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Started by Louise28 March 8th, 2021 2:00 AM
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It’s been a very long time since I only played Pokemon, but I can sort of relate to this - when a new game comes out that is often all I will play until I’m done. Wasn’t the case with the last two generations because they were awful, but I did put about 75 hours into the PMD remake last year, and when Snap and BD come out I may very well drop everything....although Snap comes out in the same month as NieR Replicant, so perhaps not.

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I used to be like this for aaages. Then I got distracted by other games lol. But I definitely understand the addiction, especially when we have things like fangames that keep bringing to light cool new ideas/potential!
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I'm very guilty of this. And it's not that I don't like to play other games, I just keep saying I'll get to them but Pokemon keeps sucking me back in and I struggle to.
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You literally just described me in the mid 10s.
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for a brief period in 2017 or so i think it was, i played nothing but GBA romhacks. it was all my crappy home PC could handle at that point after even Counter Strike Source would start lagging lmao. i could just keep replaying the Gen 3 games sure, but that'll get boring for me after a while, so i explored the world of fan made games and fell in love with it~

nowadays i barely game at all anymore, but every now and then i'll boot something up i guess.
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I don't play pokemon games consistently, but I'll get the urge to play one every few months.

They don't take long at all, usually 15-20 hours.


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there was a period of time i was like this.

i think i'm just burnt out on pokemon gaming these days. i've done pretty much everything i've cared about doing in SwSh for the most part, and i've logged like 800-ish hours into it. by no means is that supposed to be a brag-worthy number (especially compared to others who sank more time into it), but i've honestly spent so so much time shiny hunting that it just burned me out. not only that, other games captured my interest a lot more over time, as well as irl matters.

i dunno when i'll be as invested into playing pokemon again. perhaps once i force myself and regain the motivation i lost and get back into shiny hunting. i miss it, really.
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this has been me since last summer lol i had been feeling some burnout from the series, but after watching a lot of challenge videos on youtube, it made me miss playing and i've been like...non-stop playing pokemon. from july to december, i replayed gale of darkness, black 2, firered, pearl, ruby, emerald (twice lol), y, heartgold...lol i've started about three challenges this year already and have played a hack of crystal. i just really like pokemon and honestly, i'm not sure why i was going through that drought after swsh. i really enjoyed those games tbh...i think it was more just life dragging me down and me not feeling like i had time for hobbies. but yeah like i totally get this way where i'll only play pokemon for months at a time bc it's literally all i want to play.

like...honestly, i think the only non-pokemon game i've played in the past few months has just been tetris & dr. mario for a couple of hours on SNES. that's...it. lol
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There were a couple games I spend some 100s of hours into. Gold and X for example. Gold maxed out at 255 hours so I don't know how much I actually spend but it was a lot more. In X I think I got to ~750 hours or so and that was just one playthrough.
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yeah there were some early games that I played until I broke the timer, I don't know if it was emerald or a different one, but eventually it just said something
like the cartridge could no longer keep track of play time.
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