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Old November 5th, 2017 (6:18 PM).
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    Hi everyone, I'm presenting this patch (not finished) about HGSS graphics style on FireRed 1.0 rom, I've been working on this for about 6 months, maybe more or less. (Yeah I know, I'm a newbie in this kind of things).
    I was thinking doing a total graphic remake for this rom with new story elements or something new (that was my goal) but due to many circumstances I can't continue on this anymore. So, here it is "A HGSS Graphics Style patch".

    • Tilesets and maps matching the mentioned style
    • Exterior and interior graphics
    • Same width and height map sizes that you can find on HGSS games (not 100% accurate but almost the same)
    • Cities and routes totally based on that games
    • Correct exterior map connections

    Completion rate:
    (All the exteriors of kanto region done, pokemon center and mart done)
    • Pallet town 100%
    • Viridian city 100%
    • Pewter city 100%
    • Cerulean city 90% (destroyed house not done yet)
    • Lavender town 100%
    • Vermilion city 100%
    • Celadon city 100%
    • Fuchsia city 100%
    • Cinnabar island 25% (interiors not done yet)
    • Indigo plateau 28% (main entrance interior done, elite and champion rooms not done yet)
    • Saffron city 35% (gym, sylph co. done. the rest of interiors not done yet)
    • Routes 1-25 65% (exteriors done, interiors not done yet)
    • Sevii islands region and routes in there 0%
    • Caves and forests 0%
    • Animations and door animations 0%
    • Events and overworld sprites are not ordered yet inside the maps (some does)

    • Each house or building has its own palette (at 16 index color)
    • None of the houses or buildings have outline (due to the limitation of the colors, some objects too), so many graphics and images are edited this way.
    • Less amount of colors possible in order to fit the whole map city in a single tileset
    • No triple layer reference, I couldn't implement that.
    • Some behavior bytes on some block on tilesets are incorrect or not implemented yet, you can edit them.
    • The patched rom it's not ready for start playing because many events and scripts are not adapted to the new maps.

    Tools and process used:
    • Adobe photoshop (almost all the graphic editing process)
    • Irfanview (converting graphics to 16 colors)
    • TileHelperAdvance (creating compatible palettes and graphics for implementing with advancemap)
    • AdvanceMap 1.95 (the rest of the process)
    • Desmume emulator and DraStic emulator (reference and graphics extraction by screenshots)
    • AdvanceMap 1.92 (tileset 2 blocks importing, moving to a new rom)

    pokefreak890 (the patch used in the process)
    ★★Helix Boo★★ (I previously used his posted patch hgss graphics style as a reference)
    wesleyfg (tiles)
    lightbulb15 (tiles)
    donlawride (tiles)
    warpras (tiles)
    spaceemotion (tiles)

    Final notes
    • Apply the patch on a clean Fire Red 1.0 rom
    • Because it's not a finished project, you can use as base for anything, maybe you can use the graphics on it too.
    • I recommend extract everything necessary on it and import in a new rom for a fresh start (it's necessary to follow the same tileset order on it) but, you can still use the previous applied.
    • Use as you want, crediting obviously. (If you can continue with this project or my dream I'll glad to see it lol).

    Screenshots and download: (at the attachments)
    Attached Images
    File Type: jpg Vermilion City.jpg‎ (516.6 KB, 155 views) (Save to Dropbox)
    File Type: jpg Route 17.jpg‎ (630.2 KB, 79 views) (Save to Dropbox)
    File Type: jpg Indigo Plateau.jpg‎ (61.7 KB, 100 views) (Save to Dropbox)
    File Type: jpg Rocket Hideout.jpg‎ (63.1 KB, 75 views) (Save to Dropbox)
    File Type: jpg Silph Co..jpg‎ (39.8 KB, 76 views) (Save to Dropbox)
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip‎ (5.24 MB, 111 views) (Save to Dropbox)
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    Old December 3rd, 2017 (1:06 AM).
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      Incredible work, the tiles are the most similar to Ds style, but the animation of water reflact in hero's house, and the grass isnt have animation.
      If you correct all animations and add the tile of caves, it will be the best patch.
      I amazed when i saw the interior tiles and Gym's
      Tank You for the patch and attention.

      And sorry for my english xD
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      Old December 3rd, 2017 (1:13 AM).
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        Nice work! I will extract tiles from this patch.
        Fire Red will rise again.

        A supporter of

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