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Could you live without a cellphone?

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Old 4 Days Ago (3:07 PM).
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If it wasn't for the constant paranoia of something happening, like getting into an accident, running out of gas, or something like that, I think I could definitely live my life without a cellphone.
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    Originally Posted by Tsutarja View Post
    I am legit curious to know why you bring this up as a reply to my post. My post was directed more towards emergency situations and requiring a cell phone, not privacy. You could still get along fine with just a feature phone, really.
    With the discussion regarding smart technology (in particular, smartphones), and the point you made regarding "roadside call boxes and payphones are not an option anymore", I simply made the connections regarding the societal direction this seems to be going. However, if I went further regarding this, it would possibly reach beyond the scope of the discussion at hand (hence my disclaimer: "that's a whole other discussion").

    Other words, I was thinking (too) big for the moment.

    Originally Posted by Juno View Post
    My point was just that I technically could live more or less the same as I do now, since my laptop can have the functions of my phone anyway, haha. It wouldn't be as convenient for sure, but doable, and that include carrying it around everywhere (although I do bring it with me most days to work anyway, so it wouldn't be a huge change in lifestyle).

    Texting in the bathroom isn't something I find necessary, but again, if I had to, that would be doable too.
    I was being facetious with you; no worries on my end. :wink-right-eye:
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      Well seeing as I don't even own one now... Yes, I suppose so
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      Yes, absolutely. I've done it before phones were widely available, and I can definitely live without them.

      Though I'm quite sure that some external services will still insist that you own one.
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      I definitely could, but is it really worth giving up the convenience of being able to talk to my family and friends? Probably not.
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        The society we live in now, the majority of people you know use a mobile phone, almost constantly. It's grown to be a part of a lot of our lives, more than just something we use (as sad maybe and as worrying as that sounds) to use a mobile phone is to stay connected and when I don't have access to mine I do, somewhat, feel shut off from the world. People feel so much further away and I feel uninformed as to what's going on in the world.

        Could I physically live without my phone? Yes.
        Would it be living comfortably? I couldn't say it would.
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          I think I could but life would be a lot more boring. I like the distraction of my apps.

          I do make daily phone calls too, so it's important.

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