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I'll claim the fishing mission too. If someone wants to jp, penny will be going on day 3 ^^
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The Alola Trainers' School

A separate eastern path from Route 1, instead of leading back to Hau'oil, will lead you to the Alola Trainers' School. Young Alolans study here to become well rounded Pokemon Trainers! Alongside the school, there is a nice courtyard for all sorts of activities like sports, or even Pokemon Battles.

⚠ There are also many... odd mysteries or rumors about the place. Especially at night... could it be... haunted?
I'm interested in this quest, but since it's mostly at night, I'll have Moira start off in the day gathering rumors and looking around the island before doing the actual quest.


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Finished, may or may not come back with CSS later.

Name: Jordan Ueno

Age: 16

Pronouns: She/her

Hometown: Ecruteak City, Johto

Physical Appearance:

Jordan is a very slight girl, standing at only about 5’ tall and with a thin frame to match. Her hair - wavy, grey in color and reaching down to her upper back - is often kept back in a bushy ponytail. To many people (particularly outside of Johto), one of her most notable things is the clothing that she wears, sticking to very traditional looking kimonos and wooden sandals, sometimes even pairing it with one of various masks if the mood strikes her. Apart from her clothes, her eyes are also quite striking, being a deep grey color with a scar over her left eye.

Personality: Jordan is someone who likes to think of herself as keeping an air of gravitas and seriousness through dramatic and flamboyant behavior, often speaking to even peers her own age with overly sophisticated language and stiff formality.

Because of her sheltered upbringing and overactive imagination, she can interpret even relatively mundane happenings into some big, noble quest and put herself in the position as the brave, noble hero ready to undertake anything that comes her way. It is for similar reasons that Jordan has developed a sense of inflated ego and pride for her accomplishments, real or otherwise.

Behind her grandiose and eccentric behavior, Jordan is very tightly wound and high strung. She tends to hide it through her showboating and eccentric behavior, but it’s very apparent

History: The phrase “the world is your stage” has never been more true for anyone than Jordan and her family. Her mother was a classically trained Galarian actor who fell in love with a Johtonian actor while she was studying in Johto. Eventually, Jordan’s mother ended up settling down with him and having Jordan’s older brother Kenji and then Jordan herself three years later.

Life inside the Ueno household could be...quite interesting, to say the least. From a very early age, the theatre was very much a way of life for both Kenji and Jordan, often encouraged by watching their parents perform and acting out all of the fantastical scenes they would see. Because of the way in which her family was so heavily invested in their careers in the local theatre scene, their passion passed on to their children.

As soon as Jordan and Kenji were old enough to start acting in a more professional capacity, her parents pushed her and her brother to enter the acting world from an early age, with both of their parents putting great pressure on them to succeed and get into a similarly high position as they have. Through their existing connections, the children’s skills and incessant promotion from her parents, they managed to secure their spots as acting prodigies.

As it turned out, however, this didn’t come without a significant price to pay as both her parents were very strict on how they ran their children’s lives. They spent most of every waking day practicing and practicing and practicing; they didn’t go to any public or private school, with all of their educational needs being provided by tutors to squeeze in lessons between the long hours spent practicing for the theatre.

Though there were some great achievements and memories to be had by both of the Ueno children, the pressures from their parents and the pressures from an ever demanding audience caused Kenji to express his desire to bow out from the theatre world at the age of 15. This, unfortunately, had dire implications for him as her parents had very much operated on a "my way or the highway" approach to parenting; with that, Kenji was told to hit the road.

Luckily for him, there was something that he could do. Some of their father's family lived in Alola and found refuge with them after stowing away on a ship, though this caused rifts between the two of them. As for Jordan, she continued on with - as her parents put it - their shared dream. And continued on she did, getting invited to ever more prestigious events held not only in Johto, but in a different region as well.

Now, Jordan finds her star burning brighter than ever in the theatre world, but as she has experienced first hand, it’s quite lonely at the top.

Aspirations: Though her latest performance takes her to Hau’oli City, being in the region where her brother is living nowadays and hearing what he got up to when he was around her age is giving her an idea...

Starter Pokémon and Nickname: Nori the Mimikyu

Starters Gender: Male

Starters Moveset: Shadow Sneak, Copycat, Wood Hammer, Draining Kiss (TM), Scratch, Double Team

Starter Ability: Disguise

Flavor: -While not completely ignorant to technology, her knowledge of more complex technology and internet culture is very limited

-Jordan often likes to tell grandiose stories about her scar; however, the truth is that she tripped and cut herself on a rock while hiking

-Nori was a gift from Jordan’s uncle who lives in Malie City that Jordan got as a feel better present from the aforementioned hiking accident

-Despite her small stature, Jordan has a very ravenous appetite and a fast metabolism to match.

Roleplay Sample:https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10303551#post10303551


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Are there still spots available to join the RP?
Yup; feel free to make an SU!

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Here's my SU

Jane Grace Lalonde

Age: 17 Gender: Female Pronoun(s): She/Her

Hometown: Orre (Birth Hometown), Lumiose, Kalos (Childhood Hometown)

Physical Appearance: Jane has mid-back-length, rosy brown hair usually tied into a side ponytail (to the right) using a pink ribbon with chest-length bangs framing her face (left bangs have more volume) and fringes over her forehead and eyebrows. She stands at a height of 5’2'' with a slightly chubby figure and has chocolate brown eyes.
She wore an outfit consisting of: a desert sand brown dress that reached above her knees over a brown tank-top with a floral white-collar, the dress is tied at the collar with a small pink ribbon tied into two bunny ears. Over the dress is a long, sleeveless onyx black vest with a hood and four large pockets, two on the outside near her thighs and two on the inside near her chest area. Also wears floral white leggings and brown boots.

Personality: Jane is a young girl who is benevolent and compassionate but tends to isolate herself from the crowd since she is timid and doesn’t like crowds, and only trusts certain people. She rarely speaks out loud, only in short phrases, due to her disinterest in talking with others and being anti-social. Doesn’t mind helping out others, but won’t hesitate to talk back or slap if someone insults her pokemon/friends/family. She is very protective of her pokemon and prefers to have a small social circle of people she can trust with anything with another circle of friends and acquaintances. She was raised to be kind and respectful to others, putting on a fake smile in front of strangers has been done so much that it's become a habit, her true smile appearing only rarely to certains.

History: Jane has a large family tree, but she doesn’t get along with half of them. Her father was always out of the house for his job, while her aunt is a stay-at-home mother, and she has three children, who are older than Jane by a couple of years. She used to live in a different region with her father only, but something occurred and they moved to Lumiose, Kalos, where her aunt lives, and offered for them to live with her and her family. Since moving into her new “home”, she hasn’t liked it one bit and feels uncomfortable and unsafe. After many years, she has decided to call her father and give her a chance to stay in a different region for a while as a trial period to prove that she can take care of herself. The region he chose was Alola, and he agreed even though the aunt did not, and Jade was ready to go.

Aspirations: She went to Alola to be free from her family and become the pokemon trainer she wants to be. She loves to cook/bake and tends to sing/hum to herself when in private.

Starter Pokémon and Nickname: Eva the Eevee

Starters Gender: Female

Starters Moveset: Tackle - Helping Hand - Sand Attack - Quick Attack - Baby-Doll Eyes - Shadow Ball

Starter Ability: Adaptability

  • She used to have a job, working in a cafe as a part-timer back in Kalos, but had to quit to move over to Alola.
  • Eva came into her life as a gift from her Father on her 10th birthday. He got her a pokemon so she won’t be lonely and have a friend.
  • She is hoping to find a part-time job in Alola as well to help pay for her necessities, due to the financial troubles at home.
  • She does have a few friends from Kalos and keeps communicating with them after arriving in Alola.

Roleplay Sample:

“Ee?” An Eevee with a flower crown around her head popped her head around the corner, looking into the living room. There was an adult male sitting in the living room, with shoulder-length black hair, watching the tv with a bored look in his reddish-brown eyes. The Eevee stared for a few more seconds, one of her ears twitching, before moving backward and running up some stairs nearby.

Upstairs in one of the bedrooms, a young girl with rosy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes stood by her bed, where she had an open suitcase with three sets of outfits, undergarments, and socks along with any other clothes she may require for the trip. She quickly closed the luggage, then opened the tote bag -that can attach to the top of the luggage- that holds her toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, any small necessities. Besides the bag, on the other side, was a wristlet-bracelet keychain pocket credit card holder purse tassel keychain bangle keyring, but prefers to call it a wristlet purse since it was much shorter. Around her neck is a lanyard with a strong metal buckle that can be placed inside the phone case to help hold it up, but there was no phone attached at the moment. The girl turned around and saw her best friend, giving the pokemon a small smile.

“Eva? Is the coast clear?” Eva the Eevee nodded, earning a nod back.

The girl quickly closed the tote bag, placed the luggage on the floor standing up, attached the tote bag to the top of the luggage, then grabbed a sling bag that was on the floor leaning against the bag -about 14x7x3 inches. She placed the shoulder strap over her shoulder, placing the wristlet purse in one of the pockets. “Let’s go before it’s too late.” Eva cooed, jumping into the bed, and then jumped onto the girl’s shoulders to stand with their front paws resting on her head.

The girl slowly grabbed the luggage handle, pulling up the retractable handle and rolling it down, carrying it multiple times. Once they were down the stairs, the girl peaked into the living room, but instead of seeing the same sight Eva saw, she saw the male’s head turned towards her.

“So… are you going to go or not?” The male drawled, lifting a hand lazily towards the door.

The girl stared for a few seconds before flinching, grabbing the handle, “Oh! R-Right, I’ll be leaving now…” She walked over to the door, but before she could open the door, she heard the male calling out for her.

“Jane,” the male voiced as the girl, Jane, gulped. “Whatever happens, don’t come back. Keep swimming forward.” At the words, her eyes widened, realizing the meaning behind the two phrases. Grabbing the doorknob, she nodded and opened the door.
*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *.
The male closed his eyes as he heard the door close right behind the girl, leaving the house quiet. “I wonder how long it will take for mother to find out she left.”

“Who left?” At the voice, the male turned his head towards it and saw a female with blonde hair and reddish-brown eyes standing where Jane had been seconds ago.

“None of your business, Tina.”

At the male’s reply, the female -Tina- huffed and pouted, crossing her arms with a glare, “But Miles!”

“No Tina. You’re an adult, whining won’t help you anymore.” The male -Miles- drawled out, then glared at the female when she opened her mouth, “And if you try and tell mom to force me to tell, i’ll tell her what you did two years ago on Christmas.”

“F*** you!”

Miles smirked as Tina stomped back to her room, “She’s overstaying her welcome…”


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Here's my SU

[CENTER]Jane Grace Lalonde
Not bad, just few small things: you say that she’s “chubby” yet an “average figure” — it’s one or the other, I think. Also when you’re making RP post, just mind your spacing.

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No problem! I think I fixed the problems, but let me know if there is anything else left out!
Looks good! Accepted with your character!

Do feel free to join our discord and post whenever you’re ready!

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Name: Syrus (Sai) Meyer
Age: 15
Pronoun(s): He/Him
Hometown: Laverre City, Kalos
Physical Appearance:
Appearance: Syrus is 5'5" and relatively skinny. He has short brown hair that barely covers his ears the back has a small pink streak in it. He has a birthmark mole on his left eye. Syrus often wears slightly baggy clothing including a light blue shirt that he frequently wears. He carries around a backpack with a surprising amount of space for its size and a belt to hold pokeballs that pulls more to the back instead of the side. He has a small pink diamond hanging from his belt loop that he puts around his neck during battle. He doesn't know if it is real or not, but he is infatuated by it. When he wants to be alone, he wears a black skull hoodie that he inherited from...someone, and closes it around his face.

History/personality: Syrus is a calm and collected new trainer who spent a lot of his young life around pokemon. He likes to see the good in people and pokemon and always gives poeple a chance. He is trusting and kind, though often forgetful, which occasionally gives the wrong impression. He likes to cheer others up and will go out of his way to do it. Syrus has a thing for beauty and uses that as well as pastries to lift the spirits of others. Unfortunately, he second guesses himself and has a bit of a self esteem problem, especially when something has already gone wrong. This can lead to offer a fake smile that he hates to put on. It can however be reflected in what he cooks, which reveals his emotional state more than anything. He has trouble opening up to people compared to pokemon and is a big sucker for cute stuff.

Syrus grew up in Laverre City. The mystic historical ambiance along with the elegance of the gym leader really shaped Syrus' personality. Seeing such a strong and beautiful gym leader combine such seemingly conflicting traits lead Sai to want to do the same. He tried entering competitions to show off his pokemon, but was always turned away for being male, as only women and girls could enter. He was told to only focus on strength rather than beauty and elegance. After years of trying, Sai decided to start a journey to raise pokemon that would silence anyone who doubts his ability to compete by perfecting his abilities beforehand.

Aspirations: After his father had them move to Alola for a job, he became saddened due to the lack of diversity that a small regiona such as Alola had to offer. But mostly, he was frustrated that he couldnt pursue his dream of being in pokemon contests or some male equivalent of Kalos Queen. While in Alola, he plans on incorporating that dream with what is available on the Islands.

Starter Pokémon and Nickname: Ralts (Grace)
Lv. 15

Starters Gender: Female
Starters Moveset:
Double Team
Draining Kiss

Starter Ability: Trace (if allowed, since it would demand my pokemon automatically knows the ability of a wild pokemon)

Flavor: As his father is a pastry chef, Syrus has skills in cooking food that both humans and pokemon love. However he prefers cooking for pokemon. He carries portable cooking equipment with him, as well as a small notebook with notable recipes that he has created. He can identify ingredients fairly well and out of any survival skill, he can always find food.

Roleplay Sample: https://remembershedinja.proboards.com/thread/49/hoenn-2-land-sea-rp
Sorry, i dont know how to link to a specific post on my phone, but any post there under my name should suffice.

I will edit better if i get approved, once i have access to a computer.