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Which Pokemon do you most like to ride on in LGPE?

In my main file, I ride on Onix a lot (she's the only one of my main party who's rideable) - it's really slow and unwieldy in even slightly cramped areas, but the hilariousness of riding atop the head of a 30' tall rock snake almost makes up for it. Now that I've beaten the game, I fly on a Charizard who I never used much for battling (but made sure to get and evolve because Charizard is kewl). In the file where I'm doing the Random Pokemon Challenge, my Ponyta just evolved into a Rapidash, and omg riding Rapidash is so satisfying ;_; Tauros is a good choice as well.


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Actually never rode one before since I just walked lol, but Kangaskhan seems so satisfying. Seeing Pikachu and Eevee in Kanga's little pouch is just precious!!


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I don't have LGPE, but from what I've seen riding Snorlax has the best animation. The way pc is holding on its belly somehow looks awesome.
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syd is right getting to ride on haunter was awesome
tbh that was the worst part of evolving it to gengar!
paired with Cherrim ; cred


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Loved to use Lapras as my surfer instead of Eevee cause that has always been my dream since since Ash traveled the Orange Islands using his Lapras in the anime. I always picture the surfing icon as a Lapras and my dream was fullfilled. :') Also grabbing on Snorlax's big belly like a kangaroo is hilarious to me.
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