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Non-Pokémon 24/7 RHI

Started by aperso January 8th, 2012 9:12 AM
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Please feel free to VM random fruit types.

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I created this hack's idea a while ago, and Aperso offered to help. It is NOT a serious hack and therefor will have very little scripting in it.

This is not a serious hack, it is merely a fun project to create a beatable storyless Pokemon game. It is called 24/7 RHI because it will be complete in seven days, each day taking place in a 24 hour period. So if I choose to work on it for the next week, it will be released then, if I dont work on it tommorow, then I will simply use that 24 hours another time. I don't cheat. RHI simply means a ROM Hacking Innovation, because hey, have we had a WORKING free roam hack before? Especially one made in 7 days?

This hack is a free-roam map with quite hard challenges that are displayed on the board next to your house. The first 3 releases will be no-testing, the 4th release will be an alpha, the 5th release will be a beta, the 6th release will be the final product, and the 7th will be a touchup release with any bugs and stuff fixed.

Each map is a different "Block", from your starting map being Block 0, to the final block which I have not yet created.

There will be one sign per map detailing what block you're in.

Before these days, after my idea conception, I tried out a few speedhacking techniques and made a few version of this hack, then deleted them so that I'd keep my promise of 24/7 RHI.
Day One - Jan. 3rd 2012 - Intro & first 5 maps
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven


Box Art:


Open map
No story
Beat the game in an interesting way ;)
All Pokemon up to Hoenn

Innovator - Creator
Aperso - Co-Owner
Lu-Ho - Advancemap
Linkandzelda - Hacking tips & being British
Mewthree9000 - Hacking tips & being American

Spinaraks (bugs):

Enjoy, this isn't a serious hack, don't take it as one.
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