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It's pronounced ARKeus

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What are some Pokemon names you mispronounce all the time?
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I've only heard people say ARSeus
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    Feraligatr as Fergilitar (Kind of like Tyrantiar)
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    Sometimes I feel the pronunciation of Rayquaza's name is Ray-quay-za, while other times I pronounce it as Ray-quah-za.

    For the longest time for some reason, I pronounced Kyogre as Kai-or-ga.

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      So apparantly, Piloswine isn’t pronounced Pillow-swine like I thought, but actually pronounced Pile-oswine? Though I’ve been using the former pronounciation for way too long to change it so...
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      Maybe it's because I focused on the 'arc' in Arceus, but I've always pronounced it like a 'k' and not an 's', and actually found it weird when people pronounced it the other way.

      Overall, I'm usually pretty good at converting to the proper pronunciation of Pokemon once I learn I've been saying it wrong, but that usually only happens early on in a generation. The only two that slipped by in recent memory were from Hoenn, as I'd been pronouncing Linoone as "lin-oone" instead of "line-oone", and Chimecho as "chime-cho" instead of "chime-echo" (even though I remember James having one in the anime, I ignored that somehow).
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        I consistently pronounce it Rayquaza as Ray-kwah-za. On the anime they say Ray-kway-za and I hate it.

        I also pronounce Arcanine as Arc-anine (short a, similar to an "uh" sound) instead of Ar-kay-nine. (like canine, which makes sense, but I still don't like it hahah).

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          I always pronounce Lopunny as "low-punny" instead of "lop-unny". I get why it's "lop-unny" but idk, it's hard for me to get used to.

          edit: actually thinking about it, I don't even pronounce the word "Pokemon" right. It's supposed to be "Po-kay-mon" but that just sounds so awkward to me. It's "pokey-mon" END OF DISCUSSION
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            Originally Posted by zetsubanx View Post
            I always pronounce Lopunny as "low-punny" instead of "lop-unny". I get why it's "lop-unny" but idk, it's hard for me to get used to.

            edit: actually thinking about it, I don't even pronounce the word "Pokemon" right. It's supposed to be "Po-kay-mon" but that just sounds so awkward to me. It's "pokey-mon" END OF DISCUSSION

            Same here I always pronounce it low-punny. I also always pronounced it arse-eus, and pokemon poke-uh-mon
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              I always read Bunnelby as buh-NULL-bee, even knowing it's supposed to be pronounced BUNNEL-bee...It sounds nicer to me. >.<
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                I always pronounce Rayquaza as "ray-KWAH-za," even though its name is based on the word quasar. I just prefer it that way
                I also have a tendency to say Vaporeon as "VUH-poreon" instead of "VAY-poreon," don't know why.

                And then there's me when I was younger.....I'd always pronounce Beldum as "Bel-DOOM." Sounds dumb, I know.
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                  I think it's possible that some Pokémon names can have more than one correct pronunciation, just as "Pokémon" itself, from what I've researched, has more than one correct pronunciation. I learned some time ago that "cicada" can be pronounced sik-KAY-duh or sik-KAH-duh, so I believe that Nincada could be pronounced nin-KAY-duh or nin-KAH-duh (or even neen-KAY-duh/neen-KAH-duh if you want to stay true to the Japanese pronunciation of ninja). Arceus has been pronounced ar-KEE-iss, ar-KAY-iss, and ar-SEE-us officially.

                  For ages I somehow butchered Ho-Oh's name as HOO-oh (part of it may have been younger me thinking HO-oh sounded naughty).

                  EDIT: If you look at the Japanese spelling of Arceus, it's possible that the K sound may have never been the intended pronunciation. It's アルセウス (A-ru-se-u-su), not アルケウス (A-ru-ke-u-su). It's also possible that the original pronunciation was censored due to sounding vulgar.

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                    It appears I am one of those who pronounces the c in arceus as an s, just realized my mistake. I feel dumb.
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                      When I was much younger, I didn't know how to say "Kyogre." My cousin scammed me by telling me that it's pronounced Ky-oag-ray. He told me that the 'e' at the end had an accent, and had to pronounce it like an "ayy" because it was Spanish. Because I was really small and also didn't speak Spanish (and never heard actual Spanish) I assumed that he was telling me the truth. And I continued to say it like that until I was 10 or 11... By this time I was well aware of how Spanish sounded, but I was too stupid to actually know that I had been tricked.
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