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[RSE] Best build for my emerald team

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Old October 19th, 2012 (8:36 PM). Edited October 20th, 2012 by xXAndrewXx.
xXAndrewXx xXAndrewXx is offline
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    I'm trying to map out how my emerald team will look once I've finished EV training and level grinding etc..., so I'm looking for some advice on what you guys think about my team plan so far. (note that I don't actually have most of these pokemon yet, as I just started a new file, i'm just planning ahead so i won't accidently give away tm's i may need later or something like that)

    Anyway, here's the list of possible party members(yes there's alot of dragons, i know that)

    Metagross (i'm not sure about the nature EV: 188) HP/ 160 Attack/ 160 Sp. Atk

    Move set
    1. Psychic/Earthquake
    2. Meteor mash
    3. Hyper beam/Explosion
    4. Iron defense

    Salamence (i'm thinking neutral nature but im not sure) EV:132 Attack /180 Sp. Atk /
    196 Speed

    move set idea #1
    1. Fly/Flamethrower
    2. Crunch
    3. Dragon Claw
    4. Brick break

    move set idea #2
    1. Dragon dance
    2. Flamethrower/Crunch
    3. Dragon Claw
    4.Dragon breath/Brick break

    Milotic (no nature picked yet) EV: 200 HP / 200 Defense / 56 Sp. Atk / 8 Sp. Def / 46 Speed

    Move set idea #1
    1. Water pulse/Surf
    2. Ice beam
    3. Recover
    4. Facade/Toxic/Hypnosis (I'd have to breed first to get hypnosis thats why its last on the list)

    Tyranitar Neutral nature EV: 60 HP / 150 Attack / 200 Sp. Atk / 100 Speed

    Move set
    1. Crunch
    2. Earthquake
    3. Hyper beam
    4. Blizzard/Rock slide/ Rest

    Kingdra Bashful nature EV: 240 HP / 252 Sp. Atk / 16 Speed

    move set idea #1
    1. Rain dance (kingdra's ability doubles it's speed in rain)
    2. Surf/Water pulse/Hydro pump
    3. Dragon dance
    4. Dragonbreath

    move set idea #2
    1. Agility
    2. Surf/Water pulse/Hydro pump
    3. Hyper beam
    4. Dragon breath


    (I would usually say Lonely (+attack -defense) or Hasty (+Speed, -Defense) but i caught a shiny nincada today with bashful (neutral) nature, so given the rarity of a shiny nincada which will then become both a shiny ninjask AND a shiny shedinja i think i'll stick with bashful.)

    EV: 252 Atk/ 6 Sp. Atk/ 252 Speed

    move set idea #1
    1. Swords dance
    2. Shadow ball
    3. Protect
    4. Confuse ray/Silver wind

    Flygon (no nature picked) EV: 152 Attack/ 152 Sp. Atk/ 206 Speed

    Move set idea #1
    1. Earthquake/Rock slide
    2. Dragon claw/Dragon breath
    3. Crunch/Fly/Aerial Ace
    4. Hyper beam/(Double edge???)

    Sceptile (Neutral) EV: 252 Sp. Atk/ 6 Sp. Def/ 252 Speed

    Move set idea#1
    1. Leaf Blade
    2. Substitute/Giga drain
    3. Leech seed/Toxic
    4. Agility

    Move set idea #2
    1. Leaf blade
    2. Sunny day
    3. Solar beam
    4. Hidden power (Fire)

    Steelix Either careful (+Sp. Def. , -Sp. Atk) or Adamant (+Attack , -Sp. Atk)

    EV: 144 HP / 228 Attack / 136 Sp. Def

    move set idea #1
    1. Iron tail
    2. Rock throw/ Rock slide
    3. Explosion/Rest
    4. Double edge

    My biggest issue is trying to figure out whether to give my earthquake tm to metagross instead of psychic, or to give it to my flygon. then if i give metagross earthquake i'd have to choose whether to use the rock slide tutor on flygon or steelix, or if i gave earthquake to flygon i'd have to choose between metagross and steelix for rock slide.

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    Old October 20th, 2012 (2:28 AM).
    Pkmn master dub Pkmn master dub is offline
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      Are these pokemon gonna be traded up n used in wifi matches? If so best bit of advice iv read is don't teach a pokemon two lots of the same move you only get 4 so make them count! If not then is don't matter who u teach what really but personally I'd teach metagross earthquake but that us just my opinion :-) good luck!
      Old October 20th, 2012 (7:33 AM). Edited October 20th, 2012 by xXAndrewXx.
      xXAndrewXx xXAndrewXx is offline
        Join Date: Oct 2012
        Gender: Male
        Nature: Naughty
        Posts: 4
        do you mean replace psychic with earthquake or replace something else?

        and about the trading, no i'm not planning on trading up i'm playing on an emulator, but i am planning on battling against a couple friends who also us vba link.

        the reason that some moves (specifically earthquake) are repeated is that all i see on most strategies for that pokemon are those moves.

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