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Pokemon Moon Emerald Wedlocke Screenshot Run!

Started by PageEmperor April 1st, 2019 10:10 PM
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Welcome to a brand new nuzrun! I wanted to play a gen3 hack and the inclusion of gen7 mons seemed interesting, so here we go! And no, it's not exactly a true wedlocke because no, I won't be doing that notepad clause-esque rule. But I will still use the mons as pairs. So the rules are:
1. Catch first encounter
2. Dupes clause on, but after 3 dupes I must catch the following mon.
3. Box anybody who faints.
4. I can catch another one of the species of the dead mon.
5. I must catch 1 male and then 1 female mon or vice-versa. They will be paired, I must switch between them in battle.
6. If someone gets roared or whirlwinded into another mon from a different pair then I will use that pair for the rest of the battle untless the opponent uses those moves again.
7. And yes if someone dies I must send out whoever was paired with him/her.
8. I am allowed to switch grind a mon who can't hold on it's own with everyone.

Now, we start!

1: Wedding crashed

#GottaGoFast and never used this cloud background before.

The professor comes and showcases we can catch newer mons. Now...

Putting in my username...

And shrinking powers!


Of course I know we were moving. Now I just have to set the clock...

And skip all that beginning dialogue and now onto the starter!

Now, I'll have you all know I already decided even before I started the run...

...That I'd pick my favourite of the bunch and it actually had a beneficial nature right from the start! I was going to soft reset the save state until I got modest, but I think this can do.

Yep, a Rock mon and we only have Tackle, but it only had Struggle so it kept dealing damage to itself and it was level 2.

And so we get our first mon on the run!

I see you driving 'round town with a beneficial nature, and I'm like, well, hopefully we won't forget about the amazing things that she will bring to the team. I did forget that I cared more about not getting a bad nature than getting a female starter (somehow)

Now we look for the rival. Gonna speed past...



And now the run truly starts!

And we get our first catch, it is male so we can get it!

And jeez Echoed voice nearly killed it.

And an actual entry! I guess...

Meet Luwizzzz! And yeah the quad Z's are intentional. And best part is that he is totally usable!

And hooray, gen5 and 6 Tackle!

Ground him up. That wasn't so bad.

And then for the next route, we have.... yeah... ran into 3 dupes and then this.

At least we have our first boxed teammate!

And we find this on the next route! So overall nice, something to deal with the Fighting gym later on.

What isn't nice is grinding it. Everything crit it. I decided to stop at 6 as a result.

Sigh, I could have gotten that instead of my crit magnet? Blah, hopefully Meat will make up for that.

But overall, the road to this place wasn't so bad. Meat leveled up without anything bad happening to her. Also, grass in the city. What is this, Onyx Blue?

Anyway, let's catch whom will be paired with Meat!

Introducing Purplex! Not bad at all. I know nothing about the line as of now so it should be interesting to use. And an item, who knows if it will be useful.

Skipping the whole catch tutorial thing...

And that guy who only shows up in Emerald to talk about the frontier...

And we find our encounter on the following route!

Not bad, not bad...

Also: The crabs back in the city that you can encounter in the same place I found Purplex? They give off monstrous experience. My seal leveled up after beating 2 of them.

Welp, guess I know where I will be grinding Meat and Purplex.

And speaking of which, while grinding, we get this! Now I definitely know which pair I'm taking to the Fighting gym.

Done, now we can head off into the forest! Seal and Luwizzzz will deal with all the trainers.

I wonder what we will encounter here...

Ok. I would have rather gotten it earlier but this is fine.

Not bad.

No, but I do have another mushroom mon if your interested.

First encounter with a bad guy! I'll bet I'll OHKO him!

Not exactly, but it wasn't an issue!

And from here, I guess it's a good time to stop. Next up, the rest of the path to the first gym!


Insert something creative here

with an axe
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Yep, I waited until I completed the run before posting more updates. And I admit I procrascinated a whole lot. Now time for the update.

2: Rocking it
In the previous episode, we got through the forest, and got the Bullet seed TM. Too bad nobody can learn it. Now for some city shenanigans...

Did it ever occur to you that it's probably because you named her that?

Maybe this will help?

Yeah, not everyone gets sexual jokes.

But this finally happened! So far this seems like a good mon.

The starter duo, putting in the finest work.


Anyways, new duo.

Anyways, my team before taking on the gym! And yeah I didn't screenshot my starter evolving. Don't care anyways.

'Honors student'

After some gym trainer beatdowns, we take on the leader!

Now it's time to rock. Literally.

Bet you didn't expect me to use these guys, but I'm confident they will pull through.

Oh yes. I've heard about this thing.

Welp, here it is. Yes, it still has those monstrous defenses. Hopefully it won't be too hard...

Hooray! Boosted Rock tomb!

Too bad nobody can learn it!

This should be useful...

Will be useful.

Hear ye.

And we will stop here. Next up, new teammates I've been excited to introduce to the run!
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