he is an inventor after all.”

Ash placed the last rock in the ring, “Well -” He started before a pile of sticks got dropped in front of him.

“What do we want to eat?” Chelsea asked, as she pulled out a Pokeball; it popped open, and out came Flareon.

“Flareon,” She barked.

Ash looked over at her along with Serena and Bonnie.

Chelsea motioned to the pile of sticks, “Can you start that please?” She asked.

Flareon let out a breath, toward the pile of sticks and set them ablaze.

Chelsea then looked across the large fire, “So, dinner? Anyone have any suggestions?” She asked again.

“More sandwiches!” Bonnie cheered, throwing her hands in the air.

Ash got a huge grin, “Yeah those were delicious!” He agreed.

Chelsea looked at Serena, “Any other suggestions?” She sounded desperate for another answer.

Serena looked up at her, Chelsea had a hopeful look on her face, that maybe she would say a different answer. “Umm,” She gave it a bit of thought, but she really didn’t want to pacify Chelsea. “I like the idea of sandwiches.”

Chelsea shrugged, “Ok, I guess if that’s what you want.” She said then went over to her bag.

While Chelsea started on the sandwiches Ash, Serena, and Bonnie began to set up the tents. Chelsea let out her Pokémon, her Espeon pulled out a blanket; out of Chelsea’s bag and laid on it while looking through a note book. Umbreon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon were all doing basic training while Flareon was giving Eevee a bath. Jolteon was watching Chelsea, and following her around as she made the dinner.

Ash looked over at Chelsea’s Pokémon; they were battling each other and doing some basic muscle exercises. Such as; funny looking pushups, and tug-of-war with a thick rope. “Hey, do you think my Pokémon can get in on that training?” He asked, as he pounded a stake into the ground.

Chelsea looked over at them and nodded, “Oh sure, they are just doing a small workout right now; they have been cooped up in their Pokeballs too long.”

Ash nodded, “Awesome!” Ash threw his Pokeballs into the air, “Come on out guys!” He cheered.

His Pokeballs burst open, and his Pokémon landed on the ground one by one Frogadier, Fletchinder, Sliggoo, and Hawlucha all popped out and cheered along with some stretching.

“OK guys,” Ash started talking to them, “You guys can go over there and train, with Chelsea’s Pokémon, if you want until dinner is ready.”

His Pokémon cheered and ran over to Chelsea’s team. Umbreon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon all froze as Ash’s Pokémon ran over. Umbreon snarled along with Glaceon and Vaporeon, they both fired off a Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, and a Hydro Pump. Leafeon ran and hid behind Flareon. Ash’s Pokémon stopped in their tracks, and watched as the attacks flew toward them.

Ash looked taken aback, “Hey!?”

Chelsea looked up at Ash, then into the direction he was looking, “WOOH!” Chelsea yelled, dropping the knife and started to run over, “Espeon stop them!” She ordered.

Espeon ran over, and used protect just in time, “Esp!” She barked as the attacks made contact with her shield.

After the dust from the attacks cleared Chelsea walked up to her Pokémon, “That was uncalled for!” She began to scold. “You all know them, and they are our friends, that was completely wrong of you!”

Ash, Serena, and Bonnie watched as Chelsea went into immediate parent mode. “Hey Chelsea, if my Pokémon startled them, that’s ok it was just and accident, no one got hurt.” Ash said then petted Espeon, “Thank you.”

Espeon rubbed her head into his, with a smile, “Esp.” She chirped.

“It’s not OK,” Chelsea snapped at Ash, she turned back to her Pokémon. They all had their heads hung down. “Now,” Chelsea started, and pointed to Ash’s Pokémon, “Apologize.”

Vaporeon chirped, Glaceon slowly lifted her head and also gave a small chirp, Umbreon looked way and grumbled. Flareon got up and walked over to Umbreon, and started barking fiercely at her, almost like she was scolding her too.

Umbreon laid down and looked up, “Umbreon!” She barked.

“Thank you,” Chelsea said sternly. “Now you guys will cooperate, and let them train with you, alright?”

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

“Good, now back to dinner.” She said frusteratedly walking away.

Ash looked after her, “Well guys, be good,” He said nervously.

His Pokémon walked over to Chelsea’s Pokémon, and they all started talking in Pokémon talk. Hawlucha looked over at Leafeon, who was laying on the blanket tucking her head into her paws. Flareon laid next to her, and gave her little licks of kisses.

He walked up to her, “Hawlucha?”

Leafeon was pushing her face into Flareon, trying to hide, “Le-eon!” She cried.

Flareon looked back at Hawlucha and started talking to him.

Ash walked up to Chelsea, while looking back at them. “So, what’s up with Leafeon?” He asked.

“Oh, she is just a bit shy,” She replied, “Normally she is super bubbly, but when your Pokémon ran up to them they probably scared her.” She continued, to explained as she stirred up food.

Ash looked at what Chelsea was making, then felt confused, that didn’t look like sandwiches.

Bonnie and Serena were in the tent laying out their bags, and getting ready for bed.

“Are we going to play some more games tonight?” Bonnie laughed.

Serena laughed also, “Oh sure we can.” She started to brush her Fennekin. “So, was Chelsea impressed by your brother?” She asked.

Bonnie shrugged, “Well, actually she didn’t seem that interested,” Bonnie said, looking down with a disappointment.

“I tried to talk to Ash about it, but for some reason he got really protective of her, it was weird,” Serena said, then began to think.

Bonnie looked at Serena and squeezed her Sleeping bag, “What if he likes her the same way she likes him?” She said, then squirmed around. “I don’t want that; I want her to like Clemont!” She yelped.

“Shhhh!” Serena hushed. “We don’t want them to hear us!”

Chelsea looked over at the closed Shelder tent. “Well they must be having a good time, huh?” She asked aloud, then looked at Ash.

Ash had a finger in his mouth, looking up at her.

“HA!” She said, pointing at him with a spoon, “Caught you red handed,” She accused.

“What?” Ash said innocently, “I didn’t do anything!”

Pikachu started licking the spoon in Chelsea’s hand.

“Really!?” She yelped, pulling away the spoon.

Pikachu held his cheeks, “Pi-ka!” He sighed at the delicious flavor.

Chelsea sighed, “Well at least you like it, but too bad you are not getting any,” She said; then started to walk away, toward the fire.

Ash and Pikachu watched her with mouths agape, “What? Isn’t that dinner?” Ash said, in a panic.

Chelsea nodded, “Yes, but this is my dinner; you guys wanted sandwiches.” She said, trying not to smile, she did her best to keep a serious tone.

Ash looked at Pikachu who returned his look; shock and disappointment.

“Pi-ka-pi pi!” Pikachu objected, as he ran up to her, and looked up at her. “Pika-pikachu!”

“OH, you are right.” Chelsea chuckled, “I guess I never asked you what you wanted, so sure you can have some.” She started to pour the food into a pan, that hung over the fire.

Ash ran up to her, “Please!” He begged, “I just wanted sandwiches, because you made such good ones this afternoon!” He defended, “And Bonnie made me choose!”

Chelsea laughed, “No she didn’t!” She looked at him, “You heard food, then made your choice, Mr.” She accused shaking her head, while stirring the food.

He looked in the pan with pleading eyes, there was a couple pieces of meat in it; cooking in what looked like a creamy sauce, with some minced vegetables thrown in. Next to Chelsea’s pan, over the fire, was a pot full of boiling water. There were bowtie noodles dancing around inside, as the water bubbled and churned. He got a questioning look on his face. “Since when did you eat meat?” He asked.

Chelsea looked back at him, “Oh, this isn’t real meat.” She said.

“Oh,” He got an icky look on his face, “You mean like tofu?”

She shook her head, “Naw, it is a mixture of other ingredients, and not just based on bean paste,” She explained, then did a wiggly dance. “It is so much better then tofu.”

“Oh, that’s cool.” He said, then continued to stare at the pan, he still was a bit turned off by it.

“It was in your sandwich earlier today, so don’t turn your nose up at it.” She said, looking at him up and down. “I mean; I don’t know why I am worried about you; you aren’t getting any anyway.”

“Noooo,” Ash whined, “I still want some!”

Chelsea sighed, “We will see.” She said, then continued to stir the food.

Serena zipped up her pajama shirt, then fixed her hair. “Well, do you think Chelsea is really going to make sandwiches for dinner?” She asked, then tried to peek out the tent door a bit. She couldn’t see very well, but she saw Ash and Chelsea talking next to the fire; Pikachu was sitting on her shoulder smiling, as Chelsea fed him bits of food. She scowled, then sat down and groaned.

Bonnie looked at her, as she hopped around trying to get her pajamas on. “What’s wrong?” She asked, plopping down on her sleeping bag.

“Oh Chelsea, she is acting all sweet to Pikachu.” Serena grumbled as she put on some slippers.

Bonnie squinted her eyes, in suspicion, “She is using Pikachu, to get Ash to like her more?”

She nodded, “Yeah, and how can I compete with that?” Serena said, then peeked back out the door at them. They were standing by the table, Chelsea fed Ash a bit of the food she was cooking; he gave a huge smile back at her. Serena gritted her teeth and pulled her hair, in frustration. “UGH!” She shouted then covered her mouth.

“Just do what she does,” Bonnie advised. “I mean look at her, she is cool and doesn’t freak out like you do.”

“I don’t freak out.” She defended, she had her hands pressed into her lap.

“How does that taste?” Chelsea asked, looking at Ash; he was chewing up a piece of fake meat.

It tasted just like real meat, it was really juicy also. Ash gave her a big grin and nodded, “It’s delicious!”

Chelsea smiled at him, this is all she wanted. Traveling together with Ash, eating together and having a great time; just the two of them. It really disappointed her, because that wasn’t how it was; she had to travel with his new friends also. She didn’t mind Clemont and Bonnie, it was just Serena; who did she think she was? It drove her nuts. “See, it’s not so bad.” She said with a smile, she was trying to make the most out the time they had alone.

Ash shook his head, “No it tastes just like the real thing, with a bit of extra seasonings.” He was trying to butter her up, so that she would let him have some of her food; instead of making him a sandwich. “So, could I have a bit more?” He said, giving her a huge cheesy grin.

Chelsea looked at him suspiciously, then gave him a small smile and poked his nose. “I guess you can have some,” She whispered leaning in close to his face. If she couldn’t travel alone with him, then she was going to take advantage of every chance she could, being alone with him. She looked down at the food, “Well, give me five minutes and I will have dinner finished, ok?”

Ash nodded, “OK.” He looked over at his Pokémon, they were all sitting on the ground worn out; while Chelsea Pokémon were still going. Hawlucha was the only one trying to keep up, but he still was having a hard time, as Chelsea’s team looked fresh and jumped around happily. “Wow, your Pokémon are in shape,” He complemented.

Chelsea nodded, “Thanks, they work really hard whenever they can; I really think that is why they are as good as they are.” She explained.

Ash walked over to his Pokémon, “Hey guys, how you doing?”

They all looked up at him, and gave week smiles. Sliggoo was jumping around playfully, with Leafeon and Eevee.

“I am glad you guys got some training in, here you guys can rest in you Pokeballs for tonight,” He said pulling out their Pokeballs.

“Hang on Ash,” Chelsea said, “Dinner’s ready!” Chelsea called out, she had bowls in her hands and set them around on the ground.

“Alright!” Ash cheered, and then ran over.

All the Pokémon stampeded over to the different colored bowls, scattered across the ground, and dug into the food. Ash plopped down at the table along with Pikachu, eagerly waiting for their food.

“Coming,” Serena shouted, as her and Bonnie scurried out of the tent and to the table.

Chelsea stared at them bewildered, “You guys are already in your pajamas?” She looked Serena up and down, she was wearing her small short shorts and zip up top.

Serena sat down right next to Ash, “Yeah, we plan on going to bed right after dinner.” She said waiting anxiously for her food. “It smells delicious.” She praised, then rubbed shoulders with Ash. “You going to bed right after dinner, too?”

He looked back at her, “Um, I don’t know,” He thought, then studied her a minute. She was giving him a constant smile, and big bright eyes; it was kinda weirding him out. “Are you ok?”

Serena looked taken aback then blushed, “Um, yeah.” She looked over to Bonnie. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, getting close to him like Chelsea does. She tried to brush it off, “Well, what’s for dinner? It smells great!” She applauded, then looked up at Chelsea.

Chelsea was looking back at her, with a raised eyebrow. “Thanks, I got that the first time.”

She stiffened up, every time Chelsea looked at her like that she felt like a pane of glass, that she was looking through. Then she felt a pain in her leg, “Ow,” She yelped, then looked under the table. Bonnie’s leg was swinging fiercely under the table. Serena looked up at her face, she too was looking at her, with a raised eyebrow. “What?”

Bonnie rolled her eyes, but didn’t say anything, just shook her head.

Chelsea set a shallow dish in front of Ash, then two other plates in front of Serena and Bonnie. Ash began scarfing down his food, while Bonnie and Serena looked at their sandwiches.

“Hey,” Bonnie started. “Why does Ash have that?” She pointed to the dish of noodles and meat in front of Ash, “And we get sandwiches?” She asked disappointedly, pointing at Serena’s and her own plate.

Chelsea sat at the table with her own food. “Because, that is what you guys wanted,” Chelsea answered, as she began to eat.

Her Eevee jumped into her lap, and put her paws on the table. “OOowwy!” She chirped and reached for Chelsea’s food.

“Ok, here,” Chelsea said, giving Eevee a bite.

“But Ash wanted a sandwich too!” Bonnie objected.

“Yeah, but he convinced me,” Chelsea smiled, “enjoy your sandwiches.” She said, and continued to eat.

Serena was boiling mad, was this some kind of joke? How could Chelsea feed herself and Ash nice food, then give her and Bonnie sandwiches? How unequal and rude is that. She really wanted to say something, but wasn’t sure what to say.

Bonnie and Serena both looked at their sandwiches with disappointment, Bonnie went to pick up her sandwich, but Chelsea handed her a fork.

“You are gonna want this,” She said.

Bonnie looked at her sandwich as she took the fork, “Huh?” She started to cut the sandwich with the edge of the fork, then took a bite, there was a bit of creamy sauce and a large piece of meat in her sandwich. When she took another bite she couldn’t help but smile, the meat tasted so good along with the creamy sauce. “YUM!” She cheered.

Chelsea smiled and laughed, “I would never leave ya hanging,” She said, then looked at Serena with a smile.

Serena looked at her sandwich, she could see the sauce dripping from one of the sides. “Thanks?” She said, with some slight confusion.

After they ate dinner Chelsea began to clean up the dishes, Ash was picking off what was left in the pans with Pikachu and the other Pokémon. While Serena and Bonnie were staring at each other from across the table.

“Well, are we going to head to bed?” Bonnie asked.

Serena looked over towards Chelsea, she was shaking off the dishes she had just cleaned. “Yeah, I guess so.” She yawned with a stretch, then stood up and started walking toward the tent.

Bonnie ran and dove inside of the tent. “Goodnight!”

“You guys headed for bed already?” Chelsea asked, as she packed stuff away.

“Yeah, you wanna sleep with us tonight?” Bonnie asked, peeking out of the tent.

Serena stiffened up again, and gave Bonnie a crazed look. “Bonnie? We-” She started.

“Naw, it’s ok,” Chelsea interrupted then stretched, she had a hand full of clothes in one hand. “I am going to go sleep with my Pokémon.” She turned and walked into the trees, “Hang on a second, I am going to go get into my pajamas.”

“Ya, me too,” Ash said, as he dug in his bag and grabbed his clothes.

Serena crawled into the tent, and zipped up the door; her and Bonnie began to get comfortable and ready for bed.

“So, what is your plan of how to get Ash’s attention?” Bonnie asked. She wanted Ash to like Serena, so that Chelsea would like Clemont.

Serena looked over to her, “What do you mean? What more is there to do?” She didn’t feel like there was any more that she could do, Chelsea was bolder then her, and didn’t make it weird when she was close to Ash.

Bonnie sat up, “Well, you need to do something,” She stated, “Chelsea is perfect for Clemont,” She leaned back a bit, “except when she is in a bad mood.”

“What should I do then?” Serena asked, propping herself up.

Bonnie rubbed her hands together mischievously. “First, we got to get Ash to like you and not her.”

Chelsea laid down on her blanket, then put her head on Flareon, “Goodnight everyone,” She said loudly.

“Goodnight,” Ash said back.

“Goodnight!” Bonnie and Serena said simultaneously.

There was a bit of commotion in the tent, “Um, have sweet dreams Ash!” Serena said, in a stumbled sentence.

Chelsea chuckled and looked over to him, he was just getting into his sleeping bag; he looked over to the tent. He had a bewildered look on his face, but then got a smile, “You too guys.” He said in return.

Chelsea bit the inside of her cheeks, What? She thought.

Then he looked over to her, “You to, Chelsea.” He said with a smile. He opened his bag so that Pikachu could crawl in and snuggle next to him.

“Pika,” Pikachu said, as he got cozy.

Vaporeon looked over to him, “Va?” She chirped.

Chelsea giggled, “It’s Ok Vaporeon,” She said petting her head.

Pikachu looked over in confusion, “Pikachu?”

Everyone then got cozy, in their beds and fell asleep, except for Chelsea; she just stared at the stars.

Chelsea watched as the stars circle the navy sky, as the night went on. It was one of the clearest nights that she had seen in a while, but it was also one of the darkest; because there was no moon tonight. There was only the star light, which wasn’t very much light. There was still a small fire going, so there was some light; but again not much. Chelsea laid down and closed her eyes trying to relax, she didn’t feel comfortable in the dark; not because of the dark itself though, but she has seen what is in it. That is what she is scared of most. She heard something in the bushes, moving around, causing her to open her eyes again.

It was eerily darker than before; the fire was out.

She sat up and looked around, “Hello?” She whispered, there was no sound anymore. She laid back down and closed her eyes, she wasn’t fooled that easily; she was going to wait for them to come back.

Ash opened his eyes, as he felt the need to go to the bathroom. He sat up tiredly and stumbled out of his sleeping back, and wondered into the trees.

Chelsea looked over after him and propped herself up, “Ash?”

He just answered with a tired grumble.

She laid back down, but watched him walk into the trees.

He put his head against a tree trying to hold himself up, as he attempted to figure himself out. Then there was a light flickering in the corner of his eye; catching his attention, he looked over.

It was a small light, bouncing in and around the trees; sometimes through a tree. It hopped around then floated for a bit, dancing around, there was also a little moaning in the same direction.

Ash pushed away from the tree and pulled his pants up, “Hello?” He said nervously. All of a sudden; he felt like he needed to go after the light, so he did, weather he wanted to or not.

Chelsea heard Ash walking again, but when she looked over he was walking further into the trees. “Ash?” She asked sitting up, there was no response, “Ash?” She said a bit louder. Still no answer, Chelsea stood up, “Ash?!” She said, with a bit of shrill in her voice from worry. Again no response, so she ran after him.

Serena poked her head out of the tent, rubbing the tired out of her eyes. “What’s going on?”

Chelsea walked into the trees, “Something is wrong with Ash,” She yelled, then began to run, “Ash!”

Jolteon, Pikachu, and the other Pokémon followed.

Ash stumbled through the trees, he started to get more zombie like; as he went further. The light was still bouncing around, throughout the trees; Ash tried to move faster after it. “Hey! Come back!” He yelled.

Chelsea slowed down when she heard him yell, “What?” She looked around him, but didn’t see anything. “Ash, there is nothing there come back!”

He stopped and turned around, when he heard her call, “Chelsea?” He mumbled, though as he stared behind him; he saw a large dark shadow and many smaller ones chasing him. “Wooh!” He yelled, then ran after the light.

“What the?” Chelsea said, then sprinted after him. “Ash! Stop!”

Serena was running after the group of Pokémon, “What’s happening?” She called out.

Ash was running into the trees, there was a large building in front of him, he thought that if he made it to the building he would be safe. So he started to run faster.

“No! Ash! Stop!” Chelsea shouted, she began to sprint, “Jolteon, stop him!” She commanded.

Jolteon sprinted, with Pikachu right on his heel. When they caught up to him, they both grabbed his shorts and pulled him down.

Ash looked at them and panicked, as he saw that there were two shadows pulling him down. “AHhh!” He yelled in a panic and pushed the larger one away, it was so strong, “Pikachu!” He called, he didn’t know what to do, “Help!” He started to swing and kick at the shadows.

Chelsea was almost caught up, “Keep him down!”

“What’s wrong with him?” Serena yelled, she was trying to keep up, but she was in the back of the group.

“He is in a trance, I think!” Chelsea yelled, “Ash, come out of it.”

Jolteon was trying to keep him down, but Ash then swung a punch and hit Jolteon in the side. Jolteon yelped and growled at him, from the unexpected punch.

“Jolteon, stand down!” Chelsea ordered, as Ash got up and ran away.

“Pika!” Pikachu yelled running after him. His cheeks began to spark, “Pika-Chuuuu,” He called out, as he jumped in the air; and sent out a Thunder Bolt.

“Pikachu, no!” Chelsea said stopping.

The attack hit Ash hard, he dropped him to his knees.

Ash was running out of breath, but the crowd of shadows was still chasing him. He couldn’t stop, he needed to ether get to the castle, or get back to the camp, back to everyone else. “Pikachu!” He shouted. Just as he did he got hit with a strong electric shock. “Ahhhh,” The shock brought him to his knees, but he had to get up. When he got up he could barely stand, he began to stager forward, hoping to get to safety.

“Ash! Stop!” Chelsea called again, she looked ahead and saw a ravine in the ground; right in the path he was going.

“Pika!” Pikachu was pushing his legs trying to stop him. Sadly, it wasn’t working, Ash was walking right through him, pushing him aside. “Pikachuuuu!” Again Pikachu shocked him, trying to get him to slow down and stop.

Ash just kept going though, following the light. He was almost there; the light was right in front of him. Then as he kept going, he felt weightless, and began to fall.

Pikachu was right on his heels, “Pika!” He shouted trying to grab him, helplessly, trying to keep him from falling.

“ASH!” Chelsea screamed after him, in panic as she saw him fall, she grabbed Pikachu and tossed him back away from the ravine, then dove off the cliff after Ash. It was so dark, the gorge seemed bottomless.

Jolteon stopped at the edge, and barked after her. “Jolt-Jolteon!”

“Pika!” Pikachu called, he too was sitting on the edge of the cliff.

Chelsea reached out toward him as he fell lifelessly into the darkness. She put her hands to her sides, and torpedoed toward him, once she got close enough she reached out with both arms to grab him. “I got you!” She yelled, but once her arms were around him, he vanished. This set Chelsea in to a panic, she quickly righted herself and threw her body against the cliff and caught herself on the next rock. “Ah,” She winced. She looked around the black cavern in hopes of seeing Ash, “Ash!” She screamed out. “Answer me!” Her heart was racing, her cheeks burned, and her eyes filled with tears of pain and frustration. “Answer me!” She shrieked, her voice cracked and echoed along the walls.

Serena and Bonnie, along with the Pokémon were all looking down into the gorge, hoping that Chelsea would come up, with Ash.

Jolteon was barking fiercely into the ravine, along with the rest of Chelsea’s Pokémon. Pikachu also was calling down; they were all worried.

Serena and Bonnie waited patiently, there wasn’t anything they could do.

They all waited, what felt like an eternity. Serena was drowning in her thoughts.

Where are they? What happened to Ash? I hope he is ok. Her mind was on a tantrum of its own. Please come back. She closed her eyes tightly, trying not to cry. He has to come back; he just has to.

“Hey,” Bonnie said, pointing to the ledge.

Chelsea’s Pokémon started to go crazy, as Chelsea reached up and tried to grab something. Jolteon grabbed her hand; while Umbreon and Flareon reached over the side and grabbed her shirt, they all pulled her up. Along with Ash’s Pokémon, they were all in her face talking to her.

“Oh my gosh!” Serena cried, she ran over and looked around at the mess of Pokémon.

“Guys, guys; get away from that ledge, I don’t want to have someone else fall in,” Chelsea said breathlessly, she also had some anger in her voice.

“Where’s Ash?” Serena said, she felt panic welling up inside.

Chelsea laid on the ground, “I am OK, thanks for asking.” She said then slowly stood up.

“I see you’re fine,” Serena snapped, “I want to know where Ash is!”

“He disappeared,” Chelsea said annoyed.

“What?” Bonnie said standing next to Serena.

Ash’s Pokemon looked at each other, all with sad or worried looks on their faces.

“Pika?” Pikachu asked quietly.

Chelsea clenched her fists, “He disappeared,” She ran her figures through her hair and started scratching her head roughly, “He disappeared, he freaking disappeared!” She just got louder and louder.

“What do you mean?” Serena asked, “He just fell, how could he-”

Chelsea cut her off, “I don’t freakin know!” She snapped. “He just disappeared, I had him in my arms,” She said looking at her hands, “Then he vanished!” She screamed out, “AAHHHGGG!” She roared.

Bonnie stepped back behind Serena, “Hey!” Serena snapped, “Calm down, Ash can take care of himself.”

“He freakin fell, Serena!” Chelsea whipped back around and snapped, “He freaking disappeared into thin air, for real!” She sounded angry, “How could you be so calm about this?”

Serena didn’t know what to say, “I just know he can take care of himself, like you said he is a big boy; right?” She said, putting a hand on Bonnie. “Look you need to calm down.”

“You don’t get it!” Chelsea continued to rub her fists into her for head, “Ugh, I can’t focus,” She growled.

“Huh?” Serena felt confused.

Chelsea then started doing fire yoga breaths; Serena couldn’t tell if it was willingly or not though.

Espeon sat in front of Serena and Bonnie, she looked like she was getting ready to protect them,

“Jolt!” Jolteon barked at her, along with her other Pokémon.

Chelsea dropped to her knees, her fire breaths turned into coughs, and her coughs turned into sobs. She bent over, and pushed her head into the ground as she sobbed.

Pikachu walked up to her and petted her head, “Pika-pi.” He said gently.

“Chelsea, it will be OK,” Bonnie tried to reassure her.

Chelsea’s Pokémon were talking to her quickly, some of them were gentle while others had harsher tones to them.

Serena and Bonnie had no idea what to think of the situation. “Chelsea?” Serena said gently.

She lifted her head off the ground and choked back more sobs, and then stood. “I am going to go look for a way to get across this ravine,” She said, then looked over at them; her face was flush and angry.

“OK, let’s get back to camp and get dressed, then we will come back, with the map; OK?” Serena said, then took a step toward camp.

“No, I am going now,” Chelsea growled.

Serena looked surprised, “But we don’t have a map, we are going to need a map; it will be faster to find a way across if we did.” She explained. “Come on,” She finished the started to head into the trees, toward camp.

Chelsea shook her head, “You know, for someone who is in “love” with him, you sure don’t take risks for him.”

Serena stiffened up. “What?” She turned back to her, with a now pink face.

“Oh don’t play stupid,” Chelsea accused, “I know you like him.”

Serena got a fearful look on her face, “Am I really that obvious?” She held her cheek.

Chelsea nodded, “You are like newly cleaned glass, girly.” Chelsea described. “But you have another thing coming, because you have to get MY stamp of approval on that boy.”

Now Serena felt like she was caught in a trance, couldn’t look away, Chelsea’s gaze was anger mixed with something else, it was almost addicting to look at. “Huh?”

Bonnie and the Pokémon stared at them both. They weren’t sure if Chelsea was mad at Serena or if she was mad at the situation, and taking it out on Serena.

“Look, if you want Ash, you need to get on my level,” She walked toward Serena getting inches from her face, “Understand? He needs someone to compete with, and you are beyond not qualified.”

Serena took a step back; she didn’t know what to do; but she didn’t want to get pushed around by Chelsea. She knew she would never get Ash, if she let Chelsea push her around. She then took a breath and put her game face on. “Who are you to make the levels that need to be met?” She questioned, then took a threatening step toward Chelsea; she didn’t flinch. Causing Serena to lean back again. “You aren’t his mom,” She said trying to be tough, but her voice cracked a little on the last word.

Chelsea smirked, “It’s none of your business who I am,” She growled. “Just know, that he is way out of your league, so you better do your little heart a favor and walk away.” Chelsea whipped back walking away from Serena, when she did her hair whipped her in the face.

“Ah,” Serena yelp rubbing her face.

“Toughen up,” Chelsea scolded looking back, “Ash won’t have a weakling as a partner.” She informed, “I can’t force this into a fare playing field,” she looked down at her Pokémon, “Come on guys,” She looked at Pikachu, “we have to go find Ash. Pikachu, you might want to come with us,” She said then looked at Serena. “Because I know we will find him faster than her.”

“Pika?” Pikachu looked between them, he wasn’t sure what to do, but he wanted to find Ash. “Pi!” He chirped, then jumped on Chelsea’s shoulder.

“Let’s go!” Chelsea yelled then darted off into the trees following the ravine.

Serena looked back at Bonnie, “OK,” She said, nervously. “Let’s go get our stuff, so we have the map.”

“Right!” Bonnie agreed, then they started to head back toward the camp.

“Ugh, she drives me nuts!” Serena said angrily, as the ran toward camp.

Bonnie looked up at her, “I am sorry, but I don’t think intimidation is going to work on her.” Bonnie said observantly.

Serena looked down at her, “Ya think?” She asked sarcastically. “She could give a Gyarados and run for his money.”

“Where am I?” Ash said sitting up, he was laying on a soft couch; in a large living space. “Hello?” He called out. “How in the world did I get here?” His mind was buzzing with questions. “Pikachu?” He tried to stand, but his ankle had a sharp pain in it, “Agh,” He yelped. He sat back down on the couch and looked around. “Is anyone here,” Ash called out a bit louder.

There was no answer, the house was dark; the only light was coming from the small fire in the large stone fireplace. The windows were closed, and draped with dark-royal purple curtains; one of the set of curtains was pulled open just enough, that you could see outside. It was dark, and now there were large dark clouds moving across the sky.

“Weird, it was clear just a second ago.” He said to himself. He looked around the room more, studying his surroundings, taking in what all was in the dimly lit room.

There were large pictures painted across the dome ceiling, and there were drapes hung along the walls, they were dark purple also, with a black print on them. The only exit out of the room led to black, even the fire light couldn’t penetrate it.

“What the?” Ash questioned, then tried to stand again. He put all his weight on his good ankle, and hobbled over to the door. “Hello?” He said peeking out.

It was black, and silent.

Chelsea was sprinting through the trees along the gorge, her Pokémon at her sides, Jolteon was a bit ahead. Ash’s Pokémon were with her too; Frogadier was jumping through the trees, while Hawlucha and Fletchinder were flying above them.

But out of nowhere, a ball of fire flew up and hit Hawlucha, sending him to the ground.

“What the?” Chelsea stopped. She could hear whispering all around her. “Whose there?” She called out.

Her Pokémon surrounded her, Pikachu, Frogadier, Fletchinder, and Sliggoo got down and looked around in confusion.

“Froga?” He croaked.

“Shh,” Chelsea hushed. “We need to keep going, Hawlucha; are you alright?”

There was no answer.

“Hawlucha?” Chelsea said then began to look around. “What?”

Hawlucha was nowhere to be found.

“No way,” Chelsea breathed.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw another ball of fire come at her, “Watch out!” She shouted.

All the Pokémon ducked as the fire came flying at her, except one.

“Fletchinder!” It cawed, then in front of their eyes it went up in smoke; like a dying phoenix.

“What? No!” Chelsea panicked.

Frogadier and Pikachu both looked up in shock. “Pika!” “Froga!” They called out.

Another fire ball came flying out of the darkness, it smacked Sliggoo right in the face. “Goo,” It blurped as it turned to smoke.

“Hey!” Chelsea snapped. “Jolteon, we need a Discharge!” She called.

Jolteon sparked up and roared, “Jolt-eon!” It lit up the forest in a whirl of electricity. Sending whatever was in the woods running.

“Well, at least we know what happened to Hawlucha.” Chelsea groaned.

Pikachu started freaking out on her shoulder, yelling in her ear and at Frogadier.

“Wooh, Pikachu calm down,” Chelsea tried to reassure him.

But he just kept going.

Chelsea took a deep breath, trying to calm down. “Oh boy,” She groaned.

“Pikachu, chill out!” Jolteon barked.

“Pika-pi-pikachu!” He shouted off Chelsea’s shoulder.

“Hey,” Chelsea said, holding him out in front of her, “Pikachu, look at me.”

Pikachu looked at her, he had a worried look; on his little yellow face. “Pi?”

Chelsea gazed into his eyes, she dug deep into his thought.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Pikachu said.

Chelsea smiled, “That’s better,” She said, then set him down.

“Huh?” Pikachu looked around confused.

“OK, let’s get out of here, before any more of us disappear.” She said the started to run.

“What just happened?” Pikachu watched her run.

Jolteon looked down at him, “She can understand you now,” He said then ran after her.

“What?!” Pikachu yelped.

“It’s OK, I will explain, come on.” Vaporeon said in a gentle voice, the ran with him.

Bonnie and Serena were running through the woods, heading toward camp covering their head. “AHhhhh!” They screamed, as fire balls came flying at them.

“What are they?!” Bonnie screamed.

Serena tried to look around, but every time she looked up another fire ball came flying at her. “I don’t know! I left my PokeDex at the camp!”

They continued to run as fast as they could, screaming for help as they went.

“Where’s Fennekin and Pancham!?” Bonnie cried.

“In the tent!” Serena yelped.


They continued to wail until they got back to camp, and dove into the tent.

Serena took a couple deep breathes, “OK, I am no wimp!” She said grabbing a Pokeball, “Fennekin, I choose you!” She called, then threw the ball out of the tent.

Fennekin then appeared, “Fenn!” It barked.

“Fennekin, use Scratch!” She ordered.

Fennekin looked around, then looked back at Serena, “Fen?” She looked confused.

“What is it Fennekin?” Serena asked, “There is something out there!”

Fennekin looked around, “Fenn,” She barked, she then walked into the tent and curled up in Serena’s sleeping bag and went to sleep.

“What Fennekin?!” Serena said eagerly, “What are you doing?” She said flailing her arms around.

“Um, Serena,” Bonnie said, looking out the tent door.

“What is it?” Serena looked out after her.

Bonnie got out and looked around, “There’s nothing out here, they’re gone.”

Serena then got out and looked around, Bonnie was right, there was nothing out here. Even Chelsea’s and Ash’s stuff was gone, “What in the world?”

“Umbreon use Flash!” Chelsea called, “Don’t let those attacks hit you!”

They continued to run, Jolteon, Pikachu, and Leafeon were all doing attacks to hit the multiple targets.

“Where are they, and where are they coming from?” Flareon yelped, she started to fall behind.

“Come on Flareon,” Chelsea turned and said.

Flareon was breathing hard, “Hang on, it need to catch my breath.” She puffed.

Behind her appeared a large smoky shadow, it wore a huge grin.

“Flareon look out!” Chelsea yelled.

A fire ball came flying at her.

She yelped and turned away, ready to take the hit.

“Jolteon, NO!” Chelsea screamed.

Jolteon jumped in front of Flareon, taking the hit. “Love you,” He said, looking at Flareon.

Flareon’s jaw dropped as she watched him go up in smoke.

The smoky figure laughed as it pulled in the smoke and whisked away, leaving behind little balls of fire.

Flareon growled, and her body started to glow.

“Umm, mom,” Vaporeon said nervously.

Flareon puffed her chest, “Ughh,” Her mouth began to glow.

“Get down!” Umbreon called, she jumped on Frogadier.

Vaporeon grabbed Pikachu and ran to Espeon, Espeon started to use protect and Glaceon used Ice Beam to make a wall.

Flareon let out a huge rage of Over Heat; sending it into the trees.

“Flareon stop!” Chelsea yelled.

Flareon kept going, she turned her head lunching her fire in different directions.

You could hear crying coming from the trees, as Flareon chard the woods.

“Flareon!” Chelsea called out again.

Flareon finally stopped and looked around, she was breathing heavily. She looked over her shoulder at them, “He’s gone?”

The all were looking out of Espeon’s protection shield, the wall of ice was melted down into a large puddle on the ground.

Her eyes started to tear up.

“Oh Flareon,” Chelsea said, running over to her.

Flareon buried her face into Chelsea and started to cry.

“Don’t worry Flareon, we are going to get him back,” Chelsea said, then looked at the others. “Ready to go?”

All of Chelsea’s Pokémon growled.

Pikachu and Frogadier looked at each other, then looked around at the others.

“Come on!” Chelsea said, then picked up Flareon and started to run.

All the Pokémon started to run, and they were off again.

Serena and Bonnie were putting on their packs, and Serena was looking at the map. “Gosh this pack got heavy,” She said, adjusting her backpack.

Bonnie looked up at her, “Well, normally the others are carrying the heavy stuff,” She said. “Where is the closet crossing of the ravine?”

Serena looked at her map, “OK,” She looked up, “Over that way.”

“Alright,” Bonnie said, and they both started to run.

Chelsea and her Pokémon were tired; as they came up to a bridge. There was a man standing there, he was manning the bridge; there seemed to be a cabin right close by that he lived in.

Chelsea was still carrying Flareon, but she didn’t dare look behind her. She knew she lost a couple more Pokémon, it killed her that there was nothing that she could do.

The man looked over, “Hello!” He called. Then he looked closer. “Oh my, you all and pretty roughed up,” He observed.

Chelsea looked at him, “You need to let us through, we are trying to get to the castle.” She stated.

“Sorry, no can do, this road is closed; due to safety regulation.” The man clarified.

Chelsea looked down at Flareon, then turned to the others; her gut flipped. The only ones left were; Umbreon, Glaceon, Frogadier, Pikachu, and Eevee who was on her shoulder, and Flareon who was in her arms. “Well sir, you need to understand;” She turned back to him, “we need to get into that castle.” She continued and put Flareon down, and took another step.

“Well ma’am, there really isn’t anything I can do.” The man said, “I can only let down the bridge when there is an emergency.”

Chelsea walked up to the booth window. “You see these Pokémon standing behind me?” She pointed. “Six of them got kidnapped, along with one of my friends; who is their trainer.” She took a breath trying to stay calm. “They are in that castle, and we need to get in there and help them.” She couldn’t help but hold a fierce look in her eyes.

The man stared at her, “I am sorry-” He started, but Chelsea walked away.

“Light it up,” Chelsea looked at Flareon.

She stepped forward, “Flare!” She barked.

The man stood there with a fearful look in his eyes.

Pikachu jumped in the way, “Pika-Pi!” He said stopping her.

Flareon looked at him angrily, “Flare-eon flare flare.” She barked back.

Pikachu looked up at the booth, he ran up and jumped in the window, “Pika- chu” He chirped at the man. “Pika-pika-chu chu” He kept going.

“I am sorry, I don’t understand you,” The man apologized.

“He said, that you need to left the bridge; his trainer is in there and we need to save him.” Chelsea translated.

“You understand him?” The man said.

Chelsea walked back up to the booth, “I can do a lot more than that,” She said harshly, “Now let us in.”

The man looked at her, then to Pikachu. “I-“

Pikachu jumped in the booth and hit a switch, “Pi!” He chirped.

The bridge started to come down, it was going as slow as molasses though.

“Hey Pikachu, can you give it some juice?” Chelsea asked, watching the bridge.

Pikachu’s cheeks sparked. “Pika,” He said then his body started to light up. “Chuuuuuu!”

The man jumped out of the booth as it lit up, with Pikachu’s Thunder Bolt.

Causing the bridge to come down faster.

“Good job” Chelsea praised.

Pikachu jumped out of the booth, the bridge was still coming down. “Pi!” He said, lifting a paw.

Chelsea high-fived him.

“What’s that?” Bonnie pointed to the sky, there was Thunder shooting out everywhere.

“It must be Pikachu, that means we are close to them.” Serena looked at the map. “They did make it to the bridge before us,” She mentioned.

As they came around the next bend, they saw Chelsea with a couple of the Pokémon; they were standing next to a booth that was sparking with electricity. A man was getting up from the ground behind them, as they watched a bridge come down.

“She’s nuts!” Serena yelled, she ran over and looked at the man. “Are you alright?” She asked.

The man nodded. “Yeah, just getting a little excitement for once.” He said then smiled.

Bonnie ran up to Chelsea, “Are you still mad?” She said, watching the bridge come down.

Chelsea kept her eyes on the bridge, “Yup,” She said flatly, when the bridge finally was ready to cross Chelsea took a step. “Alright, let’s get in there and get Ash.”

“Well that is going to be hard, seeing that there isn’t an entrance.” The man walked up to her.

Chelsea turned around, “What?”

The man stopped. “Well, there is no way in.”

She gave him a questioning look, “You’re joking right?” She growled.

The man just stood there.

“You better tell me you are joking, then tell me how to get into the stupid castle.” She barked.

The man shrugged. “Even if there was, you shouldn’t be going in there anyway.” He said.

Chelsea grabbed the man; by the collar of his shirt and yanked him so they were inches from each other, “Now listen, you will tell me how to get into that castle, or I will gut you like a Magikarp,” She said through her teeth, in a harsh threatening tone.

The man stuttered, “Well Miss, really all the doors have been bricked off.” He said fearfully.

Chelsea narrowed her eyes, “I don’t like what I am hearing.”

Flareon growled, and she began to glow again.

“If we can’t get in, then maybe he is not in there,” Serena said, trying to calm Chelsea down.

“Who are you looking for?” The man said looking at Serena.

Chelsea shook him a bit, “None, of your business,” She growled, “Now! Tell me how to get in there!” She was losing patients; she knew there was a way to get in there. There had to be, Ash was in there after all; there had to be a way in and out seeing that something lived there.

“Umm,” The man started racking his brain.

“Chelsea just let him go,” Bonnie pleaded. “If there’s no way in, there’s no way in.” She walked up to her and tried to push them apart. “There is nothing we can do.”

Chelsea threw the man back, then turned to Bonnie, “Yeah right, there’s nothing I can do!” She barked.

Bonnie stood back a bit, she had a fearful look on her face.

Serena stood in front of Bonnie, “Hey! Chill out!” She barked back. “Ash will be fine!”

“How do you know? Huh?” Chelsea snapped, “He has none of his Pokémon, and he is stuck in a castle, getting who knows what done to him!” She was beyond angry, her blood was at boiling point. How could Serena act this way, as if there is always a happy ending.

Serena made a fist, “Look, we don’t even know if he’s in there!” She said, pointing to the castle. “So it is unnecessary to shake up a stranger; when don’t know anything!” She leaned back, “I mean, come on, we don’t even know what happened!”

“Then open your dumb blue eyes!” Chelsea yelled back, “You are too stupid and ignorant, Ash was hypnotized! He wondered off a cliff, then got taken away to that castle!” She pointed. “How can you be so dumb?” She said full of rage. “You know nothing! Not everything has a happy ending, ya know? What if he needs a doctor? There isn’t one for miles!”

Serena then thought for a second, She’s right, what if Ash is really hurt? She shook her head trying not to think about it, “He’s fine!”

“Ignorant!” Chelsea barked. “You will see when we get in there, he is not fine! Something is wrong,” She trembled with frustration. “Now, if you don’t believe me; Stay. Out. Of. My. Way!” She turned and started to walk toward the castle, “I am going in there.”

“But there is no way in,” The man said, as he picked himself off the ground.

Chelsea stopped and looked over her shoulder, “Then I will make a way in.” She said, her tone still was full of rage and frustration.

Serena and Bonnie watched as Chelsea walked, with her Pokémon, toward the castle. Pikachu was on her shoulder, then Eevee on the other.

“You say your friend got kidnapped last night?” The man then said.

Serena looked back at him, “Huh?”

“We never said that,” Bonnie replied.

The man looked past them, after Chelsea. “Well she implied that, and she is right.” He said, his voice was serious. “Look, I don’t know how, but your friend over there is going to get into that castle.” He stated. “And if she does, she is going to have one heck of a fight on her hands.”

“What do you mean?” Serena asked, then looked after Chelsea.

“You see, that castle is haunted, no one has lived there for hundreds of years. It stands here as a decorative monument now; it would have been torn down long ago, but for some reason it stays up. Every time a brick is moved, the bricks come back.” The man looked at the castle.

“Creepy,” Bonnie said with a shiver.

“That is why no one can get in, over time the castle; oh how would I say it? Boarded itself up,” The man looked down at Bonnie and Serena.

They returned his gaze with fear. “Boarded itself up?” Serena trembled.

The man nodded, “Yes, that’s right.”

“But how?” Bonnie asked, then looked up at Serena.

The man nodded, “Well you see, the ghost type Pokémon, they are the ones who did it. Because they don’t want their home destroyed.” He began to explain again. “This castle once belonged to a Queen of Ghost Pokémon, so the place was always “haunted”, but she loved them. And she took in every ghost type, and loved their characteristics, and encouraged their poor behavior.

“Why? That’s horrible?” Serena said, she looked up at him.

“It was the way the Queen was,” The man said. “I am not surprised, that your friend got kidnapped. Or the Pokémon, that is very common around here, but like I told her. You shouldn’t go in there, it is dangerous and full of vicious Pokémon.”

Serena looked up at the castle, Chelsea was right; Ash could be in major trouble in there. How would she have known that? She asked herself.

“Well, that means Chelsea was right; Ash is in danger.” Bonnie repeated Serena’s thought.

Serena looked down at her, “I guess.”

Bonnie looked after Chelsea once again, she was already across the bridge and going up to the castle, through the darkness of this new moon night, it seemed impossible to see her. “But how would she have known?”

“Your friend is more than what she seems to be,” The man said, he too was looking after her.

Serena and Bonnie looked back up at him, with questioning looks. “What do you mean?” Bonnie chirped.

Then man stared off. “Well, I don’t know, but what I do know is, if she wins that fight, I mentioned. She may become their new queen.”

“Huh?” Serena looked baffled.

The man nodded. “Yup, because she understands them, or she will when she gets in there,” He explained, briefly then turned away, “Now if you don’t mind, I have a booth to fix.” He said then walked over to his booth.

Bonnie and Serena looked at each other, “Well that was weird.” Bonnie said.

“Come one we need to catch up to her!” Serena said, then quickly started across the bridge.

Chelsea and the Pokémon walked around the large castle wall, until they came up to an area that looked to once be a doorway. It was now all bricked up, you could only tell it was a door, because of the shape of the bricks. Chelsea looked down at Flareon, “Ready to go in?”

Flareon nodded, “You bet I am.” She growled back.

Glaceon looked at Frogadier, “You might want to step back; and have the ladies take care of this.” She said then walked up to the door with Umbreon.

Pikachu and Frogadier watched as Glaceon, Flareon, Umbreon, and Eevee all looked ready to attack.

“You can’t tell me they are going to take down that wall?” Pikachu said, looking up at Frogadier.

He just stood there, “I don’t think they are going to.”

Chelsea looked over her shoulder, “Don’t count out that bet.” She said with a grin.

Pikachu and Frogadier looked at her thoughtfully, then toward the others.

Eevee glowed as she used Helping Hand, Flareon took a breath and started to glow, while Umbreon and Glaceon waited for their commands.

“Ready? On three, one,” Chelsea started, her Pokémon got serious looked on their faces, “two,” They all readied their stance, even Chelsea. “three. GO!” She yelled.

Serena and Bonnie ran around the castle, “Do you think that Chelsea is going to be able to get in?” Bonnie asked.

Serena slowed down, “Honestly, I don’t know.” She thought, “I mean, if she had all her Pokémon; maybe, but with only half, maybe not.”

They walked around the last bend and heard a loud bang and crashing sound.

“What was that?” Serena yelped.

Bonnie ran ahead, “No way?!” She said in awe.

There was a cloud of dust that was settling, rocks were scattered about everywhere. Bonnie and Serena ran over; Chelsea was standing in the middle of the mess with her Pokémon, Pikachu and Frogadier stood off to the side with gapping mouths.

When Serena and Bonnie looked up at the castle, the doorway was almost clear. “How did you?” Serena said baffled.

Chelsea looked at them, “Glad you could join the party, come on before it closes,” She was in total serious mode, it was a bit scary; because you know she was mad. Though she was acting calm now.

“I kinda liked it better when she was yelling,” Bonnie whispered.

Serena nodded in agreement.

They all walked into the castle, it was dark; the only light that shined was the light that came through the opening Chelsea and her Pokémon made.

“This place already gives me the creeps,” Serena said, she was looking around; trying to see.

Bonnie looked around, “Yeah, it’s dark.”

“Well, no one said you guys had to come.” Chelsea turned, and pointed back out the door. “You are more than welcome to leave.” She said, then her eyes got wide. “What the?”

Serena and Bonnie, along with the other Pokémon turned around quickly. The wall was already more than halfway fixed, they watched the wall finish putting itself back together. The room got darker and darker with every brick, that was place.

“Uh oh,” Bonnie whimpered.

Once the last brick was placed, the room went black, there was no light coming from anywhere.

“Ahhh,” Bonnie and Serena screamed.

“Oh, really!” Chelsea yelped, “Shut up! Umbreon use Flash,” She snapped.

The rings on Umbreon’s body glowed, their yellow light. Casting everyone’s shadows along the walls.

“There,” Chelsea looked over at Bonnie and Serena, “Was that really necessary?”

Bonnie was hugging Serena, and Serena was holding Bonnie. “Did you not see that?!” Serena said putting Bonnie down. She pointed at the, now, closed door. “The wall fixed itself!” She said in a panic.

Chelsea nodded, “Yeah, I saw,” She said, then looked around. “and it didn’t fix itself.” She confirmed looking up.

Bonnie and Serena both looked up, along with the Pokémon. There were fire balls floating, around up by the ceiling, they looked just like the ones that they saw in the woods.

“What is that?” Bonnie asked, she tucked herself in to Serena.

She put her arms around Bonnie, “I don’t know.”

“OK,” Chelsea said, she looked around; “Come on, just leave them alone, we need to find the others.” She said then started to walk towards one of the dark corridors. Once her foot touched the darkness the fire balls came flying towards her.

“Flare!” Flareon jumped and lunched a hefty Flamethrower, with it she destroyed the fire balls and hit the Pokémon that was in front her; standing in the shadows. The fire light shot down the hall lighting it up till the fire disappeared.

There were Pokémon everywhere, all floating around down the hall. They moaned and whined, as the darkness consumed them back up.

Chelsea stepped back. “Thanks,” She stuttered.

“Flare,” She barked.

“OK, well I know you are all there!” Chelsea shouted into the darkness. “Give us our friends back!” She ordered.

“Please,” Bonnie whimpered.

Chelsea looked back at her, her and Serena were crouched on the floor; holding each other, and looking around franticly. “Really guys?” She asked. “Come on, stop being babies, they’re just ghosts.” She stated then looked around.

“Right, they’re “just ghosts”!” Serena snapped.

“Well, when you are scared it feeds their power, that is how they work.” Chelsea explained. She looked around the room, “Flareon, is there a way you could light up the ceiling?” She asked pointing at the fire balls.

Flareon took a breath and let out a Flamethrower towards the ceiling, the fire balls moved and scattered as the Flamethrower hit the cobblestone ceiling. As it lit up you could see different kinds of Pokémon scatters around up there.

“What are those?” Serena asked pulling out her PokeDex, she pointed it at the ceiling towards the Pokémon.

“Litwick which shining a light and pretending to be a guide, it shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns.” The PokeDex continued, “Lampent normally arrives near the moment of death and steals the spirit from the body, the spirits it absorbs fuel its baleful fire. It likes to hang around hospitals waiting for people to pass on.”

Serena and Bonnie got more frightened as the PokeDex kept going. “Chandelure, when waving the flames on the tips of each arm, it puts its foes into a hypnotic trance. When you are consumed by a Chandelure’s flame the spirit burns up, leaving the body behind. The spirits then lose their way, wondering this world forever.”

Chelsea gritted her teeth. “Well that explained a lot.” She thought about the Pokémon she lost to these guys. “Where are our friends?” She called out to them.

They flew around moaning and whining.

“Answer me!” Her temper was starting to get the best of her.

“Chelsea I don’t think we should get them mad.” Bonnie stuttered.

Serena lowered her PokeDex and again it started talking, “Misdreavus, gets nourishment from fear that it absorbs into its red orbs. It likes to play tricks on people by screaming and wailing at night, to startle people.” Serena’s face turned more white every time the PokeDex started talking. “Shuppet uses the horn on its head to feed of the envy and malice of people, being very active at night, it hangs from the eaves of houses where vengeful people live.”

“How many of them are there?!” Bonnie yelped.

“Too many,” Chelsea said, looking in to the darkness, she tried to listen very carefully, with every PokeDex entry that went off more Pokémon came. She could here them mumbling in the darkness, she looked at Serena. She held her PokeDex out, as it rolled on and on about the Pokémon. “Serena, quit it!” She snapped. She walked over to her, and took the PokeDex and shut it off.

“Hey!” Serena said then stood, grabbing her PokeDex back. “Didn’t your mom tell you taking things from others is rude?”

Chelsea pointed to the darkness, “Your idiotic decision, is scaring yourself and Bonnie. And if you didn’t hear me the first time, or the PokeDex. They feed off fear, and you guys are scared out of your minds.” She pointed out. “We need to find the others.”

Serena nodded, “I like to know what we are going up against.” She stated.

Chelsea put a figure to her own lips, “Shh, and listen.” She said quietly.

Serena and Bonnie list