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candy and chocolate Page 2

Started by Sheep March 27th, 2019 5:07 PM
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I actually really hate chocolate. Have since I was little. I always found it too bitter and the fact that nowadays most brands make me nauseous and trigger migraines doesn't help either.

I much prefer Swedish Fish, Smarties, Twizzlers, Skittles, etc.

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Cubie the Cube

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I can't think of any specific brand of chocolate that I love, but I can say that the bitter it is, the better. I don't like it much when they are too sweet, tbh


Castle of the Crystal
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I have a huge sweet tooth and chocolate is the first thing I search for whenever Mum comes home with the shopping, haha! I'm addicted so I will eat every last bite if you let me. Which is why keeping it out of the house is the only means of saving that sweet tooth from cavities. :p

I'm looking forward to trying the new ruby chocolate!

Favourite brand would probably be... maybe Guylian. Anything caramel. Kit Kats are also hard to resist, as well as Kinder chocolate (so addictive!!). Kinder Buenos are to die for! ♥

Not so much a candy person unless you're talking Snakes. :')
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I do love sweets, can't have them too much
I need to watch my sugar intakes

Snicker's my top favorite of all chocolates - also loving the Almond-butter Snickers

Kit Kats and Crunch are another I really love

non-chocolate candy - I love the Fruit Gushers

overall anything with strawberries is my favorite sweet such as:
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I have a sweet tooth, I crave it nearly all the time but I get over it after a few bites lol. Pods are one of my favourite chocolates, I can casually eat a dangerous amount if I'm not paying attention. I was in a foreign airport and saw reese's buttercups once, they were really delicious, slightly over the top sugary but still great. Have yet to see them in Australia though.


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I really like chocolate. It is something I don't buy too regularly because I have a taste for expensive stuff like that. I love the pretty wrapping and boxes, and the milk chocolate shells and centers filled with hazelnuts, liquor, salted caramel, peanut butter and other goodies.

I love Ferrero Rocher and Anthon Berg. Harry & David is also good. In my hometown there is a very special local treasure called the Black Mountain Chocolate Factory. Their mascot is the black bear, the most common bear in the mountains of North Carolina with a shiny beautiful black coat (like the sumptuous dark chocolate made at the factory) and a sweet personality.

I cannot resist going into the factory when I am downtown. There they sell all kinds of chocolates and candy, they also make hot cocoa, special coffees, gelatos and amazing pastries. You see the workers preparing their chocolate confectionery goodies from scratch out of cocoa beans. There a big beautiful kitchens, the staff is very friendly and there are samples of chocolate are everywhere for you to try. These people make the best sweets, it's like an aphrodisiac when it hits your tongue, you just stop and moan before you can eat another bite, it goes right to your head. It is ever so filling too. A tiny bite of a brownie is like eating lambas bread from Lord of the Rings, your tummy feels satiated for hours after that nibble, it is so rich. This shop is going to be the death of my wallet one day! At least I'll die with a smile upon my face.

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My teeth are super sensitive to sugar as of late so I can't have any of it. :( I never was like this until a year or two ago, and I am jealous of all the chocolate lovers!
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Cubie the Cube

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I love chocolate, but I'm not that good with super sweet flavor that's why I prefer dark chocolate over any other kind. I think those are also my favorite type of sweet?, though I love peppermints as well.


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Chocolate, dependant, I really like dark chocolate but the rest is... nyeh
Candy: Nah


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I have just recently discovered the wonders of Tootsie Pops and am now purchasing a hundred pack as we speak.


Roaming Sinnoh

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I like chocolate but I'm not addicted to that, also the summer heat generally makes me avoid it from late May to September. I have no particular preferences (though if I can I generally try to get artisanal bars from pastry shops, once you taste one they are so flavourful it's hard to get back to supermarket chocolate), but 75% is my usual threshold of bitterness. I can enjoy a bit of 80% chocolate every now and then but anything past that is too bitter for me. Though I don't like excessively sweet chocolate either.

Candy is rather broad but if there's one thing I'm addicted to is liquorice, especially ~100% pure hard liquorice, or also salmiakki. I also like chewing liquorice roots, but they're somewhat harder to find, actually most supermarkets around here do not carry them so I usually buy them at an organic food shop (which is an hour away from where I live).

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i love sweets... sour candy, skittles, starbursts, hard candies, and gummies are some of my favorites. i wasn't much of a chocolate fan until after i started hormones, and i had weird cravings for it all of a sudden? my favorite chocolate is definitely german chocolate. i like dark, milk and white. in terms of chocolate bars, crunch bars kitkats, 3 muskateers and sometimes reese's and m&ms are good. if i had the money though... catch me with a whitman's sampler every week.

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