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Hi everyone, I know this may seem like a little bit of an idiotic question, but how would I fine tune the location of all battle scene elements? I am aware that you edit the X and Y values of the elements in PokeBattle_SceneElements, but they all move together and I want to know a way for me to have the ability to move the enemy's UI elements by itself compared to the player's elements, because by default they all move together when you change their location.

Thanks a lot for the help!

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I think they're all spread out across the sections PokeBattle_SceneAnimations, PokeBattle_SceneConstants, PokeBattle_SceneElements, and PokeBattle_SceneMenus. You can change the enemy's battler positions as I answered in this thread:, as well as enemy trainer positions in a similar manner, but other elements will probably be in other sections. It might be helpful to ask about specific scene elements you're having trouble manipulating.