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Do you study a lot?

Started by mariopepper January 14th, 2020 8:49 AM
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Not as much as I probably should, but still a lot. I aim for two hours every weekday during the semester, but that slips down to like, two hours every week when I'm not in uni. Luckily my course is less studying-based and more assignment-based, so I don't have to devote too much time to it.


the pretender

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Over the years, the answer to this question became yes! It took some time but I was forced to build a strong study routine due to my school being very academically competitive so I needed to study a lot to keep up. I would study for 4 or 5 hours after each school day usually at the library, then on the weekends I'd do 7 - 10 hours each day and also tutoring. During holiday periods I'd aim for 8 hours minimum each day. All the hard work did pay off but honestly there was a lot of burnout because I didn't really give myself breaks so that's something I'd change to make my studying healthier.


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I would say I do. Especially now on college. But I also found myself being really passionate about what I study and do my own research now to learn even more.
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That really depends. If I were to study from the beginning, I would actually do it daily for about 1 to 2 hrs. right after finishing life works (after doing a job, cleaning the house, dealing with people or siblings, etc.) Also, the things I do not know, I compose my own studying perspective about what topic I'm on and do my own research at the same time (if in need).
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It depends. I'm not studying, but in terms of researching topics for a brief etc, it can take up to 2-5 hours depending on how much knowledge I have on that one thing. When I /was/ in Uni, I would spend up to three to seven days studying, but that would be for the bigger projects or the dissertation we had to work on.

I like studying in general though, if something interests me.



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Generally yes, although I have effectively mastered the art of procrastination. Since I started university in the fall, I’ve become a bit better at studying in advance. I also do tend to study for long periods of time when I actually get to doing it. (an hour and a half minimum) When I’m in a focused mood I can study for hours on end without distraction.

I do have some rather odd studying habits. I find that I have to move around in order to recall information more efficiently. I can only sit and study for so long and then I either become too drowsy and fall asleep or I just lose focus all together. It also helps me to repeat pieces of information verbally on a continual basis until I feel as though I know it well enough.

I do try to avoid cramming, however, as I usually plan to have all of my studying completed 16 hours or so before the time of whatever exam I’m writing.


Cubie the Cube

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Wish I felt like actually sit down and study
I still don't know what to put here :rowlyikes:



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Posted January 24th, 2020
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I suppose studying is a necessary activity. For example I don't like to study but when I see the results of my work - I start appreciating it. It's also important wich subject do you study most of all. Mine is math and I spend enough time for that but I have no time and desire for other tasks like essays so I ask help here when it's necessary if someone is interested or has the same problems.


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I never studied as much as I was told I should be studying. When I was at University people were so obsessed with getting in the recommended number of hours (around 40 a week I think?) and pulling all-nighters in the library before exams, but honestly I didn't see the point? I mean, I understand wanting to do well, but there's no point spending all day studying when you're not really going to pay attention for half that time. You need to actually retain the information, which you won't do if you only stare at it without really taking it in and engaging with it. I kinda learned that the hard way early on, when I tried to spend the whole day studying as I was apparently supposed to and I just didn't get anything done. Different things work for different people, but it seemed like a lot of people are too focused on the time without really figuring out the best method of study that works for them.

I'm a morning person, so I studied solidly for about 5 hours (either 7-12 or 8-1) and then I stopped for the day and let myself relax and just forget about it for a while. I always got consistently high marks, so evidently it worked for me. xD


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Back when I was in university, I would study/review my notes at least three to four hours almost every day. About one hour at most dedicated for one class with breaks in between.

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Yes bros..
I work a full time job. Often I like to put a little extra into my job (because I actually love it *gasp*) so I get home a bit late. Then I spend about 2 hours or so daily learning new languages. I have classes after work/ on weekends twice a week.
I graduated university almost a decade ago.. I am old. But.. I like to keep my mind fresher than sushi.m

Edit: I been here in so long.. what in... what did... photobucket do to my iconic signature?!?!! Urrggg
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I have a horrible sense of focus, so I don't spend much time studying. Somehow, though, the little time I do spend studying is enough.

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I could barely study a few hours when I was still in school. :x It was hard to stay dedicated to it without getting distracted and I never could find good methods to memorize things anyways. I need proper immersion to remember anything. Closest I got was index cards, but even then, it's something I'd forget soon enough anyways lol...or it would leave my brain the day of the exam because I'd get nervous. So yeah, couple hours a night for major exams, but that's it.

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Did I study? Yes

Did I study a lot? No.

My ability to retain information in High School was above average, and normally if there is a subject that I know I need to glance at I would take 3 days before the test and review the information that I need to for about an hour, break for 30 mins, study for another 30 mins and then go to bed. Normally my tests scores were averaging in the 80's

College was a different story. Some of the practices and methods we were learning were stuff that was completely new to me. Using my above mentioned method was not ideal as I needed more time to process all the new information. Some of the courses and method were a mix of new and existing material that I have learned. Then some other courses were common sense or things that I knew before going to college. (Example, Microsoft Office 101, 102)

Because how my brain was wired for absorbing information, even as my study times had went up in the 5 semesters, the test scores on new materials were high 60s or low 70s. Couple of 50s and one fail. Which I still claim to be Baloney . Not to also mention the fact I was juggling 3 part time jobs during all of this...

Still... Pulled through yo!
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