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Your proudest moment in gaming Page 2

Started by Kingsman January 15th, 2019 4:49 PM
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Reaching 420 Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter. o/


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Reaching 420 Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter. o/
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in my recent replay of 358/2 days, i beat the infernal engine - the boss that plagued me for the longest time when i first played the game ten years ago - in one try. i was sweating furiously. i almost died. but i beat it. stupid ass tank.

that was still the hardest boss in the game, too. like psyduck. why.
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Reaching a 106 win streak in the Soul Silver Battle Tower. The tower motivated me to finally get into competitive breeding, training and strategy beyond using super effective moves.

Clearing Purity Forest and Wish Cave in the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. They were 99 floor dungeons that reset you to level 1 and in Wish Cave's case you actually had to beat Jirachi at the end in order to recruit it. Recruiting Mew in this game felt like quite an accomplishment as well since it look multiple treks through its dungeon and a lot of luck just to run into him and he'd often faint without joining your team which was frustrating.

Ranking up several times in Tekken 7 online. I've always been trash at fighting games and while they made Tekken somewhat casual friendly with the rage art system I was still kind of proud of myself for finding success in a competitive fighting game.

S-ranking the Extreme Gravity Spaceship in Dragon Ball Fighterz. The CPU is merciless in the final two arcade courses and this took me weeks of failed attempts. Even high level online players struggle with these courses.

Clearing Horde Mode on every map in Gears Of War 2 on the highest difficulty with my friends back in the day. There were a few times where my teammates all got eliminated and I had to clutch it for us. I don't think I've ever had more fun online.

Beating Super Mario Bros 3 since it was a long difficult game with no save feature.

Reaching 102% completion on Donkey Kong Country 2. Bramble Blast was a nightmare and the game was just tough in general.
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Okay, so it might just be the final boss, i.e. what everyone has to do to complete the game, but beating Mizar in Jet Force Gemini on the N64 was quite the feat, for me. He crushed me for years when I was a kid, until I finally - sort of - accrued enough gaming experience to be able to return and finish the job. Similarly, Diddy Kong Racing's Silver Coin Challenge in Adventure/Adventure 2 was supremely difficult at the time, but now I can plough through it fairly easily. Which is pretty satisfying.

Also, when I finally beat Super Mario Odyssey's Jump Rope Challenge, I will be very proud.


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Achieving the god cat in Cat Condo before my friend who started before me.
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I beat the arcade version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 blindfolded.
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