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    Originally Posted by james19 View Post
    Good to know both things. So its safe to asume hold items on wild pokemons are pretty much the same that on original games? And fantastic that we have the chance to have proper rematches against gym leaders.

    Now Im using your methods for making screenshots, so now I have almost 10 goods pictures. When I have more I'll upload them.

    And one more thing: In gbatemp some people found how to remove battle maison restriccions about legendaries, mythics and soul dew. How about putting that feature? Currently that discovery is for oras and usum. But I think it wouldnt be any problem. JustbI saw and thought it would be another great touch to exwy and usu, hacks
    Yeah, the hold items are based on ORAS with a few extras. Details for the added items are in the "item changes & locations" document.

    It'd definitely be nice to be able to use all the Mythical Pokemon in the Maison/tree, I'll see if I can find which file needs to be edited for XY. Looks like it's all figured out for USUM so that'll be an easy addition.
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      Fantastic, I hope you can do it, because I think it would be a nice touch to the game and make it even more unique within the hack roms (although making a XY hack, and having updated is the most rare thing lol).
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