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Whitney because she's the only one that gives a geniune challenge - as frustrating as it may be.
Would be a shame if I...used Trick Room!
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Gardenia, she uses one of my favorite Pokemon: Roserade
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I loved Candice in D/P/P because she wasn't hard, but she wasn't necessarily easy either.
As for HG/SS, I would have to go with Jasmine in the Johto region, and Erika or Sabrina in the Kanto region.
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Candice Look At My Picture...
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Gardenia because she has a Cherrim in Platinum even if it's hacked in at level 20. 'v'

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Gardenia because of her unique design, fun Gym and team which includes a Rosedale which is very strong Pokemon especially for that part of the game. Also her anime appearances.

Current Game - Pokemon Sun - Pokedex Complete
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For Sinnoh,I'd say Fantina.I like Ghost type leaders.

For Johto,it'll be Clair AND Morty.Clair for the tough battle,and Morty coz' he's a Ghost type leader.
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