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Ugh... that's so annoying!

Started by Auticorn August 21st, 2019 10:56 PM
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What are some things that really annoy you?

Right now, I'm annoyed by a cricket in the kitchen. I'm wearing my earphones because it blocks the stupid chirping out. -____-; I also get easily annoyed by my mom. She acts like a child, and she'll keep bothering me... even if I tell her to politely stop.

Update: The cricket in question has died after being whacked by my shoe... RIP cricket.


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Very little, however I wake up very early in the morning and I value that time. I don't care much to see anyone in those hours and I'll even keep the door locked until about 8:00.

If someone does come around during those hours in my head I'm usually wishing they would come over later.


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A lot of things but most of it can be lumped under the general descriptors of "stupidity" or "unfairness"


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I really hate it when people try to use Ad hominem or Straw Man fallacies in arguments. My parents have done it since I was little and it really grates my nerves when people attack the person or make up and address an entirely different topic, then act like the main issue of the discussion has been solved.


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Literally over the smallest things like right im annoyed at my friend and how he thinks he needs to change up his language when he texts me or whatever to make him seem more sophisticated.
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Literally over the smallest things like right im annoyed at my friend and how he thinks he needs to change up his language when he texts me or whatever to make him seem more sophisticated.
Ah, I've been down this road some 9 or so years ago when I got my first Text Message Phone!

The key is that you want to focus on an environment where you two are speaking through Email, a Video Game for in-play discussions, and Handwritten Mail! You'll find that the more you try to centralize it in places like these, you'll find that your whole flow of Mind will change as you enter the "Writer's" mode. Once you get in the habit of it, you'll always learn to make time for it in your day.

But as for their habit of subject change or "language" as you say, try to establish a 1940's type of Romance with the two of you. It should fire things off nicely, and set a more basic tone to everything happening. Getting the Parents to meet, and not demanding such strict types of conversations (even inversely Strict, to be skyrocketed upward with massive amounts of dialogue; is to be a form of Strict); more just simply using it as a tool to enhance the day. Try doing activities together; like Puzzles, Board Games, Video Games, try to gather in some type of social setting with Grandparents also and share stories with them.

You may find this brings out his genuine state more.


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People who judge others solely on their appearance. Nothing annoys me more than something like this. I hold an extremely strong belief that everyone is beautiful/handsome. And I'll fight you if you call someone "fat" or "ugly" because it's so upsetting and annoying.

Oh, and game crashes really upset me, too. So do videos crashing. That's stuff that will just straight up make my anger and annoyance boil over.
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