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Let's Go Your expectations vs Your impressions so far Page 2

Started by colours November 17th, 2018 6:06 AM
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The game exceeded some of my expectations, in that it was a lot more charming than I expected. Unfortunately, the gameplay didn’t end up being very fun, and the controls in tv mode bugged me a lot more than I thought they would.

The good:
-Playing with Pikachu is fun. Taking screenshots and videos is fun. In fact, one of my favorite activities is to screenshot neat battle poses.
-It’s nostalgic. I love Kanto, and I’ve enjoyed re-exploring it. It’s a vibrant world, albeit a small one.

The bad:
-I never feel like I actually get to use my team. A lot of time is spent catching Pokémon, and you don’t really do any battling during these times. As a result, I don’t feel attached to my Pokémon (besides Pikachu).
-The leveling mechanics are frustrating. Battling doesn’t earn much exp, and it spreads to everyone. Catching earns much more. Money for Pokeballs became an issue for me early on, and as a result, I found that the best strategy was to solo the game using Pikachu’s Pay Day until the fourth badge or so, as this gave me the most funds to continue catching Pokémon (and worked better if I got Pikachu to a higher level). Additionally, I majorly overleveled my team by attempting (and failing) to chain a shiny Drowzee after earning my third badge, and it made the next part of the game pretty boring. I prefer when catching and exp are kept separate.
-Using a single joycon in tv mode made my hand and wrist sore. I also found the motion controls overly intrusive, and they prevented me from playing the game when trying to fall asleep, or other times when I commonly play Pokémon games.
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