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Old November 5th, 2005 (7:07 PM).
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    I've been in the mood for a really good blood chilling, heart racing RP.. So I was thinking about basing it on the movie Saw and Saw2? Of course it will be heavily strict and many good characters will die, but what do you all think? More than likely it will be rated at least 18 and up.. Strictly for the gore and violence that is typical in the Saw movies... Plot would be (basically) that X number of people would be trapped inside this house that was fulled beyond belief with traps and gadgets specifically designed to kill or seriously wound anyone who crosses its path. Form would be something on the lines of:
    Age (?)
    History (?)
    Occupation/Special skills (?)
    RP Example

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    Old November 6th, 2005 (7:16 AM).
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      A good enough idea, I've tried similar things, though sometimes it can be hard to keep interest. Really, though, this should be in Idea Discussion.
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      Old November 6th, 2005 (7:18 AM).
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        yeah, like Ozy said, it should be in idea discussion, so if you wouldn't mind posting it in there, I would be greatful ^_^

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