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    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post

    That said, I'm another person who finds it difficult to go back to the Generation 1 games. Particularly Red and Blue. Yellow was all right to get through, but Red and Blue can be difficult to play. The mechanics bother me (Wrap!) and the graphics can get tiresome to look at. They're glitchy as well.

    I like Kanto just fine. I also like FR/LG because those games allow me to explore Kanto with more enjoyment than I get while playing Blue or Yellow.
    Hi, since you quoted me I wanted to respond to this by simply pointing out the whole statement I made. The next sentence I wrote was that frlg's claim to fame is that it looks and runs like Ruby and Sapphire. Generally, the arguements I have heard in favor of frlg over rby are based on its resemblance to RSE. I don't think this part of my comment is actually contradicting what you have said so far. The reasons you named for liking the frlg better than the originals such as the graphics and mechanics can be attributed directly to the Hoenn region games. I would say that if you don't get much enjoyment out of the originals and have a strong preference for FRLG then it is not actually Kanto that you are responding to, what you seem to most value is that it runs like RSE. Again, if you like frlg then good for you, I'm cool with that. But I'm also mindful of the fact that the story that makes FRLG is still there in RBY. Frlg has a tendency to water Kanto down, but it ultimately does not add that much new content compared to other remakes like HGSS or ORAS. If the originals are barely playable, but the remakes are very to enjoyable to the same gamer then I do question whether it is actually the world of Kanto that the player is enjoying if the originals have lost most of their worth. Again, this is not a criticism, just an observation.
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