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This series of stories is rated M for violence
Story 1: Part 1
Our story begins in the year 1930 in a different planet as a young time traveler looks for a certain teenage boy. Unfortunately her adventures have brought her face to chair back with a gang leader.

“What do you want with the kid, girl?” The boss asked bluntly.

“Well sir.” The girl asked nervously, “He is a very special person, and my organization would love to meet him.”

The girl couldn't even see the man’s face, yet somehow he scared her. The henchmen were careful to hold their distance around him, a testament to his power. “Do you even know who this kid is?” He said calmly.

“I wasn't given any description of him, just his name.” The girl was given a name, age, and location. Her whole job was to retrieve him. “But I really do need to get to him.”

“That kid is out of his head.” The man went on reading a newspaper, “You should keep clear of him.” He rang a small bell and a woman came in with a coffee. She quickly walked in, set down the cup, and left without a word.

“No disrespect sir, but I cannot leave without him.” The girl said very solidly, though the sound of the boy unnerved her.

“Very well then, let me tell you about him.” He didn’t turn around, but pulled out a newspaper and tossed it behind him to the girl. “I’ll start with that article.” The headline read Boy Found in Lab, Accused of murdering a man six times acquitted of all charges. “Are you familiar with this story?”

“No sir, I’m from England.” The girl lied of course; there was no reason to tell the truth.

“Well about two years ago, that kid did something inhuman.” He flipped the page on his newspaper,

“After years of being experimented on, the boy snapped and killed this scientist. Can’t say I blame him, but the scary part was that he killed the man six times.”

“Why does he work for your gang?” The girl asked curiously.

“Well after the ordeal, we found the kid living on the streets causing a lot of trouble.” The man said,

“Every other gang wanted the kid dead, he was messing up every drug trade and robbery in the city.”

“Like a vigilante?” She asked.

“That is what I thought at first.” He said, “Though after we eyed his actions, we found out the kid was just insane.”

“You mean he only attacked other gangs because he was crazy?”

“He attacked other gangs in self-defense.” He corrected. The way he spoke was fairly kind, and although he was intimidating, he was not at all condescending.

“Self-defense sir?” She asked confusedly.

“The first time, a group tried to mug him. He messed the guys up pretty bad, even though they had guns.” He pulled out another article and tossed it back. The headline read Vigilante or Warmonger?

“As gangs attempted to figure out what gang this kid was a part of, they began causing wars, and attempting to kill him. The kid was ecstatic, he went around fighting on behalf of all gangs. He fueled a yearlong gang war out of pure excitement.”

“He did it for fun?” She said completely surprised.

“I guess you could say that.” He said, “He just wanted to fight people, he didn’t care about what his actions caused.” The girl something of a laugh, “He was like a little kid, just playing a huge game. Anyways, one day I sent in my men to kill him. Cause his actions were getting a lot of innocent people killed.” The girl wondered why this man cared so much about innocents, as gang leaders in her time were ruthless. “Anyways, no attempt worked, and eventually I had to do things myself.”

“How old was he?”

“15 years, and able to single handedly beat up anybody I sent.” He finished his coffee and set the cup on his desk. This time he let out a very haughty laugh, “I remember when we hired some people to run him down with a car.” His sudden laugh made the girl jump, and she made a short squeak. “Yea, the kid got a free car out of it; he got inside and threw the driver and passenger out.”

“Is he really that strong?!” The girl exclaimed, “How did he get in?”

“I’m sure you know.” He said turning around, “Considering you are here today. Tell me, what is the name of the royal child?” The girl looked in awe, unable to answer the man in front of her. He was incredibly handsome, the very image of suave.

“W-well, I is W-William right?” She said, she had researched the timeframe but was distracted.
The man sighed, “Little girl, if you plan on taking one of my men, at least refrain from lying to me.” He said, “Especially since you couldn’t possibly be from England or even this timeframe correct?”
The girl stood up surprised, “How did you know?”

“You mean you don’t know me?” He said, “Well maybe it’s just because you haven’t met me yet.”

“But who are you?” The girl asked, beginning to understand.

“Why don’t you ask me when I don’t know you?” He said with a smile. “If you take the kid, at least tell him the truth, and tell him I said to go with you. He hangs out in that fancy hotel a few streets down, room 7.” He stood up and began to walk out, “In this timeframe, I have a job to do.”

“Wait, how did you get him to join your gang?” The girl asked him curiously.

“Well I beat him in a fistfight and asked nicely.” He said waving her off, “Good luck getting the others!” After he disappeared, the serving girl from earlier came in to clean up the office.
As she went around straightening up, the time traveler asked a question, “Who is that man?”

“He told us to say nothing of his identity to you. I apologize.” She picked up the cup, her hand shaking. She dropped the cup, shattering it. The girl let out a terrified screech.

“What are you so afraid of? He seems like a nice guy.”

“That man,” The girl said shivering “beat the violet demon in a fight.” She couldn’t stop shaking, even as she cleaned up the shards of clay. “The boy you are looking for, he is the scariest, most powerful human I have seen. I saw him pull a lamp post out of the ground, and use it to destroy a car.” The time traveler could not imagine a boy with that kind of strength and wondered who their boss was if that was the case. The girl scurried out quickly, asking the time traveler to leave. Before leaving, she read the headlines of his newspaper. Royal Child’s Name in Dispute, William or James? The time traveler sighed embarrassed.
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