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How fast can you type, words per minute?

Started by strangerhypno November 14th, 2018 1:44 PM
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Seen January 27th, 2019
Posted January 27th, 2019
here's a website for seeing how fast you can type:

I think the words vary so you might get a slightly harder test than others.

I'm bored so I found out I type 75-80 words per minute on average, I'm pretty slow actually compared to others I know who can type 120 wpm, but they are like programmers and pianists so they got skills with their fingers

here's another website:, pick whatever text you want to write


used Jump Kick! It's super effective!

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28 on a good day lol
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around 95-100 WPM, although I'm pretty sure I can go even higher if I cared to.


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Around 75 wpm from the three times I tried to do the test :p I've been told that I type fast but I feel like I've also heard about people who can type 110 - 120 so definitely doesn't feel like it. I've always found my typing speed quite average, honestly.

Edit: tried the second one, which told me I type 90 wpm so go figure :D


past our yesterdays

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Posted 12 Hours Ago
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lol there is such a hilarious difference between the two tests:

first one:


i think it's just because im far more used to typing actual sentences that make sense for typing exams than just random words like in the first one. @_@


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I never really learned how to type, so I'm not going to have a high speed, though I think that the pace I type at is good enough.

I'm slow on a phone though
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Posted April 15th, 2019
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I just took a test and I thought I'd post it. It's my second try, and my first was an abysmal 86 for adjusted speed. Can't remember the other stats because my memory is fractured. Anyway, here it is!


I'm sure I could jack it up and minimise my errors, but that's another objective for another day. My middle finger is sore because of the rude gesturing from earlier.


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Awesome! You type with the speed of 90 WPM (410 CPM). Your accuracy was 97%. Congratulations!
seems like i'm in the 90-100 range, but i've done another test before a year or two ago that put me at around 110-120 aha

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Posted 2 Hours Ago
I'm definitely slower than I used to be, I'm sure. I took like an almost two year break from being on a computer at all (for the most part) so not much typing was done other than emails for work. I also never really learned to type the "correct" way. Right now my typing speed tends to average out at around 70-95 WPM. I'm sure with time I can get it back up a little more though hahah. I remember people used to call me a speed demon when it came to my typing years ago and my sister still hates how I type because I type so loudly. oops.


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Neat! You type with the speed of 55 WPM (259 CPM). Your accuracy was 90%. Good job!

I'm definitely slower than I used to be, I think I'm not used to my laptop anymore bc I don't get to type that fast that often anymore. Also not used to that typing test oops. I usually get around 70-75 before and people were scared of me in Typer Shark lmfao. Let's see if I can bring it back up again later. :thonk:

Edit: The second test told me I was 75 WPM with 98% accuracy.


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Awesome! You type with the speed of 63 WPM (251 CPM). Your accuracy was 98%. Congratulations!

i'm so much slower than i used to be lmao
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I'm not used to write fast in English, but this was lot slower that I expected. I also found out that you can delete letters only on the last word, so it would also make difference.

I had fast writing classes in high school and even got a certificate of it. I might try to find it and look how fast I could write 5 years ago.


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Posted February 20th, 2019
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NIce game, it also improves memory

Edit: I get around 65 Wpm octopus thing without looking at keyboard (On my new laptop that i have less than a month and i need yet to get used to) i think it depends on what we usually use , most people who get high score are using a computer/laptop that they work with for years.


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"Neat! You type with the speed of 51 WPM (230 CPM). Your accuracy was 96%. Good job!"

I have pretty terrible accuracy. I type by remembering the motion of words rather than the placement of letters. It's...weird.


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It really depends to be honest, I have to really try if I want good results. I never took a typing class because I personally thought the idea stupid, you learn how to eventually. But I guess it helps out those who can't really type at all. I pretty much grew up on a computer so I've just learned it over the years. I still typo a lot but only if I'm not careful.. which I never am lol
The test results I got varied from 40-70 WPM, though I'm sure I am much faster, it's just I can't really type as fast when they give me words to type. I have to type what I wanna type to actually be quicker, but I guess that's the same for everyone maybe? Idk


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is 60 wpm slow? i think its average. fine for me though hahaha
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