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Seen December 18th, 2018
Posted November 9th, 2018
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I didnt have this error the last time i did this and now i do. 'RGSS-RTP Standard not found'
when others try to play this. I'm assuming they need the rpgmaker run time package but i know you can have others play your game w/o downloading the rpgmaker xp. I went on the essentials wiki and followed all of the steps and im not sure what i did wrong.

-Compiled it one last time to make sure everything works.
-took out the audio and graphic files before compressing it so it would compress properly.
-Uncompressed files and added the audio and graphic files properly.
-compressed it to a zip.
Other have opened it and gotten the 'RGSS-RTP Standard not found' So im not sure what i did wrong.
Love any help on what to do to have others play my game. :P
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