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6th Gen Did X/Y feel too easy?

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Old June 27th, 2018 (3:48 PM).
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    When I first played it, yes, I thought it was too easy. Looking back after playing SuMo, I wish we had that level of "difficulty" in Gen 7! I'm really hoping they don't continue this path of making the games an absolute floor wipe.

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    Old July 3rd, 2018 (2:21 PM).
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      X/Y was actually supposed to be easy, I remember some article said that they acknowlage players not having as much time and whatnot so they made the game easier, exp share added to it but the legendaries ohhhh, I beat the e4 just using Xerneas.
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      Old July 5th, 2018 (10:27 AM).
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        Yeah, X/Y are just too easy for me, EXP Share or not.

        I distinctly remember my first ever X playthrough: I used Delphox, Venusaur, Tyrantrum, Sylveon, Lucario and Lapras. Basically every gift mons plus the new Eeveelution.

        I kept the EXP Share on until the Snorlax bit, just because I didn't knew the new way it worked. By then I had only the two starters in my team, and they were something like lv. 25. Way before the second gym.

        By the time I got to the fourth gym I had most of the team in the late 30s, except Lucario and Lapras, which were still new acquisitions. So basically, yes, since X/Y the games' difficulty is extremely broken, if you ask me.
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        Old July 7th, 2018 (11:19 PM).
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        X/Y are actually pretty hard if you turn off the EXP Share and try to play without grinding. The opponents have good Pokemon with really good movepools, especially later on and their AI is smarter than you'd think.

        It is true, however, that the level curve is somewhat fluctuating. That leads to situations where if you just want to play the game without intense grinding and without blasting through your opponents, you pretty much have to switch the EXP Share on or off.
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        Old July 8th, 2018 (5:40 PM).
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          Like others have said, yes because of EXP share. Only battle that even slightly challenged me was Grant.

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          Old July 8th, 2018 (8:24 PM).
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            In my personal opinion, YES. X and Y were the easiest main series Pokemon games for me yet, and I really did not enjoy them. I know it may be an unpopular opinion, (or not who knows) but I felt it was a weak point in the series, at least for me. The Gym Leaders were not very likable, the entire game was way too easy, and I even found myself purposefully bringing weaker Pokemon and leaving some in the PC to try and get a challenge out of the gyms to no avail. I even used Pokemon who are genuinely crap stat wise. Anyways, I am not hating on X and Y, and the topic was is it too easy, not "why do you dislike or like X and Y" so I'll end it here. For me yes, and I'm sure for some no (which is okay). The Elite Four not changing at all after you rematch them and the fact that they only had four Pokemon each was a big shame and disappointment. It sucks because I actually really liked the design of most of the Elite Four in X and Y. The same goes for some of the Gym Leaders, they had max 3 Pokemon (which I know was carried over from Black and White even though I love those games) and did not put up much of a challenge at all.

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