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okay so y'all this draft has been sitting in my PM box for four years and I figured I might as well check to see if any of the currently living RPers would be interested in it

I had initially put it off as I'd intended to make it the finale in a series of RPs (which would have included a (remake) of The Summit that I posted . . . years ago, as well as a few other RPs), but it's questionable whether I'll ever get around to fleshing all of those out (maybe The Summit can return at least)

For this one I obviously need to finish the island summaries and then add the Alolan starters (it took five seconds I just did it now), but I might also nix the starter concept entirely

The Lost Islands League ?
The Lost Archipelago is truly a place of mystery and wonder. Scientists and archaeologists of all stripes have been delving into its secrets since its discovery thirty-five years ago, but we still know very little about it. The pokmon here are strange and powerful, and though theres no evidence of humans ever existing here, there are mysterious altars scattered across the islands. These altars are focal points for the strange energies that flow throughout the archipelago, and they seem to be sacred to the pokmon that dwell about them. Attempts to ascertain the secrets of these shrines have so far been frustratingly unsuccessful, but these islands hold many other secrets to be learned.

Since the International Pokmon League Association opened the islands to the public two and a half decades ago, people have been flocking there nonstop, both to tour its wonders and to settle there permanently. Taking advantage of a prime opportunity, the IPLC opened a brand new Pokmon League on the islands, which functions differently from all previous Pokmon Leagues due to the interesting nature of the Lost Islands. This league opens its doors to new trainers once every five years, and only five hundred lucky individuals are invited to take part in this grand pageant. They strive to collect the eighteen Arena Medals of the islands in order to be allowed entry into the annual Lost Tournament, but that proves to be the easiest part. Things get more difficult as trainers attempt to adapt to the nature of the islands and the pokmon that inhabit them, and if they fail to do so, they may find their lives to be in peril.

The current year is 2020, and its time for the fifth opening of the Lost Islands League. Five hundred new trainers will be arriving on the islands, leaving behind everything from their past lives, including their pokmon. New pokmon native to the Lost Islands will be provided to them, as well as new gear. For all intents and purposes, they will begin anew, heading out on a brand new journey through a foreign land. There is a new factor that sets this journey apart even from others around the Lost Archipelago, however: a new danger that haunts the islands. The perpetrators remain unidentified, but their presence cannot be denied. They lurk about the islands, stealing pokmon, attacking trainers, and committing other heinous acts, but none, perhaps, more heinous than the desecration of the altars around the archipelago. These criminals are creating chaos, and are beginning to affect even the wild pokmon of the islands.

Still, the IPLC is continuing the normal schedule of the Lost Tournament. These new trainers may be walking into dangerous lands, but they have all previously proven their skills, and may be just what the islands need to fend off the oncoming storm.
The story will progress as a series of chapters, presented with each new area. Each chapter will offer a number of events and missions for you to undertake, and you will find that you will have to choose which missions to take on, as you will not be able to do them all. This means that you can forge an entirely different journey from the other roleplayers, even though you will be traveling through all the same areas.

You may choose to travel with another roleplayer, or to travel alone. At times you may be forced to group together, and may have no choice but to go it on your own, but you will be able to decide who to group up with. You can change your groupings at any time, unless you are locked together for a specific event.

Levels and money will be earned for battles and completion of events. I will decide how much experience your pokmon will earn based upon how well written, not minding spelling and grammar, your battles and event posts are. The same goes for money, though it obviously cant be earned from encounters with wild pokmon.

Battles will be anime style, meaning you don't have to stick to a static formula. You can use more than one move before your opponent has a chance to make one, you can combine moves, you can have a move vary in effect and power based on the pokmon, or whatever else you can think of within a realistic margin. Get creative!

You need not wait for approval to capture a pokmon. You can catch any wild pokmon presented in a chapter, and you may trade with NPCs to receive pokmon available in previous chapters. Obviously try and keep the number of pokmon you capture realistic. If I find problems with your capture of a pokmon, I will ask you to fix them before you continue with anything else. You will also be limited to the number of pok balls that you carry, but you can buy as many as you can afford when you get to a Pok Mart. Pok balls will function like in the anime, meaning that they are not lost if a capture is failed, unless you choose to have the pokmon destroy the pok ball.
Your Beginning
You are a trainer who has, one way or another, proven worthy to be invited to the Lost Islands League. This means that you are not a rookie. You will not have been a champion, but chances are that you have at least taken part in a Pokmon League Conference. Its possible to also get an invitation by being noticed by a Pokmon League official, such as a Gym Leader or Pokmon Researcher, meaning that you might not be skilled, but have shown potential in one form or another.

Upon arrival to the islands, your invitation will serve as a pass that will gain you a suite in the area surrounding the Grande Arena, the home of the Lost Tournament. Though you will not be there for most of your stay, it will be available to you whenever you require it. You will also be given a new pokmon and new gear.
The Deviwatch is an incredibly powerful device developed by the Midnight Corporation, and will prove to be your best friend, beyond your pokmon, during your journey. It can tell time, read the weather, act as a Pokdex, send and receive holo-clips, display a comprehensive holographic map of the archipelago, remotely access the Pokmon Storage System, provide detailed information on other contestants, and much more. The Midnight Corporation is constantly upgrading it, so new features may become available throughout your journey. It also acts as your personal ID, giving you access to all that the Lost Islands League has to offer, so try not to lose it.

The Midnight Corporation has also provided new bags and camping gear of the highest quality for all contestants. The bags have an intelligent design to maximize storage space while also looking stylish and proving durable. They can easily hold numerous items, clothing, and camping equipment. When you first receive them, they will contain a tent, a sleeping bag, and a hi-tech, portable stove.
You will be tasked with earning all eighteen Arena Medals. Upon doing so, you will gain entry into the Lost Tournament, which occurs at the end of every year. If you prove capable, you may even be able to attain the title of Lost Hero, given only to the strongest trainer in the archipelago.
The Islands

Map created by Grif of Hearts


The largest habitable island of the archipelago, as well as its center. It has a moderate climate and is home to six hundred thousand of the archipelago's population. At its center is Kentrik City, the largest settlement in the archipelago and home to the Grande Arena. This is where all new trainers to the islands will begin and end their journeys. The nature of the island primarily consists of forests, plains, and lakes, and is home to a wide variety of pokmon.

The Midnight Corporation operates out of Kentrik City. They were the first corporation to be born from this new land, and they practically built the city. They are the primary source for all technological needs in the archipelago, both for home life and for trainers. They have close ties with the IPLC and help manage the Lost Tournament. They also own the only functional airport in the archipelago, right outside Kentrik City.

Drymos [dree-mohs]

Aploim [ah-plo-eem]


Oros [oar-ohs]

Tarrigys [tare-ih-gice]

Thanis [thay-nihs]

Kyoni [kai-oh-nee]

Skotadi [skoh-tah-dee]

Ergasali [air-gah-sah-lee]

Anachor [an-uh-kor]

Dileos [deel-ee-us]

Proveia [pro-vay-uh]

Dasto [dah-stow]

Neronos [neer-oh-nohs]

Fogavma [foe-gahv-muh]

Vronti [vrohn-ti]

Mythos [mee-thohs]

Neraida [nare-ay-duh]
1 All PokCommunity and Roleplay Corner rules apply.

2 This roleplay is rated T for Teen, meaning no excessive gore, cussing, or romance. These things are fine in moderation.

3 Try to be active! At least one post a week is recommended. You dont want to keep everyone else waiting, especially if youre doing an event with them. If you disappear for a long period of time without prior notice, you may be kicked from the roleplay.

4 No Godmodding or Powerplaying. This means that you cant win every battle or get out unscathed. You will lose at times. Its no fun if youre always safe and victorious, after all.

5 No bunnying the character of another user unless you have been given permission to do so.

6 Mary Sues/Gary Stus will be fed to the Sharpedo.

7 Be respectful of your fellow roleplayers. We dont need conflict among such lovely people. You can fight with each other all you want IC, though. d;

8 Good luck, have fun!
Lost Application
Name: (First and last. Middle and nicknames are optional.)
Date of Birth: (ex. January 1st, 2003. The current IC date is May 15th, 2020.)
Gender: (Male, female, fluid, androgynous, ~whatever~)

Appearance: (What does your character look like? Their build and facial features? Hair and eye color? Style of clothing? If your character has an odd hair/eye color, make sure to mention that it's dyed/that they have colored contacts or the like.)

Background: (What was your characters life like? Where and with whom did they grow up? Did they go on a journey? How did they get enough notice to get an invitation to the islands?)

Likes & Dislikes: (What interests and disinterests your character? Their hobbies? Give us a taste of their personality!)

Strengths: (What is your character good at? What are the positive aspects of their personality?)

Weaknesses: (What does your character lack? What are they bad at? What do they fear? The negative aspects of their personality?)

Starter Pokmon
Species: (Any basic pokmon belonging to a three stage evolution line, not already taken by another roleplayer.)
Name: (~Get creative~)
Egg Moves: (Ill list its full moveset later (it starts at level 5) but you may choose two *Egg moves for it to know beyond its normal moves.)

*The exception is Beldum, who will know Take Down, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, and Hold Back.
Miscellaneous: (Anything else you feel worth mentioning)

Writing Sample: (Can be taken from a recent roleplay or it can be a fresh sample involving this character. This lets me see your writing style and how you plan to write your character.)

Starter Pokmon:
Lost Trainers

Here's an example of how the chapters would be set up (but I can always change this too since, y'know, I drafted this when I was a wee lad)

chapter one ; Route One // Twilight Path

the road of new beginnings
June 1st, Afternoon
Weather: Clear

Route One, known to the locals as Twilight Path, is a serene road to the south of Kentrik City, connecting it to Port Dawn. It's a sparsely populated trail accented by tall grass, a few trees, and the occasional cottage. At this time of year it typically sits around a sultry 90F/32C, made more bearable by a habitual zephyr. Many Pokmon can be seen roaming around the land, but at the start of the tournament the power level fences that run along the main road permit only young, infantile Pokmon to cross.

Wild Pokmon ; they are all level 4

  1. The local Pok Mart is having a special promotion, sponsored by the Midnight Corporation, and are spreading the news to trainers at each of Kentrik's gates. The promotion acts as a sort of tutorial for the DeviWatch's DexNav function, asking trainers to seek out and capture a Pokmon with an egg move and an unusual ability. After bringing these Pokmon and handing them over to an event promoter, trainers will be rewarded with a bundle of five Luxury Balls, a half dozen bottles of Moomoo Milk, and a Damp Rock.

  2. Roughly halfway through Route One rests a cottage belonging to a woman named Lane Carson. She's a kind soul and can be rather ambitious, but she's fallen behind on preparations for her rest house, which is normally open to all competitors in the Lost League. If anyone were to assist her, she'd certainly be willing to provide compensation.

  3. Explore! Maybe you don't feel like participating in the promotion or helping Lane, or perhaps you simply failed to notice either event. You just began your journey, after all, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to just kick back with your Pokmon or do some training. You'll have no physical reward, but you could take the opportunity to get stronger than the competition.

Thoughts? Is this something you'd be interested in? Is there anything you'd like to see changed/added?

Obviously these are just the details of the original OP for it, so if there's anything else you'd like to hear about it I could reach into the deep recesses of my mind to elaborate on some bits
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    Sounds interesting. I feel like I might do this.
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    I'd be down to clown.
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    i would be in
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    I'd love to partake in this!
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    On a more srs note
    Feedback soon
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    hell yeah I want to rp with Naku
    video games
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    okey doke

    I was hoping for some more feedback to see what I could improve with this iteration, but barring that, I'll see about getting something up and running in the next couple of weeks
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    Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post
    okey doke

    I was hoping for some more feedback to see what I could improve with this iteration, but barring that, I'll see about getting something up and running in the next couple of weeks
    It would be nice to have this running, yay! Maybe force people to interact, to avoid the usual stale boredom of posting through solo missions and chapters. Have several people need to join the same event, for example. Not necessarily through JPs - just try to keep timelines straight so that people can meet up and exchange posts easily~
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      Ah yes, this sounds interesting! I've been so bored when it comes to finding a good RP, to the point where I've been trying to make and develop my own (it's still too early to talk about it though). Hopefully this will ease my boredom!
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      Did i say feedback soon i mean soontm ahahahaha--

      But yeah as a concept its pretty solid, i do agree with rika you might need to force peoples hands and make them interact somehow. I figure this would be pretty easy as you can pop in a mini tournament or a badguy somewhere in the road.

      Also i like how your starter choice inclue dragon mon haha
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