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Old February 21st, 2018 (12:43 PM).
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    Hi there,

    So I'm a total amateur at hacking but I'm working on a FireRed hack of my own and I am having trouble with Gen 2 evolutions...

    So I have an item designated for specific evolutions when evolving into Gen 2 pokemon (scyther, onix, golbat, seadra, etc.) and the item displays everything correctly up until I select the designated pokemon for evolution. For example, I have scyther in my party along with an "evo dust" item in my bag, but when I select scyther to use this evo dust on, the text reads "It won't have any effect."

    I understand that a solution may involve new kinds of hacking that I have never done before, like hex editing, which slightly terrifies me- props to you nerds (heros) that do this all the time. HOWEVER, I really want to make this happen for my hack and I have already put months into it and can't think of any solutions to really have what I want.

    If anyone has a diagnosis they can give me (explained in noob terms) or potential ways to solve this issue it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    The main tools I have been using to edit items and evolutions (pokemon) are the G3T tools in the popular download pack.

    Also not terribly "thread savy" so sorry if this looks absurdly boring.
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    Old February 21st, 2018 (3:00 PM).
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      You might have better results posting for general hacking: where as the place you posted here specifically is for gen 3 gaming which excludes hacking. I'm sure one of the moderators here will eventually move the thread there for the right audience to help you further.

      Hex editing is not difficult to understand fundamentally. You just need to find the right explanation that you can comprehend the best (for you). I would sift through any tutorials people have provided there that were stickied.

      You sound like you might have to deal with with ASM- I could be wrong. I hope you're not simply changing the description/picture of the item in an editor and expecting it to work that way, but I'm sure the editor you're using isn't that simple (maybe?)..

      However with "It won't have any effect." I'm a little familiar in the sense that it typically only comes up with Pokemon that aren't compatible with that specific evolution item (or any other for that matter).

      I'm speculating you made a compatible item.. But maybe the Pokemon themselves have some separate flag that needs to clear to indicate it is a valid item? For example it is true that a gloom can evolve with a leaf stone- but you wouldn't want to let gloom evolve with ANY of the stones, would you? So I'm sure the Pokemon has some specification.

      Scyther may be a trickier Pokemon since it only evolves with trading while holding a steel coat. You may want to try making it hold your "evo dust", trade it, and see if that helps. PM me later I would like to hear if that works out :D

      Pokemon music!
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