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So what are some things regarding gen7 that frustrate you as a whole, can be various things in the game, a specific gen7 mon you can’t stand, maybe a charcter who gets on your nerves too, or you just disapprove gen7 as a whole and want to vent it out, that is allowed too.

Strangely enough, my personal biggest beef with gen7 is the grunts not evolving their creatures. If this was 4 and below I won’t bat an eye, but gens 5 and 6 both had fully evolved teams on their grunts, so why take a step back? It also would not be bothered if the grunts weren’t constantly shoved into our faces througout the damn game. No, I don’t want to fight your stupid grass bug creatures that you should have boosted 10 levels ago. These incompetent excuses for trainers are so bad they genuinely make me like the gen less.


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something something usum being an unnecessary separate game for what could've been included in SM. although personally, i like usum, so i can't talk all that badly about it. but that's just me.

also festival plaza isn't really the greatest addition. im not huge into pss either but it was sure more efficient and fun than festival plaza. don't get me wrong, i think there are fun aspects to festival plaza like the mini-games and whatnot, but i think they lost their novelty after a while. and i think that's the whole thing about festival plaza's facilities: while they provide numerous benefits to your pokemon, many of them are pretty negligible with the exception of five-star rare kitchens, which is pretty much the only reason i'd argue most people get into festival plaza to begin with just so they can skyrocket their pokemon to lv 100 (or close to it, at least).

also there could've been a more expansive post-game but pokemon games, with the exception of b2w2, hgss, and perhaps emerald, postgames have never really been too addicting or great (platinum's battle frontier was great, don't get me wrong, but it paled in comparison to emerald's).

i mean that's about it. in all honestly i have a more positive opinion of sm/usum than most people do. i had a lot of fun with the battles, the trials were cool even if they served the same "mini-boss" role that gyms once did, and some trial captains and kahunas had memorable personalities (see: nanu).


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The long and unskippable cutscenes, especially at the beginning.

Completely healthy wild Pokemon can call for help.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you have to battle Tapu Koko straight after defeating the champion and sitting through a long cutscene. Fortunately, they fixed this in USUM.
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