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Script Fire red hack help needed travel agent

Started by BeginerN00bPro May 12th, 2019 6:45 AM
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Seen May 12th, 2019
Posted May 12th, 2019
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Hi I am making a new fire red hack using MrDS Decap and Attack Rombase 1.5a

I wanted to create a travel agent in Viridian city who would ask if you want a vacation to Aloha island.

When you speak to the person they will offer you a choice of destinations to warp to for a fee (i.e 1,500 to aloha, 2,000 to unamed) or a no option.then when arriving to the island to have a free warp back. However i am lost with the scripting to this any ideas?

Also a second question with the pokedex i have made it so you recieve the national dex at the begining from oak but it only seems to go to number 420 i have the full gen 7 in the game . How to i extend the Dex to show all included pokemon (pokedex data has aready been created). and if possible have the seen dex completed showing locations of the pokemon.

thanks for any help.
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