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Hi all!

I'm an old user from back in the day, must be like 11 years or so now!

I find that today, we've gone and upped all the EM Waves beyond belief. To generate the massive amount of Speed increases we've seen the last 5-6 years, we've needed to increase Amplitude in each Wave. To get more Data stored in each Wave, we've had to up the Frequency and Wavelength. So essentially, with the GINORMOUS amount of Wave increases along all kinds of Paths and directions, we've basically got several Mile long Waves going everywhere at all hours of the day.

I'm finding that now, most people don't even seem to want to just get on a Computer for the purpose of Gaming. It's like all about just meeting Friends and Socializing on these Machines, and not really about stimulating your Brain Glands with proper healthy Virtual Activity! Most Games we see today are mostly Simulators for the Military Genre (often misconstruing their World! That's for a different topic though :P), or a type of Race-Punk Genre. And that's why we've had a massive decrease in the amount of Gamers today, because people want Gadgets to be fast and simple.

This System is not a good one for both old and new Generations, because it's ruining that classic formula of: Gadget, Machine, Appliance, Device, Tool, Utensil, Electronic. Each one of these serves a different purpose, and without the proper balance of them in one's day; we end up getting a massive scramble of pure Physiological glitch. People's Nerve Systems are all off, Hormones, everything.

What are all of your views on this?

P.S. The gist you can say, is just that we live less in a world of the Hands On now, and it's more a rudimentary watered-down Theoretical; that is in fact not much Theory at all.


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Hi friend, welcome back to PC! :)

Moved this on over to Internet & Technology as that is the most appropriate forum~
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technology ate my homework
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