"My first hack I'm making, a remake of Yellow on FRLG."

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Posted March 9th, 2019
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Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a FireRed rom hack, using MrDollSteak's rom base, increasing the difficulty slightly and also modifying Kanto's routes and improving some Pokemon. However, I can't script well besides NPCs and trainer battles. I'm okay at map editing and editing Pokemon in PGE, but I'm confused on making warps. I want my rom hack to be a remake of FireRed with the mechanics of the later gens and maybe Gen 4 Pokes if one is able to insert their cries(Like a gen 4 remake mechanically but it's built in gen 3). I already put in a few patches to start working around and started to edit the Pokemon. If anyone is willing to join my team, Blizt, I made a Google Form asking questions about how you could contribute to my rom hack.

Recap Of Features I Want To Add
-Improve Routes In Kanto
-Have All 386/493 Pokemon catchable(I don't want to include too much Pokemon to fit in Kanto)
-Expand The Sevii Islands
-Increase fair difficulty with trainers and gym leaders and allow rematches
Pokemon Emerald Clouds

Hacks I Support:
-Liquid Crystal
-Blazed Glazed
-Crystal Clear
-Theta Emerald EX
-Aqua Blue
My favorites

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Fire, Sea, and Light