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Started by donavannj April 23rd, 2017 1:47 PM
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Stock images cause I’m lazy but I got a few fun pulls today!


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Might post pictures but I just opened a Darkness Ablaze booster and in the first 10 packs I got 5 pulls including, Charizard VMax at least a PSA 9 and I think it has a shot at 9.5, centering is just a bit off. And Rainbow rare Butterfree VMax and honestly, I can't find a flaw I think it is a 10, I also posted a pic on my IG.
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went to target today to get something i needed, but noticed they actually had some champion's path. i'm not as into it as other people are rn but i figured i should grab a box while i was there bc when in rome right lol anyway i managed to get some fun pulls, i imagine i won't find another box for a while so lol got a small blister pack w some rising voltage (or is it vivid voltage idk) that came w a holo appletun...nothing interesting in that pack tho, i just wanted the appletun anyway. it's not pictured, just all my champion's path stuff.


edit: checked the mail last night and these arrived! i had been eyeing this azumarill and togetic in particular for some time now. i just really love the art...so cute.


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