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Hello! My boyfriend and I are going through his old cards and trying to see if any are worth selling at the moment. Whilst going through some, we found an original 1996 Pocket Monster water energy card, nonholo and in a okay condition (some scratches and one corner has a small crease). Would anyone know how much this would be worth? Does a card being a Pocket Monster add any worth to it? Thanks.



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Just a matter of cents, unless it's from the elusive Video Into Set (has a Pokémon silhouette as the set symbol and a number inside a black circle in the bottom right corner) in which case it may go for a few dollars. With the exception of holos, basic Energy cards really aren't that sought after in any language. Also, "Pocket Monsters" cards tend to be worth less than "Pokémon" cards, assuming the card was ever printed outside Japan.

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