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past our yesterdays

the dream world
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It'd be hilariously dumb move on both Game Freak's and Nintendo's part, but because I can't help but play my Pokemon games, I'd just cough up 10 bucks or whatever, albeit reluctantly so.


from 2013

Age 23
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If it means seeing friends on my game's overworld, I wouldn't mind. Can't think of any other reason for it to be worth it.


This is fine.

A cape
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Not going to happen. It'd be likely necessary to do trading and battling via wifi, but for just playing the game and doing the story, catching, etc? I can't ever see that requiring the online connection. That'd especially go against quotes of the game being more handheld focused than LGPE (ergo, when people wouldn't be using the internet at home).

I expect local wifi trades/battles to be possible once again.
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