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there's just something exciting about watching an anime as it airs and being able to be excited with people about what may come next (or, if you've read the manga, how it will be translated into animation and watching the scenes unfold through movement!)
though the obvious downside is waiting a week, sometimes more, for a new episode...

what do you guys prefer? binge watching, or watching as episodes release?
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I lean towards binge-watching. I'm not very patient.



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normally i'm not getting into a series while it's airing so i typically binge-watch. if it's a series that i got into and it's airing every week once i'm caught up i'll watch it weekly because there is no way i'm gonna have the patience to wait until the season is over out to binge-watch it all at one just give it to me weekly. only way that is happening is if i manage to find some other interest to keep my occupied while the episodes air and then play catch up later.
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I get more invested in a series if I binge, but some series I can't wait so I'll binge to catch up if I'm behind, then watch weekly.

If it's a series I wanna watch but not to a binge level, I'll watch it at a rate of 1 episode per week and 1 episode per series finished.


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I generally am a binge-watcher! I'll start watching one episode then 3 hours later I'm unable to pry my eyes from my laptop/television screen! Also, I typically watch anime that's already finished and on streaming sites so I've never really had to tune in for new episodes.


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It's not an anime exclusive thing for me, but pretty much any series that I watch I do by binge watching. Granted, I only started watching anime a couple of months ago so things might change, but I hate getting invested into a series, and then having to wait a week (or longer) for the next episode to come out- I'd much rather watch something that's a couple months or years old and watch it all in a couple of sessions.


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i think i prefer as they release since, as of lately, i've been very short on time >.<
literally, zoku owarimonogatari is just 6 episodes. but its on my list for more than a week. im at the last episode though :P
minor edit: apparently, only 6 days have passed since i started watching zoku. finished it yesterday btw. last 6 days felt like 2 weeks, wth O.O


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Posted 2 Hours Ago
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I try to watch anime on release, but unless it is really interesting me I'll usually just wait and binge it. These past couple of seasons I've kept up on weekly releases on four or five series but then binged through several others the day the last episodes dropped. Binging definitely makes me feel a lot better and makes me feel like I've better utilized my time.


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it really depends. if I really like an anime that airing than I do not have the patience to wait till its finished.
I usually try to bing watch anime that is on holdnfor a long time.
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I'm more of a binge watch kind of person (except I don't binge watch, I watch a few episodes one day and a few the other), but lately I've been watching episodes as they release, like with Season 3 Pt. 2 of AoT
It gives me a reason to be hyped for Sundays (my time) lol


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I don't think I've ever watched a show as it aired haha. I doubt I'd like it either. Binging at my own pace is king :thumb:
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